South Africa: Date Set To Steal White Property

By Octavia Rivera @DAILY STORMER

Niggers have been genetically damaged by what happened centuries ago. They want to heal themselves by killing white people and taking their stuff. Healing gibs.

Daily Mail:

White South Africans could be forced to give up their own homes from next year as the nation’s government steamrolls through plans for land expropriation over claims ‘Africa’s original sin‘ must be reversed.

The National Assembly agreed to the establishment of a committee that will draft an amendment to section 25 of the Constitution – a law which will allow the government to take homes from the people – and refuse to pay them compensation.

As many in the nation see the move as retribution for the ‘original sin’ when decades ago black people were driven off their land, it is believed white farmers will be driven from their homes immediately. Does anyone really believe white people will be “driven from their homes” and not get horribly murdered? Read this if you haven’t yet, especially the end.

Governing party The African National Congress (ANC) wants to amend the law so the government can take back land and distribute it.

However, critics say it is likely it will be handed off to their friends rather than dished out to those in need.

There’s no reason to think corruption will take place. Last week the nations politicians fast tracked the set up of a committee which will write the legal change and present it next year.

The motion was adopted with 183 MPs voting yes, 77 voting no and no abstentions in fiery scenes as South Africans battle over land reform.

Your time is up, white people

Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi

Economic Freedom Fighters politician Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi said those arguing against legalising land grabs are ‘beneficiaries of racism’. ‘Your time is up, white people,’ She added.

White people?

Wasn’t this about farms and land?

Democratic Alliance chief whip John Steenhuisen said the amendment is being pushed through without proper procedure. ‘What it (the passing of the motion) also says, very clearly, to the people of South Africa is that regardless of their submissions, this bill is a fait accompli (already decided),’ Steenhuisen said. ‘This is madness. The message it sends to the people of South Africa is ‘we don’t care what you say’.’

The EFF will later put forward an amendment stating all land in private hands must be appropriated.

MP Sibusiso Mncwabe supported the adoption of the motion: ‘Let’s continue giving this Christmas gift (expropriation without compensation) to our people.’

A city outside Johannesburg is preparing what the mayor calls a ‘test case’ over plans to take hundreds of acres of land from private owners, without paying for it in order to build low-cost housing.

Last month, Ekurhuleni’s city council voted in favour of forging ahead with ‘expropriation without compensation’ – a legal tool that the ruling African National Congress says is necessary to provide land for disadvantaged black citizens.

Ramaphosa handed over the title deeds of 4,586 hectares of land to Chief Inkosi Mandla Mkwanazi of the KwaMkwanazi community in Empangeni, near Durban.

Who knows what are whites even doing right now in South Africa…They can’t say they didn’t see all of this coming. Niggers have been talking about it for some time now. Have white South Africans prepared? Do they even intend to fight back?

This isn’t just about land. Niggers want to kill all whites.

One could understand if they didn’t want to leave their land, and in that case, you’d expect them to at the very least be stockpiling weapons and ammo. There’s no sign of that.

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54 Responses to South Africa: Date Set To Steal White Property

  1. Nationalist says:

    There is no telling what life for Whites will be like if any of our race even exist 500 years from now. White people must unite otherwise our rights will be eliminated entirely.

    • Arctic Cicrle says:

      Nationalist says: White people must unite otherwise our rights will be eliminated entirely.

      Its too beautiful for words: White Bleachers Unite!

      That is exactly what we need to do, unite. The details of this unification is difficult to discuss because there is strong biased public opinion against of the White Unionization.

      This situation, when majority of people in healthy state of mind recognized already colored mexicans (red niggers), jews (sand nigger-arabs), and blacks (niggers) as a threat, but hesitate to do anything about it because of two reasons:

      1) majority of people are obedient followers not thinkers, and

      2) wrong and unsubstantiated fillings of guilt such as demonstrated by older white ladies from the knitting club (club of women billionaires).

      Those billions are good old money, they are not the unclean new money. They got the good old money there. Much of these good old money are black, and now the ladies-billionaires feel guilty. And they are, they are in did. We will be sending a physiologist on duty, ICU, to visit them right after the unification is established. And not because the ladies have became ungodly. No, but simply because they are militant, they amuck in their hate of their own white people. Thus, they are not going to surrender their right to protect the very same niggers which hate, attack, and endanger white people in our own homes.

      And that is the only reason why those rich white ladies must icufied ICUFIED (read it as mercifully pacified).

      In conclusion, the takeout of this is an important point that every search on google of bing for a phrase: “self-defense against strong fast nigger” returns insane and perturbing results, such as the following article provocatively named:
      As Trump Takes Office, Minorities Are Preparing to Fight for Their Lives—Literally

      Open up the link, look at it, icufy all of them that dirt scum there!

      But it is not going to be easy, and many rich elderly white ladies will icufy thousands of us. Not a big deal, that was not a life any way. But do you stop there, and when we rich what is know as break-even point after that everything is going to become better, lighter, and optimistic.

      In the beginning it will be hard, but if you are a good deplorable than you would accept the simple fact that you are expandable for the Great White Crusade!

    • Luke says:

      I have been forced to sever no less than 2 dozen friendships, associations, and/or close relationships with a string of fellow White humans over the last 20 plus years – as a direct consequence of the fact that they revealed themselves to be either outright race traitors, or completely apathetic and totally uninterested in whether or not the White European race should exert any energy in order to ensure it’s survival and to secure a future for White children.

      There was once a day where I would have answered a hearty ‘Yes’ if I were asked if I was proud and happy to have been born White. But, as I have
      seen the race I was born into so easily brainwashed into switching off the racial survival instinct that Mother Nature gave them – now, I am no longer so sure I am proud to belong to such a pathetic, weak, easily conquered and defeated race of passive losers – the vast majority of whom seem to have no concern whatsoever for their own racial survival.

      • Daniel says:

        All them race traitors are the ” ESAU’S ” in Biblical Holy Scriptures you are mentioning. That’s are paradigm image of ancient Israel BTW I hope you know.

        Esau was a race traitor BTW! Scriptures state he gave up his White Israelite Godly heritage/peoples and went niggerish who were Not the descendant of the Lord Christ God Eternal.


        And this was why God decided to later name and picked blessed Jacob to be called ” ISRAEL ” American European white Christians are the tribe of ” JACOB and or ISRAEL ”

        Antifa are devilish Satan servers of the god of the violent snake heads or nippy/curly black headed/afro style far from unique ( same soules brown eyes all of them, same chimpy monkey looks, all, the same violent/unpleasant/racist/hateful/ungrateful freeloaders most them etc.. etc..

        Those you talk about WILL serve the negro gods and their false messiah negro ” BEAST” = Negro described as the beasts of the field biblical….that’s the truth! They will hands down accept the evil satanic non-white devil mark of the beast as talked about in Daniel and Revelation… END OF DAYS event. They go to hell..wiped out!

      • Daniel says:

        Before anyone questions Gods hate.

        Definition of ” HATE ” IN HEBREW ( Bible was written in Hebrew)………….. To Love lesser.

        Have a blessed day.

  2. Philadelphian says:

    That’s been the jew’s plan since the Garden of Eden. Adam means you can see the blood through the skin, when alive flesh colored, when dead, deathly white. Jews are using all colors to attack whites with the goal being complete genocide.
    All whites should be of good cheer, help is on the way. The payment from God will be the eradication of every jew, young and old, instead. The jew implies that they are of the tribe of Judah, and as Christ Jesus said, They LIE!!

    • JimB says:

      Whites don’t need to sit around praying and waiting for “divine intervention”, Philadelphian. There’s an old saying: ‘God helps those who help themselves’. It’s a very wise saying indeed… on a couple of levels.

      • Luke says:

        Alex Linder once observed that, to his way of thinking – millions of Whites cling to ‘Christianity’ as a means of giving themselves a excuse for doing nothing t0 help save their race.

        I share that observation. Perhaps no other segment of the White population is more gutless, more impotent, or more nauseatingly passive and submissive to the jewish white genocide agenda than are these Christ-insanity infected bible thumpers.

  3. adam says:

    What mite happen in SA is bloodshed/failure, when the negroids took over Haiti, a economic miracle and crown jewel in France; and with negroid inginuity turn it into a negro shithole:like Haiti 2day. 30k frenchmen were murdered, including children. the low iq african does not care. Here Another negro economic miracle. Rhodesia turns into Zimbabwe. Rhodesia fed all of africa with foodstuffs when whites ruled until 1988. Now most Zimbabweans are starving. fleeing to SA causing problems there. Wether is a city, town or country, whites build; africans destroy. Detroit is another african economic success story. Some parts of detroit look like Basar Iraq, and not by bombs or bullets but negro neglect.

  4. andyandersonusa says:

    The issue is who owns the land. During the Boer trek and settlement, the Boers could travel for days and weeks without seeing a single Black anywhere. The exception largely being Bushmen in very small numbers. After settling and building homes, farms, and ranches, mining, etc., the Blacks from Rhodesia came down to gain White Christian safety and the benefits of their far superior culture. Whites settled the land, not Blacks. See the 1966 book, The Washing of the Spears, available on Amazon. It contains a nice account of this trek and has a very good bibliography included. Blacks who never built or settled anything are now simply using force to take what is not theirs. God help us all.

  5. Badbillybiker says:

    Unbelievable… Stupid african whites think they will come out of this whole???
    Should have seen the writing on the wall and left that country to the niggeroids
    to feed themselves! How ’bout sanctury in WHITE countries for these people?
    and I don’t mean african niggeroids… A long time ago the whites should have amassed and wiped the worthless POS out, but no… and this is the results… Leave africoon countries to go under… making it very clear, what a white man builds, a nig can not maintain and ends up destroying what the nig really coveted..A white mans standard of living…
    AH had it right…

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Your time is up, white people!

      That is how enthusiastic niggers helped us to count our own time! Well then, lets spend what ever we have left wisely, and having expedient and the darkest fun ever imagined by the Hollywood.

      Let us give Niggers the Hollywood! (as they were giving it to us)

      Let us give Jews the Hollywood! (as they give it to us their exploitation and extortion of our labor, counting every single penny for us, when they are traveling beyond the solar system and back).

      Lets Hollywood!

      Hollywood Now!!!

      Hollywood Begins!!!

  6. WHITEMAN says:

    Any system (political, economic, military) that the NIGGER engages will dissolve into a pathetic heap of feces and all attempts by FRIENDS OF THE NIGGER, aka Jews, will implode. Once a system is NIGGERIZED, it’s toast.

  7. James Robert Calvert says:

    The 3 sons of Noah: Shem = the white race. Ham = the black race. Japheth = the Asiatic race. The peoples of northwestern Europe and their relatives in the Western Hemisphere are the true Semites, the white race, the true people of the Bible. There are two reasons they are under attack: (1) apostasy, and (2) satanic hatred of the true people of God. As the book of Judges reveals, national invasion was always a punishment for national apostasy. In addition to the examples in the book of Judges, there are historical examples of satanically inspired invasions of Shemitic territory. For example, Nimrod’s invasion of Assyria was a violent intrusion of Hamitic power into a Shemitic territory (Gen. 10:8-11). Likewise, the Mongol invasion of Europe, 1237-42, was a Japhetic invasion of a Shemitic territory. Similarly, the vast majority of so-called Jews today are actually a Turko-Mongolian, or a Japhetic, people, known as Khazars. And they are some of the leading advocates of unlimited immigration. History repeats itself; the more things change the more they stay the same. IMO, we are witnessing a preliminary fulfillment of Ezekiel 38:2, with Gog being China, and Magog being the Khazars. The Jews and the Chinese have enormous business and high tech agreements. It was Henry Kissenger who led to China’s membership in the World Trade Organization.

    • Daniel says:

      Not only was Ham the father of the Africans/nations of……..but I believe he may have been an adoption and a negro or halfbreed to Noah maybe to help build the Ark..IDK.

      The Holy Scriptures say that Ham also observed/saw his fathers nakedness which in Biblical symbolically is God saying and or describing it identical to having sex with or mingling around with the fathers wife=the sons own mother in other words either by force, voluntarily, drunken, or whatever which way the action takes place.

      Ever wonder why negroes are in this constant habit and nigger jive talk from the beginning of time they actually coined the phrase and this was not a coincident rather God hinting the sadistic, incest that negroes are very prone to do more than any ethical group on this planet by far…….. ” mudda fuucka ”

      And the TRUTH shall set you free, but man will deny the word make excuses for the beast wicked agents under Satan the violent nigger buck beast of the field as described Biblically starting from the Garden of Eden which Adam the white man was to name, supervise and control……look at the beasts today in modern day when Biblical laws and hints, and Gods ways and commands are broken. WHITE PEOPLE WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF COWARD DOWN AND PRAISING ACTIONS OF THE WICKED NEGRO BEASTS. Our leaders will be judged and dealt a harsh blow for allowing the nigger alien looking monkey monster unfit barbaric niggers who are mainly devilish sorcerers delivering dope and the devil’s wicked candy to humans to come upon the white covenant Christian peoples of Christ Gods family.

  8. Gene says:

    Pelosi, Jew & Chuck Shumer, Jew Desperately Fighting Trump To Stop The Wall

    Nancy Pelosi bitch and Chuckie Shumer Schmo Jews are desperately trying to prevent Trump from building the wall for border security. These two bit twits don’t care about you or America, the well-being of anyone but themselves. They could care less if the wall doesn’t get built as long as they can keep running their open borders scams. Hell, White California was destroyed by illegal immigration already and they won’t pass they legislation to fund the wall and stop it!

    Two bit commie creeps, Jew Pelosi & Jew Shumer. My browser stopped halfway through the video because, apparently, the mainslime media doesn’t want us to think about this.

    Trump clashes with Pelosi, Schumer on border security in explosive Oval Office meeting

    Nancy Pelosi’s Jewish Ancestry

  9. carnac123 says:

    For years the world community was against the whites of South Africa because the blacks there said that whites were treating them badly and discriminating against them. They definitely did discriminate against most of them because most of the negroes were illegal aliens. The white people went to South Africa and made it a paradise after the English and German/Dutch fought over it. Most of the negroes that are there now were not from South Africa. When South Africa became a great place to work and live the negroes began pouring in. They said they just wanted to work and live in their little shanty towns. The South Africans got cheap labor from theses things but did not make them citizens. As they stayed in their shanty towns year after year they wanted more and more of what the South Africans had. They began to lie and say their land was stolen from them by the whites and wanted their “rights”. Their ‘rights’ were waiting for them in the negro lands to the north of South Africa where most of them came from…..,not in South Africa. There were some tribes living in South Africa and they were living on their tribal lands. For years they really did not want to live with the whites because they could not be leaders there. In their tribal lands and in their shanty townships the negroes could lord themselves over their fellow natives and run their petty dictatorships and criminal enterprises. The negroes beat down their own people and blamed the white government for what they did to their own. It is true the whites did not want toe mix with the negroes in any way because they had experience with the negroes. They had the warnings from other whites that had lived in negro territories elsewhere. They knew the true face of the negro and wanted nothing to do with them. Now that the country of South Africa is run by the negroes (thanks to Carter and other leaders in the world) the negroes want to kill white people and take what they have. Will the same world community that forced the whites in South Africa to give everything to the negro because of discrimination stand by and let negroes kill whites for their land??WTF?? Write your stupid ass congress and senate and tell them to protect white people in South Africa.

  10. Gene says:


    Temper tantrum? Shumer and Pelosi are 2 Jew spinmasters who have reversed the basics of the argument to fund building the border wall. Shumer called it a Trump temper tantrum when President Trump merely asks for a measley 5 Billion for building the wall. It isn’t President Trump that wants a shutdown, as the Democrats misrepresent it, but it’s the Democrats who will cause it by not providing proper border security funding for the wall.

    The heinous Democrats act as though they are omnipotent, give Trump this ultimatim and leave it there as though it is Trump’s fault if the government gets shut down. This is typical tyrannical Democrat behavior which people have seen before and are all too used to.

    In the first place, the Democrats don’t really care about America, care less how many illegal immigrants hit and run and d.u.i. killing Americans or they would fund the wall. These two Jews, Shumer and Pelosi bitch are criminals who should not be in office, trying to block funding for the wall so their open borders scams can continue as usual. Building the wall means the money laundering and drugs will, to a great extent, stop! The drug and money ‘mules’ who cross the border will not be doing business as usual.

    In fact if Trump doesn’t get the $5 Billion for the wall the government should be shut down and it should not start up until the wall is built. Pelosi is an obstinate traitorous COMMIE BITCH and so is Shumer. Notice it is a couple of Jews who are basically threatening to destroy more Americans.

    WATCH THE FULL DISPUTE: Trump, Schumer, Pelosi have heated exchange over border wall, shutdown
    Found at:

    • Red Pill says:

      the way to defeat these bastard is to shutdown the government (for good?)
      thus cutting off the “scam” we are all paying for.
      i say the sooner the better.
      but i will believe it when i see it.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        prt, what is really bugging me why Tom says on October 3, 2016 at 1:53 am that thethat: “99% of Jews are immune to HIV for some strange reason”.

        Is it because the jews have 126 defective genes? Does it mean that jews and niggers can fuck each other all they want? Or maybe it simply means that they should all fucking die (i mean peacefully in israel)? …i do not know.

      • Gene says:


  11. Joe Btfsplk says:

    destroyed by illegal immigration

    Most immigrants are legal. The problem is the crappy genetics of mestizos.
    Stop worrying about illegals- the problem is non-Whites.

    And they say Racist! reply “Yes I am! Why aren’t you?”

  12. Red Pill says:

    it a crime to say white men created modern world

    Columbia University investigating student’s ‘deeply disturbing’ racial diatribe: ‘I just love white men’

    Columbia University is investigating a “deeply disturbing racially charged incident” involving a student yelling at classmates, “White people are the best thing that happened to the world!”

    According to the Columbia Spectator, a physics student named Julian von Abele was filmed shouting at a group of black students at 4 a.m. on Sunday, “Who built the modern world? Europeans built the modern world…

    “We saved billions of people from starvation,” the sophomore yelled in the Twitter video, which has over 1.6 million views. “We built modern civilization. White people are the best thing that ever happened to the world. We are so amazing and I love myself and I love my people … f*** yeah white men. … I don’t hate other people, I just love white men.”

  13. Bob says:

    The Afrikaners settled South Africa in the 16th century. At the time, there was only one small black African tribe in the region with whom they got along. Once the Afrikaners established a prosperous civilization, all the nigger tribes from the north who were living in squalor came flooding in to take advantage of the superior civilization, food, shelter, and prosperity. They slaughtered the friendly black tribe and began to fight and attack the whites. This occurred over centuries until the niggers with the help of the international jew finally gained control. So the truth is that none of the current niggers or their ancestors preceded the whites in South Africa. The allegation that the whites stole their land is a myth and a lie. What IS true is that the Ashkenazi jew stole Palestine from the Palestinians in 1948 and now rule over an illegal racist apartheid regime which is what they accused the Afrikaners of doing. Nothing more evil and filthier than the jew.

  14. Danielle says:

    Who is this Octavia person with the Daily Stormer? Furthermore, I remain teachable & claim to know little, so explain to me how it is anybody should care what the Daily Stormer thinks? The last time I checked, Andrew Anglin was a compromised POS who is not to be trusted. Also, what exactly is he? He doesn’t look like a white European to me & I’ve read enough about him to simply not like the man. He is foul-mouthed & has way too many ignorant things to say about white people. He appears to be part Asian, based on what my 2 eyes that are in good working condition see. Don’t even get me started on the white female bashing he does. As if any self-respecting white woman would want him.
    I’m sure most here who follow Incog man are aware of Jan Lamprecht of the HistoryReviewed website. I think he would beg to differ on Miss Octavia’s opinion that the white Africaaners are doing nothing and have chosen to lube up, bend over, and take it up the arse.

    • Matt says:


      I read the Daily Stormer, but never comment there, and neither do I take their personal opinions as gospel. They discuss many relevant issues, including the Jewish corruption and destruction of western civilization.

      I don’t trust or rely on any man, anyone could flip, and the Jews are notorious at twisting and hijacking all truths, with fables and lies.

      As it says in Romans 3:4, let God be true and ever man a liar.

      Anglin said he had a DNA, that shows he’s pure European, but as you say, his looks hint of being part Asian with the rounder face. Not typically what I would think of as northern European.

      I did a google search on “old English paintings of people”, since there’re no photos. Surprisingly his features aren’t that uncommon.

      He looks a little similar to a young King Edward VI. Maybe Anglin is the distant bastard child of King Edward? I also saw others with similar looks.

      Anglin’s weak point is women, he criticizes and attacks them constantly. He needs to buy a plastic doll, she will always look perfect, never talk back, and never say no.

      From his writings, Anglin appears to have almost no clue on how to treat women, or what God’s roll for a man and woman should be.

      Anglin’s strong point is his willingness to confront the Jew’s evil, in a world, where most men have turned into cucks.

      What’s happening in SA is horrible, the military that we’re sending to the middle east to protect Jew interest should be in SA to protect European people. These same white European fools that are fighting for Israel, will find that once their usefulness has expired, that they’ll receive that same treatment form the Jews.

      In our Jew occupied government, the only live that really matter are Jew lives, the rest is just a dog and pony show with cheap metals and praise, to keep the goys going until they are no longer needed.

      The Jews are now in the process of showing their thanks to the English who fought the Germans, by giving their country to the Muslim hordes, who will eventually demand conversion or beheading.

      I’m positive the Afrikaners would run annihilate the blacks if they so choose to fight. The problem is the great Prostitute that sits over the peoples, nations and languages would spread endless lies and send in European armies to crush them.

      America needs to say no more wars for the Jews, which I don’t see happening.
      God needs to destroy the face of the earth and start over, this time with no son’s of Israel.

      That’s exactly what God is going to do, which I will soon discuss.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      How much is to the genetic test for fun?

  15. Red Pill says:

    Black South African politician urges followers to ‘kill whites’, saying: ‘We will kill their children and their women’

    Andile Mngxitama says for every one black person killed we will kill five whites
    The BLF President even claimed cats and dogs owned by whites should die
    He claimed the taxi industry was ‘killing’ black people before a cheering crowd
    He defended his remarks which were in response to billionaire Johann Rupert

  16. Gene says:


    Dec. 13, 2018

    There’s no argument that people in the United States are ill, they’re sick and have many debilitating ailments which medical doctors often make worse with chemical drugs, etc., pathetic treatments, so the workforce of America which depends on Americans to do the jobs is constantly short of able bodied men and women. From the soy not fit for human consumption which is added to most foods, to the phony shots, vaccinations, etc. which kill people and disable others, to the excess frequency and wi-fi and celltowers which blast maximum radiation into the public, America is a toxic zone full of cancer, heart disease, vaccinia, chemtrails, fibromyalgia, fluoridation, leukemia, etc. and worse.

    That said, it only remains as to where to get more fresh meat, more labor of able bodied people to do the jobs which failing Americans cannot do anymore. The U.S. companies and corporations don’t evidently care about people, they only care as to how to fill those vacancies they so desperately need in order to maintain production of services or products. Up until now they have relied on immigrants and illegal immigrants as replacements so you see a non-enforcement of immigration laws. If it’s what the companies and corporations want it’s what the CRIMINAL CONGRESS government gets for them.


    What do you think would happen if all immigration were ended and a freeze was declared on all immigration, and all illegal immigrants were suddenly picked up and deported as they were in the fifties? Right, you would get healthier automatically and here’s how.

    The companies and corporations would recognize that they had to depend on the stock at hand, the labor force limited to people who rightfully should be in the United States, and they would immediately recall anything harmful to the American public. They would have to or self-destruct, run out of people to do the regular jobs. The food companies, drug and vaccine makers would have to admit their products and additives are harmful to health and recall them or the shrink in population would be catastrophic, no immigrants to replace the dead and dying. The spraying of chemtrails, a scam which causes fake gobal warming, would have to cease completely since it is toxic for people to breathe in the aluminum particulates. Celltowers which blast at maximum frequency would have to be toned down like in Europe to maybe 10% of the signal. Some non-fluoridated drinking water would have to be made available, too, as an alternative to the poisonous fluoridated kind.


    The reason you don’t notice that so many people are dead and dying is because of immigration, a kind of band aid solution to fixing the problem of depopulation by replacing people with foreigners. I’m not so sure I even believe the Census Reports which are probably rigged.


    If you want to get healthier and live a heathier, freer life where politicians actually listen to you, you should do everything you can to stop all immigration. The criminal Congress and corporations would then have to depend on you, the American citizen. The United States has enough people – it just needs to preserve them a bit and meet their basic needs.


    It therefore is immigration, the replacement of your American people that enables all the above mentioned harmful scams which the criminals could not afford to put on you if they needed your service.


    The United States fails to uphold immigration laws but will prosecute you if you break some so-called law, a process called selective prosecution which aids and abets the criminals called lawmakers. LAW IN THE UNITED STATES IS BROKEN DOWN. THERE IS NOT LAW AND ORDER OR EVERY ONE OF THESE ILLEGAL ALIEN CREEP BLOODSUCKERS WOULD BE DEPORTED. IT IS A LAW BREAKDOWN, A BREAKDOWN OF LAW AND ORDER.


    Congress and The President could enact emergency legislation to deport all illegals at once if they wanted to. They figure things are so toxic and criminal they will be needing the people to replace you. If you are supporting any kind of immigration you are literally killing yourself, allowing the criminal lawmakers to escape accountability.


    Found at:

  17. damocles says:

    more foul communist jews leading ignorant worthless african niggers on again and again -etc ….the only people killing black niggers are other black niggers in ,hmm well, pretty much everywhere …regarding Andile Mngxitama……..
    so this nigger asshole in africa who is just a FUCKING PIG anti white racist is just using any lame jew excuse to ,kill whites who have done nothing to the nigger in africa …so for every white killed mindlessly by the mindless nigger hordes of morlox “we” should find 10 niggers and dis
    in my H/O black retard niggers in africa and well , everywhere hate whites and are the true racists and problem …niggers are still trying to emmigrate to south africa for whuthavvu and are being macheted by other niggers who got there first or are decended from niggers who came for the security and food and civilization white peole built ion ago ….
    its just niggerly and kike like to conspire to kill people ,cities ,nations to steal what want …the oft over looked predation of jews communism is the aquisition of millions of genocided indigenous peoples property and assets and etc …like the art work jews go on about how duh naawtzees stole from them etc …sick redundant jew crap ..lies .propaganda kavetching felching hebrew belching …yiddiscch is the languiage of complaining like italian is the language of love …
    the death of millions of armenians and indij russians and well yeah uh 6 million palestinians brutally murdered by steenking kikes and their properties stolen aka aquired ,appropriated etc …yeh dah commoonuist gooot …yah …
    what a dog fucks the donkey show….side show ,kike show ..
    like the iman says “sick of the bs”..
    seems like autopilot here …
    shaka bula bula zooloo killed 4
    million idiot niggers in africa …hell sleeping sickness takes residence in nigger brains ,west side east side muhfuhg uh …..niggerds killing other niggers a la cart especially lol during the last elections , they were killing the competiton aka other niggers who wanna a free ride n shhhheyit ….
    it should be a model for american political side show …..jews killing jews for high office ..i endorse this message ands stand by it …niggers killing niggers and jews killing jews would be good for the world ….muslims could just be offed by setting rat and fly traps globally ….
    nothiong worse than a brainwashed cult jew than a rabbi the real carrier of mental jewbonic plague who give it to niggers and moslems who then proliferate a global jihad against innocent whites because whites can see throoo the jew bull shit ….niggers only see the free handouts and just naturally are systemiocally and internally externally exi-stench-ally R-A-C-I-S-T- ….
    most niggers are haters of whites …..most whites should hate niggers just for this alone but whites need to shitcan altruism and realize niggers are the problem in america …and the global ,organised jews and moslimz ….moslims should ALL be exterminated in situ asap …there are 1.4 billion of these baby rapers ,christian killers ..and yet i can still keep a meal down when looking at a fly engulfed shitbag moozlim ..
    thats strength ….
    all the bad and real bad people are organized against the rest of us …and lives are being lost on the white front yesterday today and tomorrow no doubt …

    carlos whitlock porter on africa …..check it closely for sep linx

  18. damocles says:

    shem ham japheth the ilusionary 3 stooges ….one was white one chink and one penguin …no one can verify anything in the old testamint …..jews use it to make whites think that rabbis are really christians in funeral attire …
    if god created this human waste hole then in scientific reality he would have created the multiculturaL to be world early on or early enuff for full blown races to actually exist for a long time ….god created all the different races separately and placed them in sep areas …..why not ….noahs floating casino ,i’ll place a bet that all the critters in the world could not even fit on a thousand arcs …
    or the jew written exodus and death angel in egypt …
    what was once a beautiful utopia of relaxation and wheat beer became a taxation hellhole under the god dam hyksos kikes in egypt ….the fucking jews left in fear of ongoing pogroms from good people who had had enough of jew bs….
    and the promised land lol with the fringe kingdom areas intact the jews wopuld have simply fled from one area of egypt top another or a close ally of egypt ///onto gthe wandering and complaining i belive but for 40 years ,nahh ,the valley of sin aka sinai there has never been found any what shuold be a distict forensic trail to suggest shitkikes ever took 40,000 shits a day or is that sheitzz or lit fires etc ….carbon from fires lasts for ever …on and on …
    so the shitkikes make up a story about the god giving them the mission imperative green lite ….go kill rape and steal everything from the caananites like your digital virtual cutout decndants will and call it commuinism ….only this time the land of milk and honey was like all the kibbutzes the shitkikes stole from thje palestinians based on the same fuckking lie the jews tell in a rewritten old test story about how the caananites were bad and the jews were food holy pious assholes ….only today they are holier than thou and satanic global cult ..
    the knock is that the jews were 10x exceedingly more evil with more evil levels to decent to later tha the caananites who had tilled the land and built civiliztional villages the jews sought to steal ….rinse and repeat till it gets called red hat or communism or socialism or judeasim …..
    yeah i dont really see the need or relavence for all the differing religious opinions here agreesively pandering to the audience and in fact it drives people away …
    imho goes before anything else ,anything else is hubris …..
    too many religious separatist type of opinins goin on …
    hitler made the churches of germany get focused and synched …a christian movement ..and yet it doesnt surpries me the catholic hurch remained aloof and non compliant with their man in the wings waiting to tgake the reigns from hitler …who dunnit …was himmler a no loyal chivken farmer …hey his train dining car silver wear is worth a foirtune now …how about an embossed tablecloth …
    he had his train always ready to haul ass if need but failed to take all possible scenarios into factoring … church then as now is loaded with jews surname priests …so no wonder the pedophilia is rampant as it is 10 x worse in the jewiosh synogags …seriously no bs ….jewish culture rules the jews and they believe in child molestation of their own kids …..seen the results of this shit in one fucked up jew family who went to school where i went ….
    one of the children wound up gay as frooter poofter and the other one raped children …where do you think they learned this shit as the older brother raped the younger one as well as neighbor kids to ….jews killing jews is welcome …why does anyone think other cultures always made jews live in secure city quareters with curfews …no fuckin need to guess …ya know what i mean as in i dont have to preach to the choir here ….

    • Daniel says:

      All the critters, animals, birds of the world never made the Arc, that’s because only that populated area of the earth was over flooded and parished and Noah only took the animals and reptiles of that region to be hit.

      God also ordered Noah LISTEN CLOSELY NOW……… ” To take two of every living breath ( male / female ) upon the Arc. That means two from every race on the planet……….. It’s common for people to think that just Noah’s family and the worlds entire animals were on the Arc. THIS IS NOT TRUE AND JEW FABBLES!

  19. Matt says:

    When Jesus returns, he will restore God’s order.

    Genesis 9:27

    May God extend Japheth’s territory;
    may Japheth live in the tents of Shem,
    and may Canaan be the slave of Japheth.”

    God’s order will not be done away with.

    The black man will be put back into slavery, Japheth’s territory will be exptended across the earth.

    Rev 11:15 The kingdom of the world has become
    the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah,
    and he will reign for ever and ever.”

    Rev. 11:18
    The nations were angry, and your wrath has come.
    And the time for “destroying those who destroy the earth” (the kikes)

    When Jesus returns and reinstitutes God’s order of slavery, outlaws sexual perversion, names the kikes as Satan’s children, the (((impostors of the chosen ones))), the nations will be angry and they will come against his kingdom, there will be a great war, with saints and the knights of Christ on one side, and the (((children of Satan))), the evil, the immoral, and the deceived on the other side. Zachariah 12.

    It will be a great slaughter of the wicked, Christ kingdom will rule across the earth, and crush all other kingdoms. Daniel 2:44


  20. damocles says:

    yeah it says the whole earth was covered by so many feet of water from the highest place …enough of the self serving religious podcast on here …now listen … listen and yours have been clashing with different opposing views non of which have any real proof anywhere and are a disturbing manifestation of cult mentality …and yes i believe there is a creator ….and now …lets tick to the article ….
    just a suggestion or do you want to completely overthrow the forum and chase people off ….
    barney told the story of helena from south africa who left off here fast due to the over representation of personal religious opinion or do you feel we need to hear it no matter what …
    yuse guys knock it off man …yu are creating a forum slide ….go to bill grahams forum and talk your diametrically opposed views …who needs it ….yesterday was the last straw with you 2 and someone else threading away on your personal religious piety not agreeing at all or ever …blah blah blah ….council of nicea 315 ad ..
    and later scribes rewrite the collection of old test torah 5 books mosaic levitical etc …
    dont presume to go on and on and try to correct me i dont give a fuck whatso ever what you think or believe ,,,so who can know the real truth ..
    truthfully it is appalling ther way you guys almost by design or ignorance take over the forum and argue or try to castigate a non pareil dissenter of your delusional outbursts……..and to prove my case im sure you will lash out at me for a few days …rotflol ….i am not intersted in your version and why is it on here …..””now listen “””
    he says …now listen son look at the article above and try to make an intelligent comment about it …research it and add productive comments …..
    for the love of god stop segue’ing into 4th and 5th dimenstion worlds on us …
    am i a little mean …whatever ..
    and daniel you just contradicted yourself in te above statement ….read it …
    da fuq we having old revival time hour on here for ….”
    “That means two from every race on the planet…” everyone knows what it says which is why noah had to go the stihl chain saw store and get a jump on cutting down those 800 foot trees oh right i hope he lived where there were trees …the old test refers to animals or so the words lead me to beieve and i choose to not believ anyway ..too long ago unprovable lost in antiquity and just not the point anyway …. you guys need to email each other and hash out the differing opposing religious dogma and other relavent stuff …

    i apologise to matt but

    • Daniel says:


      You expect folks to believe a Bible blasphemer scared of hearing Gods words, yet you talk a professor junk Bible know it all . How drunk can one be in one evening? No one takes clowns like you serious enough that is a lukewarm Bible hearing lost in the dark wannabe.

      You seem to have a ” nothing is ever verified attitude ” ….. No wonder you seem miserably grinchy, its folks like you that believe in nothing, trust nothing, shoot for nothing and support nothing. They usually end up with four to five spouses in a lifespan because they are a hunk of miserable nobody’s, like you maybe.

      Bible talk offends you….tough shit!!!! free speech!!!! cuss God on your own time pal…….

    • Daniel says:

      And now do you feel like a number one jackass fool posting all that anti-religion racist Anti-CHRIST-ian blasphemy rant in front of the word who is actually on a ” RELIGIOUS SITE OF A SORT ” Jew is religious, Christians religious….and hey jackbutt, INCOGMAN HAS GOT A WHOLE SECTION ON THIS SITE DEDICATED TO RELIGION TO OPENLY DISCUSS!

      Free country…free speech, you are a communist unintelligent anti-Christ/religion probably 100% judism from the synagogue of satan.

      Only jews talk communist garbage by trying to silence a person’s free speech you liberal imposter you.

    • Red Pill says:

      damocles says:
      December 14, 2018 at 10:25 am

      this sounds like SOG, how are ya and Matt “partners”
      like the dynamic brothers???

      • Red Pill says:


        a flatterer who, having extolled the happiness of Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse, was seated at a banquet with a sword suspended over his head by a single hair to show him the perilous nature of that happiness.

    • Matt says:


      The only comments I typically make are along narrow scriptural lines, and there’s nothing else I want to comment about. I also try to keep my comments short, and to the point, without hogging the site.

      I typically don’t bother other posters, unless they misquote or grossly twist God’s word. Other than that, anyone can say almost anything they want, as far as I’m concerned.

      Some of the other posters who assert to be Christians, seam to want to bash everyone. I personally believe in trying to live in peace, if it’s possible on my part with all men. I can’t change these other posters, they obviously won’t listen to me.

      Many of these posters, you can’t even have the most basic of conversations, or pose a simple question, without them attacking you.

      Although, I do give Red Pill some credit for apologizing to Karen for his abusive comments to her.

      Daniel is light on scripture, heavy on fiction, and it can be hard to ignore his twisting of the truth. Out of respect for Incogman and his site, I try not to create waves.

      The truth of God’s word will set you free.

      Ephesians 4:

      1 As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. 2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace

      Psalm 133:1

      How good and pleasant it is
      when God’s people live together in unity!

  21. Gene says:

    Mandela Was A Terrorist! I’m Glad He’s Gone

    This whole thing in S. Africa started when Mandela was released from prison. He got them going in the wrong direction. He was a terrorist and I’m glad he’s gone! Jimmy Carter sucks bigime – UGH!

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    Hey everybody… Want to hear the joke of the month? I swear this is true. A fucking jew lawyer named cohen says he is done lying now and accuses the president of being a liar and should have known better than trust a jew in ANY business matter. This is AFTER the jewboy gets convicted of the below charges and begs and grovels for leniency in his own sentencing if he rats out his former employer for his lying jew legal advice and secretly recording meetings and stuff that scumbag coward piece of shit jewfucks and their scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agents tough boys and tough girls israil firsters do for their fake jew printed debt and deficit notes and digits and benefits and their polluted fucking lying scumbag coward piece of shit zog agent tough boy and tough girls badges. That’s it. That’s the joke. A jew lawyer and scumbag coward piece of shit zog agents have the ass-dacity to call other people liars.

    fraud, perjury

    Criminal charge
    Five counts of tax evasion, one count of making false statements to a financial institution, one count of willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution, one count of making an excessive campaign contribution at the request of a candidate or campaign, and one count of making false statements to a congressional committee.[1]

    3 years in prison; fines; asset forfeiture

  23. Joe Btfsplk says:

    [from SHTF site} says:
    Comment ID: 3924542
    December 14, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    And here is something you will NOT fond on PRAADA/MSM or most outlets in USA ! An open letter from French generals accusing Macron of treason for his open borders insanity !

    They are telling the people to revolt openly ! So again the French are schooling us, amazing stuff.

    • Daniel says:

      Why do I keep getting this feeling that this whole yellow jacket thing is a protest etirely about something else than what they have been telling us. American jews and their ass buddies the Liberal faggot admiring crew media/democRATS that do the brainwashing and lies CONSTANTLY, are the biggest negro/sand nigger butt lickers and hate their white children of God more than any other country does their people. And they will reap what they sow, a terrible punishment awaits their physical evil bodies before their soules beings are carried away by the negro/dark spirits of satanic Lucifer.


      White Christians and the WHITE CHOSEN PEOPLES OF THE ALMIGHTY all over need to band together and STOP this white hatred and blatant white men harassment and persecution. They on the left and non-white side really do want a race war even after they have already long initiated one and actually already declared one on whites. Let us give them what they have been begging for, and white Christian elects let us take a STANCE for Christ Jesus as he would want us to do.

  24. Erik Snohdin says:

    If we don’t slaughter the Jews who are behind ALL OF THIS, then the White Race is doomed, period. The Jews are the orchestrators of all things evil on Planet Earth. They are all genetically aberrant and cannot help themselves. It’s what happens when you inbreed and have babies with your cousins, stupid perverts.
    Now, we whites can just say “Fuck it, I don’t give a shit as long as my fridge is full, I’ve got money in the bank, and my ballsac is drained, fuck everyone, including my own kids, I don’t give a shit” but what good will that do ? Look, you gotta die of somethin’, right ? Why not die killing Jews ?

    • Daniel says:

      That leaves one major issue. America still is in somewhat of a police state. The chains/leash are on the righteous and the WHITE Christian soldiers for Christ God. As we grow ever so closer to the revealing of the ” False Messiah ” ( aka — Anti-Christ….but we have millions upon millions of Anti-Christ aka….Christ the Saviour for Sins deniers and or haters thereof….jews and their brothers in denial anti-Christ midevil types and we are all monkeys the atheist types.

      You see the police and the FBI becoming more and more corrupt, you see more and more Anti-CAhrist muslim mayors and police chiefs breaded in and here to stay until the final battle with Christ when he returns on behalf of the WHITE Christendom Saints as we battle these communist liberal anti-Christ’s.

      Those liberal anti-Christ police chiefs put in by anti-Christ liberal monsters the corrupt mayors will hire ONLY liberal-minded anti-white, anti-Christian, liberal, non-white coddling jews and or non-white police officers to enforce the coming false Messiah, AKA… Anti-Christ evil, satanic anti-Christian/Godly one world religious order excluding Jesus and the TRINITY! Since Christian whites are the very very far few and in between around this country seemingly and the world as liberalism satanic praising of all thing anti-Christ and evil against the righteous mostly who are the Christian humble Godlike WHITE chosen peoples and children of the Lord Eternal.

      They will need a regime style police force around this country to round up/persecute/ jail/kill white Christian saints. They will need an unarmed WHITE population…hmmmm


  25. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    When it comes to liberals
    especially for liberal elitist
    they have a habit of thinking
    if they can just get their fellow
    white brethren’s,sisters on board
    and from seeing it from their perspectives
    in how an why they see the primitive homo
    erectus/ergasterand why there is a reason they
    think the black plague is so great an its ok to be
    around them and not worry about them when in
    fact there is nothing excellent about them from the
    very beginning they just have us believe these bastard
    savages are in the same league as everybody else but not

    I’ve always notice this when it comes to those
    white heart bleeding guilt ridden liberals they give
    the dumbest,stupidest reasons why an how they think it’ll
    be good for white society,communities,civilization to be
    diversified when in fact it isn’t good for the white mans
    continent of Europe to be diverse just take a good look
    at Asia no diversity at all what so ever

    but for some reason they think its
    good,great,amazing for when only white nations
    do it when clearly it was never any of that from
    the beginning the Asian continent is mostly Asian
    with very minimal crime it used to be the same thing
    with Europe until the negros,muslim negros,bad human
    muslims invaded Europe.the point is the continent of
    Eurasia was only meant for pure humans it was never
    meant for them. there is and exception Sub Saharan
    Africa is heavily concentrated on negros an is the
    number one continent that is blanketed in crime,wars.

  26. FRIEND OF GOD says:

    The following link indicates that the White Persons in South Africa prevented negroes from owning 93% of the land in South Africa (the link also compares the South African apartheid to the Israel/Palestine apartheid that the usa freak government approves of)…

    “Apartheid land theft is an explosive issue in South Africa and Palestine”

    Does that sound fair ?

    At this point, I suggest that the White People in South Africa put an option onto the table to band themselves together, grab the property they own that they want to carry with them, demolish their remaining property if possible, and relocate with armed force if necessary to a smaller parcel of South Africa near the coast that is uninhabited, and this time, don’t let any niggers in their White Colony.

    Also, the article at the top of the page indicates that negroes are genetically damaged, however, I disagree and believe that negroes simply have different genetics – not necessarily worse, just different, similar to comparing various species of monkeys; It probably took millions of years for those different gene pools to develop, and as time continues, the negroes may become more and more a different species;

    As far as the jews, history also shows that some races of homo sapiens may have decimated or incorporated other races of homo sapiens, and therefore, it may not be too unreasonable to say that White homo sapiens of today are permuted to decide to genocide 100% of the entire false-prophet jewish monkey tribe in retribution against all those corrupt mischievous jewish monkeys running around for the last 300 years.

    What if the “promised land” is a false prophecy because the continents have been splitting and shifting for billions of years ?

    What would happen to the human race if 100% of the false-prophet jews were genocided ?



    • FRIEND OF GOD says:

      (addendum to above posted comment)

      And when relocating/departing, the White Persons could also offer a small portion of their goods/merchandise to some of the nigger groups to avoid departing issues.

      (p.s. typo in above posted comment: permuted -> permitted…

      “As far as the jews, history also shows that some races of homo sapiens may have decimated or incorporated other races of homo sapiens, and therefore, it may not be too unreasonable to say that White homo sapiens of today are permitted to decide to genocide 100% of the entire false-prophet jewish monkey tribe in retribution against all those corrupt mischievous jewish monkeys running around for the last 300 years.” )



    • Daniel says:


      Would’ve could’ve should’ve, Gods was, is, will always be in full charge and the Bible TRUE TO IT’S WORD!

      And the White Adamic race of Christian’s are the blessed, and the chosen peoples of Christ God to lead, invent, discover, travel, explore and planted our feet on extraterrestrial territory, the best ran/fairest/dependable justice system and judicial system ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD regardless of party line you’re on in these last days of these religious wars going on. Invented medicine, healed the sick, discovered cures to save millions of lives, fought wars and spilt much much blood on those humble enough to call upon us to help out, out of the will and good of mankind and their freedom of survival.

      We were chosen to spread the Christian Gospel to the world to whoever would accept it as few as it may be.


      Regardless of any shifting of the continents, God will save his people and guide them as his chosen children/peoples.

      Africa is the seat of Satan’s den, for this is why it’s full of heat, stretching heat, scorched earth, plagues, deadly diseases meant just for negroes, crime galore, very very uneducated low IQ negroes capable of inventing, planning, building, organizing, governing ANYTHING WORTHY, aids/HIV infested, ugly gorilla ape looking, alien weirdo,’s/zombies…… VERY PLAUGED/CURSED SPECIES

      The satanic seedline of Satan the children/offspring of Cain and or Lot’s incest descendants the Liberal democRAT hypocrite imposter jews best friends and evil partners in crime and hate the AFRICAN, The American, and The middle East niggers….: birds of a feather flock together

  27. damocles says:

    anybody of reasonable intelligence can see i do not curse god …
    I and anybody else have seriuos questions of the provenance and validity of many books and chapters in the old test ..
    the old covenant supposed to be the hope of the coming new covenant etc …
    listen ..<—-there are dozens of representative churches ,theologies ,montheism atheism etc etc ..problem in daniels church (assuming he even goes to church or if there is one that covers his own personla beliefs) everyone worships themselves as the masters of the whole picture …
    but daniel must seem in reality to be the unrepentant jack ass on here …
    if i was i-man i would spam you off of here …i reiterate the fact that its not a church the kind goes to but a state of mind and cultish demeanor ….free speech right …me and my 5 wives came up with that ….
    you sound fucking nutzz dude …
    i doubt that the true living god even tolerates your drivel ……
    nice to see you again ….lol ..
    eric snohdin is correct ,the jews dont want any whites left because we can see the real bullshit the ethnic tribal diverse jews are up to in one mind set lockstep …
    it is not a race at all but more a behavioural group of delusional nutters with flobally organized roots ….
    niggers only see free shit and freedom of whining and riots …whinorities …
    still forcing your out of context scripturalism on the forum …
    and to matt which is why i apologised to yuo for the scathing beat down ,,,
    and to the provenence of label "word of god " …doesnt the scripture where it says man shall not live by bread alone but b y every word thet comes from god ….do you think everything in the bible comes from god ……ideas ,influences …psalms some say were stoen from egyptians …etc ..some say the old testament was rewrittten to make c ertain people look formidable to other people ….my god is tougher than your god sort of thing ….nut directly speaking the living god is thee only GOD and his son ….i do not come from a judeo christian back ground i com e from a translation literal new testament evangelical gifts of god back ground….i think they called it a pentecostal baptist and a catholic soething or other implying more affinity to pentecostal ..
    but i do know that in al,erica there is no solidarity among denominations and their has been bitter rivalry for decades ….this is my point ….all religions in america need t fnd and regroup from common ground …i say need but then human nature would kick in ..and i also notice anglins growing misogeny ….i try to ignore it when i read his shit but he is getting more and more bitter sabout oemthing ..
    good call redpill …
    is my opinion of daniel unchristian or just unrestrained ,,is hs response to me unchristian compaered to matts gentlemanly response …..the 2 responses are signifigantly different anyway ….
    just sayin ….
    danial is correct on the subject of free speech and i have to remember that sometimes ..

  28. damocles says:

    charismatic catholocism ..does god tolerate dogmatic theologies as long as the persons heart is in te right place …
    any redpill good call meant i changed my cryptonym but no matt and i are not what you say uh paretnered up …ask your self if you even really believe that idea ,,,
    matt is good people ,his heart is in the right place etc ..
    i am partner to no one ……i live mostly in exile as it were …
    i have swung the pendulum and seek to be the bigger man to surpass any position i have attained this far so i say to myself why not let everyone say what the fuck they want and not get smoked over it ..yeah ?
    i see things very much from a remote place in myself …
    somethong about no inner personality structuer ..basically a tool hopefully not a vessel of expendable destruction but of use when the time comes and it is always time is interesting to note american forefathers to tried to legislate jews out of america ..they saw them as the enemy ..they made huge pests of themselves during the jew inspired civil war ..
    hey banjo billy what was the link to the article you wrote once about the way the jews used the war bonds and the loan they presented for the war but lincoln digressed ….a great fucking arty ….youve fucked up your website wheras it worked once just finr now its too long disfunctional ….i would have copied all the archives if i knew ….
    so the shat kikes started the colonial wars to switch the focus off of them …
    these assholes had the run of the country early on and founded new orleans and baton rouge …
    which is why they chased all the niggers out of katrina aftermath using blackwater troops …niggers were forcible removed from their homes and charged 200,000 dollar fema cvlean up fee lien or forfeit ….some houses were completely undamaged ….the jews wanted to bull doze the area and create gaming layout and gentrification homes like las vegas which is all owned by jews …each casino and even the indian casinos have jew hand in them …
    was just on whitegirlbleedalot …and in opposite agreement to what the african nigger president says about killing whites and american muslim shitbags saying the same thing and never getting into trouble for it i say its niggers who need to be exterminated .young old male sheeboon kncukle draggers eraser haed morons …
    looook at the shit they get away with …black only this that ..colleges …college dorms ..fraternities …mayor clubs ,,sherrifs ,,police associations for black only …i mean look it up …there is much much more agro american african shit clubs …
    obama care club …nigger fones …mcdonalds takes food stamps because of niggers pressure ..
    back when el salvo was selling tons o coke here the niggers were lining up to buy and they later blamed whitey ….not a white person i know would dare to go into a ghetto and seel coke to niggers and it was niggers selling to niggers ….afromonkey king pins selling to the chitter chatter jitterbug monkeys ..the niggerz co
    i knewof one king pin out here who got shot and run over heh heh …he had beat another nigger and pissed on him earlier and so on ans so …………….
    the american nagger agenda was so vast that america forced the cia to come about and issue a statement about the shit like 600 pages which was free for the public to reead but they released the clinton monicunt thing to distract …and good ol gary web was exterminated by the jew corroded cia …..oh we never work i the usa only in other innocent peoples nations thay say …..gee really ,ok ….lol
    they listen to every fart burp cell call page grocery lib rary transaction and computer media etc called meta data collection which is why the devils childre built the utah data hub as an extensio of the nsa bs …but last i haerd lol the utah data hub was suffering from 3rd world construction assembly workers and the severs were catching fire alot …ha ha ha ha ha ha lol …o yeah …
    prism …look it up …carnivore …and the names of secret spy ware the govt uses to pry into our business ….too bad we cant pry into theirs and put not a few of em in extraordinary rendition holes ones are ships ..prison ships …
    adieu …..

    • Arctic Circle says:

      The Colored, who are made from the fragments of dark energy, white ignorance and paycheck seeking tendencies of the top law enforcers, poisonous hate, and all Satanic instincts, turned everything up side down.

      The Colored commandeered by the dark masters of the criminality itself jews, were working all this years to create a white image as a straw-man. But they have no audience left for their sardonic cries any more, as everyone in the whole world sees them for what they jewish criminals are. However, this afterlight and ephifany comes bit too late.

      There is nothing we can do about omnipotent triangle of jews, whites on the jewish payroll, and niggers. They (VPK) become too strong to fail, the abbreviation refereed to the “unholy alliance”, or simply triangle of power: academia, military, corporate, government, and foreign investments into those U.S. corporations contracted by the DoD?

      There is still a hope, but it’s so small that our white suspicion, self-doubt, and distrust of each other will kill it, no need for the niggers to do it.

      Why the suspicious Vatican completely ignores our concerns?

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