Why Don’t They Report on Jewish RABBI Pedos?

By Phillip Marlowe

Have you noticed the media is now going haywire over Catholic Pedo priests in Pennsylvania? So why don’t they ever report on Jewish Rabbi Pedos? Ever think of that?

Yep, it’s another smug, smiling Jew bastard! Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania AG.

Because the lousy Jews are in a war with the Catholic church and White people in general, that’s why. Practically all your Catholic priests in the West are going to be White men. What could be a sweeter target for Jews and libtards? They’ve been using the Catholic church as a punching bag for decades. Plus, these satanic creeps hate Jesus Christ. It’s so easy to see why the subversive Jew media is reporting this story everywhere.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General (right) who announced the whole thing in public the other day was a Sharpy Shapiro Jew. Notice how the media already had victims lined up to give tearful sound bites for the TV reports that night. Doesn’t that show you they organize this kind of thing in advance?

Read “School of Darkness” by Bella Dodd. She was a big honcho in the American Commie party (CPUSA) back in the 30s and 40s. But she had a major change of heart and renewed her Catholic faith. In her book, she tells of a long-running plot by the commies to infiltrate the church with young homo priest students. They planned to undermine the Vatican and churches everywhere with secret perverts as a way of subverting America and the family unit. A totally diabolical commie plan. You’re seeing the end result, my friends.

And homos and pedos are all birds of a feather. Yes, they are. The hypocrites are not going to say that. They don’t want the casual person to equate perversion with homos or trannys, but that’s exactly the case.

Dirty Jew RABBI pedophiles and pervert pedo rings have been busted for years and yet you never ever hear a word about it in the National News. They protect Jewry just like they protect black behavior.

The hypocrites are deathly afraid of us Whites going FASCIST on them before it’s too late. That’s why they are working fast to breed us away and flood our lands with non-White Turd Worlders. The whole thing has become completely obvious in the last few years.

Notice another thing: They never report on pedos in Hollywood. That’s because Hollywood is sacred Jew territory. Think that’s BS? Then you’re an idiot. Hollywood is chock full of Jew pedophiles and perverts. One of the nearby side industries, Pornography, happily corrupts Hollywood’s cast-offs and never wuz. Jew celebrity men actors braggingly partake in the foolish Goyim Girl feast. Why do you think all this #METOO stuff happened? Practically all the named dirtbags were rich old Jew men doing the same.

Lordy, the whole area out there is truly a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. When you talk to people from out there, you can tell they’ve been turned completely into soulless, money-grubbing perverts. That’s what the Jews are doing to the rest of the country, believe me.

No, this is not INCOG MAN. Like to get a hat like that in A-TACS camo, though.

Just think about it for a minute: The media constantly pushes sex. Have been from the start. Kiddies see it all the time. Hell, they want them to see it. No wonder there’s so many sick perverts running around these days — White, black, brown, Jew, Asian — whatever!

Now, you’re probably telling yourself “this INCOG guy must be some sort of straight-laced religious freak.” He probably looks a lot like that scary old man preacher guy singing hymns in those “Poltergeist” movie sequels (right). No, I assure you, I’m not. I’m just a regular old dirty dog like yourself. But I can easily see what kinds of foul Jew BS is “going down.”

If you’re a Christian, or just a regular decent person who doesn’t want to see America turned into Pervert Central, then you need to start telling everyone about the Jew. They’re the ones turning this country inside-out and jacking the homies every minute.

I’m just warning you. I’ve been quietly studying these creeps for decades all by my lonesome. They really are turning America into total crap.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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109 Responses to Why Don’t They Report on Jewish RABBI Pedos?

  1. Red Pill says:

    Are you afraid to tell the truth?
    You ought to be: Offend the Jews and your future is in jeopardy

    When history is a lie, revisionism becomes the truth.

    What we’re up against is bigger than any country. In fact, it’s bigger than all the countries in the world.

    The ruthless powers that be have decided that only they can declare what is truth and that it is against the law to disagree with them. The human mind is being locked up for the final time.


    • Danielle says:

      Red Pill, I was familiar with the name John Kaminski & think I may have heard him last year doing a show with Brian Ruhe. With things being as they are now, I do not deny I am having a hard time separating legit from partial legit. It’s enough to make my head spin anymore. I guess what I’m saying is that I was never really sure what to make of Brian Ruhe. The way a person conducts him or herself as an interviewee on a podcast on a discussion show may be a little more modified, with censorship being what it is. However, in this article which I just read, it is clear John is fully aware and not afraid to put it out there in his writing. That was a great read & I learned a few things going on in the UK. I can’t keep up with my reading and am subscribed to Mike Walsh of the Ethnic European website & his articles are excellent, though I don’t get to them all as quickly as I’d like to.
      From what I personally can gather, for now at least, it appears there is more freedom in writing then there is in making a video. I have found a couple of word press bloggers who put out some great content, as well.
      Sometimes I get mind-boggled as to why I am just now finding some websites or YouTube channels that have been around for at least a few years – I don’t get why I’ve not come across them before because I am an avid and detailed researcher for as much info as I can get my hands on and many sources I am just now finding are sources I feel like I should have come across before.
      Hopefully that makes sense. Incog Man has been at it forever and when I dig back and read his older stuff & see the dates of these articles, I feel an almost shame, knowing that at the time he was publishing these amazing and truthful and foreshadowing articles, I was still (blissfully?) unaware of such things and was merrily going about my corporate slave/conspicuous consumption existence, to a lesser or greater degree, lol. I don’t know that I was as deeply brainwashed/indoctrinated as others are & am grateful for that much.
      Even though I didn’t know the extent to which the deception is fully entrenched in everything around us, I found myself not participating in many mainstream and hip/trending type things and lost interest in Hollywood/entertainment in general/all new music/politics, probably a couple of years before 9/11, in my late 20s. Things started seeming off to me. I am no prude but perhaps it was my strict Catholic upbringing but I found myself not enjoying the same movies, shows, music, fashion, etc., as my coworkers, acquaintances, etc., even some close friends, for that matter. I found things becoming too overly sexualized to the point of tacky, embarrassing, disrespectful, delinquent, even. Now if I come across some crazy song or video from anything new and trending today, I always despise it and find it has zero entertainment value.
      I do not have children but I have 8 nieces and nephews, ages 8 through 15, and I really feel for my sisters because I am already seeing the huge difference in how young people are. I hope these kids turn out ok. For now they are all involved in sports like soccer, softball, tae kwando and swimming, but I know its just a matter of time before they may start gravitating towards other things, with teachers and social media leading way and always right there in the faces of these kids, telling them what and how to think.

  2. Arctic Circle says:

    Right on the spot rp …

    The jewish scam did exactly that. Can you believe what thoughts, what rumors, are they spreading in the jewish families. The Jew Cohen’s manufacturer, his jew father, came and sad I do not whant to assisate my dirty jewish name with president, also introducing himself as a “Polish holocaust survivor”. That is why had an urgent meeting in our Book Club, to discuss what does it mean: a polish holcout survival, and we decided that this must a Mountain Nigger.

    Ok, rp, starting from tomorrow will be joining the majority of the unit on the hunger strike to protest “White Poverty”. Feel free to join me tomorrow. We going to a short minute of silence here.

    • Danielle says:

      Artic Circle, I found your comment very interesting but had some trouble understanding some of what you were saying, but tried to fill in the blanks as best I could, regarding Cohen’s manufacturer, and not wanting to associate his dirty Jew name with President? Introducing himself as a “Polish Holocaust survivor” and what is a (lol) “Mountain Nigger”? I am very intrigued and i am sorry i was not trying to be nosy, as I realize your comment was directed to a particular person who I am not.
      Also, the minute of silence, is this a pra ctice that is common and if so, are you with a certain group/activism group or some such thing?
      I have learned a lot these last few years but know I still have so much more to learn. I do a lot of reading and will continue to do so. A lot of stuff I bookmarked online, whether html, pdf, or videos, are disappearing, especially the Jewtube stuff.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        that comment was about the damned traitor Cohen’s father, who when public, saying something along the lines that he does want to put his stinky lying jews name, next to the President Trump’s name. And then he went on and on that he was a “polish holocost survivor”. Because majority of historians concluded that there was no holocost, I asked myself a question what is “polish holcost survivor”? And then I decided that it is a “Mountain Nigger”.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        In any case, Danielle, you got some very positive attitude there. That is how I like it: yes sir, and no sir, that is only what I want to hear.

        You are exemplary poster, Dr. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you if he would be alive today.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      I am not entirely sure what I you asking: “realize your comment was directed to a particular person who I am not”. The comment was not about you, and have nothing to do with you.

  3. J.R. says:

    Jews don’t like this…

    “God is a consuming fire”…

    “God is love”…


  4. J.R. says:

    the New testament says the Christian churches were infiltrated by judaizers as early as the first century; and this was notably escalated when the jews at Rome evidently advised a local bishop to proclaim his ‘apostolic succession’ from Peter and award himself the sacrilegious title of supreme Priest and absolute Vicar of Christ on earth, so he could assume total control of all Christians on earth, at the expense of the Jews’ enemy Jesus Christ who is of course the only true and biblical head of the universal church, which is his body, and the only absolute “Shepherd and Bishop” of Christian souls…

    A ruse the jews developed further, when they advised Rome’s succession of elevated ‘apostolic bishops’ to elevate Mary, the mother of Jesus, to the sacrilegious status of Mary, the mother of God and the Queen of Heaven; and to worship her according to the offerings of hot crossed Easter buns, Christmas tarts, and the fake wafer ‘host’ of the Eucharist, all of which was of course really a revival of worship of the jews’ Old Testament idol Tammuz, the male consort of Ishtar, the Babylonian Queen of heaven, who was offered the sacrifice of baked cakes by the apostate Israelites in ancient times…

    this was of course also corrupting true and biblical Christianity with the jews’ ideology of feminism… the elevation and worship of a woman ( i.e., a Madonna and child) above the only true and living patriarchal Deity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost…

    something anticipated by the prophet John who wrote in the Revelation of the spirit of Jezebel that would characterize the Papal Church… the Old Testament protagonist Jezebel was notorious for advising her husband to do wickedness against God’s order of things, just as feminists are of course notorious for their ludicrous liberal views and for usurping the God given role of a woman as subject to her husband and every other man…


    worse still, by the Middle Ages, the jews had even had the cheek to infiltrate the ranks of the clergy and RC societies and orders like the Jesuits, to more directly degrade the papal institution and the witness of righteous Christians to the jews’ enemy Jesus Christ… and jew pedophiles in the guise of gentile catholic priests were soon found sitting in on the confessional in their frilly frocks and fantasizing about the sexual sins gullible young boys and girls confessed to them, which not only caused them to lust after children, but also to kidnap them and sadistically sacrifice them to their god, in the notorious rites of child abuse they propagandize today as the so-called blood libel…

    all this judaizing, which has been going on for nearly two millenniums, was anticipated in Christ’s prophetic New Testament parable about a woman (i.e., the whore of apostate jewry) who would hide the “leaven” of her monetized global takeover agenda in the doctrine and practice of the churches, until all of the sects and denominations of Christendom were corrupted by and effectively serving it, as they are today…

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    I always say RIP. But in this case I will say Rest In Peace John MCCAIN. But there was something about this guy that made me go down the rabbithole. from his lineage to the aircraft disaster Vietnam and being able to come to the senate and kill Obamacare reform. What caught my attention the most like I said before this guy is like the Winston Churchill of the us navy. Always there when shit goes wrong. But he married into money his wifes daddy owned the largest beer franchise in Arizona. Just another deep rabbithole. So my prt 5000 says what else happened today? Oh yeah today in history teddy kennedy died also. The liberal lion had a death at Chappaquiddick hanging over his head for blackmail also. He fucked up this country pretty bad also. If McCain had heard about a war in a distant galaxy he would have said America should go fight it. Teddy Kennedy says that as long as there is a nigger or a jew on this planet I will force the white American working taxpayers to pay for it and support it’s every need, want, and desire.

  6. Red Pill says:

    McCain Dead

    Senator John S. McCain III died today. He was 81.

    Since I have nothing good to say about this man, I will say nothing at all.

  7. Red Pill says:

    McCain Dead

    Senator John S. McCain III died today. He was 81.

    McCain was traitorous SCUM. I hope he’s burning in hell for betraying his country in Vietnam and betraying the American people with his Obamacare vote (which sustained it).

    He was the single most vicious fuck in the entire US Senate. dirty double-crossing sleaze, whose efforts to topple our current President will go down in infamy.

    • Danielle says:

      Red Pill,
      Based on all I’ve read about this man, past and present, I’ve found it sickening to see this phony bologna outpouring on the staged theater that calls itself our American news networks. A few minutes ago I just caught some “highlights” from whatever dog & pony show they put on for this vile man, complete with an increasingly aged looking traitor-in-command when Mossad & friends were allowed to commit murder & mayhem on American soil 9/11/01, followed up an alarmingly aged & thin looking Obongo looking pale, glazed over & mumbling hollow-sounding teleprompted words at some event. now i was in the company of some family & i have never been one to hold back on my true feelings and that was the case here & i said so – it was too much not to say something when the “American Hero” label was brought out. very frustrating! while he was still alive, these family members occasionally had choice words for McCain, as they did back in 2008 when he ran. Now that he is dead, it’s as if they can no longer call him for what he was and in death the things he’s alleged to have been a part of, which he WAS and there is much evidence to back this up – well this stuff has now been relegated to conspiracy theory & people deserve to rest in peace. this is blood family, too. it depresses me & i end up taking breaks from trying to wake them up because what I get in return can be so unpleasant & almost traumatizing. i don’t get it. it’s as if they just don’t want to know and would rather cling to the mainstream version when I know they know it is total BS.
      i give people a lot of credit who keep putting it out there & don’t back down or mince words, in spite of whatever levels of backlash they receive.
      i guess i need thicker skin. i’m getting there but have a ways to go.
      the stuff i read about the u.s.s. forrestal is what got me. so if i am to have interpreted it correctly, a possible hundreds of POW MIAs were left to languish in Vietnam thanks to this bastard, who came home to a heroes welcome in early 1973 or so. is this a correct take on my part?

  8. Gene says:

    Yeah, ‘Juan’ McCain is Dead!

    He was to blame for a lot illegal immigration. He changed his position a little bit later in years.

  9. Red Pill says:

    are you of the catholic faith?

    Lucifer is GOD declared by Pope Francis

    Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God. Pope Francis and the Vatican has introduced the world to their god they been worshipping all along, Lucifer. According to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, The Morning Star is the creator of the world and the father of Christ. He brought “light” to the human race


    Pope Declares God is Lucifer ~ Full Version

    • J.R. says:

      “The whole purpose and philosophy behind this deception is to be found in the writings of Madame H.P. Blavatsky herself.

      “Demon est Deus inversus. The devil is now called Darkness by the Church, whereas, in the Bible he is called the “Son of God” (see Job), the bright star of the early morning, Lucifer (see Isaiah). There is a whole philosophy of dogmatic craft in the reason why the first Archangel, who sprang from the depths of Chaos, was called Lux (Lucifer), the “Luminous Son of the Morning,” or manvantaric Dawn. He was transformed by the Church into Lucifer or Satan, because he is higher and older than Jehovah, and had to be sacrificed to the new dogma. (See Book II.3)

      “She uses this false interpretation that came about through the efforts of two of her followers, (the Bible translators) Westcott and Hort, to conflate the Isaiah and Revelation passages to imply that Lucifer and Christ function in the same manner in days of old.

      “The “light of Christ” shines upon as hideous features of the animal-man now, as the “light of Lucifer” did in days of old.4

      “She takes this conflation a step further and uses the false translations (of the Bible) to suggest that Lucifer and the Logos are one and the same, and thereby makes Jesus the first-born brother of Satan!

      “LUCIFER — the spirit of Intellectual Enlightenment and Freedom of Thought — is metaphorically the guiding beacon, which helps man to find his way through the rocks and sandbanks of Life, for Lucifer is the LOGOS in his highest, and the “Adversary” in his lowest aspect — both of which are reflected in our Ego. Lactantius, speaking of the Nature of Christ, makes the LOGOS, the Word, the first-born brother of Satan, the “first of all creatures.” (Inst. div. Book II., c. viii., “Qabbalah,” 116.)5

      Elsewhere she describes him as the bringer of light of enlightenment.

      “For it is he who was the “Harbinger of Light,” bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was the first to whisper: “in the day ye eat thereof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil” — can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour. An “adversary” to Jehovah the “personating spirit,” he still remains in esoteric truth the ever-loving “Messenger” (the angel), the Seraphim and Cherubim who both knew well, and loved still more, and who conferred on us spiritual, instead of physical immortality – the latter a kind of static immortality that would have transformed man into an undying “Wandering Jew.”…


      • Danielle says:

        J.R., thank you for posting this text from Blavatsky…as soon as I read first couple of lines of Red Pill’s comment from 8/26, I was hit with deja vu & wondered if it was Blavatsky or Bailey…I can’t imagine why this video hasn’t been shared more after 4+ years…I am having deja vu with this video as well even though I know I did not see this specific video….or maybe it’s just Pope Francis & all I’ve come to learn about and read on him that already had me feeling a certain way about him.
        It feels like, to me, with each passing day, covers and masks are slipping off & true ugliness is being laid bare, but so many seem to be oblivious to it, yet will go on & on about how terrible things are.
        We are living in unprecedented times.

  10. S O G says:

    never mind the southeastern asia hellhole ,,mccain was in the traitor business and selling america to the highest bidder …politics like crapdonalds burgers ….a franchise of shit on every corner …fuck that ghoul mother fucker …sack o shit ..
    we relish the death of humonic morlox like mccain ….in the pay of the devil for life .. a true devils acolyte and loyal follower of the jewish tap dance ..

    we are the metal left from the long gone dust of earths destruction and am the echo of the memory of a long and forgotten humanity …gone and waxed all poetic

    • Barney says:

      S O G – McCrappyDonalds everywhere. Why? Could just be greed I suppose, but the devil’s vermin need a way of disposing of all those innocent Human Children they murder.

      (I refuse to call it a sacrifice because to make a sacrifice means giving up some pleasure or something you own, and one can never “own” the life of another.)

      This bloke’s an idiot, but the basic idea is believable.


      Also, what about all those homeless people that suddenly “abandon” towns en-masse in a single night, never to be seen again? Where do they end up?

      Obviously there’s a regular round-up of homeless people, and they’re never seen again, dead or alive, so the only question remaining is what does zog do with the bodies?

      If Charlene Downes can be turned into kebabs by murderous moslems, I’m sure (((the tribe))) wouldn’t hesitate to put homeless people and child victims of ritual murder into burgers.


  11. S O G says:

    R.I.P. rest in piss
    ding dong the witch is dead

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Coincidently I am a White Homeless Person.

      You witch, obviously not dead if you continue writing your threats to the good honest Poor White People. SOG, if you want to kill someone, kill yourself., make a favor to society.

      SOG your profile, and thirst for murder, reminds me the case of the dirty baboon, Aaron Hrenandez, who was a one dirty, aggressive, murderous monkey, with the money, and no brains. The other Police monkey masterfully killed it shit sock in the jail cell.

      Thus, SOG, and this little computer Shit from the Great Britain, it appears that you are day dreaming of “killing”, “R.I.P”, and “Dissapearing” homeless people.

      One more time you better kill your self.

      For so many years you come to incogman website dedicated to the Poor White People, and proposed nothing. For years you were avoiding discussing possibility of creation of the White Political Party. For years you Wealthy Useless Murderous Witch were taking the discussion of the capitalistic Jews and violent niggers shit problem away from the subject, toward to your own interests, not the interests of the white people.

      You with, need to shot up, stay away from murdering homeless people, or arranging for the murder of such. If you do not want to shut up then argue intelligently as you were advised 2 years ago.


      I can profile the scum, retired from government with a huge, completely unnecessary pension, goes to a gym, healthy like a bull because, that wealthy witch eats well, overcame a very expensive specialized training (probably in military), is dreaming about killings every day. Here is your profile.

      I can not afford to huck your computer, as you did with my. How else that wealthy pig would know that I am a homeless person, who else that wealthy pig could have know where to address his threats of death?

      That scum substituted the URL so he could have hacked into much computer. White should understand that those overpaid Gorillas (they still are gorillas even though, obviously white). They are trained to kill, not our enemies, the enemies of the White People, they are trained to kill their enemies, the enemies of the Rich Pigs. They become ballooned because of the underserved pride the Jewish Media pumps inside them.

      IRich Scheming Witc

      It appears that the benefits to the White People from your demagogy is zero. All of a sudden the bunch of the fat snakes here are talking about “Homeless” and how they can R.I.P.,

      S O G says:

      August 29, 2018 at 12:56 am

      R.I.P. rest in piss
      ding dong the witch is dead


      Barney says:

      August 29, 2018 at 11:54 am

      S O G – McCrappyDonalds everywhere. Why? Could just be greed I suppose, but the devil’s vermin need a way of disposing of all those innocent Human Children they murder.

      (I refuse to call it a sacrifice because to make a sacrifice means giving up some pleasure or something you own, and one can never “own” the life of another.)

      This bloke’s an idiot, but the basic idea is believable.


      Also, what about all those homeless people that suddenly “abandon” towns en-masse in a single night, never to be seen again? Where do they end up?

      Obviously there’s a regular round-up of homeless people, and they’re never seen again, dead or alive, so the only question remaining is what does zog do with the bodies?

      If Charlene Downes can be turned into kebabs by murderous moslems, I’m sure (((the tribe))) wouldn’t hesitate to put homeless people and child victims of ritual murder into burgers.


  12. Arctic Circle says:

    The real enemies of the Poor White People are not the rich perverted all mighty jews and violent niggers, because they are obvious enemies. The real enemies of the Poor people are those Fat Snakes (not Fat Cats), like SOG. The overpaid scum may appear likable because many years in police services, even smart, but in reality it is the worst enemy the white people have. Because he used to sencirely believe that he is good. And every body who explain to him that he is just useless body bielder he is determined to kill the.

    God damned Parasites!

    SOG you are an overpaid turd Gonzalis, your resources, combined with the resource of the Skunk Barney from the Jewkindom, allows you to hack into the computers of honest homeless people, but you sill a useless rich pig.

    All your threats are now properly recorded, documented, stored, and are being analyzed, if it is necessary to issue the warrant for you arrest, pig.

  13. Arctic Circle says:

    Not gonzales, but fucking strange shit fernandez or shit


  14. Sen10L says:

    Damn AC! You are singlehandedly taking down this blog to a shit-sty each time you spittle nonsense. Give it a rest. Better yet, start your own blog. You’re too dang dense to see that although you are mostly being ignored, others have made it clear that you are a basket case from Tel Aviv and your BS is not welcome here; yet, you rant on endlessly like an egotistical pig jumper with a serious mental condition. Only thing I know about you that is true is that you are an enemy full of crap and your mind is a wasteland. Guards!!

  15. Sen10L says:

    AC… I sometimes think you mean well, but at the same time you appear to be overly paranoid and because English comprehension isn’t your strong suit you take stuff out of context and attack proven commenters. Really makes you look bad. If you are for real… take it easy. Chill.

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