France Deploys Military to Stop Massive White Uprising

Yellow Vests Apocalypse: Military Units Deployed, Police Head Wants to Use Live Rounds


So last weekend lots of stuff was happening and it was easy to gloss over the yellow vests protests because at this point it has almost become a routine. Week after week they turn multiple French cities to gridlock, destroy ZOG property, and generally cause all kinds of trouble.

But the important thing to understand is that last weekend they set a bank on fire, and provoked all kinds of hell from the ZOG machine as a consequence.

By “set a bank on fire” I’m not saying they threw a molotov at it and burned the doors. A group of protestors took hold of the blocks surrounding it, set it on fire, and prevented the advancement of fire services until the entire interior was turned to burning embers and ash, beyond any recoverability.

It’s not about money. It’s about sending a message. Everything burns.

This category of permanent destruction of Jewish infrastructure had not happened before. It was the central branch of Banque Tarneaud in Paris. Banque Tarneaud is one of the oldest banks of France, and owned by Societe Generale. SG is a massive banking conglomerate that is the core of Jewish financial subversion. It is intimately tied into Macron’s establishment, and gives Macron’s associates massive, multimillion dollar contracts. They lashed out at the wicked finance Jew and wounded one of his many tentacles. The Jew is finally personally bleeding from a wound inflicted by populist rage. He thus marshals his forces for massive retaliation.

Firstly, military units are going to be deployed on the streets of Paris with the job of putting down protestors.


The government appeals to the army. The Sentinel military anti-terrorist mission will be mobilized as reinforcements next Saturday as part of the demonstrations of yellow vests to protect official buildings and other “fixed points”, said Wednesday the government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux.

Secondly, there’s a new sheriff in town, replacing the previous prefet of police. He’s a real bugman looking motherfucker. Who knows what kind of dirt they have on him and what he’s willing to do. I do know if I saw him on the prison yard I’d immediately make assumptions about him involving pizza.

He was openly referencing a French statesmen who ordered the shooting of striking workers in 1908. “Clemenceau’s hand never trembled when it came to defending France,” he states. He is very clearly stating he intends to kill the yellow vests. Clemenceau opposed any kind of strike and protest with lethality. The French quickly recognized the right to strike after his departure, and it is something of a French tradition.

On the other side, we have the French people. In a new Atlantico poll, 39% of them now support a revolution over legal reforms. In contrast Spain, with an economy on its face far worse than France and an entire Catalonian state wishing to secede, reports such a sentiment from only 13% of the population. France has become the revolutionary seat of Europe. Even more interesting is the demography of the poll’s affirmative voters. 50% of those actively working as employees support a revolution– indicating the support for violent change is endemic far more to those with a job than not. 43% of independent artisans and traders also support the revolution. And the French right-wing is more energetic on the prospect of a revolution than the left. 73% of Le Pen voters support it. 69% of those behind the French equivalent to Nigel Farage. This is compared to 60% of the far left-wing. This is certainly a revolution of the right wing.

There’s something simmering underneath many events of the past year. From a guy hijacking a plane to do a barrel roll and fly it into the ground, to Tarrant’s terrorist mosque massacre and normal everyday people showing enthusiastic support for it, to the yellow vests lighting the streets of their nation’s cities aflame. Whites everywhere are looking at the sum of society that the Jews have built to contain them and decided it is unbearable. That they would much rather die or spend the rest of their lives in prison over dealing with it. Some of them might not be wise to the Jewish question, or really understand much of anything about how the world works. But they know enough that they live in it, and that Jewish civilization is rotten to the core and brings them despair.

We are all now living in civilizations where refusing to let Jewish doctors sterilize your kid with hormones and mutilate their genitals will get all your kids taken away. Where people work long hours and don’t fill anyone’s pockets but Jeff Bezos’, who then blows billions of dollars on a dog-faced Mexican hooker.

Where bureaucracy and regulation chokes the life out of our families and businesses. Where children are systematically exposed to pornography and will never once in their life read classical poetry. Where we still struggle in hopes to one day earn six figures like our grandfathers did– with the currency’s value being abysmally slashed. Where women run amok and take the life savings and children of good and decent men. We all know there’s no future in this Jewish system, and in my homeland of America countless lives are now lost as people turn to fentanyl and kill themselves in despair.

But the French did not turn to fentanyl. They went out and organized what increasingly looks like a pogrom. With four in every ten french backing a violent revolution, success appears highly likely. I also do not know if their revolution will not get hijacked by the left, who are also amusingly rioting against the same Jewish bankers and Jewish politicians that the right is. We don’t know what is going to happen, but surely it is happening.

This Saturday will mark the first act with these new agents of tyranny introduced. We may see corpses, or it could be a bluff on Macron’s part. I would personally advise right-wingers in France to stay home in case there is significant bloodletting. If there’s something we learned in America, tactically getting your guys off the streets when the risk is highest was highly effective. It lead to a frothing-at-the-mouth legal system accusing the multiracial civic fraternity of the Proud Boys, with dozens of hispanic and black members and a leader that sticks things in his ass on camera for the Jews, being indicted as white nationalists simply because they were the only guys left on the streets. Obviously the consequences this weekend could be much higher, and I’d certainly not like to see any of you eat bullets.

If you are going to conduct any operations this weekend, you should consider doing them covertly, under cover of night, without the trademark yellow vest on. Let the crowds play as a distraction to whatever things you might want to accomplish.

Things are about to come to a head in France. The establishment appears to have exhausted its patience and wishes that no more of its precious banks are burned to the ground. We’re likely to see a rapid deterioration of things there now.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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44 Responses to France Deploys Military to Stop Massive White Uprising

  1. Banjo_Billy says:

    70 Years of the Jewish Subversion of France

    This one picture says it all about modern France.

  2. Banjo_Billy says:

    This genocide of white people is happening all over Europe, the USA, Australia and wherever white people live. And the Jews even admit that it is all their doing!!!

    • Kevin Lockwood says:

      Interest in acquiring The Order videos you posted a decade ago, but are no longer available.

      They were posted on google video, however they’re no longer online, and are a very valuable part of the movements history.

      Full list below

      “The Order Interviews Glenn Miller” (acquired, video above)

      “The Order Interviews Edward Fields”

      “The Order Interviews Steve Miller”

      “The Order Interviews the SS Action Group”

      “The Order Interviews Richard Butler”

      Original title to the series of interviews as they were originally uploaded: “THE ORDER: The Lost Interviews of 1984”

  3. dalstroy says:

    in the 1930’s, the fuhrer created the “economic miracle” but the countries
    still under the thrall of the jew were suffering their “great” depressions.

    in the jewsa, dictator rosenfeld and the 80 kikes running him
    confiscated the americans’ gold then declared a bank “holiday”
    to conficate all their cash.

    never returned.

    Never again.

  4. Mr Booey says:

    The new chiefs name is basically “didler”. I would guesstimate pizza offenses are the least troubling things you might find. I would suggest the yellow vests channel the spirit of Vlad Tepes and introduce him to impalement. Sure seemed to work all those many years ago. Screaming and blood always seem to make an impression on those who make their living sucking the ass of the system.

  5. Ae says:

    everyday its looking more and more like Adolf was right

  6. Daniel says:


    This is the type of crud they are hiring these days to bring about gun confiscation as they barge into peoples houses to beat the shit out them before stealing the homeowners last resort to life!! THEIR GUNS THAT LAY SILENT WHICH NEVER BOTHERED A SOUL ON EARTH! Then they turn around and will arrest you for no car insurance while the nigger rapist on the loose that ALWAYS takes a back seat.

    They are only hiring liberal oriented antifa/BLM for the END DAYS persecution, all these DEMOCRATIC senators in these states have required this movement!


    MAN, wouldn’t you love to plant lead in that bald head when jerks and evil demonic liberal punk AntiChrist, Anti-white, scum willing to harass and kick the shit out of innocent Christian White people!! HERE WE ARE! ITS GET WHITEY DAYS!!

    Anwyas, I hope the whites over their attack at MASS BY THE THOUSANDS UPON THE COPS! Knock a cop or a military satanist out with a sledge hammer>>> take their guns>>shoot back>>>kill the next cop as you sneak up behind it and plant one in his noggin>>>take that fools ammo and guns too!! That what I intend to do once it arrives here>>>>and it will soon, they are just monitoring the show to see if the whites will punk out. ALL THIS OVER NIGGERS/JEWS/MUSLIMS INVASION UPON A WHITE NATION THAT THEIR OWN COUNTRY ALLOWED ON PURPOSE TO KILL, MAIM, AND CHANGE THE COUNTRY AS THEY ONCE KNEW IT.

    • Daniel says:

      FOR MONTHS OUR LYING CORRUPT TRUMP/GOVERNMENT, THEY HAVE LIED TO US AMERICANS AS TO THE REAL REASON WHY WHITES ARE PROTESTING. They want you to believe its over higher gas prices. So let me get this straight here. ONLY WHITE PEOPLE ARE AGAINST THE HIGHER GASOLINE PRICE?? TOTAL BULLSHIT YA’LL. When was the last time they used live rounds on a nigger riot once they burn a city to the ground and kill a few whites for days??? But to threaten and even they might open fire to angry whites slaughtering dozens maybe more without one remorse is absolutely in the calling for white innocent blood. as the niggers/muzzies STILL attack, throw acid on whites, rape, build mosques/synaguages>>>destroying white Christianity, harassing whites etc.. your white cops and military also shoot you, and hate you and that also will not go away as they clean blood up.

    • Red Pill says:

      this country will be invaded by blue helmeted united nations troops.
      then and there i will fight to the death.
      and that will begin with the first one i see.

      the united nation troops will pull out when every man of what ever color
      sees them and resist them.

      can’t you see them patrolling south central Los Angeles (Watts)
      them niggers will chew them up and spit them out.

      • Red Pill says:

        ”your white cops and military also shoot you”
        that may not happen ,
        what makes you so sure that you can advocate
        killing white cops and solders???

      • Daniel says:


        That is if the niggers don’t take advantage of the situation and fight alongside the non-white invading forces. The invasion will be focused on whites>>>>Christians particularly>>>they will confiscate a humble white mans gun before the niggers all day long in my opinion because of that reason you said they wouldn’t go into watts, which will in return allow the niggers to have a bleeding heart for the enemies. IDK>>>>>>>

      • Red Pill says:


        big words for a man.

      • Daniel says:


        Well, lets see. When the UN comes And the cops/military are working hand in hand, UUMMM, GUESS WHAT? THEY ARE THE ENEMIES!

        You are starting to bug me with your pacifist cowardly self. This is America man, I have a duty and an oath from past Military service to ” PROTECT MY COUNTRY AND FELLOW CITIZENS FROM TYRANNY AND OPPRESSION FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC”

  7. Daniel says:


    ” what makes you makes you so sure you can advocate killing white cops and soldiers”

    I wonder if your opinion will change if they open fire/machine gun down white people in France? Will you again ask that same question? They ALREADY MADE THE THREAT AND CALL FOR IT>>>>THAT’S RUTHLESS IN ITS SELF

  8. Red Pill says:

    i already know the out come with America.
    the un troops are driven out.
    the whole world make war against white countries
    with special emphases on the USA and the UK.
    for 3 and 1/2 years
    when “they” believe they have us, the hand of God steps in.
    and they know it’s the hand of God.
    so we know who the two witnesses are.
    i can’t understand why folks can’t find that in the bible.
    they prefer to think it’s 2 old testament prophets
    when it’s the two nations of Israel, the house of Israel and the house of Judah
    remember the new covenant , that’s our inheritance and it’s a contract
    see Hebrews 8:10 and read the rest of it.

    P.S. i am no “pacifist cowardly self.”
    i have shot more than one person, and it cost me a lot of money. (i was no Billed twice)
    and at 75 years of age i can still do damage to any that crosses my threshold.

  9. Arctic Circle says:

    To answer your question it may be useful to look back to what is called Bloody Sunday. Every living soul in this country, till today, remember this day from generation to generation. The Sunday of January 22, of 1905, the czar uses military to execute thousands of peaceful, adequate, fully reasonable protesters.

    The society needs order. But not the monarchy type of order, and not the capitalist-communists-Judaist-Satanists order.

    That day, the Bloody Sunday is worth than all so called “mass executions” by Grandpa Stalin of the rich dogs.

    …in your own time, you can dig up some more information on the events of those times which are similar to France today…rp…see if you can sympathize with people, or may be the czar…

    When the day D will come you will know who is right …

    I belive we are facing the time when the intelligent frontier of the right and left may recognize the Ude, the jew as the common enemy. The world is a very little, tiny place. To organize it, to optimize it, not in the jewish extortionist way, but in a normal humane way is very simple. This is have not been done only for one reason: Jewish Resistance to centuries old exploitation, perpetuation of their comfortable existence, and rich ways.

    We need to end it together with the muds-bearers … rp, you will get a squadron under your command to lead …Not fun …

  10. Arctic Circle says:

    …here and there we can still meet the people who have nostalgia about czarism, monarchy, empire, or Judaism (capitalism). After the events of the “Bloody Sunday” execution of the czar’s 14 little children came about not as a tradegy, or a hard core decision-making process, but as a great pleasure and relive for every working man in the country. I hope you enjoying it too…

    The events of the Bloody Sunday

    It was bad, uncomfortable, unsafe, hungry, cold, poor, forced in the Czar’s Russia, as it is in every fucking capitalist country starting with the France… But the accountants, stock brokers, security council officials, they were doing very well. And their fucking kids are the ones who own the russia today.

    Bad, bad scum, even worth than it is here. I wish God will cut all of them …if rp says we can not do it ourselves … I do not know who is right, but obviously not the jews.

    • Laskarina says:

      Arctic Circle: Your comments have to be among the most ignorant and incorrect I have ever read on this site.

      I am disappointed that Incogman did not recognize you as an obvious hasbarat and send you to spamblinka.

      The event you have referred to as bloody Sunday was set up by the Jews to turn people against the tsar. Do you really think Jew controlled Wiki is going to admit that? Wiki is still claiming the French revolted against Louis XVI when the whole fiasco was organized and run by Jews and Masons–even the inventor of the guillotine was a Jew. The French know that now. That’s one reason why they burned the oldest Rothschild bank in France last week.

      The murder of the tsar, his wife, and five children (there were other personnel with them as well) was Jewish Satanic Ritual murder and nothing else. This fact is well known to anyone with a modicum of education. Nicholas II was not in power for years by that time. It was not political, it was religious. The diaries of the Jews who did this are available for anyone to read. They bragged about it. Pieces of the wall in the room where it took place were auctioned off in Belgium many years ago. On these pieces were written Jewish black magic spells, curses, and Satanic sigils and even mockery of OT verses.

      All the “isms” are of Jewish fabrication.

      Perhaps you are just a child, or someone who is unable to think for himself.

      You might want to read “under the sign of the scorpion” by Juri Lina and “the synagogue of satan” by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock for just a start.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        …an idiot I am…and quite a big one…was thinking how to pull together a $500 to donate to and now do not have any dollars to pay for the car insurance…

        But it does matter much who is an idiot here. I know that I am an idiot for a fact. But you are a very smart one, a bit too smart… So smart that make me think that you are a wise man.

        Your references to the literature are not inly invalid, but ridiculous: “Satanic Rituals…” and shit… What are you about 4?

        Here are a few facts (facts), about uncomfortable life under the czarist monarchy:

        1. The solderures were drafter for long terms, often 25 years.

        2. The land ownership 75%, you mistakenly referred to, was the ownership of the large land lords who had people work for them. The ownership of lands was globally hijacked from people to the large owner (corporations).

        You have to be in spumblicka for harassing peaceful incongman participants only because the say the truth you capitalist do not like to hear: The life under Czar monarchy, French monarchy, and any other monarchy was flooded, to say the least.

        …just to make sure in any case just in case: Fuck Off with your opinion…I have my opinion. I am right and you are wrong. In any case fuck off.

        Even grandpa Hitler deranged the Austrian and British Monarchies and Capitalism …

        Stay the fuck away from me … You still intitled for your own opinion … but not about me, fuck you fuck …. Hell knows who are you or what are you, and the most important: How much you got? Probably a lot.

        So far I know one honest rich person: ZOG. He does not like us, poor White Boys, but he still comes and do his par of job … But, normally, rich people are not trustworthy…

  11. Arctic Circle says:

    Why is so bad? That is because of the rich jews.

  12. Arctic Circle says:

    I wish smart people come here and tell us: Who it supposed to be? Who the world should be organized? and How to get there?

    It is a lot, plenty, many really smart people here, but no one seem to be able to look back, to look in the future, and then tell us: How it supposed to be?

    I wish God would cut all rich people, niggers, jews, people who do not say truth, fags, hard working, too lazy, anti-Christ, and simply too simple…

  13. Nationalist says:

    It’s too bad White liberals have to hate their own race which is the real cause of all of this trouble. When the revolution is over liberalism is going to be permanently banned forever. The question is how many good White people are going to have to die because of these stupid degenerate policies that defy basic common sense?


    ”When Jews make Havdalah on Saturday night, they recite the traditional ‘ha-mavdil’, glorifying God for setting Jews apart from all other peoples just as He set apart the sacred from the profane and light from darkness.” (Jewish author Alfred Jospe [JOSPE, p. 10-11])

  15. Diversity is Death says:

    This is a mandatory Brother Nathanael video; i haven’t watched his channel for a long time, but he can still be a great entertainer…

    So Susan Sontag, the queer jewish feminist, once wrote “white civilization is a cancer”, and only apologized to cancer patients.
    Zionist politician Miri Regev did the same with african migrants, and also said she’s sorry that she offended cancer patients.
    The Chutzpah is almost unreal, but we’re dealing with jews here.

    • Laskarina says:

      Ironically, Susan Sontag died of cancer in 2004.

    • J.R. says:

      More specifically Sontag died from the spread of cancer of the WHITE blood cells, after she’d said that the spread of the WHITE race around the planet was a “cancer”… what you sow you reap and God does indeed repay people to their face…

      “The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone—its ideologies and inventions—which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself…”

      The word “cancer” is actually an Otherworld cryptogram for “Can C Er”… because cancer is evidently contracted by those who “can see” something God has shown them that’s true and that they should obey, but then, instead of obeying it, they foolishly turn from and even oppose it and hence “er”… Sontag must have known that something was wrong with her criticism of the spread of the White race as “a cancer” before she died from the spread of that horrible disease …
      “ER” is also an abbreviation for Emergency Room and Eye Roll at death…

      Same thing with going deaf… Sign language for the deaf (NZSL) is now used up front everywhere, when politicians and heads of government departments in New Zealand make major speeches or announcements… and it’s now the 12th most used language out of the 190 odd used in the country… probably in an Otherworld way because about one in twelve of the people in the country are now deaf to God’s call to repent and defend their borders from pagan Muslim moon idol worshiping invaders… which after all was just exactly what their brave menfolk were doing, when they died fighting the invading pagan sun emperor worshiping Japs, when fighting offside to Americans in the Pacific in ww2…

      Going deaf to God is a characteristic of those going into the jew instigated zombie apocalypse, branded with the “666” mark of the jew banksters, after the mysterious resurrection or rapture of the righteous in the church, the body of Christ… ..

  16. Arctic Circle says:

    The events of the “Bloody Sunday” allow us to predict with 95% accuracy that the governments will use violence instead of compromise and policy change, when confronted by nonviolent protests.

    This conclusion is very important, and should be used by both the statesmen and protestors to decide what form the conflict resolution will take: violent or always nonviolent.

    As much as we white people here are not pacifists, we are vary of violence. How else can you respond to the openly exploitive and counterintuitive policy?

    How else, if not violently, must your respond to the privileged class of Jews who harbor violent antipathy toward the whole world, and particularly toward poor whites. Such hate is exemplary. Even niggers to have such hate toward whites, its just an ape murder instinct in the case of niggers.

    But jews is something exponentially more hostile and dangerous then the Niggers are!

    Considering all that we should remind our selves one more time, what the Civil Disobedience is. This definition of the Civil Disobedience was developed for us by the prisoner sentenced to life in solitary confinement for the very act CD against Jews.

    Civil disobedience definition is the concept that a public, non-violent, conscientious yet political act, contrary to law, usually done with the aim of bringing about a change in the law or policies of the government.

    Civil disobedience is citizens’, permanent residents’, and all other white people’, attempt to persuade the majority in power that a law or policy must be reconsidered.

    • Laskarina says:

      YOu really are an idiot.

      Jacob Schiff gave Jew criminals 20 million in gold to launch a “revolution” against the tsar in 1905. Bloody Sunday, so called, was a psyop that utterly failed. It actually backfired against the Jews. The people loved the tsar and Russia was the wealthiest country on earth at the time and exported grain to Europe and South America. The peasants owned 75% of the land. they had a huge middle class. You don’t see Jew pulling a coup in Bangladesh do you? Pay attention. The parasite goes to the healthiest host and when that is destroyed, moves on. After WWI, they foisted the Weimar depravity on the Germans and then what have they done to them since then? Now the are extracting the last of the US.

      The Jews blew up Grand Duke Sergei (they made many attempts before succeeding) who had banish all Jews from Moscow in the 1880s. Another reason Russians turned against the Jews.

      The same parties were only able to pull the Bolshevik coup in 1917, with the help of WWI, lots more money, and control of all the western govts.

      • Arctic Circle says:

        You right, but only on your first point.

        The life in Russia was never described as happy. The Russia, still may be described today as the wealthiest in the world in terms of the raw resources, land mass, etc. However the governance was never the best quality of that country.

        You next point is that people loved czars…The same is documented about the time in Russia during the Soviet Union. The population, almost unanimously, laved the Soviet government, the rule of law, and the healthy goals.

        The jews are cancer which cheeps away from everything good. But for the whites to unite against the jews and around the new white Leader, he has to lay down the vision of successful and prosperous White World Order (WWO)!

        I hope you are not an idiot an can explain that vision and how it supposed to be?

        Your last point is that Lenin was given some $$dollars in gold to initiate revolution. It is so understandable from the standpoint of view of the European intelligence: to support any signs of unrest of the potential enemy countries. So Lenin got funded, by the Jews, who were in turn instructed to do so by the naughty and eager foreign intelligence.

        I wish you are the one, Non Idiot, and can tell us how to cure ourselves from the fucking Jews once and forever? and describe what economic system would guaranty a happy and prosperous whiteness?

  17. Arctic Circle says:

    Jews are the white collar criminals

    The much of the Jewish white collar crime involves death and injury, but it is not normally attributed to the violent crime, which is more often constructed around public, interpersonal violence. Jews in the position of power are committing white collar crime and that is considered to be as legitimate as other crimes of the other state agencies.

    The legitimate force of state agencies, is indistinguishable from abuse of the occupational roles of police personnel. Jews are the main reason that today’s government, law enforcement agencies, and criminal organizations are all the same. Under the perverted Jewish rule, in all world and specifically in America, the three are are wealthy, violent, and ruthless, and legally benefit from the full support of each other and governments and their diplomats, judges, spies, generals, cabinet ministers, and police chiefs.

    Jews mafia states can afford the best lawyers and accountants and have access to the most advanced technology. We are no match to the jews in all respects except one, our numbers.

    Even that is taken, the white activities are constantly bought, sold, or removed somehow. More and more white activists get on the Jewish Payroll. A lot of fun for the activists, but not fun for the white movement.

  18. Arctic Circle says:

    …forget to mention two things:

    1. fist, there is no indications of Russia to be called a happy and prosperous in no memoirs, or history books.

    2. The reason why it was necessary to bring the fucking “Bloody Sunday” into the light to merely estimate the probability of the U.S. government to use violent response to the peaceful Anti-Jewish-Apes Protests. As one of the posters put slightly elevated comment … It was necessary to find the justification for acting this way versus the other way…

  19. Arcticc Circle says:

    …one honest rich person is SOG and not ZOG…

  20. cole nidre says:

    fraudulent SPLC taken down as racist jew hate group bilking
    simple-minded suckers.

  21. Gene says:

    Nothing Compares To The White Woman Beauty – Pic

    Maybe off topic a bit, but since we are discussing White people stuff I just had to include a photo of late actress Jean Simmons, and let me tell you – NOTHING COMPARES TO THE BEAUTY OF THE WHITE WOMAN – NOTHING! Keep your muds and darkies and stuff, and just give me this!

    • J.R. says:

      “White” Syrian girls have a golden olive Middle Eastern skin type, that’s more durable, interesting, and delicately toned, and doubtless more original (Adamic) than the more pale, anemic-looking, easily sun-damaged “white” Caucasian/ Norse skin type… there’s no way White women anywhere with the golden olive oil skin type have “muds”, let alone Negroes, among any of their ancestors…

      “White” olive skinned Syrian women seem to need less make-up than Caucasian/ Norse “White” women, to get a better appearance to their skin with its natural golden olive oil appearance and connotations… and their skin type doubtless retains its beauty longer for that reason…

      Putting on makeup doesn’t get a good look in the Bible, because the wicked woman Jezebel “painted her face”, before she was thrown down from a considerable height and eaten of dogs… a bit like the fall of the ordinary once beautiful woman who makes up too much, instead of making her soul attractive to God… and gets paid out with an ugly, ignominious end to her life…


    ”The Jew is the living God, God incarnate: he is the heavenly man. The other men [non-Jews] are earthly, of inferior race. They exist only to serve the Jew. [as God]. They [non-Jews] are the cattle seed.” So called ‘Jewish divinity’ explained in the Kabbalah.

  23. Daniel says:


    full story below youtube link

    Man shot dead by bully police for refusing to give up his 2 amendment rights. MAN WAS TOTALLY INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!! COPS GET AWAY WITH MURDER ONLY IF YOU REFUSE TO SURRENDER PROPERTY. For some reason, I seem to have difficulty placing youtube links on this site. But I will give it a try, if the link doesn’t work just type in ” Man shot for resisting red flag gun confiscation ”

    WHEN THEY COME FOR US/YOU>>>>AMBUSH THEM BEFORE THEY KILL OR GET YOU !! For reasons like this is the very reason why we should fight these thugs that stay on these departments to enforce unconstitutional laws as they want you dead without a WEAPON for self-defense. THE BIG BAD POLICE THINK THEY ARE THE SHIT THESE DAYS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WITH GUNS TO KILL YOU/US, CHRISTIAN PEOPLES!


  24. James Calvert says:

    “It remains a fact that the Jews, either directly or through their co-religionists in Africa, encouraged the Mohammedans to conquer Spain.” (The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906 ed., Vol. 11, p. 485, s.v. “Spain”).

  25. Daniel says:

    This Cop so deranged about gun confiscation it barged into an owners house without a warrant. MORE TO COME IF WE DON’T FIGHT BACK!

    WE MAKE IT TO EASY FOR THEM……… So, of course, they are going to get boastful and arrogant and more often. A CAKE WALK FOR THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA/CONSTITUTION/CHRISTGOD/PEOPLES REPUBLIC. SO EASY, the Galileans are next. AND I HAVE THIS FEELING WE AS A COWARDLY SHEEP UNARMED WILL ALSO PUT UP NO FIGHT AT THE TORTURE TABLE. Call me far fetched, and I call you a dead man walking in the Governments honour. We already have a couple of cases where good men were SHOT DEAD FOR REFUSING TO RELINQUISH THEIR GUN RIGHTS/RELIGION ETC…..


  26. Arctic Circle says:

    Fucking disgusting dangerous niggers are everywhere! Fucking disgusting secretive Jews are everywhere where we cannot see them!

    Ignorance is the virtue. Not so in the case of niggers and jews. In this case this become a suicide of the great American nation by ignoring the internal threat.

    • Daniel says:


      Yea, tell me about. I’m dealing with my local VA who routinely shits on white veterans. In fact, it took them months to build enough courage to take down obama’s huge gigantic picture well into Trumps term. I swear they are still living under the corrupted entity demonic spirit of the obama administration they can’t depart from. SAD….JUST VERY SAD the way they do white veterans at my VA who spilt blood on the battlefields. The downtown VA houses more nigger non-veterans who smootch food from the food courts and hangs out begging veterans for smokes trying to sell drugs. Every time the VA has a celebration or a pot luck dinner these local thug drug infested niggers enter the facility that the VA police as well as the govenment officials give those non-veterans dinners, clothing, bedding etc… THEY DAMN WELL KNOW THOSE NIGGERS ARE NOT VETERANS AND ARE HOMELESS STREET THUGS. It ills me to even go there to see that trash the VA has a bleeding heart for while white veterans can’t even qualify for dental work even being 100% disabled. All that nigger non-veteran support for gang thugs from the obama years that ordered the VAs to house, support, take care of area homeless niggers! WHAT A FUCKING LEGACY and sin before the LORD ETERNAL that I hope and pray he sends every one of those son’s of bitches to hells fire!

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