Israeli SPYWARE is a Blight Unto Nations


The great anti-Semitic fantasy is that Jews, operating from some secret base somewhere, are involved in almost every form of nefariousness across the world. A recent article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz shows that this fantasy is, to significant degree, true.

It documents how Israel firms are shipping surveillance technology to dodgy regimes across the world. The technology offers almost total penetration of mobile phone systems, allowing dissidents to be tracked and monitored. Their calls can be listened to; their messages and emails can be read (or sent); the phones can be turned into microphones allowing real-world conversations to be heard.

Israel has established a leading role for itself in this dubious technological sector.

Privacy International has been publishing research studies about international trade in surveillance technology since 1995. A PI report issued two years ago noted the tremendous growth of the industry. Whereas in 2012 it encompassed 246 companies globally, by 2016 the number of firms had more than doubled, to 528. There are 27 Israeli firms on the list, making Israel the country with the highest per capita ratio of surveillance companies. Local and international data indicate that Israel accounts for between 10 and 20 percent of the global cyber market. In 2016, investments in Israeli startups in the industry accounted for 20 percent of the world total.

The dizzying success of the Israeli interception and surveillance industry is not a chance development that was generated by a spontaneous eruption of Jewish genius. When the high-tech bubble burst, in 2000, the Israeli economy went into a tailspin, which was countered by the intervention of Finance Minister Silvan Shalom and his successor, Benjamin Netanyahu. The government increased security expenditures by more than 10 percent and encouraged the local startup industry to enter the fields of security and surveillance.

The Israel Defense Forces, for its part, played the role of a business hothouse, as its technological intelligence units swelled and their graduates channeled the knowledge they’d acquired into a host of startups.

Indeed, a recently published study found that the 700 local cyber companies were established by a small group of 2,300 Israelis, 80 percent of whom belong to the exclusive club created in the IDF’s intelligence units, notably Unit 8200.


The Israelis have helped governments persecute political dissidents in Latin America. And it’s not clear that the technology was sold only to governments.

Another source who spoke to Haaretz confirms that Israeli firms are continuing to sell offensive cyber capabilities to Mexico as well, even after it became known that they were being used against civilians. “One of the things that always scared me in Mexico is that you never know whom you’re actually talking to, and who’s behind him,” the source says. “Everything there is utterly corrupt, but they are very careful not to reveal their purposes to the Israelis.”
…An instructor who trained local agencies in Latin America in the use of Verint systems, relates that he personally witnessed the abuse of the products. “There was one time that I was teaching people how to collect information from the social networks,” he recalls. “I’m working with the trainees and explaining things to them, when suddenly they ask me to run a check on [political] demonstrators. Just like that, in the middle of the training session.”

Another similar anecdote from an unspecified location.

“I happened to see a super-wrong use of the systems,” says Tomer, who has trained intelligence bodies all over the world. “I’m telling foreign trainees about the system’s capabilities, and they pounce on it and start to place people under surveillance for negligible reasons, right before my eyes. Someone was critical of the president’s move to raise prices, someone else shared a hashtag identified with the opposition – and in an instant they’re both on the surveillance list.

The Israelis are quite happy to cooperate with crazy Islamic regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere. Haaretz says Israeli technology was used to “fabricate cases of heresy against Islam in Muslim countries that don’t maintain formal relations with Israel.”

More detail is provided about Indonesia.

Indonesia is no haven for the LGBT community, either: Same-sex relations are classified as a criminal offense there. Reports by human rights organizations have noted the tough policy against the community, as well as against religious minorities, under legislation that bans “blasphemy.” Three sources who spoke to Haaretz talked about wrongful use of Verint products in Indonesia.
In one case, the systems were used to create a database of LGBT rights activists who had been targeted for surveillance. In another, the victims of the spyware were religious minorities. “As soon as I arrived in the country, the client told me that my help was needed with an investigation that was bogged down,” Netanel, who worked with the Indonesians to activate the systems, relates. “Very quickly the investigation turned out to be a case against a non-Muslim public figure who was accused of heresy, an offense that carries the death penalty.”

As far as I can determine, what he says here is incorrect. There seems to be no offence of heresy in Indonesia, only blasphemy, and the maximum penalty for it is not death, but 5 years’ imprisonment.

Nonetheless, the case he is describing is almost certainly that of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama,  known as Ahok. He was a Christian Chinaman and popular governor of an Indonesian province who was expected to make a bid for the Indonesian presidency in future. Accused of blasphemy against Islam, he was imprisoned for 2 years. Critics said the case had been concocted to derail his political career.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims protested against this governor and demanded that he be arrested and punished for “blasphemy”.

So here were Jews stirring up Muslim hatred against Christians.

When Israeli origins might be perceived as problematical, the Israelis can easily pretend to be from elsewhere.

Two prominent countries on the Israeli cyber map are Cyprus and Bulgaria. The choice of those countries, says a particularly experienced source, derives from low costs, the fact that both are members of the European Union, and also because, despite the European cachet, they are still undeveloped in a way that ensures toothless regulation.

According to Cyberia’s Guy Mizrahi, “Cyprus is definitely one of the preferred countries. Some countries are unwilling to work with Israeli companies and insist on working with a European firm, so you need an additional front to win bids. In most cases, when you want to sell in the EU, and very definitely in the Gulf states, you will need a non-Israeli front.”

Anti-Semites often accuse Jews of playing both sides, of both causing the problem and selling the solution. In the case of cyber espionage, this is literally what they’re doing.

The demand for both defense and offense has led to a widespread phenomenon in the Israeli cyber industry: the sale of espionage capabilities alongside security products. The phenomenon can be likened to a group of hackers who develop malware and afterward sell the antivirus, or to physicians who spread epidemics and then sell the vaccination. Though in some fields this is prohibited practice, in the security world it’s common and widely accepted.

Having investigated the matter, Israeli MP Yehuda Glick came to an interesting conclusion.

“Instead of being a light unto the nations, the Jewish state is circulating weapons that are used in crimes against humanity, and it makes no difference whether it’s a rifle by the force of which a woman was raped by soldiers, or a digital system used for surveillance.”

And, in Israel, none of this is illegal. All of these sales have been approved by the Israeli government. So there actually is a secret cabal of Jews green-lighting iniquity across the globe.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Sen10L says:


  2. I wish that the morons out there would get it…

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even “Google” and now even DuckDuckGo are all compromised and the first three in this list are built from Israeli spy programs.

    If anyone has a ‘Facebook’, “Twitter”, and even an “Instagram” account, I feel sorry for them, for they are some of the most stupid people on planet Earth… My recommendation has always been to CLOSE THEM ALL immediately and not allow the Jew psycho freaks of nature access into your personal business.

    The sad part is that with the planet so heavily intertwined with the “internet” and the Jewish fucking freaks in control of the software and servers for the system, they are now doing blatant censorship to muzzle all forms of free speech via that venue…

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  4. jayhackworth says:

    “The people will not revolt.

    They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening.”

    George Orwell, 1949

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  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    Our daily talmud teachings:

    The followers of “that man,” whose name is taken by the Jews to mean “May his name and memory be blotted out,” are not otherwise to be regarded than as people whom it would be good to get rid of. They are called Romans and tyrants who hold captive the children of Israel, and by their destruction the Jews would be freed from this Fourth Captivity. Every Jew is therefore bound to do all he can to destroy that impious kingdom of the Edomites (Rome) which rules the whole world. Since, however, it is not always and everywhere possible to effect this extermination of Christians, the Talmud orders that they should be attacked at least indirectly, namely: by injuring them in every possible way, and by thus lessening their power, help towards their ultimate destruction. Wherever it is possible a Jew should kill Christians, and do so without mercy.

    Article I. – Harm must be done to Christians
    A Jew is commanded to harm Christians wherever he can, both indirectly by not helping them in any way, and also directly by wrecking their plans and projects; neither must he save a Christian who is in danger of death.

    I. Good must not be done to Christians
    In Zohar (1, 25b) it says:
    “Those who do good to the Akum . . . will not rise from the dead.”
    At times it is permitted to do good to Christians, but only in order to help Israel, namely, for the sake of peace and to hide hatred of them. Maimonides in Hilkhoth Akum (X, 6) says:
    “Needy Gentiles may be helped as well as needy Jews, for the sake of peace…”
    In Iore Dea (148, 12 Hagah) it says:
    “Therefore if you enter a town and find them celebrating a feast, you may pretend to rejoice with them in order to hide your hatred. Those, however, who care about the salvation of their souls should keep away from such celebrations. You should make it known that it is a hateful thing to rejoice with them, if you can do so without incurring enmity.”

    In Abhodah Zarah (20, a, Toseph) it says:
    “Do not say anything in praise of them, lest it be said: How good that Goi is!”
    In this way they explain the words of Deuteronomy (VII, 2) … and thou shalt show no mercy unto them [Goim], as cited in the Gemarah. Rabbi S. Iarchi explains this Bible passage as follows:
    “Do not pay them any compliments; for it is forbidden to say: how good that Goi is.”
    In Iore Dea (151, 14) it says:
    “No one is allowed to praise them or to say how good an Akum is. How much less to praise what they do or to recount anything about them which would redound to their glory. If, however, while praising them you intend to give glory to God, namely, because he has created comely creatures, then it is allowed to do so.”

    In Hilkhoth Akum (V, 12) it says:
    “It is also forbidden to make mention of the Akum; for it is written (Exodus XXIII, 13):…and make no mention of other gods.”

    In Iore Dea (146, 15) it says:
    “Their idols must be destroyed, or called by contemptuous names.”
    Ibidem, (147, 5):
    “It is permitted to deride idols, and it is forbidden to say to a Goi: May your God help you, or I hope you will succeed.”
    Rabbi Bechai, explaining the text of Deuteronomy about hating idolatry, says:
    “The Scripture taught us to hate idols and to call them by ignominious names. Thus, if the name of a church is Bethgalia – “house of magnificence,” it should be called Bethkaria – an insignificant house, a pigs’ house, a latrine. For this word, karia, denotes a low-down, slum place.”
    In numerous places ignominious names are given by the Jews to Christian things. It will not be out of place to list a few of these names which they give to things and persons which are held holy and dear by Christians, as follows:
    JESUS is ignominiously called Jeschu – which means, May his name and memory be blotted out. His proper name in Hebrew is Jeschua, which means Salvation.
    MARY, THE MOTHER OF JESUS, is called Charia – dung, excrement (German Dreck). In Hebrew her proper name is Miriam.
    CHRISTIAN SAINTS, the word for which in Hebrew Kedoschim, are called Kededchim (cinaedos) – feminine men (Fairies). Women saints are called Kedeschoth, whores.
    SUNDAY is called the day of calamity.
    FEAST OF CHRISTMAS is called Nital, denoting extermination.
    EASTER is not called by the proper name Pesach (Passover), but Ketsach, meaning a cutting down; or Kesach, a Gallows.
    A CHRISTIAN CHURCH is not called Beth Hattefillah, House of Prayer, but Beth Hattiflah, a House of Vanity, a House of Evil.
    THE GOSPEL BOOKS are called Aavon Gilaion, Books of Iniquity.
    CHRISTIAN SACRIFICES are called Dung Offerings. In the Jerusalem Talmud (fol. 13b) the following occurs:
    “He who sees them mezabbelim (excrementing – sacrificing) before their idol, let him say (Exod. XXII, 20): He that sacrificeth unto an idol shall be utterly destroyed.”
    Rabbi Iarchi (referring to Num. XXV, 3) teaches that the Gentiles actually honor their God by excrementing before him.
    A CHRISTIAN GIRL who works for Jews on their sabbath is called a Schaw-wesschicksel, Sabbath Dirt.

    In Hilkohoth Akum (X, 5) it says:
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    In Iore Dea (151, 11) it says:
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    The Talmud, however, allows a Jew to give gifts to Gentiles who are known to himand from whom he has hope of getting something in return.

    In Iore Dea (334, 43) it says:
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    Richard Spencer Wife

    The Spencer’s wife has russian last and first name, but she herself is not. She is a mulato georgian, osetin, armenian, possibly chechen flavor, half-breed. Russian women look differently, and usually are obedient, disciplined, and follow the political guidance of their husbands. They do not call 911, instead they call to their moms. They do not report on the husbands. Most women from that sector are busy maintaining healthy white families, providing love, delishes cooking for their husbands and white children. Most of them are outstanding, loving, disciplined, hardworking, submissive, caring, strong, dedicated, and beautiful.

    They accept and cherish the hierarchy prescribed by God and described by Daniel: God, Jesus, Man, Women, Child.

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    An Air Force C-17 prematurely dropped a Humvee by parachute into rural North Carolina, military officials said Wednesday.
    The drop was miles from the intended target, and no injuries were reported on the ground, in the town of Cameron,

    Fort Bragg spokesman Tom McCollum said the parachute opened and the vehicle landed in a wooded area between two homes between the Johnsonville and Spout Springs communities in Harnett County, about 7 miles north of Fort Bragg’s drop zones.
    xyz reported that the drop happened at around 1 p.m. during a training exercise.
    McCollum said the heavy drop was part of a test conducted by soldiers from the Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate.

    The unit tests new equipment and procedures to support the aerial delivery and transportation of military equipment.
    “Everything went as planned except for the early release,” Said McCollum,

    He noted the incident is under investigation.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

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      Back in the day some Officers would call the whole mission a failure. And I can see the Taliban and ISIS fucks now shouting hey look the Americans give us a free Humvee!! Allah Snackbar Allah Snackbar!! God is Great!!

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    Our daily talmudic teachings installment 2:

    II. Harm must be done to the Work of Christians
    Since the Goim minister to Jews like beasts of burden, belong to a Jew together with his life and all his faculties:
    “The life of a Goi and all his physical powers belong to a Jew.” (A. Rohl. Die Polem. p.20)
    It is an axiom of the Rabbis that a Jew may take anything that belongs to Christians for any reason whatsoever, even by fraud; nor can such be called robbery since it is merely taking what belongs to him.

    In Babba Bathra (54 b) it says:
    “All things pertaining to the Goim are like a desert; the first person to come along and take them can claim them for his own.”

    In Choschen Hammischpat (183, 7) it says:
    “If you send a messenger to collect money from an Akum and the Akum pays too much, the messenger may keep the difference. But if the messenger does not know about it, then you may keep it all yourself.”

    In Choschen Hamm. (266, 1) it says:
    “A Jew may keep anything he finds which belongs to the Akum, for it is written: Return to thy brethren what is lost (Deuter. XXII, 3). For he who returns lost property [to Christians] sins against the Law by increasing the power of the transgressors of the Law. It is praiseworthy, however, to return lost property if it is done to honor the name of God, namely, if by so doing Christians will praise the Jews and look upon them as honorable people.”

    In Babba Kama (113b) it says:
    “It is permitted to deceive a Goi.”
    And in Choschen Hamm. (156, 5 Hagah) it says:
    “If a Jew is doing good business with an Akum it is not allowed to other Jews, in certain places, to come and do business with the same Akum. In other places, however, it is different, where another Jews is allowed to go to the same Akum, lead him on, do business with him and to deceive him and take his money. For the wealth of the Akum is to be regarded as common property and belongs to the first who can get it. There are some, however, who say that this should not be done.”
    In Choschen Hamm. (183, 7 Hagah) it says:
    “If a Jew is doing business with an Akum and a fellow Israelite comes along and defrauds the Akum, either by false measure, weight or number, he must divide his profit with his fellow Israelite, since both had a part in the deal, and also in order to help him along.”

    In Iore Dea (157, 2 Hagah) it says:
    “If a Jew is able to deceive them [idolaters] by pretending he is a worshipper of the stars, he may do so.”

    In Abhodah Zarah (54a) it says:;
    “It is allowed to take usury from Apostates who fall into idolatry.”
    And in Iore Dea (159, 1) it says:
    “It is permitted, according to the Torah, to lend money to an Akum with usury. Some of the Elders, however, deny this except in a case of life and death. Nowadays it is permitted for any reason.”

    III. Christians may be harmed in Legal Matters
    In Babba Kama (113a) it says:
    “Our teaching is as follows: When a Jew and a Goi come into court, absolve the Jew, if you can, according to the laws of Israel. If the Goi wins, tell him that is what our laws require. If however, the Jew can be absolved according to the gentile law, absolve him and say it is due to our laws. If this cannot be done proceed callously against the Goim, as Rabbi Ischmael advises. Rabbi Akibha, however, holds that you cannot act fraudulently lest you profane the Name of God, and have a Jew commited for perjury.”
    A marginal note, however, explains this qualification of Rabbi Akibha as follows:
    “The name of God is not profaned when it is not known by the Goi that the Jew has lied.”
    And further on, the Babba Kama (113b) says:
    “The name of God is not profaned when, for example, a Jew lies to a Goi by saying: ‘I gave something to your father, but he is dead; you must return it to me,’ as long as the Goi does not know that you are lying.”

    In Kallah (1b, p.18) it says:
    “She (the mother of the mamzer) said to him, ‘Swear to me.’ And Rabbi Akibha swore with his lips, but in his heart he invalidated his oath.”
    A similar text is found in Schabbuoth Hagahoth of Rabbi Ascher (6d):
    “If the magistrate of a city compels Jews to swear that they will not escape from the city nor take anything out of it, they may swear falsely by saying to themselves that they will not escape today, nor take anything out of the city today only.”

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    I go down rabbitholes looking for answers why? Usually comes to the same answer. Here’s another one. The majority of students and faculty and staff at this medical school were …you guessed it…jewish.

    October 25

    United States invades Grenada

    President Ronald Reagan, citing the threat posed to American nationals on the Caribbean nation of Grenada by that nation’s Marxist regime, orders the Marines to invade and secure their safety. There were nearly 1,000 Americans in Grenada at the time, many of them students at the island’s medical school. In little more than a week, Grenada’s government was overthrown.

  17. Red Pill says:

    the Jesuits run the show

    what can anyone tell me about subject of this video ?
    Court Hofjuden Jews; Wholly Owned by the Jesuits for Centuries

  18. jayhackworth says:

    Jews ….traitors who are ever prepared to sting those who shelter them.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    Our daily talmudic teachings, installment 3 :

    Article II. – Christians are to be Killed

    Lastly, the Talmud commands that Christians are to be killed without mercy. In the Abhodah Zarah (26b) it says:
    “Heretics, traitors and apostates are to be thrown into a well and not rescued.”
    And in Choschen Hammischpat (388, 10) it says:
    “A spy is to be killed, even in our days, wherever he is found. He may be killed even before he confesses. And even if he admits that he only intended to do harm to somebody, and if the harm which he intended is not very great, it is sufficient to have him condemned to death. He must be warned, however, not to confess to this. But if he impudently says ‘No, I will confess it!’ then he must be killed, and the sooner the better. If there is no time to warn him, it is not necessary to do so. There are some who say that a traitor is to be put to death only when it is impossible to get rid of him by mutilating him, that is, by cutting out his tongue or his eyes, but if this can be done he must not be killed, since he is not any worse than others who persecute us.”
    And in Choschen Hamm. again (388, 15) it says:
    “If it can be proved that someone has betrayed Israel three times, or has given the money of Israelites to the Akum, a way must be found after prudent consideration to wipe him off the face of the earth.”

    I. Renegades to be Killed
    Even a Christian who is found studying the Law of Israel merits death. In Sanhedrin (59a) it says:
    “Rabbi Jochanan says: A Goi who pries into the Law is guilty to death.”

    II. Baptized Jews are to be Put to Death
    In Hilkhoth Akum (X, 2) it says:
    “These things [supra] are intended for idolaters. But Israelites also, who lapse from their religion and become epicureans, are to be killed, and we must persecute them to the end. For they afflict Israel and turn the people from God.”

    And in Iore Dea (158, 2 Hagah) it says:
    “Renegades who turn to the pleasures of the Akum, and who become contaminated with them by worshipping stars and planets as they do, are to be killed.”
    Likewise in Choschen Hamm. (425, 5) it says:
    “Jews who become epicureans, who take to the worship of stars and planets and sin maliciously; also those who eat the flesh of wounded animals, or who dress in vain clothes, deserve the name of epicureans; likewise those who deny the Torah and the Prophets of Israel – the law is that all those should be killed; and those who have the power of life and death should have them killed; and if this cannot be done, they should be led to their sdeath by deceptive methods.”

    Rabbi Maimonides, in Hilkhoth Teschubhah (III, 8) gives the list of those who are considered as denying the Law:
    “There are three classes of people who deny the Law of the Torah: (1) Those who say that the Torah was not given by God, at least one verse or one word of it, and who say that it was all the work of Moses; (2) Those who reject the explanation of the Torah, namely, the Oral Law of the Mischnah, and do not recognize the authority of the Doctors of the Law, like the followers of Tsadok (Sadducees) and Baithos; (3) Those who say that God changed the Law for another New Law, and that the Torah no longer has any value, although they do not deny that it was given by God, as the Christians and the Turks believe. All of these deny the Law of the Torah.”

    III. Christians are to be Killed because They are Tyrants
    In Zohar (I, 25a) it says:
    “The People of the Earth are idolaters, and it has been written about them: Let them be wiped off the face of the earth. Destroy the memory of the Amalekites. They are with us still in this Fourth Captivity, namely, the Princes [of Rome] . . . who are really Amalakites.”

    For if they are allowed to live, the hope of the liberation of the Jews is in vain, and their prayers for release from this Fourth Captivity are of no avail. In Zohar (I, 219B) it says:
    “It is certain that our captivity will last until the princes of the gentiles who worship idols are destroyed.”
    And again in Zohar (II, 19a) it says:
    “Rabbi Jehuda said: Come and see how it is; how the princes have assumed power over Israel and the Israelites make no outcry. But their rejoicing is heard when the prince falls. It is written that: the King of the Egyptians died and soon the children of Israel were released from captivity; they cried out and their voice ascended to God.”

    They call it the Kingdom of Esau, and of the Edomites, the Kingdom of Pride, the Wicked Kingdom, Impious Rome. The Turkish Empire is called the Kingdom of the Ismaelites which they do not wish to destroy. The Kingdom of Rome, however, must be exterminated, because when corrupt Rome is destroyed, salvation and freedom will come to God’s Chosen People.
    Rabbi David Kimchi writes as follows in Obadiam:
    “What the Prophets foretold about the destruction of Edom in the last days was intended for Rome, as Isaiah explains (ch. 34, 1): Come near, ye nations, to hear . . . For when Rome is destroyed, Israel shall be redeemed.”
    Rabbi Abraham also, in his book Tseror Hammor, section Schoftim, says the same:
    “Immediately after Rome is destroyed we shall be redeemed.”

    IV. Lastly, all Christians, including the Best of Them, are to be Killed
    In Abhodah Zarah (26b, Tosephoth) it says:
    “Even the best of the Goim should be killed”
    The Schulchan Arukh, after the words of Iore Dea (158, 1) that those of the Akum who do no harm to Jews are not to be killed, namely those who do not wage war against Israel, thus explains the word Milchamah – war:
    “But in time of war the Akum are to be killed, for it is written: ‘The good among the Akum deserve to be killed, etc.'”

    V. A Jew who Kills a Christian Commits No Sin, but Offers an Acceptable Sacrifice to God
    In Speher Or Israel (177b) it says:
    “Take the life of the Kliphoth and kill them, and you will please God the same as one who offers incense to Him.”
    And in Ialkut Simoni (245c. n. 772) it says:
    “Everyone who sheds the blood of the impious is as acceptable to God as he who offers a sacrifice to God.”

    VI. After the Destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem, the only Sacrifice Necessary is the Extermination of Christians
    In Zohar (III, 227b) the Good Pastor says:
    “The only sacrifice required is that we remove the unclean from amongst us.”
    Zhoar (II, 43a), explaining the precept of Moses about the redemption of the first born of an ass by offering a lamb, says:
    “The ass means the non-Jew, who is to be redeemed by the offering of a lamb, which is the dispersed sheep of Israel. But if he refuses to be redeemed, then break his skull….They should be taken out of the book of the living, for it is said about them: He who sins against me, I shall take out of the book of life.”

    VII. Those Who Kill Christians shall have a High Place in Heaven
    In Zohar (I, 28b, and 39a) it says:
    “In the palaces of the fourth heaven are those who lamented over Sion and Jerusalem, and all those who destroyed idolatrous nations…and those who killed off people who worship idols are clothed in purple garments so that they may be recognized and honored.”

    VIII. Jews must Never Cease to Exterminate the Goim; They must Never Leave them in Peace and Never Submit to Them
    In Hilhoth Akum (X, 1)it says:
    “Do not eat with idolaters, nor permit them to worship their idols; for it is written: Make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them (Deuter. ch. 7, 2). Either turn away from their idols or kill them.”

    Ibidem (X, 7):
    “In places where Jews are strong, no idolater must be allowed to remain…”

    IX. All Jews are Obliged to Unite Together to Destroy Traitors among Them
    In Choschen Hamm. (338, 16) it says:
    “All the inhabitants of a city are obliged to contribute to the expense of killing a traitor, even those who have to pay other taxes.”

    X. No Festival, no matter how solemn, must Prevent the Beheading of a Christian
    In Pesachim (49b) it says:
    “Rabbi Eliezer said: It is permitted to cut off the head of an ‘idiot’ [one of the people of the Earth] on the feast of the Atonement when it falls on the Sabbath. His disciples said to him: Rabbi, you should rather say to sacrifice. But he replied: By no means, for it is necessary to pray while sacrificing, and there is no need of prayers when you behead someone.”

    XI. The One Object of all the Actions and Prayers of the Jews should be to Destroy the Christian Religion
    Thus the Jews picture their Messiah and Liberator whom they expect, as a persecutor who will inflict great calamities upon non-Jews. The Talmud lists three great evils which will come upon the world when the Messiah comes. In Schabbath (118a) it says:
    “Whoever eats three meals on the Sabbath shall be saved from the three evils: from the punishments of the Messiah, from the pain of hell and from the war of Magog; for it is written: Behold, I shall send you Elias the Prophet before the coming of the ‘Day’ of the Lord, etc.*

    XII. In their Prayers the Jews sigh for the Coming of the Revengeful Messiah, especially on the Eve of the Passover:
    “pour out thy anger upon nations that know thee not, and upon the kingdoms which do not invoke thy name; Pour out thy indignation upon them, and let thy wrathful anger take hold of them; Persecute and destroy them in anger from under the heavens of the Lord.”

    They also pray as follows:
    “How long will thy strength remain captive and thy beauty lie under the hand of the oppressor? O God! Show forth thy strength and thy zeal against our enemies; break their strength and let them be confounded…”

    And again:
    “Cut off the hope of the unjust; let all heretics perish at once; root out, break up and destroy the Proud Kingdom; hasten to make all peoples subject in our days.”

    * * *
    At that very same time, on Good Friday, that “Prince of the Proud Empire” of Rome, the Pope, prays, and orders everyone in the world to pray for all “heretics” and those who are “lost”, as follows:
    “Let us pray for the perfidious Jews: that the Lord our God may take away the veil from their hearts, that they may acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord.
    “Omnipotent and Eternal God, who does not even exclude Jewish perfidy from thy mercy: hear our prayers which we offer for the blindness of that people, that, having recognized the light of thy truth, which is Christ, they may come out of their darkness, Through Jesus Christ our Lord . . .”

  20. Bob says:

    The jew is not white. Its color is Netanyahu Yellow. Kind of a pale, chicken fat yellow.

  21. Arctic Circle says:

    Black police is now under investigation. The Attorney General put the responsibility for growing black violence on black police, which got under instigation for who disproportionally targeting white victims disproportionally for arrests and traffic stops.

    More over black police are reluctant and dismissive to persecute black criminals in predominantly black areas. This and many other reasons lead The U.S. Attorney General to conclude that there is no valid reason for blacks in the police force, except the affirmative action. In addition, he privately stated that such activities can be qualified as “Typical fucking Niggers behavior”.

  22. Red Pill says:

    the shit is starting to get deep……………… active updates

    ACTIVE SHOOTER PITTSBURGH SYNAGOGUE 4 Dead so far, 11 wounded; Numerous cops also shot

    • Red Pill says:

      PITTSBURGH (Reuters) – A gunman yelling, “All Jews must die,” stormed a Pittsburgh synagogue during Saturday services, killing 11 worshippers and wounding six other people including four police officers, before he was arrested.

      “The actions of Robert Bowers represent the worst of humanity. We are dedicating the entire resources of my office to this federal hate crime investigation and prosecution,” Brady said.

      A social media post by Bowers on Saturday morning said a Jewish refugee organization, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, “likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

  23. cole nidre says:

    Marx said “religion is the opiate of the masses.”

    the 3 jew sackler bros. said their perdue pharma oxycontin and
    it’s “antidote” oxycodone are “non-addictive” opiates.
    “Opioids for the masses.”

    Jews, as we all know, lie, about everything.

  24. American born says:

    The Jews aren’t laughing today.

  25. Gene says:

    The Jews Have Paid A Price For Their Wickedness

    And it is possible that this can turn into (I hope) a domino effect because anyone not sitting on their brains knows where the bad deeds come from. As far as I am concerned, the rest of the bunch can go.

    Someone got tired of standing idly by while the Jews ravage America and took action. It is a shame he will pay for it with prison or his life.

    You know what? Just screw Donald Trump, a Jew lover.

    • Daniel says:

      His daughter converted to Judaism and is a full-fledged recognized jew in the synagogues and jewish community, and she eats kosher food now.

      Convert is a debatable political jew correct way of saying…….SHE STOPPED BELIEVING CHRIST/GOD OR NEVER DID!!!!

      Trump is not what everyone thinks he is. In fact, Trump working in cahoots with the jew left liberals. END TIMES EVENT YA’LL…..WAIT UNTIL OBAMA RESURRECTS HIMSELF AFTER AN ASSASSINATION AND ANNOUNCES HE’S THE MESSIAH.

      It is in the Holy Bible.

      ONLY HE WILL BE THE FALSE ONE! It will actually be Satan the BEAST described in Daniel/revelation. Search internet ” dreams of obama anti-christ “

  26. Gene says:

    The Jews Have Unleashed Their Pet Niggers Causing Genocide – Where’s The Outcry For Murdered Whites?

    We’ll probably get treated to a whole new round of Holocaust stuff since this latest Jew shooting, but where is the outcry for all the White people murdered by the Jew’s pet Niggers?
    Yeah, it blows over and people forget when White people are murdered and then another White victim, and another, and another, all because of these stinking lousy Jews and nigger-enablers. Where’s the outcry for all the murdered Whites?
    To hell with these Jews. I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. I hope they now realize they are on the run and probably more of this will follow and grow into a juggernaut of Jew hatred.
    Jews = murderers. You reap what you sew!

  27. Gene says:

    At Least One Source Calls Jew Shooting A Hoax

    Jim Stone has called this Jew shoot a hoax at:

  28. cole nidre says:

    “If we are not able to exterminate them (non-jews) directly, then
    they should be killed by deception.” – found in the jew Talmud
    and serves as the motto of the “institute for.intelligence” – the mossad.

  29. Daniel says:

    Here’s the thing folks.

    Our politicians ( Liberals/jews especially ) want you to keep this delusion that the Bible is a jew Bible and a jew book. That the jews are like the Christians and vote and support the same people/ party and are our great buddies. That the jew/liberals would never want a white genocide. The jew really do believe in Jesus but they are just secret about it for their own reasons, so give the chosen ones a break. We ALL are the SAME BLOOD, SAME PEOPLES, SAME THIS, SAME THAT, NO DIFFERENCE HERE, NO DIFFRENCE THERE. Trump does this a lot in his speeches along with making the 666 “ok hand wave sign three times.

    Evolutionist and the ungodly/wicked think like that above. They WILL no doubt follow the crowd and accept the ONE WORLD ” WE ARE ALL THE SAME ” ORDER ( OWO or NWO ) which is the taking of the beast liberal/jew democrat END TIMES code run by the evil world dictator temporary king fake messiah obama.

    The jews/liberal left have waged their war voicefully..waters, BLM,media, politicians have secretly waged/engaged their hidden war as they are actually at the time controlling this political correct behind the scene war on WHITE CHRISTIANS.

    When we fight back and hit them back in this war they know we are in it is absolutely AMAZING how they call a ” TIME OUT” that’s not fair you are racist and anti-semitic junk we are calling the police which we hate also on your white asses”

    Which the liberal communist police have now only hire and employ left liberal jew leaning police officers across this land out to fight the white Christian peoples of Gods covenant. They will come a running to any and all jew complaints and tackle any white man/woman giving a jew lip service.

    This is where we are at, and God/Christ is our last and only hope for us white Christians that the world hates up to and including our very corrupt ungodly government.

  30. Gene says:


    To show you how far down the ladder America has gone you can look at what they installed this time as POTUS. He masquerades as a ‘Make America Great Again’ guy while he grandstands for those pet niggers of the Jews and is a Jew lover. How sick and despicable is that?!! You didn’t see Trump abandon the illegal, unlawful I.R.S. despite their many crimes and sins. You didn’t see him forbid declaration of a national emergency in the fall of the year, giving police broad powers to murder people. He’s same old same old on a different day and just another Jew (evil) lover who probably believes in the hoaxacost.

    The Jews have ravaged America since killing J.F.K.. They have had their way with us on everything! It’s time Jews be sent to Isra-hell and dealt some kind of final blow that will permanently knock the starch out of their sails! From J.F.K. to 9-11 Attacks it’s been a Jew behind it all the way. You can research it, yourself, and see where the Mossad and Jews have been at work. It’s okay for the Jews to cause mass murder year around, but let it come around to them, The Jews, and moan, moan, moan how horrible it is. The media is totally false and backward and people are being brainwashed by them. They will call for assault rifle bans after this. I hope people use their assault rifles on Jews and their pet nigs.

    We don’t accept the genocide of Whites caused by Jews and their pet niggers. The pet nig problem will also have to be addressed. It’s time the nigs stop killing ANY WHITE PEOPLE.

    If it is true that someone, Robert Bowers, shot up the Jew synagogue then he did the nation a service and should be commended. He did something that precluded them from defending themselves with all their U.S. Federal Jew Marshals like the ones that killed Gordon Kohl, patriot who also relieved us of some Jew Federal Marshals. Bowers should receive a citation for bravery.


    • Daniel says:



      THAT’S WHY OBAMA MOVED 1 MILE FROM THE WHITE HOUSE. Trump has family that deny Christ and are 100% Anti-Christ, Donnie is one too BTW. To deny Christ as redeemer and saviour on Calvery is to be anti-christ as explained clearly in the bible. Trump is a wishy-washy flip-flopper on political matters, foreign affairs, religion, history, etc throughout his un-military US armed forces life.. He acts as if he’s on drugs at times. Cunning good persuader con-artist too…THAT’S WHAT HE DID BEST AS A SHRUDE CUNNING BUSINESS LIBERAL LIEING MAN TO MAKE HIS JEWISH RITCHES.

      I voted for the man, but I was a struggling Christian Identity born-again white Adam blessed child of Christ God at the time. I’m proud to say I have learned and witnessed after watching, observing this persuader promise a wall he will never truly build, the last caravan he let through and all those non-white anti-Christ, democrat third world voters are now regular in the US after the trump acted tough but it was a put on. And he loves to kiss negro butt who hate white people and him as a white man, the anti-semetic junk talk from him all the time and he doesn’t even know what the hell the term even really means. VERY SAD.


    • Joe Btfsplk says:


  31. Red Pill says:

    if this nation was taken over without a shot fired,
    then gunfire can not take it back.
    the only way back, is the road that brought us here.
    if one can not figure that out, you will stay a slave.

    go back, go back to where you once belonged.
    read the bible, the story is in there.

    unplug the matrix

  32. Arctic Circle says:

    How does it fit in to the well-designed system of democratic political process if a white people after merely exercising their basic human rights demanding safety and freedom from Jews and Niggers, are automatically become a target for prosecution. Instead of fulfilling the outcry of people victimized by Jews and Niggers, the very same people who are responsible for flooding the whole countries of Europe and America with dangerous niggers and Jews in the first place, not only blatantly ignore the demands of the populous but immediately mark any peaceful attempts to free themselves as a Hate Crime.

    Every peaceful expression of concern about Jews and Niggers, and Judeo-Niggerial complaint is automatically triggers fully paid for expensive investigation. Outrageously, such investigations target not the Jewish Terrorists, Murderrous Niggers, and Perverted Latinos. Instead it the victimis, who complaint about the jewdeo-niggerian criminals, are criminalized themselves and are labeled as the Hate Criminals.

    After peacefully demanding Jewish Financial Slavery free society, Robert Bowers was labeled “anti-semite”, nationalist, and hate criminal, all that when he has noting to do with beeing “anti-semite”.

    Demanding a safety from niggers and Jews does not indicate hate, or antisemitism. Instead this is just an expression of basic human rights. Now, that poor person with try – polar mental disorder, who had three polars:

    1) Polar 1: his money were completely gone after the long period of unemployment because the Jewish Economists say that the small 5-20% unemployment is refreshingly good for economy,
    2) Polar 2: second he was under constant pressure by the same conniving Jews bombarding him from the Jewish TV forcing (educating) him to buy more of Jewish shit.
    3) Polar 3: he constantly saw his jewish neighbors doing well without doing any work, conspicuously consuming without putting anything back except of more jewish extortion and labor stealing.

    After being ignored for such a long time there was a short cut between all 3 polar and Robert Bowers became try-polar.

    There a many honest people in Law Enforcement. But there are even more of dishonest Jews and niggers, who immediately profile RB as a Criminal Zebra: having an arrays (stripes) of anti-Semitic comments and conspiracy theories, which has nothing to do with being criminal, but merely the ability and bravery to say a truth. Because majority of white people now shit their pants when they see a ravaging Jew from Wall Street, a mad Jew from Goldman Sux, a gym pumped white but short for conspiracy Nigger from FBI, or a tricky conniving fuck-faced-Latino with disunited eyes, who wants you to die hungry from unemployment, who works hard himself during the day, and sells drugs during the night.

    The anti-Semitic rants on social media should be prompting authorities to designate the FBI as the lead agency to investigate the financial activities of Jews and Niggers, with the end state to segregate those Niggers, Jews, and Latinos in some special comfortable but isolated areas.

    FBI is there not to label people as the hate criminals for posting any comments on any subject, but instead they are there to appreciate the very nature of the peaceful social media messaging. In addition they should be helping people to achieve what is right.

  33. Annie Oakley says:

    Incog, I’m glad to see you’re still online. My former ISP blocked your site and I couldn’t access your site at all. I changed ISP providers (faster internet) and can now read your site, Thank God.

    I’d missed your site and reading all the comments.

    These communists millenials and their idiotic boomer parents are part of an anti-white, jew loving brainwashed cult. I see it here locally (not so much as the cities) and on the Talmud TV when I have to watch the local weather or news.

    These cucks around me literally fish for stories where big ole white people are calling the cops on precious blacks who are just minding their own business; but completely ignore the blatant heinous black on white crime. So I don’t know if these kwans are completely brainwashed or just plain paycheck whores.

    I really don’t know what will pull these people out of their brainwashing. It reminds me of the moonies or the Hari Krishnas at the airport.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      I can not believe its you again, Annie, but I believe that they are both: 1) fucked up, 2) brainwashed, and 3) on the salary.

      Annie, you are way too mysterious for us. Can you clarify whom are you talking about? Again be completely opened with us, and we will be happy to fill all your openings.

      I hope your ISP is gonaget better soon. Harry Krishna to you too!

  34. Arctic Circle says:

    Zionism has corrupted lives of white Eurpean-Americans and Europeans.

    Historicall, the Jewish activities in America being a subversive force. The overwlming majority of US Jews are loyal to israel and judaism firs, and only then to their profit and finanancial superiority, Americas national interests come last as sucrafaisable.

    There is a tendency, among word Christians to forgive Jews for being a part of the satanic moveement, and dismiss Jewish Financial Dangers

    There are literally billions of the people in the world victims of the Jews ogranized Global Financial System, those people developed the Victim Complex, a mental disorder which urges them to make it right again as it was before the jews penetrated every Government executive, judicial, financial, telecome, transportation, energy agency in every country in the world. The victims of Jewish crimes are pittiful, travmatized, and have no where to go, betraied by the fellow non-jews.

    While satanist Jews and Freemasons are indeed responsible for subverting humanity into the sadom of the capitalizm and homora of the communizm, a great many other Jews are egar to beocme the part organized Jewry.

    The resisions advised fro the Census of 2022 include to count every jew, half – jew, and jew-simpatizer, religious jew, and non religious Jew. Shorty of 55% of American population accounts maintained redundatly by the three agancies, experian, was hacked, the Anonimuous responded with huccking hte institute for intelligence, where there the database of all the jews in the world even those who are only jews 8 generation ago. This database maintained by the friends of humanity from massud as a part of the 1949 law that an incumbent can only become a citizend of israel if he / she has 8 full generations of fully jewish jews (so called recidivists).

    The survey of white Americans arroudn the world and White europeans shown that 69% defined Jewish as financial cirminals, and 31% defeind jews as canniving, 28% as a peaceful threat to humanity who only hare about israiel.

    Most Jews are not Satanists, capitalists, freemassons, or commeys, they are jews at the heart, with one specific mission follow the Jewish doctrine to denegrate God, enslave the goyim, and establish dominance by taking over both GOP and Demoncrippled Party.

    Christians are disjoint by laziness, greed, stoopidity, poisonous money-dollors, and mutuall antoganizm between whites. Even nigger,

    practically the whole world leadership are now dominated by jews, freemasons, bankers, rich, advised by the jewish lawyers, and jewish economists, and protected by the white body builders, with an outstanding appetites for benefits and fresh freshly prepared food, from military and police in exchange for a place at the table where there is endless supply of checks for doing nothing periodically lock a poor white shmuck here and there.

    Jews perverted economic systems, our religion is crumbling under the Jewish attacks with the absurd and enactive Vatican, and our women are called to write a sexual harassment complaints, effectively sending message to stay away from the whores if you do not want to be arrested by the sleek body – builder with three guns, electrical gun, toxic spray, and and other letal weapons, among them is to luck you down by the drunk half – black half-latino judge who is reporting to the jew judge.

    God, votes, political activism, and white solidarity is our only hope. United We Stand!

  35. Erik Snohdin says:

    Doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to happen so long as we all just hide behind our computers and type. Wasting so much time. The Jews love us exactly the way we are ; docile, scared, paranoid, and completely castrated.

    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar

    Shape without form, shade without colour,
    Paralysed force, gesture without motion.

  36. Daniel says:

    Just to think, they brought in nearly an Army company of Military dressed combat special forces SWAT full battle rattle extra ammo stocked to the teeth each man as if going up against a 500 strong ISIS team. Not to mention the probably entire sheriffs on-duty deputies, and many city police patrol officers.



    NO, the police are no longer your protecting buddies and are fastly becoming Anti-white, Christian……

    Once again, they will need a Liberal, Anti-Christ, police force across this land to enforce the coming martial laws and the one world religion/currency/political order…anyone not accepting the new hired freshly trained jewish led anti-white/Christian police will end up DRAGGING US DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS for not taking their mark of the beast liberal code

  37. cole nidre says:

    the mass-murderers of 100’s of millions of whites and others will
    now try to use this “incident” as a pretext to further tighten the
    noose of totalitarianism around the necks of constitution respecting

    Prepare to defend yourself.

  38. Daniel says:

    The coming Jewish influenced battle of non-christian nations and those nations that hate white people (CHRISTIANS ESPECIALLY ) is called the Gog Magog war knifing liberal jew plot to overthrow and overrun/usurp white Christian influence and or complete destruction.


    The jews know we are and are very highly highly jealous and have cunningly convinced earlier Christian peoples that the Holy Bible is a jew Bible and all about modern day israel and its jewish populace. WHAT A DECEIVING KNIFING SATAN TRICK TO BLIND THE MASSES INTO THIS THINKING AND TO GIVE THEM FREE REIGN OF AMERICA MEDIA/POLITICIAN INFLUENCE AND MIND CONTROL THROUGH MEDIA, NEWS, AND LIES UPON LIES.


    But that would change when Christians drank the jew poison of confusion in the early 1900’s and they lost their true Christian spirit and Identity and handed their reign and covenant to a religious Anti-Christ jew populace that is in direct conflict with Christ God and faith believing Christians. Then they ( the jews ) became permanent ungodly liberal voters/ supporters. And everyone knows that the Liberal party is opposite of Bible teachings, Gods laws and outright against the Holy Bible altogether. Your beloved jews love and belong to the party that is Against Gods commands and laws.



    Our very own rotten Government will start a white Anti-Christian war soon upon our soils.

    Above link to a coming Armageddon battle against Gods covenant white Christian peoples. Communist red jewish/atheist Russia leads the charge with non-white Anti-Christ militias in company.

  39. Daniel says:

    A history lesson they don’t teach in schools these days…….


    Executionists were the jews/non-whites

    in the 4th century the WHITE Armenians were the very first state to introduce and indoctrinate Christianity as their official religious state.

  40. cole nidre says:

    another Indonesian Malaysian airliner down (138 dead this time)
    done by zakheim’s of 9/11 infamy flight termination unit of “systems
    control” because these two countries have arrest warrants out for
    skumnutsanyahoo for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    AP phony news (Associated Protocol) delighted by their repeated
    references to “remains, debris at sea.”
    Claims air carriers unsafe (after they sabotage them).

    It’s the same old jew stories.

    Get ready for installment III.

  41. Arctic Circle says:

    The Incog Ideas Spread Like A Flame!

    in re to the Joe what the fuck:

    You post is undoubtedly a demonstration of strategic thinking, call for action, and clear guidance on how to approach to the Jwedeo-Niggerian Problem (Judeo-Niggerian Problem, not sure of spelling, but this problem should be formulated sooner or later for the sake a speedy execution).

    The current situation with the jews owned American media, and the world media, is problematic because such overhead (all of our heads) structure not only conducive to some positive goals such as sharing many healthy American values with the rest of the world, but also an effective channel of transferring and spreading the Judeo-Niggerean virus. The jewish somewhat deceiving message to the world is that everyone in America and territories, are all happy and dancing together with the niggers, mexicans, Jews, qeers, sheeboons, African-American, musis, and the jewish-sand-niggers. All the happy American dancing, de Cucarachaa, is under the tune of the Jewish Military Brass Band, an orchestra consisting of 13 Million of Jewish Trumpets through which they transferring wealth out of America, Europe, and the rest of the world.

    You were distempered about 60 Billion a year remittance by Mexican workers to Mexico, which is negligent compare to the cost of the Jewish-Americans (Judeo-Americans) to the United States and world.

    From that perspective your post sets a very important. It sets a goal to inform the world about the Judeo-Niggerian Problem and help to shape public opinion in such a way to safe them from the wrong course of self-distractoion we all are on.

    I believe that the President did a good job (whatever was in his power) to reveal the truth about the deceptive Jews Owned Word media, at the core of which is the manipulative persuasion by withholding important facts from the American and European public, which Jews are aiming to disrupt.

    Most often, the purposefully omitted information relates to the jewish manipulators’ actual aims, or to the damaging impact of the suggested course of action. Even white manipulative persuasion is unethical, but when it is deployed by the Rich Jews, Wealthy bankers, home owners, investors, niggers, Chinese, Indians, and power welders, and other perverts at you, and worst of all at me, it is deadly.

    At the core of this Judeo-Niggerian Problems, which eats up American flesh like a lepers virus, is the Jewish unstoppable ambition for economic dominance. That economic dominance, niggers and Jews shamelessly using on us their saviors and feeding mamas, by exercising influence over whites jobs, careers, resources, or economic hopes, which leads to affect White People behavior to submissive, agreeable, paranoid, distrusting of other bleachers, materialism, and the worst of all consumption.

    Using Jews’ influence over such economic resources, working conditions (better to manage than to CNC operate), schedules (5 hours work day is better than 12 during the grave hours), hiring (their six generation of grand sons to be law enforcement, military, and corporate leaders), job assignments to their minions, and vacation dates to encourage simple American people like incog, prt, K, b, so, ic, daniel, elderOf_fosgen 3, and millions more from around the world, to comply with jews’ guidance, directives, ideology, vision of economic system, and governing policies.

    Jews got all the natural resource, capital, and keep every fucking single piece of shit (earth one of us 9,000,000,000 billion useless people who do nothing to make it right, to make good, to make white, to make in according with the simple icm’s white vision) under control just for the purpose of building their power.

    I believe it is not right, and propose to revert the process. This way white people, instead of jews will monopolize resources, currently owned by jews, niggers, and muslims, and practically any legal way of doing this is good and ethical: just to mention a few: nationalization (naziolization), expropriation, de-privatization will all do just fine, even legalizing the voluntary mandatory incarceration of all jews, nigges, and other bad people.. To build a power we have to amass appropriate resources for all strategic arenas in which to exercise white power. Of a particular interest are material resources, but social resources, such as millions of white followers of Incog and the President, are also important.

    In conclusion, Joe’s message is timely and useful.

  42. Arctic Circle says:

    The Jews Owned World, does not feel good. How to change it. The first step is to abolish Property Rights! Now, that is Entertainment! (not offend so , because he is an advocate of the Property Rights).

    Jews depraved of all the property, will become highly visible, exposed from their comfortable and very expensive jewish hideouts around the world, like a tanning naked women pubic hair is highly visible from the fucking joint chines-indian satellite, Everybody, even deserters, investors, speculants, property owners, and jewish collaborators, , will first and happy to very fast grab a hummer when they see an approaching jew determined to still a loaf of bread or a labor hours from a cracker.

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