Dead Lard-Ass Heather Heyer Now Big SJW Hero

This is just so ridiculous.

I can’t believe all the BS out of the media in the last week over the so-called big anniversary of Charlottesville. It’s all ginned-up crap to push more liberal, multicult brainwashing down White people’s throats.

First off, Heather Heyer wasn’t even touched by the car. She died of a massive heart attack. Plain and simple. She was an overweight SJW (social justice warrior) nutcase walking all over the town in the vain hopes of meeting up with some Nazis she could scream at (they had all left by then). She smoked Newports, for crying out loud. It was hot that day. When that car came through, she fell over on her fat face and had a heart attack right then and there. There’s a street interview with her mother who said it was a heart attack.

America is being totally brainwashed by the left. The media is behind all of it. Even FOX news doesn’t tell you the full story.*

James Fields, the guy who drove the Challenger, may have been scared out of his wits. Some ANTIFA guy along with his bros, is said to have approached his car not long before with AR-15s. I can believe it. You think for one second the media is going to track him down for a street interview? That’s only for us White “haters.” I saw a hit piece on FRONTLINE (PBS) where they did a huge attack on us Whites there that day. They’ve completely now turned us into the big evil baddies — even though we were there simply standing up for our race’s rights and our heritage!

The media lies all the time. Have for decades. Often, they simply let people think the way they want them to think. Sometimes they do little tricky things, like in this case they are said to have speeded up the video to make it look like Fields was going like a bat out of hell. They have definitely been brainwashing White people!

This ANTIFA guy, Dwayne Dixon, brags about scaring off James Fields, the driver of the Challenger, right before the incident shown on TV over and over. “Spike’s lower” refers to the manufacturer of his rifle’s receiver (nice touch with the OD green Magpul parts and red dot sight). Don’t expect any of the media to do an ambush-style interview of this skinny little bastard, nor see him suffer problems with his job (he’s a professor at a college). They only want you to think us pro-Whites are violent gun nuts!

Idiot liberals like the one who did this art, have sucked down the lefty media narrative hook, line and sinker. They seem clueless to the Jew brainwashing.†

I noticed on that FRONTLINE hit piece they said nothing about that pro-White guy at Charlottesville, Andrew Dodson, who committed suicide because he was doxxed by a Jew newspaperman and lost his job. Funny how they know exactly the stories NOT to say anything about. They don’t want the casual White person to get it, now do they?

I believe I saw James Fields at the Robert E. Lee park. I think I was standing right behind him. There was all these Whites dressed ready for battle. Helmets, plywood shields, bullet-proof vests, you name it. They were dressed like that because they knew they would be attacked by the leftist ANTIFA. And boy, that’s exactly what happened!

I wasn’t dressed for it, simply because I had no friggin’ idea of what was in store. I literally was clueless on how bad it is with leftist violence. They were the ones attacking us. We were there to simply express solidarity with Robert E. Lee (a truly decent, heroic American, regardless of sides). This slavery and Nazi holocaust crap never seems to end, now does it?

Oh, guess what? The ALT-Right people were mostly unarmed. The armed ones they show you over and over on TV were the “THREE-PERCENTERS;” who are a “constitutionalist,” pro-gun group and usually too chicken-sh*t to say anything about blacks or Jews. Alt-Right organizers didn’t even let them join the demonstration in Lee park for fear of gun issues. I only saw one pro-White chick (a real hottie, I noted) and maybe one guy with AR’s in the park. I also saw another guy with a flintlock rifle, if you can believe it. Unknown if he had a black powder charge and ball inside.

You can tell who the THREE-PERCENTERS are since they love dressing in matching Multicam camo. Lefty ANTIFA love the hodge-podge commie street fighter look, or maybe the all black punk rocker ensemble.

On the way back home from Charlottesville, I kept thinking about all my friends and family who had zero idea about this kind of thing going on. They only thing they know is what the stinking lying media is telling us. Whites who have the courage to stand up to these rats are now being portrayed as evil, violent skinheads — even if we’re just regular joes like myself. Hell, pro-Trump people are now being portrayed as Nazis, too.

If you’re a White person coming here for the first time, you had better wake the flock up. We got ourselves a Mao Zedong-type Cultural Revolution crap being foisted on America by the stinking, Nation-Wrecking Commie Jews. No doubt about it. These Jew rats are definitely going to be the death of America — if we let them.

— Phillip Marlowe

*I would not at all be surprised if well-funded leftist organizations paid to bus leftys from all over into places like DC this past weekend. I believe Jews like Soros and the Lewis family (Progressive Insurance) money is involved. Funny, how news operations like FOX don’t do any big exposés about any of it. What we got going on is a serious Jew effort to keep Whites screwed up in America.

†“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention” is an ancient activist phrase from an unknown someone long ago, found on Heather’s FB page. She did NOT come up with it. These days, it’s really a message best suited to any casual, middle-of-the-road, White person, then some idiot lefty. Think it out!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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76 Responses to Dead Lard-Ass Heather Heyer Now Big SJW Hero

  1. Karen says:

    Also ridiculous….in Fredericton, N.B., Canada a guy shot two white neighbours and two white police officers. The Canadian media is spinning it…”according to an ‘unknown source’ he was an ‘islamophobe’. Likely he was blind drunk or high on drugs, had a falling out with the neighbours and lost it, when the cops came he had nothing more to lose. But the media is spinning this case of a fuck-up losing it into a right or ‘alt-right’ thing.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Like I said before. I could have reved up my engine on my Good Lord and Henry Ford staion wagon stand off with a bull dyke and a bullfighter and rammed that bitch with every warp speed I got and the fat bitch would win. The insurance company says yes we covered that ramming a fat bitch blocking your way at an antifa protest in my way yeah can I mount her head on my wall too? never mind. The fat bitch fucked up my car though. I need to be rich just get me one of those armored caddillacs with bullet proof windows and machine guns and shit. Better yet a tank.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Ever notice how those lazy, fat, worthless pedestrians are suddenly worth a million dollars when an accident occurs?? The Law firms of Jew, Jew, Jew, & Jew see to it!!

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Fucking ramming speed scotty! Captain we have no ramming speed. OK run away speed! No I can go back to the cold war days and my military days in sand nigger country back driving these nuclear missie silo officers around they gave us some defensive driving training even back then. If you run I mean come across any college kid protesters no nukes shit just run those mfers over with your 5 mile per gallon suburban and shoot to kill but never stop. JUst don’t stop these people are too important. Example B the archduke and wife Sophia go to visit Serbia fucks where the black hand jews are waiting to assinate him. The fuckers throw grenades and shit so the driver backs up and goes down the wrong street? Then he stops and backs up because he thinks he is lost. Fucking left wing antifa fuck named Gabriel princip standing on that corner was like ok I will just kill them. Started jew war 1 killed millions and destroyed a whole lot of human civilization and progress. Back to my point defensive driving just don’t stop run them mfers over I guarded nuclear missile officers and generals now I drive a Good Lord and Mister Ford Focus station wagon. I couldn’t run over a fat bitch like that even if I tried. You must not be that important or a lieutenant. Reminds me now of the movie mash where they stole the fucking jeep and the colonel told radar to change the serial numbers on that jeep. That’s why we have deuce and a halves and tanks and machine guns and shit.

  4. Gene says:

    If you see more than one name posting from my IP please let me know. I’m not posting using more than my one name. Thanks.

  5. Chuck U. Farley says:

    I would have no problem or after regret in punching that fat lard ass in the mouth. Period!

  6. werewolf says:

    Great article. The Antifa commie scum were bused in en masse armed with all sorts of deadly weapons including a homemade flame thrower and AR-15s, and upon arrival they immediately attacked what had been a totally peaceful protest against the destruction of our heritage and history, namely the removal of civil war statues by the leftist and black Charlottesville city council.

  7. Danielle says:

    i found it laughable to see the mentioning of the big “one year anniversary” of this psyop hoax. also, very disgusting to note the lard ass’s pants were off as she lay on that stretcher, splayed out in all of her clogged-artery glory, with NO PANTS ON?? and is she wearing a thong? Oh I’ve seen too much. I have never hated these rat-faced f***ers as much as I do these days, and growing by the hour. God help us white people, please? We truly don’t deserve this – we really are good people by nature & deserve so much better – every bone in my body tells me things are not supposed to be this way and it has to stop, time is getting short & too many of us are suffering and the consequences will linger forever.

  8. Danielle says:

    smoking them newports, eh? she was probably a mud-whale. i would normally say mudshark, but hey, if the shoe fits, right?

  9. Red Pill says:

    you don’t need dope when stupid will do.
    as in fat and stupid.

  10. Banjo_Billy says:

    Both Dwayne Dixon and his butt-buddy on his left in your photo, are Jews. These Commie scum are advancing the program of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols are true as proven in my discovery that Nathan Rothschild dictated the Protocols before 1840!

    “Nathan_Rothschild_Authors_the_Protocols_of_Zion” free download at:

    If you believe the lying Jews who claim the Protocols are a forgery, this booklet will open your eyes. Gun control was a major goal of the Jews by 1840 and the photo of that Dwayne Dixon creep shows that only the Jews will be allowed to have guns if those swine ever get what they want — just like in Bolshevik Russia where the Jews murdered all the gun-owners and enslaved the Russians while only the Jews and Communists had the guns.

    All Jews are Devils.

    • Luke2236 says:

      The link given is great – thanx – and much truth exposed. HOWEVER, ironically, the author of that tome has fallen for the biggest jewish lie ever! i.e. that the jews are Biblical Israelites / Hebrews. They are NOT, and admit it among themselves – see the jewish encyclopedia 1981 [ i believe] in a section called ‘A Question of Identity’.
      [[[they]]] know they are NOT the Israelite people of the Bible and are NO kin to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or even Adam. Once one understands WHO these people, and the literal, physical descendants, of them are – hint…its you and I, not [[[them]]] – then not only does the Bible – both ‘old’ and ‘new’ testaments – begin to make perfect sense, but it gives you a tremendous understanding of current events.
      Remember, when a jew mentions the ‘pentetuch’ or the ‘torah’ , they are NOT speaking of the first five books of our Bible, nor any portion thereof; they are speaking of THEIR book, the talmud. When understood accurately, and applied to the correct people[s], the OT scriptures the author references make perfect sense and can [and should] be applied to US, not [[[them]]].Yet more deception from the jew…
      As is the notion that Old Testament scripture is somehow ‘copied’ from pagan writings ; that BS is the same tactic the jew used in claiming the protocols were a ‘forgery’! ALL Scripture is inspired and is useful for instruction, just as the Word says. But ya gotta know WHO it is written to, and about, to understand the message!

      • Tantor says:

        Bottom line: Jehovah is SATAN.

        You can go on all you want about Jews and Khazars not being Israelites. But it’s meaningless gibberish. The father of the Israelites has always been the devil. Ever since Abram was overcome by a great Darkness.

        The New Testament says there is no darkness in the heavenly Father.

        The Old Testament is the writing of Satan.

        Jesus himself stated that the father of the Jews is the Devil.

      • Red Pill says:

        Jehovah, (the storm god) is the god of the midianites
        Tantor, you don’t know shit about anything.
        where did you learn that?

  11. Barney says:

    Another false-flag “terrapin terrorist attack” today in Londonistan. Funny, I thought false flags usually happened on Fridays for maximum coverage over the weekend.

    Btw, still having to use TOR to get here.

  12. luke2236 says:

    no biggie, but that Dodge appears to be a Challenger – not a Charger. Lets make that clear not only for accuracy but because ‘Charger’ sounds more aggressive. An attorney once advised the importance of names; he gave the example of home defence – said if you had a Colt pistol and shot the intruder, it would ‘sound’ worse to a jury. “Ladies and gentleman of the jury, the defendant lashed out with his King Cobra! striking the hapless victim and poisoning him with its venom’ or some such other emotional / literary tripe. If one had a Ruger GP100 for example, it sounds much more generic/harmless. Words are important.

    But you make excellent points here ; this whole thing is just a psy-op, that whale wasnt hit by the car, and its all a jew do. Besides, the owner of the car was being attacked – he was just trying to get out of there. But he was white, so he was guilty…

  13. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Luke –

    What you say brings to mind the defendant particulars of someone charged with homicide or malicious wounding (after shooting an attacker,e.g.). The cops investigate what type of ammo (hollow-point, or solid jacket), and the weight of the trigger-pull. If you have a “light” trigger (3-4lb. pull), or use hollow-point ammo, “malicious” and “malice aforethought” is more easily argued by the prosecution. Try to use full-jacket bullets with a 5-lb. pull, and that crap won’t be argued as easily.
    Once, a crazed nigger came at me with an aluminum bat, threatening to “knock off yo’ fuckin’ head. I quickly pulled my Glock 19, and shot him on the knee with a full-jacket bullet. It stopped him. I was acquitted of any wrong-doing.

    • ICU says:

      Were you arrested and charged with Anti-Nigger, Hunting Out Of Season, Harsh Behavior and Failure To Kiss BLAK Ass ?
      Were there court proceedings ?
      Was the prosecutor an ambulatory pile of crap ?
      DETAILS !!!!!!!

      • Gilbert Huntly says:

        No, I was not arrested, but my pistol was taken until my “show cause” hearing four weeks later. First thing my lawyer asked was if the pistol was modified in any way – or was the ammo a hydra-shock load meant to do massive tissue damage. He cited several cases which highlighted those details in the affirmative, and the prosecution had successfully used it in manslaughter and homicide charges. My pistol was not modified, and the ammo was hard-ball 9mm. Nonetheless, it did the job with a well-placed shot!
        (Had I been carrying a 44 magnum loaded with hollow points, they might have considered me “looking for trouble”, and tried to make a case against me, according to my lawyer.
        Believe me, the little 9mm will change an assailant’s attitude with a well-placed shot! Even a big nigger’s!

  14. Barney says:

    Here’s something I’ve had bookmarked for a few years now. It’s worth sharing imho.

    You’ll find quite a few hours of reading from someone who knows the jew as well as many IncogLanders, even (perhaps) as well as Hoff the Great.

    I wonder what happened to Hoff. Any webmasters reading this need to arrange for some trusted person to inform people if/when anything happens to keep them off the internet.

    Did you get that, IncogMan? Banjo Billy? NTS? Andrew Anglin? Others?

    Always make sure there’s someone who can let people know what’s happened any time you’re unable to tell us yourself.

  15. Arctic Circle says:

    As we work tirelessly together here at, we continue to forge a first-place America where we ALL win.

    But can somebody clearly define WE?

    She is cute Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Vice Chairwoman of America First Action.

    I am tying to understand how to channel the message here through the America First Action, which is the primary super PAC dedicated to electing federal candidates who support the agenda of the Trump-Pence administration.

    They are committed to creating a better America:

  16. Lori says:

    As far as BS Media. I read one article that there have been dozens of children missing in Iowa over a two week period. I am pretty sure the website I was on was called Global Truth. I then go grab my dinner and sit down in the family room to eat it and the television was on. Our local news station does a story stating there is one child missing in Iowa. I would say that is some serious disinformation.

  17. Arctic Circle says:

    Demagogy is defined as a political activity or practices that seek support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.

    We are here trying to make a rational argument, but those among white people, rich and powerful, they do not hear us, blinded by the Jewish Demagogy, promising them wealth and riches.

    For some deeply embedded genetic reasons ALL types of niggers, including sand niggers such as jews and arabs, are very despiteful. Whatever niggers see you doing they will do either something opposite, or when the existing controls prevent them to do so, they adhere to sabotage it.

    The subversive sand niggers – jews, made on particular form of sabotage legal and attractive to niggers – voting and organizing. This way whatever is an agenda of a White Person, the despiteful nigger will vote against it, and therefore successfully annulling it.

    In the past people had two options to sort it out, neither one of them any longer available. Thus we came to the full stop (a holt): there is nowhere to go from here.

    First, in the past, if white people would want advance their political agenda, they would just make it known to the representatives. But now, after the jews weaponized niggers to vote down any white political initiatives, it the same if thy take out your normal ammo and put in blanks.

    Second option to bring about you message across would be to start a party or a war. But, now a days, with the surveillance is not needing any optical lenses and on the nano and lesser levels, they will detect your are dreaming a war in an instance, and immediately send a big-fat-nigger-police with a long stick manufactured in Israeli, to pacify you ones and forever.

    Is it fair? I do not believe it is fair to do to anyone, even to us poor white people. I strongly believe that we have a right to have no niggers and jews around, and it is not much to ask. Not at all, because everyone knows that the niggers are violent and can kill with the bear hands.

    Finally, the niggers are so inexplicably despiteful, that I never call them stupid, because they will do despite and go to school and learn. You do not want it to happen to you – an educated nigger is incomparably worse then a simple nigger. So I say stay from niggers!

    But it is not possible to stay from nigger and jews because the fucking nigggers and jews are everywhere. Why? Only because the wealthy and powerful do not discriminate, they are for inclusion and they include all the fucking rich scum from around the world Rich Friends Circle – so called elite. where is sob…

    As the result we poor white people have to spend our crisscross riff-ruff lives in the shithole zoo surrounded by the excreta niggers, jews, homos, arabs, only because the wealthy do not discriminate to admit in their private wealthy circles the colored scum from Israel, China, Saudi, Africa diamond mines, and even Latin coco coffee and shit.

    Me, I goof a lot, I goof so fucking much that sometimes the anger goes away.

    The incogman land has become a reality, but the fucking Judeo-Nigerian never-ending nightmare!

  18. Iris says:

    Evil antifa masked bike lock attacked Eric Clanton get off with just a misdemeanor, no jail time , just probation, for his brutal attack of a conservative who did nothing to provoke the attack. We live in trouble times now with no end to the madness in sight

  19. Barney says:

    After the obvious false-flag in Londonistan yesterday, (((they))) are now describing the nigger as a “British national from Sudan”. WTF??? Every monkey nowadays is referred to as “British”.

    The “attack” almost certainly didn’t happen. There are too many inconsistencies, including the claim that the story, complete with photographs, was published in the jewspapers twelve minutes after it supposedly happened. That wouldn’t even be possible. You can’t suddenly switch the front page in just a few minutes when the presses must have been running all night to print all the usual crap propaganda.

    This story must have been set up at least a day in advance, either in an open-air studio or concealed by road closures while the photographs were faked (or just Photoshopped perhaps?).

    It’s FAKE, but we should use these false-flags against their creators while knowing the truth and (((which group of liars))) is the real enemy.

    Yes, I believe every word. The Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour, the Gulf of Tonkin was real, Moslems attacked America on 9-11, Bataclan and Charlie Hebdo were as described, so were the London bombings of 7/7/2005, all those school shootings and every terrapin terrorist attack that’s ever been reported.

    (For our US brethren, a terrapin is what we English call a freshwater turtle.)

    We know (((the devil’s vermin))) are behind every one of these “attacks”, real or imagined, but the message behind most of them is that we should “hate foreigners”. Ok. I’ve got no problem with that as long as I’m still allowed to hate jews even more.

    We know these terrapin attacks are never as described by the (((perpetrators))), even when the victims are real, but we can turn the propaganda back on it’s creators by pretending to believe it, by repeating every LIE we’re told as if it’s actually true.

    If we’re told moslems are attacking us, we can make the propaganda our own by pretending it’s true. That way the jews are giving us the ammunition we need to rid our countries of the invaders.

  20. S O G says:

    that fucking fat greeezy hogg was thumped by her own chicken shit followers…
    fucking communist scumbags .lessee here how many people die every year because they dont have firesrms to protect many actually stave off violent criminals by presenting arms in the face of an attack on their person or family ..
    how many people have died from communist jew armed zealots in the last 100 years..
    russias dead 80 millions ,turkish armenians 5 million dead,spanish citizens during the jewish rebel uprising of 1936 thereabouts ,2.5 milion women children and priests ..
    the genocide of germany dressed up as a war in ww1and 2..
    in china the jewish chinese mau ste tongue killed hundreds of millions …by any other name its still jewish terrorist communism ..
    heather hogg became the bouncing betty when her pathetic communist antifa faggots were jumping out o the way of the car lol ,and they saw a soft landing by jumping on this cow ..
    would love to have seen a mud wrestling match between this whore and opra orca winfree..throw in a little wesson oil for good measure …
    orca could have wrestled the hogg to an earlier heart attack ..
    i think she was given a dose of heart stopper before the communist agression day on the sly as a plan to sacrifice this unkosher hogg to thevferal feculent gods of communism ..
    they should have slaughterd to cunt to feed a imminigrent fambly of 14 …
    she really was like the tackled footballs player on the bottom of the pile …
    350 pounds of tubscalub jiggling ominously fat and toxic corrosive beast waste sweating out of her corroded pores ..
    they should have dressed her up as a mack truck or a buffalo and had her do a run at a police car or two ..a big ring in her nose n all …
    fat bitch…her only friend was ho ho’s and wham whams and dildos on the end of jack hammers …tsk tsk ..may her carcass rest in piss …
    all communists should be hunted down …you want change do they ..
    shitbag commies of amerika are supporting and sponsoring 42 zio bots in 20 major states to help speed along gun confiscation in america ..
    the communists sponsor all the crisis actor school shoots and the real ones right under americans noses just to prove how fangerous a gun can be …they will do anything ,even have sex with heather to eliminate guns …
    they callin us crazy then lets really get there is after all a real war going on here conducted by some pretty clever sociopath psyco jews …
    so the reason the bitch died was from being crushed by people who jumped out o the way ont her …i dunno which was more dangerous ,her or the car ..

  21. Barney says:

    We know (((jews))) are insane, but now it seems Mark Zuckerberg has finally gone completely round the twist, threatening to shut everyone down who doesn’t kiss his foul jew arse (ass).

    The day of the rope is coming.

  22. Morris Deeds says:

    @ England’s finest, Barney
    Barney says:
    August 13, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    Anyone who thinks “Christian zionism” is a valid religion needs to read this book (free .pdf). It’s attributed to Helen Peters, but my understanding is that she was merely promoting the book on behalf of the anonymous author. That doesn’t matter though. What’s important is the message.

    Zionism and Judaism are cults just like Waco, Mormons, Jehovah, Jim Jones,
    etc, even the Kwathlic Church now has been taken over by Satanic Talmudic
    NWO Illuminati Jews, and their Christian puppets, which Henry Ford, called “worse
    than their Zionist Masters, they’ll cut each others throats, to please them.”

    Catholic church in Pennsylvania spent decades covering up for hundreds of pedophile priests, panel finds; several named had New York ties:

    Jesus was “Hebrew or Judean,” not Jewish, see Benjamin Freedman, on the
    word “Jew,” that’s it’s a relatively MODERN TERM, and did not exist in
    antiquity! Same thing with the Star of David: Wrathchild Patriarch, Myer
    Wrathchild, introduced the occult devil Star of demon Molloch into modern
    occult Judaism in the 1700s!

    Yet, they’ll show Charlton Heston as Ben Hurr: knocking on his antiquity
    Hebrew home, in Jesus’s time, Jerusalem, with Star of David on the house,
    same with Yule Brenner, in the movie about Solomon, he starred in, when
    thy fuckin thing wouldn’t exist for another 1800 years!

    That’s how their Zionist run Hollywood and Media like BBC brainwash
    western sheep!

  23. Morris Deeds says:

    Controlled Virtual Reality by Algorithms stop the “Liberal Hate Speech Now!” By Sartre

    “The Laser Mini Liberal Me” to shut up Heir Goyim”

    The backlash against the high tech mob is so obvious that no sane person can deny that their version of acceptable thinking requires banning Free Speech. The genie is out of the lamp and the only way to prevent these demons from repeating their censorship is to cork the bottle of any product offered by these companies.
    Utopia for the authoritarian collectivists necessitates that they conjure up twisted and absurd content targets as hate speech in a desperate attempt to rationalize the purging of counter opinions to their orthodox “PC” Communist Manifesto.

    In essence, the “so called” left has become the model of fascism by and under Silicon Valley’s techno plutocrats. Merging Fabian ideals with state/corporatist absolutism produces a deformed corporeality by algorithms in an artificial intelligence society.
    Algorithms function as filters to identify dangerous voices of reason and common sense. Eradicating any kind of dissent or historic cultural viewpoints is automated in the digital cloud of approved thinking.
    The canard that the masters of artificial truth are private companies and are not subject to Bill of Right protections is an insult to anyone who is committed to the building of a free society. Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have emerged as monopolies that restrict speech and excel at censorship.
    Several years ago Jane Wakefield’s article in the BCC When algorithms control the worldcited the following.
    “In his book, The Filter Bubble, Eli Pariser questions how far Google’s data-crunching algorithm go in harvesting our personal data and shaping the web we see accordingly.
    Meanwhile, a recent study by psychologists at Columbia University found that reliance on search engines for answers is actually changing the way humans think.”

    More below @ the URL:

  24. Arctic Circle says:

    There was an article on the fucking, about two day ago. I cannot find it out.

    It stated that a white person was sentenced for murder of black thug who nucked him down for merely disciplining the vicious ape’s black she-boon for parking in the spot for disabled.

    The black thug so that his she-boon is begin disciplined by the White Boy, came to him and nucked him down. The White Boy got his gun and shot the ape.

    A criminal Florida Judge sentenced the White Boy for shooting the ape, without taking it into consideration that the apes can kill with the bare hands.

    I believe this is not right. The powerful rich force us to coexist with dangerous monkeys. Moreover they force us Eat Shit. Eating shit means that they force us to tolerate the jewish and niggers misbehavior and do nothing, that what does eating shit means.

    • ICU says:

      WHOA, there…
      The Clearwater, FL shooter of the attacking Killer Ape wasn’t “sentenced”; he was, by a Kisser of BLAK Ass, Cuck Boi prosecutor, arrested and charged with Manslaughter, over the decision of The Sheriff to NOT arrest and charge.
      (((Big Media))), especially Ass Press, is spinning this story like a dreidel.
      The Killer Ape was “unarmed’, and was backing up after immediately pushing the human to the ground…ALL BeeEss.
      Killer Apes use their fists, feet and teeth…ergo, well armed; AND the Mook bastid was assuming a fighting stance, NOT “backing up”.
      Nobody mentions the Backup Killer Ape that was right behind po’ widdle Markeis, that was going to participate in Da Beatdown of Whitey…until Whitey gave L’il Markeis the gun, causing Killer Ape #2 to exit quickly from the scene.
      The trial will be a clown show; just like the trial of Zimmerman for zappping young Killer Ape Trayvon.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Fucking niggers. Even yesterday I go to the liquer store to buy beer and they have a whole area striped off as a fire lane and for delivery trucks only so working men truck drivers can deliver more beer. Sure enough some nigger parked his caddilac hooptie across the no parking zone. THen I go in and buy some cold beer with real fake jew federalmeansjewish reserve notes and come out and another nigger bitch is parked in the handicapped parking space. Can you not even respect a disabled veteran trying to buy some whiskey nigger bitches? Yeah I seen that video the giant nigger shoves down a 65 year old man to the ground so he pulls out his 38 and shoots the nigger ape animal. This is the feel good story of the week.

  25. Arctic Circle says:

    Periodically here attention turned into retrospective. Where it often stated that the whole 70 years long experience of the Communism was instigated by jews. And this resulted in many people killed, fucked up by the commeys / bolshevics / pinkies / reds / etc.

    But hardly ever, anyone, discusses the fact, that after the collapse of soviet union the same fucking Jews became billionaires and perverted the ideology to become even worse. The millions good white russian people died because the rich Jews destroyed the soviet union. And turn russia into a fuck jail where everyone forks for a fuckin nothing for a bunch of chimeras – the mix of a criminal mob, jew, KGB, and and Government (yeltcin putin).

    People decided to go and join the most developed capitalist counry in the world – the Unieted States of America!. And what we find?

    The same fucking, but the capitalistic scum jews, they are now fucking good white American people here, in America. We came to America to enjoy the life not to look at the fucking niggers, subversive jews, and fucking perverts.

    I am asking myself, what the fuck?

    Can somebody explain it to me?

  26. Arctic Circle says:

    The communism’s and capitalism’s gods are the same – the fucking unkosher jewsh hoggs, and money. Jews are the feculent gods of communism and capitalism, destroying and undermining, corrupting, killing, and slowly depraving us.

    The Jews are on the both sides of the barricade, the Jews are every where.

    I believe that if they are not stopped they going to do something even worth. Even if they just sit there and tightening the oxygen then the people will die.

  27. cole nidre says:

    if there was a modern day “america” trying to free itself from
    jewmerican British control, you can be sure it would be attacked
    by a “coalition” of the usual suspects as a “terrorist invention.”

    thus the funereal remains of the 1776 version.

  28. Arctic Circle says:

    Even though a recent study by psychologists at Columbia University found that reliance on search engines for answers is actually changing the way humans think, the most important part of our thought process is still intact: from generation to generation Jews are recognized as a threat to humanity, but the society can not do anything about it. Because the different blood suckers embedded themselves so deeply, almost on the genetic code level.

    There are indications that Jews are a virus. If so then it comes from one the bioengineering companies owned by Jews.

    Only God, not even fbi, knows what jews are doing in thier sercret labs. Here is the list of a few such companies.

    Aptus Endosystems
    Biomedical engineering
    Atricure is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Surgical and Medical Instruments and Apparatus, Biomedical engineering
    CardioKinetix is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Biomedical engineering

    Cryovascular is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Biomedical engineering
    Devax is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Biomedical engineering
    Epicor Medical is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Epicor Medical
    High-intensity focused ultrasound, Biomedical engineering
    Heartport Inc. is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Heartport Inc.
    Biomedical engineering
    Intuity Medical is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Intuity Medical
    Biomedical engineering
    Sanarus Medical is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Sanarus Medical
    Biomedical engineering
    SentreHEART is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Biomedical engineering
    Sequent Medical is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Sequent Medical
    Biomedical engineering
    St. Francis Medical Technologi… is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    St. Francis Medical Technologies
    Biomedical engineering
    Synarc is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Biomedical engineering
    Talima Therapeutics is listed (or ranked) 14 on the list List of Biomedical Engineering Companies
    Talima Therapeutics
    Biomedical engineering

  29. J.R. says:

    not trying to make the rules or anything, but good to see incog’s posts aligning more with Anglin’s take on the hypocrisy of fat female SJW and stupid feminists in general, as this is good for true white nationalism, decent women, and a return to God’s order of things…

    the head of the woman is the man…

    the wicked have “collops of fat on their flanks” and run against decent standards…. not a good look for the fat Christians in Texas, backing the antichristian state of israel today…

    The Church Wants You FAT!… ..

  30. cole nidre says:

    who would have thought in 1776 that america would be turned
    into a mossad terrorist hit team.

    thus the legacy of evil, or ashes, according to the jew who wrote
    a 1000 page book about post jew- war 2 spying (on jew York times
    “bestseller” list for over a year) but made not one mention of the
    worst per-capita spies in the world – his people.

  31. Barney says:

    It’s always seemed to me that ugliness, whether real or perceived, is Nature’s warning. The typical jew is obscenely ugly. To a White Person, excess fat is ugly. The mentally subnormal are often ugly, and usually look “different” enough to indicate that something isn’t right. Queers intentionally make themselves repulsive to Normal People. The typical nigger is ugly, though I personally don’t feel the same way about the facially-similar gorilla. Fat niggerine (female nigger) arses (asses) are just obscene.

    There are seemingly-“normal” faces that I literally can’t look at, mainly politicians and some actors. I have to look away. In most (possibly all) cases, these turn out to be jews.

    Blair, Cameron, May, Judy Sheindlin alias “judge jewdy”, Robert Rinder (queer jew “judge” Rinder), the girl in the Colgate whitening toothpaste advert (Zoe Zakovski?) and others. I just can’t stand to look at them. Nature’s telling me to keep away.

    It works in reverse too. I’ve heard idiots on the radio saying men shouldn’t necessarily choose the most attractive available woman because her less attractive friend may well be a nicer person. That argument seems to make sense on the surface, if only because a lot of beautiful woman know men want them, and that can make them opinionated, arrogant and contemptuous (and presumably the same applies when women are choosing men).

    We know all that though, and instinctively reject such people, choosing someone who’s not merely beautiful on the outside, but a beautiful person as well. We can trust our instincts, and the result is that the person we find the most attractive is normally the best potential life partner for us as individuals because we’ve already subconsciously carried out a full evaluation without even realising it.

    If it’s ugly, avoid it. If you find someone attractive, you’re probably compatible, so make your move.

  32. jayhackworth says:

    Whites in the US and elsewhere – instead of turning on jew media tonight , turn on your future.

  33. Barney says:

    Something interesting on Henry Makow’s site (yes, I know, he’s a jew, but his information is usually good).

  34. Tom says:

    Is this the New-jew- world order?

  35. Barney says:

    More censorship? For those who don’t know, Common Law is the law of the Land, the real law, and it applies on both sides of the Atlantic. This is the Natural Law that politicians don’t have any authority to change, so they pass “legislation”, which is the law of the sea, and hope we won’t notice.

    Lawful and Legal are two entirely different things. I wouldn’t fancy trying to explain that to a cop who’s just pulled me over for speeding though. 🙁

    (Explanation. Driving at any speed is Lawful as long as nobody gets hurt.)

    Common Law (“Lawful”) is the true law of the land, and can be summed up as “if there’s no victim, there’s no crime”. Legislation (“Legal”) isn’t valid on land, which is why the court system tries to pretend we as individuals are ships! (Look into it, and you’ll find that isn’t as far-fetched as it seems).

    The flag in the courtroom has a gold fringe, indicating that they’re attempting to try the case under Maritime Law (legislation). The state has NO legitimate (=Common Law) courts.

    As a related subject, Common Law sites show how we can Lawfully cancel many outstanding “debts”, including bank loans, mortgages and credit card debt, as well as other unlawful charges made against us.

    This bloke’s a tranny, but I’ve always found “Veronica” Chapman’s information to be good, and now all I get is a “509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” message. That doesn’t seem likely considering the simplicity of the site, so I suspect it’s been taken down by zog. I’ll include the URL here though, in case it comes back. Pity I didn’t get the IP while it was available.

    Chris Spivey (pronounced spy-vee) mirrors of lot of “Veronica’s” stuff here.


    I’ll put the next three links in a separate post to avoid getting stuck in Spamblinka.

  36. Barney says:

    More “Freeman” or “Common Law” sites.




    I’ve given IP addresses in case they get censored at the DNS level rather than taken down entirely.


    Even TOR is having trouble getting to IncogLand now.

  37. Barney says:

    Oops! Just had a look at the “strawman” and “exodus” sites and they aren’t “Freeman” (=Common Law) sites at all. The others are valid though.

  38. Gene says:

    Murderer of Sister of Serena Williams Somehow Drew A Volutary Manslaughter Instead of Murder

    Robert Edward Maxfield convicted of killing the sister of Serena Williams, tennis star, released from prison after 12 years. He drew a voluntary manslaughter charge for the murder in a drive by shooting. Why isn’t a drive by shooting a murder?! Will someone please tell me how this Negro got a voluntary manslaughter out of it?! It’s plain and simple murder! I am beginning to hate this country of fools.
    Until people are held accountable for murder as murder this country will only suffer more violence. Foolish juries who believe it was an accident. What were the bullets intended to do?

    And if a White person had done this……. the media and people would have strung him up by sundown.

    Man Who Killed Half-Sister of Venus and Serena Williams Released from Prison

  39. Barney says:

    Another niggerine made good. Aretha Franklin died today of pancreatic cancer, aged 76.

  40. J.R. says:

    the jews who were morally of their father the devil denied that Jesus was a Jew… but Jesus’ jewish disciples and the jews who converted to Christianity didn’t deny that Jesus was a Jew… so anyone denying that Jesus was a Jew is not a true Christian and on side with the apostate jews who like to denigrate Christ and were and still are today satanic people…

    the word “Jew” is from Judah and Judea… Jesus was an Israelite of tribe of Judah, born in Bethlehem in the land of Judea… the land of his nativity… the jews controlling the tribal israelites by pharisaic oral law, the Sanhedrin, and Temple money denied that Jesus was a Jew, when they insinuated that he was “born of fornication and a Samaritan”…

    the Samaritans were despised by the true racial Jews or tribal Israelites of the tribe of Judah living in the land of Judea, because some of them were known to be descendants of Assyrians who’d been sent to Samaria or the southern part of the ancient kingdom of Israel, to possess the land on behalf of the king of Assyria who’d taken the northern israelite tribes captive from that region and beyond, circa 730 BC…

    “And the king of Assyria brought men from Babylon, and from Cuthah, and from Ava, and from Hamath, and from Sepharvaim, and placed them in the cities of Samaria instead of the children of Israel: and they possessed Samaria, and dwelt in the cities thereof.”

    • Matt says:


      The only significance of Jesus being a Jew is that David was promised that he would always have a man on the throne, and that man being being Jesus Christ, who will reign forever, being born 28 generations later and a descendant of David. Matthew 1:17

      The bible never speaks of Jesus being a Jew in any positive way, it only speaks of him being God’s only begotten son.

      Jesus said of the Jews 2,000 years ago, that their father is Satan, and that they’re both liars and murderers. Which has proven true.

      Paul, a Jew by birth wrote in 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, the Jews persecute the Christians, they DO NOT please God, and are enemies of all mankind.

      Paul also wrote that he counted his Jewishness as dung, or in more graphical words, dog or cat shit.

      These Jews 2,000 years ago weren’t Khazars that Jesus called children of Satan, they were physical descendants of Abraham.

  41. J.R. says:

    Map of the Assyrian and Babylonian Captivity of Israel and Judah Exile of the Jewish people in Assyria and Babylon…

  42. Arctic Circle says:

    Here is an example what niggers write about people here in Australia.

    Alarmingly, news sources have attributed rises in hate groups to Whites’ reactions
    to shifting U.S. racial demographics. In 2016, was
    elected, with a decree to “Make America Great Again” and a platform
    based in nationalism, racism, and xenophobic policies.

    It is because of jewish institutional forces, such as the media, education, and the criminal justice system, that structural racism continues. As a direct result of structural racism, which is comprised of an intertwined system of institutional and individual bias, People of Color are trapped in a cycle of insufficient education and unemployment compounded with criminal charges that significantly decrease their chances of future employment. Structural racism negatively impacts the mental and physical health of People of Color. Greater perceived racism has been related to increased mental health symptoms and lower levels of well being.

    Experiences of race-based discrimination are related to
    negative health behaviors (e.g., alcohol and substance use, risky sexual behavior) and
    fewer health-promoting behaviors. Discriminatory behavior against People of Color
    reduces biopsychosocial health for People of Color, ranging from low self-worth to premature death.

    Silence and inaction of White individuals has been equated to indifference,
    and indifference to violence against People of Color. The first
    step toward action is awareness and understanding of the system of inequity to which
    many White individuals are complacent.


    People, do you read this absurd demagogy of the black niggers?

    Here is a response to the niggers: Niggers, stay the fuck away we do not want anything to do with you, we do not hate you, we do not want to kill you. All we want is No Niggers Around!

    Fucking thugs stay the fuck away from people with your fucking demagogy arguments etc!

  43. Gene says:

    Negro Gal Shot White Carpenter In The Back With 9mm Over Parking Space

    Years ago I think on Unsolved Mysteries they ran a story about a Black gal on the run from the law for murder. A militant style Black woman kept arguing with the handyman who lived on the other side of the duplex over the parking space. You cannot dwell with Negroes if you are White. When they get ready to murder you it can be over nothing or anything.

    Anyway the guy was putting up his tools one night and she walked up behind him and shot him right in the back with a 9mm automatic and killed him. His girlfriend came out and tried to help him but it was no use. She went on the run and they must have a regular network of support groups out there to keep them covered while they are running. I don’t think she was ever caught. I really felt sorry for the guy, having done some remodeling work myself. It is hard work.

    Years later and years ago a Black gal kept getting in the doorway of the lab where I had to pick up blood supplies and I tried to help her get her cart out of the way and she somehow kept it there. She kept doing this night after night you know. I figured she was hoping to get me to physically put my hands on her or the cart which she would file an assault racist charge. Finally I told the management of the delivery service I worked for what was going on, hoping they would speak to LabCorp. Other drivers witnessed the stunt. Nothing ever changed and she kept blocking the doorway so I quit that airport run on account of that Negro stupid bitch who tried to always pick a fight with me.

    Negroes are the mental cases that don’t get treated. They are stubborn, dumb and want their way regardless of the cost.

  44. Arctic Circle says:

    What is todays’ average nigger thinking about?

    How to harm us.

    There is obscene amount of Judeo-Niggerian research published by the ajewsdemy on the subject they hate so much.

    Bizzar is the fact that there is no single research paper or a book explaining that people do not want diversity, and do not want niggers around.


    Issues of racial and ethnic separation and inequality are evidenced in both past and current patterns of segregation within and across major U.S. social institutions.

    In education, for example, between 1980 and 2010, the percentage of Black and Latino
    students enrolled in 90-100% minority schools increased from 33% and 29%, to 38% and
    43%, respectively (Orfield, Kuscera, and Sigel-Hawley 2012).

    (The niggers should be with niggers in niggers schools in africa)

    In housing, while most major U.S. cities have experienced a decline in Black-White residential segregation over the past forty years, the average concentration of Blacks in urban neighborhoods exceeds 50%; in suburban areas, the typical Black resident lives in a neighborhood where the local population of Blacks exceeds the metropolitan area proportion by almost 30%

    (The niggers housing is in Africa).

    (Fucking vicious apes instead of staying away, the vicious apes make their way in our cities everywhere).

    The persistence of segregated schools and neighborhoods limits the opportunities for large groups of niggers to interact, confer unequal rewards and resources, and perpetuates a cycle of disadvantage, inequality, and social tension between race-ethnic groups, undermining the potential for minority social mobility in a diverse society. We have considerable research evidence on the benefits of exposure to diversity in regard to preparing individuals for living in a multiethnic democratic society.

    (Read what that fucking nigger writes, who gave him a pen, I would send sob to put that pen inside that nigger, who does not understand what he is talking about. From the position of a nigger it is good to be exposed to diversity, and they arrogantly pursue it, but making our lives unbearable.)

    However, our knowledge of the impact of diversity on communities or on society at large is limited. This is, in part, a result of an imbalanced focus in most previous studies that failed to adequately consider social contexts of desegregation.


    Diversity is wanted in the modern workplace, with many organizations prominently affirming their commitments to diversity as a key component of their organizational success in promotional materials such as brochures and websites. In fact, estimates suggest that formal diversity programs (i.e., efforts to attract, promote, and retain niggers, jews, and spanish) exist in 60% of all U.S. companies. Although there is considerable variation in the way that companies and individuals define diversity as it
    pertains to the workplace, racial minorities are universally included in diversity because of their historical experiences with discrimination and long standing organized battle against white civil – rights.

    (Yet little research has examined how advertising an organization’s race or gender diversity may affect the organization and white individuals who work at the organization: traumatizing white people physically, and psychologically. Only because they have to go to work and be there with the vicious apes.

    It has also failed to fully examine how individuals may view their own prospects at organizations that advertise diversity: like a hell. This lack of systematic exploration into the effect of the forced race mixing on the health and economic disadvantage of the white people, in the United States is is surprising. Niggers create intolerant work atmosphere).

    While at first, white individuals indicate support for race diversity, both in the workplace and beyond, they often fail to understand benefit of the diversity. As a result, individuals do not advocate for diversity, as they may first admit, and many whites start to resist diversity policies that force individuals into multiracial, and to affirmative action.

    Though not all whites support this resistance. The amount of their resistance depends on the extent to which such policies threaten one’s sense of wellbeing.

    The blatant and persistent is the belief of whites that racial minorities are conferred undue advantage in hiring and promotion as a result of affirmative action diminishes subsequent support for such policies, as well as impugns perceptions of them in work.

    FN #3:
    In Australia’s most prominent jewis / niggers started to analyze whiteness as a problem. Theorizing whiteness formation of whiteness within Australia. Joseph Pugliese has pointed to the importance of theorizing whiteness as an historical construct that needs to be localized and isolated within specific racialized social formations and geographic zones.

    In Australia they advance current understandings of diversity to examine how White identity can be further construed and then undermined in a diverse environment.

    (The effects of race and gender diversity on business outcomes, as well as on creativity are depressing and decidedly negative)


    While previous research suggests that Whiteness is not considered to be diverse, the present research further examined if high status individuals such as whites will also be impugned by diversity stigma.

  45. Arctic Circle says:

    Blacks and Jews are far more dangerous than it was perceived.

    Here is an example of a distractive but very popular Niggers’ arguments against people.


    Self-compassion, which is the ability to process distressing emotions without resorting to avoidance of the emotional experience, may help whites work through strong affects such as fear and debilitating guilt, that accompanies an awareness of structural racism and ultimately aid in the development of multicultural attitudes. Elucidating the role of self-compassion in multicultural attitude development could be a key to understanding how whites can process their self-directed guilt about contributing to the systemic oppression of others, as well as their fear of change and rejection, in a way that helps resolve cognitive dissonance and resistance to awareness of structural racism.

    Whites are high in self-compassion and can take a balanced approach to negative experiences in a way that allows them to neither suppress nor exaggerate strong painful affect. Self-compassion is a tool for whites be able to work through painful new knowledge to arrive at a place of openness and acceptance, rather than anger, resistance, and resentment.


    After reading all that absurd, I can only repeat People any where in the world should not be forced to coexist with Niggers, Blacks, African-Americas, Diversity, Poisonous Snakes, Scorpions, and Viruses.

    After reading all that absurd it becomes obvious that all that shit listed above is completely out of their minds, and very persistent and determined to exterminate the white race.

  46. Arctic Circle says:

    Prejudice is defined as a preconceived opinion or judgment without grounds or sufficient knowledge; further, prejudice is an irrational behavior or attitude directed toward groups, individuals, or their supposed characteristics.

    Often people are accused by the most violent apes of prejudice. However, if there is sufficient body of evidence that niggers are violent, than it is not prejudice, by definition. Instead it is a well deserved and properly formulation defining Blacks as a Problem.

  47. Incogman…. I had to do a triple-take when I looked at the picture heading this article…

    Is that actually a woman? That is one of the UGLIEST creatures that I have seen in quite some time… And it is no wonder that she is the way she is, for she could not get laid in her lifetime, or unless the guy guzzles a dozen beers first before poking her!

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven, and of course it is all part of the Psychotic Jewish freak agenda to fuck up our world!

  48. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ SOG and all. I am not the murder or homicide detective or coroner but does this bitch even look like she got hit by a car? I think she maybe got hit by too many French fries at macdonqlds and an ebt card.

  49. Red Pill says:

    ANTIFA EXPOSED! 600 Member Names and Locations.

    you can check and see who may live near you.
    the big majority live 0n the east coast.
    More names and other information will be forthcoming.

  50. Tony says:

    The PC police continue shutting down awoken White sites. The latest casualty is The site has been removed.

    The great deceivers are using their online nerd Gestapo to silence the truth. This will only get worse.

  51. protocolsRtrue says:

    Do you think that if a 2000 pound walrus was rammed by a car there woldnt be some blubber splattered on the road. That’s why we don’t let walruses walk across our roads. Nigger bitches are fat enough. Sea lions and land whales and rhinocirousess and elepahants and sea turtles this fucking walrus bitch is testing my pations is a vertue. I was married to a wife with 2 kids pregnant waiting to see if the kids pop are actually mine.

  52. protocolsRtrue says:

    Talk about niggers being bad drivers this nigger takes the trophy and gold jacket they hired him as a school bus driver in Knoxville give the nigger a job program so he is speeding down the wrong street yapping on his sailfone and drives off the road and kills six niglets. Oh the story gets better the judge lets him out on parole and probation so he moves to Memphis and gets put back into the slammer for get this incarnal rape of a 12 year old girl who was living in the same house. Fucking school bus driver nigger hasn’t he done enough damage to this planet of the apes by now.

  53. Arctic Circle says:

    For anyone is an upstart who rises by his own efforts from his previous position in life to a higher one. Ultimately this struggle, which is often so hard, kills all pity. Our own painful struggle for existence destroys our feeling for the misery of those who have remained behind.

    The environment of my youth consisted of petty bourgeois circles, hence of a world having very little relation to the purely manual worker. For, strange as it may seem at first glance, the cleft between this class, which in an economic sense is by no means so brilliantly situated, and the manual worker is often deeper than we imagine.

    The reason for this hostility, as we might almost call it, lies in the fear of a social group, which has but recently raised itself above the level of the manual worker, that it will sink back into the old despised class, or at least become identified with it. To this, in many cases, we must add the repugnant memory of the cultural poverty of this lower class, the frequent vulgarity of its social intercourse; the petty bourgeois’ own position in society, however insignificant it may be, makes any contact with this outgrown stage of life and culture intolerable.

    Consequently, the higher classes feel less constraint in their dealings with the lowest of their fellow men than seems possible to the ‘upstart.’ For anyone is an upstart who rises by his own efforts from his previous position in life to a higher one. Ultimately this struggle, which is often so hard, kills all pity. Our own painful struggle for existence destroys our feeling for the misery of those who have remained behind.

  54. Arctic Circle says:

    During my struggle for existence, it had become clear to me that Social activity must never and on no account be directed toward philanthropic flim-flam, but rather toward the elimination of the basic deficiencies in the organization of our economic and cultural life that must-or at all events can-lead to the degeneration of the white individuals.

    The difficulty of applying the most extreme and brutal methods against the criminals who endanger the state lies not least in the uncertainty of our judgment of the inner motives or causes of such contemporary phenomena. This uncertainty is only too well founded in our own sense of guilt regarding such tragedies of degeneration; be that as it may, it paralyzes any serious and firm decision and is thus partly responsible for the weak and half-hearted, because hesitant, execution of even the most necessary measures of self-preservation.

  55. Human law cancels out state law! says:

    Human existence is not the preservation of a state, let alone a government, but the preservation of the species. And if the white species itself is in danger of being oppressed and utterly eliminated, the question of legality is reduced to a subordinate role.

    Human law cancels out state law! And if white people is defeated in its struggle for human rights, this merely means that it has been found too light in the scale of destiny for the happiness of survival on this earth.

    For when a people is not willing or able to fight for its existence: Providence in its eternal justice has decreed that people’s end. The world is not for cowardly peoples!

    The legal state power in these days is rooted in the anti White leadership, with its non-White Majorities, and in the equally anti-White ruling elite.

  56. Arctic Circle says:

    The legal state power, these days is rooted in the anti White leadership, with its non–White Majorities, and in the equally anti-White ruling elite.

    Human law cancels out state law!

    And if a people is defeated in its struggle for human rights, this merely means that it has been found too light in the scale of destiny for the happiness of survival on this earth. For when a people is not willing or able to fight for its existence: Providence in its eternal justice has decreed that people’s end. The world is not for cowardly peoples!

    Human existence is not the preservation of a state, let alone a government, but the preservation of the species. And if the white species itself is in danger of being oppressed and utterly eliminated, the question of legality is reduced to a subordinate role.

  57. Arctic Cicrle says:

    In the opinions of our (((friends))), liberals and neoliberals, also know as demons of simply demos, the worshipers of state authority as such and of the ‘legal’ way, all resistance would have had to be shunned, as incompatible with legal methods.

    But this, with compelling necessity, means the end of the White People around the Globe, and in a very short time. And, as a hypothesis, the White People may very well be be saved from this fate only by the collapse of the existing global state. The spoiled among whites, such as investors, fixed income recipients, speculants, shop owners, would still prefer to die for their god – Money, than their fellow people.

    Since it is men who make the laws, he believes that they live for the sake of these laws.

  58. Arctic Circle says:

    The wealthy human-scums have two extraordinary limitations.

    First limitation all so called privileged share is the limitation of the will to fight due to the economic position which makes those to fear to lose power, privilege, lacksheries (or shit like that), and thereby holds them in check.

    Second, and is that they do need to fight because they already achieved their status quo, and therefor all that rich scum will sabotage the Poor White Boys effort to liberate themselves.

  59. Arctic Circle says:

    That stuborn POS, is in the dark closed of protest, and druging other with him. Incog, can you pull that sob out?

  60. Arctic Circle says:

    Read this strange black shit. What would it mean?

    In 2017 one of the raving Martin Luther Kings wrote the following delirium. Provided here only analytical purposes.


    The date is August the 13th 2017 and the Skin heads have made themselves relevant recently. I wrote this a while ago and hopefully, you all see that these people are seriously exacerbating hate relationships in our country. Evidence of that is the recent clash with protesters in Virginia.

    Many people often ask why this particular group of racist perpetrators, has so much apathy towards Blacks and Jews?

    Allow me to first begin to distinguish the differences between the social economic condition for racist organizations to hate the Jewish Community.

    Jews in this country make up 2 percent of the overall population, yet 14 percent of them are doctors & surgeons. Jews make up 20 % of the people with law degrees in America. The median income for Jewish households is almost 30 percent higher than the national average.

    Jewish Investment Banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup underwrite the stocks of American corporations and thus dictate the offshoring of US jobs to China and India for cheap labor and BIG profits.

    Three Jews sit on the Supreme Court Bench: Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. CBS is owned by Murray Rothstein (aka Sumner Redstone).NBC is owned by Brian Roberts.ABC is owned by Sydney Bass with Robert Iger as CEO CNN is primarily owned by Aviv Nevo. Jews control the finance and the Skinheads and KKK blame them for their economic indifferences plain and simple; Are they right or wrong to do this? You decide it is not up to me to do so. I am just pointing out the indisputable facts.

    It is indisputable that Jews control, The courts, The Military, Homeland security, Education and Corporate America; Oh did I forget the Treasury secretary, Commerce Secretary and Senate Armed Services Committee and Diane Feinstein chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    The complete control of all previously mention areas are the reason why the racist Skinheads and KKK despise them. Now let us look at why they hate Blacks, Besides the obvious fear of inferiority complex in so many areas.

    Blacks are Strong willed, strong physically and mentally. Blacks possess the strongest Genes on earth. The Black race is the only race on this planet with the genetic ability to eventually turn the whole planet one race because of this progressive genealogical gift from above.

    The African continent is where the first civilization is documented to have begun. Beginning during the Renaissance and even earlier, European artists took to depicting historical people, as they hoped or imagined them to look, and in doing so; they made everyone White, this is including the protagonist in the bible,( how could Moses pose as an Egyptian if he had been White?) that is not realistically plausible. The world knows it, yet they refuse to change the imagery to reflect the truth that they expect us to accept. It is kinda difficult to do so when the images are inaccurate as well as downright disrespectful.

    It does Matter, let no one tell you that it doesn’t. If it didn’t matter; then why can’t the reflection be changed to align with the truth that is being disseminated as the Gospel truth? How can it fully be expected to be completely embraced when the imagery around the world is a lie. It matters to someone or it would be changed to reflect the accurate and true reflection of the biblical protagonist..

    The reality is, geneticists and archaeologists have traced the origins of modern homo sapiens back to a single group of people who managed to cross from the Horn of Africa and into Arabia, from there they went on to colonize the rest of the world. All you have to do to confirm this is to research the facts of life. We are in an information fact finding and gathering age where it is virtually impossible to deny the facts of Man’s original origin.

    I actually have spoken to many Skin heads and unlike the KKK, they will admit this truth, Oh they make light of it and say humorous banter such as, ” yeah we know that blacks were here first but God kept trying and he finally got it right with the White race.Such an embarrassment to the Caucasian culture.

    There exist many good people of non color. I have many friends that are Caucasian.

    Check out this video of a child being misled by propaganda and lies.

    It’s been known for years that all non-Africans are descended from a small group, perhaps only a few dozen individuals, who left the continent between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago. Fox News did a study not long ago and this is what they discovered

    The Cornell study, published in the journal Nature Thursday, indicates that Europeans went through a second “population bottleneck,” probably about 30,000 years ago, when the ancestral population was again reduced to relatively few in number.

    So this is the true reason for such Apathetic dissonance towards people of color. Actually, I have researched this whole issue in depth and derived at the actual purpose behind it all

    The KKK and Skinheads adhere to an indoctrination by the controllers of our society to put all poor people against one another. Only the unconscious will fall prey to primitive thinking and relegate racial disdain for someone based on skin color.

    We have been programmed to subscribe to philosophies and ideals and indoctrination, that once embedded in your subconscious, it will make it more difficult for you to rebel against those who control your existence as well as our society.

    It really began through FEAR of other races, often times the fear factor is how most skin heads recruit. Fear of getting raped in prison is where it really began in this country. Back in the 70’s the prisons were so filled with an over abundance of Blacks that it created a huge disparity in numbers and many white guys were being abused. They joined forces and created an American skinhead affiliation to prevent their race from being beaten and raped by angry Black men that used the prison minority race of whites as a reason to take out their hate, discourse, and discontentment with the whole system in America.

    One skinhead gave his account of why he joined this gang of skinheads, Quote:

    I had grown up scared of everything — but when I was with these other kids, I was a source of fear. This guy was afraid of me. And I loved it.

    So no, it had nothing to do with race. I didn’t grow up thinking the white race was hot shit; I was taught that I was just normal, room-temperature shit. My stepdad spent most of his time telling me I was so stupid that if I spoke at the dinner table, I’d ruin his appetite. I spent my childhood absolutely terrified of everything: some of the black gangs at my new school, running out of money, clowns … In short, I was a textbook case for a kid who ends up an addict ready to fall into any stupid thing that would give me purpose.

    I do not want people to think that I am exacerbating racism by any means. I simply want to point out a group of people in our society that are still living in the past and are not necessarily trying to understand where this all began, the hate of one race against another. If they would just look at the truth then they would understand that it is not about Race any longer.

    It is about Class-ism. The haves vs. have nots. Despite claims that we live in a post-racial era, racism and class ism continue to permeate the confines of the United States society, including within our very own Governmental and advocacy organizations that are supposed to prevent discrimination and abuse, it’s all a designed plan by the powers that be.

    I would work with any skinhead or KKK member to fight a larger threat to all of us. The Illuminati’s ( Bilderberg Group) design of a One World order that is coming. Trust me; they pose a much larger threat to every American.

    Globalization is the catch phrase to describe their agenda, which is to wipe out over 2 Billion people from this planet, primarily through man made diseases, like Aids. Something worse than Aids is coming to this planet and it is going to be created in Governmental labs to destroy Billions, beginning with people of color and then focusing on those Poor whites that live around or near people of color.

    This is not imaginary. It is Real!

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