Evil Apeman Blows Away Super Nice White Woman

Her Name is Amber Clark: White Librarian Murdered by Black Male – Who was Banned from the Library – in Targeted Execution


Imagine getting ready to leave work at night to head home to your family.

You walk to your car, unlock the door and get in the front seat. But before you can even start the ignition, a black male points a gun at your head and pulls the trigger.

[Library supervisor, 41, gunned down in parking lot months after altercation with suspect, police say, Fox News, 12-14-18]:

A disturbance at a Northern California library in October may have led to this week’s shooting death of a 41-year-old library supervisor as she sat in her car outside the building Tuesday evening, police say. Amber Clark was shot several times in the face and head outside the North Natomas Public Library, FOX 40 Sacramento reported.

A man identified as Ronald Seay, 56, who was arrested early Wednesday, is suspected in the woman’s death, the report said.

Clark was sitting in her car around 6 p.m. Tuesday when a suspect approached and shot her with a handgun, according to police, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Authorities said Seay had caused a disturbance Oct. 13 at the library, where Clark worked as the branch supervisor. She interacted with Seay during the incident, according to police, who added that responding officers issued a no-trespass order to Seay, FOX 40 reported.

Sacramento Police spokesman Sgt. Vance Chandler said detectives believe Clark was targeted and are investigating the motive for the shooting, the Bee reported.

Chandler said Seay has lived a few miles from the North Natomas Public Library for several months and previously lived out of state.

Seay was arrested after a short and slow-speed chase at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday in Natomas, about 9 miles northwest of Sacramento, following a brief police chase.

The suspect was being held on $1 million bail and will appear in court Friday, FOX 40 reported.

Clark’s husband, Kelly Clark, said in a statement to the Bee that his wife “pursued professions that served to benefit young people and the betterment of society.”

“She selflessly gave of herself to her community,” he said.

In a statement on Facebook, the Sacramento Public Library said Clark “has been a champion for accessibility and inclusion, teaching all of us that we are all people and not defined by our disabilities or differences.”

This murder was premeditated, and one must wonder if it was racial in nature. What happened with Ronald Seay on October 13, causing him to be banned from the library? What was said between Clark and Seay during the “disturbance” on the day police were called and issued him a no-trespass order?

Had Clark noticed Seay stalking her before the shooting occurred, but out of white guilt felt shame and failed to notify the police? In the end, it’s just another black on white murder.

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36 Responses to Evil Apeman Blows Away Super Nice White Woman

  1. Daniel says:

    YES INDEED! The negro bucks are Luciferians in Satans camp doing Satans commands.

    Anyways, welcome back………Did we have a web crash?????????

    Were some posts wiped out?

  2. M.J. says:

    The end is near.

  3. Red Pill says:

    you will get sick if you watch the videos, I Did


    MOROCCO: Graphic Video has emerged of one of the two Scandinavian female tourists being ‘beheaded’ by Muslims at popular tourist hiking trail

    December 20, 2018 by BareNakedIslam 37 Comments
    The Danish and Norwegian victims, who were students in their 20s, were discovered by other tourists near the foot of North Africa’s highest peak, Mount Toubkad with what police say was ‘evidence of violence on their necks’ while unverified local reports say they had been decapitated. At least one of the 3 suspected Muslim beheaders (below) is an ‘extremist, according to Morocco authorities (Gee, what a surprise!) It raises fears that the gruesome double murder in Morocco was an act of terror (Ya think?)

    See second video below of beheading. WARNING: Graphic Images
    The SUN (h/t Janezz) Three Muslim men have been arrested after two female backpackers, 24-year-old Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, were found with severe neck injuries in their tent at a popular trekking spot in Morocco.

    According to Morocco World News, a witness, who asked to not to be named, said the women were allegedly found decapitated.” Their bodies were found in a “remote mountainous region” about 6.2 miles from the centre of the village.
    It is reported that three suspects from Marrakesh, who were camping nearby, have been arrested in connection with the murder. A source told Morocco World News: “The suspects were camping in the same area that the murder took place. “Witnesses saw the group at night as they were heading to the camp area.”

    Police are also said to have identified the suspects through CCTV in local shops in the village. One of the suspects, according to the source, also left his ID card behind at the camp.
    “The girls had taken all the precautionary measures before embarking on this trip.” (Except for the most important precautionary measure – NOT going backpacking in a Muslim country)
    Both were students of “outdoor activities and cultural guidance” at the University of Southeastern Norway. They had reportedly set up a camp near Imlil which is a popular tourist destination at the foot of the Toubkal peak which is the highest in Africa.

    Their motivation for the attack were unclear, officials said, but terrorism remains a strong line of enquiry.
    Witnesses said that three men from Marrakech were seen camping close to the women, and local media has reported that sexual assault may have been the motive for the crime.


  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another innocent good boy dindu nuffin was just on his way home from church where he is a choirboy trying to get to his first ever job interview when he accidently “found” this gun laying in the streets of chimpcago the most gun controlled third world shitty in America… was going to turn it in to the nigger control officers po po department but thought he would test it first to make sure it was real. Well, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it and his taxpayer funded jew lawyer will be wringing as many taxpayer funded billable hours out of this case plead it down to nigger is low IQ (what nigger isn’t? can’t argue against that) what difference does it make they will let it out in 2 weeks anyway to kill and terrorize more civilized humans.

    Cops killed by train were answering call of shots fired — suspect says he was just ‘testing’ a gun he found

    Edward Brown told police he found a pistol in an alley near his home and wanted to see if it worked.

    Brown fired the gun, kicking off a quick chain of events that ended in the deaths of two Chicago police officers who were struck by a commuter train as they followed Brown onto Metra tracks on the Far South Side, according to police.
    The shots touched off an alert from a ShotSpotter sensor, and Officers Eduardo Marmolejo and Conrad Gary were sent to an area near 103rd Street and Dauphin Avenue to investigate around 6:20 p.m. Monday, police said. The officers saw Brown, got out of their car and scrambled up to the tracks, according to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

    Video from one of the officers’ body cameras shows them walking south after reaching the tracks around 101st Street and Dauphin Avenue. A northbound Metra Electric train approached ahead of them, so they stayed on tracks used by southbound trains, unaware they were in the path of another train.

    Other officers also responded to the area and saw Brown walking down the stairs of the Metra station. Brown made eye contact with the officers and they stopped him and asked if he was carrying anything illegal, police said. (Uh- Oh that be racist cops profiling perfectly innocent dindu nuffin niggers)

    “Yes, I have a gun on me,” Brown said, according to Guglielmi. He said officers found a .38-caliber Kel-Tec handgun from Brown’s sweater pocket.
    “I found the gun in the alley on 101st and Vernon and I was just testing it out,” Brown told them, Guglielmi said.

  5. luke2236 says:

    I guess she knows now that ‘we are all NOT ”people” and ARE defined by our differences. hard [and sad] way to learn tho…

  6. Harold Hinson says:

    Hey Incog! Glad you’re back. I see you’re not still licking trumps balls after I clearly showed you he was a Zionist plant but you refused to believe, just like the serpents. Thanks for the info on the treacherous false edomite scumbags and showing how whites are the true Israelites!

    • J.R. says:

      @HH… “whites” in your sense of the word (i.e., Caucasian “whites”) are not the true Israelites of the Bible…

      the true Israelites of the Bible evidently had Syrian and not Caucasian whiteness… the Hebrew patriarch Abraham was doubtless a “white” Syrian, like his wife and stepsister Sarah…

      Today’s Syrians are mixed racially, but the original Syrians were doubtless “white” and they got their whiteness from Adam’s son Shem, but not from Noah’s son Japheth who evidently provided the whiteness of the Caucasians…

      Adam was the first man and he was probably white and ruddy.. whiteness has always been the better genetics generally and Adam’s name means “red earth”..

      Adam fell morally by sinning against God and brought racial/genetic deterioration and both moral and physical death to himself and his offspring as a result… Adam’s offspring continued without taking another major negative moral/racial/genetic hit, until some of the women among them foolishly fornicated with visiting (‘alien’) fallen seraphic and cherubic angels and (among other freaks of nature) brought forth giants from the Seraphim and dwarfed (quasi-cherubic) Asians from the cherubim, as a judgment from God…

      Adam’s race was later further degraded both morally and genetically in a major way by the equally foolish Adamic people who produced blacks and their mud buddies as a judgement from God, by foolishly fornicating with some of the apes they came across and had evidently played with in the jungles in ancient times…

      Syrian whiteness has been primarily inherited from Noah’s son Shem… Caucasian whiteness has been primarily inherited from Noah’s other son Japheth…

      Syrian whiteness officially has affinity with Caucasian whiteness, but it doubtless provided no source for Caucasian whiteness… the whiteness of both racial groups comes from Adam, but the whiteness of the original Syrians (Abraham et al) comes from Noah’s son Shem, just as the whiteness of Caucasians and most white Americans doubtless comes from Noah’s son Japheth…

      “Mitochondrial DNA shows the Syrians to have affinity with Europe; main haplogroups are H and R.[62] Based on Mitochondrial DNA, the Syrians, Palestinian, Lebanese and Jordanians form a close cluster.[63] Compared to the Lebanese, Bedouins and Palestinians, the Syrians have noticeably more Northern European component, estimated at 7%.[64] Regarding the HLA alleles, Syrians, and other Levantine populations, exhibit “key differences” from other Arab populations;[65] based on HLA-DRB1 alleles, Syrians were close to eastern Mediterranean populations, such as the Cretans and Lebanese Armenians.[66] Studying the genetic relation between Jews and Syrians showed that the two populations share close affinity…”

      cults like “Daniel’s” Christian Identity outfit are merely rehashing the heresies of the judiaized “British Israelism” cult and provide a counterpart or antithesis of the more ludicrous Black Hebrew/Israelite cult that’s promoted by low IQ niggers…

      • J.R. says:


        “Early British Israelites such as Edward Hine and John Wilson were philo-semites.[53][32]:33 British Israelism itself had several Jewish members and it received support from rabbis throughout the 19th century. Within British politics, the movement supported Benjamin Disraeli, who was descended from Sephardi Jews,[32]:13–19[54] while they also favoured Theodor Herzl in his advocacy of Zionism.[53]

        “Still, below the surface there had existed an anti-semitic strain such as in the scientific racialism that led Wilson to deny the ‘racial purity’ of modern Jews, leading to the view more broadly within the movement that modern Jews were ‘un-Semitic impostors’.[10]:206–210 Some American adherents of British Israelism would adopt a racialized, strongly anti-Semitic theology that became known as Christian Identity,[55]:xii which has at its core the belief that non-Caucasian people have no souls and therefore cannot be saved…”

      • Daniel says:


        You must be one of those dungeons and dragons player ones addicted to fantasy.

        Everything you stated is a fairy tale unrelated to my kjv Bible.

        Its a free country and all but I wish you would stop the clear BLASPHEMY of Gods Holy W0rds PLEASE. On the other hand, it does make you sound and look very uneducated, unknowledgeable and darn right Anti-Christ in every sense of the word.

      • Daniel says:


        BTW, ……Christian Identity is NOT a cult just because the jewish media/internet/controllers say it is.

        If a jew said obama was Christ Lord would you believe it? You are a hook, line and sinker for the coming mark of the beast taker….hows that going to work for ya I wonder

        Sounds like you would, sounds like you got bitten by the jew steady constant Christ bashing white people hating satanic children of the Devil.

        Christian Identity just happens to be a prophetic Biblical prophesy coming through in these END OF DAYS as promised by Christ God there would be young men that will have visions and old men will have dreams about who they are, what is about to take place, and they are being awakened in what is called the GREAT HARVEST SEASON during the tribulation era…… in other words THE GREAT CHRISTIAN IDENTITY ALERT MOMENT IN TIME IF YOU WILL……. Praise Christ God!

        There is no room for the Anti-Christ, mocker and ungodly foolish nasty ones like a J.R in these last days when the great HARVEST SEASON is in place……. you can’t bring this man of Christ God down…I JUST REBUKE FOOLS LIKE HIM/HER in the name of Christ God Almighty!

      • J.R. says:

        Just to clarify my use of the term “white” in relation to Abraham and the Syrians… I put the word “white” in inverted commas, because it’s a vague term and didn’t want to conflate his skin color and the color of Syrian skin with Caucasian “white” skin color …

        Like many Syrians today and like his Israelite descendants, the Syrian Abraham likely had light to medium olive skin color, even though there has doubtless been what you could call Syrian “whiteness” in the genetics of the Israelites/ Jews somewhere…


        Also, by extension, i do not believe in a “white” Christ… Christ was of the seed of Abraham and he doubtless had light to medium olive skin, like Abraham and most of the Israelites of the Bible…

        the white Christ of Christian Identity and the black Christ of America’s black Hebrew Israelite cult are both false Christs and the Bible says anyone who preaches another Jesus other than the biblical Jesus is accursed…

        as usual the truth lies somewhere between and beyond the two extremes… a light to medium olive skinned Christ died in the midst of two malefactors, as the Savior of the people of all races and nations …

      • Daniel says:

        Christ came through the bloodline of Adam…..Satan tried but couldn’t succeed in stopping Christ as the Messiah, rather he did successfully pollute the Adam seedline.

        Since Christ was born from the seedline of Adam unquestionably we need to see the colour of that root product of a man called Adam.

        Hebrew definition of ADAM = Man made in the image of Christ God, he is able to blush and able to show blood in the face as to become flush rosy red, ruddy, hint….they call us ” rednecks ” White people are the only race fitting this description who are able to mash their face, watch it turn snow white, then watch as the blood ( red ) rushes back when finger lifted. Only whites can turn rosy/red/ruddy and stay that colour temporarily before returning back pinkish with blood showing under the skin as the definition of ADAM applies.

        Adam bloodline is the racial chosen children of Christ God Almighty as God breathed the breath of LIFE DIRECTLY INTO ADAM NOSTRILS making the Adam man an immortal being and placing him apart from the rest of diversity ones having a specially chosen place called ” THE GARDEN OF EDEN “….ADAM apparently was a special man, on a special mission, obeying Christ God and living sin free under Gods authority and covenant. God didn’t do this with the other species/races.

        Since we discovered who Adam is next we move to Christ Gods VERY CHOSEN and more talked about man than any others in the Bible which God calls his very own and his name is KING DAVID

        Song of Solomon 5: 10 ” My Beloved ( King David ) is WHITE and RUDDY ………..Directly from the Adam seedline came King David. Sounds like he is describing an Adam man huh?

        Noah is also the descendant of Adam as everyone should know from Adams genealogy.

        Noah and sons ( except ham I strongly believe ) were/ WAS PURE not a halfbreed/hybrid like most/majority of mankind was back then from the pollution by the wicked fallen Luciferian Satan angels ( I strongly believe to be negro bucks ) and Noah was saved and blessed and obeyed and was fruitful and multiplied etc.. etc…

        Now with the above information, one can easily conclude that Christ probably had blue eyes and was looking like a European clean-cut redneck carpenter with a tool belt/bag.

        Thanks for playing though J.R

      • luke2236 says:

        There may indeed be ‘white’ syrians, and may have been many of them 2000 years ago, but not now. Basically, Ive read thru your sophistry and it can be boiled down to this; Adamic man – Adam, his descendants including Abraham, Noah, david and jesus on the physical side, were ‘white’. maybe not as pale as a native Swede, but ‘white’. They all had the ability to ‘blush’ – no other race has that and the Bible is clear that True Israelites from the seed of Adam do. Furthermore, they are consistently described as having physical characteristics of white/caucasian people. More importantly, our national and personal characteristics as given fit ONLY one group of humans – white folk. Period. WE alone fit the descriptions and we alone have done the things said would be done. We alone.
        Due to us and our forefathers disobeying God and racemixing, there are undoubtedly ‘our’ genes found all over. But in the main and Biblical sense, only the AngloSaxon, Germanic, Celtic, Scandinavian and kindred peoples can truthfully be considered the physical – as well as spiritual – progeny of Adam and Abraham.
        deal with it.

      • J.R. says:

        Actually, I would repudiate my use of the term “white Syrian” in connection with Abraham and his wife Sarah… i would only go so far as to say that they were Syrians with probably light to medium olive skin… also, I don’t know for sure that the “original Syrians” were white Syrians, especially in the modern or conventional use of the term…

      • Red Pill says:

        i have read in the book of Jasher that Abraham’s came from the

        Chal•de•an (kæl?di ?n)
        1. a Semitic people of Chaldea who seized Babylon from the Assyrians in the 7th century b.c., giving rise to the Neo-Babylonian or Chaldean dynasty (625–539 b.c.).
        2. an astrologer or soothsayer. Dan. 1:4; 2:2.


      • Red Pill says:

        P.S. Sara, Abraham’s wife was described as “very white”

      • Daniel says:


        I have the Apocrypha which includes the books of Enoch, Jasher & Jubilees, can you reference ch and verse, please. These are the supposed lost books of the Biblical Canon, but they are not so lost anymore are they. They were found in Ethiopia and some books in the middle east near israel in some caves in 1947-48.

        The book of Enoch is a great book and my favourite, he’s mentioned in the kjv Bible yet there was /is no book related to or authored by him in the Holy Biblical Bible ironically.

        I believe the book of Enoch, as well as most the books of the Apocrypha, were very much well meant to be a part of the Holy Christian kjv Holy Bible.

        The problem is…AND IT’S A MAJOR ONE…..

        The jews got a hold of them and changed bits and pieces to hint around near the very End of Enoch deceive the readers that once again whites are evil hell bound and negro/Assyrians/jews are the chosen and blessed only and whites are the nasty fallen Luciferians on the side of satan. It’s a very very minor part concerning the colour of a certain babies skin at birth that corrupts the whole entire book which the rest is very much accurate and true. It’s such a tiny insertion that it leaves one baffled yet it was a fast sneaky insert. It was as if the jews did a hurry-up rewrite of the book at the very end before they could get caught and somehow buried them maybe to purposely be discovered later IDK them jews are sneaky devilish liers and deceivers…

        Anyways, this was what I’ve read and or have seen/heard what had happened and a reason as to why the books of the Apocrypha NEVER made the Holy Christian KJV Bible by scholars/earlier knowledgeable Devout Christians. It makes much sense and just the jews would do to TRICK and DECEIVE all this time.

        It’s a shame too because most everything in the Apocrypha/Enoch is very accurate and even more in depth than even the Holy Bible like Enoch goes deep in depth about the fallen wicked agents of satan and the first earth age before the flood of Noah’s era..and he goes deep into it, but like I said you can tell a jew got a hand on it at the very last page! off all things..the last page as if they were in a hurry.

        Anyways my advise to people, the Apocrypha once lost books of the Holy Bible ( so they said/say ) are interesting and some even go more into depth than sad to say the Holy Bible. But be careful knowing jews paws were in contact with the unpublished versions and with them well after the Holy Bible was already published, then vanished somehow….hmm

      • J.R. says:

        the people of all races and nations can flush blood to their face… in anger, embarrassment, and by alcohol use and abuse, etc… ever hear of the embarrassment of “Asian flush” from alcohol use??..

        that said, it could be argued that you would need a skin color like Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Asian, and Caucasian people, et al, on the lighter side of the spectrum to blush in the face… because strictly speaking “to blush” is to SHOW the blood that’s flushed to your face as a pink or red color of shame or embarrassment…

        blacks can flush their face with blood and even show it as a subtle reddish brown tinge; but it has been said that they can’t strictly speaking blush in the face, because their skin is too dark for that…

        also, blushing is not so common now, because more people are now awake to what’s evil and at a younger age; and hence more of them have little or no shame for whatever they do… that’s why more and more sinful women are spending more time and money than ever adding cosmetic blush to their face as a cover up…

      • Daniel says:


        STOP IT ALREADY! Adam definition is defining a white mans ability to show RED….RED…RED..BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD behind the skin and easily noticeable.

        No matter how much you third world non-white nigger clowns have been desperately trying to usurp Christ and the covenant with whites so bad that they actually are at war with Christ God out of jealousy, covetous, evil, minded twisted selfish unblessed heathens who break laws to get into our white country just to smell the goodness of the blessed white Christian peoples so they can harass VOTE AND SUPPORT AGAINST ANYTHING WHITE, and usurp everything white by genocide and somehow forgetting everything as if we all just fell from a turnip truck last night .

        Now you want us to believe and trust uneducated low brain IQ non-whites who are spoiled rotten liberal anti-Christ, Anti-White.

        What’s the best way for a restart button to really really blow away the brains of the masses. DO A QUICK MASSIVE INVASION OF WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA, control them, take their guns, force them to comply with a lie over and over. Force whites to accept the Holocaust, force white Christians to give up Christ or die , AND FORCE CHRISTIANS TO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE NOT CHOSEN AND ARE GOING TO HELL FOR NOT BEING A JEW CHRIST DENIER!

        They are doing this very thing today BTW. You, YOU are doing it by your asinine weirdo remarks trying so DAMN hard to throw a wrench into Gods plans, his peoples, and twisting the scenario or the written true words of Christ God and applying them to your non-white third world nasty heathen ungodly, unChristian agenda. You know the ungodly and evil do this very thing to convince their troubled addicted to drugs or alcohol minds that they can still reach heaven by being an evil sneaky sinning fool….as if they are saying…aaah, I can rape that woman tomorrow if I can convince my troubled mind that i see sort of blood in my face…um..kind of…i mean..a little, umm, me too, umm, umm, umm, ….GIVE IT UP DUDE!!

        Close but no cigar doesn’t cut it in heaven with my Christ God.

        Adam Hebrew definition is that of a white man NO IN-BETWEENS, NO MULATTO’S….DEAL WITH IT, you will live a life a little less stress-free

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in history. After viewing what we had done to the German Christian peoples and the Marxist commie Bolshevik jew soviet…… . He admitted out loud that Americans have been fighting the wrong enemies all along. Then he got “accidented”… …….

    December 21

    “Old Blood and Guts” dies..

    On this day, General George S. Patton, commander of the U.S. 3rd Army, dies from injuries suffered not in battle but in a freak car accident. He was 60 years old.
    Descended from a long line of military men, Patton graduated from the West Point Military Academy in 1909. He represented the United States in the 1912 Olympics-as the first American participant in the pentathlon. He did not win a medal. He went on to serve in the Tank Corps during World War I, an experience that made Patton a dedicated proponent of tank warfare.
    During World War II, as commander of the U.S. 7th Army, he captured Palermo, Sicily, in 1943 by just such means. Patton’s audacity became evident in 1944, when, during the Battle of the Bulge, he employed an unorthodox strategy that involved a 90-degree pivoting move of his 3rd Army forces, enabling him to speedily relieve the besieged Allied defenders of Bastogne, Belgium.

    Along the way, Patton’s mouth proved as dangerous to his career as the Germans. When he berated and slapped a hospitalized soldier diagnosed with “shell shock,” but whom Patton accused of “malingering,” the press turned on him, and pressure was applied to cut him down to size. He might have found himself enjoying early retirement had not General Dwight Eisenhower and General George Marshall intervened on his behalf. After several months of inactivity, he was put back to work.
    And work he did-at the Battle of the Bulge, during which Patton once again succeeded in employing a complex and quick-witted strategy, turning the German thrust into Bastogne into an Allied counterthrust, driving the Germans east across the Rhine. In March 1945, Patton’s army swept through southern Germany into Czechoslovakia—which he was stopped from capturing by the Allies, out of respect for the Soviets’ postwar political plans for Eastern Europe.

    Patton had many gifts, but diplomacy was not one of them. After the war, while stationed in Germany, he criticized the process of denazification, the removal of former Nazi Party members from positions of political, administrative, and governmental power. His impolitic press statements questioning the policy caused Eisenhower to remove him as U.S. commander in Bavaria. He was transferred to the 15th Army Group, but in December of 1945 he suffered a broken neck in a car accident and died less than two weeks later.

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Israel Admits They OWN, Run And Bleed America Dry. And Now They Want More?

    The Jerusalem Postal * 2nd Opinion: The US pays Israel $3.8 Billion per year, but is it enough? Jews built America. They are custodians of its financial & educational institutions, writers of its laws, shaper of its policies and responsible for its entire media industry. So no, it’s not nearly enough.


    Just like the Holocaust they will never be satisfied they are being paid enough.

  9. S O G says:

    sounds like the cops were as dumb or dumber than the african shitstain …the nigger dint get hit by the train ? …
    yeah redpill the world needs to wake up to islamic supremecy as being forwarded by jewish supremecy at which intersection in time in the future the jew will exterminate the moslems anyway …..cant have 2 alpha control delusional religious freeks in the world …as a fatalistic wish ,i hope what ever happens thet the arab/ nigger moslem population of the world are exterminated …
    letting these moslem scumbags into any free white country is suicide by shitstain ..
    all we can do is to resolve to the only way this is even remotely fixable ..
    pretty much the only way anything is fixable anymore ….
    they kill 1 of us we kill 50 of them …its their rules …and if every white person in the world mainly america for the sake of this comment was to start playing the race war game against the assholes who are actively engaged in a war against whites they would cry about “racisdm ” and genocide and evil white crakkuhzz…….but would they stop attacking us …no
    its completely ok for any shitbag race to attack innocent whites in the jew fostered world of marxism but when we wake up and even start talking about justified retalliation we get the federal teams looking at us ….
    it wont be long if it goes the jews ways that all police and feds will be exterminated under communism anyway like it happened in russia 1918 ….the czar stepped down/ abdicated etc …for to please his people ,,similar like in south africa ….so he steps down and hands the reigns over to the kerensky corrupt theftocracy which was like an asset firesale of megalomaniac gibsmedat until the mensheviks took over with a central committee to which the bolsheviks took that from them to implement what true jewish communism is all about ….theft on a national scale with elimination of all dissenters and witnesses ….to wit : a completely criminally insane environment murdering ,raping ,stealing ,alot like what happened in iraq ,libya ,germany ,south africa ,lebanon ,armenian peoples etc on and on ….
    i think patton finally saw the jew hand in all ww2 episodes …..it waas a snivveling kike he slappped that controversial time ….you know how jews are …should a just arranged a fucking blanket party for the turd ..
    patton was making arrangements loudly similarly like tillman((((and thousands of other whislte blowers in history))) was about exposing all the shit …he would have out ranked eisenhauer the jew death camp master post ww2,….and would have been in a very powerful position to curtail sadistic jew corrosion …
    i seem to remember a whole lot of false confessions coerced from germans post ww2 at fucking kike run nuremburg trial that condemned the very alleged activityy the germans dint do but werr accused of and during these kangaroo trials the american fuckheads and french and brit fuckheads were killing milions of germans post ww2 ….mosltly civiians forced to defend the fatherland from communist invasion ww2 …
    there were more germans killed after the war than during the war ,from forced starvation and torture in the camps by sadistic communist bolshevik death sqaud jews …
    eisenhowers no reservation camps simply stuffed millions into a fenced area and didnt feed them …i always say that ww2 was simply a genocide dressed up as war…
    the fact that patton was removed simply for criticising the kikes say a lot
    france was having a civil war at the time between communist and nationalist …
    the fake jews in palestine who laughingly call themselves semites have murdered 6 million indigenous palestinians …..how long do you have to live in a place before you can call it home if you truly own it ..jews never posessed the land for more than 600 years on and off and certianly not the amount of land that op /shekinah ,the baby of likuud party ,claims …
    the palestinians are actually factually believed to be more related to the alleged character abraham in the alleged bible ..lost to antiquity and any thing resembling proof …..paLEstinians by inhabitation are the owners of palestine and have lived there uninterupted for over 2500 years …till now …because of thieveing lying multi racial mutts calling themselves “jews” ..who calim the land was there once …
    is that all it takes ?..
    what a crock and a gut laff …the first biggest lie ..on top of hundreds and thousands more ..
    and to what frank says ,i think we actually give israel 40 billion euros a year and spend 200 billion on the 6th fleet to patrol the area for israels security …
    besides all the free jets and atomic toys …

    the fact that patton was criticising the jewish influenced events of ww2 and post ww2 and then removed from his post speaks volumes ..
    many ussr mass murder communist jews came down to sign up for reparations and reinvented them selves as victims and aggressivley promoting the huge lie of holohoax and german savagery ….
    all white russia kills 80 million non jews …..and jews in israel do the same while they kill 6 million palestinians so they can steal their land ,farms and assetc and women ….make em whores in the jew city brothels ….

  10. Erik Snohdin says:

    The source of ALL the trouble is the Jews.
    They MUST be KILLED. There is no other option.
    The longer we wait, the more they laugh.

  11. Red Pill says:

    12 Ruth Bader Ginsburg–Inspired Gifts For the Feminist In Your Life

    RBG, how I love thee. The tough-but-tiny Supreme Court justice has been shaping America for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that the pioneering woman started getting all of the love and respect she deserves.

    If you already know and admire Ruth, you’ll obsess over all of these items;

    Walmart wouldn’t hire her as a Door Greeter in her condition and yet she’s a Supreme Court Justice. Yea, this makes sense.


  12. Gene says:

    Police Gave Little Help To Former Coal-burner Murdered By Negro

    Salt Lake PD and campus PD apparently gave little help to murdered woman, Lauren McCluskey, who had reportedly dated a Negro who ended up killing her. She called and called and reported an extortion, etc., then while on the phone with relatives was abducted, assaulted, murdered.

    When White girls get involved with Negro men they don’t realize what they are getting into. Negroes hate that White skin which is not like theirs and ultimately, after using and extorting what money they can from the White chick they end up killing the White girl.

    No sir, Negroes despise your skin color if you’re White and will eventually show it by killing you.

    Lesson for White chicks. This can happen to you if you go with a Negro.

    Police release 911 calls University of Utah student made days before being murdered by ex-boyfriend

  13. Arctic Circle says:

    These runes (writings) were found on the territory of Russia, are dated 40,000-50,000 BC. Interestingly, one of the letters in this Russian-Aryan alphabet is swastika. Eventually, ancient Hebrews (jews) borrowed the Russian-Aryan alphabet to use in their primitive culture …

    Russians are descendants of the Hyperboreans, who lived more than 14,000 years ago in the Arctic …

  14. Arctic Circle says:

    I agree, it may appear that “the source of all the trouble is the Jews”, with their calamitous omnipresence in everything related to power and profit country, political / economic system, and in every governmental structure.

    Disproportionally small, however, jewish presence is in working profession, lower class, and in the dark continent.

    To deal with them is not that difficult as it may appear. As soon as we are unified in to something similar to a White Political Party, arguably, there will be no significant jewish resistance.

    As poisonous, hostile, and dangerous the jews have proven themselves to the world, the source of all the trouble is not the jews, but our own weaknesses, greed, cravings, instincts, inability to organize and integrate, and inability to consciously follow biblical.

    There is no other option he longer we wait, the more they laugh.

  15. Red Pill says:


    December 21, 2018
    Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act Heads to President for Signature after Final House, Senate Passage

    Bipartisan bill will bolster U.S. leadership in preventing future genocides and atrocities


    • Gene says:

      They Will Use This To Censor More People & Websites

      They will probably go whole hog on censoring when this passes. Anything that remotely resembles anti-semitism will be thrown out. The Jews have created an atmosphere where they literally cannot be criticized. Pitiful because they are the problem.
      If they could just be wiped out the world would experience a peace and breathe a sigh of relief.

  16. Arctic Circle says:

    Merry Christmas White America, White World, and the White Universe!

    Only a few have inherent abilities to distinguish between the world as it is, and the world how it should be – the ideal world. Most of simpletons are confused because they are blind to the ideal. Very few people, Gen. Patton is one of them, are able to recognize imperfection within our world.

    Plato said that: “We need others to help release us from our imprisonment, and to direct us toward goodness, and truth, and beauty – are those who can distinguish between good and bad and care enough to sort it”. So we have got icm.

    Not only Americans, as the Gen. Patton “admitted out that Americans have been fighting the wrong enemies all along” but also Brits, Russian, French, and some other Northern European states, etc.

    Every time the WWII is discussed we grin and bear it, because of this realization.

    It takes up one brave man to stand and say: The Jewish Parasite must be fought not Germans!

  17. Arctic Circle says:

    Some people are idealists. May be I am one of them.

    May be not. I do not even know what is Ideal, as the subject looks more like a jewish scramble.

    What are our ideals? What is “Our”?

    Today we happylly saying Merry Christmas World, but do we there is that … you look around and realize that the world without jewish green money is a dangerous shitty and grim, and scorching place. And all the fellow whites are not that mellow any more.

    The subject exposed to such conditions may ask itself, what the fuck is wrong with the picture? Everybody is celebrating with the Madam Maison Veuve Clicquot and the poor white, under observation, has a plenty of opportunities, really only one: to work for the very jews reason for his poverty in the first place.


    Thus who is good who is bad is unclear, and what is good and what is not also may not be completely clear for millions of the followers.

    I know for a fact that after the Great White Victory we will need the internal investigators start taking a closer looks at us ourselves to make sure that we are good and staying that way.

    After reading the report, you going to understand even executing 10 million is not remotely enough to cure the internal worm of the white corruption.

  18. Arctic Circle says:

    Sometimes I catch myself thinking how I supposed to “love my neighbors”?

    Then, to my great relive, I realize that the niggers and jews are not considered to be people (humans), and therefore must not be considered “neighbors” but intruders. It then becomes easier to “love my neighbors”? But then I take a closer look at the whites. Do they really deserve to be “loved”? And finally, what about me am I “ideal”?

    I believe the only our participants are as close to the ideal, and to the God as it gets. So it is very few people. What to do with the rest of them?

    It is not to me to make a decision, but I know plenty of people who like to hunt whiled animals. They buy great acreage of forestated land and always bumming around asking for food for those animals that is to increase population.

    So then feeding bad people to them would be a scientifically supported decision.

    • Daniel says:


      Define Hate…… then measure it up……….

      Everyone has a different level of dislike, some so much it leads to actions. You ever heard the saying murder starts from the thought and leads to the action.

      God hated Esu but loved his brother Jacob. For most sadly they will read that scripture and say WOW, but just keep right on reading or going about their day. Me, I guess I’m that 10% that says wait a minute, Hate is a strong earthly word like we have many that they say will keep one from heaven but those are just mother goose stories as kids.

      I say wait, lets explore the meaning of ” HATE” as God applies it and not as man does, after all, man says the word Ass, Bastard, Dick, Bitch, will keep one from heaven yet God doesn’t say that or the Bible, in fact there are a couple them cuss words are already in the Bible…but not as cuss words.

      Hebrew Definition of Hate= To Love less


      After all, God knows the heart and we are humans.

      Just obey the ten Commandments and you will be just fine!

  19. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    Yeah enough with the handouts
    why is it that only or mostly black people no matter where they are in the world
    are always getting stuff for free its because they are genetically in capable of taking care of their own kind that is just a fact.humans from other races an ethnicity’s can take care of their own but these worthless cretins always need someone else to hold their hands and take care of them they cant even put two an two together like grown their own damn food while other races and ethnicity’s can an not to mention they are the number one race blaming everything’s racist this racist that on their failures on white people all the damn time they don’t deserve and or earn any thing from anybody.when it comes to them they get what they made for themselves
    an what I mean by that is death

    its never enough for these fools
    even when others give them stuff for free they always demand more especially,specifically from white people you will or would have to be a complete moron and a half to not see the truth that these people are not human there sub human.I mean if they were just like us than their wouldn’t be any reason to always keep giving them free stuff because they will be able to take care of themselves an do things on their own without any one’s help all the time and of course they would have brands,products,items,civilization that is made by their own people every thing that us real humans have but they don’t everything about them screams inferior doesn’t matter if you think of me as racist this racist that it doesn’t take away the fact that
    they are an it doesn’t make it any less true and reality doesn’t care about feelings or what you think since what you see in front of you is truth.

  20. John Taurus says:

    Kawanzaa….Black heritage week. What heritage?? Blacks should not use anything invented by White men that week…..electricity….cars…cell phones…television. They should only be allowed to use Black inventions that week such as spears they can “chunk” at each other. When are we going to have a “White Heritage” week????

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