Commenting on “Captain Marvel” Film Closed Down

Rotten Tomatoes Shuts Down Review Function Over Captain Marvel Bad Ratings

By Roy Batty

The curators of public opinion are mad that the masses don’t like the trash that they try to shove down their throats.

The unwashed movie-going masses have been found wanting and they must be punished.


Rotten Tomatoes is finally fighting back against trolls who “review bomb” a movie ahead of its release.

As of Feb. 25, the reviews-aggregation site is no longer displaying the “Want to See” percentage score for a movie during its pre-release period. In addition, Rotten Tomatoes has disabled the ability for users to post comments prior to a movie’s release date.

The changes are intended to “more accurately and authentically represent the voice of fans, while protecting our data and public forums from bad actors,” Rotten Tomatoes said in a blog post Tuesday.

Rotten Tomatoes has been bedeviled for some time by teams of trolls who work in a coordinated fashion to drive down the “Want to See” scores of movies they take issue with. Most recently, the Rotten Tomatoes page for Disney’s “Captain Marvel” — set to debut March 8 — was littered with negative and misogynistic comments from users bashing the movie’s supposed feminist agenda. Before Rotten Tomatoes made the changes, “Captain Marvel” had a “Want to See” score as low as 28%.

Netflix did the same thing with the whole Amy Schumer comedy special debacle. They just stopped allowing their customers to review movies. Because a Jewish comedian was upset that no one found her funny.

Amy Schumer: Stupid Jewess RAT

They also did it for Black Panther.


So of course, they’re giving the same protections to Captain Toe Infection.

The Jews who are promoting Captain Flat Ass are spooked by bad reviews or “Want to See Scores.” There’s an obvious profit angle here, but then, if the studios were so concerned with making a profit, they wouldn’t be pushing this complete garbage on people in the first place.

They’d stick to what works, instead of focusing on subversion.

More than profits, it’s about the Agenda. 

People fighting back against the Jewish agenda have to be shut down.

Especially now that they’ve started to kick the subversion into overdrive.

And bad ticket sales won’t slow them down. If they start losing boatloads of money, they might even just ask the government for a bailout to continue their cultural subversion, insisting that they’re doing the moral thing – losing money to focus more on subversion.

That’s what they do in Europe.

Remember that Swedish film, Fuck You?

With the black woman with a strap on dildo?

In Sweden, the taxpayer foots the bill for this stuff. If Hollywood keeps pushing the agenda and bombing in the box office, they might start demanding tax money. And they’ll probably get it. We already subsidize the BASED nationalist Jews over in Israel every single year to the tune of billions of dollars.

Why wouldn’t we give the Jews who run Hollywood, California a couple of billion as well?

There is simply no way to stop the subversion without fixing the culture first. 

And there is no way of doing that without getting rid of these kikes.

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9 Responses to Commenting on “Captain Marvel” Film Closed Down

  1. Mike says:


    Honestly, the only thing to complain about so far is what I hear from Brie Larson’s mouth, not a movie I haven’t seen yet.


  2. Blue Steel says:

    Their extinction is long overdue ! We must focus on accomplishing by any means possible.

    • Danielle says:

      I can’t think of anything else more critical then this at this point in time – everything else is secondary and likely falls under the Jew umbrella, anyway.

  3. Great article again, Incogman…

    I will absolutely NOT be seeing this gawd awful “Captain Marvel” movie, period, because it does drive the sickening “feminist” and fucking LBGTQEIEIO agenda of evil… That and the main character, the despicable Brie Larson is apparently a TRIBE MEMBER…

    FUCK these sickening Jew freaks and their Jewlywood agenda of bullshit “movies”.. .Time for everyone to stop going to watch these pieces of crud and have Jewlywood die a painful death…

    And BTW… Anyone else catch Mccawley Caulkin on Sunday do a ‘twitter” feed where he came out and told the truth that Jewlywood is not only riddled with sickening Jew freaks but they also EAT BABIES!!!

    YES, the facts are that the Jew freaks are not only pedophiles and psychopaths, but cannibals as well… They have a long history of killing innocent children and draining their blood that they consume….. This is all part of their sickness of ritual child sacrifices and they are MONSTERS for doing this evil sickness!!

    It is time for everyone to finally take a stand and fight back against these Jew freaks and psychos… They have to be removed from our lives or they will indeed destroy us all..

    • joe bftsplk says:

      “evil sickness”

      . . .a modern liberal notion. ..libs believe in environmental determinism without volition. . .what is called evil is due to something bad that happened- in the environment [family or culture]. Conservatives seem to believe that evil is only volitional- a free will choice.

      Genetic influences- some strong, some weak- are fully supported by science. I detect a disdain for genetics from both liberals and conservatives. For example, psychopaths have amygdalas that are 17% smaller than normals. Why isn’t stuff like that discussed here? Do you think that science is of the devil?

      Heredity vs. environment- heredity wins. The environment is found to have almost zero effect on children. We are left with free will and/or genetics.

      AFAIK our lives are a mixture of genes and free will. Example- hold your breath as long as you can. The free will involved I think is quite real. When nature forces you to breathe- free will stops there. The determinists “think”
      that the apparent volition is just a fairy tale cooked up by the subconscious.

      Both evil and goodness have free will and genetic components. Can it be argued that nigger crime- 8X White- is only a result of volitional choices?

      Breathing- under BOTH volitional and automatic control- is like the rest of our lives.

  4. Steve says:

    Hollywood uses TRANNIES anyway, so “Brie Larson” might be a (Jewish) dude with a Gentile-looking nose-job with shoulders wider than “her” hips. TRANNYWOOD. 98% of Jew produced movie / TV show bullshit SUCKS!!!!! FACT:)

  5. S O G says:

    yeah northerntruth the guy named nathan bar-jonah a jew in america killed and ate 27 kids but it never made the news ….its googleable stiill i think …
    jews control porn because its the 1st amndment ….haver you ever seen anyone talk on a porn film is physically impossible in some of theos scenarios lol..
    they control snuff films as well
    jimmy seville and sandusky and the island off of england escapes me …
    a orphanage …where rich people could come and d sick shit to a child and then kill them ..they even found bodies buried on the island and secret rooms etc…\

    that shit went down the memory hole fast ..never made it on any news here ..
    i’ll try to remeber the name of the place …..

  6. Bob says:

    I can’t remember the last time I actually went to a movie theater and paid real shekels for a movie. Most of the crap is jew propaganda and unwatchable. If I do run across a film I would like to see, I just download it for free via BitTorrent just like I recently did to get my annual Turbo Tax Premier software. I don’t pay for Hollyjewood movies and I don’t pay for software to do my taxes. Besides, the movie theater experience is dangerous and unpleasant with all the niggers and other losers yapping on their sailfones during the movie and the ever present risk of a Aurora, CO style shooting. With flat screen TVs being as nice as they are nowadays and with BitTorrent, I can enjoy the Hollyjewood experience and not have to pay even one shekel! I don’t even pay for jew cable which is another ripoff especially since I have never, ever watched niggerball. I get all the TV I want with internet WiFi and the Joogle Chromecast dongle. Don’t feed the jew!!

  7. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    Oh really well people are getting sick
    an tired of seeing black people in commercials
    movies & tv movies,shows,games in impossible
    jobs and or career opportunity situations that they
    never earned an deserved considering how low their
    intellect is like being mathematicians,scientists,physicist
    chemistry and so what if the protagonist is white the game
    is made by a white company that just so happens to be owned
    by a Japanese corporation

    that’s just like saying if a Japanese game company like CAPCOM
    made a game based on their country and people an heritage that
    it is too yellow (e.g,i.e Asian) and too Japanese of course the game
    is going to reflect their culture this is another lame excuse to downplay
    white people

    that too “much of a good thing can an or is a bad thing”
    is a subtle,disguise to make a jab at white people funny
    we don’t here that about other races,ethnicity’s.?

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