Democrat Boycott of AIPAC was a Big Hoax

AIPAC Boycott Hoax: Democrats All Met with AIPAC Jew Masters Privately


The entire American Jewish media was claiming that the “progressive” 2020 Democrat presidential candidates skipped the meeting of the Zionist Occupation Government overlords at AIPAC.

Meanwhile, the Israeli press is reporting that they all had secret meetings with this council of Jewish overlords.


Four Democratic Senators who are seeking their party’s presidential nomination in 2020, met this week with delegations of AIPAC activists from their home states. The meetings took place after eight presidential candidates announced they would not attend AIPAC’s conference, which took place this week in Washington.

Senators Corey Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, Kamala Harris, a Democrat from California, Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York, and Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, met with delegations of AIPAC activists from their respective states, according to an AIPAC official. Booker met with the group at the convention center where the AIPAC conference took place. The other Senators hosted the delegations at their Senate offices.

The meetings proved that despite what Vice President Mike Pence said during his speech at the conference, the Democratic Party is not “boycotting” AIPAC. Pence gave an unusually partisan speech at the conference, in which he directly attacked the Democrats and claimed that candidates who chose not to attend the conference were boycotting the event.

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer both spoke at the conference. Schumer denounced Trump for his comments following the far-right violence in Charlottesville, and equated them with statements that he described as anti-semitic which were made by Republican Congressional leader Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Which is worse?

Giving a public speech to a foreign body of elite overlords, or meeting with those foreign overlords secretly while pretending to the goyim that you are not beholden to that cryptocracy?

In actual fact, the entire concept of AIPAC having this conference is outdated.

The reality of Jewish rule is that it only works when people are told they are not being ruled by Jews. So having all of these politicians go to a conference and publicly pledge allegiance to a foreign power really was not fit for this model of government-by-conspiracy.

It was possible in a pre-internet era to have these conferences and not have anyone see the video.

But now that we can see the video – wow.

Chuck Schumer declared that he was “The Guardian of Israel” at an AIPAC conference.

At an AIPAC-adjacent Jewish Occupation Government conference, Nancy Pelosi declared that if the American Capitol crumbled, we would still send billions of dollars to Israel.

I think the Jews realized this is a problem when Ilhan Omar went out there and said “AIPAC!” and they had to call her an anti-Semite spreading anti-Semitic canards for simply mentioning that the organization exists.

People were like “well, if this is a hateful canard, then what the fuck are these videos of politicians swearing allegiance to Israel about???”

They were really pushing the limits of reality itself by trying to claim that it is an act of hatred to simply say that this organization exists and that American politicians go there and pledge to serve this foreign country. In fact, I have never seen anything like it.

Jewish rule is predicated on the fact that people do not know they are being ruled by Jews. There is nothing that actually even compares to this in history. Historically, there was always a king who you knew was in charge and if you knew that the buck stopped with him. If you had a grievance about something that was happening in the country, the responsibility of addressing it ultimately fell on the king.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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41 Responses to Democrat Boycott of AIPAC was a Big Hoax

  1. cole nidre says:

    netanyahu’s and the jews’ protocol has always been to get you to
    bend over (holohoax), then run nukes up your ass.

    they’d like you to do it to each other too. say it’s collusion if you don’t.

    target the real enemy.

  2. Arctic Circle says:

    In order to combat the Jewdeo-Niggerian Problem we ourselves must become better people, sharper shooter, and more honest!

    Everybody in the world already knows that jews and niggers are dangerous. Not every body understand the subtleties of how the jeudeo-niggerian mechanism, and how it works to harm the humanity, but everybody is understands two things that it is not good to work for the rich, and it would be absolutely necessary to kill jews and niggers if it would be legal.

    With that everybody works hard, everybody is in the survival mode, everybody is feeding the jews and niggers with their energetic labor. This none stop survival cycle, where any deviation from the hard labor, is punishable by police or hunger, takes attention of the masses away from self improvement.

    I believe that we, whites, are not blemishless, and should introspect more often. In fact, many of us white people are so different, bad, egoistic, exotic, and individualistic that it successfully prevents us from the Great White Integration.f

    I propose to be honest with our selves and start working on self-improvement, self-education, and shooting ranges.

    We keep repeating we whites, but who is included in the “We”? It is unclear, and we must become more honest with ourselves. Ask your self a question, if it would be legal to kill bad whites, who would be the first? The answer is, of course, ICUs, rich, Jewish-Collaborators, etc should be the first one.

    As you can see the high road to the White Happiness takes not only external cleansing but also internal.

    • Daniel says:


      The ONLY way whites will come together in masses is with the intervention of the Good Lord. THAT’S IT!!! AND THE ONLY WAY SADLY because we are so split.

      In my opinion, and the way things are going it is not far fetched AT ALL that when the jews make it legal for niggers/muslims/Latinos to kill, rape, Assault whites. THEN, AND ONLY THEN BECAUSE THEN ITS LITERAL SURVIVAL OUT YOUR DOOR.

      • Red Pill says:

        ”The ONLY way whites will come together in masses is with the intervention of the Good Lord. THAT’S IT!!! AND THE ONLY WAY SADLY because we are so split.”

        the only way whites will come awake is when the situation,
        and when the outcome hangs in the balance.
        then and only then when man turns his face to God,
        will God intervene .

      • Red Pill says:

        do not fight the destruction of religion AKA organized religion.
        the so called church has abandon true Christianity long ago.
        when there is no organized religion people will finely realize we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

        before true Christianity can flourish,(in our hearts and minds)
        false religion must be destroyed.
        actually that was the purpose of his (Jesus) mission.

        this is the story of corrupt religion, the true temple is
        resides within you.

        Matthew 27
        50 Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.

        51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

        the false belief that you need a religion is bull shit,
        all churches and religions are false religions.
        get out now before you lose your soul to Satan.
        ask for the holy spirit.

        when all the high places are destroyed (church steeples)
        our time is short.

        Steeples on the churches, and obelisks (such as the one at the Vatican and our Washington Monument), all show the influence of our phallus-worshipping ancestors, including ancient Israelite and Canaanite tribes. These tribes had rituals including the baking of long loaves of bread for blessing, which were, in turn, placed under poles representing the fertility and power of the gods. Eventually, the tall poles were included in the earliest churches.

        Church steeples can be traced back thousands of years to Egypt and pagan worship. Roman Emperor Constantine and his “Edict of Milan” in 313CE, made the Empire officially neutral with regard to religion. Eventually, Pagan and Christian symbols were eventually merged at the Council of Nicea in 325CE, and new doctrines and dogmas were set up by the Holy Roman Catholic (meaning universal) Church, and strictly enforced, under penalty of death.

      • Allen Black says:

        You surprise me, Red Pill. Your eyes are truly open. Without our king, we have no power over the beast. But something has been happening in the last few years….More and more of our people ARE finding their way to true Christian faith, as a kind not seen since the founding of this America or the Crusades…They fear this awakening, and even deployed Rabbis like Amnon Yitzahl (AKA Joe November, AKA Pastor Eli James) to infiltrate, study, and closely monitor the identity movement while yet another Jew pretending to white named Jordan Peterson has been deployed by the trilateral commission to neutralize the fledgling white nationalist movements popping up all over the globe.

        This is a time to show our faith and love of God and each other, in Uniting as many militlias and organizations we can to stand up for what is right. Speaking out against the degenerate drag queen kids or gay marriages….Our livelihoods are NOT as important as the commandments of God. When our people get THAT notion in their heads, and strive to please God instead of worrying for the thoughts of other men, God WILL return our status as his battle ax, and Idumea, that wretched Edomite Babylonian legion of Lucifers sodomites, will be driven into the eastern and western seas along with ALL their beasts. For Israel was ordered long ago to spare no Cainite (Jew) or any of their beasts (negros). How much better would the world have been had they only listened. But this task was handed to Israel, and will be fulfilled before this is over. THIS is why they fear whites so much. They know this prophecy, and even though they are unbelievers, their pragmatism has them wary of these prophecies.

        God bless and protect you and yours, brothers.

  3. Laskarina says:

    At least this blog exposes the Jew criminals.

    Nest month there will be elections in Stolenland. There will also be Passover–the holiday that celebrates wholesale murder, looting and revenge. The Nut-and yahoo (real name Miliekowsky the Lithuanian used furniture salesman who in the 90s went by yet another alias: Ben Nate) will do anything to stay in power.

    Everyday life in Stolenland:

    Imagine that’s what happens everyday when you go to school or to work.

  4. Arctic Circle says:

    Daniel, agreed.

    It appears that the greatest test for the white people is to find the way to come together. God meant exactly that when he said to “love your neighbor”. I just now realize it: love your white neighbor and all your problems and problems of the other whites will be solved. Well we do not need to literally love each other, but to be able to work together.

    God intends the Jeudeo-Niggerian Problem as a test for us to overcome stupid antipathy and come to work together to improve ourselves and then to solve the Dark Problem collectively as the white Christianity from around the world.

    This is the greatest test for all of us as intended by God!

    For example, Czech hate Slovaks. German hate Czech. Austrians look down to the Czechs. Czechs can not stand Polish. Germans hate Polish. Hitler was wary of Slaves. Slaves in Russia do not give a shit about any other slaves then themselves. French were beating Germany as well as the GB, in many wars preceding wwI. Brits hate themselves and Germany because their government abandoned occupied GB during wwII. Etc, etc, etc.

    Poor whites can not stand rich white people. Anglo-Saxons have not even formed opinion about slaves.

    Everybody treats everybody, among us, white people, as a fucking promiscuity. This is wrong. But we, white people, are not diversity, we are uniformity. I whish the great leader incogman would come and unite us all for the Great Crusade against the demonic Dark Forces.

    It looks like it is the time for us to start developing tolerance not for niggers and jews, but instead for each other. Before that happens many of us will perish victims to the Darkness.

  5. Daniel says:

    Off topic,

    This is why the military should be off limits to all niggers>>>>>99.999% of all felonies, murders, and especially rapes of Japanese/Koreans etc.. are committed by undisciplined unable to fully adapt to orders/commands and duty, >>> niggers!

    Never needed the demonic SOB”s in WW1 & WW2 , KOREA and we won hands down without the magic tragic niggers.

    This military nigger pissed the white ADAMIC Christ off pretty good and it even tried to kill a white cop.

    Nigger military members are LAZY, UNDISCIPLINED CRIMINALS IN THE WAIT AND A HUGE EMBARRASSMENT TO THE RANKS! To most, its a waste of training and tax payers monies to train a nigger that was pencil whipped in for the stats thing…… SHAME ON THOSE RECRUITERS

  6. Gene says:

    Don’t Get In A Vehicle With Negro – Cute Chick Samantha Josephson Murdered – Negro Suspect

    I’ve told you and told you not to get close to the Negroes. Student Samantha Josephson, cute chick, got in a car she thought was her ride and was murdered. It can happen like that, just that fast. Don’t let anyone force you into a vehicle against your will. If you have to fight start the fight right there before being forced to get into the car. Once you’re in the car it’s goodbye Rosie.

    #UPDATE #Arrest Made in Samantha Josephson Disappearance

    South Carolina man charged with kidnapping and murder of University of South Carolina student


    The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews– all of them in all different levels — is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.” (Rabbi Yitzhak Hacohen Kook, spiritual leader of today’s Gush Emunim messianic movement in the early 20th century, BROWNFELD, A., March 2000, p. 105-106)

    • Red Pill says:

      very true, the souls of the jews are contaminated from the “fallen ones”.
      you being jewish, you should know.
      no awake gentile will capitalize the letter j in jewish or jew.

      • Daniel says:


        Good catch…………… jews never write out the whole word GOD either leaving a bunch of STUPID assinine reasons why that only FOOLs believe. They can’t write it out because they are under STRICT ORDER NOT TO BY THEIR FATHER SATAN and they also know he is observing his own. Not just that, satan and his kids would NEVER put Gods full name>>>NOT in their mortal souls to bring themselves to it anyways.


        Nah, only a baby-dick Jew like you who keeps using multiple accounts will CONSTANTLY quote from the bible. So, why don’t you inform fellow Gentiles of all the racist Talmud quotes over and over again the way you keep posting biblical quotes? Answer: Because you want to keep Gentiles in the bible box. Most people, as you well know baby-dick Jew, have no clue about the Talmud and what it states, but you sure are focused on the bible aren’t ya, boy?:). These psychological tricks of your are losing their effectiveness. P.S. Let your Jewish mom know she made the right choice in pumping out some part black babies behind you and your daddy’s backs:). Oh, and please be a man and use ONE account from now on. LOL!!!!!!!

    • Daniel says:

      BUSTED JEW IMPOSTER!! Time to switch names again…………. hiding behind the user name>>>>> cunning jew you are.


        LOL!!! Hey, typical Jew schmuck stealing from Gentiles. I already called you out for using multiple accounts, boy:) RP, Daniel, etc..shit, dude, just use ONE account. I already told you this? Are you having a mental short circuit because your Jewish mom is banging a black dude with a two-inch dick?? LOL!!!!!

      • Daniel says:

        Small Dick boy,

        The anti-Christ keeps proving its ignorance as the jew capitalizes the T in talmud ( the jew adores) and lower cases and puts to shame the word “Bible” ( that the jew hates )

        DISMISSED!!! Please dismiss this bum jew INCOMAN

        jews sooner or later always exposes their rat selves>>>>>.ChristGod always informs his Elect!


        Hey, “Daniel”, did it hurt when your rabbi chewed off your little dick during your BRIS CEREMONY???:) Keep avoiding to post Talmud quotes, putz. Your true Jewishness comes shining through. Mazel tov:)

  8. Tom says:

    The kike overseer Corey Booker, a Democrat from the plantation New Jersey, the kike overseer Kamala Harris, a Democrat from the plantation California, the kike overseer Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from the plantation New York, and the kike overseer Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from the plantation Minnesota, met with the criminally insane delegation of AIPAC bolshevik activists from their respective plantation, according to an AIPAC bolshevik criminal . Booker met with the group at the convention center where the AIPAC bolshevik conference took place. The other Overseers hosted the criminally insane bolshevik delegations at their plantation offices.

    DAILY STORMER needs to catch up with the times.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Tom is a good poster and outstanding white soldier.

      However he often mix two political process, maybe unintentionally, but most certainly passionately, which have nothing in common: Niggerism and Bolshevism…

      Any girlfriend in the world can explain to you: Do not mix dick and finger!

      You target is Judaism not bolshevism. Bolshevism is not going to offend you but to make you a better and more honest with yourself person…

      • luke2236 says:

        judaism and bolshevism are essentially one in the same. Not only were the bolsheviks nearly all jews, but , as rabbi finklestein said – ‘you may call it communism, but we call it judaism’.

  9. Arctic Circle says:

    Who knows why there was this spectacular growth in the power of the United States in the past 100 years…?

    Many white people attribute is exactly to the fact that jews are harbored in this country as nowhere else …. It is very possible that the America is that successful mainly due to the fact the most world jews and the jewish capitals are parked here … I am not sure, but I have personally met several bragging jews who say that the U.S. power is the jewish power. Who knows what is truth today? Everybody lies…

    If the power of the US is rooted in Jews, may be we should be thankful to the demons instead of condemning them?

  10. J.R. says:

    Two notorious end-time apocalyptic political beasts are shortly to arise… the first is a liberal nationalist at the head of a new confederation of ten European nations, that’ll supersede the now failing EU.. the second is a new Davidic king who’ll be received as Israel’s messiah at Jerusalem, instead of God’s righteous resurrected Son Jesus Christ…

    The first will provide the jew banksters with the “666” number of his name as the authority for all trade and the second will cause the earth-dwellers left behind after the rapture to worship it, by receiving the mark of the authority of it, in the right hand and forehead…

    the Democrats in America are more aligned with the rise of the first beast… whereas, the Republicans are more aligned with the second beast… but both will join to worship the image of the first beast in the jews’ “harmonized” ideal antichristian world, when the world will say “peace and safety”… just before the wrath of God on the sinners falls…

    In Leaked Recording, Cory Booker Says He and AIPAC President “Text Message Back and Forth Like Teenagers”…

    “Let me be clear. Anti-Semitism is un-American. It is anti-American. It violates, most deeply, our commonly held values, and we must take steps on the global stage against vicious acts that target hatred.”

    “That is why I’m a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 720, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which opposes international efforts to encourage BDS while protecting First Amendment rights,” Booker added….

    • Daniel says:


      Good point! ChristGod has foretold the ENTIRE world will be in worship of the “beast” hint…hint…..hint….. wink..wink……. Where did all the humble TRUE AWOKE Christians go. We know the answer to that.

      JR I have hope for you after all. You need to brush up on the Adamic Christ. The Begotten Christ indeed is the direct descendant of Adam whom our Father described as able to show blood in the Face, to blush, to turn noticeably Flush, rosy, Ruddy >>>( Rednecks ) Christ is NOT a rainbow the others will have you believe ( sounds good/feels good input/ footsies with all ). And the Adam man is NOT described Biblically as Olive skin like you say OR ELSE OUR LORD ETERNAL WOULD HAVE MENTIONED SO TO BE CLEAR.

  11. dalstroy says:

    booker raped somebody in a mens’ toilet. was paid off. jew mass media
    dead silent.

    jew crime against humanity numbnutsanyahoo is a pollack (meiliekowsky)
    kike, probably with some mongol in him, NOT a Lithuanian.

    Maybe he has some slav russian kike bolshevik in him too.


    Here’s another racist,but at least honest, quote from a Jew prick that a schmuck crypto-Jew like Red Pill / Daniel will avoid (who knows how many accounts this PUTZ has:). Enjoy and start spreading the word of Jewish racism using their own quotes:

    ”An Orthodox Jew learns from his earliest youth, as part of his sacred studies,” that Gentiles are compared to dogs, that it is a sin to praise them.” (Israel Shahak, SHAHAK, p. 96)

  13. Arctic Circle says:

    …Booker is rising demonic-nigger star … New Arc under mayorship of this nigger was and still is the violent niggers shit hole, with everyday broken car windows, niggers shooting drive-by style
    No need to blame this and previous obamanation the United States on jews. Instead the white inertia, apathy, and overall white dependence on the Jewish pay checks is the reason for the rise of the Niggerism in Jewmerica.

  14. dalstroy says:

    somebody should tell booger that 95% of the so-called “semites”
    in the world are “arabs.”

    • Daniel says:

      Both jews and muzzies are DAMN NEAR THE EXACT SAME. When they both greet you its the same lingo/language>>> ” shalom aleincum” I was in the Middle East, I know.

      Verdict= jews and muzzies are BUTT buddies anti-Christ, anti-Bible, anti-white liberal values democRATS against America the Republic for which it Stands. The media ( whom are jews including all on jewfox , CNN, msnbc>>commentators/journalist/host etc.. ) And the higher-ups in suits and ties on both sides of the isles WANT YOU TO THINK that jews and ISIS/taliban/iran are enemies>>>>A GREAT sideshow from our living rooms as we are getting FOOLED one after another! Only one way to heaven!! Christians AWOKE get it, but the entire world jew , muzzies, buddah, Hindu atheist etc.. DON’T. Consequently is it any wonder those same will belong to the liberal democRAT party against the white TRUE Christians values. COMMON SENSE RULES DAY EVERYDAY ON THIS MATTER.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Jews and Arabs are physically two borthers: Soul and Alek. From this two brothers then become two tribes: one, jews, and second, arabs…

      Arabs = Jews = Sand Niggers = danger = Niggers + Yellow = Whites Gone.

  15. Erik Snohdin says:

    Yesterday there was a grand opening of a new restaurant/sports bar in my town. There were hundreds of people there, quite a few that I knew, and we are all Jew haters and we don’t care who knows. So out of nowhere comes this big badass pickup truck garnished with American flags and huge Trump 2020 signs and MAGA slogans, but there was something wrong here ; there were an equal number of Israeli flags alongside the American flags, all this blue and white Israeli bullshit. I know my friends well and several of us gathered together and cornered this truck and started asking him WTF with all the Israeli flags, and didn’t he know that Jews are the mortal enemy of Americans. He was actually clueless, if you can believe that and in his own innocent way was just hailing the alliance between America and Israel. The guy driving the damn truck was Scottish. We all told him to get those POS Israeli flags off his damn truck and stop siding with the world’s number one criminals. We told him that ultimately it was his truck and he could do what he wanted but he wasn’t gonna make any damn friends with Israeli flags on his vehicle. Sonuva bitch pulled over and took all the blue and whites off his truck. At this point his truck became an official Trump 2020 truck and we were all shaking hands. This poor guy really didn’t know the score. He didn’t even know that Jews controlled the media, that they were the ones who set up the Russian hoax against Trump, that they are the ones messing with everyone’s head about gender identity, that they are the ones Chemtrailing our skies and poisoning our food and vaccines. He was actually grateful after that and said he would spread the word. We told him to keep studying and learning about these filthy rat pieces of fucking Bolshevik shit, and he said he would. He tore out of the parking lot, his US flags flapping in the wind, his horn honking away to support Trump in 2020.
    My buddies and I went back to the grand opening and had a few brews, a job well done.
    This is how we need to spread the word about these rotten asshole kikes and their blabbermouthing lies and bullshit. If a Civil War starts in this country, those slimy cocksucking assholes better run for their lives because so many of us know who is to blame for all the bullshit, and we’re not gonna waste time with fellow Americans ; we’re going right for the throat of the beast ; those arrogant piles of fecal stench, those degenerate rapists and genocidal psychotics. We are going to massacre those sons of bitches right in the streets. Their blood will be flowing like rivers ! They think there’s not gonna be any consequences to what they’ve done here in America, especially to our government ? OHHHHHHHHH FUCK, we are gonna TEAR THESE RAT BASTARDS APART !!

  16. Dafydd says:

    Hilarious real wind up (uncut)

  17. Daniel says:

    A bit of WISDOM here folks. I will post a link at end of this post I think ALL TRUE awoke Christians should view and pass along to as many as possible. LISTEN UP, we are in the seven-year Tribulation stretch that started SEP 0f 2016 the DAY the eclipse came across MYSTERY BABYLON. Next Eclipse is APRIL 2024. Rapture window>>> anytime up to meeting and actually observing the FALSE MESSIAH ( Barack Hussein Obama/SATAN ). The ARK of the covenant is in ARK-ansas when Jeremiah some from the tribe of Dan came up through the Mississippi river branched off into the ARK-ansas river and hid the ARK of the Covenant near MT NEBO on Magazine Mountain surrounded by ALL the 12 tribes and books of the Bible towns and cities ( look at the map if you have one )around that area in the OZARKS!

    I want everyone here to take notice of the song ( will be the song of Moses too everyone should know ) BYE BYE MISS AMERICAN PIE! IS THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

    When that Eclipse came the first time UNFORTUNATELY ChristGod as the saying goes in the song ” BYE BYE MISS AMERICAN PIE ” and the three men I admired the most, the Father, the Son , and the Holy Ghost, they took the last train for the coast, the Day, the music died. ChristGod left us when Satan was released and his minions ” the fallen wicked nigger Nehpilims ” ChristGod WILL never be where Lucifer is in charge full scale as he was since Americas Birth. You have to Admit ever since that Eclipse STRANGE THINGS ALL OVER STARTED up to including the removal of statues of Admic men, the non stop flood of immigrants, the made up stories on white men, one HOAX AFTER ANOTHER ( A new one emerged BTW with the Basketball player raping a black woman is another FAKE STORY/HOAX ) VIOLENCE ERUPTING UNPRECSENDENT AMOUNTS WITH NIGGERS and the jews are in HURRY MODE TOO if you have noticed.

    I believe one day soon during this Tribulation there will be a major Earthquake as prophesied by ChristGod on or near Mt Nebo Ark- ansas and the revealing of the ARK OF THE COVENANT WILL BE SHOWN TO THE ENTIRE WORLD. THEN LIKE CHRISGOD HAS STATED>>> ” THE WORLD WILL KNOW THAT CHRISTGOD WAS FOR HIS PEOPLE ISRAELITES RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA!” read here for full details >>>AMERICAN PIE!************

    • Daniel says:

      Add on to AMERICAN PIE,

      Oct 2016 the SIGN OF REVELATION CH 12 APPEARED IN OUR SKYS PEOPLE. Thats when SATAN was RELEASED OUT OF PRISON and his minion nigger crew followed him and he is working in America turned MYSTERY BABYLON. Christgod ( the father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost has departed and exited the state of South Carolina until the ARK of the Covenant is revealed to the world and Satan/obama destroyed ). WILL NOT BE IN A MYSTERY BABYLON FOLKS >>>Sorry we are on our own, even we here on this forum have duties to do as servants of ChristGod at this very timeWE ARE SEEING NIGGERS WITH STRANGE HAIR, FACES, AND EVIL INTENTIONS>>>Haven’t you noticed?

  18. Daniel says:

    TIME IS UP. Stop the Bulls***. get real time.





    You on this forum have gotten the WARNING FIRST! Alert****** Alert***** Alert******

  19. S O G says:

    Erik Snohdin says:
    March 31, 2019 at 4:32 pm
    A.M.E.N…..ERIK ….according to the sacred scroll aka the declaration and the bill o rites we the american worker tax paYER have the soveriegn right to eliminate jews and niggers as toxic pests and danger to our country …the right to reverse what the criminals are doing to us now …turn the tables ..our founding fathers were bad asses to who knew how important carrying guns were ….\
    to some back then a constant was “for the obvious we need no law concerning the issue “”
    but they realized the fire arm issue was so very important that they made a special presentation of our gaurantee of rights and of the right to gaurantees and mainly the bill o rights 2nd gauranteeds right …becuase no one wanted it to be just taken for granted that in order for all men to be equal they must all be armed and for the govt to fear the population the population must be armed ….musket shmusket ..they would have had ar15 and such back then the law of the land would have been the same ….a gaurantee of rights under the declaration and bill o rights ….
    they will probably ban bullets …sheeeeyit it dont say nuthin about bullets so you see this backward form of infringement was anticipated and so we know that common sense tells us that a firearm is not a firearm unless it has bullets …

    common sense tells me that the leftist bolshevik zio neo con jews are trying for a full out ban of guns and wont quit till they have it and thet the govt by and for the jews in the former usa does and executes summary execution agents against our school children …
    yall need to re study the hoax of the false flags like sandy hook ….parkland wasnt as far as anyone can tell but it was cops gaurdin g the killers and was a town where the cops are jews …if a student had a gun they couldve dropped the shooters ..period ..which is why we all need to be armed because the global kabal steins are after our hides and any way they can they try to infringe infringe infringe on firearms nit picking on this orr that and making it impossible to own a fucking firearm much less defend yourself against marauding africans on the streets of america or at home ….
    red flag laws need to be impeached …they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL …domestic violence bs garden variety beefs between men and women is treated like mass murder dont even have to strike your domestic half and they take guns for ever now ….new law in calif …..also new law by judge so and so who struck down the 10 round limit magazines in cally …its a good start now we can whip out those 30 round babbies for AR platform forearms and withe 30-40-50 rounders for ak47 …..
    thats why i mentioned the smart asses have discussed banning bullets from time to time like they did back before the american revolution when all weapons bullets and powder came to the pioneers via ship from england and the king was trying to strangle the poweder supply and limit mushkit one per …these people need to hunt and protect their families and keep the govt in line ….

  20. Daniel says:

    Off topic……..

    The hush war on whites ongoing. Nigger randomly strikes and stabbed man while eating at Ruby Tuesdays. The jews fill these beasts low IQ niggers with one fabricated hoaxed story after another. A back alley white genocide at the hands of the beast niggers.

    A retaliation from a hoaxed story>>>> nigger revenge!

  21. cole nidre says:

    kike “holy men” used to dress up like sheep and fuck each other
    in the ass-hole.

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