The Violent Ugly Race That Hates White People

By Phillip Marlowe

Some people may not know of my pages WHITE VICTIMS” and MUDSHARK MADNESS” up under my masthead banner above. In these, I put together photo montages of recent White victims, gathered across the Internet (much thanks to NEW NATION NEWS). At the top are the most recent, followed below by past cases and continued on other pages.

For whatever reasons these pages get continual daily hits from all over the Internet. I’ve tracked hits back to see who’s linking to them and what kind of discussions are going on. It seems to be having an effect. Of course, a lot of liberal morons simply call me a racist for doing this. Ridiculous, since I’m only putting the shots together and giving a brief description of the crime.

The White race seems clueless on how much we’re victimized by blacks. For decades — even since the dawn of mass media simply out of White graciousness — we’ve been kept in the dark about the true nature of the black race. And that nature is: Violence, criminality and callous brutality as a daily hallmark of this race. That doesn’t mean just poor uneducated blacks in the ‘hood, mind you. Many cases I’ve read are of blacks who have made it to the good life — often thanks to White efforts at fairness and decency (Affirmative Action). Something in them snaps one day and they commit horrible crimes to anyone nearby — including us innocent Whites.

The lefty mass media has various editorial tricks they use on a daily basis in keeping us Whites snowed. Mostly, they avoid like the plague showing the mug shot of a black perp. As story illustrations, they usually resort to generic crime “stock photos” downloaded or read off of CD’s purchased from stock agencies, or bland photos taken outside the actual crime scene. Shots like police cars flashing lights and yellow crime tape across the image. I know exactly where they get these things and can easily spot the decisions they make.

I saw this just the other day on my home page and noticed it did not show the perp. A simple 10 second Internet search turned up her image (right). If a White had done it, you can bet a large mug shot would have accompanied the story — front and center. Pay attention and you, too, will pick up on the anti-White “PSYOPS” games they are playing.

In the last few years or so, they’ve been running the occasional black crime. They used to never do this, but apparently realized people like me are exposing the brainwashing scam on the Internet. They now have to mix it up a little or too many Whites will start to get wise. But what they do report is really only the barest percentage of crimes blacks commit.

Get this and get it good: Blacks have zero problem killing people — even us Whites. Liberal or conservative, doesn’t matter: They hate us. They’ve been fed a steady diet of media showing us Whites as the evil victimizers of their race — things like yearly Hollywood slavery movies and Jim Crow documentaries. Although most of this is meant to keep Whites feeling race guilt, a lot is to keep blacks on the plantation for the Democrat party.

Lefty whores really don’t care what they are doing to this country in the long run. And they quite obviously could care less about any of us Whites being murdered — sometimes even because of our skin color. The ruinous hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.

Blacks are often extremely antagonistic towards Whites, but only rarely get into trouble because of it; while Whites routinely have online accounts deleted, fired from jobs and their name trashed all over the media for saying practically anything. Blacks even laugh among themselves on how much White people are muzzled and humiliated by PC.

Have you noticed how the littlest “wrong” thing a White might say becomes big time news fodder? Like the owner of Papa John’s pizza recently saying the “N-WORD” in a conference call (which really wasn’t anything other than him saying the word in a rhetorical fashion). Well, they have to publicly attack any White who might purposefully or accidentally buck the PC muzzle keeping us silent. Then they gleefully report on how so-and-so apologized profusely and swore never to do it again.

This is also the hidden motive for so much talk about limiting free speech on the Internet. It’s an extremely tricky thing for them to do without it becoming too obvious that the target is really us Whites waking up. You can easily see how they censor out comments in stories about black crime or rioting — if they haven’t already closed the comment section to begin with.

They have to keep us Whites racially intimidated. They don’t even want us to say the wrong thing in private among ourselves. Whites have been totally programmed to call other Whites “racist” should we even broach topics like black criminality. They’ve also been programmed to retort like parrots “Whites do it, too.” Sure, Whites commit crime, no doubt, but nothing on the order of magnitude of the black race.

The disparity of black crime versus White is obvious just by reading between the lines of the local news, but occasionally real data can be seen. The above is not exactly fair, since the White numbers might also include Caucasian Hispanic (Spanish), Asians, Jews, Semites and various other what nots. It also might be statistically stepped on in other ways not readily apparent.

Every day blacks murder each other on street corners of all big and little cities all across the country. Since I didn’t see anything on black-on-White crime, I stupidly used to think they were really scared of killing Whites, but that’s not the case. They really don’t think about consequences to any degree. The media was simply hiding such cases from common knowledge. As more and more Whites find themselves living among and near blacks, more of us will become criminally victimized by the true nature of this violent race.

This race is not only violent and criminal, but now totally spoiled rotten by White people’s efforts to mollify them over the last 50 years. The are just like children — highly dangerous children. Nothing we do will ever satisfy them.

Blacks also lack any sense of empathy for their victims. I’ve noticed this in the amount of animal cruelty cases at the hands of sadistic blacks (animal cruelty runs me totally hot). Also, many black human crime victims suffer incredibly horrible deaths, things like getting burned alive and real life, hard core torture. You can also see how they think about suffering — they often brag about what horrors they inflicted on victims, because “da Whitey dun axed fo it.”

Super cute 16 year-old Christina Edkins was wildly stabbed to death out of the blue by an African immigrant on a double-decker bus in Birmingham, England in 2013. This kind of thing now happens all the time over there.

Gun control won’t help us one bit. Britain enacted draconian gun control and now all the crime-prone Third Worlders are stabbing people left and right. Every 4 minutes someone gets stabbed in the streets. They are even talking about “knife control” if you can believe it. Acid attacks are another thing non-Whites are doing over there. Imagine getting splashed in the face with a jar of sulphuric acid?

Now some people just don’t get the Jew angle to all of this. The “Chosen Ones” want to keep us European White gentiles bollixed up and sibilant while they gradually turn our lands into a powerless bastard mix of dumbed down races — much easier to control once they have their communistic NWO police state. You can easily see all this in their political writings, like with the Jewish-financed and staffed Marxist Frankfurt School in Weimar Germany — before the Fuehrer man came to power.

Hell, you can see them flooding Europe right at this very moment with Africans coming over from Libya by human smugglers headquartered in the failed state brought to you by Shabbos Goy, Hillary Clinton, and France’s Jewish PM at the time, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Oh, this is definitely the agenda of these commie backstabbers — no doubt about it.

Look at the big picture here: This whole topic is totally off limits for any open, public discussion. You won’t even hear of it on FOX news. Because of PC, they’ve got our race by the short hairs. In fact, the racial brainwashing of Whites is so complete, they’ve got many of us demonstrating out in the streets over any common sense law made to stop illegal immigration into our lands.

It’s now a race to the finish — the finish of the White race if these backstabbing creeps have their way. We simply cannot allow them to do this to our noble race.

BTW: On a personal note, I’m feeling much better after breaking 5 of my ribs in a minor accident two weeks ago. But I’m still just as pissy over what the bastards are doing to my race, as you can see. Please join with me on spreading the news.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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57 Responses to The Violent Ugly Race That Hates White People

  1. Karen says:

    Here in Canada Haitians and Nigerians are crossing over to Canada at unofficial crossings

    Here in Canada Haitians and Nigerians, among others, are crossing over from the U.S into Canada at unofficial crossings. Approximately 1,500 a month are claiming “refugee” status (refugees from the U.S?) and our government feeds them, gives them shelter and a week later a cheque. Toronto is a ‘sanctuary’ city and violent crime there is competing with Chicago, and it’s all black crime. The Chinese are using Canada to launder money, the East Indians are running drugs and gang warfare is bigger than in Capone’s days and more dangerous to innocent bystanders as unlike the Italians who kept it in the ‘family’ and respected civilians, these shitskins don’t care who gets shot.

    • ICU says:

      HANG Prince Poofter Floppy Brow !
      Do it TODAY…along with the Khazar scum that prop up the twit.

    • Luna says:

      Karen, I’m starting to see more and more of these nigger apes in my small city. You should see these tar coons at the grocery store, shopping carts just overflowing with food while some of our seniors can barely make ends meet. I can’t stand the thought of our tax dollars being wasted on these useless shitskinned niggers. They’re not even being screened at the borders! Jihad Justin and every fucking liberal that voted for him should foot the bill for those apes and the sand niggers too. Canada is going to become a third world shithole complete with sharia law if this keeps up.

    • Arctic Cirle says:

      First, the good progress is that US closed to ‘big’ trade deal with mexico to cut the beast in the South.

      Second, many ask what is the practical solution for what is going in the country becoming forcibly brownized, and exploited by the jews, where everybody has to work for some strange goals incompatible with the values of the majority of the white people. The answer to the question is short, but not simple: Start paying for everything not the (((($ jew dollars)))) but in labor-hours equivalent.

      To illustrate, we will be using our friends from NASA. Say if a very very talented scientist from NASA, has choosing to work for NASA, but not for the embitterment of the white people, let pay for his hard labors with labor-hours: if he wants a loaf of bread and a plate of sup, he must be charged some labor-hours. And that is the basis for a healthy economy of tomorrow – the Incog Economy – the economy where every one is happy. Simply because it is fair. When the scientist works for so many hours to design the space shit to the sun, or space ship, while being paid by the hours, sooner or later, the smart jew-fuck will realize that the amount of the number of space-ship-hours he wants to work on designing the space ship are way too many, and there is not enough of the bread-labor-hours for the jew. Thus, the scum bag Jew will face the “Western Pressures”: either to die, go to do real work for bread-labor-hours, or to continue working on his fucking space shit and die the fucking bithch once and for ever, fucking bithc by yourself. So we do not need to send icu to kill you. Fucking Jewsh scum with the your fuckin jewish values, and you facking jewish goals, and you fucking economic system of exploitation and lies.

  2. Red Pill says:

    “The Violent Ugly Race That Hates White People”

    THANKS JEWS, everything the black man has today he can thank the white man.
    anybody with a brain, and i include a few black people can look what happened every time the whites pulled out of an African nation., yep running thru the jungle,
    chucking spears at one another, barbecuing one another, spreading aids, Ebola,
    and any other creepy crap that uses the negro to spread death.

    i got news for you black bastards (N word ) thugs, i call you dogs, dogs that fight
    and fornicate in the streets and return to there own vomit. shit where they please.

    this is not just what i think, several old black men i have known,
    who were born just before 1900’s said that to me when i asked them.

    these DOGS hold good honest bible believing blacks hostage,
    you know the uncle tom thing.

    there will have to be a program to eliminate dogs off the streets.

    • Karen says:

      Don’t insult dogs. Dogs lead the blind, sniff out bombs, protect our homes and children, are our companions. Shame on you.

      • Karen says:

        The bible is Jew propaganda. Who’s side are you on?

      • Matt says:


        With all due respect, you’re wrong, I know and read the bible, and it has almost nothing good to say of the Jews. The Jews have had to hijack it, twist it, and brainwash the simple minded, to believe otherwise.

        Jesus spoke the truth in calling the Jews vipers, white washed grave tombs, with dead men’s bone’s inside, children of Satan.

        Had Jesus spoke like the fool zio Christian preachers on TV, bowing down and kissing Satan’s ring, he would have never been crucified.

        But Jesus, being the son of God, and honest, could only tell the truth about evil kikes, who God has promised he will destroy.

        Read the book, then come back and tell me where I’m wrong.

  3. Erik snohdin says:

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Papa John pizza guy gets fired from his own company for using the n nigger word in a diversity hire and promote niggers teleconference. That’s how we show how much we need niggers and diversity to make our pizzas better and arrive on time. Have you ever even delivered a pizza into a niggerhood? Not talking to papa john talking to the board members that fired him. It’s a life endangering occupation. OK fine fire me I’ll take my billion and go home. But they are still niggers. Na Na Na Na change the sign on the front of the building see if I give a shit. As a matter of fact I am going to take one last shit piece of nigger in my executive toilet before I leave. Just to prove I am not a racist my last order to all affiliates is that ebt cards are NOT accepted here. You wanted equality you got it.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      All I can say is Papa John’s Pizza will NEVER get any of my business because of their ridiculous reaction. (As spineless as Starbucks!)
      Maybe everyone who says “nigger” ought to take note, accordingly.
      (I suppose they don’t want OUR business, either??)

      The abundance of niggers in the world makes them hard to ignore!

  5. Nigger, Nigger, Nigger. says:

    I’ll say it, you won’t. The N word is Nigger, Nigger, Niger. You won’t say it. They have you, too. Stand up to them. You have been coward. We are on a right wing website and you can’t say Nigger. I don’t understand you. The government has my IP address, I don’t care. The effing word is NIGGER. Say it.

  6. S O G says:

    how apprpriate to hare niggers know them is to despise and loathe their very existence …every thing the crazy niggers say we are or blame us ..its them that are the bad seeds and they cannever take one ounce of responsibility for yhier own actions ever ..
    beginning to think that female niggers are worse and more violent tan the males ..
    their hatred of white peope is unprecedented racist hatred …
    they have no reason to hate sny one but themselves ..
    it is a failed race that has never been functional in america .. or wordpress or blogspot ..dont effin remember ..
    and imans picture anthologies of white victims …blacks are really that stupid and dangerous .
    its time to wake and smell the jew and niggers and for gods sake what the fuck are murderous muslims doing in america or rather wtf are they doing out of their own gutteral skavish 3rd world nations …
    fuck all these turds and racial reprobates

    • ICU says:

      S O G, believe me…the nigger females ARE worse than the scummy Killer Ape nigger males.
      I believe that the goddam things are sufficiently intelligent, despite their sub-human stupidity, to…after looking into a mirror…compare themselves to even regular, normal looking White females. Comparing themselves to the most beautiful, well formed White females drives them totally out of their tiny monkey minds, precipitating savagery and violence on anything living or inanimate that comes into their dead doll eye field of vision.
      The nigger male is simple minded, concerned only with satisfaction of base urges; hunger, muh-dik, loose shoes, gobbling wif dey lips fried chicken an waddymelon, being in out of the rain and harsh weather, a warm place to crap, some more muh-dik, the random bashing/knifing/shooting of other life forms/stealing hoopties, ass sex while in prison…stuff like that.
      The nigger female is much worse, truly evil incarnate…a big fat, horribly ugly, demonic scourge and planetary infestation from Chimp Hell that should be wiped out YESTERDAY.
      I used to be pissed off at nigger males running up on White human females until it dawned on me that all they’d have otherwise for their muh-dik activities…apart from other nigger male buttholes…would be the spectacularly horrid nigger female.
      It’s no wonder that so many jigaboo males are homosexual.
      Just take a look at Barack Hussein Obongo/Dunham/Soetoro/Marshal-Davis/Whatever and the horror beast that cokehead faggot has for a fronter.
      The very thought of carnal knowledge of Big Mikey Robinson-Obama makes me puke like a vulture.
      Also, the four grossly obese BLAK sistahs that busted up that Appleby’s waitress in nigger infested Georgia should be gunned down immediately upon apprehension, with Elephant guns…at least a .416 Rigby, or .50 BMG.
      That would be nice.

  7. Fox Hendrix says:

    Way too bad for White Folk to be restrained by the laws of Our land to just load up and shoot the living life out of the non white trash and scum that inhabit Our land. If It Ain’t White It Ain’t Right! And for whites stupid enough to be liberals, get a clue…you aren’t White!

  8. tex says:

    excellent article,100% true,my town has been saturated with blacks from katrina,25000 were sent to houston tx,they have trickled into the nearby towns including mine,weve had house burnings,home invasions,murders,robberies etc,they move in…crime goes off the ive experienced the monster called deversity,i worked in a corner store and really got to see what my town had become..blacks love corner stores,i had never seen as many blacks in my part of town since ive lived here [17 years] Ive bought a gun and have a dog,installed cameras,put better locks on my doors,installed motion detecter lights outside,bought the wife a stungun and a mace incog man you hit the target with this wakeup call to fellow whites

    • Whitepride says:

      Good for you for protecting you and your wife! Yes, I lived in nigger gone wild Oakland, CA and I saw them destroy property! Apes will never be civilized or educated! It is a shame that these niggers have done so much awful stuff and the stupid whites kiss their ass! Eff that!!! Proud to be white!!! Stay safe!!!

    • tex says:

      250.000 im a product of public school

  9. ICU says:

    Need to blow a nigger into Chimp Hell ?
    Consider this tip if you’re fortunate enough that you can Shoot and Scoot, instead of having to hang around for a Police Colonoscopy.
    1) Pack a revolver instead of a semi-auto
    Semi-Autos throw spent cases all over the place. In an adrenaline soaked, high speed situation, you may not retain presence of mind enough to pick them all up or want to spend the time to do it.
    The Tactical Principle: Leave nothing at the scene, Take nothing from the scene.
    Deny The Badge People and The Legalistic Defenders of Niggers ANYTHING to work with.

    If you HAVE TO deal with the cops, you have my complete sympathies. That’s a topic for another posting. Don’t have the gun in your hands when they show up. Tell them ONLY that you were in fear for your life and that YOU WANT THE SERVICES OF AN ATTORNEY.
    Then, SHUT UP !
    SAY NOTHING ELSE at the scene or back at the station.
    SHUT UP !

    OK, back to Tool Time.
    Revolvers are available in small, punchy models like J-Frame S&W in 38 SPEC or 357 MAG…which also fires 38 SPEC, if 357 proves to be too hot to handle. Inside of 20 feet or across a room, 38 SPEC with the right bullet WILL Do The Job. imho, a 357 Snubbie is a bit much; it’s not for hunting deer or hogs.
    Another benefit of “wheel guns” is Second Strike, something very few semis offer.
    Drop the hammer on a Dud ?
    Pull the trigger again for the next cartridge to go BOOM.
    Nice, Right ?
    Carry at least one reload. The rubber speed strips are flat in your pocket, as opposed to the cylindrical style which are bulkier.

    OK, Boys and Girls…
    remember when you’re out there in our nigger, jew, Cuck, Commie and Muzzy smeared failed republic; don’t forget to keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart…and don’t forget to practice Instinctive Triangulated Shooting drills to enable effective Double Taps into Center Mass…even though you really would like to put two right in to a rampaging nigger’s excuse for a face.

    There will not be a quiz.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      ICU –

      You’re right about the wheel-guns, but concealability can be an issue – as can ease of carrying. For that reason, I always put on latex gloves to load magazines. That way, if I have to shoot an attacker somewhere along the way, I won’t worry about fingerprints on the spent brass. My Glock 19 is light, concealable, and easy-to-action; not to mention RELIABLE.

      • ICU says:

        Print free cartridges in a G-19…EXCELLENT !
        I know that tune.
        Another Golden Oldie Blast from The Past is a S&W M38 Airweight loaded up with Wadcutters or hot HPs…
        somewhat slimmer and smaller than the G-19.
        Either way is correct.
        I happen to have an itch for a G-43…just because.
        I’m also contemplating a .224 Valkyrie, in a bolt gun of all things, for long range Eggplant and Yarmulke hunting at 1000 yds. plus.
        What’s slowing me down on that last one is that the Vortex, Burris or ATN appropriate for it will cost more than the rifle.
        Are the Arabs still buying nigger slaves ?
        We seem to have an oversupply.
        Maybe they can be shipped out of Baltimore.

  10. Tom says:

    See how the jew is playing us.

  11. cole nidre says:

    applicable to zhedies and their stooges: “but that which brings forth
    thorns and briars is reprobate and very near unto a curse, whose
    evil is to be burnt.” hebrews 6:8

  12. Burn'EmAllDown says:

    Stinking ethnics & faggot trash are nothing more than TOOLS of the globalist Jew, same way scumbag career politicians, robed sodomite judges & badge-sportin’ greaseballs are nothing more than TOOLS who suck dirty Jewish cock.

    Nobama was the globalist Jew’s dream TOOL, pushing more divisive legislation and causing more societal conflict than ANY filthy Jew-owned p.o.s. president in history… which is sayin’ something, since so many treasonous & traitorous scumbags have held that ZOG office.

    It’s a safe bet that the stinking globalist Jew and his minions will keep pushing the NWO agenda, which means that they must first break down America as we once knew it… hence they’ll keep using the same tactics to continue their assault on what is now a mongrel empire.

    Expect more of the same: steady Jew propaganda (media bullshit) which promotes hatred against white conservative Americans, steady and carefully-crafted “headlines” and web articles featuring dirty spicks, niggers, ragheads, bugeaters, white trash ho’s and Epic Fagtard Darwin Failures…

    The stinking Jew knows this propaganda will keep the country roiling in chaos, while his ZOG puppets can keep undermining Trump and attacking conservative Americans with traditional values… and it’s not just the Jew-owned media pushing this seditious crap, it’s the leftist schools & universities infiltrated and run by more Jew TOOLS.

    Truth be told, I quit watching TV and modern movies, it’s all Jew propaganda designed to bring down the white man, and those conservative white women who’ve been strong enough to see through the dirty Jew bullshit. The constant bombardment of filthy Jew propaganda gets OLD, don’tcha know?

    The dirty globalist Jew knows that if he can destroy America as we once knew it, the NWO will become a reality, and the Jew banksters will reign supreme… all others serving as slaves to these Jewish scum of the earth. Not just once-patriotic Americans either, but also every TOOL used by the dirty Jew.

    Ethnics & faggot trash, liberals & progressives alike will slurp on Jew peter, once they realize they’ve been duped and played like the fucking morons that they are… stupid is as stupid does, I reckon. Hell, they’re slurpin’ on Jew peter right now, the ignorant & traitorous scum o’ the earth.



    • Karen says:

      Henry Makow?!?!?! hahahahaha

      • Matt says:


        I have to agree with you about Makow, he waters down who the real problem is.

        Worse then him is Gilad Atzmon, I wouldn’t give you a plug nickle for his worthless Jew’s opinion, about we’re all equal and bigotry.

        God created an order, and cursed the black man to be the lowest of slaves. The we’re all equal crap is one of the worst lies to come from Satan and his children the Jews. It’s created unending chaos, that will never cease, and only get worse until we return to God’s order.

        Atzmon, speaks and spreads lies, like all Jews do.

        Islam is almost the same disease as Judaism.

        God has decreed and written much about the Jews destruction, the sooner the better.

      • Chuck U. Farley says:

        I agree with you Karen regarding Henry Makow. I believe he is controlled oppostion. The amazing thing is he accuses others of being controlled opposition (talk about chutzpah) and of course some people he mentions is fact; i.e., Alex Jones who by the way has a yid pecker in every orifice of his body. In my educated opinion, Makow will defend the tribe especially the holocaust. Very few yids will come out openly speak against the tribe. Show me one who as done this.

        These people are evil to their very core. People hand me this shit about all yids not being like their leadership; bullshit!! This is the spin that Makow tries to tout. Every yid I’ve met has some personality, emotional or mental defect about them. They possess a holier than thou attitude toward anyone not in agreement with them.

    • Karen says:

      White conservatives are tools, as brainwashed and imbecilic as lefties.

  13. Gene says:

    Negroes Are The Overwhelming Majority Committing Gun Violence – Take All Guns From Negroes

    If you take guns from the whole population it would be unfair. Take them from the overwhelming majority committing gun violence – Negroes.

    Poll after poll, survey after survey show the vast majority of gun violence is committed by blacks who shoot White people, shoot each other, shoot people just for fun. Take their tools of violence away from the apes and see how emboldened they are then, but as for gun control, do not punish the law abiding citizens who are desperately defending themselves against Negro violence!

    The government is trying to ignore the genocide, president cuddling up to Isra-hell as usual but it is only fair and the least the government can do to protect Whites and others from this mad race of violent apes!

    Negroes don’t amount to a damn crap! Useless eaters who shoot people at random. Thinking of going out for a walk? You may be the random victim of some stupid Negro with a gun who laughs as you die!

    • ICU says:

      Since BLAX are proven, by modern genetic and anthropological evidence, to be another species; ergo, the things are not Human.
      They’re primates, but far from Human…and prove that every day.
      Depriving BLAX of Constitutional protections, like The Second Amendment, would be like depriving farm or zoo animals of Constitutional protections.
      The Three Fifths Compromise of 1787 was WAY too generous, even though it gave slaveholders legislative weight.
      BLAX should have been counted as livestock or farm equipment.
      If they were, and that never changed…until they ALL were sent back to Oogah Boogah Land…(thanks a pantload, Booth)…we wouldn’t have the problems that beset us today.
      Any resident jews that wanted to start bringing the things in would be beaten senseless; which is what should happen to the jews in Europe responsible for the current Mudslide.
      You wouldn’t want Chimps or Baboons swinging AKs around, would you ?
      Neither do you want BLAX having the freedom to do the same thing.
      Once Hard Science overcomes Touchy Feely Kumbaya Bullshit, THEN the BLAX will be taxonomically classified as to what they are, and are not…and the dirty savage scum will be banned the possession of arms…A Good Thing.

      • Gene says:

        Lincoln Was For Segregation, Spoke of Differences

        Lincoln knew the White and Black races should not dwell together. He was a total despot, throwing reporters into prison, suspending habeas corpus, but he was right on this.

        Here’s how he addressed the free black delegation: “You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”

        This is the Abraham Lincoln they didn’t tell you about in school.

        Did Lincoln Want to Ship Black People Back to Africa?

      • Daniel says:

        Niggers are described as ” BEASTS OF THE FIELDS ” Biblically by the Lord eternal. or goggle negroes beasts of the fields. Thats the ” KING JAMES ORIGINAL UNCUT VERSION. Newer bibles eliminate the word beast or beasts of the fields and insert livestock or animal. Its jew trickery…..niggers are ” BEASTS OF THE FIELDS ” different from the beasts of the earth ( actual wild untamed large animals } The two God uses distinct meanings and is used diffrently in describing things.

  14. jim says:

    Hello sir
    I have created an acronym many years ago and have posted it and memes here and there First of all I consider myself a realist more than a racist.
    Realistic Awareness Considering Immutable Truths

  15. jim says:

    Oops I had a typo
    Realistic Awareness Considering Immutable Statistical Truths

    • Steamed McQueen says:

      Good one, Jim. However the following can also be used:

      R eally
      A nnoying
      C ommunist
      I nspired
      S ilencing
      T actic

  16. S O G says:

    some good info on fuckin obama at danfromsquirellhill blog regarding title which can also be searched for ….” 1001 lies of obama ”
    litterrally all of his lies …
    i havent read em all but im not sure if the horizonfail is inthere ..
    or his funding of isis and arming ..and sending american troops sf to train jids to attack syria along with jew idf scum ..
    unprecedented treason …
    worst lying murdering homo mother fuckr of record …
    alsosearch for
    ….newsfollowup obamabodycount …. it comes up as similar to the search entry …
    one thing trump cant seem to get up to is ordering americans out of syria …this is serious jew treason here …
    also have a look at the sinking of the estonia with early 1000 people on board ..
    jewish callous entitled arrogance here again like the callous attack on americas uss liberty ..
    can we say concord naval station ,port chicago and nuke used there …claimed racist shit cus of vaporized niggers but almost half of the ghost victims were white …
    jew hell bomb ..fdr would not give permission to use it so they the jews poisoned him like they did so many russian czars …cus truman was put in and was oro a bomb cuck ..
    over 130 manhattan project scientists wrote a letter of protest telling truman not to use the bomb ….history tells us of jewish bloodthirsty agendas ..ussr desth of 70millions in the gulags and prisons …bolsheviks killed 2.5 million women children and priests in spain during the rebel anti fascist crypto jew commie sedition ..
    never mind ww1 and postwar blockades and ww2 ….those are very long stories ..
    see also .truly unheard of shit along with
    there are many more sites like this ..
    one mote off topic thought was about julius stryker …how he was executed by the jews for his magazine ..was it the the hmmm ..he never was in the nazi party or performed any military duty..he wrote of jewish blood libel …my memory may be wrong but it might have been the sturmer
    what about this foul stinking nigger bitch spitting in white peoples food .i was poisoned once by a filthy mex cook ecoli ..wasnt pretty ..revenge is a dishm best served later on ..
    mexicans and niggers will play with your food at restaurants …good motive for owners to hire only white ..
    also the injustucefile ..good site

  17. Gene says:


    Housing Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Children at Goodfellow AFB Could Strain Water Supply

    This article at the link, is just one example of why immigration into the U.S. should stop and is not the answer to the world’s problems. The water supply in west Texas is already strained due to drought conditions and more bodies consuming water is not what west Texas needs. People need water to bathe themselves, flush toilets with, water to drink, wash dishes with, and it will take millions of gallons out of the water supply just to house these immigrants.

    Cramming more people into the U.S. is not the answer to the world’s problems. There are also other factors do deal with like immigrant drunk drivers who kill people on a regular basis, so the judicial court system and the whole infrastructure of America is impacted from all these bodies which are stupidly piling into the U.S., just so the criminal Democrats can build their voting base.

    The American dream is not for everyone, not for the whole world to pile into the U.S. and try to live. The legislators in Congress are the meanest dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks bastards that God ever let live – just keep piling bodies into here while they ignore the needs of the people that are already here.

    In San Angelo, Texas council members will vote to enter Drought Level One indicating there is only 24 months or less of water supply on hand. Water rates have soared in San Angelo recently and are likely to go even higher as the immigrants at Goodfellow drive the shortage. Immigration will eventually hit you right in the pocket-book. Now you see why they are making people drink poop-water, water that has been recycled into so-called drinking water. The immigrants have over-strained water supplies. Yes sir, you’re going to pay dearly for those immigrants and all that wonderful diversification, especially when they become trained and put you out of a job!

    When you go to the emergency room with a bleeder you may find immigrants sprawled out all over the floor and as you step over them bleeding to death I wonder if the damage will sink in. These people should not be here, period! Freeze all immigration and begin deportations!

    Like I said, GREEDY CONGRESS IS DUMB-AS-A-BOX-OF-ROCKS! They don’t have anything for real Americans!

    Rapidly Declining Lake Levels Trigger Drought Level One

    Found at:

  18. Karen says:

    A lot of dumb comments. Hopefully they’re hasbarats, as I’d hate to conclude that their are Whites out there that are as stupid as SJW’s.

  19. jayhackworth says:

    Putin is the leader of the moral world.

  20. Gene says:

    Negro Who Shot 3 Cops In Kansas City A Suspect In Murder Of Student

    The Negro (use the term Negro because it denotes something common, nothing special at all) who shot 3 cops was suspected in the death of a college graduate student from India who wanted to live the American Dream. They’re showing more photos of the suspect creeps now, ya notice?

    Man who shot 3 cops in Kansas City, linked to murder of college student, is identified

    The suspect had reportedly engaged in four shootouts within a couple of hours and lost this one. He’s dead. The shooting of the college graduate student was apparently a botched robbery. Come to America and get shot by a Negro while you’re buying chicken and food.

    Like I said, law enforcement seems to be getting tired of Negro gun violence and they really followed it up this time with lots of bullets. Ya can’t outshoot em all!

  21. Barney says:

    Niggers are not Human, but something between a gorilla (appearance) and a chimpanzee (behaviour). It’s possible to tell the “race” (=species) of a thousand-year-old skeleton, something that couldn’t happen if the “races” were all the same, as zog insists.

    We never had acid attacks in Britain prior to the mud flood. This is a specifically African crime, now happening all over what was once MY country (and will be again once we get rid of the devil jew).

    Guns were never common here, and then we, the indigenous population, were completely disarmed following a couple of false-flag shootings orchestrated by zog.

    In this otherwise gun-free shithole country, niggers have guns. Where do they get them if not from zog?

    Henry Makow is a jew, and a jew can never be trusted 100%, but he does publish a lot of truth on his site, even while believing in the holy hoax and, as people on here have said, “watering down” some of his truth, but I’m inclined to believe the following extract from this link.

    Upon arrival in UK or Europe, large numbers of these Muslim migrants go missing. This is never reported on any media platform. They are not absconding to join a family. Excellent accommodation has been made available for them by local authorities. They go missing to join up with a covert military force in secret locations in readiness for the appropriate call-up.

    Within a few years, those missing migrants will reappear as part of an armed terror squad on a massive scale all with the involvement, knowledge, and connivance of the British intelligence/security services.

    Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood UK civil war will happen.

    It’s worth reading the entire article if time permits.

    Are moslems secretly jews wearing a different mask? It certainly seems like it.

  22. S O G says:

    you make a real good point barney ..
    here in the usa the filthy polemic zio bolsh communist jew senaturds and congressroaches continue to hammer hammer hammer away at our rights to own firearms …
    seems niggers have and endless supply of guns and are the most prevalent abusers of firearms ..
    we got niggers and muslimniggers and arab muslims coming here and seems like they have training bases in the usa ..
    as usual the jew is behind all this sinister sedition and terrorism ..
    some new legislation coming is removing single mothers and older military vet retirees from their gun rights ..
    it seems thats all these traitors do in wash DC 24/7 is figure out how toeliminate the rights we have which are referred to in the constitution ..
    i think some kind of ad hoc multi cultural special op group under homoland security will use yhe jewish police state like they did in russia and elswheres to kill off 10’s of millions of americans and they are committed to using a wide array of different nationalities to implement a anti white genocide here …
    its why they want the guns because if they tried using theses ragged ass commie foit soldiers against armed americans they wouldnt stand a chance …it would be mass chaos and their side would incur and suffer major lossess from their own friendly fire and ee instinctively already know who the enemies are ..they are all very high profile cut outs ..
    top center mass in the burkhas any sge or sex ..
    in britain and norway and the like muslim scum as young ss 15 and female are stabbing white indigenous cutizens ..
    rediculous ..the jew and the moral cowaerds must really be in control for a country not toinvoke a round up and exterminate order of all moslems ..all …

  23. Barney says:

    This is NOT a question, so please don’t answer it. Everything we say anywhere on the internet is monitored by zog, and the less those bastards know, the better.

    I don’t know whether it’s possible to avoid gun registration in the US, but if guns are registered, it means zog knows about them. Perhaps a “friendly” (watch your back!) local nigger might have something useful to sell if you throw in a bucket of KFC and a watermelon or two. Better still, if potentially more dangerous, find an unknown nigger as far as possible from your home territory.

    Don’t kill the nigger yet. You don’t want to be caught by zog’s enforcers before you’ve had a chance to hide your unregistered firearm (and plenty of ammunition).

    If you can get something without having to register it (meaning without asking zog’s permission), it needs to be hidden. Even air guns, BB guns, anything not requiring registration, should be hidden because the enforcers will take everything they find.

    Some guns can be hidden in the house, behind panelling or inside upholstered furniture for example. Others should be hidden away from the house, even if it’s just in the back garden.

    Do some gardening, especially deep digging where you’re not overlooked. A rifle with a wooden butt, suitably oiled or greased (I don’t know what’s best, never having owned a gun) can be hidden in a sealed plastic pipe and buried with the barrel pointing down (less likelihood of it being picked up by a metal detector).

    Tread it down well and mark it’s location with a flowering plant, perhaps the only red flower among blues and yellows, or at least remember which plant it’s under.

    Bodies have been buried with trees planted on top to reduce the risk of detection, but you won’t want trees or deep-rooted plants above your stash. A cactus would be a good deterrent though, if cacti can grow in your climate.

    Use these ideas or come up with your own. What matters is to still have the means to defend yourself after the gun grab. Do it now, before the SWAT teams arrive unannounced to disarm everyone in the middle of the night.

    Some people, when zog comes for their guns, will give them the bullets (hot and fast), but in the early stages that would just be suicide. It’s better to stay alive and do some good with those hidden weapons.

    • Red Pill says:

      ”Some people, when zog comes for their guns, will give them the bullets (hot and fast), but in the early stages that would just be suicide. It’s better to stay alive and do some good with those hidden weapons.”

      i don’t fear death, so when they come to my door i can give them much more
      than they bargain for, and every one should do this. do you want to die for nothing? or something that counts, like your family, your neighbors, your community, and your country.


      • Barney says:

        Good point, Red Pill. I don’t fear death either because there is no death.

        My thinking though is that a full-frontal attack on zog’s heavily-armed and kevlar-covered enforcers will achieve little more than the death of you and your family, whereas if they take the guns they know about, perhaps they won’t be expecting trouble when you meet them again.

        Tactics. Strategy. White ingenuity. That’s what’s going to defeat the devil.

        The most effective weaponry available to “the people” (us) is hardly more than a peashooter compared to what the enemy has available, so we need to take them by surprise rather than go up against superior numbers and weaponry.

        I suppose that’s a bit hypocritical coming from me, an old cripple trapped in the gun-free (apart from jews and niggers) jewnited queerdom, the sewer that was once England (and will be again), but we’re all on zog’s hit list, so we need to share ideas while we still can, and if I can be of service to my brethren across the pond in some way, my life won’t have been entirely wasted.

  24. Daniel says:

    According to the ” WAR SCROLLS ” ( Lost, later found additional books of the bible ) which the jews hid ( because they fight with evil and on the side of beastality/niggers ) there is A COMING BATTLE (S) with and between the Son’s of Light vs the sons of darkness. SON’S OF LIGHT ARE VICTORIOUS!!!!!

    White Anglo-Saxton Christian’s= SONS OF LIGHT
    Niggers/sand niggers/most non-whites/queers/jeers/judasim= sons of Darkness

  25. Barney says:

    I think this story from the Bugger Boys’ Club (BBC) demonstrates what incredibly high IQs the niggers have in Ghana. Their IQ score must be approaching 50 in some cases.

    Oh, perhaps not 50. 25 perhaps.

  26. Billy Badass says:

    Jews are now more open than ever in the quest to ruin the white race.. Adverts in my area are showing massive amounts of lost white males now courting and dating negresses. I personally think that sex with a greased goat would be better… I think the arabs got that part right… Remember a long time ago when whites had some balls and a tv show showing teenagers dancing was ordered to get the cameras off white girls dancing with immature apes. Now mudsharks are peddling their asses to the monkeys because it is now, due to jew programming, to be the in thing… White boys are out of the loop. Cant wait for THE day when hunting these jew bastards down and give them their just comeuppence!
    AH had it right… most white people STILL dont understand what AH knew…

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Many people do not understand the gravity of the situation. Here they live in the rose glasses never take it off even in the dark shitter. Here they do not need to work, everything will be done for them. And that little by little molests. But they do not care about being molested, they only care to perpetuate their lavish existence. To make a round in the police cars to see if a poor white worker is on strike to protest insufficient pay rate.

      But the reality is getting caught with the fat cats. When they sometimes are rudely interrupted, by a whity, knocking out the hommos glasses, they see that sooner or later the fucking jews by using niggers will get to them. And with jews in the power every whity will be working and paid with the Jewish space ship labor hours, not with the bread-labor-hours. Everybody will be endlessly working the Rich Capitalistic Jewish Scum.

      Buy now you wish you know what to do, what is the solution? Well, the solution is here, right upfront of you.

      Open up you sleepy eyes and read what the dangerous black terroristic niggers mongrels and jews which for the white: “Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, rasist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves White Bitch”.

      This is the typical thinking of the jewish sand nigger, and this is your answer what you need to do!

  27. Arctic Circle says:

    I agree with the Director Brenan, that Make America Great Again will come with a cost. Momentarily it will become worse before it will become better. Much better. Only for a short moment it will become worse for the black terrorists, jewish financial deviance trickery, and hateful niggers.

    And in America and everywhere else it will become better, and White People from around the globe will finally be breath freely and define what does it mean “US” and “WE”!

    Thank you to the Director Brenan for emphasizing that for the first time in decades white people from around the world got a white President to represent us in the White House. And, yes, Director Brenan, it will spill over into the streets everywhere in world. Thank you for helping me to formulate the issue.

    Now as you realized that for so many years being in the position of power, you, instead serving and mediating the will of the white people you we holding them back, you were sabotaging their wishes to liberate themselves from the Jewish Cabballa, and Niggers violence, you were protecting the Rich&Wealthy club to perpetuate their wellbeing not the wellbeing of the poor white people around the world.

    Please, if you feel like, understand that suicide is not necessary but a completely reasonable solution under the circumstances. Now you cannot lie to yourself, and obviously see what poor white people need, and how much they need it.

    There is no need for the Director Brennan to go on the Jew TV and accuse the President Trump of anything. If something go wrong we will note it, and will be making necessary correction without the help of those who were protecting the very enemy of the white people – Wealthy, Rich, Sand-Jewish-Niggers, and capitalists for such a long time against the will of the people.

    This sure will spill over into the streets, unless the Jewdeo-Niggerian Slavery is stopped Legislatively.

    Brennan accuses Trump of dividing US: ‘This could spill over into the streets

  28. Arctic Circle says:

    I am wondering, Director, if you enjoy the pain? If you do then, please, take a time to read a written pain of many white people.

    you make a real good point barney ..
    here in the usa the filthy polemic zio bolsh communist jew senaturds and congressroaches continue to hammer hammer hammer away at our rights to own firearms …
    seems niggers have and endless supply of guns and are the most prevalent abusers of firearms ..
    we got niggers and muslimniggers and arab muslims coming here and seems like they have training bases in the usa ..
    as usual the jew is behind all this sinister sedition and terrorism ..
    some new legislation coming is removing single mothers and older military vet retirees from their gun rights ..
    it seems thats all these traitors do in wash DC 24/7 is figure out how toeliminate the rights we have which are referred to in the constitution ..
    i think some kind of ad hoc multi cultural special op group under homoland security will use yhe jewish police state like they did in russia and elswheres to kill off 10’s of millions of americans and they are committed to using a wide array of different nationalities to implement a anti white genocide here …
    its why they want the guns because if they tried using theses ragged ass commie foit soldiers against armed americans they wouldnt stand a chance …it would be mass chaos and their side would incur and suffer major lossess from their own friendly fire and ee instinctively already know who the enemies are ..they are all very high profile cut outs ..
    top center mass in the burkhas any sge or sex ..
    in britain and norway and the like muslim scum as young ss 15 and female are stabbing white indigenous cutizens ..
    ridiculous ..the jew and the moral cowards must really be in control for a country not toinvoke a round up and exterminate order of all muslims ..all …

    And lastly ask yourself a question who are those muslims. They are jews. Muslims and Jews are two brothers of exact the same race of haters of humanity.

    If you are border and do not know what do with your self, then get the group of patriots and kill all the enemies of the United States.

  29. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    Oh really show me the white students but than again since they are
    white they would have gotten it on their own merit I doubt the black
    school teachers need to cheat for the white kids considering they
    can actually succeed by themselves.funny you don’t even show
    these so called white kids or the names of them.?

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