Dead Lard-Ass Heather Heyer Now Big SJW Hero

This is just so ridiculous.

I can’t believe all the BS out of the media in the last week over the so-called big anniversary of Charlottesville. It’s all ginned-up crap to push more liberal, multicult brainwashing down White people’s throats.

First off, Heather Heyer wasn’t even touched by the car. She died of a massive heart attack. Plain and simple. She was an overweight SJW (social justice warrior) nutcase walking all over the town in the vain hopes of meeting up with some Nazis she could scream at (they had all left by then). She smoked Newports, for crying out loud. It was hot that day. When that car came through, she fell over on her fat face and had a heart attack right then and there. There’s a street interview with her mother who said it was a heart attack.

America is being totally brainwashed by the left. The media is behind all of it. Even FOX news doesn’t tell you the full story.*

James Fields, the guy who drove the Challenger, may have been scared out of his wits. Some ANTIFA guy along with his bros, is said to have approached his car not long before with AR-15s. I can believe it. You think for one second the media is going to track him down for a street interview? That’s only for us White “haters.” I saw a hit piece on FRONTLINE (PBS) where they did a huge attack on us Whites there that day. They’ve completely now turned us into the big evil baddies — even though we were there simply standing up for our race’s rights and our heritage!

The media lies all the time. Have for decades. Often, they simply let people think the way they want them to think. Sometimes they do little tricky things, like in this case they are said to have speeded up the video to make it look like Fields was going like a bat out of hell. They have definitely been brainwashing White people!

This ANTIFA guy, Dwayne Dixon, brags about scaring off James Fields, the driver of the Challenger, right before the incident shown on TV over and over. “Spike’s lower” refers to the manufacturer of his rifle’s receiver (nice touch with the OD green Magpul parts and red dot sight). Don’t expect any of the media to do an ambush-style interview of this skinny little bastard, nor see him suffer problems with his job (he’s a professor at a college). They only want you to think us pro-Whites are violent gun nuts!

Idiot liberals like the one who did this art, have sucked down the lefty media narrative hook, line and sinker. They seem clueless to the Jew brainwashing.†

I noticed on that FRONTLINE hit piece they said nothing about that pro-White guy at Charlottesville, Andrew Dodson, who committed suicide because he was doxxed by a Jew newspaperman and lost his job. Funny how they know exactly the stories NOT to say anything about. They don’t want the casual White person to get it, now do they?

I believe I saw James Fields at the Robert E. Lee park. I think I was standing right behind him. There was all these Whites dressed ready for battle. Helmets, plywood shields, bullet-proof vests, you name it. They were dressed like that because they knew they would be attacked by the leftist ANTIFA. And boy, that’s exactly what happened!

I wasn’t dressed for it, simply because I had no friggin’ idea of what was in store. I literally was clueless on how bad it is with leftist violence. They were the ones attacking us. We were there to simply express solidarity with Robert E. Lee (a truly decent, heroic American, regardless of sides). This slavery and Nazi holocaust crap never seems to end, now does it?

Oh, guess what? The ALT-Right people were mostly unarmed. The armed ones they show you over and over on TV were the “THREE-PERCENTERS;” who are a “constitutionalist,” pro-gun group and usually too chicken-sh*t to say anything about blacks or Jews. Alt-Right organizers didn’t even let them join the demonstration in Lee park for fear of gun issues. I only saw one pro-White chick (a real hottie, I noted) and maybe one guy with AR’s in the park. I also saw another guy with a flintlock rifle, if you can believe it. Unknown if he had a black powder charge and ball inside.

You can tell who the THREE-PERCENTERS are since they love dressing in matching Multicam camo. Lefty ANTIFA love the hodge-podge commie street fighter look, or maybe the all black punk rocker ensemble.

On the way back home from Charlottesville, I kept thinking about all my friends and family who had zero idea about this kind of thing going on. They only thing they know is what the stinking lying media is telling us. Whites who have the courage to stand up to these rats are now being portrayed as evil, violent skinheads — even if we’re just regular joes like myself. Hell, pro-Trump people are now being portrayed as Nazis, too.

If you’re a White person coming here for the first time, you had better wake the flock up. We got ourselves a Mao Zedong-type Cultural Revolution crap being foisted on America by the stinking, Nation-Wrecking Commie Jews. No doubt about it. These Jew rats are definitely going to be the death of America — if we let them.

— Phillip Marlowe

*I would not at all be surprised if well-funded leftist organizations paid to bus leftys from all over into places like DC this past weekend. I believe Jews like Soros and the Lewis family (Progressive Insurance) money is involved. Funny, how news operations like FOX don’t do any big exposés about any of it. What we got going on is a serious Jew effort to keep Whites screwed up in America.

†“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention” is an ancient activist phrase from an unknown someone long ago, found on Heather’s FB page. She did NOT come up with it. These days, it’s really a message best suited to any casual, middle-of-the-road, White person, then some idiot lefty. Think it out!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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76 Responses to Dead Lard-Ass Heather Heyer Now Big SJW Hero

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    you can stop with the copy and paste of mein kampf. it gets you nowhere exept in jail where it was written. fucking internet incogman is my battlefield now. and waking up and still breathing.

  2. Arctic Circle says:

    Since long time ago people are trying to understand what are the roots of this illogical hate of white people and why do jews hate white people so much??


    Why do jews hate white people so much?

    Envy. We trigger their inferiority complex.

    Why do jewish professors continually advocate for racial genocide against whites?

    More envy. Jews are a mixed breed, so they try to make us one as well.

    Why are jews so obsessed with altering each and every aspect of Western Society?

    They believe Western Society is fundamentally anti-Jewish, so that is must be destroyed from the inside. It is also based on revenge because from the Hellenistic times until fairly recently they’ve been our subjects.

    Why are jews so obsessed with diversity amongst whites, but not amongst any other races, especially their own?

    Diversity is an attempt to de-legitimize race. If race doesn’t exist, then you can’t really point the finger at the Jew and so you remove anti-semitism. They can’t swallow their own poison or they will breed themselves out as well which is why they promote ethno-nationalism for their own.

    Why are jewish groups acceptable, and why are white groups racist?

    They’ve worked as a cohesive group for over a century to make this the political reality because it suits them.

    Why doesnt israel follow the same rules about diversity in israel? Why are they deporting their Africans?

    Why is jewish America so obsessed with diversifying the nation? There is no such action in israel to promote diversity is there?

    Why do jewish groups continually strive for open borders, and zero border protection on America’s southern border? Are these same rules applied to israel, if not why?

    This is the same question asked three times and was already answered above.

    Why is every white celebrity attacked for racism within jewish media, whilst the others are left alone?

    To send a message to whites that they cannot gang up on the Jews.

    Why do jews hate America so much is another good question. jews have supported every single anti-America movement in America since the 1960’s, why?

    Depends on what you mean by America. Traditional / white America is anti-Jewish. Modern Marxist America is pro-Jewish.

    Why do you think jews hate whites so bitterly?

    Envy and wanting revenge.

    ThirdEye asked this question long time ago, but we republish it as a courtesy, refreshment, and a reminder for those who forgot it.

  3. Arctic Circle says:

    Here in Australia we used to have an effective regulatory policy: “ The white Australia policy”. Although it was enforced for the short period of time from 1901 -1973, that anti nigges law helped to bare non Europeans from emigrating.

    Jews being the sand niggers themselves, are frequent quest in Australia because here are a lot of sand. The Jewish Sindicate recognized that law as a good example for every country in the world, but as a threat for the jews themselves. So the internal and external Jewish pressure on the Departments. British and pale northern European preferred, we only grudgingly started accepting those swarthy, southern Europeans after WWII).

    There is a legal precedent, which is a part of the common law.

  4. S O G says:

    aymin …feel the burn ..growin tired by exponential quantum microseconds of the fat controllers ..
    heather with a gstring ..sure it twernt a incontinance xxx tra large diaper..
    this dead bitch could feed a fambly o nignigs in nigeria for a year ..
    the usa is communist jew controlled so it makes perfect sense that the kikes have an army o niggers jewish commie youths and moslem psycos aimed at us and that they want us completely defenseless in violation of all that the second amendment espouses ..
    the jews are anti constitutuionslists first and fore most …always assimilating and usurping nations and their cultures ….we see how they do it ..
    yeah PRT the whole gavrillo princip deal ..him being a jew in aprotectorate …not a serb as they claimed but a member of the young bosnians like young turks of turkish armenian genocide types ..
    they should have just gone into the protectorate and exterminated every last jew and communist and sympathisers and acolytes secondery and tertiary …
    the ww1 was not needed …the jews planned the whole goddamned ting ..
    russia lost 5 million loyal scarist csarist troops in 6 monthes …some migt think that was the plan to weaken russias defenses against menshevik takeover …then the bolsheviks placed comrade lenin of bolshevik infamy into top place and the rest is jewish infamy perfidy satanic genocides …where are the reparations for all the dead murdered armenians russians spanish ,palestinians ,iraqis etc …etc….etc..etc…
    as long as the shlemiel media keeps sucking and pandering to elite jewish supremicist perverts our airwaves willbe all snafu fubar and some ..
    ww1 was the war that everyone saidwhat happened here ,why ,why ,why , ,jews is why for a dozen reasons …cocksukkers..

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