Treacherous Jewry Is Destroying Our Race

By Phillip Marlowe

It should now be totally obvious that our White race is under attack. Our lands are purposefully being inundated by non-White races and our people are being brainwashed to accept it. Not only that, but they are busy brainwashing our race to mate ourselves away. You see this everywhere today.

This is now so obvious that it’s amazing they have the nerve to declare it “conspiracy theory.” Yep, they sure do. The “conspiracy theory” bit is their little way they use to make it sound like you’re crazy for talking about it — if the usual PC intimidation slanders don’t fit.

For decades now they’ve used the good graces and common decency of us White people to make us feel race guilt for just about everything. This whole scheme against the White race is now reaching fevered pitch as more of us become fatigued with PC enforcement and real life Negro criminal behavior — where they kill White people all the time.

Notice how they have ramped up all the anti-Nazi and Hitler things on TV, lately. They have been using the media for years to keep us from going Nazi and Fascist. They fully realize once we make the Jew connection all bets are off. Even sacred Israel is at risk. I predicted all this years ago. But I’m not the only one, believe me. Many other Whites over the years have figured out the whole Jew “schtick” and have tried desparately to warn us.

ALL White countries are being turned inside out by Jewish NWO forces and immoral Jews everywhere. Haven’t you wondered why so much of the homo movement, porno and lefty crap is run by Jews?

They know if they lose America, then their whole modern day Israel restoration project will be over. Israel can only survive by milking the US taxpayer for foreign and military assistance. Hell, we plan to give Israel 38 billion (from what we know) just for military hardware — that’s enough every year to pay for a border Wall with Mexico many times over. Israel has border walls all over the place — giant concrete things with watch towers to keep out the Palestinians and Africans trying to get in from Egypt. Hell, they sometimes even shoot dead African “infiltrators.”

Israel is even proudly called a “Jewish state” in the media. No one asks why they can have ethno state, but not us White people.

The devious Jew punks are doing it in whatever White country they live. Your “globalism” BS is the work of big time elite Money Jews, trying to create a one world government by castrating the White race enough so we don’t threaten the program. You can spot the efforts in the media — even FOX news doesn’t want it public knowledge.

Here, watch this little video of what is going on in Ireland — the Emerald Isle (they first tried to disable it to keeping it from going “viral”):

Click on video to go to Youtube to watch it there.

These filthy Jews have been playing America like a fiddle. Hell, they’ve been playing the White race like a fiddle with mass media and White “guilt” programs. They know exactly the buttons to push.

Jews love jacking us up over just about anything. Watch TV and you’ll see all the Jews working as supposed great experts on every topic. That’s the thing: Jews can’t stand working manual jobs one bit. Why do you think the Holocaust had the Jews so pissed? Because the Germans made the Jews work in the camps! All the supposed industrial gassing crap is total BS.

Yep, the whole Holocaust “schmeil” has been the work of Jewry in brainwashing the White race. You can even see how they started the brainwashing efforts in the 1970’s — right along with Feminism and Faggotry rights. They already more or less finished the black civil rights crap in the 1960’s (but still jacking our chains to this day).

Notice how the tranny crap was unleashed upon us once they got homo marriage legalized by traitors in the courts. They knew they had to do this since so many faggots are sick in the head. These are not normal people whatsoever, but nasty, dirty perverts. Most people are clueless on just how sick homos really are.

They are even brainwashing out children in schools with this filth. They want to make as many as possible to go gay. The more of us “gay” the less of us have families and children. It’s a “two-fer” for the Jews.

Say anything and they scream “homophobe” and get you fired from your job. You can’t even make the least comment on the Internet without risking the wrath of the PC police.

Yep, all this has been brewing in White countries for decades. Believe me, I’ve seen them gradually working in the Agenda. They knew they couldn’t spring it on us immediately, so they embarked on a long-running brainwashing program, while at the same time bringing down White demographics. All of it is now completely obvious.

So go ahead and call me a big hater boy. I don’t care what they say any longer.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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39 Responses to Treacherous Jewry Is Destroying Our Race

  1. Resist Social Engineering says:

    Since homosexual behaviors are now being sanctioned as normal by our tax-supported public school system, the schools should be required to include the numerous diseases associated with anal sex. It used to be called “gay bowel syndrome” by physicians, but that term was deemed politically incorrect. Here is a list of diseases associated with homosexual behaviors. The leading disease amongst homosexual men is Condyloma acuminata, aka HPV or anal warts. This incurable virus is easily spread via sexual contact and is incurable. The warts spread and must be frozen off.
    The HPV virus is a precursor to anal cancer. The social engineers do not want the public to know there is an epidemic of homosexuals contracting anal cancer. They also do not want the public to understand that homosexuals have a much higher percentage of drug/ alcohol addiction and diagnosed mental health disorders. The following article provides a list of diseases associated with anal sex as identified by physicians. However, I did not see the condition known as “leaky anus” mentioned in this article. Think of the anal sphincter as a piece of elastic that is not designed to be over stretched on a regular basis. The sphincter eventually loses its elasticity. Therefore a big cough or sneeze could lead to anal leakage. One must wonder how many homosexuals wear pads for protection. Wow! sexy ain’t it? There is also the practice of pushing one’s entire hand into another’s colon. It’s known as “fisting”. Incredible but true. I found this comment online. “For those who get into “fisting” and other non-organ penetration, having worked in a large ER center for many years, I have seen young men end up with loss of bowel control, wounds that resist healing, and more times than I like to think about, colostomies.” That behavior is completely insane. Have you ever, even one time, observed this very real concern being discussed on mainstream media or being included in sex education curriculums in our public schools?
    List of “gay” Diseases:

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Great video Incogman. Makes me proud of my Irish ancestry. I’m a Mick. And proud of it. Certainly enjoy cold beer, anytime of day or night. But I generally call myself a proud patriotic American NATIONALIST. I don’t need any african or native or jewish in front of the American part. But when asked I’m not ashamed to say it either. But the McC gives it away wont spell the rest I’ve had enough trouble with scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agents already. But they already know. I.P. address stuff. Believe me they know. Been on the terrorist watch list no-fly list and tracked for twelve years even put in the cage on false gun charges so they could put me under rendition and enhanced interrogation for three days intentional infliction of emotional distress mental torture is better description. Like I’m some kind of homegrown domestic terrorist Timoth McVeigh stuff. Turns out I was just an America-firster NOT an israil firster. That will get you on the blacklist destroy his life and livelihood list anywhere near the dc beltway and the Anyway. Something about the Irish spirit that jews hate. It got the Kennedy’s killed that’s for sure. But jews hate Catholics too. And everybody else except jews. jews hate us because we exist. On their planet (in a jews mind). But keep in mind White people. WE have a right to exist also. That’s a God given right. Don’t give up your rights. Any of them. Protect them with your lives if necessary. People died fighting the greatest empire on earth (at the time) risking everything they had including their lives dangling on the end of a noose to secure those rights for us. So many others since ( although I do question the validity of foreign wars. Should have listened to George Washington.) Do it for posterity and your children and grand children’s sake.

    Early Origins of the McC family

    The surname McC was first found in the county of Cork (Irish: Corcaigh) the ancient Kingdom of Deis Muin (Desmond), located on the southwest coast of Ireland in the province of Munster, where they held a family seat from ancient times.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      I tried to post this tidbit of Irish American History 2 days ago but InCogman was banned for a couple days. My point in this is and it’s relevance to our cause is that whenever a bleeding heart Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard indoctrination center graduate do-gooder opens up their lie-hole and starts blabbering about us being a nation of immigrants tell them to shut their fucking lie-hole and remind them that we were NOT a welfare state back then. People came LEGALLY and were checked for defects and diseases and DOCUMENTED for an OPPORTUNITY to WORK HARD and make a better life for themselves and their posterity. And they built a great nation at the same time. There weren’t no leaving behind your third world shithole to come to America the land of the free stuff sneak across the fucking border with your ninos and immediately upgrade your standard of living by heading straight to the nearest social services office to sign up for free shit and a taxpayer funded illegal immigrant advocate and drop your kids off at a taxpayer funded school that tries to teach a hundred different languages and gives out free breakfast, lunches, snacks and take home food backpacks all year round plus medical care. No comparison between the way early Irish LEGAL immigrants were treated ((like dirt) back then and how even criminal ILLEGAL immigrants (redundant) are treated now. You got these mofos deported 5 times still sneaking back in to eventually kill some innocent Americans. Do gooders always want to claim the moral high ground about stuff but when it comes to paying the bills for it all they demand that others open up their wallets and pay the costs and bear the burdens when most of us are struggling to pay our own bills and meeting our own responsibilities. Oh I harken back to the days when personal responsibility (and for your own offspring) was king. And on top of that the BEST outcome in the long run would be for the people in third world shitholes become Nationalists themselves and if their country is all fucked up with crime and corruption get together and clean it up and fix it and make it better. That’s a human caused problem and not a natural disaster like earthquake or drought or famine.

      December 18

      The death of Molly-ism

      John Kehoe, the last of the Molly Maguires, is executed in Pennsylvania. The Molly Maguires, an Irish secret society that had allegedly been responsible for some incidences of vigilante justice in the coalfields of eastern Pennsylvania, defended their actions as attempts to protect exploited Irish-American workers. In fact, they are often regarded as one of the first organized labor groups.

      In the first five years of the Irish potato blight that began in 1845, 500,000 immigrants came to the United States from Ireland–nearly half of all immigrants to the U.S. during those years. The tough economic circumstances facing the immigrants led many Irish men to the anthracite (hard coal) fields in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. Miners worked under dangerous conditions and were severely underpaid. Small towns owned by the mining companies further exploited workers by charging rent for company housing. In response to these abuses, secret societies like the Molly Maguires sprung up, leading sporadic terrorist campaigns to settle worker/owner disputes.
      Industry owners became increasingly concerned about the threat posed by the Molly Maguires. Franklin B. Gowen, president of the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company, hired the Pinkerton Detective Agency to infiltrate the secret society and find evidence that could be used against them. James McParlan, who later became the most celebrated scumbag private detective of the era, took the high-risk assignment and went undercover within the organization. For more than two years, he established his place in the Molly Maguires and built trust among his fellow members.

      Eventually, several Molly Maguires confessed their roles in the murder to McParlan. When he was finally pulled out of the society in February 1876, the detective’s information led to the arrest and conviction of 19 men.
      In June 1877, 10 Molly Maguires were hanged on a single day. In December of the following year, Kehoe was arrested and hanged for the 1862 murder of Frank W.S. Langdon, a mine foreman, despite the fact that it was widely believed he was wrongly accused and not actually responsible for anyone’s death. Although the governor of Pennsylvania believed Kehoe’s innocence, he signed the death warrant anyway. Kehoe’s hanging at the gallows was officially hailed as “the Death of Molly-ism.”

      Though the deaths of the vigilante Molly Maguires helped quell the activity of the secret society, the increased assimilation of the Irish into mainstream society and their upward mobility out of the coal jobs was the real reason that protective secret societies like the Molly Maguires eventually faded into obscurity.

  3. jayhackworth says:

    Justice doesnt sleep forever , all you holohoaxing jews who have have been enabled to murder and persecute at free will the many truth tellers, in order to promote your perverted philosophy ,There’s a growing number of sane men and women immune to your infection.

  4. I appreciate your publishing of the articles as a PDF. I have gotten into the practice of saving most every article I read and video I watch on these subjects. The threat of the internet going dark is a very dark prospect for much of this information indeed….

  5. jayhackworth says:

    If (the jews) insist, resist.

  6. Nationalist says:

    Whites need logic and facts not emotionalism in deciding what is right and wrong. The fact is Whites are entitled to land and the only way we can have it is for that land to belong exclusively to White people and no one else. We cannot have non-Whites presiding over us, all of our leaders need to be White male nationalists just like we had in the beginning of our nation. No White person in their right mind is going to think that a diminishing percentage of the total population is going to be in our best interest or that we should be required to put up with such a dangerous situation. Call for help and see what kind of response you get from non-English speaking third world people, it will not be positive you can be sure of that. Whites being killed by non-Whites in nursing homes on a regular basis, we won’t even be able to retire in comfort no matter how much money we managed to acquire during our lifetimes. Liberalism is insanity and we need to get rid of it along with all of the invaders who were allowed into our country by back stabbing Jews who always return nice gestures with treachery. We have managed to fall behind so it is time for a rally and comeback that will send our Jew foes running straight for the nearest ditch.


    Amerikwa was warned as early the 1800’s, NOT to let the scheming, thieving
    jews gain a foot hold in the US… And the US has constantly been warned since then about the jewish foothold in the US… Jews, race traitors, liberals, bleeding hearts and hand wringers, are the cause of the white race’s problems… yes, liberals, existed even way back then, and we are now seeing the results of the insidious workings of the jews and the current social position of the white race… and that “buckyroo” IS due to jew hatred of the “GOYIM”….
    (Whitey… this is you, if you are not yet aware of the term which also means
    “cattle” in jew speak)
    AH had it right… NO f’n jews…
    Might as well toss in NO nigs and 3rd world garbage too!!!!!!
    Remember whitey, you ARE getting exactly what you voted for…

    • Arctic Circle says:


      The scheming, thieving, jews gain a foot hold in the US…, , endless loot and malice of our women, are all atributes of the Rat’s Race known as the capitalistic – communism.

      And yes, we are the “cattle” for the jews. Jews lead war on white people must be stopped, because it is not going to get ended well.

  8. Roy says:

    Anyone have any constructive criticisms (website;blog etc.) regarding this man — Miles Mathis?

    He seems to be gaining attention with Nationalists as of late. They are buying into his “Hitler was an agent” propaganda.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Yes, this individual is becoming popular.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Roy, are you strange?

      Please, let us know how did you come to ask about Miles Mathis from, and what is erecting you interest, first and then ask for help. Not the other way around. Are not you a Spiderman 2022?

      According to the Hollywood Reporter, Miles Mathis, will be starring in the role of pilot son of Maverick’s wingman Nick Goose in the Top Gun 2: Maverick.

      • Roy says:


        On a few forums I frequent, I’ve been noticing the theories of Miles Mathis gaining in popularity.

        I personally do not read him; nor know anything about him. Before I do my own investigation, I came here in the hopes that someone may point me in the right direction.

        “Iron Sharpens Iron”. I was hoping to find some help. But apparently I didn’t say the right ‘pass word’ or something.

  9. Arctic Circle says:

    es, there is a free speech crisis. But its victims are not blacks, politicians, colored, overly social women with a widely open minds, and sexual perverts. The black haters, somalian murderers, mexican rapists, vulgar prostitutes hanging around with obscene niggers, white scumbags (the friends of niggers) in the EU and US governments releasing billions of dollars to disgusting shiny niggers in the form of free scholarships and free tuition to law schools and science majors.

    There is a conspicuous effort to stifle the free speech of million of oppressed white people in Europe and U.S. Systematic criminalization of any expression of disagreement with policies that put ravaging, wild, and dangerous niggers into the positions of power by politicians supplying niggers with the free scholarships for playing absurd, useless, and disgusting sports.

    The whole world is facing a freedom of speech crisis, thanks to Jews, to jews relentless effort, jewish ownership of media, and disproportional hiring of jews and niggers in to the government by the The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

    This are just a few examples of the National Security is turned in to the National Insecurity. That are more.

    In every major city in the world, colored, habitually accuse white people of being faggots, white trash, racists, supremacists, and remain unpunished for that continuous harassment.

    Collored emboldened so that to use the terms “free speech” interchangeably with the “white bitch”, and the term “white boy” with “faggot”.

    This forced coexistence must be stopped! Now!

    Those of us who are routinely called “bitch”, “faggot” or “cracker” on the regular basis, and who are threatened with violence and death, in every and each possible places: on a wolk, in a restarant, or at school, the black violance with get even with you where you are.

    We white people have a much harder time accessing the right of “free speech” because there are powerful governmental forces, which benefit from the Jews funded War on the White Conservative Christianity. This War mobilizes more and more world’s niggers with extrordianry hate toward everything white, christian, normal, to fight ordinary white humans like you and I.

    The corporatism, multiculturalism, niggerism, coexistanism, and the must be ended, and replaced with the Normality.

    by The White Trash.

  10. jayhackworth says:

    “Cohen would refuse a pardon from Trump.”
    “… he underwent a genune transformation…”

    Serves Trump right; he trusted a jew.

  11. cole nidre says:

    Re Cronkite school of journalism, and its founder, at Arizona state
    university: when accepting the Norman Cousins Global Governance
    Award from the World Federalist Association in 1999, Cronkite
    stated “I am glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.”

    For many years Cronkite was the voice of Molech the Owl at the annual
    gathering of NWO cultists at the Bohemian Grove in northern

    They used to play “There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight”
    at its early incarnations. Jews and their illegal aliens torching
    white Paradise, CA? Prototypical of their self-proclaimed
    “good terrorism.”

  12. John Henry Eden says:

    Years ago, I noticed that Nazis,Hitler, and the “Holocaust” were all over TV right before the Israelis were about to bomb some Moslems. Which in and of itself is not a bad thing.
    I predict Israel will attack the Iranians sometime in 2019.

  13. J.R. says:

    Jews are now promoting the sale of politically correct black Santas to downgrade white Christian traditions… an inflatable black santa got ‘stabbed to death’ by enraged white folk recently…

    you’re getting the same thing in New Zealand, where a local Maori caused outrage by dressing up in Maori tribal gear and posing as Santa in a recent Santa parade in the country… it’s okay for the Maoris to take over and ridicule white folk’s tradition, but don’t even think about tampering with Maori tradition, culture, and land in the country…

  14. J.R. says:

    just so you know…Saint Nicolas aka Santa is officially the patron saint of merchants and repentant thieves… He may well have also been a decent Christian guy who’d gone out of his way to leave presents on doorsteps for folk at Christmas time in a country in the snowy north of Europe back in the day…

    but the guy in the red and white suit with a white beard that was famously promoted by the (now kosher) coca-cola company and is paraded around at this time of the year to promote the commerce the jew merchants are at the back of, is really a worshiped image of the jews’ god Lucifer who is the prince of this present evil secular world and fell by transgression as the first merchant…

    lots of people now know “Santa” is a cryptogram in Otherworld terms for the devil or Satan, but not so many know why…

    the jews use the worshiped image of Santa (aka Satan) with his white beard, sitting in his sleigh in the snow as an image of their god Lucifer as the first merchant, to mock the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and the Christian’s Trinitarian interpretation of the God Jehovah who is described in the Bible as “the ancient of days, sitting in a chariot throne with wheels, in a garment white as snow, with hair like pure wool”…

    just as they use Santa with either “sprite boy” or some gullible youngster in his lap to mock the jews’ and Lucifer’s arch-enemy Jesus Christ who said “suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of God”…

    Lucifer inspired the Jew merchants to sell out Christ for thirty pieces of silver… Lucifer was created by God as “son of the morning”, but by transgression he became the nemesis of Jesus Christ who is the true Son of God and the biblical bright and morning star …
    Lucifer’s primary aspiration has always been to be “like the most high”…

    Merrry Christmas and happy hanukah goyim…

    “Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar. The festival is observed by lighting the candles of a candelabrum with nine branches, called a menorah (or hanukkiah).”

    • Red Pill says:

      then i find out Rudolf the red nosed reindeer is a fucking jew
      “Rudolph with your nose so bright won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?”
      wrote by a friggen jew,….Robert May grew up in an affluent, secular Jewish home in New Rochelle, New York.

      i don’t celebrate it any way, it’s a pagan ritual incorporated by the catholic church. or you can call it ‘FAKE NEWS” by jews.
      fuck the jews and the Jesuits

  15. Red Pill says:

    i received my yellow safety vest to day, now i am a committed nationalist.
    it’s coming just around the corner.
    your only choices are nationalism or globalism.
    which is Americanism or Communism.
    want to join? or would you rather live on your knees.
    when it starts it will be an open season with no bag limits.
    looking forward to taking back America, enough is enough.

  16. Holly says:

    My grandmother was a O’Driscoll. What are we going to do?? Because I will do it, I wake up sick everyday living in this land of lies.

  17. Arctice Circle says:

    The NWO is already here!

    Many good white people still believe that dark niggers, brown satans, jewish mongrels are out there conspiring to spider the New World Order (NWO) against us white people.

    Regrettably the NWO is long have being here. And is here to stay.

    Look around, and say congradulation to the first transgender from America winning Miss Glob, France’s white protesting from raizing CPI, Hungary’s white people are protesting enslaving Labor Law, Russia’s and America’s whites are constantly suppressed and fragmented by the police and other means preventing them to united and strike.

    Our Christams, which is important time for every Christian White Soul around the globe, is almost here.

    However, from now on every Christmass for us will be on nonstop Halloween prepared for us by Hollywood. The fucking demons, Hollywoods, they have got the world order exactly the way they wanted it already, and not tomorrow.

    The Hollywoods have created the order they want, and they do not need to work any more. From now on and fore ever they are free of worring about tomorrow, or about rainy day, or needing to work. From now on, the scum of the Earth, the fucking Jews and Rich White Pigs (the white traitors of the whites) can let themselves to be creative all they want, or lazy, or hollywoody, or faggy, or lost in the cloud of the opium dream. And nothing will happen to them: the police will protect them, the niggers will grow and bring them the food, and the hungry virgins will suck them dry.

    This is not a good World Order. This is not what our forefathers were dying for and wanted for us.

    So the question is how to change it, who to correct it, or how to dismantle the whole mighty jews to remove them from tabulating our labor? How to remove the jews from financially and practically intermediating every spoon of soup we have. (If you stupid) I reiterate. Try to imagine yourself upfront of a fresh plate of a sup, mastered in your spun, opened your mouth … and all of a sudden the fucking jewish demon materializes, from no where, and eats up half of the zuppe in your spoon and disappears.

    You think what the fuck? Eat what ever left in the spoon, get another one. The fucking jew is immediately here again and eats up the half of it again.

    This time you try to eat faster. Nothing helps the fucking jews are there everytime to eat 50% of EVERYTHING you eat. Some say as much as 90%.

    Next morning you are back into the Rats Race (work) to feed the fucking jew again.

    The question is can the brave anyones catch the fucking jew and poke him in the eye so he does not see where the spoon with the soup is, or do something even more interesting to the bloodsucking parasites.

  18. Arctic Circle says:

    This is the genuine Indignation of all people who are forced to coexist with Nigges and Jews, it is NOT a Russian Propaganda!

    Did you read this shit, they are now trying to downplay the outcry of all the victims of the black, jewish, and Mexicans crimes and write it off as the nonexisting Russian propaganda.

    One does not need to be a Propagandist to see how detrimental African-Americans, Niggers, and Mexicans for American Culture, Unity , patriotism, morality, sense of well being, and the willingness to pay taxes.

    The Russian influence campaign on social media in the 2016 election made an extraordinary effort to target African-Americans, used an array of tactics to try to suppress turnout among Democratic voters and unleashed a blizzard of posts on Instagram that rivaled or exceeded its Facebook operations, according to a report produced for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    The report adds new details to the portrait that has emerged over the last two years of the energy and imagination of the Russian effort to sway American opinion and divide the country, which the authors said continues to this day

  19. Arctic Circle says:

    In Re to Roy’s post at December 17, 2018 at 1:27 pm


    Can you please post the links and brief us on the theories of the Miles Mathis and what do you personally think of these theories?

    There is no secrets, passwords, or special privileges given to the niggers and jews on this website. Those who post on this website are the group of good people who love the united states, and care about other white people here and in europe.

    Our only purpose is the Truth. Our only mission is the White Policy. Our only future is the Victory!

    When the little jews are just littered out, by jewish shwine-matca, they are tought to “go along the lines of power, to go along the line of wealth”.

    On the contrary when a white people borne, we are taught to be disciplined, and to obey the God as ultimate authority and look up to the other whites who know what is right and have a sufficient energy and courage to lead the whites the God’s way. In our case such leader is ICM, and many other people on this website.

    In conclusion, you will save a lot of time, and the most improve your overall Health if you stop reading Miles Mathis, listening to Miley Cyrus, and fishing for some strange secret reflation of people identities, and start reading

    It is not about the secrets any more, it is not about verbal derogatory remarks anymore. It is about who is going to get it and who is not!

  20. Arctic Circle says:

    Fucking Niggers, Monkeys, fucking Mestisos with the fucking Bears around fucking shaved fucking heads are fucking everywhere. This is suffocating. Me goes north.

  21. Arctic Circle says:

    Look at this shit if you want to die laughing!”True”%20OsKey%3A%22OnThisDay1217%22+Id%3A%223%22+dw_answerstobesuppressed%3A%22taskpanepromotionanswer%22&form=OTDHVS

    Look at this fucking pig-faces of Gorbachev and fucking Yeiltcin fucking pigs are saying that Soviet Union will cease to exist, all when millions of people where working for the particular goals, for the better future, only to to one day see the fucking jewish billionaires replaced honest people at the food chain.

    No try to imagine yourself waking up to the JTV with the talking head Obama Demon, saying that “No More Whites, whites cease to exist”…. fucking funny. I guarantee you that that the fucking Jewish Rich Pigs can afford it.

  22. damocles says:

    roy arctic circle speaks for himself ….no no one on here is familiar with mathis but alot of these nationalist guys are compromised from the start ….like the kkk being jew run by jews since the turn of the century …it was originally the protecting and avenging angel of helpless whites in the south post civil war and there arent very many books that translate the horror of life for the civilians of the south ..
    civil war wasnt about slavery since the commercial selling of niggers was abated in 1806 approx ..
    at the time rthere was an equal amount of freed slaves in the NORTH as well as the south equal number of slave owners in the north as in the south …..yeah if you go by cotton farmstats there were much leess niggers picking cotton in the north but it doesnmt mean there were less niggers and nig owners as well as wholesale masses of irish slaves …
    thisd white dilema and child slaves is onr big reason they abated slavery …
    there were 400,000 freed nigger morons in the north ans same same in the south …..
    less than 2% of the total colonial pop ever had them and most were jews and nigger slave owners ..
    white christians were ap[palled at such a business ..
    so the civil war hoax of freeing slaves is bs yaaawn ..really ..
    nigers able to assimiolate into white socitey is a joke as well as a hoax ..
    lincoln would have deported every last morlock back to the land of the apes before time ….
    african tribes went to war aginst other tribes to take human booty and dinner on the pad …they would take their prisones and hand thjem off to muslim north african niggers involved in slave trade to which they would sell them to jewish slave trade assholes who brought 14 million of these sick bitches to brazil and estimares at 100 million to the middle east over a thousand year period …slaver still exists in africa where repatriated nuggs came home to the heart of darkness and emslaved the m,asses ..
    mauritania outlwaed slavery in 2004 but it still exists in all black predom states countries shitholes etc in africa …what a fuckin dump …niggers creating dunes on the beaches by shiotting everywhere …
    these niggers are as bad as the shetyl jews from bela rus in olden times …jews always had outbreaks of pandemics which is how typhus came into the camps in germany and was the real killer of jews and larger percentages of slavs and other euro dogmeat ….the holocaust has been found to be the biggest crock o shit in history having been put thru the crucible of fire ….
    basically jews now as a multiculturist insular cult are not relagted to any shoitbag israelites from old ..
    in essence you heve the shit bag chabad lubavitch assholes who are always the ones seen in the jewish supremeicst laws pushed by them and signed by heads of states now belonging to religious cultural madmen …
    any jew making any comment or attemp;ting to influence the usa is a serious violation of the church and state category in the constituion and all their inroads are constitutionally void …so imagine the arrogance extraordinaire ,hubris peronified ,sons of perfidy m aking religious noahhyde laws for integration into usa disintegration …..
    the jew chabad are dangerous criminals capable of blood libel and murder and etc etc ….so yuse think they are holy ….blowin chunks man …these demonic scumbags are not decendants of any of the original 12 -14 tribes of misreal …..all thise fleabags went on walkabout long before the son of man emmanuel came ….to teach ….and we see what he said ….jews were sons of the devil are the sons of the devil …
    no jew shoud be allowed any where near american political structure as they are violating the soverign base of the constituion as jews they are loyal to terroist communism and judaisetic talmuudizm …they are religious sayanims as well as political sayanims ……by the constituion they are not allowed to spread their despair and distopia ….which is why many cities should have exterminated them in the loast they instead kept thm in quarantiine quarters of cities with gates and gaurds and curfews ….do you think that can stop a rat …
    yeaj america is goin the same way as russia and south africa cus the left never rests or stops ..
    what the jews have done to destroy nations and people is so vast of a knowledge base it would be impossible to log all of it ….the sheer size and amount of their crimes is astronomically large the world can barely contain the evils and blood spilled because and by jews ….

  23. Joe Btfsplk says:

    The Last Curtain: How Miles Mathis Destroyed (and Gave Me Back) My Life

    Enter researcher Miles Mathis, to take the whole field of “conspiracy” research to a new level, exposing even most alternative theories as misdirection, and outing seemingly every mainstream cultural icon as an agent, accomplice or dupe of the Intelligence services, at the behest of the ruling elite. Mathis’ most radical vision is that even most alternative “conspiracy” theories (including those of McGowan) play into the larger deception or are a form of controlled opposition, hiding the bigger picture of events from public scrutiny, and reinforcing the illusion that controversial personalities, assassinations, and terror events were real at all.

    Mathis explains the pitfall of most such “alternative” or “conspiracy” analyses:

    Manson murders never happened:

    Pay your money, and take your druthers. . .

  24. Cole nidre says:

    these Jews are really stupid if they think everybody is gonna roll
    over and let ’em exterminate us.

    some jew said recently that they were “a!most there, just a little more.”

    Johnson & Johnson baby powder? The jew considers all white
    babies in the world as uterine cancer, when in fact the Jews are
    the cancer, we are the hosts. All part of their war of extermination
    against the European race.

    the Jew’s god is Satan
    of that there’s no doubt
    long since past time
    to see them all out!

  25. cole nidre says:

    these Jews are really stupid if they think everybody is gonna roll
    over and let’em exterminate us. some jew said recently that they
    were “almost there, just a little more.”

    Johnson & Johnson baby powder? the jew considers any white baby
    in the womb as uterine cancer, when in fact the Jews are the cancer,
    we are the hosts. all part of their war of extermination against the
    European races.

    the Jews god is Satan
    of that there’s no doubt
    long since past time
    to drive them all out.

  26. Joe Btfsplk says:

    Jew’s god

    Jews god

    s/b Jews’ god in each instance [plural and possessive]

  27. carnac123 says:

    It amazes me that the people who make the most money out of Christmas are people who do not even believe in Christ who Christmas is supposed to be patterned for. Leftist Jews own most of the large department stores and warehouse stores. They are the ones that buy the commercials to urge Christians to buy and buy during Christmas. They sponsor “Christmas shows” which do not say one word about Christ. They are simply about Santa and people around a Christmas tree. They have turned Christmas into a buying frenzy which leaves people poorer and with a pile of junk they will use about one month after Christmas before it begins to break down. Unless I just missed them,….I did not see one show on Christ this year. Jews have made sure that there weren’t many of those. You see, they run television also. It is about time they leave our country. They have their own country….., they should go to it. We would be better off without them and their black sidekicks. Nothing from Africa are its surroundings is worth anything.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      hear hear I second that emotion. The jews are done finished using America yet. Still some shekels and resources left to steal. And the us military blood and taxpayer treasury is not finished building the israili empire and keeping israil safe with border walls and fences and armed drones etc etc. iran north korea and russiarussiarussia hasn’t been destroyed yet. One certain way to bring the scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agents tough boys and girls and israil firsters deep jew swampers out of their cockroach holes is to say you are going to pull American troops out of a middle eastern country away from guarding israil and making israil safe and building the israili empire jew world order and use them to guard the American border and make America and the American people safer instead. israil firster generals military industrial banking complex war profiteers and merchants of death and destruction quit over such notions as that. International jews worlds foremost problems. Even 1000 times worse than when the Good Lord and Henry Ford warned us a hundred years ago. Should have listened to him way back then also.

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    jews are NOT done using America yet..

  29. jayhackworth says:

    jew white -hating traitors promoting double standards. – the jew connection into the fall of USA

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