Philly Phreak Negro Throttles Playmate Pickup

By Phillip Marlowe

I’ve been following this for the last week or so. Playboy playmate, fashion and lingerie model, Christina Carlin-Kraft, was found dead August 22 in a Philadelphia, Ardmore condo (Philly’s “Mainline” area); where she was violently pummeled in the face — her eyes swollen black and nose bashed in. Probably her pearly teeth behind the collagen-plumped up BJ lips were knocked back down her throat from a round house to the kisser. Cast-off blood was everywhere. She was finally strangled to death with a ligature of some kind.

The idiot tramp was seen walking arm in arm with the animal around 3am in the morning. Surveillance shots showed a lowlife street jig with Christina — drunk on her sexy little tushie. The killer had only got out of prison in July for robbery. He texted a friend (certainly another lowlife street thug) on a White man-invented cellphone: “I just met this sexy ass white bitch — at her house in Ardmore now.” None of these worthless parasites work regular jobs — only exist to sell drugs, get welfare and rob what’s not nailed down.

You simply can’t get involved with these animals — they’ll kill you in a Jew York City minute. She may have had a change of heart, but that didn’t stop him from raping her and going haywire — wildly beating and killing her when she threatened to call Johnny Law. He might have bashed her around to get her bank card pin number. He stole her IPhone and you can bet he also stole whatever cash he could lay his monkey hands on. Only days before, a different black had robbed her place. She had just moved in, too.

This kind of thing happens all the time in today’s oh-so-wonderful “MULTICULTURAL HEAVEN.” Mollie Tibbetts was murdered last month by an illegal beaner in Iowa, even though her tweets revealed her as a big anti-White liberal type. Lefty media was so sure it was a White pervert pig farmer who killed the girl, they covered her being missing fairly extensively. But when it came out a brown person did it, they had the nerve to blame it on “toxic masculinity” and dropped coverage as much as possible. Us decent, law-abiding White people are totally getting screwed!

These violent bastards have ZERO empathy for anyone or any thing’s suffering. They kill themselves on street corners every minute of the day — what makes you think they won’t kill your honky ass?

Philadelphia is chock full of violent Negroes, like this bizarre monkey with a forehead patch who shot up a Walmart just last week. He merely had a dispute with someone in the check out line, before wounding 5 with his wild blasting.

White people — please listen to me — there is nothing you can do to please these criminal, violent apes. You can’t be nice and polite anymore — they just plain don’t care.

Every day I read of something similar happening to a mudshark, like Christina above. Sometimes they live, sometimes they die.

This is a completely violent, primitive race, jacked up into insane hatred of us Whites by a Jewish controlled media brainwashing meant to make us White Goyim keep hating ourselves — so we don’t go all Nazi and come looking for them with pitchforks and torches (Charlottesville got the Jews all kind of bollixed up). We should, considering how we let the bastards immigrate into this country and now we see how they repay us by using criminal blacks against us every damn minute.

Turn on the TV– it’s nothing but PC BS about evil Whitey!

These backstabbing Jews have been using blacks from the very start. Since then, they’ve branched off into radical feminism, faggotry and now, believe it or not, disgusting tranny crap. The sick Jews will not stop with their social engineering projects and filthy immoralities — the Devil himself knows what nasty vileness they are going to promote next in our lands.

Everything going on these days is so obviously geared to keeping the White race confused and at each other’s throats. They are doing everything they can to protect the black race. Have been for decades, actually. The Jews have been brainwashing us Whites with liberal claptrap for several generations. Only in the last few years or so, have Whites started waking up to the never-ending non-stop BS of Nazi/holocaust crap and slavery out of Jew Media. It’s ridiculous.

Look at how this half breed militant bitch (who IDs herself as a black) in the video below. Notice how she treats this nice pleasant White woman from the Trump administration. The disrespect for Whites is now off the charts. I’m telling you: There is ZERO you can say or do to please these angry ape-like brats.

All they want to do is make you a slave as payback, if not stick you with a knife in the gut and spit in your White face while you painfully die.

The lefty media continues it’s never-ending assault on Trump, even though the evidence is clear-cut that the Russian collusion “Kookspiracy” was against Trump from the start.

They have ZERO respect for White people anymore.

They are taking out their frustrations at life on us White people. No doubt about it. Every time they get busted for something, they start screaming “racism!” Even when black cops are everywhere, they still play the race card. Nothing whatsoever is going to please these White-haters.

Us White people need to get on the stick and start screaming bloody murder. The US media is quite obviously doing everything they can to keep our race in the dark. We’re not going to get out of this simply by voting, believe me.

The Jews have been working for decades to destroy our race. It is now so obvious as to be beyond any argument. These dirty backstabbing creeps have been in a quiet brainwashing war against us for decades.

Hell, the bastards have cranked up the anti-Nazi programming left and right, like the new movie “Operation Finale” where Israeli Mossad Jews hunt down Adolf Eichmann in a sovereign county. The nervy bastards don’t care. They will freely kill you anywhere if they deem you an enemy of sacred Jewdom. Technically, some of them believe all non-Jews are mortal enemies merely by being born Gentile. So how come you never hear a word about any of that? Because the Jews can’t let anything out on them.

Jews have been getting all kinds of bollixed up lately because of Trump. They greatly fear that we’re getting wise.

PS: I wrote all this BEFORE the black perp was finally busted. I could easily see it was a groid in the surveillance shots, plus the simple fact blacks are going criminally haywire all over the place these days. It’s a damn jungle out there.

Just think here for a second: Us decent Americans are paying for all this bull caca by paying taxes. Oh yeah, we do. Just imagine what it costs for police and court house bureaucracy alone? That filthy black bastard who croaked the whore will go to prison. But who pays for it, chumpsters?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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122 Responses to Philly Phreak Negro Throttles Playmate Pickup

  1. Dave says:

    I have absolutely zero sympathies for mud sharks. She burned the coal and she paid the toll. I hope other coal burners end up like her. They are a disgrace to the white race.

    • Karen says:

      I agree, but feel the same way towards men who pump the slanted c*nt.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        That Rich Pariste SOG directly threatened to kill Me!

        To Kill the White Powerty! And that would be good if he would be aiming at eliminating the problem, the White Poverty, but the fat parasite, “The Best Killlaaaaaaaaaaar Out There”, but the capitalistic parasite is aiming directly at me!

        These capitalistic parasites, with impressive and hugely expensive personal arcenals, have become a standard everywhere in the world. Those standard Aggressive Rich Pigs, are the fucking body bilers, useless football plaers, useless Professional Killers, etc. They are the layer between us poor hungry white people and the Judeo – Niggerian Scum!

        The instrument is called “Pear Pressure”, those layers of fat under the skin, in our example, tow tweans: Sog and the other Giant turd, ICU. Such are in every capitalistic country in the world, they are the rich and dangerous and well trained Knights of the Jews, they are the police and other power organizations. They hate Poor White Boys in the same way as Jews do. But Jews feed the “Knights”, and they attack us : the poverty.

        Unless all white people understand it nothing will change, we all will be still working for the Strong Billionears, and Jews are going to Bloodsucking from the Billionears and from Us.

        I would catch all the “Knights”, they are now playing the golf ,they are not fucking an uderage nigger, they are no undertaking extreamly expensive training working people paid for, they are not dining out, they are out hunting a mountain guzoo or a mountain niggers, they are in bank making a nifty cash deposit they stole form the thrifts in the government, they are consuming. I I would found them all and chatchem them. Bring to a big manufacturing plant in New Jersy which manufactures rifals for the Fucking Israel. I would lacked them there with a fucking hucked nose Jew for 12 hours shift everyday.

        Lastly I would nationalized that Manifacturing Facilities togher with the hard working scum and donate it to Incog.

        The sociopaths rise to the top of power by clawing, bullying, intimidating, lying, charming, betraying their ways.
        6. They rise to the top of power by being enabled by the bullied, the craven, the stupid, the naive, the opportunistic, the distracted, the brainwashed, and/or by crony bullies.
        7. Colin Todhunter in “Psychopathy, Politics and The New World Order” writes: “Psychopathy definition is a personality disorder, identified by characteristics such as a lack of empathy and remorse, criminality, anti-social behavior, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity and a parasitic lifestyle”.
        8. With that definition in mind, look around:
        8.1. the criminal, parasitic activities by bankers that have plunged millions into poverty;
        8.2. the destruction, war and death brought to countries in order that corporations profit by stealing resources;
        8.3. the dropping of atom bombs on innocent civilians in 1945 or the use of depleted uranium which again impacts innocent civilians; and
        8.4. the many other acts, from the use of death squads to false flag terror, that have brought untold misery to countless others
        8.5. just because powerholders wanted to hold onto power or to gain more power, or the wealthy wanted to hold onto their wealth or gain even more.
        9. Based on these terrible deeds, it becomes easy to argue that the people ultimately responsible for them do not adhere to the same values as ordinary people. It may be even easier to conclude that it’s not the cream that rises to the top, but, in many cases, the scum.
        10. They rise to the top by:
        10.1. the re-framing of acceptable social conduct,
        10.2. validating perverse values over humanist ones by a saturating, cynicism-inducing, propagandist, corporate media.
        11. Todhunter writes: “Too many people have become well-adjusted to the values of a profoundly sick society.
        12. Humanity is being beaten down to be neurotic, vicious and to regard these traits as constituting normal, acceptable behavior. Thanks to the media, this becomes engrained from an early age as comprising ‘common sense’, and those who question it are merely sneered at or ridiculed by a system that promotes a mass mindset immune to its own lies (NAICS. Values).
        13. snip
        14. Instead of promoting values which properly functioning social beings would contribute to a:
        14.1. sense of community,
        14.2. altruism,
        14.3. love or morality.
        15. These good values are the opposite of what is too often heralded as successful (bad values) by our mainstream media:
        15.1. Whether it’s the Big Brother TV show, or the Apprentice show:
        15.1.1. this is the type of stuff that is rammed down our throats as constituting normality every day, and
        15.1.2. these values are promoted day and night.
        15.2. Hollywood films, commercials, and political ideology are all engaged in forwarding the belief that it’s:
        15.2.1. a dog eat dog world,
        15.2.2. war and violence is necessary,
        15.2.3. competition and not cooperative is what counts,
        15.2.4. aggression and not passivity is the key to success, and
        15.2.5. that success equates with amassing huge amounts of personal wealth and lavish displays of conspicuous consumption.
        15.3. Now such a scenario might seem awful enough, but the people who tend to control the world, the ones responsible for these acts, try to impose their distorted world view and twisted values on everyone else.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        The Wealthy Jews, those on their payroll, and their obedient servants “Reverse Knights” gorge themselves with superfluities while the starving White multitude are in want of the bare necessities of life.

        But the black Aunty Abigail from the IRS, around the corner, already compiled the list of the Fat White Snakes net worth for the end of the fiscal 2018, among us, who sold their services to Rich, not to us the White Multitude.

  2. Bluesteel says:

    Rope and tree !

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Ever since the word found that, the statue of liberty has nothing to do with the liberty, but the liberty for millions and millions ferocious jews and Niggers, who work tireslely everyday to enslave all white people.

      So the New York is the Jew Capital of the World. And everyone knows that where the jews are there is nothing for you. So is the Liberty still alive in America?

      The world also learned that the real freedom is still alive in America, and well. The white people from around the world still look up to America for liberty (not liberals), and freedom. But the world also learned that the liberty lives not in the green infeariating statue, it leaves in much larger structure – tihe harts of the millions of white people around the world – and the only gigantic statue of Liberty which integrates us all is the

      Yesterday, we had a first bottle with the few locals who did not pass the test of integrity and were found to be Dangerous Poisonous Rich Fat Snakes. Several of them, ZOG, ICU and couple of more hateful capitalistic scums.

      Non only they openly threatened the opposition with death, they tried to use Niggerism like offensive sexual language in attempt to denigrated, discredit opponents. Rich pigs are worse than Niggers! Not any other nation in the world use all that sexual discussion some much as it is here. Not among blood eenmies it would come to the mind to call person who have an opposing opinion, to call them a kids toucher or homo, or shit like this. Only here. I repeat the rich use every too and every resource just for one goal to keep us working for that scum.

      Let us take a look at the ICU, many of us less refined, after reading his absurd calls for violence, and thing it must be a good person, why not have a beer? But if you read more deligently you will note that is a 80% disability candidate to be a fat Jewish provocateur.

      Who hates the advocates of the White Poor People, and dreams of the “gubamint aircraft”. He want more aircraft, the Rich Pig want more expensive aircraft, he wants more expensife training, he wants more compensation.

      But the Poor White People want to cut open his stomack the murderers can eat the food they stole form the working people, who endless work for ICU, and SOG.

      But how are those fast with trigger scums? The can collectively be profiled as “The Best Killeaaaas Out Deaar”.

      Whate people do not need you fucking operpad murderrers, at least not now. You call American people for the Civil War 2 which they have not chanse of wining. You, provactures, call American people to expose themselves to the Jewish DoJ, so the Jews can arrest white people merely for using the “Lonely Wolf Tactics” (admirable but osolite).

      We, White Poor People value lives of all White People, we do not want them to areested and sudumized in American Jailes by Niggers. We call for the peaceful resolution of the Jewdeo-Niggerian Problem, by organizing in the White Policcal Party, or White Civil Rights, und the White Doctor MLK, which we poor whites call incog, or simply “teacher”.

      American people do not want to traine the “Best Killaaaaaars in Dahhhhhh World”, the do not want to pay for you endlessly. The do not need the “Gubamint Aricraft” which is there for unclear reasons. White people want the “White Gubamint Aircraft” which is going to be used for oru freedom, for our sons and doughters, not for fucking Jews, ICUs, SOGS, and Niggers.

      • Barney says:

        Quote “That Rich Pariste SOG directly threatened to kill Me!

        Given the chance, I’d kill you too, and all other illiterate worthless kikenvermin.

        S O G has his funny way of writing, but he’s been here for years and proven himself to be one of us.

        You come on here using multiple identities, use foul language, feign semi-literacy and verbally attack anyone who calls you out on your typical hasbaRAT programmed (mis)behaviour.

        Who are we to trust? Incogman and people we’ve come to know over the years, or the $400 a week troll?

        Tell Cass Sunstein he’s over-paying you because you’re not good enough to convince anyone here – or anywhere.

      • ICU says:

        HEY, Sheenie…
        Crazier than a shithouse rat much ?
        Keep it up, your spluttering, dissociative rants are almost funny.
        I envision your horrid countenance with bulging eyeballs, a five day stubble beard and a drippy hook nose…flecking spittle all over your monitor and keybboard, as you peck with one effeminate, cold sweaty paw while the other paw fondles your filthy shriveled smallberries and 1/2″ Vienna Sausage.

        Tip O’ The Day…for you, Kike:
        Have an explosive stroke that blows out the side of your misshapen head. Fall over; and don’t have your lesser demon carcass discovered for about two weeks…
        by one of your similarly disgusting boyfriends.
        Get busy with that, m’kay.

      • Karen says:

        Arctic Circle, I love you.

  3. Red Pill says:

    God is culling the herd, those that do not obey will die.
    God said it and we say it at INCOGMAN.
    all that disobey are on the highway to hell’s fire.
    it’s just that simple.

  4. Arctic Circle says:

    When asked about anti-white bias, though, black and white respondents differed significantly in their views

    (1) Black respondents identified virtually no anti-white bias in any decade.

    (2) White respondents agreed that anti-white bias was not a problem in the 1970s, but reported that bias against whites started climbing in the 1990s before rising sharply in the past 30 years.

    Survey found that every since 2011, anti-white bias has become bigger problem then any other.

  5. Arctic Circle says:

    Who is responsible for diverting public resources in compleatly wrong direction?

    Who is responsible for forcing people to coexist with the violent colored?

    Here is an example of a publicly funded program. This program has an absurd agenda, which has become a common reasoning for anti-white discrimination. This demagogy has become a standard instrument to justify for violating white human rights making it illegal to search for blacks free work places, and blacks free towns, blacks free transportation, and black free schools.

    Somebody funded the organization: The YWCA’s Racial Justice and Activism programming. The organization now using grassroots techniques to advance forced desegregation in the United States. The Y’s salaried white scumbags with no sense of morality, would take a pay check from any one even if it would an Evel Jew himself for killing white people for $10 per hour.

    Even though, we are not perfect and there are plenty of psychopathic sics among us, those Y’s salaried white scumbags are different, from psychos. They are not wackos with PTSD, they are just indifferent, in a sense that they do not care. In a sense the remind me Police, who are not bad people at all. In fact many police officers are good family people, only that little detail: they do not give a shit about you. And they will do anything to do to you to get their paycheck.

    I propose that somebody smart with a good command of English, must come up with a discriptive label for those among us, scumbags. So when we refer to them in the future discussion we same time by using a short term to describe them.


    What they incorrectly call: racial justice work is not justice at all, but a violation of white civil rights. Everyone have to be able to say No to the colored blacks.

    Read the program description below, and try to imagine your self drawing in shit. The program takes the conversation on race to the next level–beyond individual interactions to looking at society’s institutions and systems—and offers opportunities for community members to be part of the solution. The YWCA supports individuals in leading racial justice and activism efforts in their own communities, as well as in exploring their own concepts of race and racial prejudice.

    YWCA Metropolitan Chicago Racial Justice, Equity and Inclusion Project
    YWCA defines racism as the intersection of prejudice, power and privilege; targeting people of color. We are committed to dismantling racism in all forms through organizational best practices, research and development, legislative review, training and public education.


  6. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Mudsharks ‘n Niggers, oh my! Fertile ground for entertainment!

  7. Arctic Circle says:

    What can be learned from the Y’s Racial Justice program?

    People must organize and make necessary funds available to educate , our youth, using the model from the past Hitler-Jugend. The organization created in its model, can same our future generations from the tereble mistakes of the 1945, and Razgul of violent Judaism around the world in he velvet gloves.

    The Hitler-Jugendn the proper way to protect them from the poisonous indoctrination and otherwise must debilitation through forces by the jews mutations and cross breads with the violent animals – chimeras.

    Here is a shot wonderful article about kidies.

    The Hitler Youth was the sole official youth organisation in Germany and was partially a paramilitary organisation; it was composed of the Hitler Youth proper for male youths aged 12 to 18.

    The bloodthersty jews after winning the WWII, killed millions of german youth and replaced with ferocious Niggers Youth. This was achieve by Jews declaring the organization dedicated to teaching youth our values, discipline, and comba. Jews stoll it from our kids, and reallocated the funds to blacks, which would be as catastrophic, as the fact that jews intentionally sanitized the curriculum to remove everything humane, and populated with the Jewish money worshiping virus, perversions, and materialism, consumption, absurd about parents and stupid sexual harassment claims.

    Jews wounded us almost 80 years ago, but they did not kill us. We still can change the system to stop feeding the parasites. But I believe that it can only be achieved in through a peaceful political reform in EU and US.

  8. Arctic Circle says:

    Here is incredibly stupid, but short story.

    Let me tell you someing about Pilot. We have got a pilot, that pile of shit. A fucking Giant Niggers, former U.S. Military Pilot, is bragging everywhere that he was paid million a year by the U.S. GubaMint. As result of this obeas, the fuckign Nigger monkey, bought a Gaiant realestate with a gaiant niggers churck former wall mart, or shit, and will the niggers business. Every week the million black thugs, the same size as God Damend ICU and the murder SOG, come there to hate us together, the giant Niggers, are planning how to kill poor white boys.

    I believe that Pentagon may give it a second thought or something, if it is even safe to hire dangerous Niggers. The Niggers are dangerous not to the Chinese, Russian, Korean, and the fucking Mountain Enemis of America, they are dangerous to the Americans themselves. Fucking Parasites.

    Spreading anti-white hate and violence the fucking puke.

    If I would be in charge you would not make it to the entrance door, or exit door.

  9. Whitepride says:

    What a militant POS she was! I can’t stand niggers! Wish they would bring back lynchings! I never had a nigger ape and never would! And these stupid white mudshark whores get what they deserve! Ugh! Disgusting traitors! Ugly black bastards! I steer clear of niggers! Hope the good for nothing niggers go to HELL at the end of their fake, sorry ass lives!!! I only know about three decent blacks! They work every day driving buses! The rest are good for nothin!!! Man, I was born in Jew York City and lived there for 32 years! Cannot believe all the killing and crime niggers have done!!!

  10. Whitepride says:

    What a militant POS she was! I can’t stand niggers! Wish they would bring back lynchings! I never had a nigger ape and never would! And these stupid white mudshark whores get what they deserve! Ugh! Disgusting traitors! Ugly black bastards! I steer clear of niggers! Hope the good for nothing niggers go to HELL at the end of their fake, sorry ass lives!!! I only know about three decent blacks! They work every day driving buses! The rest are good for nothin!!! Man, I was born in Jew York City and lived there for 32 years!

  11. Barney says:

    No time right now, so I’ll have to come back later, but I wanted to share this video. He doesn’t name the jew, blaming the transatlantic slave trade on “Whites”, and for some reason he’s made the first few minutes impossible to watch because (in my case at least) it hurts your eyes, but he makes some excellent points about slavery OF Whites and in other countries.

    He also picks up on the lunacy that we’re “not allowed” to be proud of our race’s past achievements, but that we should feel guilt about anything “bad” our ancestors are said to have done.

    He touches on a lot of the crap that’s thrown at White People, the crusades, White “guilt”, the Frankfurt “school” and other things, so despite his failure to identify the elephant in the room, the demonic jew, imho the video is worth watching.

    If you want to download it using Firefox, you’ll probably have to install another add-on because Youtube seem to be continually making changes to prevent us preserving important videos before (((they))) take them down. I believe the one I used is called “Complete YouTube Downloader”.

    • art says:


      Thanks for the link to that video; full of accurate and pertinent information on the enemy. I had no problem downloading the vid as an mp4, and added it to my bloated library of 2500 or so clips, documentaries, etc that I’ve collected over the past 10-15 years. A few have told me that my collection may be worth something socially when the left communists have succeeded in implanting their satanic Jew World Order

      Thanks again, art

      • Barney says:

        art – I do the same thing, collecting videos I anticipate will be useful in educating those White People who are capable of being saved. I’ve got about a thousand so far.

    • Arctic Cirle says:

      The author of this video mad a very good job to provide sever important to the subject definitions. However, the author, failed to separate the discussion of egalitarianism and the discussion of undesirability of forcibly mixing races, which we call her “Forced Desegregation”.

      It is very important to understand that White People are not equal to Rich White people. There is a big difference.

      First it is important to explain to the other races that, even though, the “Forced Desegregation” is legal, for now, but is highly unethical and in the long term. Leading to the catastrophic and irrecoverable loss of white lives.

      How could the dangerous Jews and Blacks become so powerful, and invisible in their ability to destroy the white humanity? The answer, is simple. They legitimized them selves, thus creating a situation, when the rich Jews, and black criminals are legally protected from the righteousness anger of their white victims.

      Thus the solution for the problem of multiculturalism is not a revolution, or CW2, but a systematic effort of the white people to integrate themselves in to white political power by creating a white political party dedicated to make jews and blacks illegitimate (illegal).

      Jews are dangerous source of the well camouflaged capitalistic poison of exploitation. It is doesnot matter what nick-name is used to describe an economic system is there for as long as the labor of all white people is paid by by the Fair-Labor-Hours.

      When advocates of the capitalism try to add some of their ideas, to our mission of liberation of white people from the Jewish Financial Slavery, the discussion is disrupted. I just wanted to make the distinction very clear.

  12. Barney says:

    How to identify a troll (the worst kind anyway).

    Consistently bad spelling and grammar.

    Foul language.

    Verbal attacks against long-established posters.

    Claiming trolls don’t exist, but are merely government operatives offering a different perspective.


    We all use strong language occasionally, but the troll uses it all the time.

    We didn’t “trust” your “opinion” before, and we don’t now, so off to Spamblinka with you, “Arctic Circle” and your several other names. We don’t want your type disrupting things.

    Now you’ll start abusing me, but it’s water off a duck’s back. Do you really think I care what a hasbaRAT thinks?

    • Arctic Circle says:


      Thanks for taking the time to reason with me down. After you email I already took a k-bar and cat 25% of my tongue, in terms of the foul language.

      First of all you have to become honest with you self. In retrospective I did not start with the “verbal attacks against long-established posters”. As I stated in the past, I respect about everyone posting here. When the pank, SOB, called me a name for the first time, with no reason, only because different ideology. I was shocked. And then learned. And then started to call them the names too. Even though, that verbal shit sower I still respect them for all the good work they have done over the years. (That is not to mention the lack of leadership and guidance and lock of the call for White people to organize).

      Second, in re to spelling, I am not sure that you read the directive, that everyone form now on must spell the world the way they hear them not the way the Jews want them to spell it.

      Third, please do not misinterpret what someone said. I have never stated that: ” “government operatives offering a different perspective”. I stated that that what you call “trolls”, for the most part, except lonely psychos, are almost always professionally designed operations with the very particular mission, and organized by the competing governments. I am not a troll, I am a White Person who believes the White People in America, and Europe deserve better! I am here to offer different veiw angles, the opposing governments are not going to offer you any angles. The mission of information specialist is always to mislead and misinform to achieve a particular response, to serve particular interest groups.

      Fourth, I am not abusing you. I just remember when I was novice two years ago, and the pank ZOG, arrogantly called me a name, you sit next to him made another big pile of shit instead to cut him down a bit.

      Fifths, in re to that you “Do not care about my opinion and what I think” it is alright. In today’s information overload people care less and less. For example, as people get older the list of things they care about is shrinking exponentially. So please follow this logic and understand that I Don Not Care what you think too. And that is no offence.

      For the second time you little British shite (shise) call me a hasbaRAT. Here you go: I am not hasbaRAT, not Rat, not rat, and hasba.

      I am here for the same reason as you are: to help White People to understand the reality of the Judeo-Niggerian Problem. However, there is a significant difference between us. You are fascinated almost climaxing by the opportunity of the “whole village of homeless poor people to disappear”. And we all know that disappear means to be vaporized or dissolved in the expensive chemicals that only rich pigs can afford.

      I am on a contrary, humanitarian. I would never let a poor White bum to be killed, I am very humane and kind. That what makes us white Christian people, people, not Niggers.

      In conclusion,

      I will improve the spelling,
      Cut my tongue a bit.
      And do not attack the long-term posters, if they do not attack me.
      I do not want to be ousted.

  13. Barney says:

    Here’s another reason to be proud of Our Race. This one’s in Polish, but with English subtitles. The song (and not much else) was Poland’s Eurovision entry a couple of years ago.

    • Barney says:

      Just image a dozen fat sheboons trying to copy the above video. The ground would probably give way under the weight, and no sane White Person would want to watch all that ugly black flab bouncing about.

      Perhaps it’s a bit to “sexual” for some, but it shows the kind of physical beauty the devil’s vermin want to destroy out of pure jealousy because they can only create ugliness.

  14. The truth about diversity is that the various races were never meant to live together. They cannot live together successfully, and if left to themselves, they will naturally segregate. We see this phenomenon in nature, and we see it among human beings. This is why we have ethnically designated areas of major cities such as “China Town,” or “Little Italy,” etc. Likewise, prison populations naturally segregate themselves along racial lines. Integration has to be forced upon people; it is not something that occurs naturally. Miscegenation and integration are satanically inspired attempts to destroy racial distinctions. Egalitarianism is pure b.s. All men are not equal; they are separated by vast differences, in their intelligence quotients, their temperaments, etc. Were we to have a true meritocracy, this fact would become evident quickly, which is exactly why we will never have a true meritocracy.

    • Tony says:

      Excellent comment James and on the money 100%.

      But they’re just like us so let’s all sit around a campfire and sing Kumbaya! How the Jews have been able to promote that lunacy and eradicate common sense instinct that recognized the jungle apes inferiority is just almost possible to believe. Our ancestors surely knew these negroes were never meant to mix or live amongst us hence segregation. Thanks Jews! Only White men can turn the tide and save our race.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Well, very true, but preliminary and incomplete conclusion. We need to think about it some more.

      The excreta, of cause, is not US. But even among us …?

      For example all white people are the same: they all have APPETITE. The appetite is another term for economics, and politics is just a continuation of economics.

      Slowly progressing toward becoming racially aware and disillusioned White People must protect themselves from systematic, methodical, well-funded, and what is the most dangerous LEGALISED victimization!

      Here are a few steps to systematize the delinquent, latent, and stumbling White Awaking, by adapting the following step of white decision making:

      Stage #1: values stage. decision making process begins with elicitation of white values stage, in which a problem is defined, along with the values and goals, considered important, in resolving the problem. Once the problem and relevant goals have been clarified.

      State #2: development of options stage. Alternative solutions for addressing the problem are advanced and debated in the development of options stage, in which the number of possible options is reduced to a set of feasible alternatives:
      +++Buying a entire Republican Party to make it White Republican Party and electing incog as our president after Trump’s second term is over.
      +++Creating a New Political Party.

      Stage #3: estimation of consequences stage. The pros, cons, and likely outcomes of each alternative are determined in the “estimation of consequences” stage.

      Stage #4: Public deliberation (persuasion of others of merits of each alternative). Evaluation of alternatives stage, in which advocates for each proposal attempt to persuade others of its merits. Characterized by active public deliberation and heightened press coverage to the issue, this stage is the phase, which is most clearly identified as public discourse, and is marked by widespread attention to the issue even among ordinary citizens.

      Stage #5: decision stage. Finally, public discussion of the merits of each proposed solution comes to a close at the decision stage, when an individual, institutional, or collective decision selects one of the proposed solutions to remedy the problem.

      • ICU says:

        You, as a specimen of the insane raving jabberer problem, should be locked up in a padded cell; allowed out, on a long leash, only to clean up after the dogs and horses.
        Not to worry though, Zhidi; when CW2…as you put it… gets going, you’ll only be lobotomized.
        Oh, wait…

  15. Gene says:

    Maybe She Was A Lefty Embracing The Multicultural, Anti-White Line

    But whatever the case, if she picked up on this guy she was a coalburner and mudshark. Of all the nice white guys out there she probably could have had her pick, but being a loser mudshark, she had to pick this nigger.

    She is surely dead, just like other White girls will be who go out with niggers.

    I think the possibility of the ATM PIN being beaten out of her is plausible. She probably had pretty good change in some banks. Can’t help but feel sorry for anyone who meets this fate.

    If you suffer from that brainwashed line that multiculturalism is good, that niggers are okay you’d better wake up and sober up your thinking before you wind up dead.

  16. Barney says:

    Niggers are not Human, but a species of ape, somewhere between chimpanzees and gorillas.

    They look like gorillas (but uglier) and act like chimps, and the devil’s vermin expect us to believe they’re real Human Beings??? They’d have us believing in the tooth fairy next.

    If niggers are Human, we’ll have to accept cockroaches, elephants, monkeys and earthworms as our equals too.

    Darwinists (another form of idiot) used to talk about finding the “missing link” between Humans and apes, but they never looked at the nigger. Why? If there really was an intermediate stage, niggers would be it.

    I believe there’s something in the bible about a species of ape that has the ability to imitate Human speech after a fashion, an ability shared and surpassed by several avian species, so that hardly makes niggers Human.

    The nigger is a jungle ape that will suddenly chimp out en-masse for no apparent reason, slaughtering everything in sight, then it all dies down as quickly as it started, and they don’t even know what it was supposed to have been about.

    It’s what they do.

    They destroy White-built housing and whole towns because the primitive ape mind is driven to destroy what it can’t understand. It’s as cruel to take them out of their natural environment and expect them to live in our societies as it is to inflict these dangerous wild animals on a Human population.

    They are NOT us, and never can be. They’re animals ffs!

    The jews are worse because they hate every species, including their own. They hate life itself.

    Unlike jews though, a few niggers have the ability to become civilised and more Human-like, but they can never be fully Human because they’re a different species. They belong where they were found, in the jungles, and if the devil’s vermin (jews) like them so much, they can go and live among these wild animals in their natural habitat.

    Niggers are only doing what niggers do, but jews are consciously evil. That’s why they brought these dangerous jungle critters into our countries and told them (and us) they’re no different to real Human Beings.

    Never trust a jew, and never trust a nigger. They’re not human, and can’t change their nature. Niggers belong in the jungle, where they can kill and eat each other without the need to bother us, and jews belong with their father, as identified by Jesus Christ.

    My cat has more Humanity than a dangerous jungle nigger.

    • ICU says:

      In ancient Hindu writings the BLAX are called Varanas, Monkey People; created (? by genetic manipulation of existing simians…Chimps ?) by “the gods” for dumb labor and as cannon fodder in the wars between “the gods”.

      The “dumb labor” thing, no doubt at the end of a whip then…and a good motivator now, along with 12 ga. pumpers…hasn’t changed much.
      The “cannon fodder” thing was glaringly apparent in a more modern context regarding the masses of city and country niggers that were drafted into Federal military service during the Viet Nam Era. Rotten Loser Koon, Jr. moaned and groaned about the high BLAK combat casualty rate. The Baritone Burrhead Bullshit Artist BLAK Commie Bastard apparently didn’t know that when there was VC and NVA incoming fire and somebody shouted out “GET DOWN”, the stupid niggers jumped up and started dancing. (heh-heh)
      There were two niggers on my destroyer that were lucky that they didn’t disappear over the side in the middle of the night. One little thieving jiggaboo shitheel went AWOL, and I HOPE that the scruffy Chimp wound up in Portsmouth Naval Prison and CHANGEd into a punching bag.
      The other nigger was SO stereotypically bothersome, likely weed fueled (niggers DO NOT respond to THC the same way as humans. It makes them MORE niggerish) that it got transferred out to somewhere ( I think it got caught holding, got busted and was shipped OUT); as a shitburner for a Marine latrine would have been appropriate.

      Darwin didn’t think that BLAX were Human. He clearly stated that if taxonomic classification standards that are applied to all other living things were honestly applied to genetically unaltered Sub-Saharan Blacks, they would be classed as another species, if not also of another genera.

      Dr. Schweitzer, after pissing away most of his professional medical life trying to better the conditions of the Black African Oogah Boogah Crowd, ultimately admitted that it was a futile effort and waste of time…years…trying to apply human standards, sympathy and altruistic aid to sub-human critters that couldn’t…and can’t be helped.

      In short, “they” are not like us; and it is delusional folly to believe that The Paintjob Theory is in any way connected to Reality.
      Blacks, not being H. Sapiens sapiens, are NOT Human. The rampaging scum prove that every day in many ways, worldwide.
      The sooner that this FACT becomes more commonly accepted and fearlessly discussed and applied to planning and legislation, the better for all…including the Blacks. Because then, they won’t be judged by Human standards, and will be free to be what they are, and are not; just like all other domestic and wild animals…management and population control considerations aside.

      Gnome sane ?

  17. Tony says:

    Barney I could not have said it better myself. I find myself in absolute awe at how in such a short span of time the jews have wrecked our White civilizations with their “equality” agenda. This equality agenda is the virus strain that creates a full blown leftist marxist. It infiltrates and hijacks reason. It is the tribes “recipe for destruction” and if not stopped it will continue to eradicate what is left of the White race. Only a revolution can save us now.

  18. Arctic Cirle says:

    The author of this video made a very good job to provide sever important to the subject definitions. However, the author, failed to separate the discussion of egalitarianism and the discussion of undesirability of forcibly mixing races, which we call her “Forced Desegregation”.

    It is very important to understand that White People are not equal to Rich White people. There is a big difference.

    First it is important to explain to the other races that, even though, the “Forced Desegregation” is legal, for now, but is highly unethical and in the long term. Leading to the catastrophic and irrecoverable loss of white lives.

    How could the dangerous Jews and Blacks become so powerful, and invisible in their ability to destroy the white humanity? The answer, is simple. They legitimized them selves, thus creating a situation, when the rich Jews, and black criminals are legally protected from the righteousness anger of their white victims.

    Thus the solution for the problem of multiculturalism is not a revolution, or CW2, but a systematic effort of the white people to integrate themselves in to white political power by creating a white political party dedicated to make jews and blacks illegitimate (illegal).

    Jews are dangerous source of the well camouflaged capitalistic poison of exploitation. It is doesnot matter what nick-name is used to describe an economic system is there for as long as the labor of all white people is paid by by the Fair-Labor-Hours.

    When advocates of the capitalism try to add some of their ideas, to our mission of liberation of white people from the Jewish Financial Slavery, the discussion is disrupted. I just wanted to make the distinction very clear.

  19. KING CONG says:

    barney & arctic circle.
    if you want to know who posts under different names,
    the picture symbol that is by your name is always the same .
    when you post, that picture stays the same.
    i don’t know who “KING CONG” is
    but he owned by Red Pill.
    and you can get your own picture like i did.

  20. J.R. says:

    the word “human” means “earthling” or “of the earth”, as opposed to that which is alien or of the gods; and it’s cognate with humus or compost because all of fallen humanity is of course heading for compost because of our first parents’ sin against God… the black man is therefore, in the more conventional use of the word “human”, actually a creature of that sort, especially since he has the fundamental attributes of a conscience of self awareness and of sin against God and the desire for a religion that can reconcile him with an offended God, which is the fundamental difference between animals and humans, if you look at the things of nature as an image of God to teach you these things…

    In fact, it’s pretty plain that the ancestors of the black race were actually white folk, just as white folk are foolishly producing mud babies from black folk today; but that the black race received their ape-like appearance, disposition, and attributes as a direct judgment from God, rather than from a literal genetic evolution from apes, which is actually an impossibility for both the white and black races, despite what jew endorsed geneticists would tell you today… a judgement that was likely passed on them from their white ancestors who’d evidently offended God by committing bestiality with the apes they came across and made pets of in the jungles of Africa in ancient times…

    white folk today are evidently a (fallen) image of the original marvelously strong and beautiful looking white Adamic race; and blacks are arguably the fallen white race’s polar opposite, especially racially, ethnically, and morally, with alien-like Asians and freaks like dwarfs and giants somewhere between and arguably beyond or outside the two…

    all this argues very definitely for the segregation and separate development of the races and nations to avoid an escalation of the trouble that Eve brought to the human race in the garden of Eden, which is a region still on maps of Iraq today, and just as God had intended and instructed fallen humanity’s patriarchs in the Bible…

    because of the ceaseless inroads of Luciferian and jewish subversion and the fallen nature that all humans have inherited, the only real and enduring unity that can exist between the races and nations, and which doesn’t compromise God’s intention to maintain geopolitical boundaries between them in this life, is of course by their conversion to Lucifer’s and the Jews’ arch-enemy Jesus Christ, which is actually a new creation ..

    In fact, black (white and Jewish, et al) converts to Christ are actually far superior for many reasons in the sight of God, than even the best white folk who haven’t yet done the right thing by following their example … and they are of course the only real winners at the end of the day, as the only humans who’ll not be fully composted with the worm of their defiled conscience gnawing at them in hell fire beneath the earth, because the Bible says if any man be in Christ he is a new creature and a partaker of the Divine nature; and that he has escaped the corruption that’s in the world through lust and won’t be condemned with the unrepentant, unforgiven sinners on Judgment Day…

    • Daniel says:

      Dear JR,

      You need more studying dear of the truth about scriptures. But most of all please never forget to deeply ask God for the gift of ” Wisdom ” for his elect. With wisdom, you will see it was not an apple in the garden of Eden. And niggers are considered to be ” BEASTS OF THE FIELDS ” all BIBLICALLY BTW! Link proves this.

      Niggers human you say? sub-human, maybe, but NOT man!

      Adam biblical Hebrew definition= man made in the image of God. To be able to turn flush, to turn or show red in the face, red, rosy ( as in the cheeks), ruddy….they even call us red necks. Yes, God described the white blessed race very clearly…seek wisdom to find it. Blacks don’t fit man definition, rather beasts of the fields ( not the earth which are the very real animals ) also described differently and clearly with wisdom to unfold the gift of LIGHT…or Enlightenment.

  21. Daniel says:

    WE NEED TO START MILITIA GROUPS NOW!!!! Thats exactly why the devil jews want us disarmed. THEY WANT NIGGERS ARMED!!! The jew media is the white mans worst enemy as those satanic journalists hide black crime and brag to no ends about blacks while making whites look like animals when its just the opposite!!!


  22. Daniel says:

    It took the death of a doll baby model trophy white girl/woman in a barbaric typical negro style horrific maiming of a face by repeated punches/blows with a felony criminal record penitentiary time…….passing up the tens of millions of white men that would have kissed the ground she walked on and treated her like the trophy she is, treated like a lady etc…. And she thought that the negro Nephilim Luciferian negro buck was what the pick should be to turn her on.


    • ICU says:

      Attractive, Extra Self Indulgent, spoiled, thrill seeking, over-privileged, Daddy hating, programmed by jew culture, just plain slutty, sexually bored, want it rough…or… desperate/gross/ugly/obese/stupid White, and to a lesser degree Latino, women that accept The BLAK Schlong into themselves and their lives often live…or die…regretting their choice of a warm dildo transporter.
      Just ask Christina Carlin-Kraft…
      Oh, wait…

      • Arctic Circle says:

        What business you got with people cleanness?

        you must be a couple with sob: both are attacking people with no reasons and bothe talking about some strange shit who is clean and how is not, are you a genicologist or something, and who is papa who is mama with you and sog?

        ICU says: september 1, 2018 at 3:17 pm ; Oust your unclean, shaggy Kike ass/face out of a 10 story window.
        Do it today.

        Finally, if you want to stay clean for every, a bucket of Acid is always waiting for you here. I hope you die naturally but soon or commit a suicide by police.

        I have not seen so much arrogance and self confidence no where as this two: icu and sog. I wish somebody with a blade would reduce it.

        Will you every fuck off two arrogant skunks?

  23. J.G.H says:

    Very well said! These colored savages have been inflicting all this carnage on society in perpetuum, and it’s so obvious to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. The repsonse by most wise whites is to live away from them, and to not associate with them. This has only made the situation worst. All the government programs to try to help them have failed miserably, and even a “black” president did nothing. I read a lot of good agruments on why the colored are savages and the evil acts they commit. And I read and fully understand that the jews are mainly responsible for this unfortunate situation, but I would like to know what can be done to make things safer and better. Trump seems like a good start and he is much better than that crooked schill, but he is constantly attacked, and he must fire and replace Jeff do nothing Sessions. We need actions, new leaders and policies to get things to change. Or this will keep going on and on. Mudsharks are everywhere now. I live in Philly area and I see beautiful young white college educated females with this savages. I also see it in the suburbs. I see what happened to this Playboy mudshark and it will happen again and again. It has to stop! And it has to stop now before it is too late. Had Hilary been able to steal the election, it would of been full open borders to allow our mudrace replacements in. With how ignorant and unawoke most whites are, another Clinton like puppet candidate is going to win (or successfully steal) the election. If this happens, things will get very bad here, quick, and worse than eupoe because we have a head start with all these bad people of color here already. These liberals will open the prison Gates and let them out on all of us. I hope this never happens and I hope people will step up and put their damn phones down and do something about it.

  24. protocolsRtrue says:

    Go into below link. Scroll down to the picture of the rabbi sitting down. To the left of that is his speech explaining that jews consider white people to be their greatest threat to jew world order and supremacy. Therefor white people must be genocided and bred to extinction so the jews can easily maintain supremacy over a world of darker peoples. Rabbis own words. All of below link should be read but that particularly stands out.

    Old jewish saying: ” The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. jews consider white people to be their greatest enemies and threat and impediment to jew world order supremacy goals. Therefor jews constantly and continuously foster hatred of white people in all the other races. Creating new enemies of white people. And even white guilt among ourselves. Brainwashed from birth to hate white people. And call US the racist supremacist nationalist Nazis blah blah blah all the while. It’s in the public schools and especially colleges and universities. It’s in nightly jews and television. It’s absolutely in everything coming out of jewlywood. It’s even codified institutionalized discrimination against white people in our
    with assfirmative actions, minority set-sides, diversity hire and promote lowered test scores and standards diversity is more important than performance rules and regulations.

    Get this point and heed my warnings. I know the jews plans. World domination and supremacy. Every jew a king and every gentile either dead or a slave. Gentiles only exist to serve the jew. It’s their talmud. It’s their religion and core beliefs. In order for jew world supremacy from israil and Jerusalem to be realized it is NECESSARY and REQUIRED that ALL other nations be weakened and destroyed. America is NO exception. That’s why jews are righteously called nation-wreckers. jews are fostering and fueling division among us. jews LOVE to start civil wars and watch gentiles/goyim kill each other and destroy themselves and their countries. They always have. That’s what they do. Always fuck shit up and cause problems, always do harm to gentiles is another talmudic principle. Sometimes the host population recognize this in time and kicks the jews out before it’s too late. Since jews own and control all the information being jackhammered through the niggers thick concrete skulls and into the peanut sized low iq nigger brains it’s easy for the jews to lead their planet of the apes nigger army to destroy the jews main enemy (white people) and destroy America at the same time. That’s why jews pretend to like their stupid-ass pet niggers so much. The jews are using them to destroy America and white people. One city and area at a time. But at the same time everywhere. And most niggers are too stupid to figure it out that they are turning their own habitats into third world unlivable shitholes. But that just shows how stupid niggers are. 10% qualify as human the rest are still animals. They act like it so what else can I say? This is by deliberate government policy great society welfare “temporary” (yeah right) programs to lift niggers out of poverty. Here we are 50 years and 6 generations later has their situation gotten any better? Hell no 100 times worse but do they ditch the programs that have been a complete disaster for not just this country but for the black race themselves? Hell no just keep doing the same failed shit thinking it’s going to suddenly change the results. Definition of insanity and it’s coming from dc deep swamp. Forcing us white working people to pay taxes so they can give niggers more free shit pay for our own destruction and the downfall of our once great country. Just like the jews planned it that way which the nation wreckers did.

    • Tony says:

      You slayed that buddy! What you just wrote should be required reading for every white person in America. If all white people could read something like that on their own time without it being forced on them, they can possibly put aside their cognitive dissonance and actually realize that it’s the truth. All we can do is keep trying to wake up our fellow Whites until we awaken the magical number needed to start a revolution that can’t be stopped. The jews will be trying to Hitch rides on the backs of their pet niggers as they run from us.

  25. ICU says:

    Civil War 2.0, if it has ANY chance of positively altering our present course of destruction, will have to be fought as a guerilla insurrection by Lone Wolves and Small Cadres with well chosen members, very much immune to covert infiltration.
    This, similar to the way The IRA dealt with The Brits and The Black and Tans…but, much better, smarter and much more tech savvy.
    The heads of snakes should be the first and primary targets; Zionist Talmudic Khazars first among them. Their highly placed stooges, concurrently.
    When enough of them get lopped off, the remaining heads may be induced to change their ways, and become much less piratical and vampiric, maybe.
    The gubbamint minions that come to arrest and seize, seeing that their bosses and their late associates lacked immunity from harsh justice, will be given pause regarding “Just Doing Our Jobs” and “Only Following Orders”.
    Read Solshenitzyn’s prose that starts “How we burned in the camps…” as he expounds on coulda/woulda/shoulda when the Soviet hired guns came in the night to ” just do their jobs”.

    The current state of affairs can’t go stumbling along forever.
    It’s going to fall; one way or another.
    We are in a period of decline of empire; and there are already barbarians inside the gates. It’s much worse in Western Europe; but, The Good News is that organized opposition to the orchestrated ZOG “jew” nation wrecking is starting to grow and energize.
    The ‘jews” don’t care about impending state failure and cultural destruction.
    It’s what they want; they’d rather rule over a Mud populated, dystopian Police State wasteland than see a flourishing White civilization that sees them and knows them for what they are, and are not…and treats them accordingly.

    A Storm Is Coming.
    Be Prepared.

  26. Gene says:

    off topic but important to know

    Actress Vanessa Marquez Dies In A Hail Of LAPD Bullets On Verge Of Mass Exposure

    Police officers reportedly had just left the Church of Scientology-Pasadena before traveling to the home of Vanessa Marquez at 1133 Fremont Avenue in South Pasadena where they then murdered (with a hail of bullets) actress Vanessa Marquez, former star of ER and other movies. Cops stayed with her 90 minutes, not an hour, under the cover of a welfare check (interrogation). “Shot at least once” means she probably suffered many gunshots. As nurse Wendy Goldman on ‘ER’ Marquez was probably a great inspiration for women, especially Hispanic women everywhere.

    You see the ‘welfare check’ is like an emergency and guarantees the cops’ entry, so they can force an interrogation of sorts on the victim since they are concerned about the victim’s welfare. It’s all bogus! In this way a conspiracy which is about to be exposed can be contained, a resourceful tool of the U.S. government.

    A welfare check that lasts 90 minutes? Uh huh….ummmm….eh…uh huh. If a person doesn’t give the right answers it could mean they’re sane but know what is going on and have to be eliminated. The reports state the police had been to her home a few times before, indicating that she was actually under surveillance.

    Is the LAPD is still doing ‘removals’ for Hollywood? She said Clooney is gay and was scheduled to do a mass exposure when she was murdered. When asked what was going on the LAPD didn’t immediately return Fox News’ request for comment. I guess they had to get their story straight.

    Do you really believe this bogus story, that she pulled a gun on cops? We only have the cops’ word for it. UGH! Who will the LAPD murder next. It could be anybody!

    George Clooney is a criminal degenerate for backing the ineligible Barack Obama and backing the criminal Hillary Clinton.
    Hail Of Bullets Cuts Down Hollywood Actress Exposing Actor George Clooney As Leader Of Gay Sex Cult

    Police Kill Actress Who Accused George Clooney of Sexual Harassment Cover-up

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      “A welfare check that lasts 90 minutes?. . .”

      When I first saw that yesterday I thought it meant a welfare check that had to be spent within 90 minutes. . .

  27. protocolsRtrue says:

    Do you think that rahmmy jewboy Emanuel really gives a shit about what chimpago is turning in to? Half these jewboy and jewbitches are dual us israili shitizens anyway. And it wouldn’t matter anyway every jew has the right to come to israil and be a jew israili citizen. Why do you think israil keeps building new settlements in Palestine? And these jew fuck hypocrates open borders and diversity is great no walls do they do that in israil? Hell no! The most secure fences and walls and exclusive unequal rights racist apartheid country on Earth but they sure like telling other countries what’s best for us huh? You don’t see isreal bringing in all the refugees from jew wars of aggression in the middle east. And these fucking dual israli shitizens are not just on shitty council and the mayors office. They’re congressmen and senators and in the white house access to everything. Even on intelligence committees and judicial committees and homeland security committees. We know which homeland security these isrial firster fucks are concerned about. Foreign citizens with top secret security clearances you say? Preposterous!! Yes it is have you not read their kol nidre most holiest of prayers? That all vows and oaths we take in the COMING year should be considered null and void and neither vows nor oats nor promises? So after all these nation- wrecking jew fucks do all the damage they can to America and whatever else country they live in start civil wars and shit they think they will simply pack up their stolen wealth and move to israil and be rewarded with a meddle. Damage well done. Fucking nation-wrecking jews. Subversive in peacetime and sabateurs during war.

    Back to the nigger animals. Just watch the real police shows like first 48 and homicide hunter and stuff and you will see how little value that these thug nigger criminal animals put on human life. Zero. None. They kill each other most often thank goodness but innocents also and do not care. Usually over drugs but somebody could have mean mugged them dissed them and they kill you. With their stolen or otherwise illegal guns. The phrase most commonly used by the homicide detectives is ” senseless. Simply senseless”. Yep. They are. The detective interviews the niggers that did it caught on video and 7 eyewitnesses and asks the niggers if it was really necessary to shoot and kill the store clerk or 35 year old pizza driver father of 2 working a second job over the twenty dollars you got from the robbery? The niggers just stare. Sometimes they giggle or laugh. Oh well. Like talking to a crocodile or a shark and asking them was it necessary to kill the baby gazelle or eat the baby dolphin? They stare like why not? What’s wrong with robbing ,raping, and murdering an 85 year old woman? There is no soul in there. No humanity whatsoever. The ones that have done it before say get me MY lawyer! Aint that a kick in the pants too the thug nigger criminal animal gang banger demands HIS taxpayer funded lawyer. Now WE have to pay the billable hours for some jew lawyer to try and keep this fucking nigger animal out of the cages where they belong and unpunished for his crimes against humanity get him back on the streets to do it again to new victims as soon as possible. Believe me 95% of them come out of the cages even worse animals than what they were when they went in there. If that’s even possible. And we pay for our own destruction that waste of time also. Drop them off on some juraissic park volcanic island somewhere with the cloned dinasaurs and make a reality tv show out of that. Fucking nigger predatory animals here meet some tyrannasauruses rexes.

  28. Gene says:

    Cops Too Busy Murdering Little Latino Movie Star To Investigate Negro Crime

    Hey, particularly where Jew Weinstein is concerned, the cops are too busy murdering some little Latino chic movie star to bother with Negro crime.
    Big Heroes must have pumped a lot of bullets into the little gal, actress Vanessa Marquez when it says she was struck “at least one time”. You can figure she had multiple gunshots, a hail of bullets.

    Why would they bother with nigger crime when they can go over and eliminate another witness-complainer?

  29. jayhackworth says:

    Jew-owned media is a device used against White people . As long as Whites are willingly connected to it , they will be unable to save themselves.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Here is how the parasites from the Jew-owned media think today.

      WSJ by F.J. Parasite:

      The social media has become overly influential, writes a mister F.J. Parasite, from wsj. The Mr. F.J. believes that the solution to the social medias websites which substantially accelerated number of readers, such as, is to cut off the power.

      Mr. F.J. writes:

      The solution to the social media problem, the Key to Peace on Social Media: is the Mute Button! Social media is under siege, and why not? It’s become addictive, overly influential, dystopic, rife with bullying, cruelty, misinformation, disinformation and, of course, all those freaking videos of cats.

      If the Fucking Jews openly push for muffling the Freedom of Speech in the U.S., I strongly advise to start with the Fucking Jews, and Niggers themselves.

      Finally, note to myself: next to discuss 1) fat under from under the the skin, and 2) GB.

      It appears that there are very few legal options are left for the White Civil Rights advocates, but a creation of the White Political Party. The only credible alternative is to sell on of the most expensive aircrafts to the Israel Criminal Gov, and use the money to by all Republican Party for ourselves. So we can elect White, we can Plan White, we can take care White, we can Innovate White and for the White, we can fly White, and we can educate our kids White.

      What other options are there?

      • ICU says:

        Here’s an option for you…
        Fall onto a chef’s knife, point up.
        WAIT…I didn’t mean that.
        What I meant was for you to fall onto a butcher’s long boning knife, point up.
        The chef’s knife might get hung up on a rib.
        Glad to be a helper.

        btw, Dopey…ZOG USA already sells expensive aircraft to your home base on The Eastern Med.
        The kicker is, the Jewey Jewland Likudnik rabid dogs buy the aircraft with the vast amounts of money that ZOG USA shovels at them…
        all day, every day.
        As if, in your fevered tiny mind, you didn’t already know that.

  30. S O G says:

    i hope my last comment surfaces from the bog

  31. S O G says:

    cant a nigger fuck a white woman without killin her after …like the black widow only the male kills and eats the female …
    separate countries are in order ….i think the niggers have been dealt a blow over in niggerland africa ..
    land ownership decrees changing .
    remember the 50.000 land parcels tasken from whites at end of civil war and given to niggers …turns out the jews in charge couldnt keep thast shit in bounds …all but a few hundred farms were returned to lawful owners and the niggers staged a mini war over it ..not much abavilable on it today …
    niggers will be niggers

    • ICU says:

      The Chins are slowly but surely buying up Black Africa, mostly with USA dollars.
      Can you say, “Irony jammed up your shorts.”, Boys and Girls ?

      Not being burdened with White Guilt, nor culturally subversive Kriss-Chun Zionist, Kumbaya, We-Are-All-One terminally delusional whackos…more than willing to hand over the keys to the store and the house to Chimps that DO shit where they eat…as happened in South Africa, with a generous heaping of jew Communist help…
      the Chins, being there for the vast natural resources and however one says “lebensraum” in Mandarin for their millions of swarming hive creatures…
      WILL NOT put up with Jiggaboo monkeyshines, and they will “Deal” with The Black Problem in genocidal ways that will make the other-than-human H. Erectus variants beg…er, ook and eek for a return to the days when European White Christian colonizers ran things in BLAK Oogah Boogah Land.
      Chinese industrial production efficiencies will no doubt be applied to traditional BLAK African cannibalism, resulting in plenty of Soylent Black to keep the dumb labor Varanas movin’ an groovin’ down at the mine, an awl.
      I HOPE that the Chins will video the festivities, so that the BLAX here and in Europe will get a good look at what’s in store for them when Whitey has had quite enough, re-discovers his inner Saxon, sharpens his sword and starts swinging it.
      Nah meen ?

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    blow by them icu and sog don’t get wrapped up and worried about how I spelled typed and fat fingered my keyboard. that’s why they hate you so much they cant keep up so my teacher telles me to read to them verely slowly. OK lets start this story all over again second time dick loves jane. What the fuck is your niggers and lbgtqt problems? I actually graduated from a Cleveland public school system my stepdad Jim was astonished had 2 aircraft carriers sunk out under neath him with all his west Virginia stuff he was mean and I mean mean. All my stuff and every thing I owend was sunk down to the bottom of the ocean by the slant eyed japs. twice I was on the wasp and the hornet. This man was a man. They sunk the wasp and picked me up from the ocean and put me on the hornet. And the slant eyed japs sunk that ship too. This navy war ship suks can In go back to west byGod Virginia by now with my flottttion device?

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    What is happening in south aperica today is what will happen in America and chimpcago tomorrow. But once the zimbwabwe nugers start starving after killing off the white farmers and a zimbwari dollar hits inflation a starving niger with flys crawing all over her fuck me for a dollar. I don’t think so I’ve been inoculated diseases in this world but fuck me for a dollar? magie thather speled it right socialism alwys sound good and works right until they run out of other peoples money.

  34. protocolsRtrue says:

    All I am saying. Is give peace a chanse , So I am arguing with a sand nigger over the price of gas in the desert. All I am saying… is give peace a
    ance… My rifle locked and loaded all I am saying … is give peace a chance…

  35. protocolsRtrue says:

    I wasdoing my normal morning jog about rihad and these sand nigers grab me and acuse me of looking at their wife or their daughter. They will slice my head and shit aI say nI have a wife and son and she is pregnant in florida please don’t cut off my head but zi have been here for six monthethes even a woman thet keeps a towelel over her face looks good. I lke the way she walks ……………… Asshole you are about to get your head cut off,

  36. Morris Deeds says:

    Incog definitely need threat on Steven Lispberg’s dedication to indoctrinate
    new Kwan and numbed down sheep :

    To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, Universal will be re-releasing the movie in a limited engagement on December 7, with picture and sound digitally remastered as overseen by the filmmaker. This includes a release in formats such as 4K, Dolby Cinema and Dolby Atmos.

    German people: made POOR Jews (not Catholics or Gypsies in camps, just them) into SOAP and Lampshades??????? Thank you LIBERAL Deep State controlled Academia that real true history lesson!

    Dieudonné Defies Holocaust Religion!
    Shoa that ass, Shoa Shoa Shoa that Ass!

    Article on the brilliant French comedian:

    Emmy-Nominated Director Susan Lacy On Her Intimate Steven Spielberg & Jane Fonda Docs: ‘I Try To Get To…

    Schindler’s List was a very personal film for Spielberg and it went on to win seven Oscars including Best Picture and his first as Best Director. It also is one of the top-grossing black-and-white films at the domestic box office with $96M, part of its $321.3M worldwide take. Schindler’s List tells the story of German industrialist Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), who saved the lives of more than 1,100 Jews during the Holocaust. The movie was released on December 15, 1993, and played limited before breaking 1,000 theaters in the middle of March 1994.

    Full story here, below:

  37. Morris Deeds says:

    Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie:

    Notice the YouTube notice now about “Offensive?”

  38. Lori says:

    I still can’t figure out why people call these individuals models. In my mind the definition of modeling is to display something of functional use. Displaying full cover tasteful clothing is one thing. Displaying vulgar useless garbage for the purpose of erotica might be resolved with an Internet Search of venereal disease. Make sure to click on the image tab if you don’t get it.

  39. Sen10L says:

    Thanks Mr. M. Dees for sharing. I tried once before to watch this video, but couldn’t bear the enormous amount of lies that were being told. Finally got to the Lantos deception today which I was completely unaware of. Wow! What a bunch of demonic deceivers.

  40. jayhackworth says:

    If anyone thinks it best to live in a country ruled by jews, they are not thinking about their children.

  41. we don’t let niggers into israhell because they are a cancer
    and a threat to our jewyness, you racists.

  42. Danielle says:

    wow, an excellent article by Incog Man and all of these fan-effing-tastic comments i look forward to reading ALL of them, though i struggled with the Artic Circle comments, they were poorly written & then i come to find this guy is apparently a hasbara-type troll? that name looked familiar to me so i will assume he has been posting comments on Incog for quite a while now? pardon my ignorance here, as i’m only recently finally catching up on my Incog reading. i have been subbed for a while but life had me entrenched in other things & it took me a while to get to Incog. i did sporadically but now i am daily.
    things have been just GOD AWFUL and spinning through even just a handful of these comments makes me feel like some of my sanity is returning. i know there are others out there who feel as i do, i just wish i had even ONE person here in my town, anybody, just one good white man or woman, to talk to about this stuff.

    • Red Pill says:

      you need to sift the information here and research it for your self or you just end up being told what the truth(or lie) is with out verification.

      incogman blog is the only place i post because it’s the only place that allows free thought.

      i have a reputation in my small town, they call me crazy (i don’t mind ), i tell them that if they knew what i know the would be labeled crazy to.
      hang in there, it takes time to assess what you find.

    • Sen10L says:

      Artic Circumvent is new and has tried to stake claim over Incog’s blog and start up his Socialist drivel here. Definitely one to keep under observation in quarantine. I think he would thrive at another forum, but not here. Just too foreign.

      Anyway, you are not alone trying to find like-minded associates and friends. Trying to meet-up with others that aren’t brainwashed an beholden is no easy task, but armed with truthful information is a good first step in the right direction. It has taken years for some of my friends to finally see the light and understand what is self evident truth when they are enlightened to see the Hidden Hand.

      I have lost many friends and have been shunned and called Nazi, which I take great pride in. I call them hypocrites, proselytes of hell and point out if they are America firsters and want to be rid Mexicans and Moslems, then the are Nazis too.

      Sorry for poor writing syntax, but I hope you understand. Be cautious and do your own research. I have learned enough since 9/11 to know what is pure BS and half truths, etc. Above all keep seeking truth and righteousness. I try not to hate but be to remain vigilant and resist the (d)evil’s minions and their machinations.

      • Sen10L says:

        The jury is still out on AC. Just take what he says with a grain of salt. He will either hang himself or be ignored and Incogman can make a determination if he chooses to do so when his guards return from holiday. 🙂

      • Barney says:

        Good advice, Sen10L, and from a poster who’s been here for long enough to prove his White credentials (though he doesn’t post often enough nowadays, imho). If you trust me, Danielle, you can take it from me that Sen10L is definitely “one of us”. Don’t just blindly take my word for it though. I can’t prove I’m not a troll or a rat, so use your own judgement.

        Firefox doesn’t show avatars any more, or at least, mine doesn’t, but when, as now, my ISP forces me to use TOR, I see them all, and the same avatar is showing for several names.

        In case you don’t know, TOR is free, will work with any operating system and is self-contained, meaning you don’t install it, so it can’t screw anything up. Just unpack it (“extract here” or something similar) and use it.

        As well as hiding your identity, TOR also gets round blockages by routing your request through several computers in different countries. I’m currently being routed through computers in Germany, Holland and Canada, but that will change every time I open TOR.

  43. Barney says:

    I’ve posted this before, but imho it’s the only viable non-violent solution to the jew problem.


    The key to jew power is their “money as debt” SCAM. From the moment they were given the power to create all the “credit” (=imaginary money) they could ever use for themselves – and make us pay for it as if it was real – there was nothing they couldn’t buy, and nobody they couldn’t pay someone to kill if he wouldn’t sell or couldn’t be bought.

    We need control of the media, but unless we can break the jews’ monopoly on “credit” (=imaginary money), our efforts to educate the public will be doomed to failure before we even start.

    The (((devil’s gargoyles))) invent (imaginary) “money” by typing zeroes on a computer. We create the wealth, but we don’t get to keep more than a tiny percentage of it because (((they))) control the money. If we received even a half of what we really earn, we could all live like kings, and so (still) could the thieving jews that take the rest of it.

    I’m talking top-level scum like wrath-child and rockefeller having the ability to convert nothing into zero here, of course.

    They don’t want their fake money though. Why would they need something they can create without limit by the simple act of typing zeroes on a computer? They want power, and keeping us poor and enslaved through their control of the economy gives them that power.

    Got a dollar? Add a zero and you’ve got ten dollars. Six zeroes and you’re a millionaire. It’s not real, but that doesn’t matter. That’s how (((their))) fraudulent system works. If you’ve got enough zeroes, you can buy anything or anyone, and if you haven’t got enough, all you have to do is type some more – if you’re working for the devil, that is. Just keep hitting that “0” key. The rest of us, and even street-level jews, don’t have that ability.

    A banknote is an IOU, in this case a false promise to pay something that doesn’t exist. Look at the wording on it. “I promise to pay the bearer, on demand, the sum of … ” whatever. Has anyone ever seen a dollar, a pound, a euro, a shekel? Of course not! It’s just an idea.

    The English pound was once a Troy pound (slightly different to the more familiar pound weight of today) of silver, usually consisting of twelve one-ounce (that’s a Troy ounce) silver coins or equivalent. Try asking the bank (not) “of England” for 240 silver coins in exchange for one of their worthless “£20” notes and see how long it takes before the cops throw you in a cell. It’s a false promise, one they’ve got no intention of keeping.

    We could issue our own personal IOUs and trade with them, but the devil’s vermin would make a million perfect copies by morning, bankrupting the person whose signature appears on them.

    No, we need a better way.

    With a little engineering knowledge and some fairly basic equipment, we could create our own coinage.

    Turn a couple of punches out on a lathe, harden them by quenching in oil, then stamp the coins out using one of those hand-operated presses that seem to be everywhere (because they’re so useful).

    The top image here is the kind of thing I’ve got in mind.

    Paper or metal. What’s the difference?

    An IOU is traceable to one person, which makes it vulnerable to forgers because the named individual is liable for the debt, so a million easily-produced perfect copies would bankrupt that person.

    Coins though are anonymous and considered to have value in themselves, so if the jews were to copy them, they’d actually be helping us by increasing the supply.

    Which metal to use? It doesn’t really matter. Many of today’s coins are attracted to a magnet, indicating the presence of iron. Gold and silver are controlled by the jew and priced far above their value, so avoid those. Lead would be easily worked, but is toxic, so best avoided. All metals are poisonous to some extent, but most won’t cause significant problems, any more than the present jew coinage does. Copper seems an obvious choice.

    Shape? Discs have proven their durability, and you don’t want sharp corners destroying your pockets. Just choose a design and stamp a few out.

    All it would take to break the jew monopoly is for people to agree to use the new coinage.

    A warning though. DON’T try to copy anything that already exists, past or present, or you’ll be arrested and charged with forgery. If anyone’s tempted to try creating new coins, make them unique so that they can’t be mistaken for those issued by zog.

    Even single-sided coins would work as long as people agreed to use them, and it’s safer not to put a face on them anyway because zog does that. Use your imagination.

    One final warning. DON’T call your new coins money, dollars, pounds, euros, roubles, lira, coins or anything else claimed by zog, or you will end up in nigger university. Call them discs, tokens or anything else that doesn’t suggest anything claimed by the devil jew.

    • Gene says:

      Interesting Suggestion -It Will Work If….

      It would work if you could get people to trade them. So much copper is worth so much, so trade in coppers for other things of value.

      Tokens like chips in Vegas, worth some amount, traded among people.

  44. Daniel says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA……Slut got the hand of God delivered as told biblically. Now have a nice trip to eternal hell.


  45. Morris Deeds says:

    Come on Barney, they know exactly what these savages will do in Europe,
    SA, Here, Canada!
    Golda Meir Was First Israeli Leader to Expel African-(American) Refugees

    Article below:

  46. Morris Deeds says:

    @ Incog Man:

    Trump controlled by Mossad

    Trump’s deeds confirm he is a blackmailed agent of Israel.
    1. Bombing, invading and threatening Syria
    2. Moving embassy to Jerusalem
    3. Abrogating Iran Nuclear Deal and sanctioning Iran and companies that do business with Iran.
    4. Cutting off humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

    Trump’s nationalist policies are popular with many Americans but they are a bribe to
    ensnare them in a prophesied Armageddon (world war) designed to herald
    the return of the “Messiah” (antichrist) and the Satanist NWO. The US is gearing up for such a war.
    A Mossad false flag will ignite the powder keg. We are morally compromised by our complacency.

  47. Morris Deeds says:

    LOLs yeah, Incog Man, I’d say that JPG is just about right! 🙂

  48. J.R. says:

    interesting post at Anglin’s site… forget the day of the rope for time wasting niggers and neo-Nazi costuming that leads to negative doxing in the jew media… those are memes that’ll take decent white folk nowhere… and just do MAGA until the lefty jew is undone and the world submits to a revival of some of the values of white Christian nationalism everywhere …
    “Neo-Nazism” is Fake and Gay…

    i personally don’t think it’s the ultimate answer and the big picture that’ll bring in the ideal millennial day,but i do think it’s the inevitable and already evident paradigm shift that’ll rock the planet as a lead up to the apocalypse and the return and reign of Jesus Christ with the saints raised from the dead …

    the Trump phenomenon as a lead up to the prophetic last trump of the sound of a trumpet at the rapture is getting interesting… America appears to be heading for only a stronger GOP nationalism and under the trading mark of a civic nationalist leader in Europe of the ilk of Putin, at the head of a new confederacy of like-minded European nations ..

    check out this prophecy… DONALD TRUMP IS GONNA ROCK THE PLANET – Dan Pena on London Real…

  49. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Migrant To Germany: ‘We Grab Your Women, You Can’t Do Anything’

    • ICU says:

      That jabbering nigger should be beaten to death with Merkel’s broken off arms.
      Have German men all been castrated and lobotomized ?
      What The Fark is going on there ?
      It’s embarrassing to witness.

    • Tony says:

      That Nigger has been given everything Jew “A La Carte” and he angrily mocks the hand that feeds him. This is all the proof one needs to understand the savage pea brained inferior minded apes mentality. EVERY GERMAN GUY should watch this video amongst the company of their fellow German White countrymen and then take to the streets and let Nigger blood spill. This Ape wants war until the day he gets his wish.

      • Daniel says:

        Sons of Lght= White Anglo-Saxon, Adam race/ Godly Elect

        sons of darkness= Niggers, Nephilims, Beasts of the fields, Satans army

        War Scrolls= Coming SOON! GOOGLE SEARCH gnostic warrior sons of light vs darkness. IT IS REAL!

        WAR SCROLLS= Secretly hidden until recent find.



        WAR SCROLLS= Civil war 2

        war scrolls= Civil War 2

        war scrolls= Civil War 2

        war scrolls= Civil War 2

  50. S O G says:

    didnt trump pardon pollard or was it.ahh no it was rabbi shalom rubashkin whos jew corrosion and meth lab in iowa destroyed american culture(s) …read about this asshole ..he had like 10 15 more years to go …this asshat rabbi devil infected the mid west america with tons of meths ….
    trump pardoned his ass …shhhh….the deep state was deeply em bare assed by the shit stain hillary and billary …wanted sa more menshevik hand in things …

  51. S O G says:

    so they called funny man t-rump into sayan play …he is kosher to the corp …
    no mistake there

  52. S O G says:

    baruch goldstein is a racist cus he believes in the class and ethnic and racxist bullshit in israel …\12 tribes of israel ..probably bs …
    abraham arapscad isaac jacob etc …
    jacob israel has at least 12 children that were males from 4-5 different gentile women ..
    how long people does it take for 12 infants to form a large and alleged formidable nation .
    israel is never mentioned in any large historic picturama of the civilizations memoirs ..
    seems israel was a vassal /venal state that was never large enough for notice if it existed at all ..
    one thing for sure is that it would have taken hundreds of years to foment a race of individuals who wernt completely inbred ..
    how do you do that …well the alleged tribe members cant mate with each other early on or later either so they would have to have been farming out the sex for babies who according to the long and boring levitical laws would make for a non israelite baby
    ….do the math ..the math usually destroys the underpinnings of jewish historical bullshit and present day supremecy as a result of all the complete and total miserable crap hokum they have authored ..
    arktik kikel is a real hoot …heh heh ….is this not proof or poof or proof of poof that the mental asylums offer computer internet to the criminally perverted inmates …lofl ..
    the arctic is not a circle you dolt buffon …
    karen loved lord fucking kalki666 to …she has professed her love to arctic flea …jeeeesz.
    phoenecians from hyksos …ahh so speaking jiibrew .
    karen get a grip on something ..

    • ICU says:

      S O G….
      through my tears of laughter…
      “…proof or poof or proof of poof…”

      effin BRILLIANT

      May Odin strengthen thy arm and direct thy sword.

  53. S O G says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol lol ..
    some fuckstick bearded subhuman fly catcher strip named baruch goldstein …..says it all doesnt it ..
    what a complete and unedited raw piece of subhuman sewage ..
    hey buhrook F U C K Y O U …AND YOUR FAT SLIMY MOTHER …

  54. Barney says:


    We all hope that, S O G. It wouldn’t completely solve the problem, but it would be a step in the right direction.

    Arabs claim to hate the jews, but they never attack them, and they seem willing to do the jews’ dirty work in destroying our countries, so let them all go to hell.

    As a White Person, I do feel sorry for the Palestinian “underdogs”, whose country that really is, but they’re not compatible with our culture, and we don’t want even more violent moslems here, so let them all go out in a brilliant flash. At least it’s better than the slow genocide they’re going through now.

  55. Morris Deeds says:

    @ Barney,
    “As a White Person, I do feel sorry for the Palestinian “underdogs”, whose country that really is, but they’re not compatible with our culture, and we don’t want even more violent moslems here, so let them all go out in a brilliant flash. At least it’s better than the slow genocide they’re going through now.”— Barney
    A good portion of them are Christians, Barney, but England, as does
    America prefers Jew ass kissing atheists and Zionist Christians and Buddhist
    Zionists…etc Arafat is the perfect example, they wouldn’t allow him
    to visit Bethlehem at Christmas Time, of according to English BBC ” he
    was one of those EVIL PLO terrorist, like the EVIL IRA Terrorist,
    resisted Jew (Wrathchild) controlled England, from stealing Southern
    Catholic Ireland!

    Funny, no Libtard English wanna hear about the Irgun TERRORISTS and
    blown up King David Hotel, stop feeding on the Limey Brainwashing the BBC has
    given you since childhood, FREE your mind, my friend!

  56. Morris Deeds says:

    @ Barney it taint no Blarney!
    HRA is a Sham, and It’s a Shame

    September 5, 2018 by Richard Silverstein 7 Comments

    “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred towards Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed towards Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, towards Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

    Today, the UK Labour Party’s ruling council approved a concocted definition of anti-Semitism called the IHRA “working definition,” which defines anti-Zionism and comparisons of Israel to Nazism as Jew-hatred. Over the past few weeks, I’ve written three articles about the witch hunt within the Party orchestrated by a sordid cabal of Tories, the UK Israel Lobby and the Israeli government. One of the articles specifically profiled the IHRA, who created it, their motivations, and the toxic effect it would have if adopted.

    Apparently, in order to put this entire controversy to bed, the Party has conceded defeat to the powers arrayed against it. It has accepted the entire definition, including the most controversial aspects, the “examples” offered:

    Contemporary examples of anti-Semitism in public life, the media, schools, the workplace, and in the religious sphere could, taking into account the overall context, include, but are not limited to:

    Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.
    Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, eg, by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour.
    Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.
    Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis

    Here is my critique of these examples from Middle East Eye:

    Though the dual loyalty claim may be used by anti-Semites to disparage Diaspora Jews, the fact is that the most rabidly pro-Israel Jews may legitimately be criticised for espousing views which harm the interests of their native land, while promoting Israel’s own interests. This is not an anti-Semitic charge.

    Claiming that Israel is a “racist endeavour” is in no way anti-Semitic. In fact, it is a justified critique, as the most recent passage of the Jews-only nation state law shows.

    The final provision forbidding comparison of Israel to the Nazis is equally troubling. Of course, Israel and its Diaspora advocates don’t want to be compared to the Nazis. But the fact is that Israel has become ever more racialist in nature, especially during the 12-year premiership of Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Promoting Jewish-only developments, ethnically cleansing Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, forced expulsion of African refugees, proposals to exclude Israeli Palestinian towns from Israel: these are policies defined by their racial character. And that’s not even to mention the Nakba, during which over 700,000 Palestinians fled or were forced from their homes in order to make way for the state of Israel.

    In other words, some of the same criticisms of the Nazi racialist platform apply to today’s Israel. This example, had it been restricted to an issue like the Holocaust or the claim of Israeli genocide against the Palestinians, might have had some validity. But the sweeping refusal to consider any comparisons to Nazism is appalling and a violation not just of free speech, but of valid historical analysis.

    The Party governing body also rejected a statement prepared by Corbyn which fought back against some of the worst IHRA provisions. It included this paragraph:

    “It cannot be considered racist to treat Israel like any other state or assess its conduct against the standards of international law. Nor should it be regarded as antisemitic to describe Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist because of their discriminatory impact, or to support another settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict.”

    In other words, Israel may not be called racist even if it violates international law and its policies are indeed racist.

    The only concession made to critics was a statement appended which guaranteed free speech to critics of Israel. But that’s like a man whose house survives a tornado, while all his neighbors homes are destroyed; then suggesting what good luck the Lord bestowed on his town. The right to free speech means nothing when you’ve foreclosed all of the topics which critics might use to criticize Israel.

    Though I am not British and cannot join the Labour Party, it saddens me to think that if I was British I could be expelled for offering clear-eyed, careful and precise criticisms of Israel which violate this vague definition of anti-Semitism concocted by Israel Lobby apparatchiks in the past decade.

    The Party is naïve if it thinks it has put this episode to bed with this bit of hocus-pocus. The Lobby will not be satisfied. It will be only relent once Corbyn is toppled as Party leader. Now, it will move on to other wedge issues it can dredge up to damage his reputation. And there will be other concocted claims and scandals to come. Mark my words, this is not the end (to paraphrase Churchill). Not even the beginning of the end. Labour must eventually rid itself of this ill-considered definition and stand up to the Lobby. It must be prepared if necessary to tell its critics, most of whom aren’t Labour Party members or supporters, to take their business elsewhere.

    We must not permit the Israel Lobby to determine who is a kosher Labour Party member. We must not permit it to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. This is a crime against truth, history and justice.
    Israel Lobby and the Anti-Semitism Hoax
    Israel Lobby and the Anti-Semitism Hoax
    UK Israel Lobby Excoriates Leading Jewish Corbyn Supporter for Pointing Out Jews Weren’t Only Victims of Holocaust
    UK Israel Lobby Excoriates Leading Jewish Corbyn Supporter for Pointing Out Jews Weren’t Only Victims of Holocaust
    The European Anti-Semitism Hoax
    The European Anti-Semitism Hoax

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    It is hard to believe any country can match the crimes committed by the Nazis. Not Assad with the Syrians citizens, not MbS with the Yemen, not Myanmar with Rohingya and even not ISIS with whoever they were burning alive. The Nazis caused the death of over 50 million people and the Jews were only one of the groups slaughtered by them.

    Therefore when you write “But the sweeping refusal to consider any comparisons to Nazism is appalling…” – why won’t you consider Iran’s treatments of LGBT or Assad or MbS or Myanmar or China or the US?

    Somehow, the only people that can be compared to Nazis are Israelis. IHRA says this is antisemitism.

    Other then Israel, what other country in the world is being compared with the Nazis?

    I’d really like to hear.

    From URL below:

    • ICU says:

      You lost me at the short paragraph chock full of BeeEss about The Third Reich, and what it allegedly, by Zionist jews and their stooges, did and did not.
      How con…VEEEEEEEEEN…yent that posters of dissembling, distractive crap, much like yourself, NEVER mention the horrors perpetrated by Bolsheviks, Chinese Communists and other REAL genocidal mass murderers…including, but not limited to, the CIA/MI5/Mossad mercenary scum like ISIS and the sick joke named Free Syrian Army…Jet Wrecker McCain’s favorite field sand niggers.

  57. FRIEND OF GOD says:

    re: the above video about niggers in White House

    “Panelist on WH diversity: No one wants to work for a racist”
    LINK: youtube . com/watch?v=Rs-MBgCW3DI&

    I believe that Donald Trump, as the president of the usa freak government, has the right to hire and fire anyone in the name of “national security”.

    Donald Trump does not even have to give a reason for hiring or firing a staffer ?

    If Donald Trump does not feel secure with anyone in the employ of the executive department, then Donald Trump can fire that person ?

    I believe Donald Trump also has the same right to fire any of his generals, or anyone else in the freak pentagon ?

    Thanks for posting this Message


  58. Erik Snohdin says:

    So what’s the next move ?
    I’m imagining with that part of me that is as evil as a Jew, what the Jews are really up to here. We KNOW they want Civil War, right ? But exactly WHY ? Is it to get us all to kill each other so that THEY can move in and claim America for themselves ?
    WHAT IF Trump is the hook-line-and-sinker for this internal war ?
    What if the reason Trump got in is because the Jews knew that Trump would galvanize the entire nation and bring the return of HOPE to the white race ?
    WHAT IF the plan is now to assassinate him after he has come this far. Now just imagine what that would result in !!
    Absolute fucking mayhem and war. The races will go hog wild, the blood will flow in the streets, the blacks will come with their guns and machetes, and maybe even the Asians and the Hispanics might join them because they too have been brainwashed through the vile MSM. In any case, the REAL War begins and the slaughtering gets underway ; babies, young girls raped, tortured, murdered, men getting their heads blown off, arms and legs littering the streets, heads rolling down the sidwewalks, the Jews hiding behind closed doors grinning with glee at the match they have thrown on the dry haystack. In short, it is Trump who will be the sacrificial lamb to start a national internal war in America. When all the rules break down, then hell will come to America.
    The most important thing we Americans can do right the fuck now before this happens or is precipitated by a Jew false flag murder on par with 911, is to round up these Jew cocksucking fagots and ship their flimsy laughing assholes out of OUR country. We need to stop talking and start acting. Computers are the enemy of the white race. TV is the enemy of the people. MSM is a cluster fuck beyond description.

    It’s time we whites started getting real, OR WE ARE GONNA LOSE THIS BADLY.
    Don’t you wanna see those pesky Jew pricks on their knees begging for their lives, no Holohoax this time, real bullets blowing real Jew brains out all over our America tarmac ?

    Fuck yah !

  59. Daniel says:

    It’s time a revolution takes place and Christian and non-Christian whites alike need to stand together, form MILITIAS now, and start taking this more seriously. The liberal/jews/BLM/wiggers/anifa are already in their groups and monthly meets and are already ahead in this inevitable looming, prophesied war/event. They have the local and MSM jew news 100% behind them you better believe. We fail, we may lose the KINGDOM OF GOD!


    Sons of LIGHT


    son of darkness





    PREP NOW !



  60. ICU says:

    Anybody that doubts that we now live in Wartime needs to watch the Clowngress Senate Judiciary Committee performances by the jews Feinstein and Blumenthal, the niggers Booker and Harris and the vile Race traitor Cuckold bastard Leahy…from Vermont, the unfenced, open air Funny Farm that also crapped out the slobbering, spittle flecking, gesticulating, jabbering Communist Muppet, Boinie The Matzoh Muncher.

    So, since we’re at war…why are there not a lot of dead Zionist Khazar nation wreckers and their Varana assault force niggers, and other associated Killer Muds…
    and, especially, Traitors Within The Gates ?
    Huh ?

    What are pissed off Whites waiting for…Christmas ?

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