FAKE NEWS and Liberals STILL Totally Wacked

By Phillip Marlowe

These people are quite insane in their never-ending effort to turn the US commie and Third World. No doubt about it. I told my brother once the media is now obviously the real enemy to America. I’m not sure he knows where I’m coming from but oh well.

Now the media is going crazy trying to deal with the Mueller report, exonerating Trump of “Russian collusion.” Two and half years of nightly Russian collusion BS and now it seems the traitorous media is going to make it a forever thing by coming up with even more ridiculous BS. Dirty little Jew bastards in the legislature like Jerrod Nadler, Adam Schiff and Chuckie Boy Schumer will also help, even though we have a border now being invaded by hordes of Turd Worlders, out to get some feeding on the US public dole before the country goes KAPUT.

I’ve watched some of CNN and MSNBC. But, alas, I’m pretty burned out over it, so I’ll watch just about anything else, even “Price is Right” (just kidding) or some science documentary about black holes (as in collapsed stars, not street hos), even though they now have black and Jew scientists everywhere on screen. If your skin is black and AA-hired at some dumb university and if you can read a script on the teleprompter in understandable English, than you get the gig.

And it’s not because I’m a big Trump fan. Not anymore. Hell, the SOB has done way more for Israel than the US. I don’t know when it’s going to get through his thick skull that most of Jewry are lefty subversives who hate his ass no matter what. But I guess there’s enough rich Sheldon Adelson Jews with Jew trophy wives like his creepy Miriam, to get his lips puckered for even more Jew ass kissing.

Let’s look at all the Donald has done: Moves embassy for Israel. Recognizes Jerusalem as the capital for Israel. Increases foreign aid to Israel. Revokes Palestinian aid for Israel. Cancels Iran deal for Israel. Anti-BDS Legislation for Israel. Occupies Syria for Israel. Recognizes the Golan Heights belongs to Israel.

I got only one thing to ask:


Looks like we’ve been totally screwed on both ends of the stick. Not only are us Whites evil and racist all the time, we’re expected to keep our mouths shut about anything these rats ever say and do. The devious Nation-Wrecking bastards have worked for decades to box in our race. No doubt about it.

And America is indeed going insane these days. I bet Putin is laughing his ass off right now in the Kremlin.

Folks, what we got here is a meltdown of PC-brainwashed White liberals and absolutely traitorous MOFOs in the media. These are clearly mouthpieces of the Jewish Globalist Agenda to turn Whites into a minority in our own lands.

We’re definitely going to have round these bastards and bitches up on “the day of the rope.” For driving us crazy, more than anything else.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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36 Responses to FAKE NEWS and Liberals STILL Totally Wacked

  1. Nationalist says:

    Liberalism – a disaster we can all live without.

  2. Daniel says:

    The media/dems seemingly now are in love with Trump! There are a few holdouts, I strongly believe are faking their continuing hatred! ONCE AGAIN, there IS SOMETHING STRANGE WITH TRUMP IN HIS JEW LOVING SUPPORT AND DEEP ATTRACTIVENESS TO THEM. What really is cunning is Trump keeps accusing the jew infested ( most whom have dual US & israel citizenship) DemocRATS with shummer, Pelosi, and clan 100% claimed jews, anti-Christ’s as hating israel and the jews.

    OK, do you all know how FUCKING STUPID THAT SOUNDS, AND A TRICKERY FOR THE WE THE SHEEPS TO BELIEVE? Now Trump is actually saying to those with blinders on & don’t see is ” jews hate and disrespect other jews and israel because the jews in the democratic party can’t stand their fellow jews & israel for that matter.. lol

    The real agenda is to SET THE STAGE FOR MASTER CONFUSION AT AN ALL TIME HIGH AND TRUMP IS IN ON THE GAME! Its as if they want the white supremacist to actually switch party lines or at least to have a bleeding heart for them now since the jews in the liberal party hate their own. AGAIN>>>OPEN UP THE EYES! THAT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.

    Can’t you all see the illusions going on???

    That, and now the muzzies, and the jews belong in the same ANTI-CHRIST , Anti-white liberal party together with same thoughts, same hatred for white men ( Christians especially) COME ON>>>>THEY DON’T FOOL THIS SERVWNT FOR CHRIST NOT ONE BIT. Ever since Trump took power he has allowed the HOAXES, THE CONDEMNATION OF CHRISTIANS AND WHITES>> Notice he never makes comments about>>>just lets it slide, and throws in confusion that the dems loaded with jews and atheist, christ deniers who have it in for white people hate their fellow jews in israel. sell it to the man station on the moon. He is fooling the sheeps, BUT NOT CHRISTGOD!

  3. Daniel says:

    Off topic here. Has anyone else noticed the CONSTANT NEVER ENDING SEEMINGLY PERMANENT PICTURE OF THIS SATANIC LOOKING NIGGER ON YOUTUBE MUSIC WEBPAGE CALLED ” BURNa bOY ” on the top ? Been there for MONTHS!! Only those with ChristGod in his family WILL see the SATAN imagery without one problem in this nigger pic and their agenda with it. just saying……..

  4. Aitch. says:

    Schitt looks as if he had his eyelids removed at birth, as well as his foreskin. Poor bugger.

  5. Aitch. says:

    He must have been a really scary-looking kid. Can you imagine your own kids having to go to school with a kid who looked like that? I wonder what he looks like when he’s asleep? I wonder if he sleeps suspended from the rafters? Maybe he doesn’t sleep at all?

  6. J.R. says:

    The Mueller report is just more proof that God has indeed raised up Trump to undo the liberal scum on the left and is indeed going before him to break his adversaries and increase his support base, so he can do two terms, to lead America into support of the tribal israeli converts to Christ in the land of israel, during the jew instigated apocalypse…

    Trump is a bit blind to the jews, doesn’t like Muslims and likes Christians… America needs to chose between an israeli butt kisser and a Muslime ass licker… not hard really…David Duke has definitely got it wrong on Rep. Ilhan Omar and her “anti-Semitism”… US troops killing Muslimes for israel are really the new Crusaders killing Muslims for Christ who will of course reign at Jerusalem, after the antichristian state of israel is consigned to the dustbin of history, at the consummation of the inevitable apocalypse…

    • Daniel says:


      Take your blinders off your damn self you flip flopper. Trump was a democRAT most of his jew infested life. Jews made the former liberal trump a rich man sitting at 666 BLD in jewyork! Trump and the dems are playing love hatred games while they both are in the bed with ANTI-CHRIST’S. A pretty good sideshow from our living rooms.

      I will say it again>>>>EZIEKIEL 38, 39 is the American Gog & Magog / Sons of LIGHT vs sons of darkness ie..( niggers/muslims/jews who resemble muds>>>ALL OIN THE SAME ANTI-CHRIST LIBERAL WHITE ADAMIC MAN HATING AGENDA. So many supposed Christians & trump and the like will say this coming Attack is scheduled for middle east imposer israel.

      Ever get into a conversation with these sleeping supposed jew loving Christians in America about Ezekiel 38, 39 that CHRISTGOD prophesied ” THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD COME UP AGAINST HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL IN AN INVASION ( Maybe in the form of a gun grabbing, martial law/mark of the beast ). But not a damn one of em can explain just where the hell is jew loving infatuated America and Europe is when all these countries ATTACK israel in the middle east. In fact, do a test for yourself and you WILL be sure to find they will run like cowards by saying I got to go, and or change the subject or call you atisemi something another. But they are FAKE christians with blinders in love with anti-christ’s and against TRUE white Adamic Christians.

      • C.Michael says:

        Amen Daniel. Only one race of people fit the book we call the Bible and it sure as hell ain’t the Jews, a mongrel race. Mongrels aka the mixed multitude was called an abomination and sent AWAY from the congregation of the Lord (see Nehemiah 13+Ezra9-10) The Holy Seed Line is repeated over and over and commands given not to mix w/others yet win is pure race (US) and who are mongrels(Joos). It’s so simple it’s tragic that people can’t see this , the indoctrination starts in childhood at JEW-deo -churchianity churches (an oxymoron) mostly 5o1c3 business corporations that preach what the state commands or they lose their tax exempt status. Hey are just as much Jew slaves as the politicians. Here is a video you might like that just came out. It’s called 20 reasons Jewdeo-Christianity is a false religion and it’s backed up by tons of scripture. See JewTube channel Rosette Delecroix

    • American born says:

      Trump is from New York City, he knows plenty about the Jews. Trump made his fortunes with Jews in NYC. Now that he’s President he has no problem working with Jews in policy making and governance.

      His daughter is married to a Jew and his grandchildren are raised Jewish. Don’t expect Trump to take any action on the Jews. Trump is also close with the niggers. Keep in mind that he was a show business guy beforehand, he’s been around plenty of Jews and absolutely knows how they operate., he just doesn’t care because he benefits. Epstein the Jew pedophile was close friends with Trump. His lawyer and probably close friend, Cohen, was a Jew. The guy has surrounded himself with Jews his entire business career.

    • J.R. says:

      Trump will likely facilitate the introduction of the jews’ “666” NWO of trade by a microchiped mark in the right and forehead… but that doesn’t mean he’s not blind to what its real ramifications are for those who worship it, by taking the mark of the authority of it in the right hand and forehead… Trump is a nominal Christian, but evidently not a spiritual or born again Christian.. so he fails to discern what the jews’ spiritual master Satan, as the god of commerce and the secular world, is doing, by bringing everyone down to worship him, when they receive the jews’ “666” mark for trade…

      like the jews, Trump probably actually thinks “666” is a lucky and not an evil number .. and so, like the jews, he’ll likely readily join with Satan’s dupes to take it to trade by… Jared Kushner doubtless believed that buying a property at 666 Fifth Avenue was a good and not an evil omen at the time… but evidently got caught out by paying too higher price…

  7. Arctic Circle says:

    That is what I call the real double dipping!

    …what a coincidence…as soon as Avenatti opened his little corrupt mouth to announce his intention to run in 2020 he got arrested ….

    He got arrested suspiciously. Double suspicious is the fact that Avenatti was arrested just before holding a conference to revel the criminal dealings of the giant Niggers-Sports-Games-Useless-Police-Entertainer harboring corp called Nike.

    The world we all leave in is fucked up and completely corrupt. I wish God come back soon to cut all these scumbags which rule scumbags. What the disgusting bunch is in charge of the world now.


  8. Arctic Circle says:

    This game, we all are put in, is Survival, while the white men blindly follow the truth, the Jews lie, while the white men are limited by morality or law, everything is permitted for the powerful Jews.

    The terrible Jews mobilize the global army of darkness on their payroll. Fore them everything is permitted.

    Not a good times, not a good times. I wish was born 100 years ago, when a man was respected for what he can do or who he is, not as it is today the more rotten one is the more successful one becomes.

    This is the Rats Race we all are in …stop feeding the Jews if you are not allowed to kill them legally. Stop working for them …

  9. Daniel says:

    I’m 100% disabled veteran and the VA has issued me a fiduciary who handles my funds. My dilemma is I have Carolina fiduciary services handling my funds who cuts me a monthly allowance check. I have over 15,000 in my account from backpay while I waited until my claim was finally approved. I bled many times while in Kabul Afganistan and when I returned home i developed severe sleep disorder which they blew off as PTSD.

    The other day I requested some funds out my savings account sitting at Carolina fiduciary in the hands of niggers that seem to be biased/racist towards me. The nigger asked why I needed additional funds and I told them the truth that I was a prepper, I’m Biblical and Christian and I wanted to get things in order with my family. The nigger literally yelled at me and Blaspheme Christ and Christianity and basically refused my request as the nigger claimed I must be crazy!

    NOW I’M STUCK LIKE CHUCK, WHILE THESE NIGGERS SIT ON MY CASH DENYING ME ACCESS TO MY FUNDS BECAUSE OF MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. I called one attorney who basically is afraid to go up against the government and will not take a case for me as he only helps veterans get their benefits.



    • J.R. says:

      @ Daniel… good to see you’re smart enough to request help… you’re obviously not very well… you need to prep for the rapture and not the biblical great tribulation, by discarding your fake (White Norse/Caucasian/Japhethite) idol, you’ve sacrilegiously nicknamed “ChristGod”; and by receiving instead the only true and living olive-skinned Semitic Christ of the Bible, who is of course now raised from the dead in another body and seated at the right hand of God on high..

      That way, you’ll be born again and immediately receive the Holy Spirit of God, who’ll likely even heal you to some extent physically and doubtless give your white skin a golden olive oil glow, that’s closer to what Adam had before sin marred his race; and you’ll not be left behind with the deceived earth-dwellers after the rapture to choose between the jews’ micro-chipped “666” mark for trade or a last stand shoot-out with the cops at the place you’re presently holed up in…

      you’ll also of course dodge the great white throne judgment, where the unrepentant sinners are all found guilty and cast into the sulfurous lake of fire, which is of course a death far worse than death by being eaten alive by the great white shark, which is swimming around looking for prey to warn you about it…

      and you’ll pass instead into the heavenlies after death, to enjoy eternal bliss with the millions of true born again Jews and Gentiles, who’ve received the biblical olive-skinned Semitic Jesus as their Savior, down through the last two millenniums… and which is what a significant number of Israeli jews are now doing …

      you’ll also get power over your many adversaries, who’ve likely been raised up because you’ve offended God by your false doctrine and ungodly life, that’s obviously characterized by profane speech, hatred and violent thoughts against other races … like the negro you said was likely getting paid from your veterans’ check…

      anyway.. you can’t win by prepping physically for the apocalypse, simply because physical life obviously isn’t the answer at the end of the day, because everyone dies… and not to mention the indiscriminate and horrific way that God’s righteous retribution will be meted out at that time.. in fact, preppers will likely be taken out early rather than late, because zombie-like Negroes and low-lifes of other races will likely target them early, once food starts to get scarce …

      Thank you and God bless…

      • Daniel says:


        What I call my Lord is between me and him and no weasel man on earth can dictate between that. Christ is God and God is Christ. When we pray, we are to pray to God but in the name of CHRIST for that matter as written in the words. I doubt my SAVIOUR will toss me away for that….you should try it.

        As for my paying attention and heeding the warning signs and being a servant for my SAVIOUR on earth as well as a watchman, ChristGod sees my actions as he does with millions of current end-times Christian watchmen paying attention and preparing. This ALSO allows the SAVIOUR to witness his TRUE SAINTS and it sincerely pleases him to see such servents heeding the warnings allowing him to fully understand that we are willing to go to extremes with money, work, patients, etc.. to keep serving him instead of the beast and the coming False Messiah. He also sees BLASPHEMERS like you who sit, twiddles thumbs, and ridicules Christians in preparation for the coming False Messiah and his millions of agents who will be hunting you down in your local areas as you eat your last can of corn. Me, I will be going to the WILDERNESS with other Christians IN preparation for a ” SHORT SEASON” before our rapture. You, and BLASPHEMERS like you, will be left behind to make a spot on the moment decision to take the mark or die, or running like a scared rabbit enduring the ENTIRE JACOBS TROUBLE TRIBULATION KNAWING AT YOUR TEETHS! Why, ChristGod saw your ignorance, and we preppers MAY not even need to use one material we prepared for as A TEST. No other way to please God than to accept the truth and prepare in his name and warnings. Contrary to your beliefs many millions of Christians are watching, preparing and stocking>>>>>.while you sleepers go on as if another thousand years will go before his return in ignorance. It may be the ones like you surprised to see, that the preppers are raptured to heaven as watchmen TRUE SAINTS for their gift of pleasing the SAVIOUR for the short season in the wilderness as foretold. If you are a true Christian, YOU WOULD CERTAINLY KNOW THAT WE ARE IN THE TRIBULATION AS OF NOW, instead of sinners and anti-Christ’s laughing at preppers like me. That’s exactly what they ALL were saying and doing to Noah as he was building a ship on dry land in the desert. Who were the fools? And in the days of Noah, so to will it be near the return of our Lord! Do you see how you are following those against Noah by you Blasphemy my ways in preparation and in heeding?

        And really, for the last time. The King James Orginal Version CLEARLY FROM THE MOUTH OF THE LORD SAYS THAT KING DAVID WAS/IS WHITE ADAMIC MAN. Now the modern day false doctrine easy to read good news bibles will deny that as many many other changes that ones like you are stuck on stupid and keep reading from destroying the words and allowing you and ones like you to live with COMPLETE BLINDERS ON. And as a result, and expected, the blasphemies will certainly follow.

  10. Daniel says:

    Off topic

    Two white boys beat up and get the upper hand on two huge ape armed niggers attempting to do some damage on white guys in Miami Fl at a gas station as the white guys were pumping gas.

    http://www.local10.com/news/florida/broward/visitors-tackle-gunman-in-bungled-robbery-at-oakland-park-gas-station full video here

    Niggers are a very very violent beast of the field ungodly demonic and straight from their father Lucifer/Satan!

  11. dalstroy says:

    This just in; file under shoa business:

    Jews attempt to shake down pope for 8 billion $.

    An unidentified, unimpeachable source, speaking on condition of
    anonymity, has stated that a group of kikes has attempted to extract
    8 billion from the holy see, telling the pope to “unload some of those
    treasures we haven’t already stolen.” -AP


    ”[Jewish merchants and money lenders] preyed upon [Christians], and our shopkeepers gave false measure. People who want to defend the Jews ought never to deny this. Yes, I say, we cheated the Gentiles whenever we dared, because it was the only thing to do”. … Is not that the code of war? Encamped in the midst of the enemy, we could practice no other. A Jew could hardly exist in business unless he developed a dual conscience, which allowed him to do to the Gentile what he would call a sin against a fellow Jew.” (Mary Antin, a Jewish immigrant to the United States from Russia, in her autobiography The Promised Land, TRAXEL, D., 1998, p. 29)

  13. James Robert Calvert says:

    IMO, the key to understanding this ongoing hatred of the white race is an identity issue: Who are the so-called “Jews” occupying Palestine today? And where is the white race identified in biblical prophecy? Could the greatest single group of nations the world has ever seen, the United States of America, possibly be left out of biblical prophecies concerning our time? First, the vast majority of the so-called “Jews” occupying Palestine today are not even Semitic; they are Khazars, the descendants of Magog, a descendant of Japheth. And they are working very closely with Gog (China), thus about to fulfill the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Second, the white race is described in the Bible as the descendants of Shem. And no, the United States of America has NOT been left out of biblical prophecies concerning our day. Most of our ancestors came from Europe before emigrating to North America, the appointed place for the regathering of the so-called “lost ten tribes of Israel.” Our prophetic name is Ephraim, the prophesied “group of nations” (Genesis 48:19, New International Version). Our ancient ancestors repeatedly went into national apostasy and were repeatedly punished by national invasions, which is exactly what is happening now, and for the very same reasons. There are numerous examples of this in the book of Judges. Our only hope is national repentance (2 Chron. 7:14), but I don’t see this happening anytime soon, if at all.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Did they send a SWAT team to conduct a pre-dawn raid to arrest that sleazeball scumbag piece of shit creepy porn/extortion lawyer avenatti? Just curious.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    Dropping charges against smolett for his lies and hoax?? What the fuck? Who’s paying for all this shit?

    • Red Pill says:

      guess it never happened

      The judge granted a motion to seal the record in the case, Patricia Brown Holmes, Smollett’s lawyer, told reporters.

      “Today all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett were dropped and his record has been wiped clean of the filing of this tragic complaint against him,” Holmes said in an earlier statement. “Jussie was attacked by two people he was unable to identify. He was a victim. He was vilified and made to appear as a perpetrator as a result of false and inappropriate remarks made to the public causing an inappropriate rush to judgment.


      • Daniel says:


    • Daniel says:


      • Red Pill says:

        show us the way Daniel, be the leader .
        you must live in nigger heaven.
        i saw a black man in the town i live in.
        first time in over a year.
        i found out he is a border patrolman.
        what do you suggest i do about that?
        i am a wimp and don’t want to end my life right now.
        my wife is 83 and not in the best health.
        what do you suggest i do so i can be a real man?

      • Red Pill says:

        on the second thought, go fuck your self
        you sound like a cop that wants to incite violence
        i don’t have the disease that rendered you 100% disabled.
        and we know it a mental one.
        your so fucked up you would turn on your fellow white man.
        get a life outside of the hate you promote.
        you blowhard.

      • Daniel says:


        I’m just venting! To many of us complaining but no action. I’m not specifically talking to you redpill but the whole white race as a general. We just don’t have the Rhythm going on like the non-Adamic race does, hence a lot of complaining accomplishes nothing. My rant was not directed to you Red Pill so please don’t take it personally. You can get on some of these forums they have out there for the white race but its a joke. Most of them will ban you, or they just make funny out of it and I’m afraid there is nothing funny over the persecution stage were at with the Adamic race at this time. Once upon a time a couple of decades ago it was ok to a point to poke fun and tease the situation we are at with a little anger but not too much. Now we are at a point where we are STUCK on stupid and same ol same ol as our enemies glee over our sorrows through joke rants.

        No, no cop I am. I did some homeland security in security but it was short lived a long time ago. I sit back and collect now, but still upset we have hardly any backbone into our position or willingness to take it much more serious before they really bring it on harder through our cowardice. For instance, those white folks in Chicago could at least gather around the courthouse in protest>>>hell, that’s a beginning. But they won’t even do that! Nope, the whites there will like the teat of us will wait for the next persecution/hoax/fight etc.. and we will be seemingly at the losing end of the stick then too. IT JUST NEVER ENDS UNTIL MANY VOICES ARE HEARD LIKE THEY DO AND GET THEIR WAY!

        PS: Allow a man to vent ok. We deserve it, and is also needed

  16. Daniel says:

    I have never been so ashamed of my cowardly fellow white men in my life! We ALL deserve HELL! Christ WANTS NO COWARDS IN PARADISE YOU CAN BET THAT WITH YOUR LIFE! LOOKS LIKE THE REAL TRUE MEN AND GODS PEOPLE MAY BE THE NIGGERS/JEWS AFTER ALL! We can’t fight our way out a wet paper sack and the niggers/jews know it! How on earth do white women even want anything to do with an American full slam pack with pussy white men afraid of their own shadows!! They know we are going to shut up or they will break our jaws>>>>this Smollett incident serves as a ” SHUT THE FUCK UP WHITE BOYS , WE’LL FUCK YOUR WOMAN WHILE YOU WATCH BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU ARE WEAK “

  17. Daniel says:

    I can Also remember THE CHICAGO PD stating that Smollett wanted to stage a gasoline fire attack hoax but the Nigerians backed out as they didn’t have their shit together. ( NOt ONE DOUBT THAT THE NIGGER WANTED THAT SO IT WOULD SIGNAL OTHER NIGGERS TO CATCH WHITES ON FIRE>>NIGGERS ARE VERY NOTORIOUS FOR GASOLINE /ACID ATTACKS ON WHITE PEOPLE AS IT IS ).



    ”Real Torah Judaism is a scientifically based doctrine of racial purity. Jews have one, superior, kind of blood, the rest of humanity has another…” (American-born Israeli Ze’ev Chafets, CHAFETS, Z., 1996, p. 18)

  19. Arctic Circle says:

    …well the discussion can take us into many different directions… It is still important to keep an eye on the whole picture…and the big picture is bad…

    The picture is bad for us poor white people, but very good for the jews and other sand niggers…. The white people, most definitely, will rat each other for the pay check.

    The white boys, for the most part, completely uneducated, and the rest are intert and stupid to start recognize the subject of the jewdaism (Judaism) as a problem…

    Jewdaism is not only racial problem but, most importantly, economical part…

    The question is how much lower jews must bend them till they start feeling uncomfortable and start doing something about it?

    This is a dead end. We all are in the dead end. The rich, the colored took over as of right now…What can be done about it?

    • Daniel says:


      Our brothers across the pond ( French ) has given the Adamic race a QUE! Why are we stuck on stupid and can’t catch on? Is because all we white people care about is that whopper with cheese at the end of the day, so long as we stuff our pie holes and sit on our thrones afterwards>>>we be just happy as one can be persecution/hate/killing/rapes/ down the street be damned. Not everyone has the luxury of living in a 99% white vicinity like ones like RED PILL. I don’t live in a nigger infested area either, but the little bit of niggers here is enough to turn heads in anxiety, that’s how evil sadistic these muds are.

  20. Arctic Circle says:

    The spread of globalism is nothing else but just enslaving the world by the bunch of heads of organized crime, so called presidents of each state.

    Long time ago, Hitler, spoke about spread of the capitalism around the world. Everybody is an financial slave many times over today. The world is devided in between the Crime Lords.

    The jews are bloodstream of this disease. The veins must be cut opened to let it all out to contain the disease from spreading. But it is going to take an effort, the organized effort.

    Most of the white people just barely survive economically and only do for themselves. But the person who uses his all energy to survive has not much strength to serve the community….

    Its fucked up…

  21. dalstroy says:

    AP (Associated Protocols) lie factory at it again.

    Jew international criminals launder last? of stolen russian money thru
    Swed bank subsidiaries. AP says Putin’s relatives did it.
    Wells Fargo again under attack for “bad sales practices.” Translation
    They were one of the few banks that weren’t directly part of the jew
    junk mortgage fraud AKA the “great” recession , AKA the financial
    “crisis”, AKA fuld stole 666 billion thru his looting of lehman bros.
    and hasn’t spent a day in jail.

    This “seemingly unending wave of scandals” is an entirely concocted
    jew load of shit as detailed in henry ford’s Dearborn Independent and
    his book the International Jew.

    Also cf. Trump “investigations.”

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    Lying jew adam shifty schiff, chucky jewmer, and the rest of the lying jews and their stupid-ass, low I.Q., retarded jew pet niggers democratic party and jew media have apologized to the American taxpayers for their 2 year, 25 million cost repetitive lying contest.


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