Nervy Jews Believe They Can Tell Us How to Think

A Prison of Rules: Transitioning to Semitised post-democracy

Diversity Macht Frei

Rebecca Hilsenrath, boss Jew bitch. These arrogant creeps make it a career policing the thoughts of Whites. (INCOG)

The age we’re living in is one in which we transition from democracy to bureaucracy. The essence of bureaucracy is rules; static; superficially inflexible; but vulnerable to covert manipulation. The essence of democracy is judgement; dynamic; adaptable; continuously refined.

Just as many European states are nominal monarchies where the monarch has been deprived of any real power, the new techno-bureaucracies will preserve the external forms of democracy.

More and more, bureaucracy is encroaching on the democratic space; the culture of rules-following limiting the scope for political choice.

Here, in the absurd “Boris and the Burkas” saga, we see an unelected bureaucrat, part of the state apparat, presuming to tell an elected politician what he is allowed to say.

The equalities watchdog has branded Boris Johnson’s comments on the burqa “inflammatory and divisive”, but said it has no powers to launch an investigation.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said it had received a complaint from a member of the public about Johnson’s controversial article in the Daily Telegraph, but its remit extended to breaches of equality law, such as the denial of a service on the grounds of race or religion.

Rebecca Hilsenrath, the commission’s chief executive, said: “Boris Johnson’s use of language in this instance, which risks dehumanising and vilifying Muslim women, is inflammatory and divisive. Political figures should lead by example, conducting debates in a responsible manner, and language such as this can inhibit legitimate dialogue.”


It should come as no surprise that Ms. Hilsenrath is Jewish.

If bureaucracy is government by rules, Jews are the rules-mongers and rules-manipulators par excellence.

Their entire religion is just the endless elaboration and interpretation of a fixed set of rules, whose authority is presumed to be divine. Through the basic mechanism – (Impressive understanding and exposition of Torah and Talmud rules) > (Successful Rabbi) > Prestige > (Marry Rich Merchant’s Daughter) > Wealth > (Lots of Children) – the more intelligent Jews have literally been genetically selected for their skill in the artful manipulation of rules.

And this is how the Jews still operate in the present day. They will get the Goyim to agree to a set of rules, invest the rules with sacred authority, and then manipulate the interpretation of those rules to advance their agenda.

Rule Number One for anyone confronting Jewish power should be: Never Agree to a Rule or a Set of Rules that the Jews Try to Get you to Agree To. This was the mistake that Jeremy Corbyn made in trying to fend off the Jews who were scheming against him. In an attempt to appease them, he agreed to adopt the Working Definition of Anti-Semitism Working Definition of What The Goyim Are Allowed to Say. For the foreseeable future, Jews will be using it to take out their critics.

Jews always aim to create a situation in which the use of ordinary human judgement is suspended and the application of rules is enforced. We need to push in the opposite direction. Escape from the prison of Semitic rules and their corruptible enforcers.

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Alt-Right Leader. Likes flies, hates Jews and Negroes.
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44 Responses to Nervy Jews Believe They Can Tell Us How to Think

  1. Nationalist says:

    There are some television shows from the past that Whites should take a look at (they can all be seen on YouTube) that would help explain where we are headed and why we shouldn’t be too happy about it. The first one I advise seeing is called the Prisoner which was a British produced show. Any of the episodes will do. Another is the twilight zone and in particular the one titled “To Serve Man”. What we have to know is there is a real danger to allowing others to do our thinking for us and that would be especially true if those others consist of Jews or their main allies liberals. Both groups want to essentially eliminate the White race and replace it with something else. The equality thing is a sham and Whites will continue to diminish in numbers as long as we allow these Satanists to get away with ruining our nation. No White person in their right mind wants to see their own race be replaced with non-Whites thus we as a people should stop voting Democrat entirely if we are to save ourselves from certain destruction.

  2. ICU says:

    The featured jew skank has a sword worthy neck.
    The Crusader style blade would be appropriate, since it was used historically to dispatch kikes and muzzys equally, as the vile scum they were then and are now.
    So, obey Jesus and buy a sword.
    “If a man hath a cloak and no sword, let him sell the cloak that he may buy a sword.”
    There are different styles; suit yourself;
    Katana, Blucher Saber, Naval Cutlass, Claymore, Gladius, various ancient Greek designs.

    In Columbus, Ohio some years ago a prowling, thieving, lurking male nigger was discovered being a typical scumbag after dark in an OSU grad student’s rental garage.
    Niggers are a constant threat around OSU, just like they are at Temple University and many other schools all over this nigger infested nation.
    13 % of the general population my butt. The cockroaches are much more numerous.
    The only weapon the human had was a katana.
    He went to the garage with the sword to investigate suspicious noises; the nigger rushed him in attack mode.
    The human stroked the nigger with the katana; resulting in a dead nigger…YAY !
    No charges leveled against the human.
    I love stories with happy endings.
    I’m adding a Blucher Saber to keep my katana company.
    They are not the only Nigger Medicine that I have.
    If you don’t have any Nigger Medicine, what in the HELL are you waiting for…
    Christmas ?

  3. John says:

    What do we do? Are people seeing through this Terrible control? Good article thanks.

  4. S O G says:

    naahw do it like vlad tepes did ..40,000 moslems on he romanian fields of battle …skewered like pigs with apole in heir ass and out there mouth do you tell the difference ..
    what a beutiful site that would have been …fucking moslem vessels ofdestruction ..anti god ,incipient satanic haters ofmankind in itsmostnarural forms ..
    all moslems shoild be exterminated for the good ofth earth ..skewered ..impaled ..heh heh …ouch ..
    heather hogg should have been skewered and left for rats to feed on ..
    dead nigger stories sre worth thier weight in gold ….
    have some dead mexican stories posted years ago ..leave it at that ..and others here and there ..bits and pieces ..
    is snippitsandsnappits still online ….

    • ICU says:

      Impaled muzzys and niggers and jews…Oh, My !

      The Romans lined a road on both sides with crucified rebel slaves from Spartacus’ conquered slave horde.
      There was a time when The Romans REALLY knew How To Deal.
      The total destruction of repeatedly annoying Carthage was another example; as was the continual hammering down of the rest of North Africa, pre-kike and pre-Moehamhead sand niggers throughout The Levant and present day Palestine.

      When The Happening occurs and Clean Up Time gets under way, I suggest the use of sharpened 2×4 framing lumber, or the more Hi-Tech steel framing, to line Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevards, Mosque and Synagogue driveways with impaled specimens of the three most impalement worthy populations of ambulatory turds that were ever smeared upon Planet Earth.

      Re: Public Health Concerns
      After a couple of weeks the skewered scum could be turned into torches.
      Electricity for street lamps thereby conserved.
      A Green Thing.

      That’s Entertainment…and Harsh Justice.

      just shoot and hang the goddam things….a more likely solution in Civil War 2.0.
      Tick Tock
      Tick Tock
      A Storm Is Coming.

  5. S O G says:

    to the posterwho said is down …..go to wayback machine . com …… …..enter the saboteur web name …..almost all of it is there ..youll have to navigate around to get it ….click on the colored circles in the monthes shown ..
    there is a feel good story ofa texas woman who shot a filthy nigger moron in the face as he tried tocar jack her more shitbird for dead nigger storage and millions more to go …
    itwould behoove one to copy all of saboteurs stuff …after a while the jes send robot worms to the machine and delete hell o lot o shit ..
    cant even find gnosticliberationfront on their or irateirishman ….germancross is still theresome ..
    lotin german ..
    gmosticliberation had goods on american jew gov training serial killers and setting them loose on america in similarfashionas schoolshooters or even the fake one s crisiacting shit..
    barney …put a proxy adress over tor browser so the exit node goes toa proxy and isnt intercepted as such …
    youll have to spend tim experementing with ones that ake you to incogand then daisychainthemtosee thn use either one ofthm to add on to search pageup on tordesktop ..ayhhhe

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Honestly, forced diversity sucks.

      In his book We Are Doomed, John Derbyshire notes a study done by Putnam that inquires the degree to which diversity contributed to the results Putnam recorded in his book Bowling Alone. Putnam took on a major study that involved 30,000 subjects living in 41 locations, attempting to discover the connection between increasing diversity and decreasing social capital. His results are quite convincing: there is a negative correlation between social capital and diversity. As Derbyshire puts it, “the more you have of one, the less you have of the other.”

      Social capital definition is networks, together with shared norms, values and understandings which facilitate cooperation within or among white groups for mutual benefit.

  6. Erik Snohdin says:

    Kill every last Jew on Earth.
    All problems go away.
    End of story.

    • Red Pill says:

      my God told me he was going to kill all these blasphemers his self and that it would happen soon.

      “Kill every last Jew on Earth.
      All problems go away.
      End of story.”

      the only problem is that it will be the end of every thing.
      the wheat and the tares will both be uprooted
      tares to everlasting hell and the wheat to the God’s kingdom.
      flesh is destructible, the spirit body is indestructible.
      be assured that we (white people) will be at war.
      it will be hell on earth during this time.

      America has UN troops stationed in the homeland,
      ready and waiting to take our defenses down (collect the guns).
      and i know it will not work out for them.
      they will have to retreat after a short period.
      then the whole world comes against us.
      but the end is not yet, God intervenes.
      and you will know it was by his hand.

      these are not my thoughts, they were given to me.

  7. Red Pill says:

    SAY WHAT ?

    “The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa.

    “Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell.

    When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. – Plato.

    “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” – Richard Feynman .

    “I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside.” – Rumi Universal.

    Law/sovereign law trumps all others.

    1. No man or woman, in or out of government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against my life and property and, any and all contracts Im a party to not giving full disclosure to me whether signed by me or not are void at my discretion.

    2. I may use force in self-defense against anyone that violates Law 3. There shall be no exceptions to Law 1 and 2.


  8. Gene says:

    Negroes Are Apparently Stalking People Electronically – Negro Thieves Arrive At Bank As Woman Arrives With $75,000

    You’d better watch out about your financial transactions. Somehow the Negro thieves are tracking and stalking people with money. It’s all about the money. These thieves in this story just happened to arrive at the bank as the woman arrived with her $75,000.00 for her business transaction and they tried to grab her purse containing the money. How did the thieves know in advance that she had the money and was heading for the bank?

    One Black man from The Bronx won a little $10,000 lottery and was soon stabbed to death. It doesn’t take long for the thieves and murderers to smell that money.

    Negroes have been stalking and tracking White people for a long time. They were stalking and tracking me back in 89-90 when I lived in a small college town that is so beautiful. They stole my credit card and ran the charges up before I could cancel it. There was an established White guy in the apartment we lived in and the Negro thieves ran his phone bill up so high he had to disavow any phone bills and finally he moved out. They had been searching through his stuff and determined he had a 30.06 rifle somewhere and a .25 ACP pistol. The Negroes already have your information and data if you’re white.

    As briefly as I stayed in that rural town I really loved it there because it was so beautiful. The only thing ugly about that beautiful town is the Negro invasion.

    Shocking video shows thieves attempting to steal $75K from woman before running her over


    • Arctic Circle says:

      Her nigger husband hired niggers for 15% of the lump sum to hit her.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      When people see black scum freely circulating, especially the shit-shiny and overfed by the obama’s presidential scholarships growing generation of niggers-sportsmen students flooding nation’s universities many understand that the future of the country is gloomed and naturally revolt.

      They start asking what is that vomit for?

      The forced race-mixing resulted in complex multicultural attitudes toward sand niggers (jews and arabs) and other niggers, where all nations stand together to address the threat.

      What was for such a long time, since 1950s, known as a structural – racism, and used by the niggers for such a long time as an excuse for infestation and to access undeserved benefits such as affirmative action, is in reality, the jewish undertaking to structuralize the covert effort to browning white people into oblivion.

      JYWNRU – niggers and jews raus, you will not replace us!

      That is already happening, niggers and jews are inspired and celebrating themselves as the U.S. majority, even the U.S. Census stated that they are majority by 2040. This horrible predication naturally leads to resistance and resentment of all ordinary people, all of us. This forced coexistence will not result in tolerance, acceptance, harmony, for the colored invaders and black niggers.

      Dirt Jewish sand niggers heading the most academic institution in the U.S. and EU. Routinely, this educated par of the world “jewery / jewlarry as they call themselves, start their day with a morning coffee and reading to see if we are ready to strike , or if we are ready to be struck by them.

      Every day they afford diligently studding us to understand how we address the Judeo-Niggerian Problem (NJP), and if we are ready to collective action. So they came with a new academic definitions to reference to our tragedy of reduction of number of white people around the world. They call it: “White self-compassion caused by the White Fear of the people of color”. The jewdeobamas and educated niggers write growing number of stupid scientific papers which repeat the same thing over and over again:
      –that than greater is the “White self-compassion” the greater is the “White Fear”.

      This approach to describe our pain and suffering inflicted by the Jews’ capitals and Niggers’ arrogance is well know if political science as “Reframing the Issue”.

      They labeled our rightchess concerns of depopulating, disappearing white culture, and debilitating everyday abuse by the Apes, supported by the jew funded law enforcement, as a self-compassion. Is not it sarcastic? No, not at all.

      Bbecause every time I see this excrements I feel depressed and incapacitated to what should be done about that scum.

      The word from the White Academy is scarce but clear: “White American and EU people must become racially aware. They must grasp our White racial Identity and how it may affect politics, and our abilities to act as a cohesive group”.

      One example of this maniacal niggers absurd: “An example of relations among fear, guilt, self-compassion, and multicultural attitudes in white adults”, by the MLK Nigger Whitney Wheeler Black (2018).

      This is unacceptable.

      However, there is still a hope: There is a body of knowledge indicating that race targeted vaccination developed by the smart jews, inconspicuously changed niggers genetics so to stop their reproductive abilities in about 200 years.
      There is another hope, the statistics of demographics have shown slight decrease in yellow reproductive rates but not in red, brown, and blacks.

      There is the third hope that the corrupt disgusting government of the disgusting India investing billions in reducing reproduction.

      I believe it is not enough, and the process can be accelerated. A probable solution is to recruit volunteers to manually reduce judeo-niggerian reproduction.

  9. cole nidre says:

    notice the “coincidences” between what the kikes are doing in
    Palestine and what they did at the las jewgas Mandalay country
    music massacre festival.

    they just don’t need as many patsies.

    head baboon neyanyahoo shifts focus to war on Iran

    jew chabadist haredim molesters molest on unmolested.
    threaten to murder anyone who calls the police.

    fraud book, scamazon, crapple, netshitz, alfalfabet, joogle
    are all huge parasitic mind control psychops of the would-be

    the biggest go-fund-me site in the world is the Jews Israel
    Revenue Service.

    wherever Jews infest, there will be discord.

  10. Karen T says:

    As usual…great article and (((stupid? ))) comments.

  11. Marc C. Daniele says:

    So you know,

    DEMOCRACY = Communism/Tyranny/Slavery:
    A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of “direct” expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic-negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.

    REPUBLIC = Liberty/Freedom:
    Authority is derived through the election by the people of public officials best fitted to represent them. Attitude toward law is the administration of justice in accord with fixed principles and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequences. A greater number of citizens and extent of territory may be brought within it’s compass. Avoids the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy. Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice, contentment, and progress. Is the “standard form” of government throughout the world.

    United States Army Training Manual No. 2000-25, Printed Nov. 30, 1928 (now extremely hard to find, imagine that)

  12. J.R. says:

    “Nervy Jews Believe They Can Tell Us How to Think”… yes, and with the rise of jew endorsed feminism there are now more jewish women chomping at the bit to do it than men …
    the word “cunt” was once a polite word for female genitalia in the 13th century, but it evidently derives from a mare’s genitalia, with references to a saddle tramp and the jewish whore that rides the beast in the biblical book of the Revelation in more recent times…

    “No woman wants to find out that she has a twat like a horse-collar”…

  13. J.R. says:

    wealthy, blasphemous, murderous apostate jewry is the whore of the Revelation, fornicating with the rulers and riding the beast of this present evil secular world, which is the domain of Satan and his demons in the ethereal… Satan is the god of it, in the Bible…

    turn off your TV and tune out of the jew endorsed frequency of the prince of the power of the air…

  14. Gene says:

    Frances Farmer, Victim Of Jewish Mental Health Scam – My Books Were Valuable

    Frances Farmer – 1913-1970
    Most folks know what happened to Frances Farmer, that she was thrown into a mental asylum, etc., but most folks might not know that it was probably about communist Jews, not mental health.
    Frances Farmer & the Mental Health Gulag

    Frances knew the top Hollywood communists and they had to keep her from testifying before the upcoming H.U.A.C., House Un-American Activities Committee hearings. If they could not have locked her up she probably would have been murdered. We are in a desperate bid to get our country back from these evil Jews who have expanded this so-called mental health system into a scam which now involves ‘mental health deputies’ in law enforcement. What a terrible way to go, condemned by a group of idiots who claim to be professionals.

    The books on her I had which costed a dollar or two, ‘Will There Really Be a Morning?’, by Frances Farmer, and ‘Shadowland’, by Arnold, are now worth a small fortune! Someone took those books from my things long ago and never gave them back. ‘Will There Really Be a Morning?’ costs from $17.09 – $111.21 – $250.40 ! ‘Shadowland’ costs from $13.55 – $79.47! The Jews may be keeping more modern copies from being reprinted. One newer book on her leaves out the real issues, conveniently to the Jews, and concentrates on her movies and career.

    A Stern Warning
    If we cannot change the system, literally anyone can be done like Frances Farmer, was done.

    • Gene says:

      I Found Out Some Things On Frances Farmer In Arnold’s Latest Book On Her

      Arnold, William. Shadowland Revisited: The Story of a Book and Its Aftermath (Kindle Locations 292-293). William Arnold. Kindle Edition.

      For example, Edith Farmer claims to be a source of information and wrote a book on Frances, but I found out the statement in Arnold’s new book “Had she visited her sister in the institution? No, she was living in Hawaii all during Frances’ commitment and never visited her.” Wow, that’s not only heartbreaking but makes Edith look like a real liar, or at least a fake.

      Also Lois Kibbee pulled out of a book project on Frances because Frances could not remember certain parts of her life and SHE WAS A DAMAGED PERSON. That’s what electro-shock treatment does, it destroys millions of brain cells and ruins people.

      Frances was actually a damaged person. I think that’s how several people kept taking advantage of her, monetarily.

      • Gene says:

        Lois Kibbee Thought Frances Never Really Realized What Had Happened

        One of the things about electro-shock treatment is losing large parts of the memory. It may actually be true, that Lois Kibbee was right, that Frances never ended up knowing what had actually happened to her. I think that’s why you don’t read much or anything about Hollywood Jews in those books.

        Frances was literally ‘out to lunch’ for the last part of her life due to the shock treatments. Therefore she had little to contribute to writing autobios on her life except her mother’s old scrapbook.

        Very sad, and very convenient for Jews.

  15. Philadelphian says:

    This is just the sign of the end of the age! The utter end of the jew is coming everywhere. They can sense it and strike out everywhere. Nothing will save them now. The U.S.A. and the jew ruled ZOG are failing even as they seem to be overcoming all opposition. Their evil is being exposed everywhere, by their own efforts to silence critics. They are on their last legs. Like the 100th monkey, when the required number of people know, they will believe they always knew, then the enemy of Adamic humanity will have no place to hide from destruction.

  16. jayhackworth says:

    Drive the jew from our sacred soil.

  17. Arctic Circle says:

    incog what is with icon

  18. Arctic Circle says:

    It appears that you disagree with every ideology, startin with commey.

    So what is your way of doing things (ideology)? Can you state your ideological platform?

    Ideology is defined by a fucking jew Alan Isaak (1987) s a coherent set of values and beliefs about the way the social, economic, and political systems should be organized and operated and recommendations about how these values and beliefs should be put into effect”.

    What is your recommendation how the economic system must be organized (disregard political system, I do not give a shit about political systems).

  19. Red Pill says:

    the hypocritical left

    I was thinking . . .

    I was thinking;
    Since only 11 million people have Obama-Care, how will 24 million people die if it is repealed? Will an additional 13 million people be randomly shot?

    I was thinking
    If Donald Trump deleted all of his emails, wiped his server with Bleachbit and destroyed all of his phones with a hammer, would the Mainstream Media suddenly lose all interest in the story and declare him innocent.

    more @

  20. Gene says:

    How Would You Like To Open Your Door To This Bootlipped Bastard With A Gun!?

    Negroes are targeting Whites full tilt now! This guy ran back inside to call 911 as the gunman closed on him. Whew….real close. This guy screams in terror as he slams the door. These goons, inspired by the Jew fake media, are all over the place out there just waiting for you. How did they know the banker was leaving his home? Just like my post at:

    VIDEO of graphic situation;

    Ring Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell Captures Armed Black Male Trying to Rob White Man at His Home in Broad Daylight in St. Louis

    How would we divide up the U.S. if it were segregated again?

    The war isn’t in Afghanistan, etc., it’s right here. Those foreign wars are to distract us from what is really going on.

    • ICU says:

      After, and during, this failed republic goes through another civil war, there will be a Balkan States style breakup of this phony “Union” Oligarchic Dog & Pony Show….
      where the ZOG Funny Money Scam, jew financial market criminality, Perma-War Industry, life as Israel’s bitch war dog, the anti-White general scumbaggery and the hook nosed, grubby, unclean control over the institutions of power and influence will come crashing down, and the Talmudic lesser demons will scurry for cover like the cockroaches that they are.
      The lucky ones will manage to escape to Jewey Jewland on the shores of the Eastern Med…until that gets a thermonuclear glass over.
      The ones that missed the departing airliners will be re-classified as a pestilential invasive species, subject to extermination on sight 24-7-365, along with their nigger and muzzy pets.
      The only place safe for them, that survive C W 2, where they can establish their own kosher/moon cricket/nigger Wakanda/Eretz Israel/New Mecca…will be in The Badlands and other desert nowherevilles.
      There, NOTHING and NO living thing will go in or come out…unless there are valuable minerals to be had, with the vermin then removed from the mining sites, terminally.
      There, an economy of sorts could be based on solar power leases; terms dictated to them by the developers, royalties paid in water, grain and meat animals that humans wouldn’t have…like feral hogs/coyotes/iguanas/nutria/starlings/rats etc.
      If they don’t like it, tough matzoh/chitlins/goat eyeballs.

      Tick Tock
      Tick Tock
      Let’s make that happen, m’kay.

  21. georgestooper says:

    Bumpersticker “Nuke Iran”….just another dumbed down politically correct American clown. . Bumpersticker “Nuke Israel” …. FBI , CIA ,”Homeland Security “on your sorry ass. lol

  22. georgestooper says:

    Nuke Israel . FBI knocking at my door. lol

  23. Arctic Circle says:

    What about nuking both of them and Africa, or better yet all of them?

    This way they won’t need any Badlands and instead are going in hell. Cheap solution, and in compliance with the Civil Rights laws because there is no discrimination.

  24. Arctic Circle says:

    Birds and fish love eyes.

    So, 300,000 tons of fish again died around Florida shores. Is that because there are too many Sand – Niggers or because the military tasting sound weapon.

    If it is the latter, we wont be needing expensive war ware, such as jets and battle ships, because Pilots and Capitans can be easily put to sleep in the distance.

    Some relaxing thoughts: Why So Serious!

  25. Jo Jackson says:

    Great article Incog.

    I had some idea yids were embedded in the British ‘establishment’ but not to the extent that’s now become apparent, thanks to blogs like yours. I am praying to JC and looking forward to the UK Labour party imploding over the “anti-semitism” saga and barking dogs who won’t let go of the bone. ALL deserve the fall out, – all the more so the white trash like Corbyn and Livingstone who got their fame by sucking up to this stinking Kike, Commie/Pinko malaise over the last 60 years. Sayanims are in all the parties.

    Kike whores like this bitch featured are the underlying, undermining, anti white ‘feminazi earthworms’ (for want of a better phrase) behind the destruction of white countries everywhere particularly those with WASP communities. Kikes are ruled by Khazarian matriarchs and note “The female of this stinking species is more deadly than the male”. The maggots are deeply embedded almost galvanised in England’s ‘rich loam’. In just under 70 years they’ve insidiously all but destroyed England’s cities behind the scenes, using septic ‘think’ tanks like the Runnymede Trust, Fabian Society, Bilderberg and others we probably don’t even know about .. yet.. directing the unelected ‘EU’ puppet show to pollute the UK and other post war European countries with shit coloured, turd world scum and the voracious parasitic spawn in the form of the South Asian Coolie (both Muslim AND Hindu) and of course the symptomatic

    It’s so far gone now in Britain, Sweden, Holland and France that only an IRA style campaign consisting of a united front or collective of passionate, no bullshit, intelligent white patriots from ALL our European ‘root lands’ can stop it. These shit coloured imports are nothing but insidious ‘demographic’ grenades or time bombs breeding like roaches. They will soon be the ‘majority’ in our countries before we realise it – as they are now in London and possibly Paris already! New York Yellow cabs are festering with them too btw – most emanating from India/Pakistan.

    If a bunch of hardened wogs can ‘humbly’ and bloodily contain a US alliance in the Afghanistan conflict as is being demonstrated, imagine what the best of our kind could do if we were COLLECTIVELY UNITED enough to go all out and do the same, using better, more intelligent tactics for our own lands – our own people worldwide? We don’t need huge amounts of kike money. We invent and make things.

    We turned a blind eye to our brave Rhodesian brethren and we’re doing it again now to the South Africans. We’re paying for that, but worse is to come if we don’t act collectively and deal with the traitors/worthless liberal scum behind this shit. This shit, as most of you probably know is set to gather momentum exponentially – the signs and the symptoms are already in our faces in all our white lands even in Poland.

    Do not let “The Camp of the Saints” be realised
    SMASH the Pinkos once and for all!

  26. Daniel says:

    Jews brag about Judaism and being called such, yet 90% or more VOTE/SUPPORT anti-biblical, anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian Liberals and democRATS. They brag about being on Satans side actually are what they are doing. The opposite of Gods words they vote/support …… SOMETHING WRONG HERE YOU THINK.

    FAKES! Most just want the attention of being called a jew like its a cool thing….BUT THE JOKE IS ON THEM

  27. Barney says:

    Jo Jackson – It’s worse than you think, Jo. Britain has been under 100% jew rule since the traitor cromwell brought them back more than 300 years ago.

    Q – What’s the first thing jews do when they take over?
    A – They kill the king.
    Q – What’s the next thing they do?
    A – Establish their “money as debt” SCAM.


    At last, I’m able to get here without having to use TOR.

    Also, “Veronica” Chapman’s “Freeman” site is back. Good info, despite the fact that “she” was born male (and sounds exactly like David Icke).



    Dead nigger storage graphic. Get it while you can.

    If that link breaks, try this one

    Dead nigger storage

  28. Jo Jackson says:

    The Labour Party is faltering … Yes!
    Just look at this white hating gargoylian creature on the right. Google its Wiki profile.
    It nests in Romford on the outskirts of London – home to ALL forms of parasitic non English life and made for what has now an absolute shit hole, unfit for a dog to piss in! This disgusting creature (gapes is the label) has been poncing off the UK taxpayer using holohoax material (like its paedophile mentor Jenner) and Marxist propaganda for decades.
    GO!!! you pointless, parasitic and disgusting Zionist cunt! Get the fuck out of the country and take your Khazarian tribe and supporters with you!

  29. Jo Jackson says:

    *become an..

  30. jayhackworth says:

    Most Americans seem unable to cut through the thick haze of jew -controlled mass media’s lies ; unable to realize what is really happening ; a major factor in the inevitable failure of the republic.

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    Ted Kennedy, “liberal lion of the Senate,” dies at 77

    On this day in 2009, Edward “Ted” Kennedy, the youngest brother of President John F. Kennedy and a U.S. senator from Massachusetts from 1962 to 2009, dies of brain cancer at age 77 at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Kennedy, one of the longest-serving senators in American history, was a leader of the Democratic Party and a spokesman for liberal causes who also was known for his ability to work with those on both sides of the political aisle.

    Fucking brain cancer is going to catch up to every libtard some day.

  32. S O G says:

    right prt …lol…..line all fartin looter king booolevards with impaled nigroes …
    america demands it …and they made a vampire out of vlad tepesh dracoolya ..draculya ..
    its the jews who are the vampires ..
    \i have heard that it is common knowledge amonf holloywood jews that there is blood consumption going on chronicly ….you know it isnt jewish children being bled ritually …

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