Dispatches from The War with Wakanda

War photog Bret K. Ellis took this now famous shot of captured Wakandan “King T’Challa” at the Battle of Atlanta. That’s first sergeant C. W. Moss escorting his majesty.

By Phillip Marlowe

As his men marched past the Leader up in the impromptu grandstand in company formation, no two looked alike. Wearing uniforms cobbled together from Realtree and Mossy Oak hunting garb to military surplus ACU and Woodland camo — along with a crazy assortment of ball caps, knit caps, helmets and hunting boots. The oddball army might not look so fashionable as a military force, but each of them could care less.

Most carried generic AR-15s strung over the back with Magpul quick release slings or just any old found piece of strapping material. Some had Remington and Winchester scoped bolt action deer rifles, camouflaged Mossberg slug guns and a few seriously bad ass hybrid assault rifles. Even a few Chinaman Norinco AK’s with those strange thumbhole stocks were to be seen. Many also had handguns at their hip or thigh, along with a nice dirk or combat hatchet. These were weapons brought from home, or scavenged off the dead on the field of battle.

Many had some kind of military combat vest with magazine pouches, but others only had roughly camo spray-painted muslin Wholefoods grocery bags hung diagonally across the shoulder. Packed aboard all manner of contrivance came extra ammo, water, dehydrated prepper food and big canvas sacks of Russian spuds garnered by colluding with evil White guy, Vladimir Putin. Thanks, Bro Man!

Fortunately, the 10,000 man First Cohort had a solid day of rest after moving up from Virginia along mountainous back roads. They marched by in good order — certainly no military academy graduates, but mostly in lock step. They were anxious to get where they were going and do what needed doing. As they stomped past the Leader in a muddy West Virginia beet field, they saluted with the right fist held downwards at a fierce angle and snapped determined faces up to look at him. They were digging it.

They would kill for him, sure. They would die for him, too. Well, maybe not die if at all possible. And the Leader did hate seeing any on the casualty lists, though it sometimes happened. Still, every single one hoped and prayed for another chance to forever shut the mouths of worthless Wakandans and their stinking traitor allies — mostly lefty psychos, Antifa catamites and Jew commies — now lumped together and called “Soyboys” by our side. Only a smattering were left.

Behind the grandstand, 50 watt outdoor bluetooth speakers — liberated from a fat Jew lawyer’s mansion in Charleston, South Carolina — played the soul-stirring song “Promontory” from the movie “The Last of the Mohicans.” The Leader loved that piece before going into battle and had a tech guy from the ranks edit it down to the best marching part. He continuously looped a MP4 file on a spare IPOD duct-taped to one of the speakers and added a Goal Zero solar panel for power anywhere.


Standing to the right of the Leader was his top War Dog, Bushrod (real last name redacted). He was a hulking, muscular specimen of a White guy. No one knew how old he was, where he came from, or that he was a veteran SEAL team member in the Zionist wars overseas (never remind him of that fact if you want to keep your head). Bushrod had piercing blue eyes, big knobby shaven noggin and the face of an angry biker ready to bust heads over a big-breasted bar bimbo.

With both of his huge hands, Bushrod grasped the bannister in front and roared throatedly at the marchers filing past — “kill them… KILL THEM ALLLLLL!”

Bushrod was certainly no idle sycophant of the Leader — many in the ranks had personally seen him kill dozens with one of his black anodized Cold Steel war axes, or even just bare hands in close quarter combat all across the South. He would soon be at the head of his own famed assault battalion, the “Berserkers” — greatly feared by Wakandans and Soyboys ever since the Battle of Woodstock when his men slaughtered thousands of the panic-filled enemy in a pincer movement on the outskirts of DC — right before fellow Whites in the US military came over to our side once they realized just who were the true American patriots and bad asses.

As his soldiers filed past saluting him, the Leader had his right fist clenched, arm likewise held down at a sharp angle, boldly to the front and slightly to the side. His face was sat in stone. He had fought countless battles with those comrades marching below and his visage showed several ugly diagonal scars. He had also been shot at least twice and once left for dead in a necessary tactical disengagement during the early days of the war. But nothing could stop the man when it came to “making America great again.”

The Leader wore a plain, unadorned with pouches or patches, Blackhawk plate carrier vest in olive drab. At his side hung a scabbarded, bona fide Civil War Confederate cavalry sword presented to him by the Victors of DC — liberated from a museum or government archive, no doubt. His uniform was Natural Gear bow hunter camo and at the moment wore nothing on his head. His now longish, salt and pepper hair was hurriedly brushed back behind his ears and he had a beard several days old.

The Leader hardly had time to eat, let alone clean up before ordering this latest assault once he saw the enemy were in full retreat. Not since the encirclement and utter annihilation of the foolishly led Wakandan army at the Battle of Apelanta had such a fat juicy target sat waiting their fury.

As soon as the enemy were routed, it would be easy to chase them all the way back to Chicago — laughingly called Chimpchago by the men — now political headquarters for lefty traitors east of the Missip. Intel had it Obama himself was desperately trying to cobble together some semblance of an army out of surly Gangsta Wakandans from the Southside — now sick and tired of war after so many cuz lay rotting in massed heaps further south and all the fast food chicken restaurants remaining unopened.

We all sincerely hoped Obama — now out openly gay after Michelle committed suicide when CIA medical documents found in Langley proved “it” indeed had a shriveled donglet — would be successful at rustling up another Gangsta army. Nothing like picking off hip-hopping Hottentots furiously waving around Glocks and AKs. The men hadn’t had that kind of shooting fun since Apelanta.

Hanratty’s 10th New York, fresh from securing the Northern front and comprised mostly of Irish and Italians full of piss and vinegar, came down to take part in all the hijinks; quickly clearing Pittsburgh with help from local militias. At one point, things did get just a bit out-of-control with blood lust, I must admit. Hundreds of panicking Wakandans drowned trying to cross the Monongahela and Ohio rivers in wildly nigger-rigged watercraft, capsizing midstream from massive overloading. A few of our men, “against orders” climbed up to the rooftops of nearby buildings to take potshots at them as they flailed away in the current.

Video from drones now showed the Wakandans were shivering in muddy, barely fortified encampments just outside the looted and mostly burned down Wheeling, West Virginia. These bozos always crap up their own beds.

The Leader was sorely tempted to order Gatling gun strafing and bomb attacks from the squadron of A-10 “Warthogs” newly put at his disposal (how he loved seeing those babies in action). But he demurred to save munitions for use against the Wakandan redoubts of Columbus — next on the hit list. That would be a target-rich environment and help further instill panic with any potential Chimpchago forces led out by Obongo or some other Soyboy pretend general.

The Leader would launch rocket attacks and mortars using homegrown phosphorus shells to initiate the assault. This always freaked out Wakandans and allowed our men to get close enough to infiltrate outer defenses. Then it was a simple matter of gunning them down as they ran screaming every which way to save their worthless hides.

The poor jiggaboos always lost their shit!

At a certain point, the Leader would order his signature “Dagger” ground assault — the now famous military tactic where Bushrod’s entire Berserker battalion was unleashed at a frantic run, wildly screaming the new Rebel Yell while making a beeline for the headquarters area of the enemy with no concern over anything left or right. Other units moved down the flanks, picking off Soyboys and Wakandans who dared show their fat faces as they went. The Leader stood nearby at the head of the reserves — ready and eager to respond to unforeseen threats from any direction. One can hope, can’t they?

As usual, the cowardly Wakandans folded quickly. After only a couple hours or so, those not laying dead and wounded, came out crying “Massa, Massa, we bez yo slaves agin!” A handful did escape to the west during the night. No big whoop: We would deal with those sorry bastards soon enough.

Now it was just a matter of securing and frisking each sobbing SOB; then photographing the clowns using digital cameras feeding biometric software and special high tech-looking roll-down backgrounds. During interrogation procedures, we certainly slapped a few around a bit, entered in name and ID specifics into the master database and then took DNA swabs from inside of the cheek, should they be recaptured latter (not really since we didn’t yet have time and resources, but never let on about that).

The two cent cost of a little cotton swab and officially printed DNA plastic baggies worked wonders on the idiot Wakandans. They innately feared computerized White man trickery and readily cooperated so they could get back to shucking and jiving on the streets back home ASAP.

We also handed them with great fanfare laminated lifetime discount KFC cards, totally bogus BTW — yet another cheap trick to gain accurate ID info. The database program even dropped in their biometric face shot automatically!

We explained in no uncertain terms that if they were ever captured again taking up arms against our forces or harmed a hair on the head of any White non-combatant anywhere on the planet, they would be subject to immediate hanging on the spot.

Then they would be transported or forced marched to re-education camps as close to where they were originally from. AI biometric programs did help in later battles where a few captured were found fighting again — but for the last time, I assure you. To drive the point home, rows of such types hung dead near where our people processed the newly captured. Sometimes, we merely strung up a few enemy corpses from the battle, or those who gave us just a little too much smart mouth during interrogations.

The whole system worked beautifully!

NEXT: The liberation of Wakandan-held Columbus and the resulting I-70 “Highway of Death.”

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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23 Responses to Dispatches from The War with Wakanda

  1. J.R. says:

    sadly, the militia in America will only come to the fore to deal to the negroes after the Rapture of the righteous true Christians and during the apocalypse, when they realize the jews’ money is useless and all trade is mandatory by a chip in the flesh upon pain of death..

    and who knows, the “Daniel” who posts here may well be among their leaders, because he has that sort of spirit and will doubtless be left behind after the Rapture, because he has worshiped a pagan Norse god by its idol or image of another Jesus or antichrist, sacrilegiously nicknamed “ChristGod”, instead of God’s righteous resurrected Son Jesus who was of course an olive skinned tribal Israeli when here according to the flesh ..

    that said, “Daniel” will likely be used by the only true and living God Jehovah, along with some of America’s other White militiamen left behind after the Rapture, to gun down rampaging negroes and any “muds” and jews unfortunate enough to cross their path, during the biblical zombie apocalypse… just as God raised up “his servant” Nebuchadnezzar to punish the jews for idolatry and to bring them into captivity at Babylon; and just as he raised up Hitler to punish the jews for idolatry (worship of merchandising and money and the stellar image of the Magen David on the flag of israel) and to bring them into the concentration camps for destruction in ww2 Europe…

    “And now have I given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant; and the beasts of the field have I given him also to serve him.”

    BTW it appears that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon repented and converted to the God of Israelites after being humbled by Jehovah God with a rather strange physical affliction…

    “Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.”

    the outcome for Hitler was however not at all as promising, because there are no indications at all that he ever repented and rejected his role as an Aryan pseudo-messiah and turned from the white giant gods of his pagan Norse ancestors to convert to Jehovah God of the tribal Israelis through Jesus, before suiciding in the bunker at Berlin…
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXWImaYevG0 ..

    • Daniel says:


      Shut up! Your whole debacle with me and my views is the colour of Christ skin, you say he is non-Adamic man, I along with many here agree that Christ is from the Adamic white race. But because I say he is from the Adamic race you along with the jew crew will rush to call me either racist or serving another god outside the realms of my imagination, therefore, I’m left behind with the other whites who look upon themselves as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the covenant with Christ. You must be a jew imposter pretending on this forum playing the Christian games ridiculing along the way and discrediting an ADAMIC RACE AND OUR CHRIST.. TYPICAL JEW RESPONSE.

      • Daniel says:


        My KJV Bible says to pray in the name of Christ. My Bible tells me the Adamic race are the racial descendants of ChristGod. My Bible tells me the Family tree line ChristGod died on Calvery after a hideous Crxisifxion ordered and demanded by the Canaanites AKA jews then and current ChrisGod deniers. My Bible tells me we are all ChristGods Adamic children as son’s and daughters but he has ONLY ONE BEGOTTEN SON WHO WOULD BE ON A MISSION TO SAVE HIS SHEEP/FLOCK.


        J.R I don’t think ChristGod is going to toss this old rusty U.S Marine two time tour son serving the Israelite Christendom Army away into the pits who one day will indeed Guard the streets of heaven in dress blues serving the ALMIGHTY just by calling him ChristGod his very special Son being attached to him gives ChristGod a hard on!!!! As does any U.S Marine, past, present, future.

      • Red Pill says:

        JR is our fly away boy.
        he cant stand the test.
        and wants a pass to the front of the line.
        pre-tribulation rapture is false doctrine.

        we know JR has been to school
        and most likely a seminary /cemetery
        because he learned what he knows thru academia.
        it was not given thru the holy spirit.
        JR is a smart man, smarter than me.
        but he is unable to discern the true word.

      • Daniel says:


        Streets smarts like J.R doesn’t earn anyone salvation in on its own. In my fox hole I don’t want a street book smart soldier who forgot to carry extra ammo and afraid to fight. I would rather have the dummy who would step in front of a bullet meant for his partner beause of love in my fox hole.

        I get kick out these suites and ties college grads in Jew-york in the media, politicians think they have all the Biblical answers, yet they think we sheep out here are the losers because we don’t have fame or a tie on and high up all the time. When all along those suit and ties neither have the time nor the day, nor the commitment to dedicate their lives into the Biblical scriptures and walk in the light of ChristGod.

    • J.R. says:

      Hi Daniel…
      You have to call on the name of the biblical olive-skinned, virgin-born JEWISH Jesus to receive the Holy Ghost and be saved… millions of true Christians all around the world today know that this true… if you call on the name of any other Jesus, like the White Caucasian “Adamic racialized” Jesus of the CI cult, AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU MAINTAIN THAT ALL JEWS ARE CANAANITES, then you will either receive no spirit or a seducing, deceiving (demonic) lying spirit, because you are using protocol that the only true and living holy God Jehovah won’t recognize and you will definitely die in your sins…
      “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved…”


      Also, quite apart from the many gods, fallen angels, and demons that imitate God’s righteous resurrected Son Jesus Christ at the right hand of God today, and notably Lucifer who has always wanted to be like the most High, there have of course even many famous humans with the name of Jesus… so you do indeed need to be careful how you define by name who you worship don’t you…

      “If your name is Jesus, then you’re in some great company. Here’s our list of the most famous people named Jesus, including photos when available. How many celebrities named Jesus can you think of?
      “The famous Jesuss below have many different professions, as this list includes notable actors named Jesus, athletes named Jesus, and even political figures named Jesus. The music industry is no stranger to the name Jesus, and the same can be said for Hollywood and show business in general…”
      Famous People Named Jesus…

      Also, to deny that the biblical Jesus was Jewish according to the flesh has been defined as a “damnable heresy” (i.e., a heresy that will damn you if you die holding it) by almost all of Christendoms denominations for nearly two millenniums…

      • Red Pill says:

        looks like JR has his King James Version with the Scofield Reference
        and is a southern baptist. the religion that worships the jews
        and says the Jesus was a jew (John hagee)

      • Red Pill says:

        Also, to deny that the biblical Jesus was Jewish according to the flesh has been defined as a “damnable heresy” (i.e., a heresy that will damn you if you die holding it) by almost all of Christendoms denominations for nearly two millenniums…

        where in the bible do you find this ??
        and we don’t believe in the traditions of men also known as the oral tradition which is condemned by God.
        we care not for what man speaks and what they tell us to believe.
        at this point your transparent and join the ranks of Matt.
        the serial one liner and not to be believed.
        you have religion, we have the word and the light
        better look for the straight gate with the narrow path
        religion is the highway

      • Daniel says:


        Also J.R has the audacity to call Christ a ” nickname ” Christ is NO NICKNAME J.R. Ones like J.R claim to know the Bible and its meaning, however, that’s a far fetch from unlocking the PARABLES of the scripture given from ChristGod and humbly asked for WISDOM. Two different things BTW. which will no be a disqualifier to heaven not knowing the parables because Christ gives us a catch 22 by saying ANYONE BELIEVING UPON HIS NAME AS SON OF THE LIVING AND ONE GOD May have everlasting life!! CHRISTGOD IS GREAT!!

        Which brings me to the question to you redpill. Do you think ones like J.R and Matt who love Christ and accepted him to SQUEEZE into heaven by a breath but lost in his parables to have to undergo some type of remedial scripture schooling training during the 1,000 year Christ reign on earth before earning everlasting paradise??? GOOD QUESTION. I want to say I actually heard about that at some time.

      • Daniel says:

        10,0000 to you J.R to show me or anyone on this forum one JUST ONE SCRIPTURE THAT SAYS JEWS ARE GODS PEOPLE/CHOSEN!!




      • luke2236 says:

        Sorry – Jesus was and is Adamaic, i.e. white. The Bible is plain and reason is also. The jew is the antiChrist – read it yourself if you even own a Bible.
        Most of Christendom was aware of this fact for centuries – it wasnt until recently [i.e. a couple hundred years] that the parasitical jew has really brought their propaganda forth to dupe the goy into allowing [[[them]]] to thrive by raping our societies.
        All jews are not canaanites,; that less than 10% of jewry that are even Adamic are edomites, i.e. the offspring of esau. Look it up yourself. Of that line, they are canaanites and amelekites. See what God says about amelekites… most modern jews are khazars by their own admission.

        so, hows the weather in tel aviv?

  2. Daniel says:

    Nice Icogman,

    The ghetto thug wakandons will be the first hit when the red-neck Son’s of LIGHT come raiding on their crack party parades. All seriousness aside there is a coming SONS OF LIGHT & sons of darkness war coming. In my humble deepest strongest opinion this is the same war Ezekiel is describing in the last days in chapters 38, 39 to take place BTW in America NOT squatters in middle east israel . Call it Armageddon, gog & magog….its the same ChristGod is prophesying about ( end of days, tribulation which we are already two years into the seven-year event before THE REAL CHBRISTGOD takes command at the very end. In the book of Jude ( which mimicks Enoch and Apocrypha scriptures of the war scrolls hidden until recently discovered because its about that time frame of the war). Jude explains that Michael the Archangel comes with tens of thousands of white SAINTS to destroy those in evil and all evil with it including destroying the false messiah….I believe that to take place after the Sons of light destroy the negro and Esau/Edomite , jew/canannite, commie anti-Christ isis, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt…non-white peoples are the sons of darkness that will be accompanied by their snowflake white coddlers liberal anti-Christ, Anti-white ESAU’S! Son’s of Light are the ones Exiled out the desert, the house of Jacob ( Adamic white American men ) European descent. Seven battles to take place ( maybe spiritually we are seeing this now ) Seven meaning divine ENDING/completion. Sons Of LIGHT win Three, sons of darkness win three symbolizing 666 mark of the beast, and the seventh battle with divine intervention the SONS OF LIGHT INHERIT THE EARTH AND ARE VICTORIOUS! Sons of darkness inherit the lake of fire ( HELL )for eternity

    WE ARE AT THAT STAGE BELIEVE IT OR NOT !! Anyone with a lick of sense can see this at the beginning levels RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT. Stop the pretending already!

    • Daniel says:

      If you look at the back of the Dollar Bill, on the left you see the Egyptian ( Sand nigger /Ethiopian, Nigerian area ) Pyramids with a watchful Devine Eye. That represents what Christ God foretold that if we as his White Adamic racial chosen blessed peoples of this earth were to make covenant with these niggers and non-white spics and these middle eastern sand niggers with a false god they serve, much to say the same for the Christ denier AntiBible Anti-Christ jews from the seed of satan that we as his white children would experience persecution and feel like we were in a sort of jew/ nigger ancient bondage to their ilk and lies, and their control love lust for power and money and control high over ChristGods Adamic white men not focusing on their only true ChristGod, rather being demi/mini gods . On the Left is a picture representing a PATRIOTIC EAGLE>>>representing Majority of whites MAGA pro-America, PRO-life, Pro-ChristGod. There is more to even that parable even though it is not a Biblical Parable.

      Long story short , we are in that WHITE

    • Red Pill says:

      there are the ones that believe and obey, this is Matt and J.R.
      they are true Christians , but they are allowed to be because they are not able to step out of the conventional mind set of the world

      then there are the ones that are called out.
      they are the ones that see thru the deception.

      we want them (christians) to come out of her, the whore of Babylon
      AKA organized religion. (conventional beliefs)
      and from the artificial light to the full Light of Jesus Christ Truth

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Dispatch to General InCogMan: Classified. Do NOT send trough hilarious clintoris email servers. Sir. We have the Wakandan air force grounded. Truthfully.. we didn’t have to do anything. The wheelbarrow tire flattened when the wakandans were pushing it out of the hanger maintenance facility. We were prepared to shoot their only airpain down but said why bother why waste the bullets. So we strafed the Walmart on ebt card refresh day instead and killed estimated 6 trillion of them. classified. Repeat.. Do NOT send through hilarious clintoris email servers.


    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Dispatch to General Incogman… The wakandans are developing helicopters now and soon will be putting a space shuttle in outer space.. repeat … the wakandan nigger rocket scientists are only a hundred million years from becoming civilized humans let alone jumping in the air higher than 7 feet. classified shit don’t tell anyone I said that.



  4. Aitch. says:

    Anyone who got a kick out of this excellent account of the racial war with Wakanda will probably enjoy reading D.A.Kinsley’s collection of eye-witness accounts of hand-to-hand fighting in the days of the British Empire – ‘British Sword Fighting 1600-1945’. It’s packed with bloodthirsty reports of close encounters with darkies, in the days when both sides relied on swords and knives, axes and lances, bayonets and rifle butts. You can get it from http://www.lulu.com. I’m not their agent, in case anyone’s wondering; I just think that more people should be aware of Kinsley’s excellent work.

  5. Walter Mitty says:

    The Jews are not Canaanites. They are Edomite/ Khazar usurpers.
    In 125 BC John Hyrcanus defeated the Edomite Kingdom. Amalek was an Edomite
    the grandson of Esau.
    The Edomites converted to “Judaism” because they did not want to leave the land of their Fathers. Ashkenazi Jews call themselves that name because they know they are descended from Ashkenaz and Togarmah. The Sephardic Jews are descended from the inhabitants of Sepharvaim who were moved into the area of the Northern Kingdom after the Assyrians defeated Israel and deported the Israelites. Sepharvaim, Sephardaim, Sephardim, Sephardic. All of the Cities of Judah were captured by the Assyrians save for Jerusalem. It is safe to assume all the captured Israelites were
    removed and sent to the same area their Brethren from the Northern Kingdom
    were sent. Adam= Awdawm : To show blood (as in the face)Ruddy. See Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. David had a ruddy complexion, see Samuel. Only White people can show blood in the face. If Jesus is a pure descendant of David and Adam (Adawm) He could not have had olive skin. He had to have shown blood in the face.
    JR you Err not knowing Scripture nor the Power Of God.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    Want to see your social security and medicare money roll by? Take a look at this to hell with Wakanda look a what we spend in the real wars to make israil safe and build the israili empire. Who REALLY deserves reparations from the whole world? The American working taxpayers that’s who.


  7. INCOG MAN says:

    I don’t know why this piece didn’t get all that much attention.

    I felt it was one the best things I ever wrote here. Well, at least I had fun writing it.

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