America Needs To Get “The Stalin Question”

By Phillip Marlowe

I remember one time I was talking to my brother about some of this, when my sister-in-law came out unto the deck and asked him to go get a bag of friggin’ dog food out from the barn, completely interrupting our conversation. I sort of chuckled painfully to myself on how typical some inane stupidity would take precedence over such an important topic.

It’s really one of the biggest questions of the last century, IMHO. Mind you, it’s not just about a long-dead Russian Commie dictator, but the now absolute certainty of an on-going “Agenda” to create an authoritarian One World Government with America nothing more than a mere puppet cog. Bear with me — no Russia pun intended.

This thing has it’s roots way back in the Red Bolshevik revolution of 1917, or even before, actually. After Marxist Godfather Vladimir Lenin (at least partly Jew), took ill possibly due to syphilis, and suffered a series of strokes before dying in 1924, Stalin maneuvered himself in control of the mostly all Jewish Politboro through fear of getting a knock on the door in the middle of the night. Stalin had the murderous CHEKA/GPU police state apparatchiks at his fingertips. The other power base was Leon Trotsky (real Jew name: Lev Bronstein) that Stalin soon forced into exile.

Oh boy, did this piss off the crazy Jew Commies in the West! For the sake of the “dictatorship of the proletariat” and the “COMINTERN” (Communist International organization dedicated to overthrowing the Capitalist West), they were tearfully forced into declaring solidarity with either Stalin or Trotsky — who eventually made it to Mexico City — living high on the hog with a crew of fellow crap-stirring Commies, I might add.

Trotsky (right) himself was a murderous Jew commie bastard. His Red forces killed tens of thousands in mass executions and Coup de Grace shots in the back of the head in bloody police state dungeons. Millions more died horribly during years of warfare, exposure and forced starvation of entire regions as the Commies roved across the countryside, killing and burning down whole villages of poor rural folk.

If they suspected you of harboring any kind of loyalty to the Christian Monarchy, or enjoyed the fruits of Capitalism by simply owning a piddly little business, they might shoot you and your dog dead on the spot.

In 1940, Ramón Mercader, a NKVD agent of Stalin, buried an ice axe into Trotsky’s noggin as he was sitting at his Mexico City desk, undoubtedly churning out more Commie claptrap for distribution in the good old US of A. Twenty years later, when Mexico released the assassin from prison, Cuba’s new crypto-Jew dictator, Fidel Castro, took him in.

But was Stalin a Jew? This was the big question back during those times. He certainly looked Jewy. But alas, no concrete evidence has yet to be uncovered proving he was. Doesn’t really matter, once you get down to brass tacks. The power mad bastard rode the wave of Commie and Wall Street Jew-instigated revolution — making millions of poor innocent Russian Goyim suffer and die over the next few decades.

And most of Stalin’s police state henchmen carrying out his orders were indeed Jewish. In fact, Jew Commies of the last century were some of the most murderous bastards you could possibly imagine. They obviously don’t want us good Americans to know that.

Some say Stalin was Jewish on his daddy’s side. His dirt poor mother was reputed to be a hot looking number for the time (average girls of today would have looked damned good back then) and was said to have had affairs with rich Jews she worked for as a house maid. Some say she was employed at this one swanky hotel as a chambermaid when a big time Jew banker member of the Rothschild financial octopus knocked her up during visits to push more loan debt on the Czar. Her alcoholic hubby was said to call young Stalin “her little bastard” while beating them both up — implying he was not his own spawn.

I think it has been proven that Stalin as a young criminal thug did work for the Rothschild’s massive oil industry in Baku, Azerbaijan, as a strike organizer with competing oil companies, strike breaker of the Rothschild concerns, arsonist and general all-around crime boy on-call. Whether this relationship continued into the future is unknown.

Documents supposedly uncovered later on said Stalin pulled “a Bonaparte” on the International Jewish power nexus when he kicked out Trotsky, meaning the Jews secretly financed him like they once did for France’s Napoleon Bonaparte until he screwed them over. Stalin did “liquidate” (execute) the last of the “MENSHEVIKS” (Trotsky’s Commie Jew loyalists) during the “Great Patriotic War” with the evil Hitlerites.

With good reason, some say it was all really a big Jewish internal war — with us non-Jewish Gentiles dying in mass heaps as “collateral damage.” Jew or not, Stalin certainly co-opted the whole Commie Russia thing to get his power groove on.

Stalin did like his Jew babes, that’s for sure. According to long-time Georgian bud and police state honcho, the sadistic Lavrentiy Beria, he had many affairs with Jew women. His first wife was the daughter of a family who took him in while hiding out from the Czar’s secret police. The mother believed in “free love” (big lefty thing at the time) and Stalin tagged her, presumably when daddy-kins was out slaving in the salt mines. When criminal opportunist Stalin became a high ranking member in the Marxist party, he hired her 16 year-old daughter as his “personal secretary;” having to marry when she was “with child.” She died of Typhus a year later, supposedly breaking Stalin’s black little heart and somehow excusing his later murdering of millions.

CNN’s Fareed Zakria, is one of the biggest NWO Globalist brainwashers on TV. Here America took in his Paki Street Shitter family, and now he’s quite happy getting himself filthy rich by pushing to turn our lands in Turd World piss pots. Look at Hillary. Total traitors.

Anyway, the story is that a long-running Globalist organization called the “Council of Foreign Relations” (CFR) has been plotting all this since the days of Stalin or even before, actually. They did in fact come into the picture around the same time as Stalin and pushed the West into having good relations with him, even though everyone knew he was a murderous dictator. FDR’s frumpy lefty wife Eleanor (probably a lezbo) even went to Moscow to have tea and crumpets with Uncle Joe.

The Jew-owned New York Times lied their asses off about Stalin for decades, even before WWII — just like they do about so much today when it comes to lefty, commie BS.

Patriotic Congressional investigators in the 1950’s reported these Globalist forces were working to create a world government under something called “Oligarchial Collectivism” or what you probably would call Communism. But instead of jacking up the Worker class with lame old Marxist sloganeering, it now seems they decided to first politically castrate and demographically winnow down the dangerous (to their agenda) White race, by using division and immorality to gain power and keep us distracted.

The whole “PC” silencing of Whites appears to have been part of a diabolical master plan, installed in our populations as a taboo control mechanism in a multi-generational “PSYOPS” program against Whites, to set the stage for eventual Jewish control. Add to this the mass immigration of non-White Turd Worlders into our White countries, ever-increasing black worship and the promotion of race mixing we see everywhere these days.

I call it “just in time” racial engineering to turn us into a dumbed-down slave class — perfect for the stuck-up, sexually depraved Jew bosses of tomorrow land.

Most of your Deep State politicians, big government functionaries and big media honchos on both coasts are proud members of the CFR. They have an Immigration and Globalism-touting magazine you can even pick up at the homosexual Jew-owned Costco Warehouse called, “The Economist.” Germany’s Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton have had their portraits lovingly printed on the cover as big time heroes for helping destroy White countries.

Council of Foreign Relation’s president, Richard Haas (right), is trotted out a lot on mainstream FAKE NEWS to give a America “the spin.” He’s a Jew, too. Here he’s laughing with CNN Jew, Jake Tapper, about the evil Steve Bannon saying our country has a culture worth something. These are all devious backstabbing rats. Truly.

Russia’s current boss, Vladimir Putin, is said to have deep ties with Chabadist Jewry. The Chabad-Lubavitchers are a big international Jew organization who have been exposed many times as working towards the day Jewry controls the planet. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka, are members of a DC Chabadist “shul” or synagogue. Members of this Jew Supremacist outfit are all over the place — for example Ari Fleischer, the clean-shaven Bush media spokesman who you see on FOX news all the time is a Chabadist rabbi.

The Chabadists also erect a 70′ high menorah on the park in front of the White House every Christmas season. No one seems brave enough to say a word. They also have multi-million dollar headquarters in 70 countries — including Russia. The number 70 is big time Ju-Jew for these Cabalist creeps.

Now the question of Trump being in cahoots with all this must be asked. You already know me as a kind of Trump guy, but that’s strictly because I’m an evil Right Winger type — Mom, Guns and Apple Pie. I certainly can’t stomach Trump’s Israel/Jew-loving one bit. That’s where him and I part ways, as they say.

What scares me most is that I may be working for the Jew’s big Agenda and not even know it. Say what, Cog Man? Yep, me being for Trump might have been a bad thing. I get accused of being a big secret shill all the time from anti-Trumpers of the Alt-Right, especially the ones who know of all this Stalin business.

There are some possible moves in the big Game Plan that I cannot even broach for fear of getting visited by the men in black, if you get my drift. Trump may be the magnet to corral the people in America the lousy Jews want to corral. If something were to happen to Trump and a Civil War breaks out over it, the forces will be demarcated enough for the Jews to go on another mass Goyim killing spree — this time using high tech gadgetry already created for the “War on Terror.” Jews have always so loved “two-fers.”

The pieces of the puzzle are fast coming into place. You can feel things snowballing by the minute. We may be on the highway to put another Stalin-like monster in power — only this time he’s the real anti-Christ or the Jew’s long-awaited “MOSSIACH” (Messiah) to take the place of Jesus Christ — who Satanic Jews still hate like crazy. Scary times, my friends.

The only thing I can say is pay close attention, pray and keep you powder dry!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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147 Responses to America Needs To Get “The Stalin Question”

  1. S O G says:

    the affair in baku in the nobel bros oil field was an extermination ordered by the top financiers the bauers aka red shield aka rothschilds ..the red thingee was a satans star aka star of david ..where do kikes come up with this shit reality rhe 13th tribe o jew multicult et al is a global group of mental zombies in servitude to satan and in a high state of cultic brain wash …right ,no shit ..
    part of the deal with lenin nee ulinov with the wall st jew bankers was an agreement with strings on the communist revolution against mother russia ,but never against one jew or temple …the first law was passed in 1918 under the new communist comintern russia was the death penalty for criticising jews …wonder if that law is still on yhe books ..i wont read into the jewish communist murder of 80 million innocent russians ,its too long a story ..
    they disarmed the military and police and exterminated yhem …
    moving on with baku …the rotchildz wanted o stop the competetitivev oil drilling between them and rockefellators ,so they made a deal to stop drilling cus it was reducing the cost of oil …
    the 20 million from jooghools had a major string ,and it was the overall massacre of everyone in baku …
    the bolsheviks were to after all shut down baku as a competitor permanently ..
    the jews called it a week of liberation or some such dogma ..
    what really happened was the same savagery the rest of russia was suffring ..
    rapes tortures theft of personal property and assets like the jewish massacre of armenians in turkey in 1915 and spai in 1916ish….
    over 200,000 men women and children were xterminated by these jews in baku ..
    the nobel brothers escaped barely back to sweden i believe…
    stalin wifs spoke yiddish and he was some part jew by how much physicall as much as any other mostly non semite global jews ..
    texxe marrs has some intel on it about baku

    stalins nickname was jochba aka coffee house jew ans was also an accomplishedv burglar ..
    one of the skills he learned in siberian prison on a 7 year bid was cannabalism and was strongly rumored to have continued this practice for life ..
    one of the jokes at the dinner table was if someone usual asnt in attendance that nite he would tell his attendees that they had just eaten them
    i think kruschev was behind his poisoning in which case after his death ,lavrenti beria jew was summarily executed as a competitor to the top power ..
    beria was a sick fuck who raped and killed children and curios from each lethal encounter ..
    nothings changed with jews ..
    most white serial killers are jews ,dahmer,bundy,gacy shipman gein ,simon bar-jonah ..this guy barjonah also killed children here in america not very long ago and ate them ..
    so julius strykers detailed historical records he published in the sturmer in ww2 era got him killed by kangaroo jew trial post ww2 but it shows jews insular hasidics rabbis behind satanic blood letting draining rituals of small christian kids for many centuries ..
    not hard to believe it at all ..
    this blood is dried and powdered and added to the traditional food items all the sick jews cosime during yhier purim raves and swinging chickens while choking thier own or some small childs ..
    getting ipad fatigue but anyway ..

    texxe marrs the power of prophecy website
    he’s one of thebest news letter guys on line ..
    one srticle called 4 gentile women spawn entire modern non semetic jewish population .
    the global police force is likely tobe chinese communists as jews always as a vassal state use larger entities to do thier grunt work ..
    look for long scroll down for “rothschilds black gold empire ”
    and ” rothschild,rockefeller,lenin and the destruction of baku’s oil fields ..
    try to find other latent articles online about it while you can and copy all of it ..
    in fact get a couple 3 huge byte storag e components and copy everything off of everyone of your top 5 favorite web sites ..
    between us all we can have hundreds of sites copied complete ..
    first light forum went down there is nothing in the wayback machine snapshots of his work …
    and hofflandia as well ..good work ..

    incog goes back over 10 years but it will be worh it to have this site saved for posterity and future free truth thinking ..
    stalin was devil surrounded by devils ..ilya ehrenburg the propaganda minister during ww2 under stallion invented the 6 million jew smoke holohoax number ..
    kikes had kicked around a number twicw that but as we all know that number including survivirs would put pre ww2 world jew cencus at 18-20 million and ir was only 14 million ..
    the math kills the holohoax ..the holohoax cant kill the math ..
    the facts about true lethal levels of cyanide make the holo laughable to… shows impossibilities of jew fairy tales ..
    all holol survivors stories are all bull shit like the jew soap and shrunken head bs ..
    3.5 million jews signed up for reparations ..jews used the 6 million number in ww1 and 120 pther times even in 1800’s no less …
    they used pictures of dead stiill smoking innocent german victims at dresden as jewish proof of holohoax and trains full germans postww2 heading for lethal slave labor positions in france and chekko etc as proof of jewis fairy tales od inhuman round ups ..
    exulantenhell …
    there was a good site called germancross but disappeared…
    if 6 million didnt die then the jews should be happy ,hmmm no? hmmm not happy ..
    awshitts camp death of inmates went from number 6 mill to 1.5 ..but then the devils claim there were more secret camps they have now under extrordinary rendition in the usa a chimera of future gulag use in america ..
    dont forget eisenhauers death camps where millions of german civilians perished in standing roomonly fenced in areas and starved to death a featured jewish method of mass murder without collateral damage …americans did it the soviets did much worse and the french morons and english blighters also mass murdered germans post ww2 in germany .
    modt of german cuties with concentrated civilian pop was the real allied bombing objective …
    at stanford university there are still thousands of taped interviews with jews about the camps and guess what they say …no systematic agenda to kill jews anywhere,anytime ..

    bergen- belsen ,,when the british morons rolled up they quarantined the camp part that had thousands of typhus infected inmates …never did any criminal inmate in these camps represent all jews ..they were only ever a small number of the total inmates.

    before i forget ..hit the site ,go to archives june 2013 excellent expose of jewis admitted control of things back in the early times ..
    gotta go on here later ..
    hmmm yeah the kike filmsker i cant recall name went to stanford university and perused the ww2 jew survivor tapes so he knows about the discrepancy ..
    at bergen belsen the british quarantined the sick and let em all die without any medication to i guess make the jew suffering hokum more real ..
    so they all kick the bucket o shit abd the brits dig big holes with bull dozers and dont even id any dead they just doze em into mass graves …well there it is ..
    typhus was one of the big killers in ww1 along with spanish flu but we never hear about the typhus ..
    the 1001 shetyls in belarussia had those jew shanty towns where hygeine was never a priority and history gives us many documented typhus and other shit outbreaks

    in fact dollars to donuts it was the filthy jews who brought the typhus in the camps ..

    • Barney says:

      I downloaded both of Edgar J Steele’s sites, “Conspiracy Pen Pal” and “Nickel Rant” before they were taken down, and also Birdman Bryant’s site (which is still up), but most sites would take a lot more HD space. I’ve got 1.75 terabytes, but how much of that would be “eaten” by quite modestly-sized sites like Incogland or Hofflandia?

      I preserve what I can for the time when everything of value will be gone, and I’d encourage others to do the same, but most sites are just too big.

      For anyone who wants to try it, here are the Linux terminal commands I used for Birdman Bryant and Ed Steele’s Conspiracy Pen Pal.

      wget -r -p -e robots=off

      wget -r -p -e robots=off

      I don’t remember now what the “switches” (-r -p -e robots=off) were for, but a bit of Googling will probably yield some answers.

      • Tantor says:

        Use the WebHTtrack web copier. It’s totally free. It runs in a browser. It manages multiple web sites, storing them them in one folder. You can go back later and refresh sites, in case they added articles. It’s really great.

        1.75 terabytes is dirt cheap now. Best Buy has a 2TB external USB3 drive for $99.

        Another must-copy site is Germar Rudolf’s Holocaust Handbooks.

        Just grab the entire site, it’s just a few gig.

  2. cole nidre says:

    “Those who do not follow the dictates of the great leader Stalin
    are to be hunted down as mad dogs and exterminated.” Stalin’s
    chief persecutor the Jew shugasvili.

    Q. What can’t a kike do on Saturday?
    A. Wipe his ass before sundown.

  3. Nationalist says:

    If only liberals would study history more carefully.

  4. J.R. says:

    the Iron Throne in the jew fantasy drama of Game of Thrones (two jews invented Game of Thrones) appears to be referencing the synagogue of Satan fake jews’ plot to use someone like Stalin (nicknamed “man of steel”) to rule the world from a commie throne, like the ones the jews’ god Lucifer and the jew Marx wanted to rule the world from…
    Quote from Richard Wurmbrand’s book, Was Marx a Satanist:

    So a god has snatched from me my all
    In the curse and rack of destiny.
    All his worlds are gone beyond recall!
    Nothing but revenge is left to me!

    I shall build my throne high overhead,
    Cold, tremendous shall its summit be.
    For its bulwark — superstitious dread.
    For its Marshall — blackest agony.[p.8]

    “The words “I shall build my throne high overhead” and the confession that from the one sitting on this throne will emanate only dread and agony, remind us of Lucifer’s proud boast: ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.” (Isaiah 14:13)

    “But why does Marx wish such a throne? The answer is found in a little-known drama which he also composed during his student years. It is called Oulanem. To explain this title a digression is needed.[p.9]

    “There exists a Satanist church. One of its rituals is the black mass which Satanist priests recite at midnight….An orgy follows… [pp.10-11]

    “We will be able to understand the drama Oulanem only in the light of a strange confession which Marx made in a poem called The Player, later down-played by both himself and his followers:

    The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain,
    Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.
    See this sword? The prince of darkness sold it to me. –
    For me beats the time and gives the signs.
    Ever more boldly I play the dance of death.[p.12]

    “Now I quote from [Marx’s] drama Oulanem:

    And they are also Oulanem, Oulanem.
    The name rings forth like death, rings forth
    Until it dies away in a wretched crawl.
    Stop, I’ve got it now! It rises from my soul….

    Yet I have power within my youthful arms
    To clench and crush you [i.e., personified humanity] with tempestuous force,
    While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness.
    You will sink down and I shall follow laughing,
    Whispering in your ears, “Descend, come with me, friend.” [p.12]

    BTW, the title of Marx’s diabolical drama Oulanem is said to be a jew cryptogram that’s a superstitious satanic reversal (like the lefty jews’ invention of a peace sign of an inverted broken cross) of the name of God’s Son Jesus Christ, which the synagogue of Satan jews know is O Emanuel, in both the Old and New Testaments, meaning “God with us”…

  5. J.R. says:

    the Marxist hammer and sickle sign is only ostensibly a sign of an industrial worker/ peasantry alliance for the economic betterment of everyone in a jew host nation… it really secretly celebrates the synagogue of Satan fake jews’ plot to break and reap the goyim, under a “man of steel” of the ilk of Joseph Stalin…
    jew Marxism has never worked economically anywhere, anyway.. in Russia, which has been lampooned by jews in cartoons as a bear, it was really just as way for jews and their lackeys to appropriate the wealth of the best Gentiles, while running the country into the ground, like jews and their lackeys inside trade stock in a bear market until a company is ruined…

  6. JimB says:

    “What scares me most is that I may be working for the Jew’s big Agenda and not even know it.”

    That is a profound statement, INCOG, and one that all should ponder, as any one of us could very easily fit into that category. Jews are very subtle, almost supernaturally so, and they have a keen knack for divining Aryan sensibilities. Not many people realize this, but the most successful parasites share close genetic ties with their hosts. It’s likely that it is this biological connection that facilitates their ability to manipulate us so deftly, as evidenced by the vast numbers of Aryans who ferociously defend the “tolerant” and “inclusive” Left along with the equally vast numbers of “conservatives” who defend and support Israel, Zionism and Jews in general fanatically. ‘LOVE IS MURDERING THE WHITE RACE’ isn’t simply a catchy byline… it’s a subtle truthism that many on our side instinctively know but fail to formulate into words. C.T. over at The West’s Darkest Hour gets it, and so do great thinkers like Revilo P. Oliver and Kevin Strom.

    Not only do the Jews have a knack for manipulating our built-in “social-justice” and religious sensibilities, but they are also very skilled at manipulating our more nationalistic, racial, and even “antisemitic” feelings. That’s how they’re able to infiltrate White Nationalist organizations so easily, taking over the narrative, and how they are able to skillfully corral us towards this or that “nationalist” politician or political party.

    We should therefore be ever-vigilant at routing out any and all Jews from within our own ranks, no matter how “based”, reformed or “antisemitic” they appear (example: “Brother” Nathaniel Kapner). And, too, we need to be very mindful of the possibility that we ourselves, if we don’t develop our own sense of subtlety and ability to ponder our moves going forward as a master chess-player does, might wind up unwitting puppets for the very enemy we are trying to overcome. Their are myriad ways that the Jew uses overt “antisemitism” and “Nazism” to their advantage… too many ways to go into here.

    Suffice it to say, we need to recognize the unpalatable but nonetheless true fact: they often know us better than we know ourselves.

    • JimB says:

      Please excuse the typos. My often hasty keystrokes coupled with Joogle’s less-than-perfect spell-check makes for mishaps aplenty.

      BTW: Great article! Sorry I didn’t mention that before. What has taken place in Russia over the last couple hundred years constitutes invaluable knowledge to those of us learning to be more jew-wise. Many only concentrate on Germany and the Third Reich, not understanding that we can only learn so much from Hitler’s response to Jewish perfidy. A close study of Russian history by contrast affords us an opportunity to study the machinations of said Jewish wrongdoing against our people.

  7. S O G says:

    at a site called “” there is proof of american communism infiltrating our political network ..
    the artticle of mention is called DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS ARE RUNNING 42 cadidates in 20 states on fedreal,state and local levels for 2018 elections ..
    the states are targeted goals of communist power to ….. ban guns …why ..cus america is filled with muzzo-commie terror cells that are armed with all the billions of rounds the bathhouse barry bari malikshabazz osodom govt purchased ..remember the greaypt ammo drought a few years ago …
    every federal agency bought millions of rounds including .308 bt fmj ..
    and 10’s of thousands of hardware to fire this shit at americans ..
    you think there will be any warning …? … ..
    cheka like shit …they want all the guns in america …this has been the goal of commie social democrats from day 1…..
    bathboy bari moves into a 5.4 million dollar mansion in near wash dc to take the reigns of the oust trump campaign led by mostly terrorists aka communist jews and cucks ..
    like deja vu valerie jarret moved in with him …she may be muslim and half jew and nigger but she is also communist …card carrying 3rd generation communist in her family ..
    did you see where goldturd went chimp on national tv and kicked jeanne pirro off a there ..
    anti trump babboon …i aint for or against the man ,i think he suffers from less psycological problems than hillary tho and he has cut funding fir nuclear super fund clean up sites time and again the nuclear super fired oxide pollution train wreck in hanford facility …
    checking for commenting connection problem or is it moderation ..

  8. S O G says:

    old jhugasvili …son of jew ..jugasvili come from an island off russia typically jewish population ..jewish enough right ..the guy had 3 jewish wives and they ALL spoke yiddisch together ..
    stalin translares as man of steel or man who steals
    THis fucker had a nicname or nom de guerre nom de plume ,either eether ..
    he was called jochba the coffee house jew ..
    he was one of the leaders on the destruction of baku oilfields where the bolsheviks killed tortured raped 250,000 people living and working in baku ..
    baku was founded by nobel brothers for oil explo..
    the rot childs and the rockefellators had made a deal to cease any more drilling anywhere cus the surplus of more oil found was driving prices down and so one of the strings attatched to 20 million given to syphlytic 3rd stage lenin ulinov was to cease all russian oil production and not to allow it ..
    so wall street kikes financed jewish bolshevik takeover if kerensky interim constituional junta ..
    lenin eventually suffered from the prostitutes he loved so much in vienna and suffered brain severe damage etc …
    he had said to keep stalin out of the top spot ..not reeeel dure why but stalin had no qualms about killing off jews who he felt didnt measure up to proper communist ideology standards whatever the fuck that was ..
    he was strongly rumored to be a practicing canibal from his 7 years spent in siberian prisons ..either you ate the dead people or you dtarved ..
    russias mistake was to not kill all communists in the early 1900’s,and insread just exiled most of the dangerous ones who eventually returned with lenin to brutally murder russians ..king haakon the 7th of norway was the csarz cousin and he dint come to help csar nickolas 2 ….you know how family can be …
    one of the biggest crimes against humanity occurred in ruussia implemented by jews communists and many other places ..
    so why did hitler invade ussr and too late in the year no less …it goes from mild temp to below 0 in russia overnite and winter hits like calamity …
    hitlers general staff told him not to do this but then again half of hitlers gen staff were jews is rumored that reinhard heydrich was also half or quarter jew who had forged reports about russias intent to attack germany first …but russia did amass the largest military arms weapons etc on the east coast of russia for an attack and airfields were built ..
    it is believed that stalin was poisoned maybe even by beria who was executed after stalins death ..guy was a sick jew child rapist killer ..kind a like all the white serial killers in history having been jewish ,dahmer , bundy , gein , gacy , shipman killed 500 or more ,lucas ,henry lee lucas killed over 300 with ottis toole ..nathan bar jonah in america killed and ate over 30 kids ..jewish …
    julius stryker editor of the stuurmer in ww2 era wrote about documented jewish kidnaps of christian kids and drained them of blood ..many jews were convicted and confessed in times past …blood libel…
    stryker was tried in kangaroo jew court and executed ..
    melvin beillis case in russia cost this hasidic millions in lawyer fees with several lawyers …when 1917 revolution came all the prosecutors and judge and witnesses were executed…
    stalin did not dismantle the russian communist genocide machine in his tenure so its safe to say he was as jewish as the next kike ..
    these psycos emptied out whole cities and towns and countryside of non jews and exterminated them and even had a recird of such an agenda …
    i know this document but cant immediately recall it ..
    perestroika ,glasnost,sovietization were all words we saw in the newspapers coming out of jew run ussr ..
    out of 388 core central comitte members enacted in ussr comintern party structure 366 of them were jews ..
    if you ever study the political system of russia then you see how weird it was ,with this party and that party and the different top leaders at the same time belonging to many different groups ..
    this form of comm marx bolsh was used again and again as a model to exterminate millions of people in various countries since and like palestine where they exterminated villages and buried all of the once present and live people ..modern cases involve UN witnesses placed at or near incidents like operation cast lead and jenin where jews bull dozed the cities down while innocent people slept .. has artys .one is rothschild,rockefeller,lenin ,destruction of baku oilfields ..
    another called black gold that explains things ..
    after stalin died the country started to slow down on all the internal killing mainly cys they were running out of people to kill ..
    the commisars always ever present in ww2 ,the political officers aka,was their job to keep a close eye on guys who agrreed to fight and die fir russia or just die in siberian gulags …gotta look for those pix and the link but it might be gone .

  9. Gene says:

    Don’t Forget The Negro Killing Spree Against Whites – It’s For Real And Not Being Reported

    Apparently this guy may have been a wedding guest and was waiting for a Uber ride and was shot in the stomach and placed in intensive care, but died recently. Naturally a Negro is suspect. They’re out there on a roll and the media in general will not cover the killing spree of Negroes. The mainstream media, all of them except Foxnews, should be sued for failing to alert citizens of a horrible growing murder-crime problem where Negroes kill White people.

    D.C. restaurant manager dies after being shot at Atlanta country club–law/just-restaurant-manager-dies-after-being-shot-atlanta-country-club/5SWuC7CKMryMYhSkM541EL/

    Always use the term Nigger or Negro to denote something common, not special at all.

  10. Erik snohdin says:

    Jews and their filthy money have made this entire world SICK !!
    We need a CURE !! And nuclear war with Russia is not the cure ; it’s what the globalists want in order to reduce both of these powerful countries to dust so that they can then set up their globalist stronghold without fear of interference, fucking asshole kikes. God, the day we nuke the fucking piss out of these pedophiles from hell will be the happiest day in the history of humanity.
    Guys : give Jake Morphonios a listen to on YT ; he’s a GREAT historian and lays the truth out plain for all to see.

  11. Gene says:

    Don’t Be A Hero – Don’t Follow Them If You’re Unarmed

    This victim, Broder, reportedly stepped to the robbers after they had robbed some people and he followed them. That’s when they allegedly shot him. Don’t be a hero and follow them if you are unarmed. Also, they may just open fire on you as they did him.

    Young father dies weeks after armed robbery; teen suspect likely to face murder charge, police say

    • ICU says:

      FAUX didn’t name or show the murdering nigger that killed the human.
      The nigger Killer Ape is tagged Jayden Myrick (Spellcheck doesn’t even like the ridiculous first name), and it has a chunky snake head and a genetically extra-flawed asymmetrical excuse for a face.
      Ludicrously, FAUX and AJC (formerly Atlanta Journal Constitution…now Ape and Jew Conspiracy) still refers to the 17 year old, in human years, Killer Ape as a “teen”; apart from the fact that the goddam things are biologically adults at ages 10 to 12, in human years.
      The entire concept of Juvenile Lack of Culpability and Criminal Responsibility DOES NOT APPLY TO NIGGERS.
      They are an evolutionary dead-end, deeply flawed, hominid species apart from H. Sapiens sapiens; and should be considered and treated as such.
      ANYBODY that states that the vile, dysfunctional-in-civilization, Sticks & Mud Age walking…er, loping lumps of shit are NOT another species because they can interbreed with Whites and Asians, doesn’t know JACK about reproductive biology as regards species within genera.
      Canids: Coyotes and dogs can and do interbreed with wolves.
      Birds: Different species of ducks, geese, finches, chickens etc. interbreed.
      Fish: Striped Bass, White Bass, Walleyes, Sauger…
      Get it ?
      Gnome sane ?
      Nah meen ?

      Short Version:
      Niggers are not Human.
      The Nigger/Human hybrids are FREAKS with polluted genetics, confused self identities, and flawed mental processes; often very, very ugly.
      Humans should STOP kidding…er, deluding themselves about what the things are, and are not.

      When I went to Temple University in Philthadelphia, back in the day, a grad student that was an acquaintance was gratuitously shot and killed by a mulatto “juvie” as he was coming down the steps of The School of Communications after turning in his Masters Project…just for the Hell of it to show off for the pack of niggers and freaks it was prowling around with.
      I’ll bet that the shooter mulatto, that was caught, did not spend life in prison and was set free to be smeared upon the land. again.
      I’ll have to research that case to see if the vile beast is still alive, and where it is.


      Imagine this nation if it was free of both of those two contagions…
      very like Switzerland.

  12. IMO, because of its 60 million abortions, and many other national sins, America is under all of the curses of Deuteronomy 28. Whatever your opinion of the Bible, the Old Testament prophetical analogues ARE WAY BEYOND MERE PROBABILITY. For example: That we would be under the money power (Deut. 28:43-44). That God would “let in the scum of nations to take possession of their houses” (Ezek. 7:24, New English Bible). That we would be overrun with foreigners, feeding on our national resources: “Ephraim [the United States] and his aliens make a sorry mixture…. Foreigners feed on his strength, but he is unaware” (Hosea 7:8-9, New English Bible). And, yes, biblical prophecy predicts that the same communistic money power that rules over us, the synagogue of Satan, will persecute people of faith immediately before the coming Great Tribulation (Luke 21:12-19). They are going to do here exactly what they did in Russia in 1917.

    • ICU says:

      Abortions of BLAX, and Muzzys…especially BLAK Muzzies, should be incentivized, instead of live birth spawning of Nigglet future felons and breeder sows.
      Along with that, $5,000 cash, tax free, to the sows if they get a permanent reproductive sterilization.
      The males, offered $2500 for a permanent clip.
      Since the Sub-Humans live in a constant Now, with little or no “thought” to the future, they’ll go for the deal by the thousands.
      The Arabs castrated ALL their BLAK slaves; that’s why they don’t have many BLAX in Arab territories.
      See, Sand niggers aren’t all bad…just really bad.

  13. Gene says:

    Negro Shot Dead For Violent Push To Ground

    This guy was reportedly shot dead for pushing a handicapped man to the ground. Handicapped man shot from the ground and killed him. Justified shooting. Violence leads to more violence. The first thing the Negro tries is violence. It didn’t work this time.

    Florida sheriff says ‘Stand Your Ground’ law prevents arrest in fatal shooting in parking spot dispute

  14. Red Pill says:

    this is for Matt,
    his namesake wrote this from the words of Jesus Christ

    Matt if the ten tribes of Israel are dead, just who is Jesus referring to?
    these gentiles were the 10 tribes of the house of Israel separated since 722 BC.

    Matthew 10:6
    but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
    Matthew 15:24
    But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    here is Gods Covenet with the house of Israel.

    Hebrews 8:10 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

    10 For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people:

    i want to collect on this covenant , it’s the promise Christ made .
    this is our inheritance, don’t throw it away

    the entire book of Hosea is the story of how God REconnects to his people

    I could go on with more but i have presented this to you before and you made no effort to assimilate any new info, based on one verse you have rejected the greatest promises ever made, THE NEW COVENANT.

    you have called me an old fool for what i know is Gods word.
    you really need to step out of the box you built for your self.
    we have all been there, it’s called the matrix, i took the red pill.

    • Matt says:


      You still didn’t answer the question, where God said he “killed” the ten tribes of Israel, in Ezekiel 23:10.

      RP, what you fail to see, is that the “promises” where made to the “children of the promise”, those who believe and accept Jesus, not the Christ killing kikes.

      Colossians 2:17, in reference to the old testament.

      “These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ”

      or Romans 9:6-8:,

      6 But it is not as though the word of God has failed. For not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel,

      7 and not all are children of Abraham because they are his offspring, but “Through Isaac shall your offspring be named.”

      8 This means that it is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as offspring.

      RP, please read this, and you’ll start to understand who are the children of God, and who the promises where made to.

      • Red Pill says:

        Matt your the the one who said the house of Israel was dead.
        you still call Jesus a liar.

        Jesus did not make a COVENANT.with every one only the two houses of Israel.
        Jesus did not say red, yellow,brown, or white was precious in his sight.

        he made a COVENANT with a people that forgot who they are.

        But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
        to bad Matt your not one of the “called” out people.

        Hosea 4:6
        My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

        if ya can’t fix stupid, live with it.

      • Matt says:

        Ok RP,

        I presume when you you say you can’t fix stupid, you’re talking about yourself, maybe a Freudian slip. Anyhow, enough with the insults.

        RP, God has made salvation open to all men, to Jew, to gentile, to black, brown, and to white.

        But God has also set an order, and hierarchy, and separated man with boundaries. Which the Jews spit in God’s face, and undermines his every order.

        According to God’s order we’re not all meant to live on the same plane. There’s the blessed, the cursed, the slaves, the beautiful and the ugly.

        All men are created equal, is just another Jew lie, from their father Satan, that thought he was God’s equal. Satan’s equality doctrine got Satan and a third of the angels cast to hell.

        Listen to a Jew, and as the wind blows, and you’ll wake up in the chambers of hell, and spend an eternity of horror with Satan’s children the kikes.

      • Tantor says:

        Correction. Yahweh is NOT God. All that stuff you read in the OT about ‘god said this’ and ‘god said that’ is just the words of Yahweh.

        Jesus told the Jews that they had never seen God or heard his voice. So who the hell do you think Abraham, Moses, and the Israelites were talking to? It sure wasn’t God.

  15. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jim Stone’s site has been down for days. I hope he can get it going again. They took it down before.

  16. S O G says:

    i dint mean hoffs site was down ,just that he is mia or worse as a lot of sites go down cus of threats ..remember irateirishman ,,miss that one . was down last 3 weeks but came up again …

    frank try in the url box …it might or not refresh to current output for jim stone ….yeah enter the numbers and hit enter …
    but he seems down …lets hope not for long …
    stone will be back on ,hes got he techno how…
    i had posted the first comment and it was in mod for a few hours so i rewrote it ..
    am always try to be careful of duplication on here ..etc on and on

    • Sen10L says:

      He said his primary #2 server is down. Limping along. Lots of info about Paypal button… to remove it. That’s how the left is taking alt. sites down.

  17. S O G says:

    hey redpill stfu already ..what you bellicosely iterate here is canonical dogma ..
    did you have stroke recently …
    constantine in nicea 325 ad had 50 scribes rerite all the available non heretical christian guidelines to more lenient parameters ..whos to say hat is what and where in history ,or where was histiry and the guy in the feather cap ..bobs yer uncle ..
    these discussions of theological opinions that mo one agrees on can only lead to chaos ..
    why does anyone think there are dozens of denominations and demonizations in the global christian church ..
    heres something forbfree …the word catholic meant universal …as the christian empire began to degenerate gradiently into semi heresy they eere still allowed to be part of the universal christian church or catholic church …predating indulgences …
    no one st all agrees about bibliography er bibleography ,so when they strongly disagree irreconsilably they go start their own church ..
    i mean wtf is a methodist non charismatic ….
    gods prophets foretold of the exile and disbanding and disenfranchising of what eas left of the jerusalem crowd in 72ad ish …
    they had succedded in alienating and angering god ..
    hes the one who sent the remnants of benjamin and judah tribes packing ..
    the big problem wasnt neccessarily miscaegenation at hat point cus they wer beyond that line …any mention of zion or jerusalem by joshua emanuel is meant expressly as in spiritual world sense the body and blood and the members of jesus covenant all being one ….you dont really see that in the world today but if you look there are charismatic believers around who know which way is up..
    i have seen miracles and been saved from death by miracls associate o mine was once embroiled in a very signifigant miraculos episode with god present ..
    nuff said ..we can agree to disagree anyway 2 cents

  18. silvernickel says:


    In the jewy city of Toronto, a mass shooting just occurred and the Mayor and the anti-gun forces are already mentioning the scourge of guns in their city. No blaming of the psychopath that wanted to kill people, just condemnation for the weapon of choice.

    from the news report:

    Officers confronted the suspect, who was identified only as a 29-year-old man, on a nearby street and exchanged gunfire with him, the authorities said. The suspect ran from the police and was found dead with a gunshot wound on a street.

    John Tory, the mayor of Toronto, said at a City Council meeting on Monday that the shooting was a “cowardly act of violence” and “an attack on our city itself.”

    “I’ve said for some time that the city has a gun problem,” he said. “Guns are far too readily available to far too many people”

    “When you have this many people that are struck by gunfire, it’s a grave concern,” Chief Saunders said. “I’m not closing any doors.”

    Mayor Tory called for a review of Canadian gun laws, which are much more restrictive than those in the United States.

    • ICU says:

      Blacks; I saw pix that prove it.
      Lack of Racial description in The Official Version supports it.
      Negros will Negro, regardless of where they are smeared on this planet: USA, UK, Canada, Europe, China, Russia…although the last two tend not to put up with the Chimpness.
      Even Antarctica.
      I just saw the remake of “The Thing” starring Kurt Russel.
      Antarctic research station with two niggers in attendance; both of them pains in the ass…stupid, inconsiderate, ignorant, generally dysfunctional…typical.
      The GEICO ad with the old annoying Unkah Remus nigger in a rocking chair honking a harmonica every time the Gecko tries to say something is interesting in that the producers of the ad are sending a second level message to the audience that niggers are, at least, a provocatory, intentional annoyance and a blight.
      Up to me ?
      The goddam things, and their hybrid freaks up to and including Octoroons, WOULDN’T BE HERE ANYMORE…totally.

    • ICU says:

      The shooter was a sand nigger, not a Black nigger.
      I saw pix of cops herding BLAX away from the scene and ASSumed it was in a BLAK ‘hood.
      To Hell with BLAX anyway.

      HEY, Canuckistan…
      how are those strict gun laws and immigration policies workin’ out for ya ?

  19. J.R. says:

    hey SOG, “nicname or nom de guerre nom de plume ,either eether ..he was called jochba the coffee house jew …”
    I think you mean Satan’s jews’ nickname for Stalin (i.e., old Nick’s name for him), which was Bar Kochbah.. jews in the Soviet gave him this name because he was once a coffee house radical/revolutionary, like their 2nd century pseudo-messiah, Simon Bar Kochbah, who led the reprobate jews in their (failed) second war or rebellion against Rome in the 2nd century…

    the name bar Kocbah means “son of a star” and explains the real meaning of the Soviet star (aka the red star)… it’s really a jewish pseudo-messianic star…. the lefty synagogue of Satan jews’ five-pointed counterpart of the right wing israeli jews’ demonic six-pointed, pseudo-messianic Davidic star in the land of israel…

    the jews had viewed Stalin as a new messianic hero who would bring in their evil ideal antichristian world, to countermand the biblical promises relating to the return and reign of Jesus Christ who was of course israel’s true messiah, born at Bethlehem according to the star that the Bible says would rise as a sign of the messiah…

    Kuibyshev Jewish Community Sends 10,000 Rubles to Stalin for “bar Kochba” Tank
    January 18, 1943

    Kuibyshev (Jan. 17)

    “The Jewish community of Kuibyshev today sent 10,000 rubles to Premier Joseph Stalin with a telegram of blessings containing the suggestion that the money be used for a tank named after Bar Kochba, Jewish hero who led the Jews in their last great struggle against Rome.

    “Simultaneously, the president of the Kuibyshev Jewish Community, Moshe Feigin, issued a call to all other Jewish religious communities in Russia to follow the example of the Kuibyshev Jews and raise special funds to be sent to Stalin with a view to having a Jewish tank column in the Red Army to be named “the Bar Kochba Tank Column.”

  20. J.R. says:

    Who Was Bar Kochba? Jewish Biography as History Dr. Henry Abramson…

    Bar Kokhba Sextet – Lucifer: Book of Angels Vol 10 (Full)…

  21. Barney says:

    Cripple dies following attack in Paki-infested town.

    3-year-old apparently deliberately targeted for acid attack (a specifically African crime). 3 adults arrested.

    What do these two crimes have in common?

    No names, no photos.

    If the attackers had been White, their names and faces would be plastered all over the place.

    Btw, not wanting to stir anything up here, but imho the religious arguments just detract from the main subject. We all have our beliefs, and few people believe exactly the same thing.

    I realise people want to share their beliefs for the best of reasons, but reverting to insults just because someone thinks you’re wrong is imitating jew (mis)behaviour.

    I personally don’t accept “that book” as the uncensored word of The Creator, preferring my “bible” to be literally “written in God’s own handwriting”.

    What is it? We know it as Nature, and none can deny that it really is the work of the Almighty, unlike any book created by man.

    Oops! Now I’ve done it!

    Don’t start picking on me just because I don’t accept that a book written by man was dictated by a higher authority. It’s just my opinion, something we’re all entitled to.

    Call me what you like. I won’t take the bait.

    • Red Pill says:

      that’s a smart move Barney,
      the bible is just a lot of paper.
      only the holy spirit helps you to understand if
      you could be the smartest person in the world
      and read the bible a dozen time and still not have a clue
      ask Matt, he knows only what he learned in Sunday school.

      if you don’t have the holy spirit, you haven’t been born again.
      if you haven’t been born again, you don’t have Jesus.
      your right Barney, better to play it safe than be seen as a fool.

    • Matt says:


      I got to ask you RP, do you ever stop, or shut your mouth?

      If you’re going run non stop like a fool, then why not answer the question I’ve asked several times. Obviously the holy spirit is not helping you to understand, otherwise you’d be able to answer my question, instead of rambling on like the fool you are.

      Anyhow, here’s another scripture for you, hopefully this one you will understand.

      Ecclesiates 5:3,

      “a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.”

      And in case the spirit doesn’t come down and help you understand, I’m talking about you.

  22. S O G says:

    nice run down on stalin jr usually not too far from the epicenter …
    i will try to find the pld site or its copied for about stalins geneology …
    he was satans messenger none the less …a jew or half or qurter makes no difference cus in deed and mind he was the quintessential bolshevik communist ..besides most jews are not even related to the ancient 12 tribes …koestlers 13th tribe …
    i am always amazed at the israelites criminality …they claim to have been ordered to wipe out caananites who were somewhat similar in aspects of rebellion and alienation from god …izzeez were just as much idol worshippers etc ..baal worshipping child sacrificers ..i dont think even caananites got up to that bloody activity ..
    yeah ok reddpill we are all operating in the dark when it comes to history arent we ..
    i was interested in an article on the valley of sin aka sinai where israelites wandered for 40 years cus someone dropped a shekel ,that forensically they could not find one trace of that many people or any people in large groups who had made any type of footprint there ..and the sort of evidence like fires to cook food last for thousands of years ..
    or like egypt and the red sea ..imho the kikes were evicted from egypt for turning it into a sub standard civilization with thier corrosive mentalities for money and power and control ..
    gods social engineering experement on the devils own people the semites completely failed ..
    he took the worst people on earth and tried to rehabilitate the losers …didnt work ..never will thier blasphemous state ..
    anyway peace among us of good will .
    frank fredenburg …did you try the ip numbers to jimstone …they actually take you to july 16 release pages current its all good ,he,s still there for us ..

    how you sposed to know who to worship worship ..woeship is an old word means worthy ,of worth ..humans have free will so we operate more into the count our blessings and thankful for this and that mode ..
    the angels ,not all , worship god in his very presence 24/7 cus to be in his presence like that createsca worshipful and praise element ,,,no ? …..ahhye ..
    my highr power is the god of creation of all …no?…
    his son is the go between ..
    the mother of his son ,mary …right ..
    people arguee endlessly about the son of gods name …quite a few choices and some religions have splintered as abresult of non parralell disagreements ..
    i prefer to call him emanuel ..aka god with us or in the flesh as it were ..
    gods name ..he doesnt need one ..he is ..
    redpill do you think rev richard wurmbrand worshipped the wrong god ..
    as it is ,no one knows 101% what jesus messiah name truly really is and the name isnt the power or the glory ,it rests in the personage and highness of the son of god ..
    that was hitlers main goal in the confederated territories of yhe rhine ,was to homogenize the separate entities known as germany and unify and unify the police and unify the christian churches ..put an end to doctrinal squabbles ,although the catholic church did remain an aloof separate entity with their man in the wings of possible coup over hitler ,the himmler guy himself ..
    hitler has said make no mistake the rebuilding and unification of germany and its people is a christian movement …there it is …
    germany had many kinds of caucasion groupings ,always did ..the rumor of wanting a master race was more himmler bs …there were lots of jews and subversive ethnic germans in the reich ..
    in 1933 when hitler became chancellor there were 8 million ethnic germans signed up card carrying communist party members run by soviet jew comintern assholes ..
    jew asshole is an oxymoron …
    we all rebel against gid and his plan even if we think we dont ..
    he shows people the truth if they ask but most people think they already know it ..
    human nature

  23. S O G says:

    we are at war or more aptly war on several levels and directions is being systematically being waged against all whites ..
    if we dont take the que we will lose and losing means everything gone …
    the jews killed 70 millions russians under jew comintern bolshevism memshevism ,social demo and bund ..all savages communists with many in disagreement but all flowing to same bottom line ..
    perhaps here they will incorporate chinese and moslems jihadfuckers terror cells armed by obama in hiding in usa …
    stands to reason and methodology with the billions of bullets and furearm purchases and disappearance of this shit like fast and furious ..
    where the fuck is PRT …
    where the fuck is baily ..
    t bone knows him but t bone is too good to comment here anymore but probably lurks here ..
    where the eff is hoff ..
    where the fuck is waldo ..
    almost forgot …hey barney ,try the tails amnesiac op sys ..runs off usb or sd card or dvd as a live system …it is designed to force all computer trans thru tor ..
    some run it on virtual desktop ..some have run it thru a vpn …
    some vpns are only 99$ for three years …
    snowden used tails to keep absolute ananymity from nsa ..not bad for linux denian based operating system ..
    it was after that that nsa came knocking at ian murdochs door …they wanted to know the code so a back door could be written in ..
    i dont think he craporated with the jew devil feds ,s why hes dead now under straaange curvumstanes ..
    we call those extenuating jew fed circumstances …at this point its easy to see the fed jew sinister squirrel fingerprints on these activities ..

  24. S O G says:

    tails linux operating system ..
    debian debian debian based like knoppix and others ..
    probably the most integral insulated code work in linux ..
    ubuntu and mint sre tattletale systems being hooked to canonical servers and taking in all keystrokes and information cus three guesses who runs and controlls the psuedo open source systems ..yeah you got it ..
    there was a college built out west in early 1900,s to remedy the marxist jew infiltration of all our ivy league colleges that had indeed started out with christian type classes etc ..but were made godless in a fewcshort years of the jew infiltratraitor..
    i know the story is bettervwith names but this college was eventually discovered by jews who came to the area thinking iowa where the agriprocessor plants under jew kosher protocols were making meth as well …
    see pottsvile raid …the head demon in charge was one sholom rubashkin whom the moron trump has commuted this asshole jews sentence ..unfuckin believable ..

    you should a seen the illegal immigtation in this place as well to run the plant ..
    imagine union meat processing jobs moved out of unionized states and jobs lost so this cunt jew can make millions and produce meth ..
    he got a 27 year sentence and served 10 years in a fed fun camp ..
    do you ever get the notion that these medium security tennis camps were built by and for jews to do time here or hey they can request to do time in idrael but only now if their whoer of a mother was jewish law in izzrael..
    the global rabbi rabble were angry with sentence ..this guy was a plague on pottsvile iowa..
    but like pollard he got easy time in jew club fed and early release ..oy vey ..
    so the college i mentioned was infested with jews and 20 years later became another communist indoctrination center full of jews commnist shits and loser moron niggers on a 101% free ride and free shit and all the white wimmin they can rohypnol and rape scholarship …….suuuuch uhhh deeeeal

  25. Red Pill says:

    uncle Joe was not all that bad.

    How Stalin, the ‘breaker of nations,’ hated, murdered Jews

    Joseph Stalin had a favorite saying by which he lived and multitudes died. It went like this: “est chelovek, est problema, net cheloveka — net problemy.” Or, “a person, a problem; no person — no problem.” Millions of people in the Soviet Union became un-persons during his quarter-century rule. While the Georgian-born Stalin didn’t particularly favor one nationality over another during his reign of terror, he was a “breaker of nations,” as in Robert Conquest’s book title — and he had a particular hatred for Soviet Jews. Stalin’s own daughter, Svetlana, attested to that psychosis:

    • Matt says:


      SOG, told you to ST(x)U, I know it’s not a word to the wise, but even a fool as yourself, we’d hope would listen once in a while.

      Do us all a favor, and close that filthy mouth before any more garbage comes out.

    • J.R. says:

      the jews Stalin purged from his admin and dominion were mostly israeli/ Zionist jews, who’d been targeted for elimination because he’d thought they’d betrayed their stated intention to help set up a communist satellite state of his Soviet regime in Palestine, and which became more apparent to him, when the jews in Palestine sided with America in what became known as the Cold War era…
      Stalin’s admin was always controlled by a combo of israeli jews and synagogue of Satan (Gentile) fake jews, both up front and behind the scenes, until the Zionists and israeli jews saw him as a threat to their new jewish state in Palestine and arranged for his assassination and the execution, exile, or deposition of his lefty israeli and synagogue of Satan henchmen, in the 1953 coup…
      Kaganovich was head of the ‘invisible’ ruling jewish cabal in the Soviet Union, during Stalin’s reign of terror.. just as there were two heads (one ‘invisible’) to the empire of jewish Khazaria… Kaganovich was a synagogue of Satan fake jew, probably predominantly of Polish/Khazar ethnic extraction… jews say his name is from Cohen; but it’s evidently really referencing the rulers of late Dark Age and medieval Khazaria, who were Gentile converts to Judaism, called “kagans”…

      the two heads of Stalin’s regime…

      not all of this vid is correct, but it fills in some of the gaps…

  26. cole nidre says:


    Demented commie jew Bernie Sanders said in 2012 that he wanted
    to model america on Venezuela.

    Inflation rate in Venezuela now 1,000,000 % and counting.

    A kike is a kike is a kike.

  27. Gene says:

    Big Deal Made Over Two Negro Women Stabbed, 1 Dead

    They are making a big deal over these two Negro women getting stabbed, but they don’t make such a big deal over the hundreds of thousands of White people that are stabbed and shot in the U.S..

    Who gives a damn about these two women. Just more Negros dead. Suspect is a White guy and they say unprovoked, but these Negro women out there are tough as hell and beat the hell out of people all over the place. I wonder what they did to this guy.

    One guy stabbed someone who tried to steal his backpack. He ran after them off the train and stabbed them. I guess they didn’t get his backpack! Stay armed. It’s like a war out there.
    BART rider’s tip leads to arrest of stabbing suspect in Pleasant Hill

  28. Barney says:

    Copied from

    By Andy Donner

    It is with a heavy heart I must inform you all that Harold Armstead Covington, founder of the Northwest Front, passed away last week in his apartment in Bremerton, WA. Thankfully, preparations were made and the Party continues to operate in service of the Northwest Imperative. This week’s episode of Radio Free Northwest eulogizes Harold. We’ll pick up next week with a general status update. Please go easy on us for the time being since we’re still recovering various communication capabilities and getting back up to speed. On top of that, we’re obviously all very busy right now, and we sadly do not have the bandwidth to be anywhere near as responsive as we would like.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Audio report here.

  29. S O G says:

    i mayslipped the bounds of proper timing ..lots o times on here ..
    the college as founded in iowa i believe in the 50,$ …50’s….
    the rubashkin takeover of pottsville was much later up 90 or so …
    the thing that bugs me is this kinda shit really gives senile trump
    oyalties away ..
    the onslaught glut of massive amounts of cheap hightest meth had a deleterious massive destructive effect on the usa in those parts ..
    mexican associates handled trans and dist ..etc ..
    gene thank you for the refreshing news of that stuoid niggers shoot down ..
    one less niggr terrorist …is always a good thing ..
    niggers attacking crippled whites and elderly and the unsuspecting and naieve ..
    hopefully more god dam niggrs will attack armed humans ..good riddance to nigger trash .

    • Gene says:

      I Bet They Had A Fight And The Negroes Lost

      Yeah, I figure they had a fight over something and the guy got out his knife and went to work on them and the Negroes lost. They’re real pushy and aggressive and want their way with everything, pushing people around on the bus and beating up other women on the bus and all.

      They probably got what was coming to them. That’s one dead and one out of commission. Now if everyone who gets home-invaded and beat on pushes back like this Niggers are going say, hmmmm…. Whitey is on to us.

  30. S O G says:

    communist fellator bernie sanders as in weekend at bernies is what america would look like if sanders had taken the presidency ..
    the thing about the venezuela model is now this is true communism ..people sre being starved to death and not being allowed to leave ..
    hugo chavez was not about this type of govt in fact over 30,000 shitkikes left venez when hugo took office ..the jew commies use the starvation model all over ..
    chavez had cracked down on weapons and drug cartels controlled by jews which is why jews complained and left sure they all have summer homes and winter homes in different locales like jews always do ..
    each country in soith america is run by a communist jew ..cuba was likely the model back in the 50’s ..taken over by communist jews ..
    death squads are back in nicaraugua …did they ever really leave ..
    the people of venezuela are being punished for being pro freedomand chavez..
    jews are vindictive sinister bastards ..
    communist jews in russia communist era starved russians two separate times sacrificing millions …
    in israel during the 40’s50’s jews starved the palestinians out of the 70 major larger cities ..locked em down and waited …no collateral damsge or blood and guts to clean ..
    jews have brutally killed 5 million palestinians from the 30’s on up to now …
    the fact that jew megalomaniac multi billian dollar company cerberus based out of israel owns all safeway kroegers and albertsons grocery stores does not sit well …

  31. S O G says:

    barney it sounds like deep state ultimate rendition …the front was doing good under harold …..
    hopefully they have someone or all of them capable of taking over the reigns of leadership ..RIP…H.A.C.

    • Barney says:

      S O G – They say it’s “believed” to have been “natural causes”, and he was known to have medical problems, including diabetes I believe, but we can never be certain in cases like this.

      Andy Donner wouldn’t be my choice, but he’s a good man, and who suspect will take over where HAC left off. Certainly the people involved want to keep the movement going, and White People need it to continue.

      Pity about HAC. Imho he was the ideal leader for something like this.

  32. Gene says:

    Stalin Was A Murderous Slob

    Stalin had I don’t know how many people killed without good cause. Someone could have their name turned in and bingo – right or wrong they were either sent to Siberia to a salt mine or they were executed in some dank, damp dungeon, probably. You could be called a problem and be totally innocent.

    What a murderous slob Joe Stalin was.

  33. cole nidre says:

    Jughasvili “Stalin” a monstrous puppet of Jews.

    “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

    Parasitic thought control of the pavlovian subjects.

    Once a zhedie, always a zhedie is a zhedie is a zhedie.

    • ICU says:

      Gen. Patton had it right.
      The USA fought on the wrong side, and “…this Nuremburg business…” was CRAP.
      If the ZIO Deep State failed to assassinate Patton, he likely would have put a stop to the savaging of German POWs…under the authority of Pres. OldGolferguy Eisenhower, a disgrace to his German surname.
      Like JFK, Patton failed to know the demonic depths of The Ruling Swine, and did not guard against their murderous retribution. This also applies to ex-CIA Director Colby, also murdered by the rampaging Khazar swine…and their Shabbos Goyim hired hands…the bastids.

  34. Gene says:

    Negroes Are Kidnapping And Murdering White Children – White Baby Burned Alive

    You think it’s not outright genocide, then read this! Apparently the Negroes are targeting single White moms as easy targets to get their kids and kill them. It’s for real! Levi was such a happy baby he didn’t deserve this. Levi was buried last Friday. He only survived part of the day.

    His Name is Levi Cole Ellerbe: White Six-Month Old Kidnapped, Burned Alive and Murdered by Black Woman

    Woman ‘m urdered abducted baby boy by setting him on fire’


  35. Gene says:

    This Bitch, Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith, 25, Will Rot In Hell For This

    The bitch will rot in a jail cell and then rot in hell for eternity for killing a precious little baby who was totally innocent.
    Like I said about the Negro women getting stabbed, they are very violent and pushy and aggressive and are trouble, big trouble!

    • ICU says:

      Let me have that horrid Jiggaboo sow for an afternoon.
      After an hour or so, it will beg for death.
      Request Denied.
      Time to revive ancient Chinese, Medieval and Apache punishment techniques; all of them slow.

      A more modern addition would be a few hundred .22 Shorts applied for prolonged best effect…amplified by hefty doses of Meth, X and LSD.

      A replication of The Christian-Newsome Torture & Murders…by niggers…, without the rape part, including some applied electricity is also indicated.

      The niggers want Voodoo ?
      I’ll give ’em some Voodoo ?

  36. Gene says:

    Now That It’s Proven That Blacks Are A Murderous Threat To All People The Government Should Quarantine Them.

    But that would not be politically correct and we must oh so be politically correct. They should quarantine these Negroes away from everyone but themselves, give them all the guns and knives they want and bullets, too, and put them in a confined area.

  37. Gene says:

    I Dumped The Negroes In The Street Who Were Sitting On My Wife’s Father’s Car

    Many years ago I came out of movie at the Jefferson Theater in Beaumont, Texas with my wife or soon-to-be wife only to find a bunch of Nigs sitting on the trunk of wife’s father’s car. For some reason we were in that car an Impala sport job and I guess my car was broken down.

    Anyway I looked at them as I seated wife in the car and then got in and started it and released emergency brake. Looking to the rear to see if they were still on the car, yep still there, dumb-assed stupid stubborn niggers who wouldn’t get off the car. I peeled out by braking it and revving a little and releasing the brake and dumped them all out in the street. I would have given anyone else Black or White a chance to get off but they didn’t want that, so I dumped em! Ha, ha!

    Negroes are just stubborn mean, man.

    • Tantor says:

      Hehe, I remember back in 1979 waiting at a stoplight in my little race prepped Austin Mini Cooper. The moment the light turned green, some young blacks sauntered VERY slowly across intersection, laughing at me.

      I revved up the little 1300CC motor, dumped the clutch and lit up the front tires. With the strong motor, the Cooper was a smoke generating machine. It was perfectly happy sitting in one spot, churning out smoke. I never knew blacks could jump high.

      It wasn’t exhibition of speed because I wasn’t going anywhere. But it sure got their attention. They dissed me, I dissed them right back.

      • ICU says:

        2008, checking out a possible house rental and general neighborhood in Tampa near the dog track.
        Ahead, half a dozen Negritos loping abreast in the middle of the street.
        Me in a red Eclipse.
        Headlights on Bright
        Downshift to Second
        Rev Up , Accelerate, Aim for the center…mass, as it were.
        Parted the niggers like Moses parted The Red Sea.
        Sad that I didn’t hit two or three…and kill them.

        Have I ever mentioned the fact that I REALLY hate niggers; and why ?
        Some of the many episodes leading me to that state of mind will be posted here occasionally.
        btw, it was never taught at home when I was a child.
        I learned to hate the goddam things the hard way, starting when I transferred out of an all White private school into a public High School in a Philly suburb; V N Era military experience after that, Temple Univ. in the middle of the worst nigger ghetto in North America etc.

        Oh, I almost forgot…
        Blacks, not being H. Sapiens sapiens, aren’t Human.
        Since they’re an evolutionary dead-end mistake of Nature, like a Platypus, Dodo or Blobfish, the worst charge brought against a human that kills one is, at most, Animal Cruelty.
        I yearn for the day when they are classified as an Invasive Species, subject to unlicensed extermination 24/7/365 like Feral Swine, Coyotes, Muscovy Ducks, Starlings, Gobies, Jumping Asian Carp, Iguanas and Pythons.
        Wouldn’t that be nice ?

  38. S O G says:

    proto you beginnin to worry me ..good to have your razor wit back ..
    agood site explains why solzhenitsyn was really gulagagged ..
    gentiles think its cus he complained about the war but thats why they opened his mail ..
    they found references to stalin as jewish boss ,jewish master etc in his correspondences..
    the law then was resolute ..if you revealed any fake russian as a crypto jew it was considered anti semtism..and antsemitizm was against the law ..
    scroll down on right of page to articla called “was stalin a jew” ….really good run down on the issue ..the jews have tried to say he was anti semite ….
    there is a lot of disinformation around joe jewison ..heh heh kikeson ?
    i mean wtf also ..russia was the most heavily armed population in the world North of 1900 did the fucking kikes get the guns ..peopl were too nice to shoot the hook nose bolshevik pigz in the face when they came to get the borgeoisse weapons ..
    how many chinooks fell for that bs like in south africa where whites ought to be exterminating subhuman nigger sewage ..
    communists ,niggers ,moslems and demented spiks need euthanizing ..did i forget jew devils …its late …
    i got an even better rundown on stallin geneology but will take eternity to find and may have been wiped off some of my computers due to shit happening ..

  39. Barney says:

    People often say we’re to blame for everything because “we allowed” something that happened centuries ago, or the most common one is “we voted them in”. That’s absolute fkn b*****ks!

    Imagine a chain of small shops planning to open a new branch. They’ve interviewed prospective managers and found two equally suitable candidates for the job. How to choose? Toss a coin? No, instead they invite the customers to decide which one they prefer.

    That’s exactly how the electoral scam works. The candidates are pre-approved, meaning there’s not a ha’porth of difference between them. They’re equally committed to doing exactly what their (((masters))) want, and to hell with the wishes of the people.

    It’s like being invited to choose which one of the Kray twins is going to blight our lives for the next few years. There’s no “lesser” of two evils when they’re both as bad as each other and both answer to the same (((master))).

    WE DID NOT vote for the scum currently in power. We voted against the opposing candidate in the hope that he’d be a little less evil, an exercise in futility as it turns out on every such occasion, but what else can we do, short of the solution we’re not supposed to discuss?

    Rothschild (wrath-child) or the equally insane Rockefeller chooses twice as many candidates as the number of “seats” on offer, ensuring that every one of them will show 100% loyalty to the (((lunatics))) that want to destroy our world, and then we’re invited to choose between the devil and it’s twin brother.

    In a democracy, WE would select the candidates to run the local, regional and national administrations on OUR behalf, but what we’ve got is a demonocracy, where the most evil get to lord it over the rest of us.


    I didn’t vote for any of this, and neither did I “allow” it to happen.

    There’s only one solution to our current predicament, and we all know what that is.

    • ICU says:

      The Solution…
      “As clear as an Azure sky of deepest Summer.” —-Alec in Clockwork Orange

      That film is prescient, just like “Idiocracy”.
      Burns, the Deep State lackey film maker , doesn’t get to do “The Civil War 2.0”; probably David Lynch (Eraserhead, Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet) would be better for that if he’s still around after the war…and the Balkanization of this failed republic into Affinity States and Confederations.

  40. S O G says:

    yeah icu they even killed james forrestal who was not feelin the bs of the sick jews ..baruch was documented to have told him you are putting yourself in danger ..
    the kennedies it seems all married and associated with jews including jackie who was involved with a jew diamond merchant ..
    caroline msrried a jew and jfk jr. married the bissette girl whos mothers surname was freeman i recall .
    joe ran with the vermin snd he hated them ..his eldest joe jr was blown up in a amateur hour ww2 experemental bomber etc ..
    jacquelin bouvier may have had jewish parents or at least 1 ..
    whats happening in america this election is about nothing but gun confiscation ,severe limitations ….etc ..
    this country is not under any threat from lawful gun owners ..
    yet all the zio politicians do is make more and more restrictive laws that only affect law abiding gun owners ..
    it would be like making doors without locks on your house that you cant open cus locks are banned ,so you have to stay out of your house cus burglars and robbers can pick locks or banning cars cus they get used criminally and they do and they dont get banned isnt the car or the door or the gun ,its the person that chooses to use a potential weapon to hurt people..
    half of americas senaturds are jews ,communist pro israel twisted freaks ..
    bloomberg billionair is heavily funding the anti gun movement and many anti gun bills have been filed for votes ..
    schumer and career asshole pelosi are driving forces in violating our second amenment rights ..
    gun owners do not pose any threat to america ..
    politicians jewish ones to be clear who cry wolf over and over again are the real danger …why would these crypto communist politicians even be planning to ban guns ..hasnt this scenario played out in other countries already with disastrous genocide results against non jews ..
    these jewish politicians are crooks and immoral scum who hate america and cry wolf all day long and create false terror false flags and real false flag events ..
    they conspire to have schools shot up and childeren killed by jewish spec ops in america just to get americans to go along with gun confiscation …

    whether or not americans go along with it or not they certainly dont oppose the sneaky jews anti gun plan strongly enough ..
    the jews will pass whatever laws they can to ban guns ..
    this is thier bottom line …no guns in america except in niggers jews and muslim hands ..

    the shitt kykes in american politix are really planning and hoping for sweeping bans and extreme measures put on law abiding gun owners …
    this action offense toward our very distinct laws about guns ..even further ,the second amendment is a milestone marker symbolising our inalienable rights under god and blue sky to posess and bear arms ..
    it doesnt call gor laws allowing these rights it means these rights go without saying or without obstruction ..
    it is a clear violation of our sovereign rights under the legal document and unalterable constitution to mess with any amendment or right of citizens in america ..
    jews do not belong in our political body ..
    they are only interested in corruption and banning guns ..

    • ICU says:

      Civil War is coming; not fought like the last one.
      Check out a book, “Unintended Consequences”.
      It shows How To Deal.
      There are other instructional materials available to Lone Wolves and Small Cadres.
      It”ll be like The Troubles in Ireland…on steroids.
      Key individual targets will live running from rock to rock, to hide under…
      until, there be NO Rock.
      “One of these days where you hear a voice say Come, where you gonna run to ?
      You’re gonna run to The Rock for rescue. There will be no Rock.”
      The D.C. ZIO ticks like Nudelman, Kagan, Kristol, Wurmser and the rest of the jew Neo-Con Dual Citizen, Israel Firsters that hide behind the curtain will scurry for their worthless kike lives; but, there will be no Rock.
      That Chabad Lubavitcher lump of crap that bangs The First Daddy’s Girl had better have an El-Al ticket to Tel Aviv in his pocket all the time.
      Come The Tipping Point, the turd is going to need it.

      • Barney says:

        ICU – This comes via Henry Makow, a jew, but I think he’s onto something.

        The Muslim migrants have an agenda to rob and steal and threaten to demand what they want. They know they (i) have been given ‘permission’ from someone in authority to be violent and (ii) know that the local British population is unprotected and (iii) that they will not face any punishment for attacking English people.

        Upon arrival in UK or Europe, large numbers of these Muslim migrants go missing. This is never reported on any media platform. They are not absconding to join a family. Excellent accommodation has been made available for them by local authorities. They go missing to join up with a covert military force in secret locations in readiness for the appropriate call-up.

        Within a few years, those missing migrants will reappear as part of an armed terror squad on a massive scale all with the involvement, knowledge, and connivance of the British intelligence/security services.

        Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood UK civil war will happen.

        Follow the link for the whole post.

        If it’s happening here (and it is), we can be sure something similar is happening in every White country. After the devil jew, niggers are a major threat in the US, but watch those moslems too.

  41. S O G says:

    those nigger bitches in cal bay area tried to rob the transient guy of his shit ..
    they got what they deserved ..
    niggers rob whites everyday somewhere in america ..
    cus the stabber was white they are running this story hard ..
    if anigger stabbed 2 white girls the silence would deafening ..
    if a fuckin spikbeener stabbed white women , the news would have enhanced his face so he looked white like they did with martinez and the trayvon goof both at separate times …they even criminally altered the 9-11 call martinez made ..
    like they altered the film of rodney kings aperrest…

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    Z-man should have sued those national nightly jews shows for altering the 911 tapes he and his family uprooted for all the nigger death threats more importantly every town and shitty that had nigger riots should have sued the nightly jews also for the damages and destruction and human police overtime and injuries to humans that the niggers caused. Nightly jews know that it aint hard to trick niggers into believing their lies. That’s why the nation-wrecking jews pretend to like their stupid-ass pet niggers so much like the erection holders and lynches and obamas and sharpcoons and Jessie jacksons and Maxine waters and john lewis and shiela Jackson leigh and hank johnsons…… Because jews know that their pet niggers are stupid and will believe anything and be used to destroy white people and white countries and America and turn us into a third world shithole. Which they are doing.

    • Barney says:

      Zimmerman was/is a jew, but that would have given it even more “ammunition” (and possibly financial backing) to use against the scum that altered the recording.

    • ICU says:

      Zimmy tried to sue the (((network))) that edited his 911 call to make him look like an evil RAY-CISS, an sheeit.
      Some lump of crap jew judge dismissed the complaint, and it went nowhere.

      btw, I couldn’t be more happy that the stolen jewelry salesman Saint Trayvon of Jiggaboo Sanford is dead and worm food…the stinking nigger rat bastard…spawn of still living nigger scum.
      There was a sarcastic photo goof on Instagram and Faceberg going around college campuses after the Chimp was killed, that had kids posing as dead Trayvon, called Trayvoning.
      FUNNY !

  43. Gene says:

    Articles Of Impeachment Filed Against Rod (Jew) Rosenstein

    Congress started asking for documents about a year ago and still hasn’t gotten them so as one guy said, they’re tired of getting the finger from Rosenstein so is filing the impeachment stuff. They’ll demand a vote in two days or else.

    Rosenstein is evidently a swamp creature who has stonewalled Congress for nearly a year! They are tired of it! They’re covering for the criminality in the FBI probably. The level of abuse is surely unbelievable. FBI probably has files on people that they keep renewing annually so they can keep up getting paid for the surveillance. IT’S ALL PHONY! They are just using people for an excuse to get paid.

    Where was the FBI preventing Parkland Shooting when it was right before their nose?

    Rosenstein is a typical Jew in control of intelligence relying on the government secrets stuff and D.O.D.. When the Jew is exposed for real their phony power will fade and die. Ha, Ha, Ha!

    It’s about time!

    House Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein

    • ICU says:

      Impeachment of the elf eared, recessive jaw, arrogant bag of shit and lies, jew bastard Rosenstein IS NOT the way to get him.
      Criminal prosecution for Contempt of Congress and Conspiracy; maybe Official Malfeasance is the way to go.
      Given that there are so many DoJ and FBI assmonkies behaving badly, maybe even RICO prosecutions are in order.
      Failing that, take the jew bastard outside and plant one in behind one of its unpleasant ears.
      Then, do the same to about 100 or so D C jew Traitors Within The Gates.

    • J.R. says:

      Rosenstein’s ears are strictly speaking both hobbitish and elven… he evidently has both Caucasian and Middle Eastern tribal israeli genetics, that have produced them, and more specifically, probably as a result of a judgment from God on his forebears for their evil ‘One Ring’ Davidic dynasty global takeover aspirations for the apostate jews in esoteric Middle-earth, in the land of israel, in the Mediterranean/ Middle-earth region of this present evil geopolitical world…

      Tolkien’s elves are thought to be referencing racially the Caucasians as the best of the Gentiles, and the hobbits are evidently esoteric tribal israelis, and his characteristically redheaded dwarves are the Edomites, notably the sometimes redheaded Rothschilds, who’re a nation of Hebrews in jewry, who’ve been obsessed with commandeering the land God gave to their israelite brethren by an everlasting covenant… a land centered on Mount Zion in a spiritual or esoteric way…

      like dwarves, the Edomites have had their real social status or stature deliberately diminished by their lackeys, so they can more easily secure ‘One Ring’ domination of the world, by their dwarf-like control of its gold in subterranean vaults worldwide, and notably the bars stashed beneath the Bank of England today…

      On the other hand, the evil stoor hobbit, smeagol gollum, epitomizes the ugly, aged succession of popes who’ve historically had some jewish racial traits, but have been conspiring to secure One Ring global papal temporal power, centered at jerusalem… and who’ve now been sidelined by the israeli jews conspiring for One Ring world domination by a new davidic king at jerusalem…

      the israeli jews want to believe otherwise, but the papacy actually had the One Ring down through the Middle Ages, and lost it, not to the Zionists, but to the Edomites, when the Rothschilds (via Kalman Rothschild in the late 19th century) became papal financial advisors and “guardians of the papal treasure”….

    • J.R. says:

      Mr Spock was a more pure “elven” (i.e., synagogue of Satan/ Caucasian) fake ‘jew’ than Rosenstein…

      Elf Ears Are the Rage Among Quirky Young Adults…

  44. S O G says:

    if you can find anything othrr than a neo con sheister lawyre ..its possible ..
    meanwhile in a case of the second amendment goundation vs. the state dept. on beholf of cody wilson ..
    the case was brought as a 1st amendment grounds ?….
    yeah i dunno enough but the settlement includes federal guv . state dept and DOJ..
    yhe settlement will have amended regulations dtating that thebgov will no longer loook at ar15’s semi auto as military grade weapons or as military designated type ..
    or anything under .50 cal as military equipment or as weapons of war ..
    read it at or
    his other server is still off lline ..
    of course no ar15 has ever matched tge spevific guideline of a military weapon of war in semi auto with mag is like semi auto hunting rifle with mag ..same diff …non automatic ….military weapons of war are designed for fully automatic fire ..ruling in favor of our rights ..
    this is a landmark
    even beyond stopping the genocide post ww2 of civilian germans or stopping one element like dresden or suchenhausen you realize the jew used global influence to savage dresden a non military target AS WERE 95% of the allied bombing targets in germany …smells like jewish ritual murder with bombs ..
    dresden was a hospital city who produced cigarets and porcelain fact it was the cultural ancestral seat of german race ..
    the day following the 2 separate bombings the mustangs came and strafed theriver where nurses had taken survivors …it was a hospital city as well and hundreds of thousands of german refugees came there fleeing russian advance and brutality ..
    nathan morell took over a concentracion camp in poland ..was a jew who fled to israel and israel would not allow for his extradition even tho they like extraordinary rendition when its some poor fuckin gentile ..
    while in nkvd morell was hands on killer of christians ,civilians ,children ..
    in poland he killed polish people or any one who made him mad ..
    the area was silesia ..they renditioned germans to the camp …he liked to fuck male children to torture them ..many witnesses ..his favorit weapon to hack skulls was a chair leg …this guy commited war crimes and strocities helena brus wolinski the vampire bolshevik female prosecutor who killed gen fieldorf the anti german polish officer ..he dint like germans but he dint like commies even more and stalin had 700,000 poles rendered to death helena brus also fled to israel where polish guv never had any luck getting her back for trial …
    she was heard to say it would be very anti semetic to make her return to the scene of bolshevik communist mass murder and be accountable …not all that but to maker return against her will ..
    many of those poles dead under stalin post ww2 in poland were anti german anyway and had persecuted germans stuck in the post ww1 versailles treaty land lock landlost to poland from once territorial ancestral german land bromberg was this very sitch that made germany go in and take back thier land from the fuckin polish ..
    germans being killed in land once part of germany ancestrally and now partitioned off to poland ..many germans wrre raped murdered and telieved of ancestral land and assets ,houses etc by not only jews but by poles who still hate germans ..
    the fucking polish dint need much of a push to kill germans sitting like ducks in the pole .
    s’why i never gave ashit about fieldorf specifically or many of the poles stalin exterminated ..
    after the war wintersonnenwende can tell you ..
    in yugoslavia the yuges and future neo cons marched 7,000 german pow’s into a cave on the island of raab ..then sealed it up ..
    at suchenhausen the jews took it over and filled it with minor german males approx 14,000 …they tortured and killed these young german males and buried them on the prison grounds ..
    jews had said they wanted to exterminate the german race and so they also scoured the burnt out bombed out remnants of their sectors and kidnapped orphans for slave labor ..they snatched up 70,000 orphans in berlin and stuck them on cattle cars heading for russian wintry desths ..the notion was slave labor and death so that they made sure they died on the cattle cars of freezing temps the jews are persecuted ? lol ..they should be ..we can see what they are engineering here and sbroad has to stop or we will all perish …this is the jews bottom line …death for all non jews in the new jewtopia ..

  45. Red Pill says:

    ‘We can build a real time machine’
    Ron Mallett has a dream: He wants to travel in time.

    This isn’t mere fantasy – Mallett is a respected professor of physics.

    “I think of myself as being an ordinary person with a passion, and my passion is the possibility of time travel,” he says.

    Ron Mallett is a black man that’s got some smarts
    would it not be wonderful if he succeed .
    then we could put disobedient blacks in it and send them to 1800’s
    equatorial Africa.,…..that would surly would be justice.

    • Barney says:

      There’s a problem with that, Red Pill. If we sent all the niggers back to where and when they belong, that educated ape would never have been born in a White country, so would never have invented the time machine, so we’d be back where we started, still overrun with jungle critters.

      Same if we went back and scuppered the jew-owned slave ships before they collected their load. If the slaves never arrived, the time machine would never be invented.

      Not by a nigger anyway.

      Go back a bit further though and nuke both the biblical hebrews and the khazar impostors, and if time travel is ever going to be possible, a White Man would have done it long ago.

      Without the devil jew holding us back, we could be as far in advance of where we are now as the mythical wakanda would be compared to present day Africa.

      Now where did I put that bucket of vibranium?

  46. Karen says:

    This article is great, well researched and honest. The Trump question is one that I’ve asked myself. Thanks Philip Marlowe.

  47. Gene says:


    July 26, 2018

    Wherever you find a Jew stooge you’ll find they have protection like a built in get-out-of-jail-free card! Sessions and the others are stooges for the George H.W. Bush machine which still controls America, controls the Clintons, etc., and have come out to save Rod Rosenstein from impeachment, unfortunately.

    George H. W. Bush Stooges Help Rosenstein Stooge

    Sessions claims the focus should be on illegal immigration, but they could deport all these illegals immediately through an executive emergency order, so that’s hogwash. More likely stooge Sessions is saying look over there and don’t look at Rod Rosenstein! It’s all as phony as a 3 dollar bill as the stonewalling continues to block Congress from getting the facts. One G.H.W. Bush stooge helps another George H.W. Bush stooge! It never ends!

    There are people trying to get the truth out but are obfuscated as the charade continues. Even Diane Feinstein called it partisan nonsense in her effort to save Rosenstein. Stooge Paul Ryan publicly opposed the move to impeach Rosenstein. Ryan is one of the dumbest-looking bastards you could ever look at. What a dumb looking S.O.B. of a stooge.

    Democrats are crooks, plain and simple. Nothing will get done unless they can get past Rosenstein and get the documents. Since they’re not planning to pursue the impeachment articles now before the summer recess they have successfully and effectively protected the Deep State with more stonewalling.

    Why The Demorats Are Upset Over Trump Winning The Election

    The thing that has upset stooges over Trump winning the election is that part of the George H.W. Bush machine has been lost and their empire has suffered a fracture! Before, it was the George H.W. Bush machine controlling both parties, the Demorats and Repukes. Now, a part of it is controlled by Trump who is supposed to be independent, but Trump’s hands are apparently tied and he fails to come out and lead the nation out of this. Remember, Christopher Story had labeled Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton as employees of George H. W. Bush, so when Hillary was defeated in the election so was George H. W. Bush to an extent. You are looking at a country completely hogtied, obfuscated and crooked, and, nothing happens unless Daddy Bush wants it. Is that what you pay all those I.R.S. tax dollars and other tax dollars for? This represent a law breakdown, a breakdown of law and order and a breakdown of law enforcement and it is sickening – no justice. Do you see now why people in the know resent police and law enforcement in general? They have no country! It belongs to Daddy Bush, still, and he won’t let go! This crooked Bush phenomenon is destroying America!

    By the way, when you go to the link take a look at Paul Ryan and ask yourself if that’s not the dumbest-looking S.O.B. you ever saw.

    Paul Ryan comes out against Rosenstein impeachment push led by House conservatives


    There is an important link in this article at:

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Today bad day in history. The FBI 1908 and CIA 1947 both created on this day. The scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit lying bastard sons and daughters of whores zog agents deep swamp jews were shit out on this day. Birth of an fbi agent. (Hi Johnnyboy toughguy! How do you like me now johnny the punk-ass coward bitch? Tell uncle lewis and all your other coward friends I said Hi too.) a q-tip, a petree dish. Go to the worst fucking drug addict derelict bar in the worst part of town. Find the mens room. swipe the q-tip around the bottom edge of the puke, piss, shit and smegma at the bottom of the toilet. Then swipe it inside the toilet bowl. Swab the petree dish. Wrap petree dish in tape and toss it into a septic tank. Wait 9 months for the future lying piece of shit coward zog agent traitors committing treason to gestate. Remove baby zog agent from septic tank. Place into israil firster lying jew schiff or shumer arms. Wait 18 years for lying piece of shit traitor committing treason zog agent is given his first israil firster polluted fucking badge. I solemnly swear to support and defend the CONSTITUTION of the United States from ALL enemies foreign and domestic so help me God. Yeah right lying zog agent kol nidre fuck does that include the first, second and fourth amendments spying on Americans fisa warrants based on lies?

  48. jayhackworth says:

    Recommended reading …..

    The Cause of the Second Civil War in America

  49. S O G says:

    it was postville , iowa ,not pottsville ..need better fucking glasses and possible memory to go with the glasses ..
    i have found the mother load ofnew stuermer arvhives and archives ..
    i posted the main page acouple years ago soonas i can get time ina real wifi spot with aleft and right clikker gadget wiand lappy iwill post the address..
    real good shit on the core savagery ofjews along with a major do onblood ritual killings by hasidics ..
    it is beyond a preponderance of evidence that jews use dried blood meal to mix in with their purim festival food shit ..maybe theysuck it off of each others asss ..imthinkin probably ..
    in order to do this is quite a stealth network availed toaction ..
    a gentile baby has to be sanctioned and kidnapped ..and the rest is purely jewish ..
    their predilection is white children ..
    bakersfield calif may still play a real integral part in the op ..
    their is a stealth airport their that operateds at nite only and access is verbotten like mena was back in arkancide ..
    how many children disappear every year …lots .. or org ..
    suffice to say treblinka ballsac and sobibor were laughably small train stations in towns bearing the names ..
    all manor of black marketeeres and jew musketeers lol…seriously many camps had mostly jewis capos ..they decided if you got protection ,yeah they ran the same ol shit inthe camps ..gambling ,drugs ,prostitutes,extra food rations ..and the jews decided to cut off anyone who was very ill as they dint need the food …so much for dolidarity and if you wernt jewish in the camps and nonjews accounted for major % of inmates ..non jews got no consideration…last on the pecking order ..fellow shitkikes even had to pay ..
    people constantly came and went outside the camps regularly to do jew bizz and back and forth ..bribe a gaurd here and there …
    the camps most were micro towns for the good of jews and the jews arent even happy that the holohoax never occurred never occurs to them tha is a good thing ..
    redundant but i sayagain even spielberg who actually dated valerie bertinelly as a pre teen ,lookout roman polanski , lol anyway corrosive filmakerand pervert raper like morris dees who was convicted of stat rape on undeerage girl ..typical hypocrite all we need to do is post more evidence of splc complicity in oklahoma city murrag bldg bombing …my my …
    was i saying oh yeah schpeelberg has seen the 20,000 tape videointerviews with jews who came from the camps …all said no systematic death machine goin on ..
    thats what jewish fake kkk leader for the skokie illinoismarch and jews wanted to clarify a falsehood in the interim …
    many of these jews had come from the camps and knew there was noholo but their children were being brainwashed at and around jewish social centers …
    thousands of jewish families wrre ripped assunder hoo..
    but that whole skokie thing was designed to burn all the crap into americas psyce..
    the leader of the kkk was ajew and in fact everykkk boy after the turn of 1900 was a jew ..whats up with that ..
    do jew secretly want to be nazis was a powerful gracious national rennaiscance inddeed..ahhy..
    kinda ramblin ..
    try to find on wayback archives . com a site called w w w .
    guy named ball ..he disappeared once upon a time ..
    once you gather up all the internet sorces they are good but the main airphoto site will make a beliver out of holo belivers deprograms even the most ardent fool who belives in the hoax ..
    holocaustdenier also got cut off and went away but exulantenhell is back ..
    so why was there never any criminal trials for americans or brits or russians concerning the genocide visited ongermany .
    remeber that the brits bombed germany for 5 months to civilian areas befor hitler retaliated ….mi6 knew germany was hoing to retaliate and exactly at coventry but dint earnsny one for fear of germans realizing the brits had broken the codes ..
    people cry about coventry with miniscule casualties maybe 600 and only 600 acres total of england were fucked up rightfully by german rockets ..
    dresden alone was 15 sqaure kilometers of destruction and that was a innocent civilian city along eith the 70+ major metrocities in germany that were bombed back to stone age and strictly civilian concentration sites ..and so we had kangaroo kike court in nuremburg where purimwas being commited against high ranking german officers ..
    and testical crushing was common and false confessions ..this shit was no better than lavrenti beria nee berry torturing people in lubyanka prison for fakse confessions then shot in the ear ..
    patton saw the truth top late ..he kept saying lets exterminate the russians now while they are low …
    no he sure didnt realize the depths of perdition concerning jews .
    and they fid in fact murder him as a spec ops guy undr donovan wild mannwas bragging later ..
    they killed the archduke of austria …the royalty ofmother russia ,they killed huey long who would have kept us out of ww2 gauranteed ..a jew shot himand the autopsy showed the operation to save his life actually gauranteed his death like reinhard heidrich doctor and then peopl forgot father coughlin belting out jew warnings on their sedution to 20,000,000 listening audience just prior to america getting caught up in the maniacal deployment of americans to ww2 …our constituion forbids involvement in forienwars evenso called declared shit .
    i could go on for days ..stopping ..

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      As long as sog keeps on posting I will too. I do miss Bailey and 30.6 and others though. That spieberg movie where the germans lind the jews up in a line and fired a single bullet into the back and killed 3 with one shot. Guess what shumer you are now second in line that is a promotion to the hell department that shiff mutherfucker just surpassed you in his younger ability to lie and just keep repeating the same lies over and over and over again without any hesitation or remorse kol nidre whatsoever. Julie roginski must have moved back to isrial they still have steins and this other young jew whore bitch but the point was line these jews up in a ropeline one before each other and see how many die don’t spread them out in front of a wall they will all fake death and then you have to waste pistol bullets. Yeah SOG I went through the rope line and given the shotguns too worldwide deployable now if you survive this experimental shit we just injected into your arms. Ka blamo move along now nurses up in case of a bad reaction drink this orange juice.

      • Barney says:

        Why waste bullets? Take a tip from longlining, fishing with multiple hooks along the same line.

        Long piece of rope, loops at intervals. No need for a proper noose. The simplest of knots will slide well enough, just make a loop and thread the end through, a bit like the first part of a reef knot.

        A jew’s neck in each loop, crane at one end, lift the rope and they’re all back home with dad in a few minutes.

        Rinse and repeat.

      • Barney says:

        Flanders posts occasionally at Irish Savant, with an occasional post at Hofflandia while it lasts. T-Bone still goes there sometimes, but without Hoff, the place is dead, and will probably disappear at some point.

        Without Hoff to approve new commenters, there are never more than three of us there, and only very occasionally. There could be hundreds of posts awaiting approval, but they’ll never be seen without Hoff to approve them.

        I wonder wtf happened to Hoff. There’s a lesson there. We can all end up dead or in the gulag at any time. Heart attack. Hit by a truck. Murdered by a moslem. Carted off by zog’s enforcers for thought-crimes.

        Whoever you are, webmaster, commenter or whatever, make sure someone knows you well enough to let people know if anything bad happens. At the very minimum make a point of being in e-mail contact with someone who knows who you are and what you do on-line.

        That goes for you too, IncogMan. We’d need to know what happened if you suddenly disappeared and the site stayed up for a while. We lost Harold Covington last week, but we wouldn’t have known about it had it not been for Andy Donner and others.

        Where was I? Oh yes, sitting here typing on my computer. 🙂

        GTRman posts regularly at Morgoth’s Review, though under a different name. He’s my contact in case I get hit by a train tomorrow.

        I believe I’ve got Bailey’s e-mail address, and I recently heard from Sen10L.

        So many names. So few still here. During the day I’m on my own here, probably because I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic, several time zones away from everyone.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      @ SOG I still read and comment love you BRO. I made some really stupid I mean REALLY stupid comment before wher INCOG put me in spamblinka and moderation of most things I say now. I really don’t blame him that was the most ridiculous stupid foul moth shit anybody ever posted on the internet. But my whole purpose is in my moniker. Bringing attention to the protocols of the learned elders of zion. That was my whole purpose in life now just like Good Lord and Henry Ford said my purpose in life from God was not to build an affordable internal combustion engine model t that changed America for the better it was to publish the international jew worlds formost problems. So my purpose at centcom carpenter for 7 years some officers must have appreciated my value as a soldier my purpose was not to retire on easy street and cash in on my top secret security clearance my purpose was to bring peoples attention to the protocols of the learned elders of zion. I paid my dues for America. My purpose in life is in my moniker. I’ll debate the jew question with anybody graduating from a Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard indoctrination center any day. And their stupid ass pet niggers. Otherwise known as colleges and universities. Now try to tell me again why I am paying for my own destruction with them also?

  50. Barney says:

    Edgar J Steele said (I’m quoting from memory, so any mistakes are mine) “Before the war, according to jewish sources, there were 2.4 million jews in German-occupied territories. After the war, 3.8 million jews were claiming “reparations” from the German government. Tragically the remaining 6 million were lost“.

    Recently I found another quote by an anonymous poster at Irish Savant ( ).

    Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.

    It’s long past time the world understood that “jew” is properly spelled “l-i-a-r”. It’s all they do. It’s all they can do. As Jesus Christ is quoted as saying, “… truth is not in them ….” Ok, not the exact words, but close enough.

    Truth is not in them, so how could truth come out? It’s not possible. Their “father” is described as the “father of the lie”, so what can the devil’s disciples do but lie? It’s all they know.

    I haven’t been able to find the original of this, but here it is posted on Stormfront.

    Can a jew tell the truth, by John Kaminski

  51. Karen says:

    Off topic, but the msm hasn’t touched this….

  52. S O G says:

    all yer posts are brilliant prt ..
    some i can see the alcoholic haze associated with the varying parameters of speech to print storiesv..
    so it is with writing that many times the words appear on paper a little different than ehat the brain tried to dictate ..a dichotomy maybe conizant difference which is a dichotomy in itself ..truism in cognizant dissonamce
    arent we walking ezamp,es of the flesh always at war withthe mind and spirit ..
    we understand the level of spirit you exemplify and the integrity with which youfkow from ..
    ok then..
    you got some angles of perception where many in the world have no clue ..
    thats what we do here at the gracious per,ission of the iman himself ..
    not easyor safe to runa truth site today whenthe jew global shitstorm soldiers are ininexcorable loxstep and drunk and sociopathic withabsolute power ..
    what a neo does and what we would are two diametrically opposing mentalities and actions ..
    there were many intersting charachters posting on here in the past the least of which was kalki666 maniac and the polish jew HKW aka halina aka kender ,but inever could figure out what the w stood for ..
    there was the guy who welded all day and texted on his cell phone at the same time and lived in a shoe with his 10 kids ..then he claimed anothe crypto nom de guerre on here who he claimed was a friend of his …i remebercrossing swords with this dickhead and the fucker zander fuerza from zioncrimefactory …he came on here whining and i filleted his dumb ass ..
    oh lol ..remember when renses x wife came on here ..what a dum shit and a fake ass loon….even the bi polar hkw was trying to poke me ..heh heh ..
    am i to guess there are crazy people in the world …
    i go way out there and dont always correctly splice my information together syncronistically or spell right ..
    thing is we all sit and wait while the jew and niggers and jewish moslem foot soldiers gain more and more absolute power ..
    some of thisis evidenced by a growing jewish presence in all police depts and the anti white and lawless disregard by the police in shooting incidents ..
    more to the point the police can now come tp your home at 3-5 inthe morning and just not bother to identify themselves ..homeowners come to the door or a dog gets sniffy and the cops can shoot you and NOTHING AT ALL will happen to themespecially if the innocent victim is white ..cest la vie ..
    cwaps kill twice as many humans than niggers every year ..This one fucking cop in san fransyco was bragging how he stabbed a dog to death that had been just sitting laying around not even paying attn to the shitcops doinsome goddam thing or other at a residence next door ..probably raping the peopleinside ..
    the ghools partner was sickened by this senseless murder of a sweet oldoggy and turned the faggot ass cop in now he faces charges etc ..
    they kill lots of dogs every year asa sign of macho masculinity or some sadistic shit ..
    the police inamerica are not worth defending ,never were ..ive seen enoughand sohave others seenthe kack of oversite …
    if they wanna take guns away they take the cops guns and give emrubber guns ..
    i know peo
    ke been kidnapped by police incalif and held in cuffs for hours in the woods and tortured for answers ..
    i saw a giy get sent to er with serious head injuries because he said something that pissed the cop off then the other ones came and cuffed himand kicked his ass for 20 minutes then ofv to hospital and alaw suit in due course except the one cop whoalready had been parralelled out of one dept for brutality went and found sb one nite drinking beyond and behind a building or two with friends … the cop said i could kill all of you right now and so listen mother fucker please drop the law suit ..etc ..
    ive seenpeople framed fir drugposesion because they saw essef copsbeatinf
    ga cuffed guy sensless in a lot and the cops saw themand followed themcovertly and got the plate and etc came and arrested them..
    one time some copsjust started shooting at a car full of people killing a 17 year old girl ..
    the car was heading away fromthe idiot cops ..cover up etc ..or a rooky drug cop killed by his own bluebros training day style and left in a car near essef..
    the dirty cops involved all got promotions and thier own commands ,some say fajita gate cops father was one of the dirt bags ..
    one time two essef cops shit arich jew advert exec ….turns out the guy was ketting a prostitute out of his car and they wrre grumbling at each other …she left his paasenger door openand he wasbacking upina parking spot ..somestupid cop that had taken an interest rushed over and put himselfbetweeb
    n the opendoor and the crapping meter ..dumb shit …sothe exec takes off cus the pig dint id himself ..this guy guns it to get outta there and yhe 2killercoproaches open a shitstorm on him ..24 rounds later the guy is as dead as you can get with a lot of extra ventilation ..
    his wife sued ,,nothing happened to the cops at all

    kops killed a little guy once for just resisting ..140 pound punter right ..two cops each weighing in at 280 …so they sit on this guy ..reminds me of the medievel tirture called compression herpetology it is the method snakes use to render prey dead for its meal medievel tymes it served the same purpose ..blood gets trapped and diesnt circulate and bada bing bada bang badaboom …the brain cant live without oxygen ..
    etc this guy was briught to lockup dead another weekend at bernies auditioner ..
    theysayhes drunk and put himin a cage and later they discover he.s deader than a jews concsience ..
    magnify this pandemic behaviour times thousandsof cities and 50 states ..
    moral of the story ..stay away from cops ..dont even call them fir anything ..
    always request a lawyer any fuckin time they want to ask you somethingeven if its for the time or directions ..

    ueah yeah speekin of ,what happened to bailey ..its not like him to not even poke his head in here at all …he was becoming more infrequent commenting but he always resurfaced ..
    remember that piece of sushi shit akira ..a fuckin moron ..gone to the worms i suspect.
    hoffs site is on auto pilot andno sign of the man for over a year …
    whites have to figure out a clever way to assemble and become larger thanthe life they want for us ..amen .
    sometimes i push the envelope here and think i might get tossed into the spamslammer but have been lucky ..
    my advice prt is fuhgeddaboudit ,capische ..your comments are still good when they get off color ..right ..fuckit worries ..

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      A 25 year old white police officer shot and killed a nigger carjacker in trashvile only 80 miles away. 223 rounds are lethal for a mile. If you aim right and no trees in the way. That’s why I was deemed marksmanship back in my younger day. adjust for windage and eyeglasses just shut the fuck up nobody is ever going to get close enough to me where I need to adjust for windage. Not even a deer and who could possibly want to shoot a deer anyway?

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        even pilots and copilots take off their eyeglasses and axe me to fly the airpain. shut the fuck are you kidding me? I had perfectly good eyesight back in the day. General axes for a radar and a set of binoculars so he can survey the battlefield. Get down general incoming round they are trying to kill you. duck.

    • ICU says:

      NYPD has an office in Tel Aviv.
      Israeli contractors (MOSSAD) are training cops all over the place here, as well as in Syria.
      Exactly why are Israelis in Syria ?
      Preparing the way for a Rothschild owned Central Bank, maybe ?
      The very first thing the provisional gubbamint in Libya did was set up a jew owned Central Bank, after Preznit Skinny Nigger and Evil Hillary had Khaddafi killed.
      THAT is why der Ewige Jude have a hardon for Syria, Iran and North Korea; the last three that don’t have an equivalent to (((The Federal Reserve Bank)) and (((The Bank of England))).

      JUDEN RAUS !

  53. protocolsRtrue says:

    Hey General if you insist upon proving your courage by standing up and staring at the battlefield through a set of binoculars go stand over there and do it don’t stand next to me asshole.

  54. Gene says:

    They’re Saying This Cop That Was Shot And Died Was By An Illegal Immigrant Haitian

    Fort Myers Police Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller has reportedly died of his injuries. He was called to a gas station where he took gunfire. The suspect is allegedly an illegal immigrant Haitian who had been arrested many times before but ICE was never notified.
    ICE should be the main outfit to contact to at least put a detainer on these people. Another cop dead because of illegal immigration. They need to pay for more officers instead of mental health deputies!

    Florida police officer dies after being injured in shooting, police say

  55. INCOG MAN says:

    Sorry about not being around lately. Something personal happened that has kept me occupied.

  56. INCOG MAN says:

    I had a death in the family.

    I think this article covers a whole lot of history and current events for you to talk about for a bit until things get more free for me to do something here.

  57. protocolsRtrue says:

    Sign these migrants up for the Marine Corps.

  58. ICU says:

    Entertainment Division…er, Coven

    Paramount, owned by Viacom, now adhered to CBS Corporation (headed up by Les Moonves, recently #MeToo outed jew dickhead), run by National Amusements…
    ALL controlled by the demonic jew ogre name changer Sumner Redstone (Sumner Murray Rothstein)…Super Jew destroyer of cultures and nations…that’s overdue to be dead, either from advanced age… thanks to the blood of Christian babies, or by punishing action.

    ALL the above couldn’t be more jewed up…
    The filthy stinking sounder (proper term for a pack of swine) of jews has recently spawned in unclean, typical jew fashion a cinematic turd intended to run on Paramount TalmudVision…
    “Rest In Power”
    The Trayvon Martin Story

    You can’t make this shyte up.
    I can only imagine the optical and auditory HORROR.

    My pre-release review and recommendation:

    How much more of this nation wrecking crap will we tolerate ?
    Isn’t it about time that The Saxon starts hating…and swinging a sword around ?

    I’m buying a real sword this afternoon.
    It’ll accompany a short barrel 12 pumper.
    I don’t know about a Saxon helmet; that’s a bit much.

    Adolph was RIGHT !
    He made some critical mistakes; but he was right about the enemy that has beset us for over 1000 years.


    I don’t care at all about how they’re made gone; just that they’re gone.

  59. Joe Btfsplk says:

    After 15 years of study, all I know is that Oven rhymes with Coven.

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