Jussie Smollet Beating Story Now Falling Apart

By Phillip Marlowe

You probably already heard about this one black “actor” homo, Jussie Smollet, on some idiot black TV show called “Empire,” who recently claimed masked men attacked him in Chimpchago, yelling “homophobic” slurs and saying “this is MAGA country” (as in evil racist WHITE Trump land), while supposedly putting a hangman’s noose around his neck (always a favorite symbol of us evil White haters). Smollet is actually half Jewish on his father’s side, not surprisingly.

Without so much as a second thought, FAKE NEWS media played it up like it was all so terribly real and but another glaring example of us evil White racists constantly doing racism on poor black people — always so oppressed. ABC “Weekly World News with David Muir” (known as gay in NY) had the story on dinner time news many times. Lefty politicians and Hollywood types immediately jumped aboard the band wagon, tweeting outrage like they did over that ridiculous Covington High school student brouhaha. Person-of-color-who-bravely-survived-cancer, Robin Roberts, interviewed the “victimized” Smollet for “Good Morning America” and a snippet was replayed on “Weekly World News,” in another lame attempt to shore up the now falling apart story.

Well, just like so much these days in the FAKE NEWS, it looks like it’s a complete and utter lie. Watch the matter soon disappear down the rabbit hole.

The guy went out to a Subway at 2 in the morning. According to police insiders, he’s seen on surveillance video coming back to his apartment with his submarine sandwich (I bet he wished it was some other kind of footlong). How many beating victims do you know who can still manage to keep hold of their late night snack after getting attacked? Plus, no video existed of the supposed “hate” crime. One dark and grainy shot showed two impossible to recognize figures walking on the sidewalk in subzero temperature, who could have been any old drunks out for a pleasant late night stroll.

Turns out homo Negro Smollet was getting his character written out of the “Empire” TV show! He said he was talking to his manager on his cellphone when the attack happened. But still he refused to turn his cellphone over to police for them to verify because he said it had phone numbers (other poor victimized homos, of course), photos and video — undoubtedly of him doing sick crap with said homos.

Police now say they identified the two figures in the surveillance shot. Or so they say. Turns out, they just happen to be extras on the show Empire. What a COHENcidence! That was a big clue the whole thing was fabricated from the get-go.

Probably the Negro had some dealings with the two earlier in the evening — maybe rough, drug-fueled sex — or even that sick asphyxiation sodomy thing homos so like doing to themselves and each other — which would also explain the unknotted rope seen around his neck (his favorite sex toy carried back home).

When his manager called, he flipped the freak out hearing about losing his job and concocted the story while feasting on his footlong. Equally possible is that he was already in cahoots with the two Empire extras, both of whom turned out to be black Nigerians who happened to board a plane the next day back to jungle land — where both really belong anyway. The plane was supposedly turned around mid-flight with cops at the airport waiting. Imagine the hassles of the passengers.

Methinks we got ourselves another PC BS extravaganza!

This BS happens all the time

This is just a handful out of my “fake hate crimes” folder.

Fake “hate crimes” happen all the time. This is because idiots out there think they can come up with something dramatic to get attention and/or moohla. On top of that, you got PC-deranged nutcases desperate to make Whitey look so evil.

A lot like all the wacked holocaust stories long touted as real, come to think.

Right before Trump was elected, Jonathan Greenblatt, the Jewish head of the ADL (Anti Defamation League goyim control apparatus) was all over TV outraged over email and phone bomb threats made to Jewish synagogues in the US, just because of “Trump’s new hate.” Turns out, it was some crazy Jew boy teen hacker, Michael Haydar, over in Israel behind it all. Jew boy Haydar was a US “dual citizen” (traitor). That it was a Jew who did it to begin with was never reported nationally nor on the ADL website.

In fact, Jews over at SPLC (another goy control ops) actually retain any such exposed fake “hate” crimes to pad the yearly numbers of so-called hate crimes to make it sound like “hate is on the increase!” Helps with donations.

I remember years ago a bunch of black churches in the south getting torched. That story was played up in early cable news like the evil KKK was going around doing it. Turned out it was 3 bored, subversive Jewish college students, who when caught were merely slapped on the wrist, but if it was KKK then all hell would have broken out. The follow up story never made it on the news.

Over the years, I’ve read of several cases of crazy Jew sluts in college dorms getting caught scrawling swastikas on their doors when failing classes, or when the hot blond WASP chicks in the dorm or sorority don’t pay them enough respect — even after being a sexy Yenta babe and member of the Chosen Race (a favorite angst subplot in Jew Hollywood horror movies). Bearded old rabbis at synagogues have long been known to do the same kind of swastika crap and tipping over Jew gravestones late at night to get attention and/or even more DHS money for supposed necessary security upgrades.

In fact, the majority of DHS tax money for private concerns goes to Jew operations. Who knows what Kosher kick-back schemes are in effect?

People only hear the first part of “hate” stories — follow-ups never happen if the perp turns out to be a member of the victim classes. On the rare occasion it is a White guy, it gets turned into media copy for eons.

This is all part of today’s anti-White ZEITGEIST (a favorite word of intellectual Jews) where any of us Whites, even liberal ones like Va. Gov Ralph Northam, are fair game for anti-White crap of any kind. Especially White males. Same BS going on everywhere. Notice how America was subjected to over two years of non-stop faked outrage over the phony Russian/Trump collusion story — when Hillary, Billy Bob and John Podesta colluded with Russians all the damn time. Hell, as Secretary of State, Hillary greenlighted 20% of US uranium deposits to Putin’s people.

Anti-Trump Hillary lovers at the FBI colluded with each other, trying to find some way to enact the 25th amendment to “soft coup d’état” Trump out of office (the amendment only goes for sitting presidents incapacited by sickness or assassination attempts). Andrew McCabe even admitted going for the 25th amendment in an upcoming interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes.” Trump deranged libtards are now acting like this was “so brave.” My ass — it’s a damn traitorous crime!

Since the Trump/Russia collusion BS is turning out to be a big dud, expect soon a giant inside job terrorist event, so the media can simply move on like it never happened. Iran, anyone?

Things are now so flocked up these days, it’s ridiculous. Please Jesus or aliens from a distant star system come down soon and put us all out of our misery.

This homo Negro, Jussie Smollet, needs to spend some time in the slammer. No doubt about it. On second thought, he might just like being someone’s bitch!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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66 Responses to Jussie Smollet Beating Story Now Falling Apart

  1. Blue Steel says:

    Another inferior spade seeking attention !

    • killacrackka says:

      Blue steel your race is inferior hell you licehead honkies are commiting suicide at an alarming rate and not to metion the opiods crisis that are killing you crakkas .not to mention the low birth rates with your superior race. I have a question for you honkey if white people are so dam superior to blacks why do you honkies like to fuck dogs go look up beastialty dont nobody like to fuck animals like you honkies. You are an inferior whitetrash race.

      • Red Pill says:

        killacrackka has diarrhea of the mouth .
        accusing us of his sins.
        i suggest you know the perversion of bestiality
        first hand monkey man.
        who says we are the superior race.?
        we were talking about your inferior race.

        glad you could stop by and give us a good look at your self.
        so now go and eat your banana and jack off.


        @killacrackka, Wrong….once again. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that drug deaths for black Americans sharply climbed in urban communities by 41 percent compared to whites at 19 percent in its first numbers illustrating the 2016 deaths along geographic and racial lines, according to The New York Times.

        The data released in Dec 2017, uncovered that drug deaths for black Americans between the ages of 45 and 64 are on the rise. Black Americans are now dying from drug deaths at a rate equal to white Americans in 2014.
        The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that drug deaths for black Americans sharply climbed in urban communities by 41 percent compared to whites at 19 percent in its first numbers illustrating the 2016 deaths along geographic and racial lines, according to The New York Times.

        The data released Thursday uncovered that drug deaths for black Americans between the ages of 45 and 64 are on the rise. Black Americans are now dying from drug deaths at a rate equal to white Americans in 2014.

  2. J.R. says:

    yeah, the homo was photographed by a butt-buddy with the noose still round his neck after walking all the way home and forgetting to take it off … what a joke…

  3. Daniel says:

    I wish a white Guy really would kick this niggers teefs in. God knows this punk needs a good ol fashion white boy beat down immediately now.

    • killacrackka says:

      Hey daniel you aint nothing faggot ass honkey i bet you are a member of nambla just like the jew honkey. The only white boy beating you could give is beating your small cave monkey dick i hope you and the rest of these neanderthal cave monkey honkies end up on the white victims page. I just love the way we kill you whitetrash honkies.ive just looked on the white victims page and saw more dead honkies that makes me so happy.thank god for your low birthrates thank god for the meth and thank god for melanoma that causes skin cancer in you honkies also thank god for the negros who are killing your white honkey asses. Black power white honkey bastard ha ha ha ha ha ha ha die honkey die

      • Daniel says:


        White Christian Sons of LIGHT get the FINAL VICTORY according to ChristGod you belligerent baboon. Ungodly niggers are gonna get an annihilation ass whopping. See you on the front lines antichrist nigger bitch, if you don’t punk out…………..

      • Daniel says:


        I’m a Trump fan!

        I’m a nigger avoider!

        I bang your negresses/sissta’s, then leave them like shit-paper left in a toilet……they beg for me back…I always use a condom because them skank niggers be carrying your beast nigger boy bucks std’s around.

        I always carry a 9mm in case one you stupid niggers make the mistake of your simian low IQ lives, to dare try to put your paws on this racist trump fan that always profiles you nasty hateful Luciferian fallen wicked satanic angles of death and destruction…. When I range practice with my nigger target paper I AIM FOR THE HEART! THEN ONE OR TWO IN THE NIGGER GROIN IF I HAVE TO.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        if only there would not the police manipulated by the Jewish DOG, protecting black scum you would be already smashed! Killedcrackka cockroach!

      • Joe Bftsplk says:

        Honk if you love Honkey.

        Honk twice if you hate negroes.

        Honk thrice if you hate jews.

        Honk four times if you hate mexicans.

        Honk 666 times if you hate jews and negroes.

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        Honk 6,000,000 times if you REALLY hate kikes.

  4. INCOG MAN says:

    Did we have ourselves a faggot Negro make it past my SPAMblinka guards? Must be that Russian vodka!

  5. J.R. says:

    “then the hateful white trump voters beat me like… I was a dog”…

    actually homos get off on behaving like a dog, because they lick dicks and have sex a like a dog and they’re actually likened to a dog by God who has a name with letters in it that are the reverse of “dog” and who is of course morally opposite to them in the Bible…

    “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel. Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog, into the house of the LORD thy God for any vow: for even both these are abomination unto the LORD thy God…

    “Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie…

  6. Arctic Circle says:

    Here for the first time simple, correct, and short assessment answering the question: What is Russia today since the collapse of the soviet union?

    The Russia has being hijacked from Russian People by the fucking stronghold of the russian elite: Military elite, Russian FBI (fsb), and Office of the Administrator.

    The same story is here in the U.S. – America is being hihjacked from people by the ruthless rich capitalists, jews, niggers, and willy-nillies, and


    This is very notable video providing a correct reason for nonstop horror people in russia and now, U.S. face from the new world order by the Rich Pigs.

    In Russia is a slave like existanse with miserable compensation for meangless labor, in the us is almost the same, but slightly higher compensation plust niggerization of population.

    Fuck that shit!

  7. jayhackworth says:

    Arctic Circle ….Any government that dares to be even slightly in its own peoples’ interests instead of serving the jew agenda eventually becomes a target for jew hatred. Spread your lies elsewhere, jew .

  8. killacrackka says:

    Mr daniel i know your white that your whitetrash pedophile ass carries a gun because your white honkey ass cant fight but guess what i carry a gun to and i have a 40 caliber with hollow point rounds and i dare you and any other whitetrash honkies touch me and i’ll put your white honkey hands on me and i’ll put your cave monkey asses on the white victims page . I fucked your white mommas pussy and came in that white bitches mouth i hate you white ass honkies you licehead cave monkey i hate all of you honkies daniel you are a retarded ass honkey you said you are a trump supporter guess what you stupid ass honkey trump does’nt care anything about your white trash ass you see he shut down the federal government look at all of the strife he has caused you stupid ass honkey trump does not give a fuck about you. He is a billionaire i bet you voted for trump thinking he’s going to put black people back in chains but you thought wrong he is hurting you whites more than he is hurting blacks.more of you honkies work for the federal government so you are the ones suffering from the government you retarded ass honkey.A lot of you honkies have commited suicide .to mr red pill who the hell can you call a monkey you cave monkeys have a what you would call a caudial appendage which is a tale on you crackkas you are the real monkeys scientist say that the white race have neanderthal genes which means you are the real cave monkeys the word caucasian means cave dweller you white cave bastard ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Red Pill says:

      killacrackka ,you are the house nigger @ INCOGMAN
      but i don’t think your black at all.
      your a white man stirring up shit.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      must be a fucking jewbag or a nigger. In any case he is talking only because police protects this scum.

      And yes it certainly looks like every government supports clearly bizarre jewish agenda which have nothing to do with goals and aims bore by the people.

      • killacrackka says:

        Would your white honkey ass like to find out who i am and by the way i don’t need cops you just come and fuck with me and you will be taking a dirt nap mr artic circle. Mr smih&wesson gonna do the job

  9. Gene says:

    Yes, Folks It’s Happened Again – Negro Shooter Shoots Co-Workers To Death

    Reports say 5 employees were shot to death and 5 law officers were wounded. I told you not to hire them in the first place. The cops are apparently okay with non-life threatening injuries.

    Aurora workplace shooter was set to be fired by company, police chief says

    • Daniel says:


      Niggers are a liability to any company that hires these freaks of nature the walking talking violent apemen. The niggers ability, desire, and unpredictable rotten covetous behaviour is not worth hiring a slack, lazy, loud mouth, boastful nigger ANYWHERE!!

      Their work ethics to be desired are nowhere close to their barbaric flashy behaviour, or the risk of employees, and customers to be robbed, raped, or murdered by the employed nigger or ANY numerous nigger criminal ape thug friends it has when they sit around the porch like actual porch monkeys sipping on tall boys plotting to get over on whites and how to ravage, steal, rape, etc..


      • killacrackka says:

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      • Red Pill says:

        killacrackka, sounds like your well versed in perversion.
        apparently you have been their and done it. now it’s who you are.

      • Daniel says:


        Nothing in this world is more barbaric, more vile, more demonic, smellier, stupider, nastier than a nigger is! HERE IS PROOF!



      • J.R. says:

        killacrakka could be a good negro, if he ‘fessed up about the negro and converted to God through his righteous, resurrected Son Jesus Christ…

        Jesse Lee Peterson knows all about it…

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwn9Qx4oqz0 ..

  10. dalstroy says:

    useless queer nigger “actor” in a jew jerk t.v. show is “attacked”
    by 2 stooges in a jew set-up that should have been part of
    their boob-tube shit, wearing maga hats?

    the skum are getting desperate.

    corey booger, eh booker, raped a man in a men’s toilet and is
    now being promoted as presidential material by the kikes.

    the jews problem is partially anatomical. they have 2 ass-
    holes, one in the rear, the other under their noses.

    kikes are are anti-sanity, and I’m anti-satan.

    why don’t the racist kikes take in all the illegal aliens themselves?
    are they all hateful bigots?

  11. killacrackka says:

    Sorry J.R. i’m not a buck dancing boot licking ass kissing uncle tom negro like jesse lee peterson . I’m the type of negro who want kiss a white persons ass . I have a more rebelleous want take no shit from white people spirit.

  12. killacrackka says:

    Daniel i know that your whitetrash pedophile ass is a member of nambla(north american man boy love association). I know that your disgusting cave monkey lice infested dog fucking white ass like to fuck little boys in the butt. I don’t care if you fuck little white honkey children in the ass but you had better not bring your child molester ass in my neighborhood or i will unload my 40caliber glock with hollow point shells in your ugly whitetrash honkey ass.you got that you nasty cave monkey lice infected pedophile honkey by the way i fucked your mommas white pussy and ejaculated on that white bitches face.

    • Daniel says:

      LOL, My Moms long been with ChristGod years ago, that would be kinda hard to do……….. keep fantasizing.

      thanks for playing LUCIFERIAN

  13. J.R. says:

    Okay killacrakka, i thought you only didn’t like the whip-crackers in the South …but the CI cultists will be much more dangerous, when the jew system breaks down soon enough and when they realize they’ve missed the Rapture of the true Christians off the planet…

    “Sadly, Michigan is home to an awful lot of racist bastards with guns. The Hutaree group arrested in May 2010 for stockpiling guns and explosives is a pretty good example. Once again, Americans were shooting and plotting terrorism–and they were doing it in the name of Christianity.

    “To those of us who have been targeted by Christian Identity folks, this isn’t all that surprising. Christian Identity is a particularly virulent (and violent) form of creationism and apocalyptic thinking…

    Blood in the Face ..
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqbT9DTy3OU ..

    • Daniel says:


      GO FIGURE!

      With thinking like that, just makes me sleep better at night knowing more securely that CHRISTIANS ARE THE CHOSEN BLESSED APPLE OF CHRISTGODS EYES AND JEWS ARE HELLBOUND SEED OF THE DEVIL.

  14. Gene says:

    Breaking: CNN Reports Jussie Smollett Staged Racist Attack

    Looks like you were right, Incogman

    • Daniel says:

      Now I hope a white guy thrashes this piece of cow shit cowardly racist thug. What a jerk, a scared rabbit who is jealous of the average white BLESSED ISRAELITE ADAMIC MAN….. they see us shine and glow with eternity. They go to the lake of fire with their mortal souls and they feel it, know it, realize it. They may shine now, but their candle is prophesied to burn out forever.


      Honestly, they/we all need to understand this common sense, yet obvious and foretold subject and known fact and truth that niggers are walking/talking dumb apes who are soules things. CAN WE EVER STOP PRETENDING?

      This piece of racist garbage with a twisted life, thinking, and standards need to be away from normal people who are straight and on the narrow.

      If police are anything besides KEYSTONE COPS who give into criminals like the cowards they ( prosecutors/police ) are becoming they would throw the book at this nut racist punk thieving lier.

      This kind of stuff is happening all the time with white men obviously out of SHEER PURE ROTTEN JEALOUSY THAT THEY THE NEGRO MALE BUCK LOOK AND BEHAVE LIKE JUNGLE APES THAT GO TO HELL UPON DEATH. TOUGH SHIT!!!

      • killacrackka says:

        Hey daniel you retarded ass honkey do you really believe that the white honkey race is the adamic race. You got to be out of you cave monkey mind you people have the lowest birthrates in the world. Go look at europe they are allowing immigrants from africa asia and the middle east to supplement the population of you pedophile and homosexual honkies. According to the bible your white skin is a curse .white represent leprosy you stupid honkey.thr reason why some white women like black bucks cause they know how put it down on your women unlike you faggot ass white males who love nambla .you honkies like to screw men in the ass and children to. You people are not gods chosen people no way god would pick a race of people who are evil like you dam honkies you fuck children and animals and you are the biggest fags and dykes in the world. If you don’t believe me go to a gay pride parade all you see is fags and dykes mostly you white honkies just look at bruce jenner now caitlyn jenner americas great white hope hahahahahahahahaha.

      • Daniel says:

        Adam Hebrew Definition= ” Man made in the exact image of ChristGod, to turn flush, able to blush, rosy, ruddy, to show blood behind skin ” That’s the white redneck race BTW…no other race of peoples on this earth match this definition.

        The Bible is a WHITE MANS BIBLE. It is very racist because ChristGod knows you niggers are a plague and a decadent species not to mention he knows you niggers are Luciferians that do the works and duties of Satan…those that are not directly the seed line of satan themselves.

        ChristGod calls you monkeys out as the BEASTS!!! HERE IS YOUR PROOF OR CAN YOU READ SIMIAN APE??? pass this info to your other monkey loony tune barbaric smelly STD infected snakes so they can get it in their simian heads that the white man IS CHRISTGODS CHOSEN AND ONE DAY SOON WHEN THE POLICE LIFT THE CHAINS OFF THE WHITE ADAMIC RACE….YOU BUCK NIGGERS ARE GOING TO BE ANNIHILATED…HALLELUJAH PRAISE CHRISTGOD!!!!

        At it will be about time. A war is needed to become the survival of the fitterst……..the WHITE MAN WILL PROVE TO OUT-SMART, OUT-THINK, OUT-GUN, THE NIGGERS .


        No go away and get a job you lazy beast stinky limp dick uncircumcised nasty stench. No one here cares about your nigger typical lingo..you just prove our talking points on how violent, stupid, lowIQ, spoiled cowards you niger bucks are.

        If it wasn’t for your police to protect the ugly ape violent sub-human orc niggers populace..we whites would have emptied the ghettos awhile ago with nigger body bags or dead corps left for the nigger crows to devour. My God how you orcs are that unhumanly fucking to stupid to understand that!!!!

        We would love a race war with you niggers once and for all……many years ago it should have happened.

      • Daniel says:



        http://www.fathersmanifesto.net/beast.htm can you read nigger?

        Yes, you niggers are not ChristGods people, in fact, God calls you niggers out as moabites/nimrods/balak/ all niggers and against the white Israelites!.




    • Daniel says:

      Also notice how the lying coward shitskin painted a picture as if he fought off two white guys like they messed with the wrong nigger attitude. THAT WAS TO IMPRESS THE WHITE WOMEN WHO EAT THAT SHIT UP HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER and can explain why so many white women are in the bed with these apes being used as whores, meth-heads, crack-skanks while brainwashed that white men are the cowardly racist.

      What a fucking piece of faggot nigger this one is. The lengths these intimidated by the white man nigger fools will go through to lie upon the white man while boasting their toughness is astronomical. And it is not just FAKE, but cowardly and in many ways demonic.

      This nigger, like majority of them, cannot handle a white man their same size and niggers are scared half to death. Thats why these demonic brats attack in packs and ALWAYS carry guns. Niggers can’t fight, niggers shoot like soules Luciferians with no remorse.

      DAMN YOU LINCOLN!!! Hope you in hell for freeing the mudmen who are cursed soules beasts of the field as ChristGod calls them……..now WE AMERICAN CHRISTIANS WHITES MUST PAY THE PRICE FOR NOT LISTENING.


  15. S O G says:

    thas one dizgustin niggeroik ..
    killuhkrapper lololololololololololololololololollololololololololololololololololololol.
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    back to my original point ….this is some dumbfucking ass jew leaving his diary on here ..What’s a niggers idea of foreplay?
    “Don’t scream or I’ll cut you, bitch.”
    How did killakrapers ho find out he was cheating on her? She found another woman’s lipstick on his knuckles………bada boom
    Most black 15 year-olds in this country are decent, law abiding citizens. It’s their kids who cause all the trouble…….bada bing
    Why do humngatans never have Sex Ed. and Driver’s Ed. on the same day? They have to give the donkey a break at some point. bada bang ..
    How do you fit 4 queer niggers on a barstool? Flip it upside-down. …..oh snap!
    How long does it take for a black woman to take a shit? Nine months…aye carunba
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    how do they keep flies off the nigger bride at a wedding (african birth control method) server rotten meat at the reception……
    _A Jew, a black, and a Muslim are on a frozen lake, not talking to each other, so I thought I would go over there and break the ice. heh heh

    nigger done said one time:One time I fucked this white chick so hard, she almost came back to life……..
    Whats the difference between a nigger chick and a hockey player? A hockey player showers after 3 periods……

    What’s the difference between a pair of jeans and an ethiopian? A pair of jeans only has one fly on it
    What’s faster than a speeding bullet? A jew with a coupon..
    How does a black woman fight crime? She gets an abortion.
    What’s the worst thing about being black and Jewish? Having to sit in the back of the oven……

    • killacrackka says:

      Hey sog(shit on the ground) you trailer trash honkey where did you go to school you retarded low IQ cave monkey your whitetrash ass is illiterate and you can’t fucking spell. Go fuck your ugly white ass mom you licehead honkey.I bet your dumb ass never went to school you got your education from trailer park university.ha ha ha ha ha ha haha i bet where you live there ain’t nothing but meth heads opiod heads and dog fucking honkies . I bet you like fucking litte boys in the butt just like that faggot honkey daniel.

      • Daniel says:

        Your getting to be routine typical nigger blabber. SOON, EVERYONE HERE JUST IGNORES YOU. It was fun while it lasted. You are a nigger with a typical nigger agenda, typical trash talk no common sense rebuttal….just child talk….

        YOU ARE dismissed jackrabbit nigga bitch if you don’t get arrested first!!

  16. S O G says:

    gleide and greene …sounds like a germ spray …only they need the spray turned on ter sorry asses …
    they were cooking up a terrorist act aginst america and try to hang the shit on innocent whites as usual yaaaawn …same ol fucking jew shit ..
    i remember when a bunch of shit kayaks blew themselves up playing with shit over in the middle east ….3 less shit kikes …
    so the jew media says oy vey duh white people (jews) were nazis …lol…
    the infamous reverand miller of elohim city was a jew and so have all the leaders of the kkk been since the turn of the last century (1900 on )
    reverand millar worked in close coreograph with splc morris dees on te oklahoma false flag to bring down leagl constitutional militias …as i said i dont beoive they actually killed mcveigh then but probably later as he was tainted and good for 1 or 2 more shitty deeds before they made him redundant …..just sayin i wouldnt doubt it ….
    te nigger and the kike callin jew groups and synogags in america was a nitemare for the jews in 2 ways …..it was making these fagots afraid ad theur hopes of it being a white “soupremecist” was dashed ….
    ever single dumb fuckin kike thet ever wrote a boolshit book or visted a school about the bullshit holohoaks has been proven to be a liar ans smetimes the shit is so ov er the top that even jews come out and say hey stop lol..
    like the shrunken heads and bars of soap at school on show and tell with acompanying idiot jews …duhhhh suuuuufreeeeeenk ..ooyyyyy vaaaayyyy .
    fucking morlox oiks ..
    simply put and to the real point ….no whites are practicing te type f privilidge or sujpremecy or hurting precious lil ol niggers i america …kamala smoke dat blunt cunt harris says vociferously that white peole are evil racists ….she must be a piece of orca winfrees shit that came out of her racist mouth and turned into a she splibb ..
    the propaganda these asshole women are spewing is hatred of whites —-racism to whites and inciting terrorism among niggers to hurt whirtes …this s true …

  17. John Taurus says:

    KIllacracker, red necks know how to shoot. Mess with’em and get a bad dose of lead poisoning. You are toooooo stoooopid to realize that Whites were removed from power in South Africa and Rhodesia by the masters….we are all tax slaves now……because the White leaders and farmers had caused a black population explosion with the excess food and wealth they produced. They had to go!!!! Now, blacks are heading back into starvation and reduced population there. The Jews import Blacks to European countries to destroy those countries. Everywhere in the World Blacks live in poverty until the go to White countries and then they destroy those countries and they hate the White man…..but love the White mans inventions and governments…..which they immediately set out to destroy.

    • killacrackka says:

      Jon taurus you red necks are’nt the only ones who know how to shoot guns a lot of us have guns and have military training to.

      • Daniel says:

        But your kind are stupid fighters. Whites fight smartly, keenly, one shot =two niggers killed for the crows. We lay traps, we don’t smoke dope on patrol like the niggers are likely to do, we don’t drink 40’s in a firefights, we don’t think about the size of our dicks 24/7 in a white woman in a war zone like the slack undisciplined cowardly dog niggers do. We lay and wait, disciplined enough to attack and ambush a nigger group while they are comparing with each others dicks thinking about the white wimminz, we white men are locked and loaded with a vengeance bound damn determined to protect are class as warriors, and heroes to be put in history books to learn from hundreds of years after we ANNIHILATE the nigger beasts buck male species from ChristGods planet to study the effects to never allow the nigger to be in control ever again!!



        You will have AWAKEN A SLEEPING WHITE GIANT!

      • Daniel says:


        Remember this, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor the United States sent a force of 96% WHITE U.S Marines to fight a hellish Japanese imperialist commie Japanese die-hard guerrilla fighters and the enemy had more than 5X the number of fighting soldiers than those WHITE US Marines.

        END RESULTS……..The WHITE 96% US Marines handed the Japs an ass whopping of their lifetime in a bloodbath killing more than twice as many japs as the japs killed them even being heavily heavily outnumbered in every battle that took place.

        SEE YOU ON THE FRONT LINES COWARD. See how tough you all are when we are allowed to swing back at your apes faces when your police saviours let go of their protection of you BEASTS OF THE FIELD ” AS CHRISTGOD DESCRIBED YOUR RACE.

        http://www.fathermanifesto.net/beast.htm ChristGod wants the white Adamic race to pay attention HERE ****************


  18. J.R. says:

    Daniel says to killacrakka… “You will have AWAKEN A SLEEPING WHITE GIANT!”…

    well yes, probably… because white giants were among the offspring of evil angels and the daughters of men and the true israelites with light to medium olive skin from their Syrian matriarch and Mesopotamian patriarch were told by God to exterminate them as evil freaks of nature in the land of Canaan… Og king of Bashan was likely an evil white giant, because he was the last of the biblical Rephaim….

    and the Rephaim giants were likely the gods worshiped by the pagan Norsemen according to their idols of Thor and Odin and later according to their image and idol of a “White Christ”, after they’d corrupted with paganism the gospel that had reached them from the olive skinned Irsraelites in the Middle East sometime in the Dark Ages …

    the Catholic apostate Hitler and his motley crew of SS generals and the creeps in the Thule society venerated a White Christ of sorts and effectively elevated Hitler to that status in the Reich in his heyday…

    “Thule” was a land located by Greco-Roman geographers in the farthest north (often displayed as Iceland). Thule originally was probably the name for Scandinavia, although Virgil simply uses it as a proverbial expression for the edge of the known world, and his mention should not be taken as a substantial reference to Scandinavia. The Thule Society identified Ultima Thule as a lost ancient landmass in the extreme north, near Greenland or Iceland, said by Nazi mystics to be the capital of ancient Hyperborea…”

    the “White Christ” of Hitler and the Norsemen who were reluctant to relinquish the pagan white giant (Rephaim) gods of their forefathers is also the false god worshiped by CI cultists in America, who’ve rejected the true biblical olive skinned Israelites as God’s covenant people and the progenitors of the true Christ who was of course Jehovah God incarnate with olive skin, as of the Middle Eastern Israelite tribe of Judah …

    • Daniel says:




      Haven’t we been there J.R or are we deliberately purposely the buffoonery in doubt.



      • killacrackka says:

        Let me tell you something you honkies are the biggest faggots on the planet you can’t fight a lick and like i said before you honkies have a low birth rate. How the fuck you are a sleeping white giant when you have lost half of your young white generation to meth and opiod deaths you’ve lost most of your young . Your old outnumber your young go look at all of your nursing homes nothing but old ass white crackkas who have one foot in the grave.so bring on the race war if you look at it the race war has already begun just look at the white victims page look at all of those dead honkies we’ve already declared wat on you honkies you’re to fucking weak to respond most white men are inept and weak. By time you decide to fight back it will be to late .a white man can only fight good with a weapon you’re no good without them

      • Daniel says:

        The white young and middle aged men STILL are the majority no matter all those wiggers that OD. I would be willing to bet my life more niggers across this country at fighting age are dieing from aids, gang murderers, sickle-cell at more than twice the rate of the dopers dieing. WE NEVER NEEDED THE DOPERS. ChristGod eliminates the weak before the war. AND CHRISTGOD THERTE WILL BE AND YOUR NIGGER RACE IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED. I know you are unbiblical ungodly evil demonic nigger or Christ denying jew boy and don’t understand a lick about the WHITE ADAMIC CHOSEN CHRISTIADOM KJV BIBLE HOLY SCRIPTURES FROM THE ADAM CHRISTGOD BOOK. It’s NOT for your Luciferian dog vile soules mortal species so therefore when I say the WHITE ADAM CHRISTGOD HAS PROPHESIED THAT THE SON’S OF LIGHT ( WHO ARE THE WHITE ADAMIC MEN ) ARE GOING TO ANNIHILATE THE Sons of darkness ( non-white/nigger heathens ungodly wicked ) your low simian IQ ape lifestyle sub-human can’t process that into your brains and there is really no more to say except wait for that day/time to happen because no matter the amount of warning, talking, or what have you will convince you unbiblical mudmen of the dark abyss who are accustomed to do evil constantly and so far out of touch and sink with our transparency and how we accustom to our CHRISTGOD and our mercy Angles, its like talking to a toilet bowl when discussing matters with you nigger dogs out of tune with WISDOM and understanding as it applies to the coming WHITE VICTORY…as you connect to your master the DEVIL.

        If you stank niggers only knew what was really in store for your ape evilness you would be WORSHIPPING AT THE WHITE MANS FEET VERY SOON!!!!!!

  19. Negro Antidote says:

    MAGA….Make Apes Go Away. As for Juicy the fruit, just one of millions of 80 IQ vermin that need deported. He is especially Evil 1/2 monkey and 1/2 Yid

  20. Steve says:

    LMAO!!! Most “White” (AKA brainwashed Caucasian / European) people are such limp dick pussies, they’ll piss in their underwear in fear like bitches if they even think about using words and phrases like “nigger” or “kill a black piece of shit or Jew scumbag”, so there’s no way in hell they’re going to lift a finger to “injure” or “beat” some “poor minority” like this black baby dick actor. Sorry, there’s realistically only about maybe 5% (?) of Caucasians around certain small corners of the world (the same goes for Asians too) who will say and do what needs to be said and done; a small amount but at least that’s a start:)

    • Daniel says:

      I run into those white ESAU’S at my gym all the time! If you don’t know the story of Brothers Jacob & Esau of Romans 9:13 as ChristGod foretold ” yet I have Loved Jacob, but Esau I hated ” Even later in life ChristGod ignored Esau and gave his brother Jacob all the blessings and even called his name and changed it to ISRAEL.

      Why was this, why would ChristGod use such harsh wordings upon Jacobs brother Esau and not Jacob?

      ANSWER= Esau went WIGGER…..Moabite, Esau gave up his white Israelite heritage from lack of pride and sucked up to the enemies of the true white Israelites heathens by trashing his own race and praising another in pure clear IDOLITRY!!!!!! Jacob stayed true to his race/heritage /religion/ and likekind Kindreds un-jealous, special chosen Adamic racial children of ChristGod.

      We are surely into the tribulation whereas 2 Timothy clearly paints a picture that these millennials will become ESAU’S and a great turning away from ChristGod is in heavy play as I write!!!!!


      • Daniel says:

        The story of Jacob & Esau….NEVER GO BLACK


        Genesis…. 25: 29-34



        THATS PARADISE!!!!!!

      • Steve says:

        Good info, Daniel! Thanks once again. The key to kicking racist Jew and racist brainwashed black baby dicks is (quite simply) which was shown in John Carpenter’s film “They Live”: Take out the brain dead cops/military + the media outlets = the end for Jew shitbags. Will it be an easy task? Nope. Will people die trying to take the Jew shitheads down? Yes. But it’s better to die a free bad-ass real man than die some gutless, dickless slave. This world is about balls and guts and who has courage to display them: We make this world the way we want it to be; the Jews have made it their way, and now I feel it’s time to take their power away one day at a time:)

      • Daniel says:


        Isn’t that weird? Here I never would have ever thought about one day having to take my fellow man down and leaving the dead carcass for the crows in a ditch somewhere. But I like you am 100% ready to fight, and die for my white heritage as man and at times I picture myself actually fighting these filthy ape barbaric niggers with my fellow man on the streets.

        Its a war that MUST and NEEDS to happen!!

    • Daniel says:


      Numbers 33;55 ” If you do not drive out the inhabitants ( niggers/Ms-13 etc.. …HELLO ) of the Lands ( America/European 10 Tribes of Israel ) that I swore to give you before your forefathers, they ( niggers/foreigners etc.. ) WILL become pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your hips and they ( niggers/foreigners ) AND they ( niggers/foreigners ) WILL VEX you in your own lands ” ( White European/American white Anglo-Saxton Israelite Christian Tribes of Israel )……KJV Bible. Numbers is a book in the Bible about Balak the nigger Kang of the nigger tribe Moab ( hence = The parable ” BLACK ” representing, yep..the blacks/niggers/moabites and how they were AND STILL are against the white children of Israel ) Great read to know how the niggers wanted a curse on us whites but it backed fired upon them the selfish evil nigger tribes….NUMBERS!!

      VEX= To complain all the time….ESPECIALLY over trivial matters.

      WHY DO WE FAKE LIKE WE DON’T SEE THIS?? To ignore Biblical TRUTH and warnings about the niggers/jews are very enemies of ChristGod as FORETOLD by ChristGod our very WHITE heavenly Father. Its written for us all to read and understand. Why we at our own throats while non-white and niggers have a field day with all the unnecessary attention to make them a boastful, hateful, prided, demonic entity gone straight to their heads.

  21. Donald Forster Scales says:

    MAGA….Moronic Africans Going Apeshit

  22. S O G says:

    yes daniel …the island invasions that wernt neccessary at all …remember that the war mongers said we would save a million troops from sure death in a frontal invasion ….well tha wasnt really neccessary either ….the american govt prolonged the war wth japan for a whole year cus they were dyin to use the jew hell bomb on a real live city ….
    japs had been begging for surrender on a ny terms for a whole year …know how many good american white boys the jews got killed on thse islands during that year….sick shit ..
    yeah krappakilluh got traynin n sheeeyt smokin bluuuuunt n sheeyit and gettin his velcro hayd of big ass hair turned to corn rows for the mon morn formation …
    the reason niggers were in dumb ass menail jobs in the military was because they were dumbass morons who coudnt be trained ….but they love those titles …affirmative axshun hires ….
    plus niggers were alwayds turning on whites at any time for any reason …
    many of histories nigger hoaxes that is the ones that say how mean whites were can be read about in theinjusticefile . something or other …
    niggers would go full chimp on army bases during the early 1900’s so the military knew they couldnt be trusted especially after they would get together all fucked up and shoot the hell out of white areas ……
    niggers cant perforn the rites of civilized society so they decide to destroy instead and how cohnvenient thet the kikes agenda is right up nigger alley …….
    killakraphle is right tho …there are lots of niggers made hateful by the jew media and they are armed with all maner of illegal and highly illegal weaponry …
    but so are white people ….plus there are more whites …more and more every day when they see the illiterate psycopathic pathological nigger idiots acting with malice towards our race in america every day ….
    ive heard people say they dont care how old ,male or female ,they wont take any prisoners ….if and when the shit begins to be a 2 way war it wont be pretty …
    survival food and water and kevlar kevlar kevlar ….the rest of the formula is getting more and more limited as the joo shitstains seek to use their senatorial sayanims to try to completely infringe on our gauranted right to each and fucking amendment ….
    50 of the senaturds are treasonous pro israel anti american anti white snakes who only ran for office for easy money and to control the goyim …..

    • Daniel says:


      One thing I noticed but not suprising at all is no matter how much the disagreement we as whites have with each other over sports, religion, etc… even here on this very board you and I would have probably had came to blows if some of these conversations were at a bar scene with a bunch of us white guys hanging out.


      When it comes to the niggers….I think most whites good, bad, ugly, in-between, losers, winners, fags, straight, narrow, crooked, married, unmarried, old, young fat, skinny ALL WANT TO ANNIHILATE THE FUCKING NIGGRS IN SOME FORM OR FASHION.


  23. S O G says:

    i can see that is a goal daniel …we MUST stick together …..we must hang together or hang separately ..
    i have fiends who are liberal….i watch their backs for them ….
    they are victims of life long jewish propaganda …
    i tell people as a front and a useful anti propaganda propaganda tool thet we need to eliminate politics and religion from convesations …..i try to get people to drop their gaurd ….
    i am a gifted actor ….believe me ….on many levels i dont disagree with you or matt or jr ..
    we dont disagree on the fact thet whites must live separately from te savages ,,,…
    killakraapuh ….roflol lol ….etc long laff track …
    the goof ball was a stupid jew come on here to be himself …
    the world is truly in deep shit ,that we can agree on no doubt …….
    we need to do whatever it takes to get the job of securing our freedom and rights done and done…

  24. Red Pill says:

    March 24, 2019 — The shooter at Christchurch was Brenton Tarrant 28-year-old, fake, 42-year-old boy of two British parents of Jewish origin. New Zealand Prime Minister
    Christchurch False Flag Black Op

    Jacinta Ardern resolved not to mention his name, banned his video in New Zealand and transformed this Jew, trained in Israel in 2017 and 2018, into a Right Wing White Supremacist ‘lone’ gunman. What appear to be incriminating false trails laid as far afield as Austria point to neo-Nazis (so-called) and white nominal Christian patriotic groups opposed to multiculturalism which is accursed by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel but fostered by their non-Semitic impersonators to divide and conquer by miscegenation as prophesied in Matthew 24:37 (Genesis 6:1-4).



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