All Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

By Phillip Marlowe

Earlier this morning, Chicago prosecutors dropped all charges against Jessie Smollett; when it was obvious the punk faked the whole thing. Getting the charges dropped had to have been an inside job facilitated by insider Chicago blacks and Michelle Obama. All files have been sealed — meaning nobody can report what transpired — a clear sign of BS. In fact, all the database files pertaining to the case were deleted within minutes. No record of anything exists.

He forfeited his lousy $10,000 in his bond costs, which is never done if charges are dropped. A tiny drop in the bucket for what Chicago taxpayers shelled out over the investigation. And they claimed he already did (before any of this happened) community service with only 2 days of work critiquing propaganda videos in “Reverend” Jesse Jackson’s Chicago race-baiting White guilt money outfit, Rainbow BS something. Why would that factor in if all the charges were dropped and expunged from his record?

Smollett even had the nerve to say outside the court that what he said happened was still all true and he would continue fighting for “marginalized people.” What a crock.

Can you believe the total BS nowadays?

We are definitely living in a time of universal deceit. Notice how the media acted like everything Smollett said was true — right on up to the time he was charged — when his account of the crime was obviously ridiculous from the start. It’s all part of the Jewish agenda against White people in our own lands. Us Whites and Trump voters are clearly getting screwed over. This is a total travesty!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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56 Responses to All Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

  1. Jim Stone concludes, and i have to agree with him, that this TRAVESTY of Justice — Rahm E., good job! — appears aimed at keeping the embryonic “war” in Venezuela under the radar for easily distracted sheep.

    • Luke says:

      I agree. As outrageous as this was, it is important to understand that the outrageousness of this decision is the clue that proves it was chosen to be a distraction.

      The question that we still can only speculate about – is what other issue is it intended to distract the sheep from? Venezuela? The failure of the Mueller fiasco to find any collusion? Could it be something orchestrated by the Trumpenmerkel White House – designed to rile up those 63 million easily snookered White voters who put him into office and who are slowly beginning to realize what a lying, backstabbing, slab of flip flopping rat shit this guy is, who showed us his cards in his SOTU speech and then morphed into Yeb Bush?

  2. John Taurus says:

    Next, Smollett will receive a metal. Race war is being pushed onto America by the Jew media. Communism has finally arrived and it will be the death of America. Whites will be murdered on the streets by Blacks without worry of retribution. The Democrats will pass laws making the murder of Whites legal. Any Whites fighting back will be charged with hate crimes and executed. Wake up White people. Get your heads out of your asses. We have lost our country. It is now headed towards “Shit Hole” status.

    • Daniel says:

      Been trying to tell em>>>>>>> I’m 100% certifiable crazy by the VA…Stamped and approved!! SO HERE IT GOES! GET OFF YOUR LAZY WHITE ASSES AND TAKE IT TO THE FUCKING STREETS>>> KICK NIGGER BUTT RIGHT BACK!


      • Red Pill says:

        the deep state wants a race war and to make war on whites.
        it’s a diversion so they can justify what ever agenda they have up their sleeves next for us white people.
        open warfare in the streets will happen with out any help from ourselves, and we both know white people will have to lose
        every thing they own and all what they believe is gone.
        then and only then will they pickup arms and rebel.
        a EMP would do that, as long as there is talmud vision, beer and niggerball .no one will do anything.

    • I would agree that this Smollett nigger asshole should receive a “metal”… That metal should be chains as he sits in a cold jail cell for this crime against humanity!

      • Daniel says:

        Someone needs to find this punk sneak up behind and do a number on his head THIS TIME FOR REAL!! ROPE A DOPE AND ALL/BLEACH! God, I hope KARMA GETS THIS STINKING NIGGER!!

      • Aitch. says:

        Or better still, a red hot poker up his arse.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Niggers and jews have nothing to do with the communism ideology.

      On the contrary, niggers and jews is the very product of the capitalism. It the colored shit, and then eat more …

      Say the truth, you wanted to be previleged, your were confident, you were wealthy. Now spread your wealth on the shit loaf and eat it…

      Fucking niggers and jews is the product of the capitalism…

    • Nig Nocker says:

      Stockholm Syndrome has fully taken hold. The fake jews’ holohoax and racial guilt programming propaganda leaves 99% of Americans as putty in their hands, mindless puppets with lumps of clay for brains to be manipulated and shaped into any form desired. White liberals are the most extreme examples of this mental illness but the fake jew worshipping Republicans who sheepishly follow the rules of political correctness and hang heir heads in shame whenever they are falsely accused of breaking the rules are just as far gone.

      The white man’s programmed guilt and self hatred are the opiate of choice of the masses. The masochistic pleasure of bowing at the feet of their psuedo semitic masters and their soulless chimp enforcers is their only purpose for living; the instinct for survival replaced by self suicidal supplication as their biological imperative. They give their daughters freely to niggers because this humiliation is the ultimate self depracating thrill. They cheer the invading hordes of third worlders as conquering heroes as their DNA leaves the gene pool forever along with the culture and civilization their ancestors fought to create.

      The plastic jews pass out the Jim Jones and the sheeple have sold their souls for every drop and would die a thousand deaths for another sip.

  3. Ae says:

    Hoping the Feds get him .They havent dropped their investigation ,,,,,yet

  4. Nationalist says:

    The disaster that is Negro America – billions going up in smoke each and every year. I have no idea how liberal Whites can justify their attitudes towards Blacks as well as their fellow Whites whom they seem to enjoy screwing each and everyday. The penalty for treason is death.

  5. Arctic Circle says:

    Hitler stated that the spread of globalism is an instrument of enslaving the world by the commercialization. The same enslaved world with the few heads of organized crime, in roles of the president.

    Everybody is a financial slave many times over today. The world is divided in between the few Crime Lords – the presidents. The presidents do not discriminate, they fuck everyone equally, jews, niggers, whites, go all in the same meat grinder.

    Only the profit, power, comfort what is matter. Enjoy your capitalism in the giant colored shit hole.

    The jews are bloodstream of this disease. The veins must be cut opened to let it drain out to contain the disease from spreading. But it requires an effort, the organized effort. Not individualism, but everybody must stand together to drain out the jewish shit. It called socializm when people act together to address the common problem.

    Most of the white people just barely survive economically and only do for themselves. Sadly, the people who use all their energy to survive, have nothing left to serve the community….

    Its fucked up colored toilet… Where the niggers and lationos are all specifically and selectively hired on all government jobs. Amazing and bizarre shit …

    • Aitch. says:

      I’m sick of the sight of those black hats the jews wear. In my humble opinion, they should be nail-gunned to their heads.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    Chimpcago. Sheboons sheboons….whumpdidty dump whumpdidity dump. orpah winfreys. obamalamalamas. rhammy Emanuel jewboys. third world federalmeansjewish taxpayer funded shitholes. ebt cards accepted heres. pubix housing. section 8s, oblamalama care Medicaid. free sailfones. elected prosecuters from other stupid ass welfare dependent low-iq retarded jew pet niggers. No need for stinking qualifications like knowledge, skills and disabiwaties when you are a nigger sheboon. Assfirmative actions. minority set-asides. diversity hire and promote. lower the test scores. lower the standards. meet the skin color quotas. Pat them on their nappy heads and tell them how smart they are. Give them a piece of paper to frame on their walls congratulations you are a graduate of a Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard indoctrination center. give them a government do-nothing but fuck shit up and cause problems job. Maybe as a teacher of future low iq stupid ass niggers teachers government job union dedicated democratic Marxist commie Bolshevik jew voters. promise them more free shit. excuse their debts let the working white taxpayer suckas pay der beeaalllls. Speaking of patting the planet of the apes low iq assfirmative actions diversity hire and promote lower the test scores and standards meet the quotas erection holders and Loretta lynches pat them on their little nappy heads give them a big jew book advance payment for serving us well. equal rights voting rights. 2 niggers in only black lives matter black panthers outside the voting polls in philly with billy clubs threatening any white person coming to try and vote you are about to be ruled by the black man now. On video. slam dunk voting rights case huh? Nope. erection holder drops the case. Nothing to see here. Christian Adams department of injustice. read it.

  7. Arctic Circle says:

    …enormously physically strong niggers are …Animals, apes

    This video shows how really strong niggers are ..

    • Daniel says:


      The amazing thing is, the jews/nigger coddlers have forced and made niggers into boastful sodomites. Just like this fool satanic nigger trying to take an ATM machine on a city bus in broad daylight. There is a growing amount of niggers I keep hearing/reading about that are now so boastful they have been grabbing a white woman and trying to rape them in broad daylight on the main street in public or on street corner in some cities across Mystery Babylon =America the whore in nigger worship Idloitry as gODS. BTW, the bigger they are, the harder they WILL fall. Remember, the Adamic White Israelites kicked the shit out of the land of Giants. And little Hebrew Sheppard boy David cut the head off of Goliath the bully giant who dared any coward or brave soul to go up against him. 150 LBS David took the offer.

      Song Of Solomon 5:10 KJV ORIGINAL = ” My beloved ( King David ) is WHITE and RUDDY, Chiefest amongst 10,000’s ”

      Adam Hebrew Definision= To be able to show Blood under the skin, able to turn FLUSH RED, TO BLUSH, Rosey, Ruddy. They call us REDNECKS as an insult, But ChristGod does not find them cute.. they are a heathen violent non-white race.

      • Nig Nocker says:

        I disagree. Niggers are often faster and jump higher due to more fast twitch muscle fibers evolutionarily necessary for jungle hopping and running from the police. But 70 % of Olympic summer games medals and 90% of winter medals are awarded to whites, who are just 10 % of the world’s population.

        I wrestled NCAA Div 1 and I know first hand most niggers are physically weaker and more often than not helpless against trained, athletically gifted whites in one on one combat. Wrestling caters to the highest use of human physiology in combat: grabbing and throwing, and superior intelligence is part of this also. Nigger boxing is ineffective, fighting is a grappler’s game. That’s why all the nuggets play feetsball and basketball, just look at the UFC. The toughest guys in the world are generally not black, save for the few blacks at the elite level

    • Ehitepride says:

      Unbelievable! What a legacy niggers! Stealing, promiscuity, low iq etc etc!

  8. Arctic Circle says:

    …this hateful israel’s criminal, nataniyahoo, says: It is not about Benjamin it is about that America shares Israel values to scam the world….

    I would not be so sure to exaggerate that all American people share canning speculatory and inhumane jewish values….

  9. Arctic Circle says:

    …That is police work …

    With all the resources pig-faced have got it is steel an issue for them to have prisoners safe in custody, even if it requires to keep them save from each other.

    “The issue of safety for Mr. Comello while he’s in prison is real,” Gottlieb said, adding that concerns over potential violence in prison have been heightened in this case. “I know that the Department of Corrections is very concerned about it, and we’ll continue to speak to them to ensure his safety while he’s in prison. That’s why we asked for protective custody.”

    He added that concerns for the safety of Comello’s family were being addressed by law enforcement.

    Veteran mob chronicler Selwyn Raab, author of the seminal “Five Familes: The Rise, Decline and Resurgence of America’s Most Powerful Mob Empires,” said last week that retribution might not occur instantly. But Comello’s best-case scenario is a life spent looking over his shoulder.

    And the fucking Jewish media quoting a fucking career criminal-mob gune fuck-face is making a prognoses …. Can you imagine how then powerful all these scumbags, criminals and police together?

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    Hey nappy headed minority set-aside, diversity hire and promote, lower the test scores and standards meet your skin color quotas erection holders and Loretta lynches on the tarmacs . We haven’t forgot about you yet. fast and furious illegal gun running? Brian Terry? Waco? Burning children to death? You served your jew paymasters well. They pat you on your little nappy heads and tell you how smart you are? give you a Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard lower the test scores and standards degree to frame on your wall. Fuck it. Most niggers are stupid . Not all, but most. No wonder jews pretend to like their stupid ass low iq retarded welfare dependent niggers so much. throw them some more free peanuts and bananas and watermelons into monkey island third world shitholes niggerhoods and they will vote for you.

    The Department of Justice Watches Over the Law
    But Who Watches the Watchmen?

    The Department of Justice is America’s premier federal law enforcement agency. And according to J. Christian Adams, it’s also a base used by leftwing radicals to impose a fringe agenda on the American people.

    A five-year veteran of the DOJ and a key attorney in pursuing the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, Adams recounts the shocking story of how a once-storied federal agency, the DOJ’s Civil Rights division has degenerated into a politicized fiefdom for far-left militants, where the enforcement of the law depends on the race of the victim.

    In Injustice, Adams reveals:

    The inside story of how the Obama DOJ spiked the voter intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party—and the Panthers’ little-known public appearance with Obama
    How the Obama administration changed DOJ hiring policy to ensure radical leftists would dominate the Civil Rights Division
    The Obama DOJ’s bizarre agenda, from insisting on kids’ rights to attend school dressed as transvestites, to litigating for teachers’ rights to take paid vacations to Mecca
    How the DOJ has repeatedly sided with political bosses who flagrantly disenfranchise entire communities of white voters
    Why the DOJ’s fixation on racial grievance threatens the integrity of the 2012 elections

    If you thought the federal government was dedicated to race-neutral equal protection, Injustice will set you straight. This searing indictment of government malfeasance unveils the astonishing political extremism and outright lawlessness that now infects on of the government’s most powerful agencies. With everything from civil rights laws to America’s voting system at risk, Adams sound the alarm on a gathering threat to our nation’s futur


    Joel Stein: LA Times December 19, 2008
    I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.
    How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

  12. Daniel says:

    ********** BREAKING**************

    Smollett promises to keep fighting/ridiculing against American white men at all coast! MEDIA BACKS THE CRIMINAL NIGGER!

  13. Red Pill says:

    ********** BREAKING**************

    Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax: He Did Not Act Alone, Sources Say It goes all the way up to Obama

    • Daniel says:


      OH, YES YES YES>>The FalseMessia soon to appear as it realy never went away to begin with.

      Negros= Beasts of the field!

      REVELATION 13:18 ” For here is were it calls for WISDOM, let those in Christ CALCULATE the number of the beast, for it is his number and it is 666″

      6+6+6= 18 >>18 letters in Barack Hussien Obama

      6x6x6= 214>>> Obama B-day Aug 4th the 214th day of each year

      The day Obama swore into the office the very first day the Illinois state pick three lottery was 666

      Obama lived/served/held senator in shitcogo in the area zipcode of 60606

      Since Obama was born Aug 4th 1961! If you are to add up every month since his birthday until ending office in Jan when Trump took over and he left, you come to >>>666 months in total

      In 2010 obama took a trip to muslim Inda taking with him 3,000 Government officials /security etc… Cnn bragged it would cost the American tax payers a WOPPING 200 million a day to cover all the salaries and expenses. Divide 200 million into 3,000 and you come to 666,666,6

      The obama’s first tax return while the president was 666,66…

      THERE ARE MORE >>> Too many to list, but these are a few

      What have we been doing as instructed by ChristGod in Rev 13:18?

      That’s right ” CALCULATING THE NUMBER.

      If you are kissing nigger ass, while discrediting your own heritage /race As an Adamic race>>>you are taking the ” MARK OF THE BEAST”

      VERDICT= Niggers/Obama are the ” BEAST .of the field” reference above link.

      Now you know! Stay tuned…………

  14. Aitch. says:

    He probably threatened to spill what he knows about the O’Bongos if he was sent down.

  15. Aitch. says:

    Check out the Daily Mail website for video footage of fat sheboon, with niglet in tow, shoving a white woman in front of a bus. They’ve nicknamed the ape ‘the Pimlico pusher’.

  16. cole nidre says:

    Why the jews really hate Deutschland (Aryans) and Nihon (Japan)

    These groups are obviously the smartest overall europeans and

    the evil jew views them as the biggest obstacle in the way of their
    worldwide totalitarian takeover, and will constantly try to use the
    various untermenschen to attack and destroy them. krikey.

    unite against the common enemy. rise up ye nations and
    smite the devil jew.

  17. Daniel says:

    It is damn CLEARLY obvious that the jews/niggers are BEGGING for a race war. But yet whites are begging no! Jews/niggers are saying ” JUST WHAT ELSE THE FUCK DO WE NEED TO DO TO GET YOU COWARD WHITES TO FIGHT US”? “Do we need to machine gun you mother fuckers down or what you scared white peoples.

    WHEN IS ENOUGH FINALLY ENOUGH! When will we answer their threats and violence as they bully us like school kids on the playground with busted noses and killings?

    LOOK>>>THEY ARE LAUGHING REAL HARD AT THIS! Are we waiting for the whole g-DAMN white race to get beat the fuck down/murdered/captured by anti-Christ heathen mortal soules niggers that are satan’s children. WOW!

  18. Dave says:

    The decision has nothing to do with Chicago corruptness or politics, it has to do with race and that is what the nigger prosecutor saw when she decided to drop the charges. Too bad whites don’t feel the same way about their own. Race and tribalism is the only reality in a diverse society, not fairness and law. Whites need to figure that out and start acting tribal or we will cease to exist.

  19. Stophel says:

    Did anybody REALLY ever think anything would actually happen to him??? He’s a half jew, half negro, faggot. He’s pretty much got all the bases covered there.

  20. Breonna says:

    Obummer and Michael still working behind the scenes to create race wars…can it get more obvious….Chicago elite padding each other’s pockets of course.

  21. johnnyreb says:

    It has gone to far for talking or messages, what is needed is violence against the scumbag politicians, enabling these black bastards to piss all over us, why did no one demonstrate when they let this queer dick sucking nigger off of all charges, when he was trying to start another civil war between blacks and whites, which I would welcome, they need to be stepped on, instead we have scumbags not using the laws and the chic thing is to kiss a niggers ass, Hollywood those lame punks just went full waknada or what ever that shit movie was, making movies with niggers as heros and white woman sucking their dicks and white looking like inemp pieces of weakness, go to a seal training camp and see how many niggers are in the group, no most will be white, so Hollywood you can suck my wet one. Let the revolution begin.

    • Daniel says:


      As a recruit Marine, my platoon was 99% WHITE! :o)

    • Daniel says:


      The joke is all on the niggers and jews belonging to the same Anti-Christ, Anti-Biblical, ANTI-white ruthless regime of the baby slaughtering mulatto machine making heathens full of criminal nasty FILTH of Noah’s ERA that ChristGod hated and was a filthy scum sight before his eyes. King David was WHITE AND RUDDY and CHEEIFEST amongst tens of thousands. Was King David sin free? By NO MEANS. In fact King David started out as a little framed peasant Hebrew boy that was brave enough to take on Goliath the giant and beheaded him. From that day forth ChristGod would use David to be his MOST BELOVED SERVENT OF ALL MEN EVEN THOUGH KING DAVID HAD AN AFFAIR WITH THE WIFE OF A MAN IN BATTLE FOR THE ADAMIC ISRAELITES. King David even sent that man to the front lines because he got the mans wife pregnant and the man even died at the front lines. ChristGod punished King David by taking that child’s life which King David very well knew was a wrath of punishment for that sin. King David later repented and fell on his face in shame many times over and probably even more than was needed. But King David WAS STILL a very BLESSED man because he was an ADAMIC WHITE MAN AND THE VERY BLOOD DESCENDANT OF THE LORD ETERNAL>>>For that is why ChristGod stated that he was his BELOVED AND CHIEFEST!

      I’m not perfect, I’ve sinned, I’ve repented many times over. But I never once like King David lost FAITH and or not accepted that Christ was/is the true Messiah that has came and saved the KINGD DAVIDS ( THE ADAMIC RACE ) from this satanic world he knew we would fall victim to by the niggers, the muds, and the jews. THERE IS/WAS no escaping it>>>we all have sinned, but Christ died on CALVERY so those sins could be forgiven and forgotten about. HE PAID FOR OUR SINS, IT WAS A RANSOM for the ADMIC RACE caught and trapped by these non-Adamic peoples ( Excluding jews, which are excluded from the Adamic race, they are A BIG MISTAKE that take the appearance as Adamic imposters serving their father Lucifer with the ape looking BEASTS OF THE FIELDS niggers ).

      Like King David did and went to battle fighting for many years until ChristGod said Enough and made him a King. I as many Veterans served two Combat tours overseas ****** John 15:13****** Greater Love has NO man than this, A man willing to lay down his life for a friend ( fellow Americans )**** to come back home to face an evil entity VA system brought on by the Anti-Christ obama Admin. Truly, many VA employees are in it for their checks and lunch as they disrespect and literally have no time to legitimately solve a Veterans problems. In fact, the VA system in many states now have also serving and focused on nigger non-veterans in ghetto areas where VA are positioned. I SEE IT ALL THE TIME!!

      ChrisGod sees us veterans needs, he sees the disrespect left behind evil entity of the troubled sinful majority nigger and non-white Government employees in it for their chicken dinners as once again they belong to the anti-Adamic , Anti-Biblical, baby killing , diversity lovers in IDOLATRY MODE in their democRAT clubs voting and supporting the liberals evil anti-white ways which is against CHRISTGODS TEACHINGS.

      I am urgently and ANXIOUSLY waiting for the day these people who have done me so wrong to bow before my feet>>Just as the A BELOVED King David so special to have born the sacrifices and the BURDENS of war for a better way of life for all and to keep ChristGods covenant where it belongs and to protect it.

      REVELATION CH 3 ” And to the Angel of the Church of Philadelphia write; these things saith he that is Holy. He that is True, he that has the Key to DAVID, he that openeth, and NO man shutteth; and shutteth, and NO man can Open. I know thy works; Behold, I have set before you an open door, and NO man can shut it: For thou has little strength, and has KEPT my words and has NOT denied my name. LOOK! I will make them of the synagogue of satan, which say they are JEWS, but are NOT, but they DO lie; LOOK!! I WILL MAKE THEM TO COME AND WORSHIP BEFORE YOUR FEET, AND THEY WILL THEN KNOW THAT IT WAS YOU THAT I HAD LOVED!……………

      THEY HAVE DONE THIS CHRISTIAN VETERAN WRONG! Come Quickly Lord Eternal…Praise your Holy Name ChristGod!

  22. why was my comment not posted, I contribute, more than others can say, I want an answer

  23. Arctic Circle says:

    What is up next?

    Jewish scientists, experimenting on humans, identified a white woman, Cameron. Ms. Cameron has a special gene which allows here to remain of physical as well as physiological pain. The Jewish butchers (scientists) are not to suck all the blood and tissue from the women to make a special vaccine for white people to stop their pain for genocide of the white race.

  24. Arctic Circle says:

    What is up next?

    Jewish scientists, experimenting on humans, identified a white woman, Cameron. Ms. Cameron has a special gene which allows here to remain immune of physical as well as physiological pain.

    The Jewish butchers (scientists) are now preparing to suck all the blood and tissue from the women to make a special vaccine for white people to stop their pain for genocide of the white race.

  25. Gene says:

    Stupid Negro Gets Life Sentence For Murdering Girlfriend – Violent Ape Race

    I told you and told you to dodge the Negro at all costs. They are a particularly violent race of people and these apes will kill you.

    Odessa Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murdering his Girlfriend

  26. Red Pill says:

    you know this SOB will leave the door open

    California governor to visit El Salvador to talk immigration

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom said he will travel to El Salvador in April to discuss the poverty and violence that’s causing waves of migrants to seek asylum in the United States.

    It will be Newsom’s first international trip as governor and his latest effort to position California — not the White House — as the leader on the nation’s toughest issues.

  27. Daniel says:

    Off Topic;

    Two little negro ravaged species fight to the death in a classroom event. WOW! This species here are starting younger and younger and the beast-hood natural prone violence in their hearts breaking through for the world to see. And just how do we know the dead negro 10-year-old beasties of the field opponent was another beasties. Because white mom & Dad and framed white girl would be plastered all over the Country by now that the white mom/dad be racist and forced their child to kill poor poor wittle ***minded its own business negro child.

    VERDICT= Not only do these niggers do violence as an adult, but they are born, bread, and is naturally prone to do violence as their ape/monkey beast counterparts. ” Bible quote>>> ” Can a Leopard change its spots, so to Ethiopians are just naturally violent in their hearts.

    • Daniel says:

      Off topic;

      Yet another younger nigger beast of the field satanic child of Satan violently attacks two innocent Adamic white children of the descendants of ChristGod in a cowardly sneak up behind vicious attack! Getting more and more obvious that the officials, the niggers, the niggers mammy’s, /pappies, and even the white Anti-Christ, Anti-Bible jew nigger idolatry ESUA’S cowardly cops and prosecutors are all in Cahoots against Gods Adamic peoples on this earth. THIS DOES NOT STOP UNTIL A MAJOR WHITE ( Like the French ) UPRISING and or until our rapture. BUCKLE UP! THE NON-WHITE HEATHENS AND SATANIC JEWS ARE RAPIDLY IN CAOS MODE.

  28. Daniel says:

    Lets get a rundown of the last 24 hrs concerning the newly discovered niggers on the planet. From news outlets such as jew fox network etc..

    Smallett= The continuing dropping of even more charges/crimes committed
    Smallett= Suing the white men in the Police Dept
    Smallett= Recommended for the NATIONAL peace AWARD

    A couple of incidents where niglets are killed by other niglets 10 yrs and younger

    Several incidents where niggers attacked young white kids from behind

    White people’s eating habits are killing people and the world and the environment, but niggers eat healthy

    And we have one 8 yr old monkey looking niglet who is the smartest person in the world on the chess table.

    Above niglets parents are supposed Christians in Boko Haram Aperica

    Several niggers get set free from prison because the white man was wrong and locked them up for many years for nothing.

    Trump is the ugliest white man alive

    Am I missing something uncovered ya’ll concerning the new discovered fallen miracles upon our earth that we just can’t live without???HMMMM HMMM

  29. Daniel says:

    I was poking around the web today and happened upon this site called ”” I wasn’t registered but I was reading someone’s post ( most all them posts are far fetched unbiblical rants, yet they call themselves Christians, UNREAL) and they were complaining because they were in another christian forum for women only and they felt that they where a bunch of chatty chats and the poster wanted to hang out with men christians in that forum instead. For the heck of it I decided to join real quick just to add THE BIBLICAL KJV TRUTH STRAIGHT FROM GODS MOUTH AND SCRIPTURES in response to that particular poster. I felt a strong message from ChristGod to do this for some reason, I’ve never had this happen to me before to do such a thing>>>weird, it was a weird feeling. But I felt compelled to do it as if it were an order from a higher Authority of some sort.


    1 TIMOTHY 2:14 ” For Adam was not deceived, it was the woman in transgression who was deceived,” I told the poster that many women were in denial of this and was lied to that it was the man instead.

    I also told this very WELL KNOWN Biblical truth straight from the KJV

    1 CORINTHIANS 11:3 ” Christ is the head of every man, man the head of the woman, and God the head of Christ”

    I also advised that Since Eve was in transgression, what God was saying and has foretold in Gen ch 3 was that Eve had an illicit Affair with a negro beast of the field resulting in Cain/ hence canaanites/negros. I Advised that the jews were the offspring of the Edomites resulting in the Esau abandoning his heritage/religion and married a canaanite woman resulting in modern day jews, hence these are words STRAIGHT FROM THE HOLY BIBLE.

    THEY CALLED ME A RACIST MAN!! AND IMMEDIATELY BANNED ME. As I expected. Not upset, in fact I feel even more blessed than I ever had knowing ChristGod took blinders off of me so I could serve him the right way and make ETERNITY WITH HIM. The door to paradise is very WIDE>>>but the path is very narrow! There are going to be plenty of nigger coddling jew loving white man trashing white liberal people who THINK they are Christians>>>but they serve nigger and jew gODS and are CLEAR ESUA’S. HELLBOUND THEY ARE FOR THEIR FOOLISHNESS AND INSINCERITY TO THE ADAMIC CHRISTGOD

    Now you know how real this all is. These supposed christians across the internet and the country are playing footsies with niggers/jews/sinners and ARE IN COMPLETE DENIAL OF CHRISTGODS TRUE WORDS AND WITH THICK BLINDERS ON HATING THEIR FELLOW WHITE MAN yet calling themselves christians in these forums talking dog shit everyone goes to heaven especially the jews and niggers will be the leaders in heaven. WOW!!!!

    Totally F’ing AMAZING!

    And you trust your fellow white supposed christians? Most are worse than niggers and jews!

    Thought I would share that delightful learning experience today late in this end times as we have a MAJOR FALLING AWAY FROM THE GOSSPIL and the FOOTSIES GAMES TAKE ITS PLACES.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    rush limpfoot draft dodger rich daddy got him out of the draft too has the assdacity to start a phoney soldier campaign. cia mossad. same thing. looks like the lying shiff with a bigger fatter head. smoking cigars in south florida. The quickest flights back to israil from the jewnighted states.

  31. cole nidre says:

    yep, more queers, kikes, and koons.

    gag a maggot in satan’s asshole.

  32. Nig Nocker says:

    2 comments deleted as soon as they were posted? Again? Why? I dont give a fuck but what the fuck is wrong with this site? Way to stick together and fight the real enemy by bringing in intelligent people who have the critical thinking and communication skills to more effectively articulate the information to the public at large and thereby strengthen this position. Nobody who visits this site would likely be of any influence, effective or otherwise on anyone but their little circle jerk here. I can personally influence far more people than this site, and the people who are worth educating, ass opposed to the few nutjobs who incestuously suck each other off every day on this boring, heard it all better and before site. Thanks for ruining it for me, again. My comments were totally in agreement with the article. But they were far more thought provoking and linguistically eloquent than the article and most of the nonsensical, uneven and confused comments made by the same little club of dim witted schizoaffective wackos who seem to be favored butt buddies of the author.

    This same shit happened to me here under another name 10 years ago, my on point but vastly superior comments were erased and Incog Fake called me a jew hasbarat but couldnt in any way articulate his accusation or why my comments were erased but only stated that I was labelled as suspect by “someone he trusted.” Fucking stupid bullshit. This site is probably an FBI jew trap to track and monitor extremists, as you see alot of extermination talk on here which will go nowhere. A bunch of ineffective pseudo intellectuals who are sitting naked at their computers jacking of to jew boy on boy porn in their mom’s basement.

    Fuck this wacko jew run disinformation site. All the behavioral marking of Jewish mental illness are on display when I see the way my spot on comments are erased again, and I compare them with what stays up. Moronic fruitcake rambling. I’ve seen this same sort of unexaplanable touchiness from the many fags I’ve had to work with in the legal profession, they all behave similarly. So sensitive. But sensitive about what exactly? Not one cognizable legitimate reason could be given for deleting my comments again.

    Have fun jacking each other off while Incog Fake records your i.p. addresses on his DOJ server.

    What the fuck……..

    • Arctic Circle says:

      …how did you knew about my diagnisis: schizoaffective wacko

      It is actually called schizoaffective disorder… Are you some kind prodigy… I think that it will be very useful for you to learn about the difference between full scale schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. The later is the former plus depression …

      Good luck to you friend I wish you a deep sense of satisfaction which you will never will experience nowhere except Wherever your go you will come back to us simply because there is nowhere to go … good or bad it does not fucking matter, the truth is that there is nowhere to go…The jews fucked it everywhere…

      Lastly, you are up onto something when you say: This site is probably an FBI jew trap to track and monitor extremists…

      Many people died in search for the answer to this question: Why FBI did not shot us down? Why? Why? Our little circle of friends about three hundred and twenty thousands most intelligent people in government and private sectors around the world who are tired of the Jewish Financial Terrorism and Niggerian Crimes.

      We are not shot because we are

  33. Arctic Circle says:

    Try to fight your pride. We are not a little club. We are opened for everyone’s ideas. Keep coming back after you defeat your stubborn ego.

    They are very very fine people here, you just have some patience …You opinion is very important to us… The only thing is that in this country we are not really we are the individuals, an assembly of unrelated personalities with exceedingly unsatisfied anger eating us from inside …

    Remember the ICU will come and personally kill everyone who speaks good of bad people… or who speaks bad about good posts … or other way around …if not, then he will kill everyone just to be certain (ICU is our club’s scarecrow)…

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