Subversive Soros Behind Psycho Lefty Feminists

By Phillip Marlowe

Remember that video of the two crazy bitches screaming at spineless Senator Jeff Flake on the elevator before he called for more investigations of Brett Kavanaugh? Turns out they work for George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation” or whatever lefty organization financially funded by them. This evil Jew “Color Revolution” Globalist has been busy screwing up America and other White countries for decades. Soros is the point man and money bags in the lefty destruction of White lands for the NWO agenda.

Recently, I was chatting with a woman about South Africa’s White Boer farmer murders. She proudly proclaimed herself a “super fact checker” and said she would get back to me on the matter, like she was the big brainiac. Well, her “super fact checking” turned out to be nothing but an article put out by lefty (she didn’t say where it came from as she droned on). When done spouting, I told her I knew it was from an article by lefty and had already been thoroughly debunked. It took her by complete surprise that I knew right where she got her super-duper “fact checker” crap.

I pointedly asked the blubbering libtard: “You really believe White farmers are not targeted by black gangs, crime and violence is up, but they only had 50 murders in one year of all races? That really did it. She screamed at me like a mad banshee out of hell. I merely laughed, which only made it worse. Many women nowadays have gone so totally insane with Jewish BS it’s not funny. Or maybe it is. I did laugh.

You have to understand Jews have been targeting our women for brainwashing for decades. All this lefty bullcrap and diversity nonsense about criminal, rapist blacks has been fed to them on a daily basis. In addition to which, they’ve been jacked up with feminism and anti-White male hate. You can see how they are now carefully distinguishing Whites in the male hate. Specifically older White men, since they want the younger ones to toe the PC BS line. Unfortunately too many will, usually to get in the pants of chicks. Didn’t the devil say “get the women and the men will follow?”

Christine Fair, a (((Jewish))) professor at Georgetown university, tweeted violent hate speech about White men because of this Kavanaugh confirmation nonsense. Nothing happened to her. Just look at that gleeful look on her self-satisfied Jew face. White men are now fair targets for such lousy creeps.

The loss of Hillary Clinton to Trump in 2016 really drove lefty women insane. Hillary is still around, yapping her big fat hypocrite mouth (can you believe it?) now jacking us over this Kavanaugh confirmation idiocy. I saw her talking to this big left wing Jew correspondent for “The Atlantic,” Jeffrey Goldberg — brother of that smarmy fat creep “Never Trumper” with the Fu Manchu and designer glasses, Jonah Goldberg (right), you see on FOX news sometimes.

These subversive Jews play both ends of the stick, sometimes even within the same family. Causing social and geopolitical trouble and talking about it is a big career path for Jews — jacking us evil Nazi Goyim over every damn thing. The creeps love it!

You got to stop and think about it here: All kinds of White couples have been totally destroyed by this never-ending Jewish social engineering. Fighting, separation, expensive divorce, bitter, childless couples. Even lovemaking has been turned into nothing but an animalistic act. Morality and loyalty has been trashed. The dirty Jews have worked ceaselessly to ruin the White family unit from within.

They’ve been in a silent war with our race from the start.

Look at movies out of Jewish Hollywood, for crying out loud. Casual sex has been promoted since at least the early ’70s. Jews also control most of the porno industry nearby in “The Valley” (San Fernando). They disgustingly treat women like dog meat, and take great pleasure making them do sick crap with blacks onscreen to further degrade our race. This alone should have you completely furious. You know I am.

Come to think, all women should really be up arms about these dirty Jew bastards. Practically all of the exposed #METOO dirtbags were Jewish, as well.

Look at this “LGBTQ…blah, blah” crap. They want as many of us as possible to go gay and tranny. Once they got Obongo boy in as prez and subverted the courts with liberals, they unleashed the homo business everywhere. Us decent Whites don’t like these sick nasty perverts one bit. That didn’t stop them from putting shrill sodomites preaching down to us on TV news, or covering the Olympics and various sporting events. They even act like little kid trannys are so wonderful.

Houston, we got a problem: Subversive NWO Jewry is turning America into total sick crap in their quest to destroy the White race. Not one single doubt about it any longer.

So, go ahead and call me “anti-Semitic.” Damn right knowing what these self-serving, subversive creeps are like.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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26 Responses to Subversive Soros Behind Psycho Lefty Feminists

  1. Bluesteel says:

    Always the despicable Jews…time for a final solution !

  2. Daniel says:

    We are certainly in the days of Noah where the white Adam race women alienated their Adam man just as their DNA mother Eve who cheated on Adam in the Garden with negro beasts of the field who was infected with the spirit of Satan. I’ve noticed there are absolutely NO women Angels in heaven according to the Bible, all Angels are Males. Yet why do we always see Christmas ornaments with only women as Angels? We see this in movies, sitcoms, etc.. however ironically as ass backwards as these yesteryear dumbfounded on scriptures true meaning Christians and worshipping Christ deniers jews, we have become a lost people and turned opposite of Gods teachings.

    Both the white women and the negro beast have shown to join matrimony and come against the Adam man throughout the course of history where the results were the annihilation of the women and their beast negroes. God promised these Adam white race women would turn on the SONS OF GOD in the last days/jacobs trouble once again. And once again the results WILL NOT BE GOOD FOR THOSE LAYING WITH THE BEASTS.

    If you are white Adam race women and you are a liberal or on a movement org against white men… /they are pure essau that will burn in hell. You/they follow the beasts and their hatred for Gods covenant peoples!

  3. Daniel says:


    1 Corinthians ch 11 vs 3 ( Excluding negro beasts, they are NOT considered a man by God only the appearance )
    ” But I will have you know that the head of every man is Christ. And the head the woman is man. And the head of Christ is God ”

    1 Corinthians ch 11 vs 8, 9 ( Excluding the negro beast buck )

    ” For the man is not of the woman, but the woman of the man ”
    ” Neither was the man created for the woman, but the woman
    for the man ”

    1 Timothy ch 2 vs 12, 14 ” But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, for Adam was first formed then Eve. And Adam WAS NOT DECEIVED, but the woman being deceived was in transgression ”

    With ALL this, can you believe women ( some calling themselves Bible believing/fearing Christians mind you) will still rally with negro beasts who are jealous and hate the chosen blessed Adam race of men who have invented everything under the sun for their convenience in modern day life.

    Adam= white man!!!
    Beasts of the field= negroes
    Luciferians fallen with Satan here on earth= Pure evil, rotten, murdering niggers

    • Daniel says:

      A couple more for the liberal jew/anti-biblical ungodly movement to usurp the White Holy blessed Christian men children of the Lord Eternal. Now, of course, there is a full-throttle END TIMES all out or nothing grab on the vulnerable white women who eat up diversity and disobey God and the white Christian Identity Israelite Adam man.

      They take pride now in spitting on the very white men that has spilled so much blood throughout history in battle fighting against the very enemies of the white man and our Lord Jesus for their freedoms and safety it would fill a lake.

      Ephesians ch 5 vs 22, 23…. wives submit to your husbands as to the Lord Eternal, for the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is head of the church. Many many more verses in Bible concerning the man is to be the leader, the women is to listen in silence, etc..etc..etc.. to many to list.

      They will refute this and these advocates against the Bible/Christ push every day to ignore, change, or deny flat out the words of God BLATANTLY. They make up excuses, theories, etc..etc.. but its a sideshow and a humiliating joke to say the least. But the JOKE is on them, as they make no sense on their rebuttal, just angry violence jealousy and POWER!!!

  4. S O G says:

    so we got some news …its no rumor that there is an arrest list of thousands of leftist terrorists including some senators and congress demo craps ..
    schumer and others signed a paper stating they are traitors ..
    is this a dream or what ..
    he is a little naive on holacaust shit …still believes that shit but time will tell..
    check out his tube cast on the deep state arrests forthcoming ..
    how feinstein whore and her terrorist coteri are behind the kavanaigh coup ..
    they dont want him on the S/C .. the leftist jews communist neo con bolshevik socialists etc etc have been tryin to overthrow the system for communism since obama and are now hopping mad and delusional with power and blood libel and corporate guilt on many levels ..
    “That ‘Deep State’ You Keep Hearing About? It Doesn’t Exist” the left commies keep saying …

    i guess we’ll see …
    I think he’s aware of many plans to go against him and decent lawmakers ..
    the democunts or doxxing many representatives ..they are being threatened as their familes to if they dont go along with the obviously jew program ..
    having to sign jewish loyalty contracts ….jews out of american politix ..
    that has to be on the forefront sooner than later …..half of our 100 senators aRE communist anti ammerican jews ….no surprises there right folks ..
    these arrests are not going to be enough …
    the deep stgate also included satanic worshiippers and global cult connections ..
    the jews are trying to ruin the whole fucking world now ///

  5. S O G says:

    the provost marshall dept and pentagon was involved in the ivestigation ..
    we see how the jews try to marginalize the normal govt and military …rot corrption threats bribes blackmail etc ..
    it was the provosts who were investigating obamas false flag nuke bunker buster false flag plans for raleigh n.caroline a few years ago …and it was why obammy had the navy yard shot up killing many navy officer investigators ….fer fuk sake what a fuckin coincidence ahhy //il recover ships
    fuckin bullshit ….obama is a piece of shit who needs to go away …
    pulled the jones act out of his well worn ass tgo keep other nations from sending oil recovery ships to clean up the horizon sabotage mess …other natiuons had a right to be concerned as all our back yards are connected ..obama went back to sucking cock and playing golf that week …this guy is the biggest piece of worthless shit on a level with chertoff,soros ,bush,clinton ///
    the provosts tried to arrest the clintons when they were in presidency ..
    there were generals lawyers ,gov types and the military lear crashed ..
    these fucking people are flamboyant mega criminals strutting their criminality plain as day and bigger than life for the whole world to see …..and they dont care …as they flaunt major treasonous behaviour in our faces …
    a good resource for obamas lies

    obama has a house in hawaai but chooses to shmooze with valerie jarret a parasite communist nobody who lived in the white house and traveled everywhere with the first gorilla family to keep an eye on them …
    living in the whitehouse for free ,8 years free food free room free travels …
    america needs to send her a bill …her and the first monkey are enjoined at the hip trying to lead the charge against trump ..
    they are anti american pro communist terrorists …they are anti you and me ,anti freedoms …they should be tried convicted hung and impaled …
    all the communist party members in america are our enemy ..they need to be exterminated …
    hitler banned communism cus it was as terrorist ans loony as ours is ….led by comintern russia jews ..
    time to put it all to an end ..

  6. Tony says:

    I believe even people who know the liberal agenda is bulshit are not only going along with it but EMBRACING it just like good sheep. Even when a false idea is promoted OVER AND OVER again, like the Holocaust, people stop refuting it and accept it for their own safety. WORDS are the Jews ONLY TRUE POWER. Mere FEAR OF WORDS are making sissies and cucks out of grown ass men. It’s time to put Tape over the Jews mouths and ear plugs in your ears when they speak and let our FISTS do our talking. They don’t like to get physical because they are physically inferior weaklings. The time has come to get your brothers together and start cracking some heads.

  7. Dave says:

    The kikes target women because most of them are easily manipulated and fooled. Just like they use the niggers as well. Unfortunately, many white men are also falling into their trap because they have been dumbed down by the education system which is also controlled by the subversive kikes. The indoctrination and brainwashing start at an early age (kindergarten) and lasts all the way up through college.

    We are not going to vote our way out of this mess because the kikes control the elections and the politicians on both sides. Short of a revolution, we are in for a long struggle unless someone with balls slips through and safeguard of the two-party political system and says enough is enough. As long as whites are fed, have sports and can go on vacation once a year, they will not take to the streets in large numbers like our enemy is doing. We are at war and war means people fighting and dying. Unfortunately, only one side is willing to risk it and it’s not our side. The only way I see whites actually doing something physically is a total collapse of the economy.

  8. Daniel says:

    Majority of Faith Christ believing Christians are a fooled stiffnecked people declares our Lord Eternal. ”

    St Matthew ch 7 vs 14 Because strait is the Gate and Narrow is the way which leadeth unto life ( Eternal life ) and few there find it. SAD VERY SAD.

    St Matthew ch 22 vs 14 For many are called, but only a few are chosen.

    White women, you have better group together and WISE the hell up NOW. Time is ever so short. These Canaanite devil jews want to drag you vulnerable women down their evil path and into hell with them by pushing this ungodly unbiblical ” WOMEN POWER ” like their cohorts WAKANDA dreamers the beast negroes want that power over the children of the most high God. They wanted it before the foundations of this earth, they couldn’t stand their lot in heaven and revolted against God/Saints and now they are here on earth doing the same.

  9. Gene says:

    India, People Line The Beaches In AM To Poop – America Could End This Way

    They have so many people they line up on the beaches in the morning to do their business and dig a hole in the sand for the surf to wash it away. The homeless in America have created a similar problem, but when they don’t have a beach to poop on they leave it in the streets, and next to businesses, etc.. They have created a whole new health hazard and if the U.S. continues to import all these immigrants it could end up the same way as India!

    How fortunate we are who have homes that accommodate us whenever we need to go, but the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction, raising property taxes, raising rents, importing people who hate White people and who cut our throats, literally.

    We are already overcrowded in the U.S..

    Mumbai beach turned toilet in the morning


  10. Gene says:

    off topic but important
    Hillary The Jew


    Why you can’t fly in any airplane. If you are onboard a plane that has someone on it the cabal wants dead, you go down, too. Is this device the cause of all the AMTRAK accidents?!!

    Similar to the Clipper Chip, the QRS-11 will disable any vehicle and is a powerful device placed in all moving vehicles, planes, cars, busses, trains, missiles, satellites. Lots of planes that have gone down probably had this problem. There have been way too many plane crashes and deaths. They will have to go back and retro-inspect all vehicles with this software and remove it.

    Darker powers want to implant these devices in our bodies. People with implant devices could then be executed via remote control. It will be sold as a health enhancer and for your safety and so you can be a good citizen.

    Notice how this goes back to Rose Law Firm and Hillary Clinton involved with patent infringements.

    How Hillary Crashes Cars and Planes
    Thanks to YouTuber – American Intelligence Media
    found at

  11. Joe Btfsplk says:

    The only people who should be allowed to vote are those who hate government.

  12. Morris Deeds says:

    Trump’s Columbus Day tweet sparks Backlash:

    Notice nothing on the fact that Columbus was almost assuredly a Marrano Sephardic which by their own account makes him neither White nor Christian (the main Abolitionist movement in America which was White Christians, like Quakers) like their BS Media likes to put in your face!

    Here, they brag about it below, CNN 2012: of his “Jewishness” yet now cuz he’s been evolved into counter culture murdering monster of Native Americans of Course: so now he’s SPUN as an ” Evil White Christian Italian riiiiiiiiiiihgt Smile”

    Was Columbus secretly a Jew?
    By Charles Garcia, Special to CNN
    Updated 2:32 PM ET, Thu May 24, 2012

    Christopher Columbus bids farewell to his son Diego at Palos, Spain, before embarking on his first voyage on August 3, 1492.

    Columbus’ voyage was not, as is commonly believed, funded by the deep pockets of Queen Isabella, but rather by two Jewish Conversos and another prominent Jew. Louis de Santangel and Gabriel Sanchez advanced an interest free loan of 17,000 ducats from their own pockets to help pay for the voyage, as did Don Isaac Abrabanel, rabbi and Jewish statesman.

    Philly’s own R Amaro below has this background Marrano:

    Rubén Amaro Jr.

    Born and raised in the Rhawnhurst neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia, Amaro played Little League Baseball for Crispin Gardens. Amaro is Jewish; his mother Judy Amaro-Perez (née Herman)[1] is of Russian-Jewish heritage and his father was a Marrano Sephardic Mexican-Cuban.[2][3] He later was a batboy for the Phillies from 1980 to 1983 when his father, Rubén Amaro Sr., was their first base coach.[4]

    Jewish (Marranos) Involvement In

    Black Slave Trade

    To The Americas

    By Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael


  13. Matt says:

    Hillary’s Snuff Film

    I don’t know if this is true or not, didn’t watch the video, but knowing the Jews, similar has happened.

    I find the you-tube comment below by “illuminated one” interesting, about the video being found on Weiner’s laptop.

    • Gene says:

      I think it is entirely possible that the snuff film is real and it really happened. Hillary is one gruesome bitch and Huma is right behind her.

  14. Karen says:

    I suspect that the susceptibility of young women/girls to brainwashing was first made evident by their reaction to Elvis, and confirmed by their similar herd mentality with the Beatles. A font to be tapped and directed.

  15. cole nidre says:

    some jew reportedly seeks to change Columbus day to
    marx-lenin day.

  16. Gene says:

    Does Anyone Know If Encryption Keys Have Been Taken From Hillary?

    She has apparently been able to spy on anyone since she had the encryption keys and I’m wondering since she’s such a criminal and national security threat if she has had those encryption keys taken away and her clearances lifted.

  17. cole nidre says:

    a lot of these subversive Jews are queer because they
    A) have 126 defective inbred genes which causes the
    neurasthenics to resemble Ruth bader Ginsberg and
    B) have their penises chopped by jew holy men (mohels)
    as babies, who then suck them dry, for 2000 shekels more.

    the “holy men” do this because they are perverts.who
    want these babies under their control from the beginning.
    they know many of these kapparots will become jew shysters,
    weaponized by the rabbis as infants to unleash their
    jewbull on the European race.

  18. Tom says:

    White survival begins with the individual. It does not begin with some blow-hard, with a diseased ego, shouting that he is the “leader”. Substantial individuals coalesce into a cohesive group within a framework of cooperation. The natural flow of events allows those with the capacity to lead, lead. Unlike the destructive efforts of Kyle Hunt, who always manages to neutralize anyone who surfaces with talent, people truly dedicated to a purpose other than self-gratification, will gladly allow the best helmsman to guide the ship. This is the principle of merit and as we all recognize, our ZOG will go to all lengths to counter it.

    Our young people clearly know that something is amiss in our affluent cesspool. Most of them were brought up on the bitter milk of Zionist propaganda and in a home where the meaning of family was reduced to TV gawking, stomach-stuffing, lack of respect for nearly everything plus a plethora of targets to blame for one’s own failures. Women became little other than convenient cock-wipes, or disgruntled feminist hags, and male “sex symbols” were little boys such as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. The White American man was being put to rest.

  19. silvernickel says:

    Incogman, here are some mugshots of antifa jews and their fellow commie thugs captured in Berkley, CA. They all look like witches and the mentally deranged. Check out that Chinaman’s vicious glare……..If looks could kill, huh? and the demonic tattoo on jewess bolshevik, Bella Podolsky.

    This is why the Berkley leftists professors are enraged to have these mugs shown. Because its proof of jews and mentally deranged foot soldiers causing chaos.

    Locked and loaded if you ever see these freaks in your area!

    More Antifa mugs from Portland from 2016

  20. cole nidre says:

    antifa? we need antibo – anti Bolshevik!

    Soros and all his phony organizations are nothing but commie fronts.

  21. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    The Western civilization has fallen because of this black loving,cuddling,enabling
    pandering,white heart bleeding guilt ridden,empathetic,sympathetic,cuck,some times cunning,some times wiggering,coal burning,oil drilling political party group that is called the liberal so far at least the Eastern civilization hasn’t fallen for the democratic lies about how great the African (“black negro”) is yet unless knowing how the liberals are they want the whole entire world to love the untermensch (a.k.a. negro) an that includes Eurasia,Arabian peninsula and Canada an Latin America,Australia

    its already sickening that Prince Harry married that she coon
    and having a baby an diluted his royal family tree with her inferior genes
    not to mention Belgium decides to have a black mayor like that is ever a good idea.
    you don’t see Asians wanting blacks to become mayor in their own country because they know negro’s cant sustain a country,continent let alone society and a community just take a good look at Detroit,Haiti,Sub Saharan Africa

    plus I should add when it comes to this particular race an ethnicity “negro”
    they always want free stuff none stop from the white populous instead of earning
    it I mean do you see yellow and brown people demanding,asking,telling the white population for free stuff its only the black people that is doing this.of course they are the only ones that keep protecting criminals like Rodney King,Michael brown,Trayvon Martin etc…an the crime that they do towards everyone is so ginormous black on white,black on yellow,black on brown also the liberal media most of the time keeps defending them for that they did you don’t see the liberal media protecting white,yellow,brown criminals like what you see them do with black criminals.

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