Brutal Black Gang Goes Medieval on White Guy

His Name Is Christopher Dean: White Police Informant Tortured/Sodomized/Murdered by Five Black Gangbangers in Atlanta


The city too busy to hate.

Welcome to Atlanta.

His Name is Christopher Dean. [5 gang members convicted in Atlanta’s ‘most brutal murder’, New York Post, April 4, 2019]:

Five Atlanta gangbangers were convicted this week of torturing and killing a former police informant in “the most brutal murder” in the city’s recent history, according to prosecutors and a new report.

The men — members of the Gangster Disciples street gang — murdered Christopher Dean, 33, in October 2016 after learning he was once a police witness in California, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Christopher Lockett, 30, had invited Dean to the home of brothers Xavier Gibson, 23, and Orlando Gibson, 30 — where Dean expected that he and Lockett would complete a drug transaction, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

But instead, Dean was brutally beaten with a two-by-four and a crowbar and sodomized with a handle-like object — and seminal fluid was discovered in his rectal cavity, prosecutors said. The savage crew then allegedly shot Dean twice in the back of the head.

The cold-blooded slaying was an effort to show other gang members that any police informant activity would not be tolerated, prosecutors said.

Lockett had paid Jasper Green, 27, and Lamar Almon, 25, to clean up the gruesome scene and burn Dean’s body as well as his car — but the body was in such a grisly condition that they instead dumped the corpse in the trunk of his car and left the vehicle in the parking lot of the Hamilton E. Holmes subway station, prosecutors said.

Atlanta police discovered the body, and seven suspects were arrested, the DA’s office said. Lockett, Xavier Gibson, Quatez Clark, 21, Joshua Rooks, 27, and Jasper Green, 27, were convicted Monday of murder, participation in criminal street gang activity and other related felonies, according to prosecutors.

They will be sentenced on April 19. Orlando Gibson and Almon will be tried before a Fulton County Superior Court jury at a later date.

“In my opinion this murder — with its torture which included a brutal beating, sodomy with a wooden or metal object, penile sodomy by one or ALL of the defendants, shooting of the victim to the back of the head and the partial decomposition of the body — represents the most horrific death in our County in recent history,” Fulton County DA Paul L. Howard Jr. said in the statement.

If you live in Georgia and you are white, it’s time to leave the state.

There’s nothing else to say. Stacey Abrams is your future.

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60 Responses to Brutal Black Gang Goes Medieval on White Guy

  1. Nationalist says:

    I think the problem with most Whites is they really don’t get what is inside a Black person which is entirely different from our race, the White race. The Blacks that do have a reasonably decent criminal history are only like that because they are afraid of getting caught and don’t need the money being they have been given a quota job replacing a White person who would have delivered a much better job performance. The number of Negros who would like to see the White race wiped out is something on the order of 75 to 95% and the rest of them aren’t helping us either. The White liberal is stupid for believing what they believe, that Blacks are okay and not much different than us.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      …The white liberals soon will become whipped liberals soon enough …especially the worst ones – neo-liberals!

      for those who do not know what does neo-liberal means, it is the most toxic part of the worst part of the rich capitalists. And part is where the Jew lives.

      Smash and crash the darkness bash!

  2. America born says:

    This is the result of being around niggers. Theses inner city savages will absolutely turn your lights off.

    Happens all the time.

    What the hell was he thinking going in that house, or even associating himself with the niggers.

    • Bob says:

      Like Cogman has mentioned before, doing any kind of drug deal with a nigger is a death wish. Don’t even associate with niggers.

  3. Robert Streater says:

    Negroids! These heathen animals serve no purpose other than to destroy, denigrate, and turn anything good and of value to complete and utter uselessness. I’m from St.Louis and through the years I have witnessed (I’m 70 years old) their total annihilation of this once fine city. I have seen them literally close a mall and all the businesses that operated in it due to the fact that they literally drove off any shoppers by hanging out there in their pack mentality where there would be fights breaking out, shoppers being robbed, cars hijacked in the parking lot, standing on the upper floors dropping pennies on the people below, loud hollering and screaming, and on and on it went until finally nobody felt safe going there to shop and ultimately the mall closed its doors. Make no mistake though, it was the ape-like actions of these animals that resulted in its demise. Think about that a second and it truly boggles the mind that they were allowed to do such a thing. What other race could actually be associated with this type of thing?? No other race, only the nigger heathen. When I was a youngster they nested primarily on the north side of the city. As the years passed they extended those boundaries from the north working their way southward. As they infiltrated the nicely kept neighborhoods of the south side their destructiveness turned once nice homes and neighborhoods into the trash that they created in the north side driving out all businesses and whites that could afford to leave the neighborhoods they grew up in. The whites took a huge loss selling their homes though, but those that could afford to did without hesitation not wanted to live among these beasts. Most people in St.Louis cannot stand these useless creatures and for the most part stay as far away as their able when possible. These beasts will never make any progress. If the past 50 years tell us anything it clearly shows that no progress has been made and if anything the Groid has regressed. The nigger could fu@k up a junkyard.

  4. INCOG MAN says:

    Never get involved with drugs around blacks. Check out the bottom of the first panel here on my site under White victims to see a really beautiful white chick murdered by black drug dealers. Just imagine what happened to the 3 whites that night.

    click here:

  5. J.R. says:

    A grisly end indeed to be taken down by black thugs with a crowbar… the crowbar is evidently named for the feet of a crow that alights on a corpse to pick it over after the soul has been ‘levered or prised’ from it in a particularly violent way.. as in medieval battle…
    A flock of crows is called a “murder” of crows… niggers are so callous, they don’t think for a moment about mercy… only about what’ll be left to ‘pick over’ after murdering someone …

    it has been said that you often see a blackbird or crow or some strange bird appear on a windowsill or in your yard or outside the hospital ward you’ll be in on the day of your demise… ..

  6. Daniel says:

    Aaron, Moses brother had God-given BLEMISH God gave him because when Moses went up to the Mount to receive the TEN COMMANDMENTS, Aaron organized and built a Golden calf to be worshipped as a god for the Israelites, even knowing and seeing the wonders of God Almighty as he parted the RED SEA before his eyes and all the blessings of God thereafter and before escaping out of Egyptian/negro Bondage>>>. Aaron had much more disobedience towards God as well.

    So God spoke to Moses saying ” For whoever he be of thy seed in their generation that hath any Blemish( the plagued and cursed Hamite/negros that have a Blemish), do NOT approach to offer the Bread of his Lord or the Lords offerings ”

    LEVITICUS 21:18 ” He shall NOT approach a man with such Blemish, approach a blind man, or a Lame, OR HE THAT HAS A FLAT NOSE>>>>or any thing superfluous

    Niggers are not to be offered the BREAD OF GOD or His offerings!!


    Do you see the PARABLES HERE?

    VERDICT= FROM GENESIS CH 3>>> NIGGERS ARE THE DIRECT DESCENDANTS/CHILDREN FROM SATAN , from that illicit Affair between Eve and the nigger BEAST OF THE FIELD infected with the body/spirit etc.. of Lucifer. Evil murdering, jealousy of white Able CAIN was the result>>>and that satanic Cain met a heathen woman in the land of Nod and produced a flock of evil barbaric niggers on the face of this planet. thats the TRUTH!!!!!!!!

    • J.R. says:

      Daniel says: “satanic Cain met a heathen woman in the land of Nod and produced a flock of evil barbaric niggers” …just so readers know… the biblical “land of Nod is actually a real location to the east of the region of Eden on some maps of Iraq today…

      The land of Nod evidently at least subliminally inspired the English author Enid Blyton to concoct her ludicrous Noddy in Toyland childrens’ stories, after she’d read about the land of Nod in the Bible… stories that were evidently circulated by her to try to ridicule the biblical creation narrative and lead the impressionable children that read them away from God, when they would later read about the land of Nod in the Bible..

      a ruse that was escalated when the children who’d read Enid Blyton’s Noddy stories started to use the word “Noddy” as a slang for a stupid person later in life… because now lots of people think “the land of Nod” is a stupid fantasyland, when they read about it as part of the creation narrative in the Bible… and so they’re deceived and damned in hell, after death and Judgement day…

      kids are being brainwashed by all sorts of ludicrous leftist jew approved fantasyland stuff from the get go nowadays, so no wonder there are so many wack job liberals around…

  7. Arctic Circle says:

    Some time back WikiLeaks angered Washington by publishing hundreds of thousands of correspondence cables that laid bare. It would be really helpful to examine how the growing Jeudeo – Niggerian problem in America is reflected in the U.S. government workings? And what are they planning to do about it? Just keep shutting unhappy oppressed by the jews american people down?

    Hundred of thousands of American people are unhappy and scared by Jews, Niggers, and overall trend where it is going. But the worth part of it is that people Europe and U.S. are forced to keep their mouth-pieces shot. Those who open their bread cutters are punished: job loss, arrests for calling a nigger nigger, negative publicity?

    What does it take to explain that all the great american racial divide is only due to the forced coexistence, and government must reframe from illegally pushing for desegregation when everybody understands that the segregation is the way the cookie crumbles. Stop forcing dangerous apes, and people soon will sort themselves out properly segregating into communities which make more sense. The problem will be gone for ever: good buy niggers and jews!

  8. Arctic Circle says:

    This wonderful article is indeed the prove that “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” is heavily employed by the U.S. and Europeans governments. In its perverted way, the article is not directly about government punishing criminals using cruel and unusual means. On the contrary the article is about criminals punishing a government informant (snitch).

    The brutal reality of this article is that the the niggers are enforced upon white society in the first place by the government. Each one of us must sue the government for each instance of harassment and trauma caused by the colored.

    Thus, we all even those of us who are not the criminals yet are cruelly punished by the forced niggers coexistence. That white police informant was literally fucked by the wishes apes. This is not good. There is no doubt that the apes did it.

    Today niggers fucked Joe in the ass, tomorrow they will do it to you …Wake the fuck up!

    The apes must pay for persistently following white people around, they must pay for all the crimes the persistent crime they commit. The part of the government under the Jewish control are especially guilty of the “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” by forcing white people to coexist with rattle snakes, niggers, jews, and tarantulas.

  9. Daniel says:

    The sadistic children of Satan>>>>AKA>>” The jews ” the offspring of the EDOMITES ( ESUA AND HIS NIGGER LOVER) keep pouring these sadistic heathen evil ungodly mulatto’s ( just as the days of Noah majority evil malatto’s men of hatred ) upon the ADAMIC WHITE ISRAELITES OF CHRISTGOD IN THEIR HEARTS. These cruel backwards ungodly hypocrite liberal oriented Anti-Christ jews who disobey Moses laws constantly and hating the ADAMIC WHITE Christians purposely allow these heathens of the non-white Adamic race to plunder our peoples, our land, our constitution, our faith in Christ, and only come here to destroy as ordered by their Father Satan. YES INDEED MEXICAN/LATINO’S ARE HALFBREED MULATTO’S FROM THE SERPENT SEED OF SATAN TOO. No ability to blush, to be ruddy, to turn flush, and by no means qualify as an ADAMIC WHITE REDNECK ISRAELITE AS THE DARK NIGGER MUDMEN BEASTS OF THE FIELD CAN’T EITHER.

    Here we have one of those NON-WHITE olive skinned, mulatto mixed hybrids mentioned in GEN CH 6 as evildoers all the time. This non-Adamic white sub-human rapes a small dog so bad that the dog had to be put to death! BUT KEEP IN MIND>>>NO ANIMAL CAN EVER GET IMPREGNATED BY A MULATTO OR ANY HUMAN. IMPOSSIBLE.

    But the BEAST OF THE FIELD sub-humans who take the likeness of a man but are NOT men, rather two legged BRUTE BEAST, they can impregnate


    2 Peter 2:12 ” But these ( negro men ) as natural BRUTE BEASTS, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of things they no nothing about ( four-legged animals can’t speak, but niggers two-legged beasts can) and shall utterly perish in their own corruption ( God would never harm animals for speaking harshly, but he gives KARMA and plagues to two legged BRUTE BEAST NIGGERS ALL THE TIME) TYPICAL NIGGERS VEXING!

    JUDE 1: 10 ” But these men speak evil of those things they no not, but what they know naturally as BRUTE BEASTS, in those things they corrupt themselves ” TYPICAL NIGGERS VEXING!

    VEXING DEFINTION= to constantly complain, especially over trivial matters

  10. Daniel says:

    Bad link to the above hybrid non-white ADAMIC mulatto raping small dog to its bloody death.


  11. Whitepride says:

    Horriffic crimes are what nig nogs commit! I have nothing to do with niggers! And the spics are just as bad! The niggers are not human and that is why the white man cannot coexist with them! The black bastards have gotten every privilege in America and they
    are still bitching! Fifty five years and they still cannot integrate into decent American society! Never relax around niggers and carry a weapon! Niggers are still up in the trees! Would love to see niggers die by death penalty and hanging!!!

  12. Red Pill says:

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested at Ecuadorian Embassy in London, ‘on behalf of’ US

    • Gene says:

      If they extradite him to U.S. he will be tortured, probably to death. Trump is one great big asshole for doing this arrest!

      • Red Pill says:

        we don’t know the outcome.
        it could turn out differently than we expect.
        this one has to play out

      • Red Pill says:

        U.S. Offered Ecuador Debt Relief in Exchange for Assange In
        U.S. Offered Ecuador Debt Relief in Exchange for Assange

        June of last year, Vice President Mike Pence pressured the Ecuadorian government on the status of Assange following demands from Senate Democrats that he do so. The New York Times reported in December that Ecuador has been offered debt relief by the U.S. in exchange for handing over Assange. …

    • Gene says:

      For all who have not seen this you’d better read this:

      Pedophile Mike Pence Trying to Have Patriot Julian Assange Arrested
      by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

      The pedophiles simply want to continue their elite activities. Secrecy is a big factor here where Julian Assange has them busted.

  13. Arctic Circle says:

    …secrecy is not good for us, but good for them…

    A lot can be indulged using the process of classifying everything… There is whole anti secrecy movement, and the history of american people protesting over-classification of everything …

    The habit of classification must be brought into the balance. How?


    As the surveillance and monitoring of the U.S. public increases, so must classification decrease. The world is becoming well divided market place. To have in balanced the amount of information classified must be reduced directly proportional to the amount of growing surveillance.

    The dis-balance comes from the fact that the world is becoming safer only for the rich pigs, not for the average white person. The classification should be declassified or unclassified, the classificatars should be fed to alligators.

    Unfortunately, the rich pigs are safe as never before in the history and we simple white warms are as exposed, naked, and visible to the powerful as never before in the history.

    Is not this shit fucked up?

  14. Daniel says:

    Snakehead nigger opens fire on a barbaric rampage in a hospital shooting spree hitting an employee before security got to him. The employee that was shot during the shooting spree is now on life support fighting for their life in severe pain due to one of LUCIFERS offspring. The more important question here is just where in the F*^$ is the national news coverage. GUNS ARE NOT A DANGER AT ALL. THE NIGGER WITH THE GUN IS THE DANGER IN SOCIETY>>>Always was, and always will be. But every time niggers kill in great numbers, its the ADAMIC WHITE RACE that is harassed and punished, to blame and threats come in galore about confiscation.


    right after that REVELATION CH 12 SIGN APPEARED, IT WAS A MONTH LATER EXACTLY 30 DAYS THAT THE FULL ECLIPSE ( THE START OF THE SEVEN YEAR TRIBULATION ) Came across America the 33 state Oregon, exiting the 33 parallel of SOUTH CAROLINA>>>Christ was 33 when he died on CALVERY! The next full eclipse comes EXACTLY seven years to the date of the first one in 2017 on/IN APRIL OF 2024>>>>>>>>>BUCKLE UP! PREPARE NOW. The fallen wicked niggers have arrived with SATAN their father AS GOD SAID THEY WOULD IN GENESIS CH 6>>READ FOR YOURSELVES>>THEY WILL AND DID RETURN. And they are out for death and destruction make no mistake about this!

  15. Daniel says:


    One of Satans monster nigger child goes to an ADAMIC WHITE ISRAELITE CHURCH in a predominantly all white area with a loaded SHOTGUN just outside the Church doors where the demonic nigger before going on its rampage shooting takes a selfie with its shotgun. USHERS CONTAINED THE BEAST OF THE FIELD/FALLEN WICKED NIGGER ANGEL OF DEATH BEFORE ITS SHOOTING SPREE!


  16. Red Pill says:

    if you don’t like niggers, and i don’t,
    move to a safe place where there are few.
    you would be surprised how well they behave in rural areas.
    cities are cesspools of humanity and you will get shit on your self.
    get out now, save your sanity and your soul.
    intense hatred leads to high blood pressure and early death.
    it’s your life, if you live among niggers quit your bitching.
    one excuse is as good as another for not taking action.
    we need to save ourselves, no one is going to do it for us..
    in fact, just the opposite……..

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    They are lovely aint they. Culturally enriching us with all their knowledge skills and disabiwaties. stupid ass low iq retarded jew pet niggers. assfirmative actions. minority set-asides. diversity hire and promote. destroy the white promote the dark . lower the test scores and standards meet your skin color quotas. Watch as your country flushes down the toilet bowl of just another third world planet of the apes shithole. just like the jews planned it that way with their stupid-ass low iq retarded pet niggers planet of the apes. which they did. take MY guns away federalmeansjewish .gov scumbag cowards traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agent tough boys and girls. do it like a real man don’t kick in my doors in the middle of the night while I am sleeping . And bring in your scumbag jew piece of shit paymasters with you with their fake jew printed money and digit transfers with you. put some big mouth low iq retarded assfirmative actions minority set asides diversity hire and promote lower the test scores lower the standartds meet the skin color quotas jew pet niggers like erection holders and obamas and Loretta lynches and Maxine waters and hank johnsons first too. Put the whole niggers in congress together and get an iq of minus 22,000 thousand. Algebraic numbers that no nigger could ever figure out put ten stupid ass niggers togethers in the same place at the same time you get a riot and gunshots break out. Put a hundred stupid-ass jew pet niggers in the same place at the same time the fucking jew nation wreckers just destroyed a city or a whole country again. fucking planet of the apes jews stupid ass low iq retarded pet niggers. I aint paying for my own destruction and the destruction of my own children and grandchildren and country anymore. just go ahead keep wracking up the reserve 22 trillion in hard debt and 80 trillion in unfunded bankrupt lie-abilities like social security and medicare which you stole withholding out of my hard earned paychecks to pay for. see if I am going to pay it. fund the newest wars for jew world order build the jewish empire in the middle east but we cant put American troops on the actual AMERICAN border for a fucking change to stop the REAL invasion there. It’s the jews stupid. Plain and simple quit denying the truth. You will deny me 3 times before this day is over. judas will betray me. for pieces of silver. because I threw the jew money changers out of the temple. crucified me. tortured me.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Speaking of all of the above…. Only a couple hours left for you working taxpayer suckers to settle up with the tax collectors. Somebody has to pay for all these people culturally enriching our country. Other people like me will say we are paying for our own destruction. The destruction of our kids, our grandkids, our republic, and our way of life in a civilized human nation.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    My Good Lord and Henry Ford focus station wagon still runs after all these years and miles. Nobody that was a capalist and not a socialist has ever done anything more to lift people out of poverty and into middle class good jobs before him. Nobody since. until the jew communist Bolsheviks unions destroyed it all. Stepdad Jim built engines at the engine plant in Cleveland. I guess niggers would call him white privileged for having a job and working for a living. After leaving byGod west virginia and surviving getting 2 ships sunk by the slant eyed japs wasp and hornet in jew war 2. white privileged. humpf. niggers shut the fuck up. get a fucking legally earned income real job. try actually PAYING taxes for a change and see what white privilege really is.

    today in history
    Henry Ford marries Clara Jane Bryant

    On this day in 1888, 24-year-old Henry Ford marries Clara Jane Bryant on her 22nd birthday at her parent’s home in Greenfield Township, Michigan. Clara Ford would prove to be a big supporter of her husband’s business ideas: Fifty years later, Henry Ford—who by then had founded the Ford Motor Company, invented the top-selling Model T car and revolutionized the auto industry with his mass-production technology—was quoted in a 1938 New York Times Magazine article as saying, “The greatest day of my life is when I married Mrs. Ford.”
    The couple, both of whom came from farm families, first met at a New Year’s dance in Michigan in 1885. During their courtship, they enjoyed such activities as dancing, corn-husking parties and boating excursions. According to Clara: Mrs. Henry Ford, a biography by Ford R. Bryan: “The two were impressed by each other, Clara with Henry’s unique mechanical talents and Henry with Clara’s serious and appreciative disposition.” They were engaged in April 1886, but the future bride’s mother thought she was too young to wed and made them wait another two years.
    After their marriage, the Fords lived on farm land given to Henry by his father. By 1891, however, the couple moved to Detroit, where Henry Ford began working as an engineer for Edison Illuminating Company. The couple’s only child, Edsel, was born in November 1893. In 1896, Ford completed a four-wheel, self-propelled vehicle with a gasoline engine called the Quadricycle. During the early years of their marriage, the couple lived in 10 different rental homes while Henry worked to develop an automobile. After incorporating the Ford Motor Company in 1903, Henry launched the Model T in 1908. The car, which was in production until 1927, held the record for the world’s top-selling vehicle until it was surpassed by the Volkswagen Beetle in 1972.

    In 1915, the Fords moved into a mansion built on land they owned in Dearborn, Michigan. The home, named Fair Lane, included an indoor swimming pool, billiard room, bowling alley and dance floor, as the Fords had always liked to dance. Clara Ford managed the estate staff, pursued such interests as gardening and traveled around the world on business trips with Henry.
    Henry Ford died at the age of 83 on April 7, 1947; Clara Ford died three years later, on September 29, 1950, at the age of 84. Their son Edsel, who worked for the family business, preceded both his parents in death, dying at the age of 49 from cancer on May 26, 1943.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Another stupid story about my Good Lord and Henry Ford focus station wagon. This is recent and real. My wife is a Catholic and going overseas to give some impoverished niggers school supplies. I wont say where she is going but she was leaving out of a place that rhimes with trashville. Hilbilly Hollywood. She has to leave a car in long term parking lot but afraid it might get stolen or damaged. Which car should I take? Take the focus no nigger in their right mind if there is such a thing would try to steal that. Besides I took all the passenger seats out of it because I only use it to take trash cans to the dump and go to the lumber yard to pick up building materials. So she says you may be right I am only by myself and hauling suitcases to the airpain port a fucking car jacker or there aint no passenger seats in this thing. No room for the homies either to sit down who cares steal this car and try to go on a high speed chase with the cops. Who needs carjacking helicopters and gps systems when this guy is barely crawling down the highway at posted speed limit. Put an empty bucket of Kentucky fried chicken in the back see if some nigger takes the bait.

      • Daniel says:


        Read the following link>> I’m bad at posting links without glasses but one of these links you must get through I hope. Unless they forbid to be viewed and posted to another site like this one.

        Matthew 7:6 “Do NOT give what is HOLY unto the dogs ( nigger/jew/most mulatto’s from their Father Satan ) Neither cast ye your pearls before SWINES ( ones who are condemned already twice dead >>ref.. BOOK of Jude>> will not tolerate Gospel at all ) lest they trample them under their feet ( once given they throw away..not for them ) and turn again to REND you ”


        Catholicism IMO is a FAKE religion not of the truth as they read everything but the ORIGINAL kjv and do that end of week confession to the unknown man in a dark booth, then MON- FRI they are allowed to be sinners. And they like the rest pander to the non-adamic race of heathens that the Bible is NOT INTENDED FOR! SEE SCRIPTURE ABOVE AS PROOF STRAIGHT FROM GODS MOUTH/WORDS!

        That’s mistake number one, mistake number two for your wife is giving what is HOLY to heathens/DOGS and SWINES that will get her raped, murdered, tortured, kidnapped, or all of them at once when they >>”REND ” her. And it will be the hands of the Lord Eternal Almighty that will give her the KARMA for her not paying attention to Gods words and serving the wrong religion to begin with. HEED THE WORDS OR DEATH BECOMES! Maybe not this time around, but like the soldier who made it through his first tour without a scratch on him goes voluntarily for the second tour and is killed the first day. CAN YOU BELIEVE I KNEW OF A US MARINE THAT DID THAT VERY THING AND DIED THE FIRST DAY OF HIS SECOND TOUR. GODS HONEST TRUTH. If she gets bold enough her time may come by the wrath of CHRISTGOD. You are the man of the house and as God foretold the man is THE HEAD OF HIS WIFE PERIOD! You should advise her against this when there are plenty of US satellites Churchs that reaches to every corner of this earth. WHY, we the chosen Adamic white ISRAELITES were ordained to get the gospel to others but in the manner where common sense tells us is safe. They either will get it, or toss it through satellite viewing without person to person contact with the children of satan

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Before she drove it to Nashville I said check it out drive it to town church tonight adjust all your seats and mirrors before you hit the real highway. So she did . And then these Catholic ladies always need to spread gossip and rumors after church gather around my car and say this is your car? No it’s my husbands . But their aint even any passenger seats in it. How does he take you anywhere? Believe me my husband doesn’t take me anywhere and not because he is ashamed of me or not proud of me it’s because I may be the innocent bystander when the zog agents come to kill him. I got so many bumper stickers on the back of that ford focus station wagon this guy is a crazy homegrown domestic terrorist white nationalist tea party member racist but then other people buy me bumper stickers for my car for Christmas and my birthday and what am I supposed to do with them except put them on my car bumper.
        Now everybody in the whole wide world hates me and tries to run me off the road. Gun control means being able to hit your target. Confederate soldier battle flags. nra member. veterans of foreign wars that should never existed in the first place. Bronze Star licence plate is real. Get off my ass tailgator if I-m not moving fast enough for you cross the double lines and go around.

      • Daniel says:


        Bumper sticker deal? The man is the head of his house/wife. Divorce, meaningful conversation, or take the car keys from her, and the bank account. There are options. THE MAN IS THE HEAD OF HIS HOUSE/WIFE…..Figure it out with advice from God

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        I have to post this stupid comment for posterity before I forget it. The bumper stickers on the back of my car so now everybody in the whole wide world hates me. I got one that says PETA. People for the ethical treatment of animals. The people that dont want us to eat meat. Be a veggitarion . I was looking at that one again where the hell did I get that. Now I remember. I was driving down I-40 running low on gas and a road sign says beef jerky store next exit. So I get off fill her up and get some beef jerky. The free bumper stickers they give out says PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals. Just for the record.

  19. John Henry Eden says:

    Big deal! Wigger gets killed by niggers in a dope deal “gone wrong”.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in history.

    Civil War begins as Confederate forces fire on Fort Sumter

    The bloodiest four years in American history begin when Confederate shore batteries under General P.G.T. Beauregard open fire on Union-held Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Bay. During the next 34 hours, 50 Confederate guns and mortars launched more than 4,000 rounds at the poorly supplied fort. On April 13, U.S. Major Robert Anderson surrendered the fort. Two days later, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation calling for 75,000 volunteer soldiers to quell the Southern “insurrection.”

    Beware of april. The jews always try to stir up some shit to fuck with Christians in April.

    • Daniel says:

      I see all the time these idiots braindead and brainwashed white traitors nigger footsie players who will be on the side of these niggers when TSHTF! Those are the ones that need to be taken out first and foremost in the most humiliating form. What am I talking about you may ask? I’m talking about those that Admire this worst President this country has ever had, even worse than Obama, they call Abe Lincoln as their Hero’s. I see his white traitor face in avatars, they brag about him as if he was the greatest thing that has happened in America. And Guess what, majority if NOT ALL the niggers yesterday, TODAY hate this man Lincoln with all their might. Yet the confused braindead and coddling nigger ungodly freaks white men/women Love the man as their god for wasting well over 600,000 white men and a million more seriously injured who died soon after the civil war to free the BARBARIC STREET KILLING HIGHER FORM OF THE APE MUDMEN PRONE TO VIOLENCE AND WAS ACTUALLY ORDAINED BIBLICALLY TO BE THE SERVENT OF THE ADAMIC WHITE RACE , AND NOT THE MOTHERFUCKERS OF THE WHITE MENS MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS AND THE CONSTANT ATTACKS ON THE WHITE RACE EVER SINCE THE END OF THAT HIDEOUS USELESS WAR>>>REV GEN CH 2! Yep, that’s our MODERN DAY Adamic Israelite PUNISHMENT all thanks to the coddling brainwashed Northern nigger coddlers and the traitor of the white race Abe Lincoln who knew he was lying by saying he was going to send the BEAST OF THE FIELD nasty satanic niggers from their Father SATAN back to Africa the seat and headquarters of SATAN today in that desolate desert heated scum cannibalism crime filled uneducated low life sub-humans in apefrica today producing niggers like cockroaches and migrating to white countries for their kill of the white Adamic race and to change religion, values, the whole nine yards.

      VERDICT= Lincoln GOT A JUST DESERVED HUMILIATING HEADSHOT that he felt in severe pain >>>>and the hand of God almighty played a huge part in that you better believe>>>He will also be judged by the Lord Eternal for ordering the killing non stop of as many white men it took to free what we have today in every city across America= turned ” MYSTERY BABYLON ” the home invasions, the carjackings, the robberies, the rapes, the killing of innocent whites, the sorceries of BALAM and the drug dealing pushing niggers on every street corner ever since their freedom>>>>>>such humiliation its beyond belief. NO ABE LINCOLN ALLOWED IN THE PARADISE OF THE ADAMIC WHITE RACE! PERIOD! God took care of that fool and the follies that history makes him out to be a saint when he was ALL TALK, but a coddling nigger fool.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Terrible about Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Will we ever know how it started?
      I really wonder of course.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Beware of April…….

      Terrible about Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Will we ever know how it started?
      I really wonder of course.

  21. Daniel says:

    Have you all been noticing the deceits and Satans foretold MASTER OF CONFUSION happening daily in the democRATS and the Repulicunts. The Republicunts with its jew leader Trump and family are NOW THE KNEW jew PARTY WORSHIPING AND IN IDOLATRY of jews the Canaanites. OOOOHH, AND TRUST, that doesn’t mean the democRATS hate the jews…why would they when every politician in the liberal democRATic party are jews themselves, AND HAVE DUAL israel AND American citizenship>>>>hmmmm. games, games and more brainwashing games.

    THA’S WHY ANY TRUE ELECT AWOKE CHRISTIANS WHO KNOW THEIR TRUE HERITAGE AS THE ISRAELITES OF THE BIBLE AND OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB …..Will have no part in the next election or you could qualify as taking the mark of the beast and or ChrisGod blotting your name out the Lambs Book of Life and putting blinders on you during this great tribulation era that’s going to get heated up faster , and faster, with knew confusion after another. SATAN’S AND THE FALLEN DEMONIC NIGGER AGENTS ARE HERE AND ON DUTY>>>>THEY KNOW TIME IS SHORT. The politicians on both sides are in CAHOOTS DAMNIT….And people/lost sheep of Israel must understand the end times tribulation tests and for THE ELECTS sake.

    Verdict= Both Trump, his organization/team Republicans and the democRATS/LIBERAL Anti-Christ, Anti-Bible, Anti-Adamic white race from God Almighty are on the same side pretending to be in opposition. WE ARE BEING PLAYED LIKE FOOLS ON SUPED UP CRACK COCAINE. Only those not of ChristGod will be voting this time and watching the election process unfold during this creepy campaign where both sides will be arguing who loves the jews and the niggers the most and how they can get the GOLDEN treatment, who will and why the reparations for niggers must be paid, how the jews are oh so persecuted when it’s obvious its the other way around with the Christians getting MOCKED AS CHRIST, and our religion being torn apart and dismantled. GOD DOSEN’T LIE!. Both parties constantly are USING THE NEW FOUND PHRASE ” antisemitism.” ….. now they are actually starting a new phrase called “anti-black bias.” both parties are pandering to the children of SATAN and against THE TRUE ADAMIC ISRAELITES. And their lights are about to be put out soon.

  22. cole nidre says:

    crash x space junk:

    jew space vehicle beresheet a failure, crashes and burns.

    kike lunar lander crashes into moon, destroyed. awarded million dollar
    prize by joogle. lol

    • Daniel says:

      Probably a HOAX from the start. THE EARTH IS FLAT BIBLICALLY SPEAKING there are close to or over 100 Bible vereses that prove it. The earth does not spin a miliion miles miles per hour. The sun and the moon revolve around the world. There is a firmament DOME above us that if a rocket hits will EXPLODE. God did not want us to leave the firmament DOME. Tower of Babel ring a bell?


    • J.R. says:

      The earth isn’t flat, Daniel… it’s a sphere, like its satellite of the moon that you can plainly SEE is a sphere with the naked eye…

      The Lord “sits upon the CIRCLE “or sphere of the earth in the Bible…

      There are three spherical heavens in scripture… all of God’s creation has three principal aspects to it, because it’s an image of the Trinitarian God who made it… the apostle Paul was caught up to the third one, which is the celestial spirit sphere, whether in the body or out of the body, he couldn’t tell… because transport to it takes you beyond the physical stellar sphere and into another dimension..

      The first heaven is the earth’s atmoSPHERE (i.e. what envelopes the sphere of the biblical “circle” of the earth), the second is the finite physical stellar SPHERE, and the third is the infinite other dimensional celestial spirit SPHERE…

      In the creation narrative the waters of the seas that originally covered all of the earth are separated from the waters of the stellar sphere by God’s creation of the “firmament” of the earth’s atmosphere on the second day…

      “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

      “And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day. And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good… Gen. 1:6-10

      BTW… there’s ice on some planets in our solar system, so there’s water in the stellar sphere.. .
      “Water ice is not restricted to Earth. Observations of interstellar clouds show that the building blocks of water, hydrogen and oxygen, are some of the most abundant elements in the Universe…

      Also., the “firmness” of the biblical “firmament of the heaven” of earth’s atmosphere is the resistance of its gravity…

      • Daniel says:


        The earth according to the Bible sits on ” PILLARS ” And the Angels are to take hold of the FOUR CORNERS of the earth.

        How can a globe sit on pillars, and how can the Angels take hold to shake the FOUR CORNERS of the earth of a round ball (NO CORNERS TO A BALL)

        VERDICT= The jews and satan want you to think we have all these millions of earth like globes to give a hint to the unbelievers and or the confused fence sitters that we are not alone and THERE IS NO Christ just a God who made millions of other planets with the possibility of human life. In fact that nigger Freeman who does the SYfi channel now is saying there is life on other planets and debunking a Jesus just for the earth. I knew it was just a matter of time before they started in on that and hitting it really hard lately because they ALL KNOW ( the illumines ) time is very very extremely close to the return of Christ after the False Messiah reigns for his 42 months and want the confusion. Bible declares that SATAN NOW RELEASED WITH HIS WICKED NEGRO AGENTS AGAINST THE ADAMIC RACE IS THE ” MASTER OF CONFUSION ” AND ” THE FATHER OF ALL LIES ” My belief and trust are with ChrisGod and the kjv HOLY BIBLE AND ITS WRITTEN WARNINGS AND WORDS, NOT WITH DECEIVING jew/atheist/muslim men.

        Finally, as the saying goes>>> ” BELIEVE IN NOTHING YOU HEAR, AND ONLY 1/3 OF WHAT YOU ACTUALLY SEE ”


  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    The most stupidest true story ever told chapter 2019. I had this Good Lord and Henry Ford conversion van that 2 crack-headed drug addicts in Richmond Virginia were selling cheap because they inherited from their daddy and couldn’t pay their monthly rent money. So I nursed this thing back to health and was driving it around after I moved to Tennessee close to the Kentucky border this place is a fucked up niggereized and jewed virginia and Maryland. So I am driving my van up to the lowelife building supply store in Kentucky and these two kids are stranded on the side of highway 641 with their thumbs out can you help us we ran out of gas. OK i’m heading that way anyway so the he tells the 16 year old maybe 18 years old girl to get in the van with me I have gas cans and other emergency tools with me because that’s just the way I roll nowadays. I drive the same way I was going in the first place and this girl starts opening up her pie hole and starts telling me about her yeast infections in the last year. I’m like lady/girl I’m married and know a little bit about female problems and issues. I have kids too. Is this some kind of set up too? My wife and ex-wife were both military and pretty clean and take care of themselves down there and so am I. Whatever it was I filled the gas can it cost more than I expected took her back and dropped her off with her boyfriend and broke down car and said I did a good thing today. The Ford van caught on fire later on the highway 40 after the engine started smoking. It was in a gas station in cookville so I told the clerk you should call the 911 fire station because there are rifles and bullets in there. Any fire extinguishers in here? Just letting them know be careful. It had to be towed back to my house with all the burned out and melted stuff in it.

    • Daniel says:

      The yeast conversation was probably because she thought you would rape her. And you are a dummy for allowing a stranger woman to ride alone with you. Did you tell your wife that you rode alone with an 18-year-old woman while her man was left behind? You just can’t do certain things these days like the days of old. To many rape accusations/sexual assault attempt blaming it on you instead of the one she really had earlier but pinning it on you. These jew liberal commie cops these days are trained to cuff and stuff any white man that any accusations come from, a nigger blaming you on calling it a nigger can get you stuffed and cuffed. A lieing whore crack head that couldn’t get any dope money from you and blames you for attempted rape WILL GET YOU STUFFED AND CUFFED with ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE AT ALL. YOU ARE A WHITE MAN REMEMBER? You are GUILTY until PROVEN INNOCENT. Spend time and money in the jew jails if you want. They are out for whitey, you should know this. Hope you didn’t by dope from her………

  24. Arctic Circle says:

    They keep it under the rogue, the composition of immigration…

    The key question, when discussing immigration, should be: Why the fuck to accept Latino, Jews, and Niggers? Why not to stick with the white immigration?

    The multicolored composition of immigration is only good for two things: first, if your want to undermine the country, and second, if you want to conveniently recruit many spies from variety of races to be sent to the respective countries.

    The immigration must be only white!

  25. Arctic Circle says:

    fucking colored perverts are poisonous …

  26. Gene says:

    Stupid Negro Criminal Shot To Death By State Trooper

    Marcus McVae was out of jail on a $150,000 bond awaiting a Nov. 2019 trial date in a Tom Green County district court, and he was already apparently into more drug dealing, etc., and got into an altercation with a DPS Trooper near here. Result, he was shot to death. That’s the way the nigs do, while out on bond they’re already creating more havoc, not content with the trouble they’re in. They have to do more crime, you know.

    McVae was involved in the 2016 robbery of an oil field company off U.S. 67 southwest of San Angelo where they tied up an employee with duct tape which amounts to kidnapping and strong-arm robbery, etc.., and actually got probation for it. So he was not satisfied with doing crime – he had to do more crime.

    The courts will no longer have to waste money or award any leniency on this criminal.

    Renowned San Angelo Criminal Shot and Killed by a DPS Trooper

  27. Red Pill says:

    Congress trades First Amendment for Jewish campaign cash

    Once upon a time, U.S. politicians use to brag about how America was the only place in the world that permitted genuine freedom of speech. Of course, like everything else they say, that turned out to be a lie. Perhaps it is the greatest lie we have ever heard in our lifetimes.

    In fact, America has traded its Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech for laws protecting the very people aiming to destroy the country.

    We’ve lost our First Amendment, you know? Yes, that’s the one that claims to protect our Freedom of Speech. Hell, most Americans don’t know or care whether it exists or not, but the implications for everyone are ominous.

    • Daniel says:




      • Daniel says:


        It won’t be just limited to jew talk, but also the negros who will act as pharaohs controlled by the jew trump initiated one world order/ exclude Christ the Saviour!

  28. Matt says:

    While people snub God’s order, and believe Jew lies, nothing will ever change for the better and will only get worse.

    I’m just looking for Christ to return, and for him to put a stop to this filthy Jew world order that’s corrupting the world.

  29. Red Pill says:


    “Between 6,000 and 10,000 churches in the U.S. are dying each year” – and that means that over 100 will die this week.

    this can’t happen fast enough, the end of false religion must happen
    before Jesus Christ can return, we are not waiting on him, he is waiting on us.
    all the luke warm Christians are headed to hell.

    • Daniel says:


      I get advertisements weekly from local churches that is come on, come all, criminal, trans, whatever. One of the first things I notice when I go to their webpage for reference checks. I see many mixed races, from the snakeheads dopers to the coal-burning sisters on their advertisement pictures.


      The other day I had JW’s come to the door. I’m one of those that actually get a kick out of entertaining them on the CORRECT Bible version and the TRUTH FROM GOD, NOT BEATING AROUND THE BUSH WITH LIES. When I started to talk about the serpent seed when Eve had an affair producing wicked Cain, and Adam was NOT the first man on earth there where more races before him. Well, lets just say if you want to get rid of them real fast, just mention what I did. I seriously had not seen two women in heels walk away so fast without ripping in a long long time>>>” well we got to go, catch up with the others as I kept preaching the TRUTH, as they ignored majority I was saying and hurried up fast out of there. Later I went to the JW.ORG wep page, and you see all the mulatto’s, niggers, lantino’s /jews etc.. But the thing that stuck out was there version of ADAM AND EVE as they STILL BELIEVE EVE TALKED TO A GREEN GARDEN SNAKE , AND ADAM DESTROYED THE WORLD WITH SIN FOR EATING THE APPLE. Adam was the first man , and ALL races derived from Adam, Christ did not come from Adam, Christ walking the earth today according to the JW’s and their mulatto salad bowel of come one, come, all we will avoid Christ and focus on God Concept.

      YOUR POINT IS WELL TAKEN>>>And I for one am seeing it all the time. These Churches are pandering to the crowds of non-Adamic White Israelites, but they leave those Churches..including the Adamic races with a brainwashed downplayed version of ChristGOD’s true meaning and words reading from the NIV, NEV, GNB, Bible college holy Bible, and other translations as they focus on the jews as the chosen and the white Adam being the sinner responsible for the niggers crimes bla blabla….

      • Red Pill says:

        jew preachers do it for the money
        they wish to guide you to their father, Satan
        to deliver your soul to hell.
        got two of them in our small town.
        they won’t look me in the eye.
        they know i know who they are.

  30. S O G says:

    the loss of the usa to shadow forces forces ..
    what is happening in america is what happens to a country that loses its power and freedoms to a foreign conquerer and when the battle is over the plundering and assaults begin ..
    the jews have taken america and destroyed its bulwarks and foundations ..
    we get vaxxine death and diseaeses and financial ruin and gmo and chemtrail and ultimately the end of the north american electrical grid …they already tried it a couple years ago ..
    te enrgy directed weaoons that burned calif down 2 years in a row north and south..
    fires starting in 35 different locations to blend to one conflagration …
    once upon a time the jew controlled usa used agant dioxin orange and blue and other code names to deforest the ho chi minh ttrail …it kees on killing americans and spread through the meekong to the ocean and austrailia where dioxin was traced in mothers milk etc ..
    we have fukashima a israeli legacy we have chernobyl a stux net success by kikes and we have thousansds of tons of depleted uranium dust containing alpha particles floating around the middle east since gulf circus #1 ..
    these countries were vanquished and so aboused by products deemed un conventional and illegal banned by the treaties and conventions set forth etc ..
    depleted uranium was against the geneva and unit nats …
    yet it was and is part of the puzzle that would be gulf war sickness …all the shell slug reteivel teams from circus#1 are dead ..from inhaling the alpha particles ..only takes 1 .
    i gram of depleted uranium armament immolating on contact woth enemy tank etc releas 20,000 alpha particles ..
    ok never mind godless unethical fracking that will render pennsylvania uninhabitable soon ..the wells soon leak methane which is truly the worst greenhouse gas besides the
    horse shit coming out of politicirnas mouhths ….we have post america apocolypse politicians who seek to run over us while they eliminate oner gauranteed right after another while making themselves fat rich and above the laws …they are as unethical and imoral and treacherous as a human can get …..
    post american plunder is witnessed by the jews running wall street and ripping america off and then getting bailed out and getting bonuses ..
    parents rights removed one at a time over the future of their children ..
    look at the imigration here and abroad …vanquished countries being flooded with subhuman demons who plunder and rape and actively and outwardly hate all whites ands all non muslims …
    post america is a grotesques police state where police are letting in illegals and muslims who think nothing of pulling the trigger on whites as weve seen recently ..
    on and fucking on …they will never stop trying to seize all guns…tey will not stop till they have them all one by one as they vote for illegal unconstituional infringements to gun ownership ….all the laws they have created in the last 100 years are pur infringement and meant to lead to other more rediculous stringent measures …
    as they do the endruns around aour rights they continue to commit fake mass murder shootings which 98% are fake and crisis acting bool shit …..
    once these bolshevik satanic worshippers get the guns its game over ….

    agent orange and depleted uranium

  31. mister bickles says:

    cops and feds in the US are nuthin’ more-nor-less than corrupt ZOG filth!
    the US justice system is, also, a corrupt, filthy joke…
    any white person can get entangled in the filthy clutches of this ZOG monster and, there-after, be intimidated and bullied into being some sort of under-cover “informant” ;
    these ZOG-bots will stop @ literally nothing up to and including threatening yr entire family…..
    what’s the solution?
    major prepping and isolating yr-self in a remote and inaccessible region….
    maybe some-where in Alaska or the NewMx desert or some such…
    above all: have absolutely nothing to do with these ZOG-bot vermin…..
    and….remember the famous “five words” : i have nothing to say
    of enduring interest ….. good legal advice

  32. I have not pity for this slime he was hanging with them, dealing with them and a informant is the lowest sort of scumbag, so I do not have one millibit of sympathy, however I hope the black scum that did it get the death penalty but that will not happen since the country has been niggerized and pussified, and will not give what is needed.

  33. Daniel says:

    Niggers never allow a one on one fight>>>that is, someone gets shot. Like this hometown story where unwanted niggers walks their snake asses into a white party and do what sub-humans do / NEPHILIMS ON DUTY/CALL do if you please…….they crashed it by agitating and being unfit niggers. A one on one fight pursues outside with a party goer and one of the agitating niggers. While this fight is in progress one of the other niggers beast friends grabs a gun from the car and shoots the party participant in the back.

    VERDICT= The fallen wicked angels of death have arrived>>>>they are agitators and kill on spot. MSM WILL NOT TELL YOU THIS. THE NIGGER ON WHITE CRIMES IS UNPRECEDENTED AT AN ALL TIME HIGH>>The jew media is hiding like the natural born lies they are.


  34. Daniel says:

    More unfit Beasts of the field negeros at it again at the Trump Miami resort shooting it out barbaric tyle>>>>these savages are just unfit for the ADAMIC RACE SOCIETY. ONE KILLED, ANOTHER WOUNDED….niggers have not one slight shame of taking a life of anyone at any time. SUCH BARBARIC CREATURES.

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