Black Crazies Stab White People All The Time

By Phillip Marlowe

You probably heard about that cute young lady jogging in DC where some wacko nig stabbed her 7 times out of the blue out on the street. She stumbled bleeding like crazy into a nearby restaurant for help and soon died. They had it on the national news, mostly because of it happening in Washington DC, about a mile or so from the White House at Logan Circle. Plus, the popular woman was engaged and had only just bought a wedding dress (photos below).

I noticed the traitorous media showed her hispanic mother telling a news reporter she didn’t hate the guy who stabbed her beloved daughter to death. That was the full extent of the sound bite. We all simply must love these murderous animals no matter what! The media knows the narrative buttons to push to keep us Whites PC brainwashed.

Another thing they said is that this is a rare thing. My White butt! I’ve read of plenty of cases where some crazy jig runs up out of the blue and sticks a White person over and over in the gut with a butcher knife stolen from a Target store. Or hacked to death with a machete, like what might happen in Africa or Haiti everyday, for crying out loud.

Don’t you get it? These crazy, insane blacks can be anywhere. There is no telling when one of these street animals goes completely bonkers and brutally starts stabbing one of us decent White people simply going about our day. None of your idiot liberals who push this diversity nonsense on the rest of us are going to say one damn thing. They think it won’t happen to them. Or at least hope not.

Notice how fast the story went down the rabbit hole. No further coverage on the news, even though it appears he stabbed her because she was White.

I read a story a couple of months ago about this White guy, Anthony Mele, dining out with his wife in a nice Ventura, California, restaurant and had his adopted Asian little girl sitting right in his lap when some black nutcase ran inside the place with a dirk and stabbed him in the throat. In a crowded restaurant, for chrissakes. He probably bled to death before they even got him into the ambulance.

Zoe Hastings died horribly at the hands of a black sex monster armed with a knife.

Then there was this White guy, David Stephens, jogging down in Dallas, Texas, when a former black college football star attacked him with a machete, wildly hacking him to death on the jogging path out of the blue. That story sure didn’t make national news. A few weeks later, his loving wife Patti committed suicide because of it.

Meanwhile, within the same 24 hour period and only about a mile or so away in Dallas, a cute young 18 year-old Mormon girl, Zoe Hastings, was simply dropping off a video when a black freak sex predator accosted her getting back into her parent’s minivan. He had a knife. The poor girl was on her way to Bible studies class, for crying out loud.

In 2012, Shannon Collins was simply walking to a hairdo appointment when she was randomly stabbed to death on the street.

The black monster forced the girl back into the van and drove it or made her drive it to a nearby wooded park where he raped and stabbed her to death. Then he pushed the van down into a wooded ravine. Imagine the sheer fear the girl felt.

Yeah, right, sure, black lives matter. But how about us White people, dammit?

Back in 2012, an attractive middle-aged White lady Shannon Collins (left) was strolling to her hairdo appointment in pleasant Santa Cruz, California, when a black crazy ran up and gutted her out like a fish. Another White lady that same year, Sharlotte McGill was walking her little dog in a Spokane, Washington suburb, when a black psycho stabbed her to death out of the blue. None of these stories made national news.

This is just a handful of cases that I remember from my “WHITE VICTIMS” of the black race. Many other cases of blacks stabbing us to death are at the link. Just go there and scroll down for a minute or two.

Look at that crazy black bastard! The SOB got away with killing 6 year-old Logan Tipton by an insanity defense. He’ll get back out of a cushy mental health facility soon enough. Perhaps you or a loved one will see that crazy face on the street?

How about the little White kid sleeping in his own bed when a black crazy snuck into the home early in the morning through an unlocked back door, stole a butcher knife out of the kitchen and went into his bedroom? He stabbed the poor little boy multiple times in the chest and face. Six year-old Logan Tipton of Kentucky died right there in his dad’s arms. Talk about waking up to a real life nightmare.

OK, chances are you probably won’t fall victim to one of these black street nutcases. But combine them with all the murderous black criminals and White-haters out there wanting to rob and rape you, you do stand a chance of being another dead White victim of the brutal black race — who we’re all expected to think they are civilized members of society or else you’re a racist.

See, that’s the thing. The backstabbing Jews have pushed all this diversity nonsense on the White race for decades. You can spot the diversity bull caca in Jewish Hollywood movies going back to the WWII, at least. They wanted to turn our lands into a multiracial craphole from the beginning. You see how insane White leftys are these days? It’s the culmination of daily brainwashing out of Jewish media and Jews promoting this BS in education.

America is now one stupid and PC insane country where all the Third Worlder POC and violent criminal blacks are having a field day, living on the public dole while committing crime and mayhem on each other and us Whites.

You can easily spot this just in TV commercials nowadays. Every beer commercial with people partying has to have smiling, clean-cut looking blacks laughing along (we’re all expected to have black friends at our social events or else we might be racist). The phony expert actors explaining high tech or medicine products are usually now black. The only commercials where they don’t have blacks are burglar alarm companies — where the criminals are always White — even though all of us know blacks are total thieves, mostly the ones committing B&E, or illegal Mestizo aliens. Totally ridiculous.

Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser has a crazy-eyed lezbo Jew lawyer named Debra Katz. These subversive Jew creeps are everywhere screwing up America and White countries!

Then we have these stinking, subversive Jews telling us how to think all the time. This past Sunday’s “Meet The Press” had Chuck Todd, Marvin Kalb and Jonah Goldberg (all anti-Trump Jews, including the show host, Chuck Todd) on the roundtable along with anti-White black militant Helene Cooper (who sometimes wears black Africa pendants on air) and some idiot White libtard girl — who might have been Jewish, too, by the looks of her.

They were all pushing the anti-Trump agenda and that Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, is such an evil White guy for supposedly feeling up a chick 36 years ago at a drunken high school party. Like BFD.

Total White male hate is on display everywhere. They now feel free to insult and blame us White men for everything now. Infuriating considering all we’ve done for the planet.

Yep, these dirty Jews are working to slow genocide the White race. It’s all right in front of you everyday. They are now scared that Trump is awakening a populist movement that might endanger them and their subversive anti-White agenda. Little wonder every country these backstabbers have ever lived, has soon gone to pot and the people there rise up to throw them out. The Jews know this.

America is surely being turned into a crime-infested Third World craphole. This is what we get for allowing these stinking Jews to immigrate here from Russia back in the 19th century and the decades since.

They have been nothing but big trouble for White countries. No doubt about it.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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61 Responses to Black Crazies Stab White People All The Time

  1. Tony says:

    Another brilliant article Incogman. I keep saying the same thing….VIGILANTISM. The ZOG Jew machine controls ALL avenues and mediums of propaganda PERIOD. Our message is stifled from reaching critical mass. Throw in the Jewish Bread and Circuses such as Social media obsession and Self Aggrandizement it promotes and you CANNOT get enough White peoples attention to RECOGNIZE the mortal danger we are in. Our breeding numbers are so low that our world population numbers are CRASHING in comparison to all the other races that WE financially support. We are lunatics.
    THE STINKING JEWS HAVE US SUPPORTING OUR OWN GENOCIDE. Elite traitors must be culled. Big tech bastard cucks like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg need to know they play with fire they get burnt. Vigilantes wake up.

    Here is another disgusting example of Jew Propaganda to promote Nigger bucks with our White women. This boils my fucking blood. Find the commercial producer and hang him from a flag pole.

    • JimB says:

      I left a sweet comment for them on the channel. I’m sure it’ll get deleted though. Down-voted it too. So far, 4 Likes/3 Dislikes…

    • Adam says:

      Look in to what the somolians did in Shakopee MN at valley Fair , they were running rampant , swat team and lots of police were called in .

      • Tony says:

        Unbelievable…those brown shit stains. Every video showing them destroy has been magically removed from all kosher owned media conglomerates. I lnow a few people who live in Minnesota and they tell me Minneapolis is overrun with these Somali savages.

    • ICU says:

      Patriot Vigilantes must be smart, careful, well informed, stealthy, silent and even lucky so that their targets get what’s righteously coming to them.
      I watched video of the lower ranking, house nigger ZOG kike jew bastard Rosenstein coming and going at The White House yesterday…for what, to be prepped with a script for his Thursday meeting with Preznit Arty McDeal The Magnificent & Extra Yappy ?
      Rod, the smirking, elfin eared jerk jewboy, was very well guarded by multiple security staff and transported around The Swamp in a typical unmarked black gubbamint SUV with dark tint windows.
      All this protective special handling for a hooked up, tribe installed Deputy Attorney General bureaucratic functionary that’s nowhere near the top of the ZOG manure heap.
      Imagine the security that protects The Kosher String Pullers…whose names are generally unknown…the Clowngress and Agency scum like Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, Hoyer, paper bag hued niggers Harris and Booker, Willy The Worm Schiff, Ratgirl Haley, Toilet Brush Head Bolton, Israeli leashed war dog Mattis etc. and the more senior Swamp Rats AND the vile corrosive specimens in AIPAC/SPLC/B’nai Brith/AJC/Trilateral Commission/Bilderburg/CFR etc.

      Harsh Justice delivered to where it’s deserved will not be easy.
      Therefore, each victory will be well earned and all the more worthwhile.

      A Storm Is Coming.
      It’s about time.

  2. Dave says:

    The subversive kikes have been kicked out of 359 countries, not 109. They have been kicked out multiple times. The only mistake those countries made was letting the kikes back in.

  3. Daniel says:

    The demonic satanic Canaanite jews in the media/entertainment and even politicians work overtime to label and brainwash the masses into believing these negro bucks are men. You can SEE THIS, anyone with a half brain can see they want you to think they are full-blown normal humans at a disadvantage because of whitey. LOL!!!! The jew media/entertainment etc… MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT…they know niggers are not fully human and are a barbaric beast like and are described in Gods message/scripture as the ” BEASTS OF THE FIELD ” And the more dangerous ones are the fallen wicked agents of Satan who left their habitat and joined Satan in battle with God/Saints. and now here on earth to do battle with Gods people. Those are described as ” Luciferians ” nigger Luciferians ” Gen ch 6 ( kjv ) So sad many can’t piece this and figure it out by common sense and Gods words to back that common sense notion gut feelings up.

    Just because they take the appearance of a human man ( that’s the NUMBER ONE Satan magical deceiver to all with blindfolds ) does NOT mean they are.

    LEVITICUS 21:18 ” Do NOT approach he who has the flat nose ” ( don’t cast pearls before dogs) ( Don’t pass what is holy/Bible to certain heathens upon this earth, they will hurt you, or try too )

  4. J.R. says:

    what creature in the natural world does the jewess Dianne Feinstein now most resemble??? ..

  5. Nationalist says:

    I have no idea why victims of Black crime who live don’t in the aftermath join the Nationalist movement and instead continue to support political parties that have long since been proven to be based on false ideas. The only thing the Democratic and to a lesser extent Republican Parties are going to “achieve” for us is to make life unbearable for Whites and it won’t be long before we get there. We shouldn’t feel the need to be badgered into going along with something we know isn’t right and is not going to work out for us.

  6. James Robert Calvert says:

    There is some evidence that Nimrod, the possible founder of this world’s corrupt “civilization,” was a person of mixed descent. He may also have been the first individual to attempt to establish a one world government (Gen. 11:4). It would come as an absolute shock to most “Christian Zionists” to learn that the God of the Old Testament was an absolute segregationist. Segregation of the races was the reason Jehovah confounded their language at the so-called “tower of Babel” (Gen. 11:7-9). Biblical prophecy predicted that near the time of the end humanity would “mingle themselves with the seed of men” (Daniel 2:43), i.e., engage in miscegenation. It also predicted that, at the same time, “ethnos will be stirred up against ethnos” (Matthew 24:7, literal translation). Satan, through his human agents, is trying to destroy racial distinctions by means of integration and miscegenation. At the same time, he is stirring up racial groups against each other. It’s pretty sick, but that’s what is actually happening. Satan is the ultimate psychopath.

    • Red Pill says:

      ” It would come as an absolute shock to most “Christian Zionists” to learn that the God of the Old Testament was an absolute segregationist”

      It would come as an absolute shock to most “Christian Zionists” to learn that the God of the “New” Testament is an absolute segregationist.

      God does not change, nor does he lie like the 501c3 cash register pulpit
      prostitutes of the house of spiritual whoredoms churches of today’s ilk

      • Daniel says:

        God/Christ would qualify for modern day demonic jew lingo called ” racist” just because he’s proud of the white race. They would have you keep thinking that the white race was a mishap and from another planet while niggers and crooked noses were Gods holy, special, sweet, kind, intelligent, heartwarming peoples that made a HUGE difference in this world and the world would have stopped if Gods niggers and cat in the hat jew wearing penis bobbers towards a wall chosen ones were not here.

      • Gene says:

        Yeah, the IRS controls the pulpit! Unbelievable, ain’t it. These world controlled church organizations are worthless. They only preach part of it, and the anti-gay stuff is not allowed so the gays finally got their feet in the door since churches tolerated them!


  7. Barney says:

    IncogMan – I don’t like to nag, and I accept that I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the troll with many names and several avatars is driving your regulars away, effectively destroying your comments section and threatening the site itself.

    It’s your blog, and it’s not for me to tell you how to run it, but it would be a significant loss to all of us if you were taken down, or if you took the site down yourself because it seemed we weren’t interested any more.

    It may be that the troll is using a VPN – or perhaps several – to hide his true IP, but he needs to be stopped before he can do some real damage.

    Americans believe they still have a constitutional right to freedom of speech, thought and all the rest of it, but look what happened to Andrew Anglin. He can be a bit immature at times, and he doesn’t seem very fond of White women, but a joke about a seriously obese woman having a heart attack hardly justifies what happened to him.

    Some of the troll’s sock puppets have disappeared since I called him out, but he’s still here, and I’ve seen how these trolls operate. This one seems slightly more intelligent than most, but sooner or later he’ll start posting “forbidden” comments, inciting readers to commit various crimes being one possibility, and then he’ll go running to his paymasters complaining about you having “allowed” his comments and attempting to get your site taken down.

    I’ve seen it happen too many times, and yours is one site I personally don’t want to lose.

    • Arctic Cirle says:

      If you are talking about me, then no worries … not intelligent not even a bit.

      And now fuck off, just to make sure. No one was trolling you, as far as I am concerned. Mind your own business. Last time I spoke a month ago and you are still belching. You are a fucking Moran. You are the only one troll here. You are the one who is hiding behind the VPNs and Proxies, and VMs. You misrepresenting yourself to be from GB, when in reality you are a wacko from Waco, Texas.

      But then again, you Moron, LET ME NOT TO BECOME TOO HOSTILE HERE!

      Because I am here for only one reason: to brainstorm on how to solve the Judeo – Niggerian Problem! There is no any earthly reason I otherwise would be here. The fucking jews and niggers is what only consolidates us white people from all corners of the globe here at Incog. net

      You little fuck, you spoiling the only pleasure I have left in my life: the discussion we have here. The is only hope and breath of fresh air not just, for me, and thousands white Americans, but for millions of white people around the world who are scared to death by a bullies-trolls and predatory laws written by jews.

      You, Wacko, and similar wackos, constantly are taking my focus away from what is important – the jews, neggers, and wealthy pigs.

      I already explained you in the past, and repeat to you again that I am not interested in your particular feedback. But I would never said it unless you little skunk ask for that. Just say you know that if you continue to annoy, the very D-day starts, THE RACE WAR SHOULD BE DECLARED NOW, I will give you a lesson, not to kill you, but the lesson you will remember well.

      Now, buck to the subject. War is good, but no war is not an option! I do not get it why, even black niggers united themselves in to a dangerous movements like, MLKs, terroristic Black Panters of 1970s, BLM, Black Movements in every singly university around the U.S., and there is not on honest white rich person how can donate some millions and to start White Party?

      If you have not being in you local universities go and visit, there are millions, not just 13% of population, but fucking millions of murderous shiny disgusting niggers who are given from $30,000 to $50,000, every years, to play fucking sports, plus free tuition, Nike sport uniforms, and free breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      If I would be in charge, I would collect all those who give money and free education to jews and niggers and give all of them to Barney to play with them.

      After one month in Barney’s basement they would be different!

      Barney, I wish you all the best, because you are the contributor. But, fuck off, you fucking cunt, and die all at once.

      • ICU says:

        Your dissociative, insane, rambling, non-native English speaker/writer, Trotskyite totalitarian, mini-Commie rants are useful, in that we’re reminded why Involuntary Commitment To Mental Facilities, extra long sleeve canvas jackets with lots of buckles and drugs like Thorazine exist.
        Better, in Russia and China there are bare cells with floor drains so that you may get about 124 grains of hot lead applied to your unpleasant head, so that the inner screaming can stop.
        Go be a tourist in Russia or China soon, and jabber your bullshit there…for a little while, until they throw a net over you.
        Leave today.

      • Daniel says:

        So, in other words, you feel the way you do because you can, you can because you want to, and you want to because he said you couldn’t.

        That’s how it works in 99.99999999 % time between two or more in life.

      • Morris Deeds says:

        Are You Danny Parkie of St Louis??? AC

  8. William Schnarr says:

    One thing people need to memorize is the fact that Donald Trump is NOT on the side of the white race… people who believe this has to be either completely ignorant, or stupid. Sometimes he might be ordered to appear this way, but he never actually is.

    • Gene says:

      For Sure!

      I just noticed your post after I posted mine. You have it right, sir. I agree with you. This guy is not on the side of the White race as long as he grandstands for Negroes.

      He is almost apologetic to them, even went back offering to change the Mohammed Ali thing.

      While he is busy praising himself and the Negroes and Jews the Jew-inspired criminal Negroes are out there murdering people.

      Now you see why Negroes get killed, apparently for no reason now. It happened in Baton Rouge, La. a couple of times. If these black bastards want to stab White people to death don’t be surprised when random Negroes get shot.

    • Daniel says:

      Trump will bring on the final Armageddon battle upon the white Christian race once the last ” TRUMP ” is blown from the heavens ” D TRUMP ” will instigate and allow a massive non-white/ Anti-Christian military/militia buildup against an ” UNWALLED ” nation. Today’s headlines, as usual, = ” NO WALL ”

      Trump= Life long DemocRAT voted/supported every DemocRAT presidential runner including voting for Obama twice….hmmm

      Eziekel 38 ( kjv )= Angel sounds final ” TRUMP “= Gog & Magog upon ” “unwalled” peoples/nation= AMERICA

      Prepare to meet Jesus!

  9. Gene says:


    A real good eyeopener of a post, INCOG MAN! This White genocide is something that should be focused upon.

    How can our American president do so much grandstanding for Negroes when it is the Negroes that are murdering our race?!

    I helped by blogging to install this Trump character and he has fallen out of favor with me. He is Jewed up to the eyeballs and grandstands for Negroes, even went back to change the Mohammed Ali thing and all. UGH!

  10. Gene says:


    It should be brought out into the open that the race war is declared now! With the stabbing death of Wendy Martinez by a Negro who doesn’t like White people it should make national headlines that the race war is upon us.

    That should serve to polarize White people everywhere. Let the Whites who are associating with Negroes “be filthy still”. “Let those who are filthy be filthy still”.

  11. Gene says:

    Cosby Gets Only 3 Years For Crimes

    Cosby got a merger of sentences of three charges into one sentence and is due to serve 3-10 years in prison.

    He is now formally a sex offender predator.

    It was fun and games to give out the pills to commit rape but now comes the 3-10. I don’t know if he can get time off for good behavior and maybe only do 15 months or so.

    Negroes are not what they outwardly appear to be.

  12. Red Pill says:


    where have you been ? the race war is 6,000 + years in the making
    people will never get it, and if they do actually see the delusion,
    they will act incorrectly and loose their souls over it.

    there is no way to turn back the hands of time.
    it’s the future that has to make amends.
    one can only purify them self and hold to the “light”
    if you take it to the streets, you will experience defeat.

    • ICU says:

      Your repeated calls for impotent, Dreamy Dreamland, low level Dollar Store, Kriss-Chun, Scofield Bah-Bull thumping, Space Case inaction in the face of real murderous predatory savagery that’s perpetrated every day against Whites…
      is tiresome.
      How about if you stop it.

  13. Arctic Circle says:

    They teach jewdio-niggerizm in the elite universities now. One of the most influential is George Washington University, located in the Georgetown in DC, the kids of powerful are there to become powerful themselves, and get very very good jobs around the world with the State Department.

    Here is the smallest and most innocent, but still poisonous example of the jewish vomit-river rhetoric spewing out there:

    Loeb Institute for Religious Freedom at the George Washington University. God’s Country: Christian Zionism in America

    The United States is Israel’s closest ally in the world. Some point to the nefarious influence of a powerful “Israel lobby” within the halls of Congress. Others detect the hand of evangelical Protestants who fervently support Israel for their own theological reasons. Samuel Goldman proposes another explanation. The political culture of the United States, he argues, has been marked from the very beginning by a Christian theology that views the American nation as deeply implicated in the historical fate of biblical Israel. God’s Country is the first book to tell the complete story of Christian Zionism in American political and religious thought from the Puritans to 9/11. It identifies three sources of American Christian support for a Jewish state: covenant, or the idea of an ongoing relationship between God and the Jewish people; prophecy, or biblical predictions of return to The Promised Land; and cultural affinity, based on shared values and similar institutions. Combining original research with insights from the work of historians of American religion, Goldman crafts a provocative narrative that chronicles Americans’ attachment to the State of Israel.

    Samuel Goldman is an assistant professor of Political Science at the George Washington University, where he is Director of the Politics & Values Program and Executive Director of the Loeb Institute for Religious Freedom. Before coming to GW, he received his Ph.D. from Harvard and was a postdoctoral fellow in Religion, Ethics & Politics at Princeton. In addition to his book, he has published scholarly essays on Reinhold Niebuhr, Leo Strauss, Alexis de Tocqueville and other thinkers. Goldman also serves as literary editor of Modern Age: A Conservative Review. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Review, First Things, The Jewish Review of Books, and many other publications.

    • Daniel says:

      I never cap the i in israel unless I’m referring to America. For America/European White Christians of faith are the Jacobs/Israelites making America/Europe the covenant of Abrahan, Isaac, Jacob. God changed Abram to Abraham and said now you are the blessed father of many nations ( White Christians in white nations ). God changed Jacobs name to Israel. The tribe of Jacob was in Assyrian captivity for 430 years. After the Exodus out of Egypt, the white Israelites would later settle in Europe and the Americas.

      Not picking on you, I just don’t find modern-day nasty imposter jew israel to be worthy of the time to cap and highlight those demonic Canaanites from the seed of devil cain who are whoring and being squatters in modern day israel.

      • Arctic Cirle says:

        I agree with you position: “I don’t find modern-day nasty imposter jew israel to be worthy of the time to cap and highlight those demonic Canaanites from the seed of devil cain who are whoring and being squatters in modern day Israel”.

        But, please take a note of the god damned jews’ titles, compensations, universities they work. Take a note the absurd they write. All these appalling jews in political and academic positions are funded to disseminate their poison. Which they successfully do.

        While, white people, do not even have a means to discuss the fact that our Church self aloof from the normality, and is enactive, and not how it supposed to be (if not to say stupid).

        But let us focus on the good hear. Is it possible that God send to people jews and niggers as a means for the white people to some how, by a miracle to integrate? Is it possible that God seeing whites killing each other War after War, and now mercifully sent us the Common Enemy, so that to make us smarter and somehow to unite us into become a Super Country which overcame the Super Common Enemy?

        I do not see any viable organization of the white people where everyone can start openly and willingly participate as the means of salvation from the murderous niggers and conniving financial and political terrorists jews in israel and here?

        From the most gruesome bottom of the human suffering we can sometimes hear the scream of Eric: “What the fuck we supposed to do?” “Who to integrate if every white hates every other white, for material reason and jealousy and inability to collaborate because we are all poisoned by the jewish stupid propaganda of our common enemies: Savings Account, Individualism, Competition, Materialism, Fear, Insecurity, Self-Doubt, and the same jewish shit, Wall Street monitoring, Investing, Speculation, Being Nice not Wise, Reading Bloomberg Financial Poison which separates us, and therefore making people weak sleazy greasy fagy dopy sheniey fucky sleazy sneaky dupy conniving slavish uncertain and defensive.

        All that instead of becoming Offensive in a political terms, at least!

        I wish I would have the Army under my command. The world would become a different by the end of the day tomorrow. I would make all the World Great Again for All, without jews and niggers. All bad people would be gone. Only us good people would be growing potatoes and bartering it for pigs and gun powder. Very very peaceful. Every body white person would be issued a tennis court.

        On my tennis court I would catch all the sportsmen and barbeque them, the exchange the barbequed sportsmen for a tractor. And then plow it with a tractor and grow onion and potatoes.

    • Daniel says:

      God demands segregation and forbids covenant with the other races. Like God has given Abraham’s descendants an unconditional unbreakable covenant that is set for now until eternity, White braindead conflicted and dazed and confused Christians gave niggers and jews this same unbreakable bound minutes after the civil war which wasted 600,000 + white men to have chicago and the beasts of the fields ( niggers) in our backyards coveting our property and taking white lives as if smashing a couple ants under the feet and moving to the next like a leech and a deadly plague . And the jew leaders of this country in the demonic anti-Christ, Anti-White liberal satan party only laugh at it, encourage it, and purposely gladly take the side of the nigger Luciferians and they enjoy putting every white man/women at a disadvantage to this barbaric beasts nigger buck plague. Jews are Christ/Gods worse enemies and they hate Christ followers. The jew imposter nation are a cursed people from the seedline of Satan himself. They couldn’t survive a day without Christian America coddling their Christ/God hating evil liberal insane selves, ECONOMICALLY, MILITARILY, ETC… without America, middle east israel is a wasteland of punks who do not have the blessings/covenant as does blessed America/Europe who are well behaved proud white humble Christians.

      For these are the exact reasons our Lord Eternal has exasperated and pleaded with his white Adam race Christian covenant peoples over and over again to NEVER MIX AND MINGLE lest we end up like the heathens God destroyed during the flood of Noah. Jews know we are that covenant and they plan to unsurp us, in fact, it has been done thanks to brain-dead dazzled earlier Christians.

      NOW WE SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF DISOBEYING GOD YET AGAIN, AND YET OVER THE SAME DAMN THING. We just can’t stay out the pants of jews and niggers. How embarrassing in front of our true loving caring father in heaven.

  14. Arctic Circle says:

    I whish SOG would resurfaced from the Bog. And where is prt, and rp? And Kareen who like Italy with no reason at all?

  15. Gene says:

    Victim Wendy Martinez May Have Been Stalked – Getting Married =’s White Babies

    I may be possible that Wendy Martinez was under an Islam watch where Negroes learn your information, or, just a plain Negro watch and it was learned that Wendy Martinez was about to get married. Getting married mean she could have produced some White babies so the Niggers can’t allow that and waited on her to intercept her where she was jogging.

    This is the problem about belonging to a church or any organization where niggers are. They will spy on you and pass the information along, you know. That’s why I always say you cannot dwell with niggers, AT ALL, PERIOD.

    Same thing applies to the lady who took $75,000.oo to the bank and the niggers were outside the bank in seconds to intercept her. If I was her I would not have lollygagged around getting inside the bank from the car like she did.

    It is obvious that niggers are targeting people.

  16. Gene says:

    oops a misspelling, I meant

    Victim Wendy Martinez May Have Been Stalked – Getting Married =’s White Babies

    It may be possible that Wendy Martinez was under an Islam watch where Negroes learn your information, or, just a plain Negro watch and it was learned that Wendy Martinez was about to get married. Getting married means she could have produced some White babies so the Niggers can’t allow that and waited on her to intercept her where she was jogging.

    This is the problem about belonging to a church or any organization where niggers are. They will spy on you and pass the information along, you know. That’s why I always say you cannot dwell with niggers, AT ALL, PERIOD. You don’t want to know or associate with any niggers, AT ALL, PERIOD.

    Same thing applies to the lady who took $75,000.oo to the bank and the niggers were outside the bank in seconds to intercept her. If I was her I would not have lollygagged around getting inside the bank from the car like she did.

    It is obvious that niggers are targeting people.

    Please delete the other post.

  17. Arctic Circle says:


    instead of: god damned jews
    read: God damned jews and niggers.

    • Daniel says:

      Did you know that to be damned is to be put into hell?

      So in essence when one says G- damn, they are condemning God to hell and I don’t think he appreciates that.

      Be careful………

  18. Erik Snohdin says:

    Yup, no doubt about it, Incog, they be trouble, those Kike shitheads, but as always, the question is . . . when are we gonna stop typing and start acting ?
    See, Kikes invented computers just to divide us, and it’s working. Very clever, all us whites hiding in our rooms, too afraid to do anything but type. The Kikes love it.

    What is required is pure vigilante-ism, either alone or in groups. Guys with real ballsacs who have mastered their guns and are crack shots from afar. Once we start killing them, they’ll get the message right away.

    • Red Pill says:

      Erik Snohdin says:
      September 26, 2018 at 10:08 am

      “”What is required is pure vigilante-ism, either alone or in groups. Guys with real ballsacs who have mastered their guns and are crack shots from afar. Once we start killing them, they’ll get the message right away.””


  19. Gene says:

    Negroes Should Not Have Any Access To Whites

    Negroes should simply not have any access to White people since it is now reported that the man who murdered Wendy Martinez killed her because he didn’t like White people. It wasn’t a rare case at all where some nut job hates White people – lots of Negroes hate White people and there should be a separation of the races again.

    Jim Crow Laws were for a reason! When they abandoned them and introduced integration Negroes began murdering White people. The only thing that will stop the murder of Whites by Blacks is the re-introduction of Jim Crow Laws.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    Creepy porn star lawyer stormy daniels dredged up another woman who said heterosexual white man kafenough groped me. Anybody remember a Gloria allred I doubt that I’ve seen real redheads before it’s a rare breed daughter lisa bloom was offering to pay women to make sexual misconduct claims against Donald Trump. And the closer to the election it got the more money George soros was willing to pay. This creepy porn lawyer says here is my new client next to her facebook picture we expect that you all respect her privacy in this matter. Respect a womans private parts? Really creepy porn lawyer. Just shut the fuck up creepy porn lawyer jewboy.

  21. Bob says:

    I had to live close to blacks in prison. Australian Aborigines are the dumbest of all races. I saw one Abo stab a guy for no reason. Just walked up and stabbed him and kept walking. I saw stabbings by these savages several times. One guy died right in front of me. The two blacks ran off, fools had been seen by a dozen crims. The Detectives came and interviewed every inmate,one by one. The squealer got driven out that night and released early. I heard he was stabbed to death the next time he was back in Prison. I saw an Abo trying to steal a TV he had the electrical lead and was tugging on it a white guy had the TV. The Abo screamed “gimmee that TV you white cunt.” The lead broke and the Abo fell arse over tit, everyone in the wing burst out laughing. The Abo did some kind of dance waving the cord like a lariat while screaming profanities before running off. Our Government thought Aborigines alone were not sufficient and has now imported Africans from darkest Africa. These Africans make our Abos appear harmless by comparison.

    • J.R. says:

      Yeah, i’ve seen some of that Bob.. i used to do diamond drilling offsider work outback in the 80’s and i remember one time i went into a pub in Darwin and these abos were lounging around and i was fairly new to who they were, so I kept an eye on them, but one of them went all crazy and stirred up his mates against me, so i had to get out fast to save myself from what looked like a dangerous moment… i found out later that the abos have this thing about “the evil eye”.. which means if you look at them the wrong way, they think you’re a sorcerer putting some sort of voodoo curse on them…

      “Sorcery and voodoo death..

      “The sorcerer casts spells onto victims or their goods (“singing”, at times to death). He can inflict bad luck or injury by look alone (“evil eye”). Kadaicha men lead avenging expeditions involving pointing the bone. The victim is stunned or speared and magical operations are performed on him. The bone is magically projected into the victim’s body. Blood or the soul is withdrawn from the body along a magic cord (as in “psychic surgery”).

      “From 1969 to 1980, a psychiatrist studied Aboriginal men in Arnhem Land. Sorcery syndrome (gross fear of death) was common. Symptoms were agitation, sleeplessness, visions and protruding eyeballs. Fear was precipitated by trauma, for example, death or serious illness of a close relative, or a dispute over wives. A few victims died. The victim was outcast and deprived of water; thus dehydration rather than fright may have caused death (8)…”

      the jews have a similar superstition and they use what they call “evil eye” amulets to ward off evil… the eye on the US dollar bill at the top of an Egyptian pyramid is an “evil eye” jew amulet that the jew banksters use to ‘ward off any evil’ that might undo their control of the secular world for the jews’ god Lucifer who is of course the god and prince of it in the Bible… the jews believe the great archetype of the secular power they crave was the reign of their patriarch Joseph offside to Pharaoh in Egypt in ancient times…

  22. Arctic Circle says:

    Joe, thanks for the movie.

    It is a clear message to all those jew-collaborators, nigger-lovers, and materialistic scum who impose the Niggers, following blindly and obediently the jewish lead.

    The most I liked about the video is that the person staring in the documentary is not white, looks to me as a jewdeo-arab, or a perssian-turk.

  23. Arctic Circle says:

    The black, arab, and jewish cancer is spread throw the instrument called support for small and medium size business. That support is fostering so called entrepreneurship. Those entrepreneurs, in each country, become the net of corrosive dents ratting up economy, stilling people labor, missappropriating economic resourses like land, raw, lamber, ors, etc to use for satisfying every caprices the jewish-ran governments around the world.

    We all agree that the not only the U.S. media, but the entire world’s media is owned by jews=arbs=muslims=rich=banks=$dollars=WallStreet=Investments=Rent=Seeking=pigs=murderers=fucking zoo.

    Those entrepreneurs / business man / investors, etc, collectively know as the OWNERS, are advertised, propagated, advanced, and are injected the undeserved honors by the jewish media. People were led in to a wrong believe that the Owners are good, or are some kind centers of Wisdom, Pride, Ethicallity, and Justice. However, in reality all those Owners do what every it takes, selling themselves to jewish evils, as well as us poor whiteys, to the fucking niggers, jews, pig-faced police, murderous maniacs who lead us to the endless wars, instead leading us into the one final War, called the Total War, as one of our participants here quoted Dr. Goebbels, the War we win once and forever – The Final War.

    Instead, we poor whiteys, are thrown forcibly to coexist with dramatically different kind scum, the jewdeo-neggirian-financial-scum, which is incomprehensibly worse than we ourselves are. As a result we can not even legally protect ourselves, have no say in where the results of our labor go, have no means to voice our traditional values, and hungry everyday.

    And why the majority of the White People arround the world are hungry? That is because majority of them are smart, and do not want to work for the fucking jews for a peace of bread, when the fucking jew buy himself a juicy Nuclear Missel, and a Good bring new stealth Jet, and hire a lots and lots of naturally born thugs, and then sing them the songs in every radio broadcast and TV, the fucking mulato – mitisso – mankies tell them that they are good: “Thank your for your service!”. While millions of white people, the real heroes, the heroes of labor, working to feed them in training.

    The fucking jews take (still) as much of our labor as they want / need / is required for them (the rich pigs to feel safe) not us to feel safe, them, the fucking rich pigs to feel safe.

    Then a half idiot gets our of the bar, on his fat pensions paid by jews, opens up his well trained mouth and says : “I am good! Do you want to have an enjoyable shoot outs with me!” And, once again, it is not his fault. This is the fault of fucking rich-jews, because they fucking tought him through thier private media that he is good, or hero, or something like that. When in reality, millions of whities working hard in the Northern Europe, and Southern France, wark for nothing compare to the real price of his or her labor, only to buy a new battle ship, for the boss of French Mafia, French President, and in fucking Mexico, for the boss of the Mexican Mafia, as well as in every other country in the world.

    Except, of cause, the U.S.

    No you fuc,

    protect our selves. Because the right to provide military and police security is monopolized by the the government.

    But when a dumb whity like me or a sog, start digging deeper they discover that the government, starting from municipality, Navy, state, in every state arround the world is now is nothing more than just a private corporation.

    So ask your self a question, is a private person going to do anything to help you, is helping you in any shape of form is on his agenda, is your well being contributes to his or her self-interests? The answers is, of course, no?

    I believe that the roots of the Jewdeo-Niggerian problem, and the modes how the Jewdeo-Niggerian disease has spread around the Globe is primarily money, ownership and comfortable life style which comes with it, and the

    White people are in a such a poor shape, not only because of the jews-arabs-niggers-muslims-mulatos, and damned chinize, but more so because of our own traitors, who are selling us into the rich – jews slavery and policing us so we must work.

    I believe that ICU may choose to call to CDC, because the materialism, individualism, classial (based on your net worth), instead of Racial Segregation. ICU, please call CDC and tell them that Materialism, Wall Street, Dollars, and Checking Accounts, Shares, Bonds, Royalties, Rent, and Fixed income is the deceased. And ask them to clean it all up.

    Next morning the jews niggers and mexicans will be gone, only …r no not him …t, all alone and hungry is going to be crying: “Ho Vee-Yuooo, icm, please come and poor some into my glass because I have never worked a real job one day in my life I do not know who to grow piggies, and cows, and wit” I do not know how to take care of myself, all I can do is to be a sharp shooter”. ICM is going to say, ok, bro, I am going to take you for the good 3 story stake dinner, in the red lobster, and will give you one pint of whisky for the one last time. After that you are on your own.

    Here is a definition of disease: A disease is a particular abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or function of part or all of an organism, which are due to externally inflicted injury by Jewish financial terrorists.

  24. Gene says:

    Off Topic But Important
    Amazon Offers The Umarex XBG CO2 Powered .177 Caliber Steel BB Air Gun Pistol for $21.28 !

    I don’t know what’s up with Amazon offering their biggest selling CO2 pistol for such chump change, but this pistol usually sells for $29.95 to at least $32.50 or thereabouts. They’ll probably raise the price back up.

    If you don’t have an airgun you might consider getting this. It shoots 19 times before needing a fresh magazine. You can get spare magazines, too. At 410 feet per second it offers a modicum of protection, at least from dogs.

    Going on a stroll? Put one in your pocket if it’s legal to do so.

  25. Gene says:

    If you ordered a Umarex 12 Gram CO2 Cylinders- 12-Pack with the XBG you’d get free shipping

    At only $5.48, the Umarex super clean CO2 cartridges would bring your total to $26.76 plus tax, just over the free shipping amount of $ 25.00.

    As many people as have been stabbed out there it would seem prudent to at least arm yourself with something against a knife.

  26. Gene says:

    Theft Ring Nabbed – All Nigs! Mugshots of Nigs

    Ummm, yeah, uh huh….all the suspects in the theft at the Apple store are niggers. Wouldn’t you know it? Apparently this was a massive smash and grab operation where they made off with some phones, etc..

    Seriously, what good are people from the nig race? Are they good for anything except robbing, raping, murdering, kidnapping, carjacking, etc. ? Why is society trained to put up with this crap?

    I remember the Zoe Hastings murder. Ape grabbed her from a Walgreens store. I had a blog up on one website arguing for security guards, recalling my years as a guard. I guarded a hospital for one detail, wore a .38 special, and saw each person who wanted an escort out to their cars and safely locked in. They thanked me for that.

    Mugshots of suspects arrested in $1M Apple Store robbery scheme

  27. Arctic Circle says:

    No do not laugh at the niggers, because niggers, jews, and aggressive raving, and overpaid capitalistic servants, like ICU and many others , trained to protect rich pigs are not laughable at all.

    At list not for us: the Poor White People! Because we have to coexist with all that scum, and worse of all are forced to WORK for them!

    The U.S. Navy is not a private corporation. But many parts of government are. This is a good illustration of the unstoppable appetite of the rich and overtrained ICUs, and SOGs, for the poisonous jews conceived Privatization, for the small government, for the capitalism.

    The crazy, dangerous, well connected, and over funded scum like ICUs, and SOGs, were shutting poor white people everywhere in the world – it is time to stop them by showing to the all whites what they really are – protecting their own wellbeing, which is entirely based on the jewish dollars, jews designed laws, jews designed capitalism, jews designed communism, and jews designed reality as it is today.

    The dangerous over trained crazies, which are pumped by the Jewish media to a wrong self perceptions as being good and deserving some kind respect.

    These dangerous people do not talk or argue. Instead the spewing hate, threats (not empty threats, because they are very well connect with the same perverted rich scum in all the layers of the jewish law enforcement, who can easily arrange for all kind harm to people who merely bring the public attention to how absurd the world has become.

    The poor white people answer to the rip-roaring ICUs, and SOGs with all their expensive collection of the guns, and connections in the dishonest and bloody law enforcement should be a Hatchet! Nothing else will stop the rich pigs all around the world muffling those who disagree with them, those who do not work for the rich people, for the goals of the rich people, and for the jew designed financial system of the Wall Street Bloombergs and stock markets.

    Thus, no rumbling, as clear as a day: the most logical response of the Poor White People to the Rich, Jewish, Niggers, Dollars, Banks, and all similar scum, appears to be the Hatchet.

    I wish you hard working neighbors, not house owners, would stop by to visit you with this Hatchet, just to make it right once and forewer. So you can not open you unclean mouse and talk to people who disagree with you the way you sucm talking to people. Your threats and you deragotory remorks you fucking scum must stop.

    The scum like you held the Poor White People in poverty, by keeping them working to create the Economic Wealth, which all these rich poo happily enjoying every day. And in the end of the day that rich poo opens up his or her unclean mouths and start shiting the Poor White People who do not want to feed them anymore, and do not work for them anymore!

    These “te he ha ha ho hos”, rambling that we Poor White People be gone to fucking Russia, or fucking Europe, or fucking China.

    You dissociative phsyco, who is not capable to argue intelligently trying to tell the Poor White People what to do. Please, somebody, one of the Poor White boys, around show him how the good grandpa’s Hatchet works! These way they wount be able to derail our effort to liberate ourselves from the conniving jews, niggers, and Icus, and dangerous, rich, overtrined, overpaid SOGs, who are there not protect Poor White People but merely to remove the jews and niggers who they perceive as a minor inconvenience.

    For us, for the poor folks, the jews, niggers, and rich are not merely inconvenience. They are the deadly threat.

    Are the icus and sogs good? Yes they are, but only because they are Good Spellers, and Good with English, and because They Were Born Here, and Because they are getting Paid for overcoming a Very, Very Expensive Training!

    So, Thank you for your service to the rich jews, bankers, niggers, and fat Cats, fat scum Owners, and for your scum who spoiled it every where. There is now where to go. The rich jews secured by the white scum the scrooed it everywhere in Europe, in the United States, and in the rest of shit which the rich turned our planet.

    Their capitalistic rants are useful to remind us why all that scum is not tolerable and dangerous, and to remind us why millions of hard working Poor Whites took millions of the sharp sharp screwdrivers and Hatchets to finish these ravaging rich scum.

    The most important question is: “What color is the green Statue of Liberty in the Jew York”?

    The answer is: “Not green and not in New York. The color of the Statue of Liberty is white, the same as ICM, and the is not in New York. The real Statue of Liberty is in Main, where the incog is”.

    Finally, the rich overtrined not working scum believes: “We are in the White Men Land”.

    This does not look any more like one, first of all. And second, it is you who are in the White Man Land, shitting and soling our land everywhere, you are the one responsible for the spread of jewdeo-niggerian-banking-owners virus around the eu and the U.S..

    You, the wealthy scum, you are the one in Our white lands, you are the one who should be hunted, not us Poor White Boys. We do not want to listen to you murderous psychopaths, and the “Best killeaaaghaaaagh out Deaaaaghaaagha”!

    These servants of the Rich scum, say that the detentions cells are better, in Europe, China, and Russia. But the scum does not even realize what they are talking about: the holding cell are the same everywhere in the world, you scum-consumers-of-our-labor! The rich pigs is now the Global Standards, and in every country the Rich Pigs are protected by the standard, conniving and murderous and very well connected ICUs and SOGs, pig faced dishonest double talking scum.

    So, Rich Pigs, jabber your bullshit as long as you can, leave now, and propagate you endless unrealistic stories about Utopian the Civil War 2.0.. So, Rich Pigs, you want to lead the Poor White People to siuside, by the Damned Pig Faced, Jew Serving scum like your selves who are given the right to kill us by jew law, police, only for raising our voices that the whole world turned by you into insanity.

    In conclusion, our response to your rich internal voices, and external farts, is a poor, rusty, grandpa’s Hatchet 1917 stile. When Poor White Boys will get enough smarts to Get Together into One Unstoppable Feast, you Jewish-Dollars-Servants serpents will have not where to leave, as we now have no where to go.

    There is not country one can go, there is no normality. Everywhere you go there is a Rich Pig is waiting for you to exploit you or put you in Jail with niggers.

    Fucking scum, leave today, while you still can. When Poor White People will wake up, and understand all your lies, libels, and the horseshit you will be feeding them everywhere, and even here, in the very Heart of our Holly IncogLand!

    And it is not of cause, to disrespect, it is just to knowledge ideological differences.

  28. Daniel says:


    Great points!

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    September 29

    Babi Yar massacre begins

    The Babi Yar massacre of nearly 34,000 Jewish men, women, and children begins on the outskirts of Kiev in the Nazi-occupied Ukraine.
    The German army took Kiev on September 19, and special SS squads prepared to carry out Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s orders to exterminate all Jews and Soviet officials found there. Beginning on September 29, more than 30,000 Jews were marched in small groups to the Babi Yar ravine to the north of the city, ordered to strip naked, and then machine-gunned into the ravine. The massacre ended on September 30, and the dead and wounded alike were covered over with dirt and rock.
    Between 1941 and 1943, thousands more Jews, Soviet officials, and Russian prisoners of war were executed at the Babi Yar ravine in a similar manner. As the German armies retreated from the USSR, the Nazis attempted to hide evidence of the massacres by exhuming the bodies and burning them in large pyres. Numerous eyewitnesses and other evidence, however, attest to the atrocities at Babi Yar, which became a symbol of Jewish suffering in the Holocaust
    Total bullshit. The victors and especially jews lie. Just like katyn forrest, stalins soviet nkvd used the war to blame the mass murders and starvation of soviet/stalin era on the Germans. I’ll post a must read next comment. Stalins war of extermination 1941-1945.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Ravine of the old woman, otherwise known as ravine of Babi Yar. Read the whole book start at chapter 8 if you choose. Stalin’s war of extermination. Chapter 8. Soviet Crimes Are Attributed to the Germans.
      A must read for anyone interested in real history, Stalin’s War of Extermination is based on newly released Soviet documents. You think Socialism is not so bad? Read this book. This book documents the total power the Soviet Government had over their own people and how Russians were murdered by the tens of millions by their own government. Stalin’s two big tools were “brutal terror” and “shameless propaganda.” Soviet soldiers were forbidden to surrender in battle because the Soviets feared that those who did surrender would join the Germans in their supposed campaign to destroy Communism in Russia. Thus all Soviet soldiers who had been captured for any reason were murdered by the NKVD upon their return. Even millions of Russian civilians in areas which were overrun by German forces and then later recaptured by Soviet Armies were killed or sent to the Gulag. All this was nothing to Stalin who had starved 7 to 9 million Ukranian farmers to death during the government induced famine of 1932-33 (p. 197) and who had purged millions of other Soviet citizens and soldiers. Hand in hand with this terror went endless propaganda. For example, Soviet murders of thousands of Polish officers in the Katyn forest were blamed on the Germans; a lie that was continued up until 1992 when Boris Yeltsin finally released the documents showing the guilt of the Soviet government. (p. 209) To back up these lies “witnesses” were produced. Author Joachim Hoffman sums the situation up well by stating, “Anyone who did not believe the propaganda experienced the terror.” (p. 331) Think you can rest easy now that Soviet Communism has “collapsed?” Think again. Author Hoffman touches on the complicity of the West with Soviet genocide and crimes against humanity. For example, France and England declared war on Germany supposedly because of Germany’s invasion of Poland. Yet when the Soviet Union also attacked Poland two weeks later and overran the eastern half of the country no one even seemed to notice. The US fought on the same side as “Uncle Joe” Stalin in World War II, a war which had as its main result the enslavement of half a billion people in eastern Europe under Soviet Communism. That is what our soldiers fought and died for. Now look at the US policy toward China today, also a totalitarian Communist country. We are busy sending our manufacturing capacity to China to be worked by slave labor and administered by the same people who butchered the pro-democracy students in Tienaman Square. As the saying goes, “Those who do not study history are forced to repeat it.” Read this book to see the real face of Communism. There are those who call names and scream about this and other books “making excuses for the Nazis”. Be warned that reading this book, particularly the sections about master Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg, may cause you to see such name-callers in a different, and very unflattering, light. Jim McPherson

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      This book is a great read. It removes once and for all any hint of legitimacy left from the Soviet propaganda of the period. Those who view Stalin`s regime as liberators will be forced to re-examine their myopic views when faced by the barbaric atrocities committed by the Soviets against the German people and even against their own Russian soldiers if they showed any restraint. Lays to rest once and for all the distorted, one sided view of war on the Eastern Front. A well documented and scholarly work- –A Reader

      When a credentialed scholar attacks a familiar topic with abundant knowledge and, above all, fresh research, a reader, who is interested in the given topic, should take notice. This is the case with Prof. Joachim Hoffmann’s latest book, which is based on new research and archive material out of both Germany and Russia. It has been customary and “boilerplated” to regard the German war against the USSR beginning in June 1941 as a purely black- and-white situation–the German side being unmitigatedly evil and aggressive, the Soviet side being by comparison innocent and defensive. However, new data indicates quite the opposite: That Stalin had his own aggressive plans against Germanywell before June 1941 and, indeed, against Europe as a whole, which he viewed as ripe for Soviet-style “revolution” (because of the strife of war and suffering) and for sovietization (in Sovietese, “liberation”). In realizing that Stalin did harbor such aggressive plans, which he planned to realize by late 1941 or in 1942, does not, of course, exonerate Hitler for his wholesale invasion of Soviet Russia of June 22, 1941. Yet, it at least puts it in a different perspective than one gets from the usual inferences drawn by traditional histories on the war. Moreover, the totally inhuman way (even for war) in which Stalin waged his (allegedly) “defensive” war against Germany, and the Soviet expansionism that accompanied Red Army seizures and sovietization of territory in eastern, central, and southeastern Europe that it captured during World War II (thus proving Stalin’s asggressiveness) are facts that are mostly ignored in run-of-the-mill histories of the period, or even in some contemporary histories (such as those of Gorodetsky, Glantz, et al.). This, in fact, is the most outstanding feature of Hoffmann’s well-documented book–namely, that it is not run-of-the-mill history but is, instead, a judicious, resourceful exploration and disclosure of Stalin’s aggressive war of extermination waged determinedly from 1941 to 1945. –A Customer

      Let me just speak for a moment about the concept of books like this. Each time I look for a book in the genre of revisionism, which doesn’t really exist in my mind anymore than reverse racism does, I see that people are polarized on the topic, particularly when it comes to WWII. In my opinion, you have to be willing to revisit topics concerning world war II. With the fall of the Soviet Union, tons of information that was previously kept from the world has come into view and should be brought to light. People always say that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, but if history is just used as propaganda and not studied with the full consideration of all the facts, then I submit that there is not much that can be learned. This book does a lot to debunk the myth of German aggressivenes and megalomania. Hitler was very fearful of a Russo-French Alliance even before the outset of the war. Even a non-aggression pact did not allay his fears and this book proves that he was right to attack Russia as a defensive means. This allowed him to choose the battlefield rather than having it chosen for him. He truly believed that the Anglo people had a lot to fear from bolshevism and the post war events (see Cold War and Iron Curtain) may have proved him right. Think what would have happened if there was no nuclear threat (see MAD), I can assure you that the Russians would no doubt have attempted to control Europe. –Darren Boggs (LSA Anaconda, Iraq)
      Finally the truth be told!
      July 5, 2003
      Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase
      While not forgiving the horrible crimes committed by certain criminals in the German Armed forces this book tells the true story of our “Beloved” ally Joseph Stalin. Stalin was a monster just waiting to pounce on all of Europe like he did to Finland except Hitler beat him to the punch and ironically saved Europe.(Just look at what the Communist did to all of their other conquest!) The atrocities that the Communist regime perpetrated against the Armed forces of Germany and innocent civilians are a chapter of history that the victors conveniently choose not to remember. Anybody that truly has an open mind will see why we had to spend billions of dollars defending against these criminals in the 50+ years after the end of the war.
      bert Redman
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Isn’t revisionist history wonderful?
      August 19, 2016
      Format: Hardcover
      Read this book together with Suvorov’s “The Chief Culprit.” When the outsized Soviet 9th army was positioned on the Romanian border in the spring of 1941, only 100 miles from the Ploesti oilfields on which the German war machine absolutely depended, Hitler’s hand was forced. The planning for Barbarossa (begun in the fall of 1940 and made official in December 1940) was rushed and in many respects improvised (winter clothing for troops and winterized lubricants and fuel were lacking, for example). However, poor Soviet performance in the Finnish Winter War and the collapse of the Soviet Western front in 1941 did not augur well for the success of a Soviet offensive westwards in 1941 or 1942.

      5.0 out of 5 stars
      A must for the serious history student
      August 16, 2001
      Format: Hardcover
      Another piece in the missing history of World War Two. Basically this book goes on to destroy the myths held and propagated by left-wingers that the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin was peace loving and had no intention of military operations on foreign soil. It also absolutely destroys the myths of the “Great Patriotic War,” “Mass Heroism,” and “Soviet Patriotism” by the Soviet peoples. The book begins with the declaration by Stalin a war of aggression he intends to wage against the capitalists Germany and Western Europe. It details the propaganda and above all the absolute terror used by the Soviets against there own unwilling soldiers in order to fight the Germans. Basically the Red Army soldier had two choices, either face the Germans or get a bullet in the back of the neck by the NKVD and severe consequences for his relatives. The author lays out all the propaganda used to incite extreme hatred of everything German, to criminalize the Wehrmacht, blame Soviet crimes on the Germans, and to dehumanize the Germans into vermin. The book also covers the Soviet mistreatment of POW’s, both German, Axis, and repatriated Red Army soldiers. How the Soviets ordered that all prisoners of war should be shot, and that surrendering to the enemy is a crime. The most disturbing is the chapters covering the events of Soviet occupation of German soil starting in the fall of 1944. The actions taken by the Red Army soldiers upon the “liberated” German civilian population, murder, arson, rape, and looting, is beyond belief. I highly encourage anyone to read this book, especially those students of history like myself.

      5.0 out of 5 stars
      March 26, 2017
      Format: Hardcover
      This is what will happen to America if the jew ever gains complete control. And they are trying each and every day.

      5.0 out of 5 stars
      August 11, 2006
      Format: Hardcover
      Dry at times (like a textbook), but makes a very convincing case that Hitler attacked Stalin just days before Stalin’s attack against Germany was to begin – and likely not end just with Germany, but all of Europe under Communism. What I thought was just German propaganda (preventative war) was probably closer to the truth than the Soviet propaganda we were fed throughout the 20th century.

      By 1941, Stalin (due to gargantuan US aid) had over 10 times as many tanks, aircraft and artillery as Germany – high speed tanks and ground attack aircraft designed for a lightning suprise attack. Stalin was about to have Hitler for lunch, when Hitler found out and had Stalin for breakfast June 22, 1941 – annihilating Stalin’s forward deployed armies and air forces. However, Hitler had no idea of the vast resources in equipment, manpower and productive capacity Stalin had at his disposal. Once Japan was busy fighting the USA in the Pacific, Stalin moved his fresh Siberian divisions to the German front – sealing Hitler’s (and Europe’s) fate.

      Highly recommended.

  30. Gene says:

    A bit off-topic but important
    Negro Loses Both Ears, Part of Nose in Savage Dog Attack – CO2 Pistols!

    Folks this guy out for a stroll lost both ears, part of his nose and lower lip in a savage dog attack by 2 pit bulls. Maybe someone didn’t like Negroes in their neighborhood.
    Graphic photos: Texas man disfigured by savage dog attack

    If you don’t have a firearm with you to dispatch attacking dogs you might consider using a CO2 pistol in such emergencies. Put the muzzle up to the dog’s nose a blast away repeatedly. I don’t know what to tell you if there are two or more except pull the trigger on them a lot of times. The Umarex XBG CO2 pistol shoots at least 19 times before needing a fresh clip and you can carry spare clips with 19 more rounds in each one. Amazon has it on sale. Keep pulling the trigger on them a lot of times because by the time dogs are on you it’s too late to run. That would make them even more aggressive. Shoot the bastards! If you have two pistols get them into action and blast away! I usually carry at least two.


    • Daniel says:

      The Dog was a good Boy/Girl……. It was doing its job and defending humans against a demonic entity. K-9’s see spirits both good and wicked that humans can’t. Most if not all niggers are demonic Luciferians without a soul and are sub-human. Some are called the BEAST OF THE FIELD Biblically/scientifically. Our very smart four-legged little buddies are a very special awesome animal in being able to see the wicked in advanced before even we do. I hope they don’t kill the creature of God on the account of a satanic Luciferian or a beast of the field. Dogs are so much more special and worthy to man.

      • Gene says:

        Dogs are dead – article said they died

        I don’t know if the cops hooked them up to a 50,000 volt taser or what, but it said they hit them with something. Didn’t say what.
        Article said dogs later died. ????

  31. Gene says:

    Negro Kills 2 Cops – Why People Don’t Want Negroes In The Hood

    If you want to know why people don’t want Negroes in their neighborhood check this link out where a Negro is suspected of gunning down 2 cops who came to check on a shots fired call.

    Suspect Marquis Flowers, 25, was wounded in the gunfire. Negroes are bad people! Avoid them like the plague!

    Two police officers killed after shootout in Mississippi

  32. bob says:

    Wendy Martinez is the spitting image of (((Rita Pearlman))), Danny DeVito’s wife. Not sure how many tears should be shed for her since if she wasn’t a nigger loving liberal, I’ll sauté my left nut with butter and shallots and serve with a marchand de vin sauce

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