Bush 41 Screws Us Over Again On Way Out

By Phillip Marlowe

Have you noticed how our so-called “free media” always acts like so-and-so was so great when they croak when you know damn well they could care less? The filthy hypocrites didn’t like blue blood WASPY Bush one bit back then, and they really don’t now. You see this phony BS all the time. It’s them trying to look all “fair and balanced” simply because it makes no difference now. My ass.

That’s because the media really is a State operation — the State being the Globalist Zionist Jew octopus. George H. W. Bush was obviously a giant tool for them. He’s the one who even termed it “the New World Order” in a speech. Here’s the deal: America is Israel’s big Macdaddy — that’s the whole NWO’s “raison d’ê tre.” Always has been. Bush Sr. realized this and hitched his little wagon to the whole thing way back when. In fact, I believe all the presidents knew of this in some fashion or other. JFK was probably wacked because of it. Especially when the Jews knew he didn’t want Israel to have the Bomb. They could not let that become public knowledge.

Now we got all this non-stop BS in the News over HW Bush dying. When Bush died, I said to myself “the sooner we put the Bushs and the Clintons in our rear view mirror, the better for America.” That was me being nice. Actually, it would be infinitely better if we exposed how these traitor bastards screwed us White Americans over. We’ll be lucky as a race if that were to happen.

Forget the business with Trump getting money out of a lame duck Congress to build the Wall on the Southern border. It’s not going to happen before the Demonrats take over the House in January. Bush’s now on-going funeral media extravaganza effectively ruins the possibility. Then it will be back the same BS over the last 2 years — we’ll get more of this idiotic Trump and Russian collusion crap. Everyone I know is sick and tired of it. Hillary and Obama’s DOJ minions will go unscathed. The whole thing reeks to high heaven of hypocrisy. I pray to God to smite these backstabbing traitors.

Yep, HW Bush’s death and funeral couldn’t come at a worse time. Too bad those Japs didn’t hit kill him during that WWII mission where his bomber crew members perished and he was picked up by a submarine. They’ve been playing that B&W film clip up the ying-yang.

Lee Rogers over at Daily Stormer hit the nail on the head with his article “Bush 41’s ‘New World Order’ is the Jew-inspired Hell We Live in Today.” In it, he says the liberal Jews and the so-called conservative Jews are all lauding Bush because he was the one who built the foundation of Jew NWO control we live in today.

And that is us Whites as a race being demographically replaced and anything left of our political power gone. Which we’re basically at as we speak.

I never liked his little Bushie boy 43, either. The guy is such a toady (his brother Jeb is even worse). I once remember watching an interview with Dubya when it struck me: This guy is a total idiot. There’s no way he’s a real leader — some other forces are definitely at work. Sure, enough the punk was made president.

You see sickening Jews like Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin on TV all the time. These are traitor rats, spinning goobly-gook intellectual nonsense as to why White countries need to have more Turd Worlder immigrants. In fact, all your TV talking heads toe this line. Even FOX.

Another good Daily Stormer article is Anglin’s “Sickening Neocon Jew Jennifer Rubin’s Praise of Bush Shows Why He was a Piece of Shit.” These Jew Neocons, who are all for the flooding of our White lands with POS Third Worlders, yet claim to be conservative are all lousy phonys. All your Jews are for us White Gentiles being turned into spat-upon chumps and dirty faggots. Once you get it, you’ll see it everywhere in the media. No friggin’ lie.

Anglin writes:

For those unawares, the Jew Rubin, like all neocon Jews, spends the overwhelming majority of her time crafting explanations for the goyim as to why it is that they should feel very smart for supporting the Jew-globalist agenda. Because whereas liberalism is mainly a feminine endeavor, based on emotions, meaning that you can just show a liberal faggot a picture of diaper baby getting gassed and s/he will support a massive third world invasion of his own country, conservatism is a masculine ideology, so it seeks to have a higher ideal and be morally and ideologically consistent.

Anglin also knows his Jew history in America. He talks about how Jew-loving took over the Conservative movement back in the 1980’s. At the time I remember reading a book by William F. Buckley where he tried to explain away why writer Joe Sobran had to get fired from the National Review. Sobran knew the Jew issue inside and out. Plus, he was an effective, logical writer. Can’t allow that to happen. In my vain hope to stifle the thinking I was starting to do at the time, I read every inch of that book. Buckley failed to convince me. I came to the conclusion Buckley was indeed a big sell-out.

Not only we’ll we have to listen to traitor MOFO leftys in Congress every minute next year, but us Whites will get more and more victimized by violent, brutish blacks and POC on a daily basis. More faggotry and immorality on the airwaves and in our schools. Fully expect hairy ass men grotesquely making out in prime time TV shows, plenty more White chicks with the brothers and supposedly so cute half breed children bouncing around — happy living in the White man-invented West and not in stinking Africa. TV commercials now have it all the time — pay attention and you’ll see it.

If you’re a White person, you had better get on the stick — and fast.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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74 Responses to Bush 41 Screws Us Over Again On Way Out

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    Change the first sentence to “our” . As in I’m with you brother we have a BIG problem here.

  2. Red Pill says:

    These evildoers can’t die fast enough to suit me.
    Carter will be the next to go.
    Bush43 & Clinton in prison.
    a whole lot of motherf’ers need to die.
    like that dried up hag on the supreme court.
    saw Bob Dole, they resurrected him for 41’s “in state”.
    death watch 2019 coming soon to the dark state.

    • woody says:

      carter wrote a book exposeing israel…how they stole the land,how the palistinians are being killed…i was suprised he wrote that book because id never heard of it till i saw a vid of him talking about it on tv

      • jayhackworth says:

        yeah;that’s the main reason why he had to lose vs America’s “greatest gipper”., despite all they write about the former nuclear sub commander being “weak”

      • Luke says:

        Carter was also guilty of eagerly signing on to the jews white genocide agenda – and he played a key role in exerting pressure via blackmail, sanctions, economic boycotts, etc., against the former nation of Rhodesia and this lead to the destruction of that White outpost of Western Civilization and the creation of the shit hole of Zimbabwe – ruled over by the murderous thug Robert Mugabe.

        I’ve seen estimates that over 70,000 Whites have been savagely murdered and usually subjected to some of the most gruesome and sickening forms of torture and mutilation at the hands of the blacks that Mr. Peanut helped put into power over the White Rhodesians. White women viciously gang raped to death. Young white girls and even young white boys – also gang raped by savage negro animals.

        This is the kind of race treasonous slab of human shit that Jimmy Carter is, folks. I will guarantee that this scumbag has never lost a wink of sleep over what he helped foist upon his white kinsmen and women in South Africa.

  3. Nationalist says:

    Today’s Republican Party really isn’t all that conservative compare how they are to Biblical times when slavery was legal everywhere with the Bible actually endorsing slavery. Republicans would look like Satanists were they to get into a time machine and go back 2,000 years to the area now called Israel. Only National Socialism is righteous, not any other political system and it is the only way we can save western nations from being destroyed by invaders.

    • Arctic Circle says:


      I agree with your statement. You start with discussin what is most important for the whites: economics (read survivability). And that is National Socialism.

      But it is also important to depart from the general discussions and start on fostering an inclusive Tomorrow’s Ideology which will attract all whites including poor, rich, and stupid, and smart.

      It would be great help to explain to people economic principles so that understanding may help them to not to be scared of the clichés developed by the conniving Jews, so people are let to believe that what is good is bad.

      People like SOG, who have a lot of good in them, are often flinch away from certain core economic theories. To me people like SOG are like the little ideological kids, who must yet grow. Because they are kids I am not angry with them. But I am angry because those kids are so fucking arrogant with their fucking childish brains.

      SNM, has come with what appears to be a very important solution: We must combine the best from both systems Capitalism and Socialism!

      Nationalist says: December 4, 2018 at 10:33 pm
      Today’s Republican Party really isn’t all that conservative compare how they are to Biblical times when slavery was legal everywhere with the Bible actually endorsing slavery. Republicans would look like Satanists were they to get into a time machine and go back 2,000 years to the area now called Israel. Only National Socialism is righteous, not any other political system and it is the only way we can save western nations from being destroyed by invaders.

      Jews Caput! Jews and Niggers Capitulate Surrender!

  4. Erik Snohdin says:

    What I wonder is just what all these creeps get promised by their overlords for doing the things they do. We never hear about the REWARDS for being complicit. Are they all offshore bank accounts full of shekels ? What ARE the rewards from the overlords ? Cause none of these traitors do anything for free ; even the Jews know that.

  5. James Robert Calvert says:

    The Four Legs Of Human Identity: 1. Race 2. Religion 3. Nation 4. Gender
    They were all created by God, and they’re all under attack by Satan and his followers.

  6. Tom says:

    “Beware the risen people.”
    -Padraig Pearse

    “This is the cup that White Men drink
    When they go to right a wrong.
    This is the cup of the old world’s hate,
    Cruel and strained and strong.
    We drank that cup, a bitter, bitter cup,
    And we threw the dregs away.
    Well to the world when White Men drink
    To the dawn of the White Man’s Day.”
    -Rudyard Kipling


  7. cole nidre says:

    Stanford fraternity told to take down “offensive” American flag, and
    replace it with the hammer & sickle.

    According to christ- killing kikes, Christmas is a hate word that
    must be extirpated, and anyone who utters it sent to the nearest
    FEMA death- camp administered by the department of jewstice.

    Anybody who loves evil and doesn’t hate it should be terminated.

  8. Philadelphian says:

    …if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched.
    – George H.W. Bush – Interview 1992

    The worshippin goes on on all the Jew owned MSN, howling and whineing about how great he was, only caused millions of deaths including J.F.K.’s murder for Israel.

    • Sen10L says:

      Trying to find a reliable source or citation for that quote. Can anyone substantiate or verify if quote is true? I used it once and couldn’t provide a reliable source, so that made everything suspect.

  9. luke2236 says:

    jews didnt take over in the 1980s…try 1850s!

  10. Barney says:

    ??? Looks round ??? Hardly anyone here ??? Has the troll gone, taking his many “identities” with him ???

    See the damage he did, IncogMan? We tried to warn you. Now most of your regulars are gone. Perhaps some will return. I hope so. This site is worth preserving. I’ve been keeping an eye on the place, but I wouldn’t post anything while that scumbag was here, and I’ll be gone again if he comes back.

    Look how few genuine people remain now that hasbarat isn’t filling the comments with his multiple avatars.

    I still think this is the best site of it’s kind, and Incog really knows his stuff, but you need to be a bit more aggressive in keeping the likes of that arctic troll locked away in Spamblinka, IncogMan.

    One thing I don’t understand. How did the troll know when your birthday is? That suggests he knows you personally, making him even more dangerous.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Slap-a-Jap day again? jew world order day? Roosevelt knew it was coming. Japanese codes were broken. Roosevelt knew an attack was imminent. Top general George marshall (also a freemason) made sure to put all navy bases in the pacific on alert… except the commanders at pearl harbor.
    Anybody besides me ever notice the similarities between john McCain and ghw Bush?
    The Prize (Daniel Yergin) chapter 16. Japans road to war. “Shall we trust Japan?” In 1923, responding to the temper of the time, Franklin Roosevelt, who had been Assistant Secretary of the Navy during World War I, wrote an article entitled “Shall We Trust Japan? In introducing the article, the editors observed that one of Roosevelt’s “Chief duties during a large part of his term of office was to prepare to fight Japan.” In the article Roosevelt observed that “long before the events of 1914 centered attention elsewhere, an American-Japanese war was the best bet of profits. Its imminence began to be taken for granted.” [FDR was of course a Freemason. ]
    The Freemasons (Jasper Ridley) Freemasons in the World. The Freemasons encountered difficulties in Japan. The first masonic lodge established there was a British military lodge in Yokohama in 1864. Other lodges were formed by British and American residents in Japan; BUT THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT FORBADE ANY JAPANESE TO BECOME A FREEMASON. The government thought that Freemasonry was a foreign movement which would introduce foreign influence into Japan and conflict with Japanese social and religious traditions. …. To add to the difficulties of Japanese Freemasons, a French Roman Catholic priest, Father F. Ligneul, who lived in Japan as the head of a French Catholic mission from 1880 to 1912, began an anti-masonic agitation. In 1900 he published a book, Mimitsu Kessha (The Secret Society) . It warned that Freemasonry was a movement which believed in absolute freedom and equality, and therefore would destroy any social system based on hierarchical authority; Freemasons, he argued, carried their belief in freedom and equality to the point of working to overthrow all established governments. ……… The opposition to Freemasonry in Japan was increased by the intense hatred of jews. There were only 2,000 jews in Japan, but they were regarded with great suspicion after Japan had intervened against the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War of 1918-20. The jews were denounced as Bolshevik agents. A Japanese translation of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION was published in 1919, and jews and Freemasons were regarded as dangerous Communist revolutionaries. The denunciation of jews and Freemasons redoubled when the League of Nations condemned the Japanese attack on Manchuria in 1931. An official Japanese government spokesman declared that “the anti-Japanese activities in England are all instigated by jewish Freemasons”. The naval cadets were informed that “a gang of Masonic jews have incessantly been masterminding international intrigues against Japan behind the scenes in Britain, the United States, China and Russia”. The Japanese Chronicle in April 1938 “denounced the secret league of Freemasons….engaged in the struggle behind the World Revolution”. [ of course MacArthur, who accepted the surrender of Japan and became its new ruler after the big firecrackers went off—was a freemason] Also remember the head of military industrial banking complex roosevelt also saw great oportunities for massive war profits to be made on the west coast if a war in the Pacific breaks out so he quickly rounded up all the successful and industrious japanese American business owners closed thier doors and sent them to concentration camps so his fellow traveler nation-wrecking war profiteers could take over the west coast. The satanic/freemasonic sounding executive order 9066. The west coast is a fucked up bastion of marxist commie bolshevik jewish lefty libtard ignorance and stupidity nation wreckers to this day.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Yes, I am noticing similarities too.

      But it is not clear where do you stand on the ” …movement which believed in absolute freedom and equality among White People, and therefore would destroy any social system based on hierarchical authority; Freemasons, he argued, carried their belief in freedom and equality to the point of working to overthrow all established governments…”

      Do you believe that in the New Great America and the New Much Improved world, all white people should be free and equal? If not then why?

    • doug acebedo says:

      Damn good

  12. Gene says:

    Yeah, We Have The 1968 Gun Control Act, and, The Patriot Act Due to H.W. Bush

    Basically, the reason the Jew media insisted that Oswald shot JFK with a mail order rifle was because they were going to pass the 1968 gun control act and needed support for it. No way Oswald did all that shooting with the Carcano with a bolt that sticks. In free America you could simply send off for a gun, pay your money and it’s yours. Today in Jew occupied America you don’t have the freedom to do that and in some areas cannot even get an airgun, a BB gun shipped to you.

    Also, the 9/11 and Pentagon attacks were used to pass the phoney Patriot Act which robs us of valuable Constitutional rights. I don’t miss George H.W. Bush one bit and as I said to one guy, “He was the swamp”.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      It was the other George bush that believed 911 was not a mossad false flag operation and the cia and pentagram deep swamp jews that told him there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Goofball. (just kiddin’)

  13. Gene says:

    They Were Set To Deliver My Package On The Bush Holiday 5th And Now It’s Missing

    It was superfluous to have a mail holiday on the 5th. Honoring a tyrant is stylish in America. Bush did not award anything special to America, rather he detracted from it. My package which was scheduled for delivery on the Bush Holiday 5th is now missing. What a bunch of putrid crap and what a bunch of putrid crap this country has become. Bush was crap.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Fucking Chinese too. No wonder Trump says never turn your back on them either.


  15. J.R. says:

    unlike ordinary people who’re just simply dying under the curse of sin that has come into the Adamic race, the Bush political dynasty has been dying under a peculiar satanic Jewish death curse, since two of them were duped by the jews’ god Lucifer to submit to the judaized death cult ritual of Yale’s skull and bones fraternity, that left them with a veil of deception cast over their reprobate minds and a pact with the devil to serve his leading henchmen, the morally dead, dispensationally accursed Jews, upon pain of death by a jew appointed assassin, if they should rebel against the jews’ evil agenda at any time …


    the skull and crossed bones that’s used by Yale’s skull and bones society has evil death connotations and is of course used as a sign of something poisonous or dangerous; but it’s actually admired by the jews and often seen on their graves, not because jews want to use it to celebrate death, but because they like to celebrate a skull as the housing of their soul’s desire that’ll ostensibly see them right with God ,,, and more specifically, as counterpart of the desire that their kabbalah says “surrounds” (like a skull) the three faculties of the brain, that ostensibly allow the jew to contemplate and understand their g-d…


    That said, some of the Jews more specifically venerate a skull that surrounds the brain, because they see it as a counterpart of “the desire” that surrounds the ‘higher’ faculties of the souls of their scholars and rabbis… and by extension, a sign of what they believe will be the peculiar desire for and knowledge of their g-d, that’ll be manifest in the person of their new Davidic king, who’ll reign shortly at jerusalem as the biblical end-time antichrist…

    this is why the Jews’ sign of the skull and crossed bones was used by the Knights Templar, who were supporting the jews’ Davidic Grail kings ruling in Western Europe and anticipating that a king of that sort would ultimately reign for the Jews at Jerusalem in a new temple, as a result of their service on behalf of the jews during the Crusades…

    the Templars exhumed the skeletons of their brethren and detached and crossed their leg bones, to signify that they’d died subject to the jews’ leading Davidic Grail king.. and after their merchant navy had been co-opted by the merchant jews, their ships sailed under the sign of a skull and crossed bones on a red field… a maritime flag that would be reworked as the jolly roger by the jewish pirates plundering the booty of Gentile Spanish gold in the Elizabethan era, in the name of the secret succession of Davidic royals reigning in Western Europe for them at the time…


    the skull and crossed bones has of course been used by many other Judaized masonic orders and secret societies, some of which have claimed descent from the Templars; and it was held in high regard by William Russell who co-founded Yale’s skull and bones fraternity, which has had members of the ilk of the George HW and GW Bush and John Kerry, who’ve faithfully served the jews; and notably by promoting the US neoconservativism founded by a group of leftist, pro-Trotsky, Marxist/ liberal/socialist jews, named The New York Intellectuals…

    Yale’s skull and bones fraternity and their neocon buddies promote the American interventionism that has destroyed whole Gentile nations for the jews … GW Bush, the neocons, and DC’s deep state orchestrated the 9/11 PSYOP/black op, so that a pretext would be provided for America’s intervention in the Middle East, to facilitate the reign of the jews’ new Davidic king-messiah who’ll shortly sit in a new temple on the Temple Mount at the capital of the state of Israel, as if he’s God…

  16. Tom says:

    Bush “the shit eater” Funeral Cost Taxpayers $500 MILLION.

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      Think of all the jobs it created.

      Keynesians don’t believe that waste is even possible- the more spending, the
      richer we become.

  17. Arctic Circle says:

    More and more of those in positions of power, are under fire for the Fictions Jewish Reasons, such as for example, giving unwanted hugs to employees. Many more are forced to either part the jobs, or bring apologies for saying the truth how dangerous the niggers are, or refusing to call a newly transgenderified women with a male name.

    Collectively, these Jewish “legal innovations”, “financial innovations”, and other “sexual harassment innovations” harm American and European culture by stabing in into the most sensitive spot economic wellbing and the energetic reproductive activities.

    When companies or military leadership faces numerous frivolous accusations of “hugging”, “sexual harassment”, or “racism” they also face a leave of absence.

    Not many in the public and private leadership can easily part from the Sweet Deal Power to Suck the Blood All you Want.

    When accurately fostered Nigger-Bitch, Jew-Bitch, or simply White-Hungry Bitch from Texas, brings the accusation not many leaders can withstand the pressure they “flip”.

    So many in the public leadership are victimized by those harmful and inhumane jewish innovations! But what is really dramatic for the White People are many Public Leaders who had a good squeeze of a little Pussi, and now are in the pocket of the Jew, Arab, Nigger, Fucking Owner, or better yet egalitarian Russians, and Yellow Chinese.

    So many of them are now in the state of fear and decay in three easy steps:

    step #1: get traumatized,
    step #2: get diagnosed with PTSD,
    step #3: betray the country, and finally
    step #4: betray God and Whiteness itself (for example enactment of Affirmative Action, Prohibition of Whites to enquire for the white real state and white scools, etc).

    The Jewish legal and statutory Inventiveness should be recognized for what they are, and either reverted to work against them, or develop appropriate countermeasures.

    God bless us all to united against the Black Dangerous Jewish hydra!

    It is so normal to look at the boobs, when talking to a girls, because they are nice. But the conniving Jew, has already imbedded the body camera right into the firm left nipple!

  18. Arctic Circle says:

    Christmas is almost here!

    And God has finally heard the white laments. The White Political Party is coming and is almost here. Thanks God!

    That is what I hear.

    My question is how to integrate this commendable effort to possibly integrate the white information channels?

    God bless good white Christian American people!

  19. Arctic Circle says:

    Check this chick Heather Nauert. President Trump has a very very good deeeeeep understanding of what is beautiful and right. Hopefully, Heather is going to do a good job to straighten up that corrupt jewsh nest of snakes: UN. She looks good, but is she strong enough a leader to adjust the course of UN? Is it even possible, Strong Leader, in the climate where the week, polite, sweet leaders are prioritized and praised and prey on by the Jewish Interest.

  20. cole nidre says:

    Right now on Putrid Broadcast System 3: a “show” adulating the red
    Trotsky and the commie Bolshevik “revolution.” 62 million murdered.

    Maybe this is a companion piece to the Jews’ “american” history channel
    program “Nazi Jesus.” Jesus was an Ashkenazi? He probably would
    have been a member of the NSDAP, not the jew NKVD.

  21. Arctic Circle says:


    The people who abondaned us are not really devoted to the Great White Cause. The ultimatum the host, instead of standing for their ideals. But after a long time you came back, thus you have something positive left in you – loyalty.

    Many people ask themselves a question: How can I help to disseminate a very important ICM’s White Message around?

    Here is one way of doing it:

    Step #1: search google.com for the phrase: “why people are forced against their will to coexist with dangerous black Africans and Jews?”.

    Step #2: you will be given several pages of more or less related links. Choose among them every link which satisfies two criteria:
    ==criteria #1: the link should be relevant to the Jewish problem.
    ==criteria #2: the link should be a blog or any type of a dialog where you can leave a message. Memorize them or save them to favorites.

    Step #3: get yourselves a lot of emails.

    Step #4: leave a short message on each one of those websites discussing many dangers posed by the blacks and jews to the few whites left in the world, and write the link to incogman.net, explaining that the answers are here.

    If everyone of us follows throw this protocol, soon we will be coming here for answers, even those among us, phsycos, who have been forcibly hospitalized in the jewish asylums.

    This way many European and American people, who are now walking blinded by the Jews (see: The angst over a more black and brown America, coupled with a widespread frustration with the political system, is the driving force behind the juggernaut of Donald Trump: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/wdbqwb/the-alt-rights-fear-of-a-black-planet), with swaths around their eyes, will know that the Truth is here.

    I wish the Ground Peg would comeback because his approach to decision making seems to be viable.

    Finally, many websites which are determined to the solve the Jewish problem do not have a place to post, instead redirecting you to the Facebook and Tweeter. You have to use you many emails to plentifully comment everywhere on these two websites to let them know that the Savatoion is coming and it is located at incogman.net

    Barney, I hope it answers your question sufficiently. Please let me know if you need to learn more about how to dessiminate a word about this website?

    • Barney says:

      Fuck off you disgusting Lithuanian jew!

      I MAY be back if and when IncogMan comes to his senses, but that doesn’t seem likely.

      Sorry to lose you IncogMan. You were a significant part of my awakening, and your message has been consistently good over the years, but can’t you see that this arctic troll has driven most of your regulars away? You must know what he is, so why continue to allow him to infest your site?

      That’s all I’ve got to say. It really has been good knowing you. You’ve taught me a lot and I’ve made some good friends here, including in the “real world” (whatever that is), but it’s unlikely that you’ll see me here again.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        barney, I am not disgusting, not lithuinian, not jew. I am deplorable.

        Barney, back in October, SOB called you a platinum member, menas Examplary. I concurred.

        Acting the way you act now, reminds that you are Exemplary fool. Get to your senses. I repeat that I am not your enemy.

  22. Arctic Circle says:

    Marc from St. Louse there are good people not far from you in Centralia …

  23. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    Yeah keep telling yourself that fool is that
    why they were able to help built the space station
    oh wait a minute no they did not or is that why they have
    a written language or the wheel oh wait a minute they didn’t do neither of those another thing is that why they were able to help in medical breakthroughs and do unprecedented work in science oh wait a minute they literally didn’t do any thing except get affirmative action,liberal white guilt idiots to give them jobs that they will never be qualified for.?

  24. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    I love that you blacks flood into videos like this to show
    your blatant naivete,ignorance,obliviousness and by the way
    you uneducated fool of a tool you are the ones that shame whites
    all the damn time by calling everything is racist this an racist that when things don’t go your way you double standard,contradicting,hypocrite and you guys are the ones that
    is truly evil an a mindset of it since considering your race,ethnicity are still eating each other back in your own home land and still slaving each other,having sex with animals an not to mention I hate to break it to your underdeveloped simian brain but there was more blacks that enslaved other blacks in North America than whites. the white people that did have blacks for slaves are and or were a minority

    shut the fuck up with you’re bull shit! whites already tried to help you as a team
    like gentrification,education,assistant programs,food stamps,EBT,free money,
    free housing,clothes,free phones,free bikes,food an helping your retarded dumb
    lame ass hole race sending supply drops in Haiti,Sub Saharan Africa and trying
    to teach you how to farm your own food.but the only thing you do is commit
    more crimes against them an not just white people everybody else

    that’s another thing you fucking faggot loser dip shit the only fantasy here
    is yours moron.you just think that whites are in a supremacy but their not
    you’re just another delusional idiotic black that thinks she know’s what
    their talking about but they don’t and by saying not all whites are in a
    white supremacy you think you’re fooling anybody by saying that
    its pretty obvious you mean every white man,women,children
    you’re just trying to make it seem your rational but you’re not.

  25. Red Pill says:

    my kind of music

    George Lincoln Rockwell and The Coon Hunters WE DON’T WANT NO NIGGERS FOR NEIGHBORS


  26. Gene says:

    Arrest made in kidnapping and murder of 13-year-old Hania Aguilar
    The Negroes are out there ganged up and just waiting for a White person to come along so they can jump them.
    Man arrested in abduction and killing of 13-year-old girl in North Carolina

  27. Gene says:

    Negro Neighbor Charged in Stalking Double Murder of Woman & Daughter – Rebecca Pletnewski Murder


    Police: Suspect stalked Mayfield Heights woman before killing her and daughter

    Her Name is Rebecca Pletnewski/ Her Name is Olivia Schneider: White Mother and Her Eight-Year-Old Daughter Murdered by Black Neighbor

  28. Red Pill says:

    this was taken from the jim stone site


    The French riots worked because they were VIOLENT and scared the elite. Now, policy changes that actually dig into the “New World Order” will happen, and Macron might even step down. We learned from France that violence is the answer. That’s why the elite do every last thing they can to guilt trip people into believing they are nuts if they consider violence an option – fear of having their *sses bleed is a sure way to get them to not smash the people. Violence is the only thing that will push them to not turn the world into a slave state.

    Trump is our last chance to not get violent. It sucks you know. You have to miss work, you might not make the bills, you might even end up dead, it is hard to do, your car or truck will probably be wrecked, but I can fairly state that if they take Trump down and/or steal the next election, violence will not just be an answer, it will be the ONLY ANSWER.

    We needed a reminder. THANK YOU FRANCE!!!

  29. jayhackworth says:

    “No country can implement Talmudic thought—as America has—and not suffer the catastrophic consequences of Logos rejection: that is to say, the rejection of reason, human rights, and the fundamental ethical principles that are inseparable from civilized behavior.”

  30. Arctic Circle says:

    In re to Neo. October 28, 2018 at 7:54 am

    The way the greatest country on earth, the United States, is being turned into the exotic, well diversified nuclear waste land with the full spectrum of the bright colored patches of different religions, different races, different nationalities, different values, but the same sex, you do not need to wait for “The Chinese / Russian invasion to happen”. By the time Russia where everybody is working for chicken shit for the small ambitious bunch of billionaires who pay protection kick backs to the Main Criminal (god farther) Putin, will be ready to attack, all white people will have to sit on the rainbow and immigrate to Russia. In Russia there is no niggers, and will be none. But you will have to be working for the fucking bunch of the jewish and russian crooks in the top.

    Say No to such future!

    Start the White Political Party today! and watch how every white living soul will be attracted to America.

    Everybody needs to read Pastor Sheldon’s Emory booklet the Bible says Russia will invade America and be defeated and George Washington’s prophetic vision for America.

    • Matt says:


      I’ve read some of pastor Sheldon Emery’s writing. He doesn’t understand who the real Israel is, and either ignores, or doesn’t know the bible.

      Reading Sheldon Emery’s writings is a waste of time.

      Where in the bible does it say Russia is going to invade America, and be defeated?

      • Daniel says:


        Ezekiel 38, 39

        Praise God!

        You must understand who real Isreal is though.

        Always ask God to grant you the blessings of WISDOM before indulging in the Gospel. BIG BIG FACTOR to receiving the key to David as talked about in Revelation ch 3.


      • Daniel says:


        In fact, not just communist Jewish and atheist-oriented populace Russia will be invading White Christiandom America, but also the nigger tribes and their hordes and anti-christ regimes from africa and even here in America will come up against Gods chosen Adam white racial children of the Lord Almighty Eternal. As will asian anti-Christ communist regimes also. They will want to wipe out the white Christian peoples of this world once the new one world religion/order is taking shape under false messiah obama.

        It’s coming!! Look at the southern border now, this what you are seeing is the prelude, the calm before the storm if you will….the American Christian test is in play right now!

        Jew liberals will be behind the scenes working it all!

      • Arctic Circle says:

        Matt, never call for reading that author.

        I was quoting some other poster who recommended to read him.

  31. Gene says:

    Study Opinion Concludes Negroes Should Be Barred From Owning Firearms

    That’s how the writer of this piece sees it, because all the Black shootings are threatening the 2nd Amendment rights. The Negroes are suffering more deaths per capita, apparently, than Whites who die older so they want to take away the guns.
    As a matter of fact take away the Negroes from America and while doing so bar them from possession of firearms. That’s the solution since the stupid apes can’t quit shooting people.

    New Academic Study Concludes: White People Must Lose Their 2nd Amendment Rights Because Black People Can’t Stop Killing Each Other with Guns

    • Daniel says:


      Very simple, and must be in caps.

      The Liberal anti-Christs jews in politics/media want so badly the niggers to come in two or more like the pack rats they are anyways and those satanic children of Satan the liberal jew very damn well knows it too!!

      They know the nigger’s covetous demonic nature towards Christ Gods Abraham’s white Nordic/Scandinavian European Christian saints and the Lord s covenant Adam white racial children of the Lord Eternal. They also know how racist and demonically hateful and evil they are towards Gods chosen Christian peoples and how badly the nigger wants to harm and scare Gods covenant Holy White Saints. They know the niggers will do this upon the white children of God armed or unarmed, even if the murder weapon is a candlestick from three niggers on one family white man half asleep unarmed as the jew intends for him to be at the hands and mercy of the demonic nigger barbaric creepy ape prone to do violence over and over again.

      IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SCARING AND HARMING OF GODS WHITE CHRISTIAN CHILDREN OF HIS GLORIOUS COVENANT. And they must unarm the innocent ones, the humble ones while the evil walk the streets at night lurking…………

  32. Matt says:

    Daniel are you Arctic Circle?

    I’ve read both Ezekiel 38 and 39, and neither one says Russian is going to invade America. You’re wacked and full of it.

    I think it’s you who needs to asked for wisdom.

    • Red Pill says:

      some people are BLIND GUIDES and that’s Matt the rat

    • Matt says:


      You don’t believe what the bible says anyhow, and dream of yourself as one of the lost brothers of the Jews. I can’t relate to your sick fascination with wanting to be a Jew’s brother, or in other words a child of Satan.

      Thank God he did destroy the 10 tribes, that’s all we’d need is more kikes in the world, as if things aren’t messed up enough.

      RP, they’re dead, there are no 10 lost tribes, God killed them for good reason, because they were like Jews, maybe you should stop living in your perverse fantasy, and see reality. Ezekiel 23:10.

      • Daniel says:

        Matt…….You are the author of your own backwards stylish Mr know it all book of life. You people make crap up as you go along because you are cowards in the face of the Lord Almighty scared of truth because of your evil minds and broken Godly commandments. You harras the chosen blessed Christian white men and women for fear you may think of yourself as a mulatto or halfbreed unblessed.

        Your kind questions Gods order of life and even challenges God and fights God all on behalf of non-white hybrids Anti-Christ jealous peoples as if they are your worldly gods as your idolatry lovers against your very own heavenly father. WE SAINTS DON’T WANT OR NEED YOUR KIND IN A BLESSED PURE CHRISTIAN PARADISE TO BRING MORE CONFUSION AND JEALOUSY UPON OUR LORD ETERNAL!

        Go to hell with your cains and nimrods and Moab tribal niggers and anti-Christ sadistic hateful sand negroes who have a penis control raping boys and girls problems and keeping it under control. They are some of the most nastiest unblessed cruel SOB’s on the planet.

      • Matt says:


        You’re very sloppy in your reading of the bible.

        I do believe God has blessed the descendants of Japheth. May Japheth’s territory be expanded, and may Canaan be the lowest of his slaves.

        I happen to be one of the few who actually believe what God said in his word.

        The analysis of my racial makeup was 100% northern Europe. No nigger, no kike, no Mexican in the wood pile, like RP and no mulatto. I teach my kids against race mixing or bringing God’s racial curse upon you and your decedents. Mixing races can’t be reversed. Just asked RP. That probable accounts for his low IQ.

      • Matt says:


        I typically supply scriptural support for what I assert, that’s more than I can say for you and your ramblings.

        AC, maybe you should consider writing your own bible, since you seam to know more than God, and don’t place a high significance on what he wrote in his book. Ahh AC, you’re so smart, such a genius.

      • Daniel says:


        The nerve of you to insert your thoughts as if they are the fruits of knowledge to be respected when you are in complete ignorance stance situation and confused from the get go on who I at the other end am. This seems to bother you seemingly for some oddball reasons. You seem paranoid and confused if I’m AC or Daniel.

        Learn to crawl before you walk good sir

      • Matt says:

        Daniel or AC,

        Yeah, you’re right, I may not know who you are, but the bigger problem is you may not know who you are. One minute you may be writing as AC, then 10 minutes later you’re writing as Daniel, then Daniel and AC may even have arguments about who gets to write. Just like being in the Bates motel.

    • Arctic Circle says:


      Something tragic unexpectedly happened in your head. That is a stroke. Now they can cure it. You have to see a doctor soon.

      Both, Daniel, Matt, as well as every other poster here. That even includes sog and icu, are good posters and do not deserve your somewhat unexpected hostility.

      You always have being regarded as the White Religious Ideological Authority, conservative.

      You ate a bad mushroom and got a stroke. But soon you going to be fine, because we pray for you for sure. feel ashamed for being loud and arrogant … what can I do to improve the operations … turn nuts and bolts … do not hesitate the helthy criticsm is not only appreciated here but absolutely necessary and not only for me but for much bigger white fish such as sog and icu tooo

  33. Daniel says:

    YEP, Another head scratcher here folks. Let me see how does that verse go where and what more and more men will be doing at the end of days of man’s journey on this earth, oh yes…. ” Always having the will to understand the bizarre happenings as Gods wrath approaches but never having the power from within to accept the truth from God Almighty ”

    2 Timothy ch 3 kjv

    Ones like you must get past the Garden of Eden to even make it through any of the Bible or to even enter into Gods covenant. If you as a supposed Christian don’t understand there was no apple or fruit forbidden in the Garden, or you don’t get it that negroes are described as the ” beasts of the field ” biblically and one of those beast niggers through the spirit of satan beguiled/seduced, and in negro terms put the dap on Eve impregnated the Adulturous whore and brought sin along with vagabond and fugitive jealous of the WHITE Adamite Abel man that the nigger beast of the field killed.

    Once you understand this……….you can start to call yourself a child of Christ, until then you are a lost sheeple puppet lost under jew control always angry at yourself and others talking common sense that you just don’t have the true spirit of Christ God in you. WAKE UP!!!

    It’s no wonder Ezekiel 38, 39 makes no sense to the unwilling or untrue at heart blasphemy all else while they just keep a scratching that now bold head of theirs searching for the real answers. ITS THERE FOR YOU TO SEE AND VIEW WITH WISDOM!

    • Matt says:

      Daniel, AC, or whom ever you are,

      Ezekiel 38 and 39 make sense, the problem isn’t Ezekiel, the problem is you. You’re acting like a Jew, instead of citing specific verses and explaining, based upon God’s word, you instead, simple ignore the question.

      You’re teachings are similar to zio-Christian teachings, that Gog and Magog are Russia and Turkey or Russia and China, and that God swoops in at the last moment like the Calvary and saves the poor kikes living in Israel. Except now it sounds like you’re substituting America for Israel.

      I’ll tell you what’s going to happen, 10 kings will rise against the kikes, because God wills it, and they will hate the kikes/the great prostitute, and burn her fire, Israel will never inhabited again, and will be a haunt of jackals.
      Rev. 17:16

      The last 2 tribes or the last 2 brothers of Israel’s children will be killed, the world will rejoice, there will be world peace, every man will sit under his own fig tree, with no thieving kikes to take it, the sons of Canaan will be the lowest of slaves as decreed in Genesis, and God’s will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

      In the meantime, America is the stooge and the enforcer for the great prostitute, enabling the kike’s to carry on their destruction and thievery. Unless America repents, returns to God, and rids itself of the kikes, and stops kissing kike ass, it to may find itself on God’s chopping block, if it’s not already there.

      • Daniel says:

        Can’t wait to hear the ending of your cute storytelling authored book. Just remember, those are your thoughts and understanding and NOT GODS. Your total ignorance towards my posts as you twist my wordings to fit your agenda all the while you are blasphemy God and the Bible, and not even realizing it my friend proves my point that you endorse your own theories for whatever personal reasonings into written Biblical truth and knowledge gained only from faith believing identity Christians in Abraham, Issac, and Jacob through WISDOM to earn thy key to the House of David.

        America Christian white men and women are the HOUSE OF ISREAL AND THE TRUE CHRISTIAN JEW. After all, what was written above Christ’s head on the Cross? ” KING OF THE JEWS ”

        Modern-day jews are squatters and wannabe’s….imposters trying to usurp the white ancient Hebrew/jews once held in captivity as Israelites saved by Moses through our heavenly father Christ God and later travelled through the caucus mountains to dwell for awhile until merging westerly into the promised lands of WHITE WESTERN BLESSED AND PROGRESSED SAVED AND ENLIGHTENED CHRISTIAN EUROPEAN LANDS AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD AMERICA. WORLD LEADERS WE BECAME IN JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

        Those are the 12 tribes of Israel……AND THEY/WE ARE VERY FAR FROM BEING LOST IN CHRIST GODS EYES…Thats jew lingo

      • Matt says:

        If you had real scriptural support you wouldn’t have to yell or scream it, and be out of control, you’d just put it out there. But you don’t, so all we’re left with is the rantings of the unstable.

        RP thinks he’s part of the lost 10 tribes, and now you assert you’re not only the lost 10 tribes but also the tribes of Benjamin and Judah also? You may be more delusional than RP, are you sure you don’t have some mulatto in your wood pile that’s infecting your brain, like RP? You need to go out and get a good DNA test, you may surprised what you find, and it might help explain your thinking.

        You might have a mixed white European identity, and that would explain your deprived need to be one of the chosen ones, and the lost 12 tribes, according to you.

      • Daniel says:

        NO, the problem isn’t me Matt, in fact, I only tried to give you good advise in a spiritual manner.

        Actually the more I think about it God keeps giving me this vision that with all the abundance of ways to research, mine or your questions/theories etc.. we have in modern day living….you somehow want me to do your Biblical searching of the truth for you. Would you let me do the researching of your daughter’s husband, or your wife, or a girlfriend for you?

        START WITH A STRONGS CONCORDANCE DICTIONARY BIBLE! Remember….WISDOM! Then re-read Ezekiel again. Best I or anyone can do for you. Can’t cast our pearls to the dogs…..get it? The word of Christ God was simply not meant to be for some heathens of this evil satan and his minions’ controlled planet. Are you one of those in love with yourself and the world like these niggers that always grab their penis in public laughing, boasting, ego , ungodly worldy worshipers?

  34. Daniel says:

    I know there may be some offended by the fact I called Eve a whore, especially the women lurkers or members here, But well, lol…. she damn well was and since man made in the image of our heavenly father Christ God, I truly believe that will not get me tossed into hell eternity with the Devil, a two-tour war Christian Marine Veteran who will one day guard the Golden Streets of Heaven.

    1 Timothy ch 2 vs 12-15

    ” But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13 ) For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14 ) And Adam was NOT DECEIVED, BUT THE WOMAN BEING DECEIVED WAS IN THE TRANSGRESSION”

    Notice in Gen ch 2 Adam calls the female formed from him the ” woman” from the womb of the man. He calls her this up until she whored with the nigger beast then he changes it to Eve ( short for ” evil” in my opinion ) changing Christ Gods natural pure order WHITE SPECIAL BLESSED ADAM RACIAL CHILDREN OF CHRIST GOD the satanic devil ruined using vulnerable lady Eve putting corruption and sin upon Christ Gods children from birth from belly button cord to belly button cord.

    Take a look around today in modern day time….history repeats itself over and over again. A paradigm of some sort is actually happening now as coalburners flock to the non-Adam race of men in droves sinning along the way. Satan knew this would be like this until the end of days on earth using vulnerable white women as their tools for destruction making a world, United Kingdom States Of America full of anti-Christ unblessed hybrids/halfbreeds unpure mulattos like the plan in the Garden God warned Adam and Eve ( woman not to approach the diverse tree in the middle of Gods Garden Of Eaden where satan sat watching Adam and Eve make love time and time again out of pure rotten jealousy.

    • Matt says:


      Eve was deceived, that was her sin, her sin wasn’t being a whore. She was the only woman on earth.

      Why not try being a little more accurate on what you say.

      Are you buying into all that crap Anglin is saying about women?

      • Daniel says:

        What would you call seeing a movie with two seemingly madly in love husband and wife. A love so deep and valued the ” woman ” knew just yesterday she came directly out the body of her white blessed Adam SON OF THE LIVING ETERNAL CHRIST GOD EARTHLY MAN MADE TO BE IMMORTAL AND TO LIVE ETERNALLY IN THE PRESENCE OF CHRIST GOD.

        Adam was forewarned not to go to the tree of life=tree of diversity=ungodly=God is against diversity he proved this by destroying two generations worth of diversity worshipping peoples turned violent and very ungodly, mulatto’s, LGBTQ, etc.etc..

        Adam probably lived and walked in Gods precious ways and obedience for decades..Bible isn’t clear how long before the woman finally arrived from man. Doesn’t matter, when she came she was very much ALSO WARNED DIRECTLY from Christ God to stay away from the mix and mingling diversity tree different from the Garden of Eaden White Adam race paradise treasures.

        So what do you call such a woman who out of lust and being seduced into being horny over the beast of the field negro who satan came into possess and seduce the woman to disobey her father in heaven her creator who had a beautiful loving Godly White faithful Adam husband she gave up just to have a one night stand behind Adams back which in doing so got impregnated with the beast cain who killed white brother Abel and she voluntarily brought sin into the white Adam racial chosen children of the Lord Eternal.

        She whored around…call it what the hell it is! Don’t dog and pony show it away.

        And yes, there were many non-white peoples of this world before Christ God planted the White man and formed him in the paradise Garden of Eden separate from the other races.


      • Arctic Circle says:

        Eiather not following you, or you not making it clear?

        Can you explain what about women? The understanding was established, that the model white women shell prioritized family over office (1937 Himmler speech to the Nation).

  35. Daniel says:

    Now I can clearly see why this Matt imposter is called ” Matt the Rat ”

    I think I will go on a limb and call this one either a nigger, or a jew boy. The evidence in this idiots character, and stupidity in reading comprehension, lack of any real-valued respected opinion because they are either childlike or outright satanic jew anti-Christ evil demonic lingo.

    Even sounds liberalish dumbfounded sarcastic and suicidal….he needs not just spiritual help, but might need to sit in county lockup around his liberal voting/supporting trump hating partners in hell and satans grip. Sitting makes one think, what better way to have all the time in the world to pray and ask for guidance and wisdom to learn biblical truth as it applies to Christ Gods covenant White Christian Israelite peoples.

    The paranoid confused little devil

    • Matt says:


      This again shows your limited lack of comprehension or dishonesty, when did I ever say I supported anything liberal, when did I ever say I voted liberal?

      D/AC, you not only make up fraudulent stuff about me, but also about God’s word. I don’t know if it’s your inability to listen, comprehend or if you’re simply a liar.

      I don’t value your opinion, in my estimation, you’re an unstable stable person, and your opinion deserves very little consideration.

      This can also been seen from the anger, hostility and the sporadic nature of your writings. I think it would be to every ones benefit if Ingogman gave you the boot. You’re disruptive, loud and obnoxious, and you refuse to change and have little to nothing to offer.

      I’m not only one who thinks you should be gone.

  36. Daniel says:



    Those test are part of the end times deception tools/weapons used as last results to get the True White Christian racial chosen peoples of the of the Christiandom Kingdom of the United Kingdom of God=American whites to turn on each other and from Gods creation thinking they are from Iran, niger, or from the congos ” In God we trust ” = Only country in the entire world to always display this for ALL TO SEE. The European white Christian peoples are the covenant spoken about in Jeremiah=kjv

    As foretold God gave ancient diversity pleasuring forgetting about their saviour israel up for divorcement!!! THATS WORD!!

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