Deranged Democrats Now Going FULL RETARD

By Phillip Marlowe

Can you believe all the BS these days out of the democrats?

All last week the news media went on and on about an old 1980’s yearbook of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was “suddenly” discovered (people already knew of it) of having a photo of a guy in blackface alongside a hooded KKK character on the same page. Oh lordy, PC idiots went haywire. He denies being either one in the photo, but that’s not enough for the race baiters. The real underlying motive behind this kind of thing is keeping us Whites continuously intimidated when it comes to the poor little homies or anything else non-PC. Hell, in Britain they are now locking up Whites for saying non-PC things on social media.

If the “blackface scandal” was not bad enough for Virginia democrats, a couple of chicks came out saying the black guy Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, METOOED them way back when. One he orally raped. I’d like to know how you do that without risking getting your wanger bitten off? Not that I’m planning anything, ladies.

They even got mad at Northam for accidently saying “indentured servants” were brought to Jamestown from Africa, instead of the word “slaves” like in poor widdle oppressed blacks. Uh, many of the first colonists were indeed poor White indentured servants who had to work for years to pay off the cost of the voyage, many till they died from disease or injuns scalped them. But like the holodomor (where 7 million Gentiles were purposefully starved to death in commie Russia) versus the Jew’s precious damn holocaust, White slavery is never a thing. Not part of the anti-White “narrative.”

In fact, the first black slave legally owned was by a free black farmer, Anthony Johnson, on Virginia’s Eastern shore in 1653! Funny how they never say a word about that, or that most (if not all) of your slave traders were actually Jewish.

Funny how they never said one word about Azealia Banks’ White face antics or her many other anti-White utterances. Blacks say racist things about Whites all the damn time.

The idea of “blackface” being so terrible is a ridiculous joke. There’s plenty of photos of Hollywood people in blackface (like drug-addicted actor, Robert Downey Jr., in the movie “Tropic Thunder” above).

Her lefty highness, Hillary Clinton was supposedly photographed in blackface at a Yale party back in the 70’s along with Billy Bob dressed as a hillbilly. Funny, how all the hypocrites out there don’t say a word (Snopes says it’s false, but Snopes lies all the time to protect the lefty BS now destroying America).

All this comes on the heels of New York’s evil-eyed Governor, Andrew Cuomo, signing a horrific bill allowing abortion right on up to the day of birth. In Virginia, Governor Northam came close to signing a similar bill, but it was narrowly defeated. Northam went on a radio show the day before to promote the bill by saying babies born still alive after an abortion attempt would be “comforted” until the mother and a “medical provider” (could be anyone they so deem) decided what to do with the thing. You may not know this, but the mother actually “gives birth” to the near term, but hopefully now dead baby corpse. Unbelievable!

The evils these filthy damn democrats are behind simply boggles the brain. I can’t even think about the evil way they kill those babies, let alone write about it.

Then we have this astoundingly idiotic broad from NY, some Hispanic twit-for-brains named Alexandria Orcasio-Cortiz, who libtards and POC elected in Brooklyn. She says so many stupid things that it’s now literally impossible to know if any MEMES out there are real quotes or not.

Did you watch Trump’s SOTU address? Democrats looked so rude and disrespectful that most of America was laughing or crying at how flocked up things have become. The women democrats weirdly all dressed in White and seemed obviously confused — you could see them looking over at leadership to get a clue on whether to clap or to just sit there scowling like little babies. And yeah, Trump did some major league Jew ass kissing — at least 20 minutes of holocaust BS. It seems we can’t ever get away from this crap.

Meanwhile, the homies are killing us Whites left and right — brutal, horrible murders you won’t believe — because the media does whatever they can to keep the hoi polloi in the dark. They’ve been protecting violent, criminal blacks for decades.

Did you ever hear about this guy? Me neither. The “Taco Bell strangler,” Henry Louis Wallace killed 11.

To combat the now rapidly awakening of Whites, the media is ramping up even more lefty brainwashing. ABC’s 20/20 is resurrecting ancient White crimes like last week the White B.T.K serial killer (1980s) and this Friday are running a big Ted Bundy thing (1970s). But don’t worry Charlie Manson (1960s) lovers, they’ll get back to him again soon enough.

There’s so many black serial killers who go carefully untouched by the lefty media it’s ridiculous. The very next day after ABC’s B.T.K story where he admitted killing 10, but planned on a 11th victim; I learned for the very first time of this one black who did in fact kill 11 people (the “Taco Bell strangler,” Henry Louis Wallace). You never heard one damn thing about this guy, unless maybe you lived in the area where it happened.

The democrats are fielding all sorts of lefty idiots to run for prez: Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Kamala Harris (who screwed her way to the top with San Francisco’s black mayor Willie Brown), the moronic mulatto, Cory “Spartacus” Booker, and Amy Klobuchar — who treats her people like dirt. Also, some fag Jew mayor named Pete Buttigieg (just call him Buttlicker) is running. All White-hating PC traitors.

Warren yanking a dumb little kid across the stage for better optics during her campaign announcement. Lefty media crowed about her having 3000 in the crowd! Like, BFD.

Pocahontas Warren is a complete phony. For some reason, she thinks she’s presidential material. She released a stupid video of her going for a cold beer in her kitchen while politically pontificating for the viewers — like she was so cool and “one of us.” For decades, this liar rode the coattails of PC affirmative action by claiming she was an American Indian until a DNA test proved she was only 1/1024 and even that’s dubious because it could have been 10 generations ago and a South American.

I probably have more Indian DNA than this bony ass fool!

Simply because she’s a “wonderful person of color hero,” the lefty PC media is treating this deranged lefty seriously. AOC is clearly way over her head, maybe even insane.

Alexandria Orcasio-Cortiz came out with some “GREEN NEW DEAL” that was so idiotic, they pulled it off the web to quickly rewrite. They later claimed the first version was “hacked” by evil right wingers. Don’t they always use that lame excuse? Hell, Mueller said the rooskies hacked his investigation into Trump.

AOC’s stupid plan wants to tax cow farts (she actually wrote “farts” in the first version teehee) and give free health insurance, college tuition and even wages to everyone, including illegal aliens and layabouts “unwilling to work.” We’re supposed to eliminate fossil fuels (at least 85% of our total) in 12 years or else the world will end; even though PC energy sources (solar and wind) account for less than 5%. She also wants to end jet travel and close nuclear powerplants — because that’s what democrats always want to be cool.

Her whole pie-in-the-sky “GREEN DREAM” nonsense was so idiotic even some lefty pundits laughed it off. Yet many lefty democrat politicians trotted out on CNN still called it “aspirational.” The spineless creeps have to sound that way until they figure out which way the wind blows.

What kills me is that we got all kinds of advanced technology cleaning our energy before and after powering our country. The real problem is China, India and Africa freely pumping out greenhouse gasses, while stealing America blind. And practically all the plastics in the ocean (like straws) are because of them dumping it. No one ever says anything because of “muh globalism.”

One idiotic quote AOC really did say was “we need to invent technology that’s never been invented yet.” Yeah, well maybe the aliens could help out this nitwit. Hell, maybe they could abduct her and give the moron a new brain.

These leftys are so insane it’s almost entertaining. Unfortunately, these creeps can enact all sorts of laws that can affect each of us in profound ways. Like gun control. They are desperate to disarm law-abiding Whites anyway they can, when practically all gun crime is at the hands of street Negroes and illegal alien criminals like MS-13, using illegally procured weapons — often stolen from good White people, unfortunately.

But gun control won’t stop these criminals — they’ll just use knives like in Britain where stabbings have skyrocketed. Even acid attacks are now a big problem over there. Imagine getting splashed in the face with acid by a homie or filthy Muzzie immigrant who shouldn’t even be there?

The Zionist AIPAC has long been manipulating American politics for Israel — they are definitely the planet’s biggest foreign influence peddler and Mideast war mongers. All our politicians, republican and democrat, have to suck up to the creeps — or else. They all know they have to — or Jewish media ownership will destroy them overnight.

Now they are up in arms because of some skinny Somali congress slut, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., said something about AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee — the foreign nation fifth columnist dual citizen Jew Zionists freely installed in DC) buying off America’s politicians (they really do with campaign financing from rich Jewry). They can’t have anyone saying a thing about any of this. It’s anti-Semitic!

But it is indeed absolutely true. The hypocrites in the media can act all outraged when it comes to sacred Jews getting criticism, but never, ever us White people. We’re now fair game.

Earlier today Omar was forced to apologize for using “anti-Semitic tropes.” Everything you say about these creeps is always nothing but “conspiracy theory.” You never used to hear a thing about AIPAC until the Internet and then only occasionally in the last few years. Tell you one damn thing?

My question is why the hell is this Somali woman even doing here for chrissakes? All these criminal, knife-wielding, dirty, skinny Somalis need to go back to their totally non-functioning sh*thole country immediately. The whole country is nothing but Khat-chewing layabouts, low-tech coastal pirates and crime lords. There is no government — literally. Somalia is so off the charts in Third World sh*tholing, it’s crazy. Imagine all the billions and lives America has lost to these worthless dune coons — there and over here.

Yep, America is going straight to hell because of the stinking damn Jews. All their non-White immigration promotion, globalism and endless wars in the Mideast to eliminate enemies of Israel. They are clearly bankrupting and destroying the land we foolishly let the backstabbers immigrate to back in the 19th and 20th centuries.

All this lefty BS is because of the total incongruities created by Jewish diversity nonsense. No doubt about it.

It’s only going to get worse.

I did this art for GAB.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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19 Responses to Deranged Democrats Now Going FULL RETARD

  1. Nationalist says:

    I just know our people are smarter than this to support liberal politics including the Democratic Party. If they aren’t they will make all Whites suffer for their bad decision making. Look at the facts, tens of thousands of Whites have died or experienced other bad things as a direct result of liberalism and we all should know it by now. Forget the Republican Party, we need National Socialism now.

  2. Bill says:

    Again… the same old jew thinking and propaganda…
    “Diversity is our strength”… said and harped on repeatedly…
    that idiotic and brain numb whites are starting to believe it…
    So much grooming, breeding & feeding the nigs, muds n spics…
    that they are over running this sorry lame assed country…
    Hey whitey… havent you noticed yet that YOU ARE the real minority?
    When does the uproar against the jew political spending of your white tax monies start??? Equality between niggers and whites will never happen as it is a
    social and mental challenge for the white race to lower it’s standards
    to the low level of the IQ of these simians…Thats why nigger luvin’
    Johnson endorsed the so called Civil Rights bill.. Was clearly intentioned
    to be meant for low IQ jew pet simians…
    Once more… AH had it right… NO JEWS!

  3. Gene says:

    Trump Plays Ball With Jews & The Left

    Feb. 12, 2019

    A few years ago I wrote a piece entitled ‘THE BIG STALL’ for a website concerning Obama administration corruption. Now we see another form of THE BIG STALL in Trump’s administration.

    President Trump purports he wants a border wall but up until now, more than halfway through his term, he has not officially begun to build it. Here we see a lot of rhetoric but no action. People have grown weary of all the talk and want action yet President Trump has refused to act on building the wall, preferring instead to play waiting games with Democrats.

    It would seem that he could have simply ordered the military to build the wall as part of the security plan for the nation but, to the consternation of patriots, Trump prefers to sit back and wait. What is he waiting for? Is he waiting for millions more illegal aliens to pour over the border into our country to take up jobs Americans should have? Is he waiting for those millions to sign up for welfare and public assistance and food stamps costing billions and billions of dollars to the taxpayer. Is he waiting for more illegals to kill Americans in DUI accidents, or murders? Every day that he refuses to take action damages The United States of America financially and physically. Think about that.

    All these illegals should be rounded up and deported like Eisenhower did and none of them should be left in The United States. Work passes should only be granted to immigrants if all job seeking Americans have gained employment. Why does Trump toy with ideas of bringing in certain illegals? What is Trump waiting and stalling for and why hasn’t he officially at least started to build the wall?



    See Ann Coulter’s excellent article – HEY, COMMANDER! START COMMANDING!

  4. Red Pill says:

    Deranged Democrats Now Going FULL RETARD
    and/or Bat shit crazy.
    i see them deconstructing on ever word that comes out of there mouths.
    truth out shines lies every time.
    it will end up destroying the DC slime
    may they build a shit house over it.
    and the liberal loony left demonic democratic socialist commie jews and their
    obedient pet Negroes can inhabit it.

  5. J.R. says:

    lots of silly women in congress and the house all right… more proof that women should never have been given the vote… great post by incog… but i thought he would’ve included a pic of Alexandra Pelosi… she’s got to be the most dopey women on the left with a voice today and she is after all a persona of the Speaker of the House… the jews and their hosts at CNN just love bringing her on, because they know she’s incredibly stupid and can be so easily baited with their liberal agenda and commie takeover propaganda…

    • Orgorg says:

      We need a wall and much more to stop the invasion. Drones, minefields, machine gun turrets, high-powered lasers, we can do it.

  6. J.R. says:


    Chuck Schumer has “a satanic grin..”

  7. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    gravyten577 Yeah enough with the handouts
    why is it that only or mostly black people no matter
    where they are in the world are always getting stuff
    for free an or stealing its because they are genetically in capable
    of taking care of their own kind that is just a fact. humans from other races
    and ethnicity’s can take care of their own but these worthless cretins always
    need someone else to hold their hands and take care of them they can’t even
    put two an two together like grown their own damn food while other races and
    ethnicity’s can an not to mention they are the number one race blaming everything’s
    racist this racist that on their failures on white people all the damn time they don’t
    deserve and or earn any thing from anybody. when it comes to them they get what
    they made for themselves an what I mean by that is death

    its never enough for these fools even when others give them
    stuff for free they always demand more especially, specifically from white people
    you will or would have to be a complete moron and a half to not see the truth that these people are not human there sub human. I mean if they were just like us than their wouldn’t be any reason to always keep giving them free stuff because they will be able to take care of themselves an do things on their own without any one’s help all the time and of course they would have brands,products, items,civilization that is made by their own people every thing that us real humans have but they don’t everything about them screams inferior doesn’t matter if you think of me as racist this racist that it doesn’t take away the fact that they are an it doesn’t make it any less true and reality doesn’t care about feelings or what you think since what you see in front of you is truth

    blacks have been killing each other through out prehistory
    an centuries and that’s before the Caucasians Kemets,Arabics
    European of any type discovered blacks in Sub Saharan Africa
    an since blacks are too ignorant to record anything about their history
    they wouldn’t know how many of their own kind have they killed. notice
    the high or very high crime rate is always a nation and continent inhabitant
    and governed by blacks since considering you guys can’t even repair an build
    an rebuild what you had destroyed like Detroit,LA Riots,Baltimore riots,Milwaukee riots,Atlanta,Philadelphia,New York,Chicago,Haiti and you had that island for quite
    a few years an never did anything with it. if white or yellow people took over Haiti it
    will be better than it is anybody in Michigan or Atlanta and Philadelphia let alone Chicago an New York also New Orleans,Baltimore will know what I’m talking about
    if you watch them in there natural habitat and leave them with their own devices the environment that they lived in would decline just like Haiti an Sub Saharan African blacks govern a nation and continent they make things go down. when whites an yellows have a nation and continent they make things go up can you name me one black nation that is or was successful

    so like I said if Africans can make
    busts,statues of themselves using metal than how come
    we don’t see them doing that in the 21st century in Sub
    Saharan Africa an discovering various,diverse busts and
    statues in different centuries an decades and they can only
    make various,diverse methodological huts an never build,create,invent,reinvent,innovate,make,revolutionize houses,buildings,skyscrapers bridges,infrastructures,cars
    bicycles,planes,blimps,air drones,boats,ships,canoes,hardware
    & electronics,CPU & GPU and motherboards,game consoles & handhelds
    musical instruments,phones & mobile phones,cuisine,restaurants,traveling
    carnivals,theme parks,circus,shows & animated shows an movies,satellites
    probes,Mars rover & Lunar rover,help construct the International Space
    Station,weapons,computer graphics imaging,3D printing,tv.

  8. Gene says:

    The Left Doesn’t Care About Americans
    Illegal Immigrant Is Suspect In Murder of Cute Chick

    Yes, it’s happened again.
    The guy that is a suspect in the murder of Valerie Reyes, a rather cute chick, is reportedly in the country illegally and is overstaying his visa. Her body was found stuffed into a suitcase on or by a roadside.

    It seems like it never fails that those who have no business here in the U.S. are the ones who commit murders and mayhem.

    Illegal immigrant ex-boyfriend arrested in death of New York woman found stuffed in suitcase, report says

  9. John Taurus says:

    It is as obvious as a wart on a prom queen’s face that the media (an arm of the democrat rats) is doing its best to incite a racial uprising of all ethnic groups against the “EVIL” Whites at which time they will do their best to rid the world of the “EVIL” White man. These other ethnic groups hate the White man but they love the things White people developed/built/invented. They love our country……they come here and want us to just give them our country. How many Whites fled to Africa to raise their standard of living and increase opportunity? Hell, South Africa is an example of what the Democrat rats have planned for us….genetic extinction. The Democrats will pass a law making the slaughter of Whites legal….after all, we deserve to be murdered after all we’ve done to the poor negro. Blacks actually believe the Civil War was fought over slavery. Lies put forth by the Jew media to brainwash blacks into hating Whites. When they get through taking down all the confederate monuments, then it will be time to eradicate Whites, starting with the White males. Open season. Blacks love the White mans inventions…..electricity, city water, television, radio, and especially cell phones…..but they hate the White man. Africa is a lesson in how Blacks can run a country. Starvation and murder. When the riots start the White race will have to fight back or go extinct. It is coming……prepare. Race riots will give the government the opportunity to declare martial law and then start gun confiscation so that Whites can be killed off.

    • Daniel says:


      You should pull up some youtube videos on ” dreams of race war” dreams of civil war in America ” etc.. ” dream Obama Anti-Christ/false messiah…….BE AMAZED FOR SURE…You could be next………..

      Acts 2:17 ” In the last days it shall come to pass that I will pour out my Spirit so sons and daughters will prophesy, and old men will dream dreams and young men will have visions. “

  10. Gene says:


    The lefties will always be defective because they embrace niggers, cowardly slobby niggers who steal, rob, murder, rape, kidnap, carjack victims. Their victims are often disabled or women or small people, like the disabled guy the nigger grabbed on the street and threw to the ground before knifing him, killing him for his few dollars. Surveillance video provided grounds for conviction, but that doesn’t help the victim.

    As long as the left continues to embrace these apes, hiding them in media instead of exposing them, the left is defective, covering for murdering animals that are nothing less than true monsters. Always remember the left has the one big defect – they embrace and cover for murderers. Doesn’t that say something about their true nature? They are not liberals in the real sense but are a gang of criminals, defective criminals.

  11. Gene says:


    He pays a price for it but I’m glad Mel Gibson called out the freaking Jews. Now there’s some real courage for you!

  12. Gene says:


    Just like the late, great chess champion Bobby Fischer said,
    “There is no United States as people think of it. It’s just a puppet in the Jews’ hands. It’s a plaything for the Jews… The US government and American Jewry are virtually interchangeable… They’re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people… They’re just unbelievably wicked… ”
    Does “lying bastards” sound like anything you know? Sounds like our main-slime media. “There is no United States as people think of it.” Think about that in everything you do, think about it all the time….that the United States as you knew it is not here right now. It is a ZOG, instead, a Zionist Occupied Government.

  13. Banjo_Billy says:

    Here’s a fantastic speech by Denish D’Souza given one day before the Trump-Clinton debate that lays bare the lies and frauds of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party were the slave owners before the Civil War! What hypocrites!

    The Deadly Enemy of the Ordinary Man: The Democratic Party

    Make copies and share this link with any liberals whom you can talk to without strangling them.

  14. Daniel says:

    Deranged ape niggers ( most all niggers are connected to Satan in some form or fashion) do a DRIVE -BY-SHOOTING at a predominantly white area off the interstate white car-wash business mainly randomly STRIKING TWO BYSTANDERS. ( possible terrorist attack or niggers further initiating their own race war while whites sit as dumb uniformed pidgeons in a shooting gallery pretending the niggers love us and nothing is wrong here and our enemies the jew media laugh their wicked liberal asses off. This was clearly a race war style AMBUSH….SSSSHHHHHISSH, be quite…………

    But the kicker is………. this local area is where the news ends and will MOST LIKELY be buried by the close of business today leaving millions of vulnerable uninformed Americans to walk to their AMBUSH.

  15. Negro Antidote says:

    The Tree of Liberty surely needs a watering.

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