White-haters and FAKE News Begged for a White Perp

By Phillip Marlowe

Did you see this? Police ID driver of the car that did the drive-by, killing poor little black child, Jazmine Barnes, and wounded mother in the arm. Turns out to be black(s). ABC ran continuous stories about it on national dinner time news showing the mother and prominently displayed the evil Whitey police sketch (above). Crowds of angry blacks waving placards screamed bloody murder about racist Whitey. Totally ridiculous.

Supposedly, the shooter or accomplice in the car was black, too.

This is so typical. They are looking for absolutely anything to make us Whites the evil baddies all the time. Haven’t I been telling you about the traitorous anti-White media from the very beginning?

On my home page they had a report on the apprehension but somehow forgot to run the black perp’s mug shot. Now watch the story disappear down the rabbit hole. This happens all the time, actually. But this particular case is so blatant, they might even do a “JEW-jitsu” reversal and show the perps on national TV.*

Friggin’ leftys were all over the place acting like this was but another example of evil White right-wingers.

Haven’t you noticed how when some White chick goes missing, who happens to be hooked up with a White guy, and the media thinks it’s a good possibility the White dude killed her butt, they go into over-drive? They immediately send out associate producers out to the area, while prepping onscreen talent for out-of-NY city work.

Believe me: Reporters, producers and even high-up media people make bothering calls to cops, local media (owned by the giant media conglomerates so jobs are at risk) and sometimes to local politicians trying to figure out if the cops suspect the White guy one little bit. Then they run with it.

At first, they play it coy — like nobody knows anything right yet. It’s all very formulaic now.

If they have reason to think she was a Mudshark, they say nothing at all. But practically all mudshark cases are solved in hours, anyway. Only occasionally do idiot Negroes manage to hide bodies — they usually resort to fire, being psycho apes.

In this case, the drug-addled mother and 15 year-old black daughter in the target car said it was a White guy with blue eyes. The sketch artist simply made him out as White. That was more than enough to unleash the media BS.

I guarantee you another black in the ‘hood recognized the car and knew such-and-such homie was gunning for a certain other Gangsta boy and made the call to collect the anonymous reward tip money. Some White-hater someplace was offering $100K to find “the White guy.”

Heboon or sheboon, is having a good time tonight!

If you’re a White person, you need to say something so other Whites know of the story. This anti-White crap is getting so ridiculous!

*That’s what they did alright~

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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29 Responses to White-haters and FAKE News Begged for a White Perp

  1. Nationalist says:

    There are too many Whites who are not taking this seriously – they don’t think it can happen to them. It can and it will and with 35 million Negros in this once great country of ours these Black Apes are giving us trouble 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Also Blacks in Africa cause us plenty of trouble as well with a big drain on our finances in higher taxes along with job loses (jobs go over there too as well) and the massive damage these Baboons do to the environment. You cannot escape it, Negros are screwing the entire White race even when they are not trying to and when they are they are pretty dam good at it – they learned a lot from the animals they lived with in the jungles over there. It’s time for White liberals to throw in the towel and admit they made a mistake in taking the side of Black Baboon Apes over their White brothers and sisters, those who have managed to survive the jungle ape war that is being waged against us.

    • Daniel says:

      THE ANSWER IS THROUGH PRAYER!! Christ came for the white Adamic race and died for us, our sins. Christ on many occasions throughout scriptures WARN the WHITE Adamic Christian race that there would ABSOLUTELY be a time in history such as the likes of today with the persecution and hatred for the Adamic Christian peoples that are in the image and racial family of Christ God. They ( Canaanite devils the evil jews) use the negro satanic crew to come up upon Christ Gods peoples in violence, hatred, ungratefulness, and their seducing vulnerable young ladies riddled with lustfulness and dope. tactics straight from the pits of hell.

      PRAYER IS THE ONLY WAY OUT SERIOUSLY GUYS!! Christ God wants to hear the troubled Adamic races voices NOW!!! He is waiting to respond with our prayers, everyone!!! IT DOES WORK!!! NO OTHER CHOICE WE HAVE!! Unless we take it to the streets and good luck organizing…….

    • Gene says:

      Did You Ever See A Rental Property Negroes Trashed?

      When they leave they really do it up good. The place looks like a bomb hit it!

      Oh well, the partial government shutdown has created an EBT card problem. Some of the food stamps recipients won’t get food stamps soon because only 3 Billion or so is left and it takes about 5 Billion a month, I think, to fund it. The apes will go wild, then. Be prepared.

  2. Daniel says:

    I’ve been told, seen, observed that the jew liberal media and gang hire white faces for a show on many occasions to put on an illusion that white people ( men ) are violent and act the same as niggers do. They actually pay off the homeless/vagabonds to pose for the camera while the jew crew attach a crime episode to it!!

    One way or the other the evil, demonic satanic minions are on the loose with their garden of Eden cunning sly Canaanite actions to lie, make up events to kill two birds with one stone they make the white man look violent and evil from lies AND DECEIT/illusions leaving as many as lonely suicidal white men as possible and they get the little blond white petite brainwashed girls running to the arms of their saviours the nigger barbaric apes so they can take care of action later…..all the while the jew repeats its demonic hatred through lies, deceit, etc… so brainwashed whites keep seeing a made-up illusion before the sites of their jew controlled eyes!! HOW AWFUL!!!!!

  3. Dafydd says:



  4. Daniel says:

    And I’ve said it before and will say it again. Whites NEED to openly come out their cornholes and actually do the crimes against the barbaric ungodly anti-Christ mudmen of the abyss and their sub-human offsprings in ABUNDANCE EVERYDAY like the evil, demonic niggers kill, maim Christ Gods peoples! Once it is for REAL REAL REAL……IT WILL BLOW THEIR COWARDLY DEMONIC TACTICS OUT THE WINDOW.


  5. Daniel says:

    White Adamic peoples of Christ God. THE POLICE ARE NOT YOUR BUDDIES LIKE THE DAYS OF OLD!

    If you believe in ChristGod then you must believe it when he says there will be a time when THE POLICE WILL ROUND UP THE HUMBLE WHITE CHRISTIANS FOR JAIL/PERSECUTION/CRIMES OF CHRISTIANITY. The shiny badge/gun will more than be enough to turn Anti-Christ/Bible police against Christ and to take the beast mark and ACTUALLY BE THE ONES TO ENFORCE IT!!

    Better think about that the next time you head to the police dept with a load of brownies…………

    The police are trained these days to be Anti-White by force…ENOUGH SAID!

    We will have to fight the demonic evils and antichrist, anti-white police…far fetched….I don’t think so, its starting to form before our very own eyes with the Anti-white, anti-christ police being hired by liberal/jew mayors/nigger chiefs that are in it for the boastfulness, the ego, and payback on YT!!

    Sadly, If I seen a cop getting its head kicked in by a evil nigger, I think about the near near future when these antifa liberal pussy cops will be stuffing and cuffing the white Christian humbles from forced persecution/arrests……. then I would decide to help or not…….

  6. Michael Dean Miller says:

    I knew this would be the case but at the beginning I honestly said to myself “wait for the facts then let the chips fall where they may.”

    This article here is the only one presenting the failed Hate Whitey narrative at the center of it all.

    And honestly, a black guy on YouTube is spilling the beans about it as well.

    Kudos to all speaking the Truth.

  7. Daniel says:

    Biblically speaking, the niggers and jew are in there TEMPORARY reign status until ChristGod saves the Adamic race from this onslaught of made up news to make Christ’s people look as if we are demonic.

    Satan and his jew and nigger children are against the White children of the LIGHT, we are not of the DARKNESS as ChristGod has foretold, those are the dark demonic abyss negroes being used by the children of satan the Canaanite sadistic jews in control of media, and mind control.

    As foretold by ChristGod himself, the jew and niggers reign ( temporarily ) with their anti-Christ next to force the mark of the negro beast/jew 666 ungodly mark of the liberal satanic regime the police will force.

    IN THE END….THE VICTORY BELONGS TO THE WHITE ADAMIC RACE! But they know this already those satanic beasts jew/niggers that’s why they plan to make our lives a living hell until our ChristGod steps in from hearing the prayers of the ADAMIC RACE WHICH IS IN BONDAGE AT THIS TIME! EGYPT……..ALL OVER AGAIN FOR THE ADAMIC CHRISTIANS IN JACOBS TROUBLE AS FORETOLD BY CHRIST-GOD!

    Wake up matt, wake up, AC, wake up SOG…your lives are in the satanic plan to make your life on earth very unpleasant until you are home with your heavenly father.

  8. Tom says:

    Jewish Subversion of Whites and America – counter-currents.com

    • Daniel says:

      As you put the youtube video up with a few hits the satanic internet liberal jew FORCES against the white children of the Lord God Eternal, and the anti-Christ once again dismantled the TRUTH by taking down that video. God how their puke nastiness shines through time and time again on display for everyone to witness that has an ounce of sense.


  9. Daniel says:

    As you put the youtube video up with a few hits the satanic internet liberal jew FORCES against the white children of the Lord God Eternal, and the anti-Christ once again dismantled the TRUTH by taking down that video. God how their puke nastiness shines through time and time again on display for everyone to witness that has an ounce of sense.


  10. Steve says:

    1st: Let’s all STOP USING THE “WHITE” LABEL, which asshole Jews invented and hide behind whenever it’s convenient for these pussies. Racist asshole Jews have the unfortunate advantage of having light skin, so I suggest we all call ourselves: European / Caucasian / Gentile. “White” is a Crayola color, not a race. “Black” is a Crayola color, not a race.

    2nd: Jews have no guts to come out in the open and control the world for all races to see. They’ve got to hide behind phony names, aliases, and prosthetic makeup on their dumbass TV shows and movies in order to BS the world. And believe me, they’ve also learned to play “blacks” (Robert Downey, Jr. in Tropic Thunder anyone??), plus “Asians” (I believe Ken Jeong, Jackie Chan, and Michelle Yeoh are Jew actors under prosthetic makeup; the actor known as Tom Hanks played “Moamar Gadhafi”, just watch the “interview” with Larry King and you can clearly see it’s him under a wig, goatee, and other BS makeup. Wolf (PHONY STAGE NAME) Blitzer is yet another lowlife Jew actor with a small dick who probably pulls double-duty playing “Barbara Starr” whom he interviews “via satellite”, but never face to face (another obvious Jew prick camera trick).

    3rd: Here’s a few basic rules for calling gutless Jew pricks out on a daily basis on YT, Yahoo!, Bing, FB, Instagram, Twitter or anywhere else. PROMOTE THESE DAILY AND HAVE FUN DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    1. Jews are gutless with small dicks
    2. Their rabbis suck and chew off their dicks during bris ceremonies
    3. Jewish and crypto-Jewish women (whether they be on TV, movies, or in your local neighborhood) LOVE to give birth to part-black / part-Jew babies
    4. Jews actors (and a relatively small minority of suck-up GOYIM actors) DOMINATE
    fake news events / PSY-OPS such as spree-shooters, KKK, “skinheads”, Louis (paid actor) Farrakhan, 9/11 bullshit, WW2 fake war footage bullshit, Rodney (paid actor) King, OJ (paid actor) Simpson, Nichole (bad Jew actress with dyed blonde hair) Simpson, Charles (paid actor and notice how much he sounds like George Bush Jr.) Manson, etc… ad nauseum. And worse, they even use these same actors to appear in movies and TV shows. Typical actors: just moving from one paid gig to the next. A fake news story here, maybe a toothpaste commercial there. Business as usual.

    5. Europeans DID NOT create the USA. Jews did. They bankrupted Europe and got a bunch of poor, starving Europeans to “build” the colonies and USA. Later on they bankrupted Asia and got a bunch of Asians to help “build” the USA. Blacks and Native American Indians at best maybe spent 60 years collectively picking cotton for a wage.

    6. Post quotes by openly racist Jews on a regular basis like this one:
    ”Throughout their history, the Jews … entertained feelings of superiority over Gentiles … It therefore became a prevalent notion among Jews that they are supposed to use their heads while the Gentiles do the dirty work.” (Israeli Jay Gonen, GONEN, p. 137)

    • Daniel says:


      Even ChristGod referred the Adamic man as him being white…I know the real white is much brighter. Actually, the colour white isn’t even on the colour chart as a primary colour at all. NOTHING FROM NOTHING MAKES WHITE, AND SOMETHING FROM SOMETHING ELSE CAN’T MAKE WHITE EITHER…How strange. White is a VERY UNIQUE COLOUR IN A SEPARATE COLOUR GROUP THAN ALL ELSE BECAUSE NOTHING CAN MAKE WHITE, yet white can contribute to any colour to bright and change the colour altogether.

      Christ God called King David A ” WHITE ” MAN. In the original KJV. All other FALSE DEMONIC versions of the Bible invented and falsified none other than the corrupt jews themselves NIT, NLT, ETC… Change Christ Gods words altogether and say King David was a nigger! Can’t make this up!

      Song of Solomon 5:10 ChristGod calls King David of Israel

      ” My beloved is “WHITE ” and Ruddy, Chiefest Amongst tens thousands”

      Interestingly enough as ChristGod describes the ADAM MAN formed in the Garden Of Eden his skin colour=

      Adam definiton= To be able to show red under the skin, to become flush, to blush, rosy, ruddy…they call us ol red-necks but we are the ABRAHAM, ISAAC, JACOB redneck covenant with ChristGod the serpents jews can’t stand because they know they have nigger ( beast of the field ) infected satanic blood from the unholy matrimony and the sexual affair under the tree between White Whore Eve and the beast negro infected with the spirit of SATAN! INTRODUCING THE CANAANITE DEMONIC SEEDLINE OF THE DEVIL….They are your white liberal democRAT infested loving jews. GEN CH 3. It was no pear in the tree, rather the pair on the ground fucking that made nigger cain who was a murderer from the very beginning and the jew/nigger hasn’t STOPPED their evil killing since.

      Another HIJACKED term the demonic jews STOLE YET AGAIN is this ANTI stuff. Everyone knows that ChristGod called the evil jews out and the ANTI-CHRISTS OF THIS WORLD 2,000 years ago…and labelled them…wait for it……………..Anti-Christs.

      Then all of a sudden like BLM and panthers, and pussy haters, and the jew slang language started coming through. Their newest HIJACKED TERM from the Christian BIBLE and from ChristGod they like to rub in as if to blaspheme the white man. =====antisemite. LOL!!! what the hell is the made up WORD antisemite bullshit slang??? Made up word to apply it to the white man with the other racist names they also called Christ as they crucified him. The jew slang……bunch of satanic GARBAGE!!

      If you really want to get to the actual real JEWS….they are the CHRISTIAN ISRAELITES FROM THE ADAMIC RACE. Modern-day jew as it applies to the cat in the hat smelly rabies with large red zits on their necks from unshaved faces from laziness. It is a name stolen and HIJACKED with evil entity attached…the jews did those yesteryears and NO ONE EVEN CHALLENGES THE DEMONIC STRANGE Jews.

      • Steve says:


        We all need to be concerned with the present, not with the past or alleged past (racist Jews have controlled the “history” books for a couple of centuries now most likely, so they can write or broadcast any lie they want). They even control the “Bible”, no matter what version you read. What does matter right now is the Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump, George Bush Sr. and Jr., Nancy Pelosi, Stormy Daniels, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo, and Jake Tapper, types of this world are conveniently reported as “White”. Yes, they have light skin, but they are NOT European nor Caucasian. We are Polish, Irish, Hungarian, Belarusian, Swedish, etc..etc.. not “White”. To be simply “White” is like being Goyim or cattle, it’s a generic term. We already have European names just like the ones I mentioned above, so I suggest we start using them. It suits the racist asshole Jews just fine when we bubble in “White” on racial classification / census forms, and why not? Jews are the ones who invented these silly-ass racial classification forms.

        Daniel, if you know yourself to be, for example, Polish or Swiss or Norwegian, or a combination thereof, then just say that, because it’s a helluva lot more specific than just saying “White”. Jews call themselves “White” when it’s convenient.

        P.S. Kick racist Jew ass. Talk shit to racist Jews and cut the fucks down to size and have fun doing it: ALL DAY. EVERY DAY:)

  11. Aitch. says:

    Incog Man!!!!!!! Nice to see you again. Here in England Land I haven’t been able to access your site since May last year. Your email updates have been getting through, but when I tried to download the attached articles, (((they’ve))) been telling me your website is unavailable. When your latest email ypdate came through this evening, however, I found I could download the entire article at last. What a great New Year present. Now I’ll see if I can access all the articles the kiken-yooden have prevented me from reading!

  12. Aitch. says:

    Anyone looking for belly laughs should take a look at the feature ‘Action Report Online’ at David Irving’s website (www.fpp.co.uk). The item ‘Fantastic, Incredible’ lists many of the blackest, most fantastic lies told by kikes about Der Holocaust.

  13. FRIEND OF GOD says:

    re: shipping niggers back to africa
    re: audio files of Dr. William Pierce

    If they can ship millions of cars to the usa, then they can ship millions of niggers back to africa ?

    The blatantly misleading jew news is an american/international communist gypsy jew battle tactic ?

    “Military tactics”
    LINK: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_tactics

    Generally speaking, there are two types of protests:
    (a) curb signs that can be legally ignored
    (b) Initiative Petitions that can not be legally ignored

    Initiative Petitions to ship niggers back to africa, and other constitutionally protected legal activism using Initiative Petitions…

    “Last Chance Petition . com
    LINK: http://www.LastChancePetition.com

    New Links for Dr. William Pierce audio files, for the home page (you may want to get the following audio files while available – links change, files get deleted)…

    308 radio broadcasts by Dr. William Pierce, many discussing the jews control of the us media, and the jewish infiltration into the us government, and his prediction that the jews would get the usa into another war in the middle east…

    (LINK, ZIP) https://archive.org/download/DrWilliamPierceAudioArchive_1_of_3/1-WilliamPierceAudioArchive.zip
    (HOME) … https://archive.org/details/DrWilliamPierceAudioArchive_1_of_3

    (LINK, ZIP) https://archive.org/download/DrWilliampierceaudioarchive_2_of_3/2-WilliamPierceAudioArchive.zip
    (HOME) https://archive.org/details/DrWilliampierceaudioarchive_2_of_3

    (LINK, ZIP) https://archive.org/download/DrWilliamPierceAudioArchive_3_of_3/3-WilliamPierceAudioArchive.zip
    (HOME) https://archive.org/details/DrWilliamPierceAudioArchive_3_of_3

    CREDENTIALS: Dr. William Pierce started the National Alliance (natall.org), and has been labeled a “terrorist” by the jews at splc and elsewhere…
    LINK: https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/individual/william-pierce


    Thanks for posting the Message


  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Police have made an arrest in connection with a deadly weekend shooting at a California bowling alley, officials said Monday.

    Three men were killed and four people wounded late Friday at the Gable House Bowl in Torrance, about 20 miles south of Los Angeles. Torrance Police Chief Eve Irvine said the man arrested was identified as Reginald Wallace, 47, of Los Angeles. Irvine said he was identified within 30 hours of the shooting and was arrested in Los Angeles, where he’s being held in the Los Angeles County Jail without bail.
    Wallace, Irvine said, is on parole after serving a 17-year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon. He was released in 2017, she said.

    oh. wait a minute. wrong thread. I thought we were talking about typical nigger behavior. The typical nigger behavior that DOESN’T make the national jew news 24 7. Wken they know that it was a nigger did it. That sketch artist got paid though right? And that high fallutin civil rights nigger that flew in? Hate crime stuff? The jew national nightly jews went all in Tawana brawley skittle nigger he looks black editing of the 911 tapes and hands up don’t shoot again on this one too. I haven’t seen any retractions on the national nightly jews yet. The only person I’ve seen so far admit that they made a mistake is the nigger driving the truck saying we shot the wrong niggers. Yeah take that to court we were trying to kill somebody else. Honest mistake I guess since you are niggers we will reduce your charges to accidental discharge of an illegal weapon into an occupied vehicle and you’ll be back out on the streets killing and terrorizing other innocent people in 6 years.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    protocol 5 paragraph 5. …stir up religious and race hatreds… fucking jew nation wreckers. And their stupid-ass, low iq, retarded pet niggers. A nigger brain or any crisis is a terrible thing to waste. A nigger brain is silly putty in the jews hands. That’s why jews PRETEND to LIKE their stupid-ass, low iq, retarded pet niggers so much.

    4. Moreover, the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other quirks, in all which the GOYIM understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our administrative brain. Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity. In this respect the Jesuits alone might have compared with us, but we have contrived to discredit them in the eyes of the unthinking mob as an overt organization, while we ourselves all the while have kept our secret organization in the shade. However, it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! But to us, the Chosen People, it is very far from being a matter of indifference.

    5. FOR A TIME PERHAPS WE MIGHT BE SUCCESSFULLY DEALT WITH BY A COALITION OF THE “GOYIM” OF ALL THE WORLD: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up. We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the GOYIM, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong—there is no evading our power. THE NATIONS CANNOT COME TO EVEN AN INCONSIDERABLE PRIVATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT OUR SECRETLY HAVING A HAND IN IT.

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    That evil white racist white supremacist Nazi neo Nazi homophobe xenophobe mysobynistic woman hater white nationalist drawing doesn’ look anything like one of my baby daddies. Are you sure it wasn’t one of my baby daddies baby momma? Or mr cibil rights attorney from jew York?

  17. Daniel says:

    You can tell the Liberal jew sketch artist added details of its own with this made up white guy like a wicked hooded hoodlum wearing wickedly black attire etc..etc..


    The police, the niggers, and jews all dirty toilet paper killing one another blaming one another. The jew crew frantically looking for white trash cops, the white trash cops do their ABSOLUTE DAMNDEST to play patty cake with niggers just to keep the Canaanite jew from evily starting up its constant garbage shit to divide/conquer. The nigger WILL be violent NO MATTER WHAT and will fight and kill any cop BECAUSE NIGGERS ARE OUT OF CONTROL AND THEY LITERALLY LOOSE THAT ONCE OF SENSE THEY HAVE ON A DROP OF A DIME. TRULY IN THE NIGGERS DNA MAKEUP!! No getting around this now, or into the future!!

    The LIBERAL jews HATE the police with a passion, and like the rest of the ungodly mark of the beast takers population, the police love them their niggers, jews and will do a dog and pony show REGARDLESS of the amount of hatred, killing, lying the nigger and jews do to them. Just because of the MORONIC AND ASSUMPTION EXCUSE THAT THE CANAANITE JEW MUSTERED TO BE ChristGods blessed and number one clan. CAN I BARF NOW?!?!?!?!


    The nigger, the jew, the cop….key stone cops EVERY BIT, what silly yet boastful, cruel, unintelligent and embarrassing site before GOD ALMIGHTY!! Then they all three demonic entities SUDDENLY LIKE THE PUKES THEY ARE GRAB INNOCENT WHITE MEN/WOMEN TO CHARGE/JAIL/AND PICK ON/LIE/KILL/RAPE JUST TO TAKE THE ATTENTION OFF THE COMICAL, YET UNBIBLICAL, UNGODLY COMEDIAN SHOW DAILY WITH THESE GROUPS.

  18. Red Pill says:

    Family of man wrongfully accused by activist Shaun King in Jazmine Barnes’ shooting speaks out. comments below link


    • Roy says:

      What I find interesting and relevant to our Racial struggle is that mixed race men and women NEVER defend their “White” side. It appears Shaun King could be like 75% white; but is OBVIOUSLY anti-White.

      DNA…………………is so important. I swear, and I wish I could prove it — but it appears to me that non-Caucasian DNA is like a poison; or a disease.

      Why did our Ancestors think with their dicks; more than with their brains?!!! I believe these mixed race demons like King are far more dangerous than your average African Negro. I believe closet racists see the “lighter” skin as less of a threat; when in reality, it seems mulattos work harder to undermine us. James Blake — professional tennis player — comes to mind. His wife is white and his daughter is 75% white, but yet he is always yelling for “black” rights. Friggen Weird! Must be spiritual.

  19. jayhackworth says:

    Thank my creator for interactive jewdar.

  20. Gene says:

    Negro Male Kills Cute White Girl…. Again!

    Her Name is Marla Belin: White Woman Murdered by Black Man in 60% Black New Orleans because She Refused His Sexual Advances

    I put “again” because I’ve posted so many of these before. Apparently the victim and the attacker knew each other. I swear these black apes can kill the cutest chicks.

    If white privilege were real, we’d never stop hearing about this murder.

    Have you even heard about his black on white homicide?


    Then white privilege doesn’t exist.

    And white lives don’t matter.

    • Daniel says:

      White women have brought their blood-bath upon their own gender. With so much coal-burning going on its everywhere!!!!

      It’s in porn, it’s in movies, it’s in sitcoms, in your neighbourhoods, local groceries, EVERYWHERE it seems the white women are fooled into the arms of murdering sadistic demonized ape niggers.

      ChristGod gives each one of them their due rewards with a nice bloody bath in their own blood given by the mudmen who are demonic. They slice their whores throat and or gasoline their white asses while they sleep naked after a night fuck!!

      Sometimes the innocent ones must pay the lessons in life due from their own gender and stupidity white women who leave the Adamic white chosen blessed race to run to the nigger dark ABYSS dungeons to sucky suck uncircumcised diseased infested, sweaty smelly cock of a sadistic barbaric sub-human species. THAT MUST HAVE THE CHRISTGOD THE ETERNAL PUKING EVERYWHERE!!!!

      ChristGod is FED THE FUCK up with these EVES in the Garden attracted to sub-human beasts……..CHRISTGOD CALLED THE NEGRO THE BEASTS OF THE FIELD!!!

      And these white women defy ChristGod and get their due blood bath, beheaded, whatever ChristGod feels the slut women deserve, either way ChristGod eliminates those white women who NEVER HAD A PLACE ON EARTH, AND WAS A WASTE OF A LIFE AND TIME.

      No sir……no sympathy going on here! That woman as innocent as she may be ABSOLUTELY DESERVED TO HAVE HER BLOODBATH……. She should thank the millions of white women who ADORE and mess with these sub-human ape niggers that gave these beasts the BIGGEST EGO, BOASTFUL, PRIDED ATTITUDE THAT WILL TAKE DECADES UPON DECADES TO GET RID OF , IF THAT.

      So now, the majority of white women are at the mercy and control of the nigger monsters prying on every white woman out there…….those niggers are eyeballing you’s with soules eyes hope you all know…………..

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    The innocent good boy dindu-nuffins aperest record for just the crimes he got CAUGHT committing. He might get 2 weeks in the cage where the animal belongs now. (since we’re not allowed to just take the rabid feral animals out and put them down so they cannot harm anymore civilized humans) Still no apologies from the national nightly jews media or shiela Jackson leigh stupid-ass low iq retarded jew pet nigger bitch yet for their hate crime of the century hoax.

    Suspected gunman in Jazmine Barnes’ murder has lengthy criminal history

    The accused gunman in Jazmine Barnes’ tragic death has a lengthy criminal history, court records show.
    Larry Woodruffe, 24, is facing a capital murder charge for allegedly shooting Jazmine to death Dec. 30 outside Houston after allegedly believing he was shooting up someone else’s vehicle.
    Jazmine was killed instantly, and her mother and three sisters were injured, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.
    Woodruffe and Eric Black Jr., 20, were both charged with capital murder in Jazmine’s death, although Woodruffe has been identified as the shooter.

    His run-ins with Harris County law enforcement date back to December 2012, which is when he was arrested for marijuana possession and evading police on foot.

    While awaiting trial on those two charges, he was arrested for illegally carrying a gun in January 2013, court records show.
    The weapon and marijuana charge were eventually dropped in exchange for a 30-day jail sentence on the evading charge.
    He spent 10 days in the Harris County Jail after an August 2014 arrest for trespassing, court records show.
    Then, in December 2015, he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and cocaine, both felony charges. The cocaine charge was eventually dropped.
    He received three years’ probation on the meth charge, court records show.
    In June 2016, while on probation, he was arrested for choking a family member and was handed a two-year prison sentence.
    It is unclear if he was released from prison early, but in November 2017, he was arrested in Harris County for illegally possessing a gun as a convicted felon.
    He was given a nine-month jail sentence on that gun charge, court records show.
    He spent 2018 mostly out of sight from law enforcement until his arrest in Jazmine’s death last week.
    If convicted, he will face life in prison on the capital murder charge. He is also eligible for the death penalty, although prosecutors typically take months after an arrest to determine if they will seek the capital punishment.
    Black’s capital murder charge is his first arrest in Harris County, court records show.

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