Negro Bashes White Woman Dead For Not Putting Out

Her Name is Marla Belin: White Woman Murdered by Black Man in 60% Black New Orleans Because She Refused His Sexual Advances


Hard to imagine too many people in New Orleans heard about the murder of Marla Belin.

The New Orleans Times Picayune reports Belin refused his sexual advances… [Report: New Orleans talent agency owner dies after purse snatching, beating, The Advocate, 12-30-18]:

A 55-year-old woman was taken off life support Friday following injuries she received in a violent robbery several days earlier, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

The death raised New Orleans’ homicide count for the year to 145. 

Police said the woman was the victim of a 7th Ward robbery about noon Dec. 17, when a man tried to grab her purse and a struggle ensued.

According to police, the victim chased the robber across the street in the 1700 block of North Dorgenois Street, at which point the robber body-slammed her to the ground, hit her head on the concrete several times and struck her in the face before fleeing with the purse.

Citing friends, identified the victim as Marla Belin. Belin is the owner of the talent agency NOLA Talent Entertainment, according to her LinkedIn page.

Police arrested a suspect in the case, Tyrone Fountain, 40, two days later.

Fountain was booked on counts of simple robbery and second-degree battery. His bail was set by a magistrate judge at $20,000, and he bailed out, according to the report, citing Belin’s friends.

A spokesman for the NOPD said homicide detectives are investigating to determine if additional charges are merited.

Fountain is scheduled for a court appearance Jan. 17, court records show.

The report said Belin’s talent agency focused on discovering and supporting local musicians. 

It quoted an agency employee as saying that Fountain and Belin both lived in the 7th Ward and knew each other before the attack.

If white privilege were real, we’d never stop hearing about this murder.

Have you even heard about his black on white homicide?


Then white privilege doesn’t exist.

And white lives don’t matter.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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36 Responses to Negro Bashes White Woman Dead For Not Putting Out

  1. Luna says:

    TNB! It’s always about muhdik with nigger bucks. This species will never evolve, when will white women learn to avoid these bipedal apes at all cost?

    • Valka says:

      It’s difficult sometimes. I live in a majority white town. Blacks are under 5%. I went outside my house one night to retrieve something Id forgetten in my car. I ended up finding an extremely tall black man in my 3 sided trash concealer area. He spoke to me as I closed my house door. Spoke to me from such a close distance, I expected a blow to the head as I turned to look.

      They are sometimes difficult to avoid but some whites arent taught anything so they are just lambs to slaughter.

      • rah711 says:

        Hello fellow human. Please be kind enough to list the city you’re residing in, because 5% spades sounds very attractive to me. Take care…

  2. Gene says:

    You Can Hardly Do Business Without Involving A Negro Nowadays.

    Sooner or later you have to recognize a Negro and cooperate with them to do business nowadays. This poor gal probably had money in her purse and somehow the NIG was tracking and stalking her for it. I wrote several blogs about how Negroes are tracking people maybe electronically and stalking Whites.

    It’s awful coincidental that a woman arrived at a bank to deposit $75,000.oo and was accosted by 2 Negro bucks in a robbery attempt. She finally prevailed with the help of a guy and I think they were pretty beat up.

    Like a bull in a china closet of fine china – what they don’t break the $__t on! Destructive Negroes.

    • Joe Btfsplk says:

      a woman arrived at a bank to deposit $75,000. . .

      and was accosted by 2 bucks. . .

      • INCOG MAN says:

        She left the bank with the 75K. A mudshark texted her bucks outside to alert them to her leaving with the money.

      • Gene says:

        I know she arrived at the bank with $75 K and took her time getting out of the car according to the video, but I don’t know where she came from with the $75K.

        It shows her being assaulted as the thieves grab her purse outside the bank as she ARRIVED at the bank. You must be referring to where she came from, eh?

      • Gene says:

        Your right, it now says it was a Valero gas station where she arrived.$75k-run-over-woman/4008316/

        So I will have to research this more.
        “INCOG MAN says:
        January 12, 2019 at 9:13 am

        She left the bank with the 75K. A mudshark texted her bucks outside to alert them to her leaving with the money.”
        You’re right, that must what happened!

      • Gene says:

        But it proves that Whites cannot trust any Blacks, anytime.

        How pitiful to think like that, but you simply cannot trust any Negroes anytime. If a Black bank clerk just waited on you you’d better look out because outside it could mean someone is waiting on you.

        But it applies to other things too, like food and restaurants and fast food places where the Nigs can play with your food, etc..

      • Anton Chigurh says:

        Is a text to bucks known as a “nigalert”?

  3. Daniel says:

    White women brought their own bloodbath upon themselves. CbhridtGod is in charge, FED UP, ashamed of his Adamic white women for reliving the Garden event where Eve was seduced by the nigger beast of the field who was infected with the serpent-devil spirit and Adultery took place and UNHOLY matrimony between women and beast

    ChristGod is also giving these women their just rewards……..For this was how IT ALL BEGAN! THIS WAS HOW SIN WAS INTRODUCED INTO THE ADAMIC RACE!

    Eve and the beast of the field negro buck started it, surely will finish it as ChristGod foretold in Gen ch 6 that we would surely once again return to the days of Noah where there were great mix and mingling and evil all the time everywhere.

    White women are at the mercy of these violent niggers all because, WELL, a lot of white women drool, and hang over the beast giving these feral things a GREAT GREAT POWERFUL ego, boastful attitude never seen and getting worse as society and media, and white women drool, and sucky sucky the sweaty/diseased STD black cock.

    Most of it is for show and tell understandable ” looky looky, I ain’t racist ” bla bla bla.

    But niggers let it go to their simian brains and will never let go …..To the madman nigger ape…you white women belong to them regardless of what white guy you are with…to them, you really want to be with them……

    White women sleep with hornets, then they wonder why they wake up stung!!


    • Arctic Circle says:

      Some classify religions into “natural” (theirs) and “ethical” (ours). Ethical religions are subdivided into “national” religions and “universal,” or “world,” religions. There are but three world religions: Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. Unlike other ethical religions, these three seek to conquer the world. Yet they themselves are not of equal worth. Islam is merely a wild offshoot of judaism and Christianity, and Buddhism neglects the divine and becomes infected by the most fantastic mythology and the most childish superstition.

      Christianity ranks incommensurably high above all other religions!

  4. S O G says:

    in a 70% nigger infested city itsz impossible to avoid the groid …pavement ape ..knuckle dragger …boot lip ..etc …
    we have the right to be armed and to defend ourselves from nigger anti white genocide ..
    if it was a white devil chasing a nigger bitch and robbing her and god forbid raping the beast we would not hear the end of the jewish owned media blasting racsit whitey ..
    the poor woman had 16 chirrens ,thew white devil was stealing her food stamps she worked so hard to get …trhousands of years of black slabery and white abuse of niggers etc ….actually the abuse and hate and murder has come fro the africaN shitbags for 400 years against whites while jews brough these morloks here and made house monkeys out of em in the north and cotton pikkers in the south it was the irish slaves who cut the land and drained it and built the infrastructure cus no nigger could do any of thet ….boy could they run and catch that foot ball tho …
    ok so i m ixed up my centuries a bit ….same shenannigans ….whites were worked to death ….freed black slaves by the hundreds of thousands and nih=gers born to freedmen numbered 400,000 in the north ands same nu,bers basically in the south would indicate they wernt worked to death or very hard …….
    how many crimes they commtted against whites around the jewish owned plantations can be studied in the “theinjusticefile”….
    a grouop of worthless shiftless niggeroids beat the hell out of a young abe lincoln as he came off a riverboat he worked on …
    he would have removeed every last nigger from america god rest his soul …
    most niggers did not want to go back to africa then or now as they complain incessently about conditions here they bring on us and thremselves …they terrorize and inflict slaver on their own in the drug infested ghettos ….they do not havew any place or business in white society ….hasnt this been proved over and over again …

    how abut the baltimore riot where the nigger whore mayor said let em burn it down ..
    why she wasnt endigted or jailed for this mass unrest i can only estimate the level of jewish marxist influence here …
    no one was aperested or questioned at all ..
    rodney king verdict anyone …..nigger filth sought out 63 white people and killed them during this shit nigger storm …
    when watts riot happened there had already been 3 major riots where they should have all been shot on sight there fore eliminating the motive for rioting …
    niggers were rightfully shot during watts riot …
    anyonre not sick of niggers and entitled elite jews ..
    we got jew power black power mexican power etc muslims taking the lead soon ..
    its a fuckin free for all …
    the more mexicans become embedded in our white culture the more white americans are despised and disenfranchised and tresated with contempt …we have all seen the reality of this or been fored because mexicans control certain people in HR or want a frein hired so the bad mouth the white guys and gett em fired …
    mexicans mock and back stab white americans at places we have to purchaes shit from where whites used to work …
    they steal endlessely from farms they work on …going out at nite with huge burlap sacks and filling them up with all manner of crops and sellin it at the local farmers market events …
    ive heard dozens and dozens of stories og mexican thievery and sexual harrassment of white women but niggers take the cake there ..
    a nigger arrogant and brainless walks up t a white woman ans says lets fuck etc etc and imagine the horror from the white girl …of couerse the brainless nigger moron gets offended when she says fuck off … te nigger will kill the woman ..
    sould like cultural enrichment to anyone …
    now niggers are walking uo to strangers in public places and assaulting ,stabbing ,baseball bats .golf clubs ,stolen guns or plain mobs beating whites to death ..
    when will we pay them back …..but certainly defend yourself with whatever you can to make sure the nigger never commits another crime ….ever……
    and pleas make note of congresses aproval for 20,000 sattellites to be put into space to implement the deadly 5G wireless protocol …
    please research this ludicrous undertaking …MM waves from these sattellites bombarding us 24/7 ….

    • Daniel says:


      Most plantations were indeed owned by Christian southerners who knew then that negros were defined as the ” BEASTS OF THE FIELD” AND, knew about the very beginning when ChristGod put the WHITE MAN from the ADAMIC race and a special chosen race of whites that were the direct descendants of ChristGod. ChristGod and then formed beasts ( negroid bucks mainly ) handed them over to ADAM man formed first and directed ADAM to supervise, teach, and lead the negroid ( beasts of the field ) in dressing the Garden of Eden ( Satan however had other plans TO BROWN UP the white mans Garden with mix and mingling of a now infected ADAMIC BLOODLINE and infected the nigger field hand to seduce and then fuck, and impregnated the whore Eve with Cain ( now who are modern day JEW CANAANITES LIBERALS AGAINST THE FULL BLOODED CHRISTGOD WHITE ADAMIC CHOSEN CHRISTIAN PEOPLES AND JEALOUS THAT THEY KNOW THEY ARE INFECTED WITH NIGGER BLOOD AND SATAN DNA….CAN EXPLAIN THE JEW EVILNESS TO THE CORE and their affiliation and devotion and HEAVY ATTRACTION FOR BROWN AND BLACK SKIN NEGRIODS and die for diversity!! )

      Those southerners were devout in that belief….WAIT A JEW MINUTE…up to the point where the white negroid canaanite jews poured into jew-york back in the mid 1800’s by the cockroach system as they infected the north and snuck into America WITH THEIR LONG TERM AGENDA DIE HARD TO DESTROY THE CHRTISTIAN WHITES, AMERICA AND HER FOUNDATION, AND TO ONE DAY BRING THE ENTIRE WHITE CHRISTIAN RACE TO ITS KNEES BEGGING.

      But first, the jew agenda was to brainwash the Christians with the Israel controversy as they managed to slyly convince those Christians that when ChristGod speaks of Isareal the dozens upon dozens of times he mentions them in scriptures, the jews had them believing up until modern day sadly that ChristGod was talking about the jew as his peoples and the Israelites!


      Once the kiniving jews had the Northerners in BOO HOO mode sucking up to the knew discovered understanding that jews are the chosen and white Christians were somehow goims and worse than dogs, it would be a matter of time before the ” CHOSEN ONES ” ORDERED THE THE NOW NEW INFORMED Christians who would bend over to reach for their socks with trou dropped and all for the chosen ones to release the barbaric sub-human beasts of the fields with entitlements to rope, guns, machine guns, dope, knives and the attitude that all whites are a racist ungodly barbaric hell-bound race of scrooges and low IQ whites deserving to be victimized forever and ever by the negroids.

      Somehow and obviously very SO, those Christians were ENLIGHTENED by a bunch of Canaanite jews who themselves are the very seed of their father SATAN as ChristGod has foretold us in Matthew kjv. Even Abe Lincoln was bitten by the cupid jew/lie arrow and started a Civil war to kill fellow white brothers on behalf of the modern day nigger movement and their behaviour to be free from white mans supervision/control, and free to kill, act barbaric, uncivilized, etc,..etc..

      Personally, I don’t believe Abe Lincoln would have ever sent the niggers home to aperica because jew control and movement was also boasting with the jew fables ChristGod warned us NOT to listen to…TITUS 1:14…Maybe that’s why ChristGod had a hand in the assassination of that twisted president that wasted 600,000 men on behalf of your modern day CHIMPCAGO NIGGERS EVERYWHERE HATING WHITES WANTING GENOCIDE AND A RACE WAR! Abe hopefully is ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE ASHAMED!

      The uninvited jews slyly would sell a crowd the notion that niggers were just like the average white guy and maybe even a little humbler. We were sold the jew fables…TITUS: 1:14…. that ChristGod directed us not to listen to!


  5. S O G says:

    Daniel says:
    January 11, 2019 at 2:51 am

    White women brought their own bloodbath upon themselves. CbhridtGod is in charge, FED UP, ashamed of his Adamic white women for reliving the Garden event where Eve was seduced by the nigger beast of the field who was infected with the serpent-devil spirit and Adultery took place and UNHOLY matrimony between women and beast

    yer a sick fuck danny …..nothing more nothing less … fly in the face of the true living god with your bullshit psuedo religios tyranny …you are a sick fuck ..
    and you will bring about your own calamity from here on …..
    what you represent doesnt even come close to any christian doctrine i ever studies its more like talmudism wit a fuckin wing nut to spew it out at people like feces ….
    please go commit suicide ……….

    • Daniel says:


      All the blaspheme and insults in ths world towards me and the written truth with WISDOM one receives from asking and believing WIIL NOT change the TRUTH and the TRUE events of the serpent seed doctrine and the Adamic race formed differently than the other races which were created NOT formed, AND of course the knowledge of the negro as the beast of the field as Adamic mans supervised and managed servant that was supposed to have obeyed God together in a perfect formed sin-free Garden of Eden where EVERYTHING WAS BLESSED AND OF PURENESS!!!!!

      Then we cut them loose

      Then we said they were like normal humans and just like us but with a dark





  6. Daniel says:

    Not a matter of how, why, or where, but WHEN. Niggers in South Afric United States and actually the world has bullied, pushed & shoved, VEXING, and initiated a RACIAL WAR. Their commanders and war planners are no other than the jews in high places allowed to organize/control the race war.

    Ezekiel 38, 39 speaks of a major race/religious war called the Gog & Magog ( ironically the fake jews have once again managed to brain jerk earlier Christians into believing modern day israel is the Ezekiel 38, 39 ( gog & magog ) event as to catch us off guard looking the wrong way yet again, and yet again most Christian sadly are fixated on modern day israel that ChristGod DIVORCED!! NO MORE….. AMERICA/EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS NEW COVENANT/CHOSEN PEOPLES OF THE CHRISTIAN ADAMIC RACE…LOL!

    This Gog & Maygog also AKA…War scrolls, Son’s Of LIGHT vs Sons of darkness, Armageddon, Many simply will call it WW111. But its ALL the same battle/war/invasion to take place on American soil during the last part of the Tribulation when the new one world order is in place and the false messiah is already in reign/leader as the mark of the beast already implemented and mostly WHITE CHRISTIANS will be already hunted and persecuted for resisting the 666 mark of the obama one world religion order denying Christ as the true saviour to come after the fake messiah to force his mark.

    War to take place sometime during, before or sometime during this coming Ezekiel 38, 39 invasion ChristGod steps in and defeats Christodom American/Israelites enemies which according to Ezekiel will be non-white nations ( Africa, Middle east, Russia/jew/communist/antifa/esu’s ) niggers foreign and domestic, Islamic foreign and domestic, jew ( communist / antifa/ Liberal extremist ) Foreign and domestic, asian= N. Korea/Communist China,Foreign and domestic……….. ALL WILL BE AGAINST THE WHITE CHRISTIAN PEOPLES OF THE ADAMIC COVENANT OF CHRISTGOD.

    In Africa, the niggers want this Ezekiel to happen sooner than later……….. But White Christian South Africans are now PREPARING FOR A RACE WAR THAT NIGGERS THERE HAVE INITIATED STRONGLY BY THEIR KILLING SPREE OF WHITES THROUGH NATURAL HATRED/RACISM AND EVILNESS.

    If these young white men in White African boot-camp start the war there in South Africa….SIGN ME UP………And I hope many brave whites here and abroad would go there to help alongside there fellow Christian White brothers under genocidal Attack out of PURE rotten demonic evilness.

  7. Daniel says:

    If she was CCW or just otherwise carrying maybe things would have been much much different. The negro barbaric unpredictable beast will become vicious at any time. He’s constantly thinking of a way to get over and a way to be sneaky by force/violence as quickly as possible.



    Call, leave an opinion…I did, if anything, they need to hear our voices or we WILL be sitting ducks and your once brave police will be your confiscating negro/jew loving leftist extremist. WE HAVE TO STOP THIS WHILE THERE IS STILL SHORT TIME AND THEY GET REALLY FREAKY ON US……. It starts with voices, opinions…they want to hear anyways. If not, we lose! FULL STORY BELOW

    Colleton Sheriff phone= 843-549-2211

    Let’s show our support and concerns for Raymond Allen EVERYONE! This can only keep escalating and getting worse and the negros are getting more and more violent the police are covering up to extremes yet want to harass a white man…..THINK ABOUT IT, COULD BE YO. SPEAK UP!!

  8. Bob says:

    People need to know that the filthy jew owned and operated the transatlantic slave trade throughout the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Now they blame it on white people. Another big jew lie. Dontell Jackson had a nice website explaining all of this but the filthy satanic jew got it removed.

  9. Arctic Circle says:

    …as you advised, I looked at the niggers.

    Fucking disgusting, homegrown, overpaid for doing close to nothing, glistening, and shiny colored faces of the fecal, over-masculine shit. I looked and then I called it “IT”!

    I said to the white Beacky that IT must be thought to stay away from people, because if they say anything at all to me one more time I can overreact. If I react, and I know that sooner or later I will if that shit continues, then the countless number of police, firefighters (all heroic first responders) will arrest me and put me in jail. In jaile there will be more, much more fucking niggers arround, in less much less space. And they again will be telling shit …

    The white traitor Becky said: “If you call them “It”, you will make a lot of powerful people here angry “.

    I said, that if “It” would be humans, IT would know better to not to talk shit to the whites and not to follow us when not envied. Otherwise it will make me angry and all of them (IT) hospitalized or buried.

    There is no more logic in this perpetuated by the jews obscenity, there is no more hope for a resolution.

    Weaponization is a very useful process, but not a solution for the Jewish Problem of the forced niggerization of the United States of America. You can not overpower all those useless consumers of public good, who without contributing anything what so ever – the countless of millions of police, military, and thousands of obnoxious and lethargic federal workers, millions of private sector consumers who are there only for the sake of the fucking Profit fucking maximization. This and other fucking white scum will be killing us for their paycheck (30 pieces of the fucking jewish liver / 30$ per hour.

    All will be smashed – the had full of the best and the most honest whites, like incogman and others, who are like, it always happens through the history, can see the way.

    The white grassroots weaponization and unionization as positive as it is, must be followed by the political discourse and political reinforcement. Every city should start having the offices of the legitimate White Party. Why would not we nominate ICM to in the office from Main, or from District of Colombia (for the first time).

    Otherwise we are doomed.

    The white poo, the white exotics like Nazis, the white idiots, the white uselessness, the white individual effort must be rejected and discouraged. Because it may compromise the power and might of the Great White Conservative liberation.

  10. Arctic Circle says:

    You would think if would be good … Thousands of federal workers where let go. No more paycheques.

    Do not get happy to soon… The thousands of the fired white governmental workers will be replaced with the jews and niggers pretty soon.

    Many among white people have a brain of the size of kakado, cacado, straus, or a deer, but not the brain of the jew Einstein, who had a record 2 kilogram brain in the jar which was sold as a talisman or mascot to some other jew.

    I do not know if rp can pray to our God to show us the solution?

  11. Gene says:
    illegals, criminal illegal aliens, sanctuary city, sanctuary cities, Texas, San Angelo Texas, police, San Angelo Tx. police


    Jan. 12, 2019

    San Angelo, TX.

    A man who told police he was an illegal alien was reportedly not jailed after ramming a power pole with a truck causing heavy damages. San Angelo, Tx. police have reportedly jailed people for expired driver licenses or no driver license, but this criminal illegal with no driver license must have a get-out-of-jail-free card with the police department. He was merely cited and let go to supposedly honor a court date.

    Police will customarily find anything and everything to arrest you or me over, but they cannot arrest this criminal illegal alien offender. Why? The police suck off the payroll and take taxpayers’ money and for what, so they can let these criminals go? That’s very stylish to let an illegal criminal walk. The police appear to have sided with the criminal which does not sit well with the public.

    Up until now I didn’t think San Angelo was a sanctuary city, but it looks like criminal illegal aliens can come in here causing big criminal damages and get off with citations and no jail, like a sanctuary city. In a place where property taxes are nearly TWICE what Dallas, Tx. property taxes are you’d think they would at least do their jobs and jail this bird.

    Remember my post on how the Social Security number grants jurisdiction to prosecute – illegal aliens don’t necessarily have Social Security numbers but steal or use them temporarily. When they want to claim Common Law rights they don’t have to claim to hold a Social Security number because the numbers they used are not their own. This is an unfair process of double standards which should have wearied the American public by now, but apparently there has been no outcry from most lawyers and so-called judges who keep raking in the dough from legal cases.

    Do you now begin to get an inkling of an idea as to why people in America are so fed up, fed up with illegal aliens, fed up with do-nothing government, government that seeks to fine or arrest us at every opportunity?

    Illegal Alien Crashes Into San Angelo Power Pole and Flees the Scene


    • Arctic Circle says:

      … say you know that we remember each your post not only that one …

      But we also remember the post that explained that criminals are not illegal emigrants but the home grown niggers.

      If people are not happy with the low cuality of policing they should press for fund cutting, and introducing competition among police foreheads to compete against each other instead of guaranteed check every two weeks, in exactly the same manner as they force the competition on workers, and say “the competition with niggers, mestizos and fuckink polish ukruanins which can work like the horses without stop 24 hours a day – show them a dollar!

      Scum! Dirt!

  12. jayhackworth says:

    “If diversity is a “strength,” then America must have been a weak country in 1950. But of course America wasn’t a weak country in 1950. America was a cohesive, productive, drug-free and crime-free nation in 1950.” Socrates

  13. Arctic Cirle says:

    Cohesive is the key word here. Cohesive means healthy majority of the country is patriotic. No longer so. Only because the multicultural diversity is so adverse and is so overpowering that it is hard to see common identity or relate to that diverse mass.

    But the unstoppable jews continue pressing for productivity and diversity, bread and circus, total monitoring and insecurity, western pressures and walls street regressions, immorality and niggers hospitality, females’ masturbation and mails castration.

    70% tax rate on income, on rich is the sole election point of democrats. This sales point is hard almost impossible to reject for many republicans as well, because there is no argument against it. If republicans are onto not to be recognized as cons they probably will agree.

    The only two week points of the proposal are:

    (1) it is marginal tax not flat
    (2) it is tax on income, which is easially consialable, instead of the tax on the total wealth
    (3) it is a tax on every rich pigs instead of limiting it to the tax on: white traitors, niggers, and 100% jews even new born.

    Tax living shit out of the jews, as they exploited us all those decades.

    Bad bad tricky jews.

  14. Arctic Cirle says:

    Exotic shite is unparallel! After the horrors of one long nigger, all that exotic scum climbes out of the hideouts to claim their right to lead: Julian Castro grandchild of the exotic nigger announced 2020 presidential bids.

    I announce Incogman for 2020 presidential bids.

  15. S O G says:

    yeah Gene its true …
    the irs encourages illegals to find currently used ss nimbers and borrow them ..
    someone i know had their SS# borrowed by a spic in san dieago ….the irs told the white american to make sure she retires first …no real solution ..
    the irs has been refunding billions to aliens who file false returns and list false amountgs of dependents …..irs doesnt care unless your white and try this …
    it made a huge stink in the news sone years ag and absolutely nothing was ever done …
    illegals who want to file were given 3 year back amnesty to file for undocumented jobs and or amounts ,all with no sources of funds earned etc …
    filthy jew communists trying to break the bank as usual ….using their filthy satanic influence …

    • Gene says:

      It’s Really A Double Standard That Social Security & IRS Don’t Help With

      I asked the Social Security Administration several times who was using my Social number and they would not tell me, said they couldn’t. But they go ahead and allow the use of it to illegals. The IRS the same – you could ask if anyone filed using your number and they would not tell you. This amounts to criminality!

      If the bastards don’t own the number they should not be able to file and the money should not be accepted and the account automatically audited, but the greedy bastards just keep raking in the dough and do nothing.

      That’s what the U.S. government is a do-nothing but prosecute ‘We, The Forgotten People’ government.

  16. Gene says:


    sonics, sonic abuse, ultra-sonics, ultra-sonic abuse, police abuse, police sonics, police sonic abuse


    Jan. 12, 2019

    Finally the press has come clean on police ultra-sonic abuse. The Davis, California man who recently gunned down an officer left a note behind accusing the Davis police department of hitting him with ultra-sonic waves. He became so distraught that when police rookie Natalie Corona came out to attend a fender bender he apparently rode up on a bicycle and began firing at her, killing her. She was a relative to police officials and much loved and appreciated throughout the department and it was a sad day, of course. I know how the guy felt because they are using sonics on me 24/7 out here where I live and it is very aggravating. It’s never off and it runs constantly.

    The thing to wonder about is why do police continue to allow psycho-acoustics and ultra-sonics to be applied to people. It always generates a negative response and I’m guessing this is what is behind a lot of ambushes lately of police officers. People tend to lose it when this sonic crap is applied so why drive people crazy like this? See my post on THE NEW TORTURE-MURDER SURVEILLANCE OF AMERIKA which got another 4 cops killed at one time. Cops had reportedly parked almost against the man’s home with acoustics and stuff and he went down to where they were having coffee and closed on them with a handgun at close range. One man killed 4 cops at one time.

    This is madness – the police think they are right and they are wrong and just plain stupid with this stuff. You don’t straighten people out by making them angry – you only worsen the problem by making people angry, and that goes for suspects, too. This stuff has never worked and you must be as dumb as a box of rocks to continue using it.

    Every cop listen up – stop hiding behind the color of law and if your department uses this sonic crap come out from behind your badge while you can! At least you might survive the issue. This sonic torture abuse is becoming an apocalyptic disaster.

    Keep radioing us, you bastards, and see what happened to Rome!

    Cop killer claimed in note police targeted him with ‘ultra sonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking’

    Cop died in ‘ambush’ by bike-riding gunman who continued to fire shots, police chief says

    See: Portland, Oregon Joins The Street-crapper List! Homeless Are Not All Mentally Ill.


  17. Gene says:

    Israel Security Forces Are Training American Cops Despite History of Rights Abuses

    The problem of sonic torture police abuse likely comes from Israel training our police departments and intermeddling like Jews are so good at. They have to have their fingers into everything including your family and mine.

  18. Gene says:

    This poor woman was literally crushed and battered into the concrete.

    “According to police, the victim chased the robber across the street in the 1700 block of North Dorgenois Street, at which point the robber body-slammed her to the ground, hit her head on the concrete several times and struck her in the face before fleeing with the purse.”

    And we don’t even know if he has been charged with murder yet. Hitting her head into the concrete is a deliberate attempt to murder her.

    Some brave soul should find this guy within the jail system and eliminate him just to get a dangerous black Negro boot-lipped bastard off the streets.

  19. Arctric Circle says:

    Fucking niggers are everywhere!

    Aggressive, dangerous, and arrogant niggers are everywhere. What is it for that forced coexistence? To justify for the dangerous, intrusive, and arrogant police everywhere.

    The niggerized zoo: niggers, jews, latinos, and police are everywhere. Is it good? I am not sure that this zoo is going to make rp or prt, or anyone in a healthy state of mind happy.

  20. ERIC says:

    Wow and no mainstream media coverage. Label me shocked.

  21. S O G says:

    she should have thrown bucket of kentucky fried chicken at em …
    then when their attn was diverted she should have opened up with an ak47 30 clip with hollow points ….its how the story should have ended ..
    but the jews have scripted a much different scenario for us based on marxism ad talmudism ..
    chicago is another no go zone ..
    ok my comment was about the crazy person carting around 75 k ..
    without a gun or gaurd ..
    the niggers are famous for home invasion AND Rape and murder …this behaviour goes back 100,000 years and continues today in africa anf anywhere else niggers hang around …
    they been doin this shit in america ever since they arrived as bond servants and domestics and mild labor workers for mainly jewish plantations and in the north mainly as domestics …
    im not sure they acted with such criminal disregard in the north as they did in the southern communities where they were living as freed slaves and born free ,free range nigger morons …
    it is litterally at that point in america where you cant ignore who is near you on foot or in a car …….if the cops dont get you the niggers ,muslims ,mexicans ,jews ,afrrican scum immigrants will get you …
    niggers would wait for the husband to go out in the field and then rape and murder his wife ….the sherrifs stopped whirtes from lynching the niggers by protecting them or transferring them to a new jail but many raping niggers were fastened to the rope guilty as charged wherther a verdict was present or not ….and who cares ..
    niggers have been committing anti white racist criminal acts aginst whites for 300 years in america … isnt new ..
    one of the main reasons cocaine was banned was because of niggers who were largely on it and supplied by jewish dope cartels ..
    its hard to say if a nigger behaves any differently on coke or not or vice versa ..
    if a white woman turns a nigger down for sex he rapes and or kills her or both ..
    consensual sex with a nigger primate only defers the kill fuse …it will come in a relationship or marriage to a beast …
    eventually the nigger kills the white woman …
    some niggers just want to kill white women and use the refusal from a woamn as an excuse to kill her…
    what we have here is something that needs to be cut off at the root ….
    dont be a victim of nigger racism…
    whether its jews prodding them is irrelevant because both groups need serious culling ..moslems need exterminating 101%
    the only reason niggers go after white women is to subjacate them ad take them as trophy’s …like the lion carts its prey up a tree the nigger isolates the white woman and proceeds to mentally berate and abuse her till she is a stolkholm prisoner.
    alot of white women fall prey to the fake ass teddy bear charm of niggers especially the extremely worthless niggers who need a place to stay etc …..once the savage is moved in the womans children get abused murdered raped as does the woaman in a forced form of consensual rape untill the woman gets sick of the worthless toad and she kicks his worthless ass out and she has sealed her fate and would have sealed her fate earlier by refusing the nigger to move in out of the cold ….he would have killed her for that as well ….
    i looked for a new household spray the other day in hardware store but they were out of niggerbegone and niggeroff ….shoud be some
    if this shoddy commie state has an earthquake of the magnitude suspected it could actuate a tsunami …
    many people have had those dreams and have drawn the picuter of new california waterworld they saw …..all te rendered art from dozens of dreamers shows the same real estate under water …
    many people have had the cali tsunami dreams to for 1 …ive had that dream 3=4 times …
    10,000 at your ight and a 1000 at your left shall fall ..bit it shall not come nigh thee ..
    I would assume that pizza will be hard to get after the walloping of nature ..
    the jew demons have dropped nukes into major country trenches where plates meet in the past …a very dangerous practice as the world has already gone tilt on its axis as a result possibly but mixing it up with the plates could cause a catostrophic fragmenting of the planet ….

  22. mongo says:

    145 homicides in 21 days..3 weeks into the new year and theyre already hard at work do what they do best

  23. silvernickel says:

    Hispanic brother thumps some nappyhead with a bat. This didn’t make the mega mainstream news since the perp wasnt White. Otherwise we’d have seen this story.

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