Did Stinking Muzzies Burn Down Notre Dame?

By Phillip Marlowe

It’s now clear the traitorous FAKE NEWS media is protecting the Muzzies over the possibility of them burning down the Notre Dame. The famous cathedral stood for 850 years until the Globalist Jews and brainwashed leftists promoted the invasion of our White lands with non-White Turd Worlders, most of whom are Christian-hating Muzzies who have no business living in our lands. The filthy backstabbers can’t have Whites getting pissed before they fully turn our countries into stinking crapholes.

Note that 12 Catholic churches have already been set on fire in France in the last month and a half before Notre Dame burning. Almost 900 acts of vandalism of Christian places have also occurred. Not a word of any of that was breathed in the US press during the coverage of the so-called “accident” Monday afternoon. Just think about that for a minute! If it was black churches, then they would be screaming bloody murder — like that recent case in the south where some druggie White punk Satanist set fire to three.

That FOX News faggot (yes he is) Shephard Smith, cut off a French politician who started talking on air about other Church fires in France. Fox faggot obviously had orders to keep silent on possible Muzzie involvement. In the next hour, Fox late afternoon host Neil Cavuto cut off any talk about Muzzies, too. Tucker Carlson also said nothing when he was talking about it with Mark Steyn later that night. Not a word was mentioned about any potential Muzzie terrorist involvement. They clearly had orders from on high to stay mum. Pro-conservative and pro-Christian channel my ass.

Did you notice how they were calling it an accident before the fire was even put out? Tell you anything? Hellooo!

Oh, sure, Mark Steyn talked plenty about the French now being secular, Godless and how Christianity is in full retreat across Europe, but that’s always A-OK for Jew management. Hell, that kind of talk gets the Christian-hating Jews off. Just watch a movie out of Jew-controlled Hollywood to see what I’m talking about. Jew leadership hated Jesus ever since they pressured the Romans to crucify Him because he turned over the Money Changer tables and threatened their control. The same hatred exists to this very day among these usury SOBing bastards.

A Time magazine reporter, Christopher J. Hale, tweeted that a Jesuit friend in Paris told him cathedral staff said the fire was deliberately set. He quickly deleted his tweet within minutes. Whether he still has a job or not is unknown.

Back in 2016, a car belonging to a “radicalized woman” (code for a non-White Muzzie) wanting to join ISIS was found next to Notre Dame filled with explosive gas cylinders and Islamic literature. She was sentenced to jail for attempting to burn the place down so you know they had to have had evidence of motive. Two other men were also busted, certainly more Muzzies. Like the Twin Towers, they had the place in their crosshairs.

Funny how none of the FAKE NEWS traitors said anything about that on Monday. Globalist agent and French president Emmanuel Macron held a hurried meeting with government officials while the fire was still going — certainly to put out orders not to say a thing when it comes to Muzzies and promote the accident line even when they could not have had evidence of an “accident.” That crucial point, too, went completely unmentioned by the media.

Word on the street has it that Muzzies were observed in the vicinity before the fire started. And there’s probably plenty of Muzzies working as part of the construction crews doing work on the cathedral. Do you realize how easy it is to start a timed fire when you have that kind of access? Hell, I can think of a half dozen ways myself.

And there’s photos of Muzzies smiling and laughing out in the crowds observing the fire — while White bystanders sobbed. Twitter was filled with Muzzies, leftys and even Jews all happy and crap about it. These are total rats.

Little wonder why French Whites are now flocking to join the Yellow Jackets.

Of course, dirty Turd World Muzzies are now everywhere in the City of Lights, thanks to the stinking Globalist Jews. Some neighborhoods are now too dangerous for Whites and even police to go. Same crap going on in many European cities today. Even in American places like Minnesota — where 80,000 criminal scum Somalis were planted during recent years by the White-haters — is dangerous for Whites. Maine, too, has been targeted — a White guy was beaten to death by a Somali gang just last year.

Meanwhile in America, criminal blacks are robbing, raping and murdering us Whites and tossing little 5 year-old White kids off balconies at the Mall of America. A pregnant White woman was beaten by black thugs in Quincy, Massachusetts last week, where they were kicking her in the belly, saying they hoped the baby would die. Imagine Whites doing that to blacks — it would be on TV 24/7!

Us White Christians are clearly getting screwed. You would have to be dumber than an iron wedge not to have figured this out by now.

Now back to non-stop, years long, coverage of the Russian collusion and the Mueller report — while THE WALL remains unbuilt on the Southern border and hordes of Turd Worlders (including Africans and Muslims) march ever onwards to America.


Webcam video shows figure on top of Notre Dame with a flash like he’s lighting something:

All of this crap is due to the stinking Jews trying to destroy White demographics and political power before they have their long-planned NWO. Oh, yes, Spectre is a dual citizen of apartheid, Pali-hating Zionist Israel — can you imagine the sheer gall of these hypocrite backstabbers? And to think how we support Israel as their brethren work back in our lands to bring in these Turd Worlders?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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103 Responses to Did Stinking Muzzies Burn Down Notre Dame?

  1. Whiteprude says:

    That’s what I say Incogman! Those Muslim scum bags set fire to the Notre Dame Cathedral! Scumbags! I read that they are saying that the fire took off because the Cathedral was neglected. As a Christian, I am so disgusted and offended by these smiling Muzzie heathen scumbags. The whole demographic of France has changed. I am glad I went there almost forty years ago. I hope it was not arson! And Holy Week of all days! Muslims worship the devil! Islam is a messed up cult!

  2. Whitepride says:

    As a Christian and during the holiest week of the year, I am so offended! Then laughing and taking pictures rubs salt in the wounds!

    • Red Pill says:

      i don’t care what they think and do.
      this world is owned and run by jews.
      were only here to witness the Lord’s return.
      and watch his and our enemies burn.
      churches are not my concern.
      they are all run by Satan’s kin.

      Jesus does not reside in the churches
      that’s why so many die.
      nothing happens when there are no lies.
      for the temple resides within you.

      i am the watchman on the wall.
      the wall that separates the Lord’s true call.
      beyond that wall is organized religion.
      which truly operates in a schism.

      schism Synonyms

      conflict, disaccord, discord, discordance, discordancy, disharmony, dissension (also dissention), dissent, dissidence, dissonance, disunion, disunity, division, friction, infighting, inharmony, strife, variance, war, warfare

  3. 20mm says:

    Europe is FINISHED !!
    Only thing now the FROGS are good for is

  4. Laskarina says:

    That’s what the Jews want you to believe, you fools! Did you not know of the Jew plan to have WWIII with gentile Christians vs Muslims wiping each other out?

    France is run by a homosexual Jew (who is by blood, a Rothschild), the mayor of Paris is a Jew, and the contractor who had control of the puny 6.8 million dollar “renovation” is a fat Jew who bragged about preventing fire when he got the contract. Also, there has been lots of predictive programming about this just as for 9/11.

    Since February, many French churches have been desecrated, including St. Sulpice in Paris by fire. Other churches have born the unique earmarks of Jewish attack. Just as they have done in Gaza, Syria, hotels in Brazil, and India, they leave their “calling card” of excrement smeared everywhere. Muslims never do that. Another smoking gun is that the beef jerky like Jew, Rita Katz, has made a mock up “poster” of “ISIS” (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) gloating over the fire, which offended Muslims world wide, who know that the Jews did this, just as they did 9/11.

    The French people have been in near revolt( over too many immigrants and too high taxes) for over a year and a half and thousands have been arrested and thrown in jail for no reason as well injured or killed. Macron is hated, big time. Of course Americans get their news from Jew media( and are brainwashed by the Rothschild paid for Scofield Bible that has them worshiping Stolenland instead of God), so they have no idea what the French are saying or doing, they only know BS like AOC’s latest moronic spew.

    Notre Dame is not just a church, it is a cultural landmark of white European Christian civilization. In Paris, people, even young people,were on their knees in the streets praying the rosary when they saw the conflagration–you’re not seeing those pictures in American media. They were already unhappy that the govt (which owns Notre Dame since the Jewish coup called “the French Revolution”) was spending too little to repair the priceless example of the pinnacle of Gothic architecture before the fire happened.

    Keep in mind the date this happened: April 15. Holy Week for Catholics (for the maximum psychological effect) Passover is the 19th, so something was bound to go down, it is the anniversary of the Boston Hoaxathon, the anniversary of the Titanic/Olympic insurance scam, and of course American (illegal) income tax day.

    Ask yourself: Cui Bono? Who benefits? It sure isn’t the Muslims.

  5. Incogman…. I had hoped you would see through the sick and demented games that the Jews are playing here….

    It was the Jewish Mossad that most definitely did this job in burning down the Notre Dame Cathedral! And the Jewish dicks burned down a mosque in Israel AT THE SAME TIME that they burned down Notre Dame!

    This was 100% a bonafide Mossad operation, and of course they want the Muslims blamed for it!!!! Do not fall for this trap, for these monsters absolutely want to see Christianity fight to the death with Islam, with them sitting on the sidelines counting their shekels from all of the weapons they can sell to these idiots doing the fighting… And once the Christians and the Muslims have literally destroyed themselves and the world, the sick Jew freaks will be left in the void to take over the world…

    Get with the program here, Incogman… And even though there are a lot of Muslim sickos out there, this was NOT their operation, but a JEWISH ONE!!!

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    You might be right, man. Jews do this kind of thing.

    • Luke says:

      A second angle that crossed my mind – was the old adage about ‘jewish lightning’. An insurance swindle.

      What is the name of the insurance company who has he policy on Notre Dame? I’m sure the policy has to have enormous coverage amounts. Since the jooz media appears to be trying to play down and ignore any suggestion this could be an act of terrorism, does that mean the policy does not cover acts of terrorism?

      Will there be any insurance investigations into how this fire got started? Will there be any jooz on that investigation team? Who will be awarded the contracts to rebuild Notre Dame and are any of those companies tied to Israel or are they owned by jooz?

      One other angle might also be considered. That evil bastard Netanyahu has been scheming for over 30 years, trying to pull off a false flag event that he could pin on Iran – because he wants to sucker the USA into going to war against Iran and destroying that nation. So, the jews could swoop in and steal all of those Iranian oil fields. The MOSSAD pulls off this fire, deviously planting evidence that would point the finger of blame at Iran – and, bingo, since France is a NATO member – the TrumpenMerkel has an excuse to lie our asses into the war against Iran that Israel has been scheming to con us into for the last 30 years.

    • J.R. says:

      Some of the French billionaires donating millions to restore the Notre Dame are jews… the building was basically a tourism cash cow for the ‘money changers in the temple’ and had little to do with real and biblical Christianity anyway…

      The early believers had churches or assemblies in houses only… and worshiped God who is a spirit in spirit and in truth… the Greek word for “church” in the New Testament means “a called out company or assembly” and not a building of mortar and stone, etc… the New Testament says: where two or three believers are gathered together in Christ’s name, there he is in the midst of them…

      “Holy” church buildings only became popular after Christians had turned from the biblical apostolic pattern for worship of God to venerate a so-called clergy and their priestcraft and to worship the idols of the so-called Orthodox church and Roman Catholicism, and after a carnal imitation of true Christianity had been made the official and state religion of the east and west of the Roman Empire…

      Modern Christianity is lukewarm and regnant to God… Notre Dame was actually one of the finest and most ornate extant monuments to Christian apostasy from God from the medieval era… God is not displeased to see church buildings burn and is always highly displeased when he sees them rebuilt from the ashes again…

      French Billionaires Pledge $680 Million to Restore Notre Dame …


      10 Richest French Families – 70%+ are Jewish, surprise surprise…

      • Daniel says:


        That makes a lot of sense and you are DEFINITELY on to something Brother in Christ………

      • silvernickel says:

        You’re comment is anti-Catholic, and therefore anti-Christian.


        April 16, 2019
        Tuesday of Holy Week

        Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “My children, yesterday the Christian world suffered a great loss in the burning of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. It stood for centuries as a symbol of old-world tradition. Now, it is a burned-out shell. I would be remiss if I did not point out this analogy. What is left standing of the once-great Cathedral must be compared to the liberal Church today. The shell of the once-majestic church is all that the liberal Church represents. The interior is nothing but a burned out, unrecognizable, once-great church. No one worships there. WHAT IS LEFT of the Cathedral, is the effect of all the GREAT PRAYERS offered over the centuries from her midst. In the liberal Church, the prayers are not recognizable as Tradition has been burned away in favor of free-will choice. Reconstruct this great Cathedral in your hearts as the Church of Atonement.”*

        “If I could only tell you the Church is alive and well today despite this loss. But alas! I cannot lie to you. People see the material loss – not the spiritual loss. I did not rescue the Cathedral, but let the flames take their course. I must rescue the state of the Church today. There must no longer be liberal and conservative forces inside the Church. All must be one. Conflict brings destruction.”

        “Today, you have left ruins of a great Cathedral during the holiest week of the year.** Take heed and do not allow the firestorm of controversy to destroy the Tradition of Faith in your heart.”

        * See Messages dated, 9/03/2001 and 4/28/2008, from St. Thomas Aquinas and Jesus, respectively.
        ** Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday.

        Read 1 Peter 2:4-5+

        Come to him, to that living stone, rejected by men but in God’s sight chosen and precious; and like living stones be yourselves built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

        + Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

  7. John Taurus says:

    Another possibility is it is a false flag burning by Israel to create conflict so that the Muslims and Christians will kill each other for the Jews amusement. The Muslims are laughing that the church burnt and now crosses in Christian cemetaries have to be covered so as to “not offend the Muslims”. Our country has gone straight to hell thanks to the capital of the Jewnited States, Israel. Population reduction of the goy is what the evil devil Jews are striving to achieve.

  8. INCOG MAN says:

    It’s now plain to see: Jewry always instigates war among the Goyim.

    Just imagine the planet free of Jews? The peace. These rats are the ones behind troubles among mankind.

  9. Arctic Circle says:

    Falling for Jewish scum is now considered the sign of early dementia.
    The scientists, instead of discovering the mysteries of the Universe, must work on the problems we have got at hand here, on Earth. Do not feed the scientists and expensive astronauts till the problem of the forced coexistence is solved!

    Because relatively to jews we live very very poorly.

  10. Arctic Circle says:

    There is everything best in this world for the pressures jews. But what about us. To illustrate the globally hated The Goldman Sachs Group profits raised 28% for the jews. But what is there for us? Fuck them niggers and jews, what is there for us: poor white people???

  11. Jason 'Porter Shenanigans' Phelan says:

    I think both is most likely – occums razor.
    Case in point. The FBI (mossads American chapter) used muslims to perpetrate the 1993 world trade center bombing.
    Don’t forget it’s encouraged for jews to pretend to be Gentiles to further their war on us. Things like this aren’t mutually exclusive.
    Did mossad organise this? More than likely. Was it perpetrated by members of the islamic cult? Again; most likely.
    -Your Aussie Mate. Jason

  12. Red Pill says:

    the latest jew trick is to get paid for the property they stole
    and lost in Cuba back in 1959.

    Trump to allow lawsuits over US properties seized in Cuba

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Stepping up pressure on Cuba, the Trump administration will allow lawsuits against foreign companies doing business in properties seized from Americans after the island’s 1959 revolution, a senior administration official said Tuesday.


  13. Daniel says:

    I was one of the first ones who posted on this event and made reference that the African niggers and Muslim niggers where invading Europe in high speed and numbers. I gave my opinion that this was a nigger or two that did the Arson inspired and directed by their jew puppet masters.


    • INCOG MAN says:

      How about telling me where you posted the comment. I’m INCOG MAN and I’m the only “moderator.”

    • No accidents in the Universe. GOD’s hand, sir! Do we not have enough lies swarming about to have one or two more from the likes of you? Opinions are a penny for a billion at this point. You can have my opinion for free!

  14. Arctic Circle says:

    You are right the jews are ruling the world. We know that. What we do not know is how to get from under the jewish control? Most of us are just surviving in the rats race called capitalism. For that reason most of us have no time to check at least once a day to the inocgman.net. So what is new?

    Fill us up? Is the solution to the Jewish Problem found yet? Has the Fucking Perpetual War with the rest of the world been won yet?

    There is nothing new. The only new is the Jews are keep profiting everyday and the rest of the glob population becomes for callous and more materialistic. That is what is going on!

    The only one thing the jews still can not do without is the human labor. Do not work for the Jews!

    • We wear blinders fashioned by PTB that do not wish to count us among those who have eyes to see. The din of noise — from EMF|EMR, environmental sound pollution, ambient high-pitched signals with which we saturate our homes and other living spaces — seems to me tailored to make us deaf to the Word and Divine Guidance (for want of an agreed-upon term or phrase). Let those who can still hear, listen!

      I contend IT AIN’T JUST ABOUT THE “JEWS”! As the one we call Paul wrote, we battle powers and principalities. The powers we battle emanate from Mind, the earthy struggle now targets body, mind, and, most especially, SOULS.

      For many issues related to what I call the War Against Humanity, the “JEW THING” seems to me misdirection, a trap, a self-identifier for “taking out”. Render unto “Jews” that which belongs to Jewish people, Judaics, whatever label does not micro-aggress (!). Render to Powers That Be all due credit for this emerging Hell on Earth. Thanks, Satan, for the challenge. Does any true, GOD-fearing man and woman doubt we shall prevail?

  15. Orgorg says:

    Could be a MOSSAD false flag operation. ??

  16. Arctic Circle says:

    There is a new jewish movie called Peppermint. Minute 28 depicts the scene where the White
    Jenifer Garner is laughed by the Latino criminals who just killed white family and teased by the damn colored police.

    It is unfair life. The life is unfair. This unfair life must have unfair rules to play by. What are those unfair rulles to play by against the jews?

  17. Arctic Circle says:

    The question is how to revert the jewish rules against them?

    • Allen Black says:

      Answer: Bring back what they hate. Bring back TRUE Christianity as a main path for whites, which btw true Christians recognize the Jew for the spawn of Cain/Lucifer that they are…) and all their power goes away.

      There is a REASON they hate Christ and Christianity so much. I am not talking of the mockery they make of Christianity such as claiming Jews are Gods people (false, and I can show this) or that Christ was a Jew (False, and I can show this as well, OR read the letter from Pontius Pilate in the Library of Congress…The founding fathers were true Christians who knew this as well…THEY had an eternal ban on the Jew for this very reason. Look up what Ben Franklin and others said of the Jew.

      THERE IS A REASON they went for the Church FIRST to deceive and corrupt…And the thing about lies is they cannot hold a person in faith and loyalty, which is why the church crumbled. People knew they were suddenly lied to, they were just not sure what it was…

      So yeah, when the spirit of true Christianity spreads, they will scatter like the rats they are…

      And if you think Christianity is OK with mass immigration, not true. Its a SIN to mix with others (I have all the above posted around here on various pages.)

      This is why Christian identitarians are at the top of the homeland security watchlist, EVEN THOUGH we have never burned a building or harmed anyone, nor would we…But there is NOTHING the Jew and their commies fear more, then my God that they don’t even believe in.

      God bless and protect you brother.

      • Mike Stone says:


        Could you please elaborate on your statement that Jesus was not a Jew. I believe that myself, but I want to see some sources and proof for my own research.

        And what is the Pontius Pilate letter?

      • Allen Black says:


        Maybe because I have posted to much (answering a lot of people lol) my last post didn’t go through, but I will be glad to answer any such questions. Sorry if it takes me a bit to get to you, as I try to answer anyone who has such questions.

        Here is a letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar, which has been authenticated. Also a documentary that shows the lost tribes of Israel are ONLY white people, by professional archeologists….



        Also, if you feel up to a “treasure hunt” I have posted mini-articles all over this site, which go into a lot of detail 🙂

        Don’t be shy if you want to ask more though. God bless and protect you and yours, brother!

      • Daniel says:


        Christ was/is Jesus of Nazareth>>>>From the Nazarien peoples.God would NEVER HUMILIATE HIS BEGOTTEN SON BY BARING A jew birth, and or title. IT IS ALSO NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE WHATSOEVER THAT JESUS WAS/IS A jew NONE!

        But he was and is known as the Jesus Christ Of NAZARETH BY all his DISCIPLES and others. CASE CLOSED!


      • Allen Black says:

        Daniel is correct. Christ was born in Judea, but biologically he was a Nazarite. Nazarites can be traced to the Scythians, and the Scythians are who became the Teutonic people, later referred as Nordic. Hitler had discovered these truths, and thought it was his destiny to regather Israel, but this regathering had already fulfilled when various whites from around the world gathered in New Jer USA lem.

        Something else that the Jew have lately been censoring and banning, was a friend of mine named Bella, called Bellfire44 on “Jewtube” who made the discovery that each of the European nations still used the same flags, heralds, and banners described in the dead sea scrolls for the lost tribes. For example, the flag of Judah, the 1st house, is a Lion. Jews have NEVER used a Lion banner, but do you know who has all through history? Germans…Britain used the Union Jack (Abrahams sons promise was marked with this sign of crossed arms) and a Unicorn banner, which is Ephraim. The fig leaves and arrows clutched by the eagle is the sign of Israel regathered to the house of Manasseh…America. The founding fathers knew all this as well…THIS is the true meaning of “Out of many, one”. And on the day of independence, Benjamin Franklin said “On this day, an ancient prophecy is fulfilled.”. James Madison said “As the ancient promise was written, now the nation of God has been born in a single day”…THEY KNEW who they were, and do you think that if they thought Christ was a Jew they would have permenantly banned all Jews from citizenship? No way…And they did just that….Here is a longer quote from Benjamin Franklin…

        “**I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.”

        *“For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some pressing reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.”

        “If you do not exclude them from these United States, in our Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardized our liberty.” “If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.”

        “Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatic (Khazars – GOG & MaGOG of Russia), let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American’s, and will not even though they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, and are not of our seed. They are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention now, and in the generations to come.”** Ben Franklin, 1789

        When Hitler learned that his people were the lost tribes of God, and that the Jew were the seed of the serpent, Cain, he set up labor deportation camps to force them out of Germany. He also applied and pleaded with other nations to take them off his hands. The Jew warped the narrative and claimed Hitler was after a master race. This is a bold faced lie. So is the claim that he murdered 6 million…The 1938 Almanac of Europe had a population census every 3 years, and in 1938 there were just under 2 and a half million Jews in ALL of western Europe. Most of them were in Russia.

        The holocaust is a lie, because that’s what the anti-Christ does, deceiving the whole world and causing craft to prosper in his hand. Hitler took on the Jew bankers, and God is punishing us temporarily (letting us be plundered) for turning our swords against our brother for the sake of the children of the beast. But God also wont abandon us to this fate. His eye is jealous to his people and to New Jer USA lem…

        And no, that little terrorist nation in the middle east is NOT the New Jerusalem of the bible…Its described like this…

        Who are Jerusalem, and who is Zion? Well, in one verse, an angel measures the length and breath of Jer USA lem, and notes that it has mountains, plains, rivers, great lakes, deserts, and great forests….That doesn’t sound like that desolate place over in the middle east, does it?

        Zecheriah 2: 4-5, describes Jer USA lem, like this…

        “And said to him, Run, speak to this young man, saying, Jerusalem shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the multitude of men and cattle therein:”

        TOWN’S without walls. The one in the middle east is what? Maybe 15 miles across LOL? You couldn’t fit a multitude of towns, cities without walls, and cattle in that, now could you. But in Jer USA lem, you can.

        EVEN the debt slavery done to our people by the federal reserve is mentioned….

        Isaiah 52:2-3
        Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive. For this is what the LORD says: “You were sold for nothing, and without money you will be redeemed.”

        We WERE sold for nothing. Your birth certificate is a stock of ownership…When the Jew caused the great depression, the American population became the collateral for the bailout. That’s why they send us to die in wars for Israel…We are debt property, sold for nothing. And by using that market crash, they effectively robbed the US of all of its gold stock, and Rothschild has the wealth of the US treasury hidden somewhere for his own pleasure.
        But this was ALSO in prophecy, as was the insane inflation Germany dealt with when the Jew punished them after WW2. Hitler is used as leverage to keep world rulers in line…A message to them about what the Jew will do to them and their memory, should they step out of line. Most political high-end leaders KNOW Hitler is innocent, and they keep silent out of fear. The last one who dared speak out was JFK, and we ALL know what the murderous Jew did to him, and later his brother in case he started talking. In fact, Robert Kennedy assembled the press conference at that Hotel, and not a government location, because he was going to spill the beans on the Jewish bankers, in revenge for his brothers murder. And oddly enough, it was a Jew who told this to the world, before HE was murdered and his tongue cut out. I think his name was Harold Rosenthal…And he couldn’t keep from bragging ALL of it. He was secretary of state until his death in 1977, at the hands of his angry kinsmen, for spilling the truth in boasts. You can find audio of that interview floating around on the web, but it takes a little digging….

        God bless.

      • silvernickel says:

        “Nazarites can be traced to the Scythians, and the Scythians are who became the Teutonic people, later referred as Nordic.”

        SMH….Wack and hilarious theory I have ever read!

      • silvernickel says:

        Mike Stone, please read this by a jew (converted to Christianity) named Benjamin Freedman. Modern jews are mostly 8th century converts called ashkenazim from eastern Europe/ Russia.


      • Mike Stone says:

        Thanks for the links and articles, guys!

  18. werewolf says:

    “875 churches in France were vandalised last year”


    By “militant secularists” the UK Sun says.

  19. this a symbol from God that France is all ready burned down and burned out and its lost for ever, it is lead by a French Punk named Macaroon who is a evil globilist bastard mfer. And the message from God is that France is already destroyed and has given in to the Islamist so much that its all over, yellow vests and all. The French are through and so will the rest of the west its only a matter of time, afraid is not the word to describe how the west caters to the Islamic threat, they are shitting in their pants and pissing in their bed they are in panic mode and will not be out of it, till the muzzies slit their cowardly throats, no one is doing anything but talk and some are even afraid to do that, so hasta la vista western world, you done, died from acute cowardnice.

  20. Allen Black says:

    The Jew has been boasting of the extinction of whites at their hands for over a century now, brothers and sisters. We didn’t start this war, but with God on our side, we will sure as hell finish it….

    *We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause* – Israel Cohen, Jewish Zionist, 1912

    “Some have said that diversity is about getting rid of white people. Well, they are right. And that’s a GOOD thing”– Emily Goldstein, Jewish Journalist, 2015

    “If your trying to say we have been plotting to replace the white population in America with immigrants, your absolutely right. And it doesn’t matter if you know or not. We have been at this for some time now. Nothing can stop us now. Nothing.”- Mark Potok,Jewish attorney, SPLC, 2011

    “There has been a rise in anti-Semitism because at this time, Europe has not yet learned how to be multi-cultural. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were. They are now going into a multi-cultural role, and jews will be resented because we are at the center of this and leading it. But without us, Europe will not survive.- Barbara Specter, Jewish Zionist 2016

    :We will continue to bash all the dead white males, and the live ones. And their women too. We wont stop until the construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not dismantled. Destroyed.” Noel Ignatiev, Jewish author of race traitor magazine and professor at Harvard-1994.

    ” We will continue to promote multiculturalism, until the white Christian people are no more, and because they are a weak in thier flaws of benevolence, our task should not be to difficult. And only then we will stop identifying as white. And thus, our turn will come where we (jews) will rule the world. Who, then, can stand against us?”Oskar Schmitz in Der Jude, 1926,

    *”The European of tomorrow will be a hybrid of Negro and Asians blended with the so called white race. We (Jews) are going to make this happen, one race ruled over by the pure blooded Jew*- Coudenhove Kalergi, “Godfather” and mastermind behind the creation of the European Union, 1914

    An unrelenting flow of immigration, its not going to stop. Nor should we want it to stop. For the first time ever in America, white Caucasians of European descent like myself will be an absolute minority in America. And this is what we want. THIS is the source of our strength!”- Creepy Joe Biden, jewish Zionist (who pretends he is white) 2014.(++NOTE++ There are several videos where he boasts about being a Zionist, and he has typical features of them, not of Caucasians. He is PRETENDING to be a European!A typical ploy they use often.)

    It has surprised some people to find out that the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People {NAACP} is NOT a Negro BUT the JEW ARTHUR SPINGARN. It is the Jews who are behind desegregation, while they keep the strictest of segregation laws in Israel which shows, with no doubts, their intent with pushing multiculturalism in every, and ONLY in every white majority nation on Earth.

    European global population-
    1900 30%
    1990 16%
    2018 8%
    Projected for 2040 4%

    People don’t just lose 93% of their population without a catalyst. And thanks to the ego of those boasting in the above quotes, its easy to figure out who that catalyst has been.

    They like to defend themselves by saying “Whites are just blaming jews the way blacks blame whites for their problems”.

    I am NOT blaming them for any of my problems. I’m accusing them of the genocide of my people. There IS a difference!

    Until white Americans and Europeans SNAP OUT OF IT realize we have been duped, and had out altruism and compassion weaponized against us, and respond by expelling all jews and their non white, American hating commie minions from the west, its only going to get a lot worse. All that is happening, is because of John Hyranicus, the last mortal king of Israel, refusing to follow Gods command to exterminate the Jews as God commanded. It is written that King David spent 6 months killing Idumeans (Jews) for God. Why? Because they are NOT part of the creation plan, but an invasive species put on Earth by Lucifer, to destroy Gods people the white race.

    The spirit of Gods people WILL awaken in his children of light once more, and the battle axe of God will launch the final crusade against Idumea. Be ready, as its only a matter of time now…THATS why the beast comes with wrath, as he knows his time is short. EVERY WHITE BROTHER HERE IS ELECT. FOR IT IS WRITTEN, THE ELECT WILL NOT BE DECEIVED.

    Stay strong, and God bless you all!

    Being responsive to their actions isn’t racism. Its survival.

    Our people better seriously WAKE UP.

    • Wotan says:

      Allen, you are 100% on the line in all and everything you say. You have done
      your homework!

      Greetings to you from


  21. J.R. says:

    Jew media propaganda and jew approved and sanitized political correctness in New Zealand after the Christchurch mosque massacres, forces the Christchurch based Crusaders professional rugby club to consider a name change, because their club’s name ostensibly “has evil, medieval, Christian, anti-Muslim, sword wielding” connotations …
    “Debate surrounding the future of the Crusaders name and branding has “rattled” the playing group, the franchise’s chief executive says.

    “The pressure for the Crusaders to change their name emerged in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings on March 15 that claimed 50 lives because of the centuries-old sensitivity over the history of the Crusades, which were bloody medieval conflicts between Muslims and Christians…

    Super Rugby: New Zealand Govt backs Crusaders name-change talks…


    Leftist jews and their dupes and lackeys in New Zealand are also pushing to ban some of the verses of the Bible as “hate speech”…

    ‘This will be war if you call the Bible hate speech’ – Brian Tamaki…


    • Allen Black says:

      That’s because the Bible does 3 things….

      1) It reveals that the Jews are lying about being Israel as in the ones who wrote, and are the main point of the bible.

      2) It proves that white Europeans ARE the people they are pretending to be.

      3) It exposes that the Jew have NO CLAIM to Palestine, seeing as how they are not even semetic. In fact, Israel was NOT allowed to own the ancient homeland of Palestine AGAIN until the return of Christ. Which means it would fall to the hands of the cousins of Israel, the descendants of Ishmael. Arabs…However, the Jew or Lucifer one (My money is on Lucifer, seeing as how he always comes as an angel of light to set up a fake counterfeit Church) has already corrupted Ishmael with the false religion of Islam.

      Let me show you, and others of our people, 100% proof from the bible that this isn’t just talk….Sorry about the length, but any white person who gains this knowledge will see what has, is, and will happen in a new light, brother…

      This is why we were NOT supposed to bring Christianity to ANYONE except other whites….Christianity was hijacked by JUDEA Christianity…Because people didn’t have sense enough to realize that the Talmud and the Torahare NOT the same thing, and Judaism is the anti-thesis of true Christianity…Nor are the “jews” whom they claim to be. In fact, the term jew was slang and a derogatory term for those of the pharasee race, as it means “Half a Judean” pointing to the fact that they are hybrids of Adamic and Asiatic peoples. Sons of Esau, whom are the bloodline of Cain, son of Lucifer!

      **Ezekial 6-7
      And thou shalt say to the rebellious, even to the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord God; O ye house of Israel, let it suffice you of all your abominations,
      7 In that ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers and foreigners, uncircumcised in heart, and uncircumcised in flesh, to be in my sanctuary, to pollute it, even my house, when ye offer my bread, the fat and the blood, and they have broken my covenant because of all your abominations.**

      We were NOT supposed to share the fat of the land, or promise them the blood of redemption. These were not ours to give away. Our people are HEIRS to the promise, and no more right in offering it to another, then you can give away your fathers home while he is alive and living in it.

      And as for mass immigration being done to Gods people by the serpent (Anti-Christ) that’s in prophecy as well….

      YOU ARE HERE>>>>>>Revelation 12:15
      And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

      Who is the woman? Well, whenever God refers to his people, he uses the term woman in some way, to show he is married to his people. Most know this as the bride of Christ. But there is a less flattering term for some…When those who were the bride of Christ turn against and divorce God and instead serve those of the Babylonian Talmud, and ride the Beast to prosper (ZOG) dressed in red, as the beast is red (Communism Marxism) they become the WHORE of BABYLON.

      As for the prophecy of the flood used to destroy Gods people being mass immigration, the bible clarifies this is not some random interpretation…

      Revelation 17:15
      And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

      When asked who the anti-Christ really was, Christ said “He who denies father and son are anti-Christ. Even now, there are many anti-Christs”

      VERY revealing once it dawns on you that in his lifetime, only “Jews” denied him.

      So WHY did the Jew get the nations of the west? Why are the Christians and the white people in the home of the brave and in the normally courageous European nations letting the Jew do this without a fight? Why was there a mass falling away from a faith that has endured for 2000 years?

      Revelation 17:17
      For God hath put in their hearts to hand over their power and authority to the beast, so that the prophecy of God would be fulfilled.

      In Ezekial, God also talks about how he will pull them in with their heathen hordes to the “unwalled cities living in peace and safety”…And that the mighty hordes of their heathen would march up from the south to take a plunder or take a prey, but God is angry and jealous at this, and will reign such devastation on them that all the world will know God lives, and then the heathen will wail, for they will not ever again come into our lands, and the Jew will be annihilated. THEY KNOW this prophecy, which is why they stopped being slow and sneaky, and are openly trying to rush white genocide now that all but 1 warning sign has happened in recent years.

      They misrepresented Christ as a Jew, because they thought the enmity between serpent and Adam would cause people to turn from Christ, but they didn’t. So instead, they used that lie to their advantage in other ways, thereby deceiving the whole world!

      The banner of Judah, the tribe of the saints and ruling house of Israel, is NOT a star with 6 lines, 6 points, and 6 triangles all at a 6.66 degree angle. The herald of Judah is a lion. Also the anti-Christ was supposed to rise up from nothing, and use anothers power to cause craft to prosper in his hand and rule the world through finance in the age of tribulation. Who uses a Lion as a banner? Not Jews. Germans did though, and have used a LION banner for all of history…THEY ARE the camp of the saints! And all white nations are kindred!

      This, for example, is a verse about WW2….

      Revelation 13:7
      And it was given to him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and languages, and nations

      Through prayer, the seal is lifted, and one can understand it….

      Revelation 13:7
      And it was given to him (Anti-Christ, Jewry) the power (Through America and England) to make war with the saints (A saint can mean an innocent wrongly accussed and attacked in this case the tribe of the Lion, Germany) , and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and languages, and nations (The white nations have been in their grasp ever since)

      This verse directly points to their rise to power through the Belford agreement, and after WW2, no one stood in opposition to Jewish world dominance in finance and media. With the federal reserve/Rothschild dynasty as a spearhead, they truly are the anti-Christ. The cause of the suffering in wars, famine, usury, tyranny, ect. Which they almost always blame on Christians.

      ANOTHER lie they want people to believe, is that they (jews) created Christianity for mass control. But observe their burning hatred of Christ and Christianity. Would they REALLY hate their own psi-op? Would they let their psi-op make whites the greatest of nations for 100s of years as they themselves were homeless vagabonds and wanderers right up to WW2 (which btw fulfills the legacy of Cain, gen. 4:12)

      Its no secret, that Jews and the Ruling elite, as well as most minorities, HATE, and mean really hate to the point of Genocide, white people.

      According to Rev. 2:9, and 3:9, the people calling themselves “Jews” are liars and imposters. So who are the true covenant people? Who is it that will really be put through a tribulation?

      Only whites Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic, and kindred people have fulfilled all promises and prophecies regarding the 10 Lost tribes of Israel.

      1) Israel was to become a great nation and a company of great nations.(Genesis 12:2; 18:18, 17:4; 35:11; 48:19)

      2) Israel to keep the gates and ports of enemies ( Genesis 22:17,Joshua 21:43-45:)

      3) Israel were to be seafarers, explorers, and colonizers (Genesis 28:14; 49:13; Numbers 24:7; Deuteronomy 33:19; Judges 5:17; Psalms 2:8; 89:25)

      4)Israel were to be a blessing to all families (nations) of the earth (Genesis 12:3; 18:18; 28:14; Isaiah 27:6)

      5) Israel were to amass wealth and success as Farmers (Genesis 27:28; Deuteronomy 28:11; Deuteronomy 33:13, 14, 28)Boer, the word for whites in Africa, literally means farmer. Jews have been known only as bankers and merchants in history.

      6) Israel was to be God’s witness and carry the word of God to all the world (Isaiah 43:10-12, 21; 59:21; Matthew 28:19-20)

      7) Israel was to be God’s (“battle-axe” and an undefeatable military power (Numbers 24:8; Jeremiah 51:20-23; Isaiah 54:15-17; Micah 5:8-9)*Also note, the Battle axe was a weapon favored most by white people like the Nordic and Celtic peoples…*

      8) Israel to be the first among the nations. (Gen. 27:29; 28:13; Jer. 31:7.)

      9) Israel’s new home country to be north-west of the country they were driven from (Europe is NW from Israel) Isa. 49:12; Jer. 3:18.)

      10) The nation of Gods people on Earth was to be born in a single day, 2534 years from the time of Assyrian Captivity in 758 BC (Mentioned often, but mostly read Deuteronomy, Isaiah, and Daniel. Its the only prophesy with an exact date, and it adds exactly to 1776. There is a video on Youtube that shows this in more detail called “America found in scripture”. That video shows the prophecies of the birth of this nation AND the attempt of Edom to flood it with immigrants to destroy Gods people, globally as well as here as one of the signs of the last days of tribulation.

      11) Israel was to be blind to its identity and be called by a new name and not known as Israel (Isaiah 62:2; 65:15; Hosea 1:9-10; Romans 11:25). God stated he would put his name on Israel (Numbers 6:27) And through the Messiah would be known as “Christians”(Acts 11:26). For nearly 2000 years, all, and ONLY white nations were known as Christendom, and whites were the only Christians. Its only through the false Zionist controlled Judea Christian churches that this has changed.

      12) Israel to be punished by being occupied by multiple tribes, tongues, and nations led by Edom (Isaiah 52:2, Revelation 12-17, Most of Daniel and Isaiah, as well as some of Deuteronomy).

      Do jews know who THEY really are then ? Yes, most of them…

      “EDOM IS MODERN JEWRY.” The Jewish Ency. 1925 Ed., Vol. 5, Pg. 41.

      White people didn’t “steal” the bible from the sub-Saharin Africans, nor did we adopt it from jews, who were constantly kicked out of Europe and were vagabonds and wanderers until the slave trade made them wealthy and powerful. Whites embraced Christianity FIRST because it was OUR religion.

      “Christ is our King, and Christianity is our race which you knew once as Israel”- Justin Martyr, 100-160 AD, from Paragraphs of Trypho chapter 135.

      Expect them to push more propaganda then ever before, and try even harder to lock down whites from being a threat, as they know they are running out of time. Gods prophecies have been coming true one by one, especially since around 2000, and the last sign we are ever to get is the sign of Jonah, a constellation event that will occur in 2024 (an X shaped eclipse over America, aka new Jer USA lem) and this ends with God returning the spirit of the “battle ax of God” back to his people, whom will wipe the seed of the serpent off the earth Alongside the return of Christ which can happen at ANY TIME after that last sign. THAT is why they are so scared, and in such a rush to destroy the white nations with a flood of illegals that they have show their hand to the world.

      If you still doubt this is the jews motivation behind what they are doing, try this…

      Look up a song called “Beige Horizon”. Its a song produced in Canada, and played all around mainstream, about mixing the white race out of existance. Now while anti-white propaganda isn’t anything new or special these days, he does something peculiar at the end. He looks at the camera and smugly says “Peace and lentils, Yall” to white people. Most wont get this. Unless they read Gen. 25:34 and understand that story concerning Esau (Patriarch and father of Idumea aka the jews) marrying daughters of Cain, and thus losing his inheritance to Jacob (the white race) over a bowl of Lentil stew.

      Jews aren’t doing what they are to white nations over money, they can print all they want.
      Jews aren’t doing what they do for power…They have HAD all the power for about 30-50 years.
      Jews aren’t doing what they are doing for votes….They OWN all the lobbies and politicians.
      Jews aren’t doing what they are doing to feel safe from whites…Blacks and Arabs kill more of them then whites EVER would, in fact whites took them in as a KINDNESS.

      No, despite all the theories behind what motives the Jew, they don’t hold water…THIS is what they fear. This is what motivates them. Look at Hollywood…See how Satanic and Occult they all are? Well, one cant believe in Satan without believing in God, and vice versa. There hate of God and of Christ is obvious and visceral, and people ponder why that is….NOW you know, brothers and sisters!

      God bless and protect you and yours, and ALL our people in these dark days of tribulation.

      • Jason 'Porter Shenanigans' Phelan says:

        Very interesting information my friend. I’ve been gleaning physical history out of the good book. I’m just starting my journey.
        So we are the real jews of antiquity? And the hollocaust is being perpetrated against us? How does this relate to the Shoah, or burnt offering? Is this Christian or talmudic in origin?
        Because if it’s a Christian prophesy it certainly sounds like a nuclear conflagration. Perhaps a reference to the Sampson Option?

      • Daniel says:



        They are really condemning the Adamic white men especially because they know Christ is a WHITE ADAMIC MAN, and is Christ as OUR God and SAVIOUR DIED WHO AND PAID IN FULL OUR SINS, IF WE ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND ASK OUR SAVIOUR FOR FORGIVENESS OF PAST, AND PRESENT SINS>>>get Baptized and allow Christ to guide you the rest of the way in this TRIBULATION , WE, THE ADAMIC CHRISTIAN ELECT, and the rest of our white Adam race of brothers and sisters the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF CHRIST-GOD are definitely in.

        It will pick up in INTENSITY TO A BOILING POINT, that’s going to be a HEAVENLY CHRIST TYPE INTERVENTION. We will be forced to literally physically fight our enemies which will be unfortunately our own police, F.E.MA cops, Feds, maybe UN outside forces in Police gear as if they are the good guys who will be new sworn in to jew laws, and persecution arrest to Christians… they plan to introduce Satan as the FALSE MESSIAH SOON>>we have met and known him …and he will return again with high praise. In Cahoots with Current President in Satan type delusional trance and the former liberal in sneaky, sly deceit mode and in the plan against his own American’s not his jew peoples/negros slaves. A planned attack on AMERICA >>EZEKIEL 38, 39>>George Washington’s ANGEL VISIT and the three American perils…. YEP, THEY ALL KNOWING TIME IS UP, AND SHORT FOR THEM TO DECEIVE THE PEOPLES AND TWIST AND TURN GODS TEACHINGS.

      • Daniel says:


        I highly recommend you and others view PASTOR “Dewey Tucker” and his youtube web page and click on his many GOD INSPIRED TRUTH FROM GOD .COM VIDEOS.

        Be Blessed from the truth =====CHRISTAN’S THE WHITE IDENTITY ELECT http://www.deweytucker.com >> Truth from God forum

      • Allen Black says:

        Hi, Jason…Welcome to your calling, as one of Gods people awakening to the truth…It is going to happen to every white person before this story is over, except those whom have given their soul to the beast (far left communists).

        There is a GREAT documentary to get you started with the Historical aspect of this…Here is the link….


        The Talmud is ACTUALLY called “The Babylonian Talmud” because Jews are Babylonian. God had ordered Israel to eradicate the children of Cain, produced from the coupling of Eve and Lucifer. The story of the garden of Eden is NOT about a talking snake or a magic tree, but was cleverly and deceptively covered up by using multiple meanings for words in the translations. King James heart was in the right place, but some of the scribes he recruited to translate the bible were Jews, because part of the found scrolls were in Hebrew and as the Bible tells us, Israel was stripped of their identity and language for disobeying Gods order to eradicate Satans offspring. This happened in 154 BC with John Hyranicus, who told the Jew (Called Idumeans at that time) to convert and pay tribute and live. The punishment was to be betrayed by these Idumeans to the Assyrians, whom forced the TRUE Israel to (poetic justice) convert and pay tribute. This shifted Gods people from Hebrew to Pagan, and when they fled, it was NW to the Caucus Mountains, to create Europe…

        The Jew knew they would be put to death if king James caught them changing the translations…But at the same time, the bible identifies the seduction of Eve, the birth of Cain, and the identity of his descendants, and they knew this would ALSO get them killed. So they came up with a clever way to hide this truth. They use words with double meanings. For example, to make King James think that ALL of mankind came from Adam, they swapped the word “Aeon” with the word for “day”. The bible SHOULD read God created the world in 7 AEONS which is 7 billion years. Later, they would this same switch to act as if science debunks the bible. A pastor named Comporet went through and fixed the double meanings. He was my mentor, and died under questionable circumstances. He was travelling the country showing people the REAL translations in the 1980s. The Jew have done everything they can to ban most of his works. But some fragments of his teachings can be found on videos here and there. The word “Fruit” also could mean “ancestor”…The word “Eat” for “Sexual Intercourse” ect. So that the original really reads-

        Genesis 3:3
        “You may make descendants with any of the people of the Garden, but the people in the midst of the Garden (Persian, Africa) thou shalt not make descendants”

        It is written that the anti-Christ would deceive the whole world. THIS is how they did it.

        Meanwhile, the Idumeans were granted Palestine for their part in betraying Israel, and they set up shop there. THIS is when the Jew began posing as Israel. They did it to try and claim the territory as their right, though the world knew they were only converts. They perverted the Torah, by mixing in their own Babylonian traditions. As for Caucasians, they went on to worship many Pagan Gods, until the NEW covenant, when Christ sent the books of scripture, Old Testament and New, BACK to his people…

        The HARSHEST WORDS Christ spoke were to the Jew. Instead of trying to find double meanings for words, the Jew just referred to their race as “Pharasee’s”. In this way, they could say it was just SOME Jews Christ was hostile at…But if you read, you find that Christ actually says they are a RACE of serpents and vipers.

        Mathew 23:33
        Ye serpents, ye generation* of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

        Generation in contexts like this in various writings, including non-biblical, means “Race”

        John 8:44-45
        44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
        45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

        He had NOTHING NICE to say too or about the Jew, ever.

        The Jew correctly identify themselves as the sons of Esau when talking to Christ. They told him “We are descendants of Abraham, and yet we have never been enslaved by any people, how can you boast that you will set us free”

        Christ said he would set ISREAL free. The people of Israel WERE enslaved, both by Egypt AND Assyria. So who is a descendant of Abraham AND has never been enslaved?

        Esaus sons.

        Esau was an Adamic man and brother to Jacob. He disobeyed God constantly. But there was ONE disobedience that lost him the promises and inheritance of Israel. God told the Kings of Israel to ONLY marry their own. Esau scoffed at this, and said he was a KING and would marry who he pleased. And to spite God, he took a Hittite wife, and a Negro wife. This is why he lost his inheritance to his brother Jacob. Esau created the Tribe called Edom, after the Idumean blood of his wife. And these are the Jew of today. The last remnants of the bloodline of Cain.

        Their nose, slanted features, negro kinky hair, and big ears mark them as such. Even when they mix with other races, the Jew features come back in one or two generations. They can hide it temporarily, but not for more then 1 or two cycles. Whats more, they HAVE to breed with men of creation, either of Israel, or Ishmael, or Asians, or Latins…Why? Because THOSE are the races that have the spark of life from God. This is why 3 in 5 Jews are born with Tay Sachs, which is literally dead blood.

        They do NOT think like the rest of the world. They are void of all compassion, and are cruel, and heartless people. They can pretend and they can seem rational when they wish, but give them half a chance, their murderous ways and lies surface….

        Take serial killers. The Jew media tells you that its mostly white men who are serial murderers, but this is NOT the truth…

        These men are ALL at least HALF Jewish. And there are more I am investigating that will likely be added once I am sure….
        Nathaniel Bar-Jonah
        Ed Gein
        Joel Rifkin
        Harold Shipman
        Rodney Alcala
        Herb Baumeister
        Harvey Glatman
        David Berkowitz
        John Wayne Gacy
        Albert DeSalvo
        Charles Cohen
        Jeffrey Dahmer
        Peter Kudzinowski
        Tillie Klimek
        Henry Lee Lucas
        Charles Schmid
        Robert Shulman
        Efren Saldivar
        Leopold and Loeb
        Randall Woodfield
        Louis Fine
        George Sack
        Alfred Leonard Cline
        Louis Neu
        Ralph Jerome Selz
        Edward Simon Wein
        Harvey Murray Glatman
        Robert Zarinsky
        James Koedatich
        Ralph Nuss
        Gloria Tannenbaum
        Milton Niport
        Bertram Greenberg
        Joseph Kallinger
        William Rothstein
        Joseph Fischer
        Brian Kevin Rosenfeld
        Robert Durst
        Steven Oken
        Nathan Trupp
        Charles Mark Cohen
        Jeffrey Feltner
        Philip Carl Jablonski
        Edward Isadore Savitz
        Robert Shulman
        Eyal Shachar
        Salomon Rosenbloom
        Norman Parker
        James Eric Gottfried
        Andrei Chikatilo
        Theodore R. Bundy

        Adam, the white race, was put here to govern this world and bring forth the Christian nations, ruled with a firm but compassionate hand. At first, we had a connection to God so strong, that our people lived for nearly 1000 years and the world treated them like Gods on earth themselves. This is the REAL story behind Neanderthal skulls. They had larger brains with centuries of wisdom, but cartilage and brows don’t stop growing in life, giving them that appearance. THAT is why Neanderthals have identical DNA to white people…Blacks were overjoyed at this revelation, because they don’t realize the truth.

        But with each generation of sin, corrupted by this fishbowl full of monsters, we have lost our spiritual connections and cant hear God any more, but that’s ok, because we were redeemed on the cross. Other races cant be redeemed because to be redeemed you have to first lose something. There are NO contradictions in the bible, once you know the truth. SO this.

        Ephesians 2:8
        For by grace you are saved. Not by your works, it is a gift of God.

        Is NOT a contradiction to THIS as some like to claim…

        Revelation 12:20
        And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

        Its TWO SETS OF RULES…One for whites, and one for the rest.

        It may not be as sunshine and rainbows as the false Judea Christians try to real people in with, but it IS the truth. And any white person who sees the real information as I have shown, regardless of beliefs, will feel a stirring inside, like your hearing a long forgotten song after many years.

        If you want to talk more, or ever have specific questions, I am happy to help. Like ALL white people, you are my brother.

        God bless and protect you.

        Mathew 10:5-6
        These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter you not: but take these books ONLY to the lost house of Israel.

        And we know whom they took it to. And thus began the Christian era once more, under a new name and language as was foretold. But God said he would never permanently abandon his people, but would put his own name on them so they would never be truly lost….

        2 Chronicles 2 7:14
        If my people whom are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wickedness, I will hear from heaven, and I will heal their land.

        Only CHRISTIANS are called by the name of God. And only whites were called Christians by the WHOLE WORLD for nearly 2000 years. In fact, this only changed with the false Church of Judaism sending missionaries to heathen peoples.

      • Jason says:

        I have hundreds of questions. But I will try to research my questions and come up with my own conclusions. I’m glad I’m not alone in the believe that hebrew translations contained within the Bible are corrupt or blatantly false. I’ve drawn the same conclusions about years meaning eons. I drew these conclusions by working backwards through history.

        It it evident in my mind that humanity has been here alot longer than judaic history admits to. There is compelling evidence to suggest that humanity was, in the distant past, more technologically advanced than we are today. This evidence includes esoteric and physical. Our ancient ancestors had expressions for nanometre and million. Neither is necessary for hunter gatherers or farmers. Both is needed for atomic energy and digital computing. Middle Eastern DNA is found in American Indians. Proof of a previous ability to easily travel the planet. Compelling physical evidence of a nuclear war in prehistoric times. Evidence of a ‘Atlantis’ type place in West Africa. Evidence of nuclear power in gibbon (spent fuel rods). Kooky as these things sound they are evident for any one that seeks them out. There is even the possibility that the pyramid of Giza was a generator similar to Tesla’s experimental station in New York State.

        Some of the evidence is more fuzzy. For example Tesla discovered a satellite in orbit before Sputnik. It’s dubbed the Black Knight and is very hard to research due to UFO “researchers” ((( jew ef oh))). But here’s the thing. The Soviet Union and the USA had a space shuttle race. Few people realise this. When the USA successfully launched their orbiter the USSR abandoned their shuttle immediately. They both had identical payload capacity and dimensions. BTW, kooky as this sounds Northrop Grumman even photographed the Black Knight.

        All of these facts have been completely corrupted by tin hat wearing nuts. Alien ancients is the most popular thoery. This is jewish influence.

        I suspect that we whites are the “aliens of antiquity ” that had an advanced civilisation in prehistory. I suspect we ruled everything with the logic and compassion that we whites are known for. We are the the terrestrial gods the savages refer to in their legends. I suspect that jews know this too and figure that if they do certain things in a certain that they can rule in the future like we did in the past. Of course they can’t. They do this because they are simpletons that believe that usery is magic!

        BTW just for the record. Just so you know who you’re talking to I’m agnostic to use a modern label. I don’t foolhardily believe the Bible as a literal story book. I consider it more a coded primer. A test of sorts. But I’m a true believer in the father, son and spirit.

        My research is different from yours probably due to different strong points. I’m very practicality minded with an interest in history. If you have any questions about our ancient high tech past don’t hesitate to ask… Because if I have questions about the Bible you are going to be my goto guy.

        God Bless

      • silvernickel says:

        Allen Black says: “This is why we were NOT supposed to bring Christianity to ANYONE except other whites”

        That is not what the New Testament proclaims!


    • Allen Black says:


      Yes, my brother. I know I preach to the choir. But I do this, because its a way to let others see the truth through our discourse.

      No one likes being preached at unless they are first asked to…Because it isn’t our place to ram our beliefs down another’s throat. But what we CAN and DO, is openly share the truth with each other, so that men and women might read our words and decide with their own heart if there is enough truth in said words to seek our God and his word for themselves….After all, I am no one. A hermit in a shack in the middle of nowhere (well, not exactly a hermit…I have a wife and kids, but I have divided myself from this world as it has become. I have friends but they travel out here to see me)….Many of those I share my wisdom with are far better people then I will ever be. I am only doing my part as a herald. A watchmen in the last days trying to keep as many of our race out of the fire as I can, but it has to be their choice, and they have to feel the call on their own. It happens as it is meant to, for no one is called unless God calls them. Those that see these words, and have faith in them afterward, were always meant to. Which makes me little better then a messenger. I have no delusions of being anything more then that, brother 🙂

      • Daniel says:


        Good MAN! Enough said, understood. Please keep teaching and informing us—Time is short and there is a calling, yet a falling away at the same time. We need to be informed of happenings, who we are and you are A SERVENT Of The Lord Eternal.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        You’ve been putting up some good stuff. Thanks. And thanks to incogman.net too for being here. I myself have been declared a recluse. Can’t deny that. A separatist. yeah. Is that a crime nowadays? Nationalist who happens to be white. When did THAT become a crime in America? Nobody told me except the jew tv box. Racist? No. JUIst believe in fair equality and equal justice for ALL people. Including white people. That’s a crime nowaday’s also. End assfirmative actions, minority set-assides, diversity hire and promote. Lower the test scores and standards meet your quota systems destroy the white and promote the dark jew programs. Since when did being able to dribble a basketball and run fast and jump high and play with feetballs move people ahead of the list at so called academic schools Marxist commie Bolshevik jew lefty libtard indoctrination centers (working taxpayer publicly funded) otherwise known aka colleges and universities? Call me a homophobe? OK I guess that would be true also keep your hands off me you faggotts and transfaggots. Get back in the closets every adult has the right to privacy in their own bedrooms. Use that right and get out of my St. Patricks day parade and out from in front of my childrens classrooms too. Mysogynistic? Not a chance. I LOVE women and always want the best for them. I will kill somebody trying to hurt or rape a woman. Aint that how the GOD I believe in planned it so that our species can survive and procreate? Not this test tube baby genetically engineered abortion after birth stuff. Fuck robotics just take your best warehouse workers and clone 10.000 of him or her and reproduce them in a labatory somewhere. Kind of what the jews are really trying to do anyway with their constant brainwashing groupthink whatever we say you must believe and obey or die. 1984 hell try 2019. xenophobe? Yeah. Flag says don’t tread on me. Does that make me a racist? No. It just means don’t tread on me. Take MY hard earned money and give it to people they like better. People that hate me and my skin color and want me dead genocided and extinct. Just in 9 shootings and 4 dead in Memphis in a 24 hour period. Send me back to war with the sandniggers in middle east at least I will be equally armed and dangerous as the real threat called the American welfare state niggers. What other names do they call me? Can’t keep up with them. Oh yeah white privileged. Yeah that’s a funny one too. Because I have a legal job and work for a living and pay taxes and behave the laws like a civilized human instead of a planet of the apes third world shitholedom niggerhood predatory thug nigger criminal animals on monkey island. Nazi? neo-Nazi?
        We could sure use more German National Socialists around here nowadays. With German made guns and tanks and airpains and rockets. What else do they call me? Like I said you cant keep up with all the lies and smear slander and defamation and character assassination that jews at the adl and splc headquarters come up with. Who cares anymore. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC so help me GOD. That includes the entire bill of rights as written in the beginning and I know who my true existential threat enemies are. This is my daily prayer. Lord, I love you and thank you for all your blessings. Please bring all of your great blessings of health, safety, security, PEACE, prosperity, plenty, bounty, friendship, success, love joy and happiness to all my family, to all my ( few ) friends, and to ALL the people in the world Lord in Jesus name Lord I love you amen. I pray that every day after all I’ve been through it is the only thing that keeps ME from going off the deep end or shooting myself in the head.

  22. Arctic Circle against the Word Jewish Capitalistic Hydra says:

    Judaism is the core of capitalism! It is the time to say no to the Neoliberal scum!

    Due to the rising income gap between the rich and the poor, widespread precarious labor, and the new global capitalist crisis, neoliberalism is no longer seen as common sense. The dark side of capitalism, with its rising levels of class and racial conflict, is now recognized worldwide.

    Scholars, economists, and workers worldwide are looking for the answer to this mounting conflict. Everybody has tired to look at the fat faces of jews, police, military, and capitalist milking the rest of the world!

    The answer to the Jeudeo-Niggerian Problem is the closer look at the policitcal economy all over again.

    Look to that fucking schema of money markets, overnight trading by the major banks, mounting number of the all kind interest rates. All that absurd Bacchanalia and waist of human labor. Note that behind each dollar lost to the interest rate and inflation is the hungry fucking damn jew with 100 niggers and Latinos next to them.

    Fuck that shit! I wish the all warriors of the past would reincarnate this week together with our God and strike the Jewish capitalistic scum and all the countries with military to hell!

    • Allen Black says:

      You will get your wish. But enough people need to turn to God.

      In fact, I can show you what needs to be done, for the rival of the battle axe of God to drive our enemies into the east and west seas, as is prophesied to happen.

      We were given the answer, in Genesis.

      Abraham had family in Sodom, and he didn’t want it destroyed. So he set to bargaining with God in an amusing exchange, starting at “If there are 50 good people, will you spare it?” and talking him down to 10 and no more.

      Archeologists know that the population of Sodom, from external census records of neighboring historical cities, was roughly 13000 to 14000.

      If we can convert 10 for every 14,000 back to TRUE Christianity (and not the anti-Christs false Church of Judea Christianity with its false teachers, or any of the multicultural denominations which are perversions of our ethno-religion) God WILL take care of the rest. I know this through prayer, and a dream. That may seem crazy to some, but really….What do we have to lose at this point?

      God promises us this in 2 Corinthians 2 7:14

      “If my people whom are called by my name (white Christians) would only humble themselves and pray…Turn from their wickedness and seek my face, I will hear from Heaven, and I will come to heal their land.

      Instead of waiting on God, our people need to wake up and see that God is really waiting on US.

      God bless, my brother.

    • Allen Black says:

      I forgot one last thing….

      God said nothing new is under the sun. Everything that has happened, will happen again. Sodom and Gomorrah was a repeat of what has become of Europe and America. So to save Europe, they must do likewise.

  23. Arctic Circle says:

    Learning Scandinavian Language: Hueputallo.

    This world means tricky rich Jewish fuckers who owe politics, media, capital, labor, us, our bodies, our minds, and thoughts, who bullshit us from thier fucking news outlets and political podiums into financial and racial slavery.

    There are many Huepuallos out there. Do not listen to them, they are fucking with you!

  24. Arctic Circle says:

    Can you self defense with the good old knuckles from some lead against the abnormally strong niggers and Latinos?

    The answer is no it is not legal. You can not legally protect yourself against the jewish monsters. If you care a gun for self defense the fucking swollen from doing nothing polic will sodomize torcher you.

  25. Allen Black says:

    To defeat Judaism, we must revive what Judaism fears and hates. True Christianity. And no. They are NOT the same thing, nor do they have the same origin and people who founded them. Judaism is Babylonian, as are its people and culture. Christianity is Adamic, and European.

    They want people to THINK that they created it as a control grid, but people don’t think critically or they would realize that Jews are terrified and hateful of it…And the founders of America were white, NOT Jews, and as Christians they had an eternal ban on letting the Christ killing Cainites have citizenship, and Europe, also Christian, constantly KICKED THEM OUT! There is nothing they fear more then our God, whom they pretend not to believe in yet 3/4th of their Talmud is spent bad mouthing him.

    Christ was an Anglo-Saxon, and the bible describes him has being very fair with blonde hair and blue eyes but people don’t see it because they have been spoon fed delusions….Ill show you….

    Rev. 1:14-15 (Describing Christ as John saw him)
    His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow… and his eyes were as flames of fire. And his feet were as fine brass, as if burnt in a furnace.

    1) It says head AND hair, not hair on head.

    2) Why would a man in his 30s be described as having “white” hair? There was no such word as BLONDE yet.

    3) Eyes of fire= Blue eyes. Not only is the color of flame blue, but flame has been used often to describe blue eyed people (smoldering blue eyes, for example)

    4) People think that “feet like brass” means he was brown or coppery, but NOTE what it says! When fine brass is burnt in a furnace it becomes white hot. When it cools it remains white with a golden hint to it.

    5) White like wool, as white as snow. This is clearly trying to emphasis color by giving dual examples. Its poetic context, not descriptive of texture.

    Are there other examples? Yes.

    Lamentations 4:7
    Her Nazarites were purer then snow, and WHITER then milk, they were more ruddy in body then ruby’s, and their polishings (shares a translated word for “eyes”) were of sapphire.

    Christ was a Nazarite and here is a description that could ONLY be a very blonde, light skinned and ruddy child with bright blue eyes…It its important to point out that it goes on to say how they were suffering and their visage was black as a coal. But one cant be white and black at the same time, and then I learned that a visage can also mean, by definition, and EMOTIONAL expression… Blacks were not happy when I brought this to one of their He-Bro sites. I don’t do so to teach them…There is no teaching He-Bro heathens…I do so because God commands us to take no part in the works of darkness, but rather expose them.

    King David, Saul, and many others are also described as ruddy and fair, though some of them had thick black hair or brown eyes that does NOT mean they were Jews, as jews are naturally bronze toned like Arabs, and NOT white. When they mix with other races, one or two cycles can look whiter, but it passes when THEY have children, even if they continue to breed outside their race, the mark of Cain in them always resurfaces.

    So the truth is, Herod tried to kill Christ to avert the prophecy of the King of Israel coming to save his people. He DID save us, so their attempts were a joke and worked against them. All white people who don’t sell out to the Beast for their mark (financial gain, money) and become a whore of Babylon is saved by grace. Its a gift of God. and this was ONLY given to white Christians, not heathens. Christ even told a heathen woman “I don’t take the food from my children and throw it to dogs”…Although he did have mercy in the end and save her child because of her sincerity, it shows that God is every bit as loyal to his own over outsiders as any of us.

    There is a secret as to why this is. But that’s something I cant share with people, not because I am keeping it secret, but because without understanding all of the truth, it wouldn’t make sense to you.

    God bless.

  26. S O G says:

    nathan bar jonah although not his real birth name was infamous for killing and eating something like 27 children ….like dahmer ..a cannibal ..
    and a modern day jew of what provenance ? ..ashkenazzi -kazaar-sephardic etc ..
    the jew is not a relative of any true israelite and certainly not in the spirit of god ..
    too many plausible theories wh the israelites were ..maybe early goth germanics as some say or the remnants of scandinavians etc …who the fuck cares ..
    also when the jew starts to burn your house down then you know ,fight back …but meanwhile we are all chasing our fucking tales in fucking circles ..
    the solution is epic …global extermination of jewish billionaires and millionaires and ameerican comnunist party members ….all te bildderbergs and likkudites ..
    if they cant brreathe they cant hurt innocent white gentiles …
    the fucking muslims should all have a price on their head and i know alot of people who would be honered to clear the americas of lunatic moosloms for free …
    thats the price of entry to a jew and muslim free country ..exterminate the nation of islam at the same time …clear enemy of white people ..outspoken genocidal jibberish aimed at us all the time and because of the jewish double satndard in america the subjacated vanquished conquered land they get away with murder …
    jesus was not his name and no one can really know this as it is lost in antiquity and historical obscurity,but we can sure argue about constantly ..
    jesus was the son of god ..but in the flesh so he qaulifies as a very unique human being .he also dint cotton to any of the race mixed israelites that continued on as the kingdom of judah because of the endurance of the tribe and also benjamin tribe ..
    by the time the son emannuel showed on earth the israelites had been takern into captivity regarding the the original vassal kingdom of israel the 10 tribes were sacked by assyria by 722 bc …..the judah and benjamin tribes had seceeded from the kingdom because of the exceeding iniquity of said 10 tribes ..they ignored the laws and killed the prophets …eventually the judah and benjammin grouop went the way of shyte as well …the secret kike society then called the sanhedrin were officially in the salvery of satanic tal=mud …then they were called the oral traditions of the elders of babylon ..
    jesus was b orn thru the house of david and in the tribe of judah an official by god israelite tribe ….his bona fides …..the rest of the tribe was going into the abyss and god then kicked the shitheads out of jerusalem and saw the temple dismantled …the experement the social experement to convert shitheads was a an absolute failure and the covenant was over ..there was a new order to be given by god ….thise of you who know already know the score …
    ::::”To defeat Judaism, we must revive what Judaism fears and hates. True Christianity. And no. They are NOT the same thing, nor do they have the same origin and people who founded them. Judaism is Babylonian, as are its people and culture. Christianity is Adamic, and European”:::::
    christianity was established in israel at first …it is from god not man ..
    ant the only way to deal with the jews is to give them what they sorely desrve and have coming to them for all the ruin they have caused in the last 2000 years ..
    6 million christians were murdered from 30 AD to 320 AD …..

  27. S O G says:

    the news never covered the bar jonah story …but he was what ever a fat greezy shit kike jew is ….does the name make the jewish ..funny thing is you could put 100 jews in a room and none of em look even remotely alike or racially kindred …and all their dna would be so diverse as to be laughable …..one of the reasons jews have so much trouble with finding organs for transplants for them is because of the multiole diverse dna they carry …which is why they steal palestinian teenagers off the streets to harvest organs from the hospital they keep hidden out in the negev desert with the nuclaer plants out there as well ..
    some say palestinians are more related to isralites than jews …
    possibly they share a lot of dna which would make sense as jews also share major dna markers with arabs as well ..
    the only differenc between jews and arab muslims is the choice of religion they choose .

    • Allen Black says:

      Jews take on the characteristics of whatever race they are parasitically feeding upon….In the last century its been Europeans, but before this it was notably the Arabs. Both biblical and non biblical sources trace their lineage to some not-so-nice people. They, like true Caucasian-Israel have had several names….

      Caucasian race-















      Now, just as true Israel divided into 12 tribes, which became the basis of the European nations, so too were their different tribes of the Jew, and like Caucasians, they had variations but they were still all one people. A German and a Scottsman are different, but still of the same racial core people. In the same way, an Ashkenazi is still the same people as a Sephardic Jew.

      The differences between Jew and Caucasian are so vast biologically, that one can tell a Jew from a white European by a simple blood test. The Jew has a unique blood strand, and as I said earlier, 3 out of five are born with a disease called Tay Sachs, which means their bloodcells are lifeless, and they need constant sources for transfusions in order to survive…Kidnapping and murder were some of the primary reasons they were kicked out of European countries over 125 times….And the Jew need for a blood source may be the root of the mythology of the vampire. Between 1968-1996 there were constant blood drives and blood banks seeking people to give blood and plasma, yet even though blood can easily be stored, there always seemed to be a shortage….When certain people started enquiring as to why, the blood drives stopped, and then children started going missing. From 1998-2019 an unimaginable number of children have vanished without a trace. Yet are they ever found? No. They go on milk cartons so often its almost a meme unto itself, yet the authorities can find some random bank robber who robs an obscure mini-mart on the other side of the country within a week or two. Is it not strange, that murders are solved left and right, as are most other crimes, especially with todays surveillance and forensic sciences and recourses, yet over 50,000 children go missing every year and they just cant seem to find these. They use Amber Alert to make a public display of retrieving domestic dispute kidnappings or some random pervert to give the impression of trying. Coincidentally, the phenomena of so many children didn’t start happening, until after WW2 when Jews moved here in large numbers, pretty much claiming New York as their own. The Jews own the federal reserve, even though its in Rothschilds hands on paper. By abolishing the gold standard they can write their own check, and if they get caught they just scream bailout. This is an evil race of people. They have spent many years studying Europeans, moving from place to place as Gypsies, learning how to mimic our behavior, but the leopard cannot truly change its spots, only camouflage as it stalks its prey.

      I also wouldn’t be to quick to eat fast food, either. Some of the meat was tested a few years ago and it turned out to be human meat, and worse, young meat from a child. Some of you may remember when this news broke, and then went silent.

      “We drain the blood from your kids and watch them bleed out, as we drink our wine. We take what we need from them, and then we ground them up with the sausage and the hamburger to hide the bodies. You Goyim eat your children for breakfast, and you eat your children for lunch….And the ones that know and try to warn people get ignored because we did a great job brainwashing you. Our father is different from your father, and he says it aint no sin to kill the goyim if we need to for survival. Why do you think we Jews send our kids to private schools, and take away yours if you don’t send them to public schools. Sure, some of you Goys can afford tutors or private schools, but we are working on that. We are going to turn you all into half breed niggers. That’s the plan. Don’t feel bad about it, at least they dance good. You are finally going to get rhythm, but your going to get a lot dumber too. Animals should be mated to animals- Rabbi Abe Finklestien in an interview with the Late (and great, as he was a great man) Dr. James Wickstrom.

      I do what I can to sound the alarm. We all should. And if I had the means to, without getting myself offed, I would have someone test some of the meat at these fast food places, and get the word out somehow when you learn what I already know.

      God bless and protect you, and ALL our people in the age of the Beast…The Anti-Christ has a name, and that name is Jewry, brothers and sisters.

      • Red Pill says:

        they will rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral
        it will have a gold covered dome the to replace the spirals.
        Chrislam is a portmanteau of Christianity and Islam,
        they will become the one world religion
        the mother of harlots (Catholicism),
        and her slut daughters (Protestantism), will jump for joy.
        the dome of the rock, Islam’s most sacred site will be destroyed,
        and the “jewish” temple will be built on on that sacred site
        wanta talk about the shit hitting the fan?

        meanwhile i will just sit back, drink beer, and watch nigger ball
        on my Talmud Vision.
        what? me worry?

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    PRT’s stupid-ass public service genious comment of the day. Watching the morning jews and the story comes across about a dog attacked some kids in their back yard so they shot the dog in the head because they thought it might be rabid. I thought what a coincidence this is rabies prevention week for our animals and we have in fact a vet appointment today for 2 of our 3 cats. But since when they took the dog to test it to see if it indeed did have rabies the vet said cant test that now since you shot it in the head. All I can really attest to is a severe case of lead poisoning. My wife started bitching at me again and calling me an asshole again first thing in the morning that’s when I came up with one of my other totally genious ideas. Why don’t we just vaccinate niggers and niglets as soon as they are born? After all they are pretty much rabid animals anyway? But once the baby momma and baby daddy conceive a niglet by then it’s already too late. The niglets are born rabid. But we have to start somewhere, sometime ?. I know it’s going to take 6 generations to get these niggers back onto the forward path of civilized human evolution after all the damage done to them by everything is free welfare dependent great society programs. We know that already. They were kind of tagging along and learning advanced civilization stuff before we started giving them temporary (yeah right) welfare programs to lift them out of poverty. Now go visit a great society niggerhood any time day or night if you dare. Don’t take a sailfone or wallet or winter jacket or tennis shoes with you. Don’t even bother locking your car it will be allright it’s the great society. So anywho it’s going to take at least 6 generations of niggers just to get them back to where they were in the 1950’s. Another way to start is by making every nigger an intern on a real job like driving a forklift or wearing a toolbelt with actual tools on it. Look nigger don’t say anything or try to tell me how to do it just watch and learn. Some day you might not live in mud huts and have actual indoor plumbing and electricity and clean drinking water. Flint Michigan shout out to put niggers in charge shitty and see what happens in 10 years. Detroilet. Memphis. Newark, Camden… need I go on? Because I could.

  29. Red Pill says:

    they knew in advance the fire to come……….fire is the devil’s only friend.
    how convenient.

    (Reuters) – Some 90 percent of the priceless relics and art works housed within the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral were saved from Monday’s devastating fire as contingency plans to evacuate the treasures worked,


  30. J.R. says:

    Allen Black says: “Christ was born in Judea, but biologically he was a Nazarite. Nazarites can be traced to the Scythians, and the Scythians are who became the Teutonic people, later referred as Nordic…”

    Actually there’s no such thing as a “biological Nazarite”… a Nazarite was not the same as a Nazarene… the Nazarite (also spelt Nazirite) was an israeli person who’d taken the Nazarite’s vow…

    The JEW Jesus Christ was “called” a NAZARENE (note NOT a NAZARITE)… because the leaders of the jews who hated and wanted kill him had wanted to ridicule his claim to be Israel’s messiah by ignominiously associating him with the town of Nazareth in “Galilee of the nations” where he was BROUGHT UP and not Bethlehem in Judea where they knew he’d been BORN…

    Jesus Christ was not a Nazarene… he was a Jewish Bethlehemite of the tribe of Judah in Judea… the name “Jew” is from Judah and Judea…

    Jesus Christ was also NOT a Nazarite… the biblical “Nazarite” was a tribal Israeli (man or woman) from out of ANY ONE of the twelve tribes and from ANYWHERE in the land of Israel, who’d taken the biblical Nazarite vow, which included abstinence from eating grapes or drinking wine… Christ turned water into wine and drank wine and was condemned by the hypocritical Pharisees for coming to Israel in the name of the messiah “eating and drinking”…

    The biblical reference to Nazarites being “whiter than snow” probably references their Middle Eastern tribal Israeli olive skinned complexion that wasn’t flushed or reddened by drinking wine…

    The biblical protagonist Samson was a NAZARITE (also spelt Nazirite) … Samson had taken the biblical Nazarite vow… but note that he was NOT a Nazarene… Samson was a Danite… there’s no mention of Samson being born in the town of Nazareth…

    The JEW Jesus Christ never took the Nazarite vow and nor was he a Danite and nor was he a Nazarene… he was only “called” a Nazarene in a derogatory way… he wasn’t born in Nazareth… he was born a JEW in the land of Judea at Bethlehem… a Bethlehemite of the lion tribe of Judah… the tribe of Judah is associated with a lion in the Bible… “Judah is a lion’s whelp… etc” … thus fulfilling the biblical prophecies relating to the birth of the messiah at Bethlehem…

    The CI cultists are a den of lying vipers… they have a fake (white Norse/Caucasian) Christ who can’t save anyone from anything… Hitler found that out the hard way and Germany will never rise from the ashes of God’s wrath that fell upon it for his arrogant transgression and his hatred of the biblical JEWISH Jesus who was of course one of the three persons of the Trinity manifest in flesh and is now risen from dead at God’s right hand…

    the satanic CI cultists never go into the finer points of scripture … they use their crass superficial interpretation of it to deceive those not well versed in it.. one of the reasons why God chose the true Middle Eastern olive skinned tribal Israelis over against other people was because he loved them… why did God love the tribal israelis more than other nations?? well it was probably because he knew they appreciated the finer things of God…

    Look at the elaborate protocol that the tribal Israelis used in approach to the holy God in the tabernacle of Jehovah and temple of Solomon.. and look again at the HEBREW (note not Norse/Caucasian lol) scriptures that they wrote, that you swear on in a court of law and are the cornerstone and pillars of decent government… Jews are either very good when obedient to God or very evil when disobedient to him… and there is a difference between modern international JEWRY and the biblical NATION of jewish tribal Israelis… tribal israelis are definitely still around, because the Bible says they’ll convert en mass to Christ during the apocalypse and at the return of Christ to Jerusalem…

    • Allen Black says:

      “Her Nazarites were pure as snow, as white as milk” In Lamentations describes them as Biologically a certain way…

      And in the reference to Tiberius Caesar to Pontius Pilate, he says “Like ALL Nazarites, his hair and beard were golden, worn and tied back in the style of the Nazarites”
      Jews want you to believe that a Nazarite is a Jewish vow, just as they want you to believe he was a Jew. Its one of their oldest lies. A psi op.

      But the truth is in their actions, reactions, and visceral hatred of Christ and all things Christian.

      Your wrong. Your regurgitating the lies that came AFTER they infiltrated our Church. And I am sorry that this happened to you. I hope you find your way to the truth, brother.

      God bless.

    • Allen Black says:

      I should also note, that Jews wouldn’t have stayed homeless wanderers and given white Christians a fake religion that A) Kept them banned and kicked out of European nations and B) Made white nations the GREATEST nations on Earth with Christianity as a foundation. They attacked our faith and the Christian church FIRST along with spreading the lie that Christ was connected to THEM and a Jew. They know the enmity between them and the Adawm is strong, and through these lies, have caused the falling away. Yet WHO is it that they attack even now, while Christianity has all but fallen? Ask yourself why Christians are higher on terrorist DHS watchlists then even Islamic terrorists in many cases…..

    • J.R. says:

      You’re preaching to the choir all right… YOUR choir backed by a band of banjo-playing Hillbilly nitwits…

      • Red Pill says:

        J.R. your sounding like an over educated jew.
        and the jews hate God’s truth.
        as much as they do Isrealite truth
        because it exposes false claims of the jewish
        Edomites being Israel.

        for you to say this…. ” YOUR choir backed by a band
        of banjo-playing Hillbilly nitwits…”… shows how desperate
        you are to circumvent the biblical truth which you
        so despise.
        your education does not give you wisdom.

    • Daniel says:


      But Christ IS NEVER EVER ONCE MENTIONED HE IS/WAS A jew IN THE ENTIRE BIBLE>>don’t you find that a little nerving for jew believers?!>>>How ever, he was referred to be called by his followers and Disciples and even Pontius Pilate to be named as he WAS called JESUS OF NAZARETH>>> And the Nazarenes of Nazerath they are not jews, no matter how distorted your history or rewritten new bible versions is your sin fill choice.

      VERDICT- Christ-God would never belittle hid BEGOTTEN Son to carry the title born bread, and fed who died a jew>>>>HUMILIATINE AND EVEN OUTRIGHT CRAZY. Christ CAME TO COMPLETE JUDASIM>>>>THE REJECTION STOOD IN THAT WAY

      • J.R. says:


        He didn’t deny it, when the woman at the well asked: “How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.”


        And he implied it, when he said: “Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.”


      • Daniel says:


        John 4: 9 Does not imply Christ was/is a jew. The lady knew his disciples were jews he converted and trusted and walked with and talked with him and followed him constantly everywhere. Those jew disciples believed upon Christ as the saviour at the time. MOST OF THEM ANYWAYS, one or two had doubts/fence sitters. The lady thought Christ as a jew because of his jew companions that followed him and converted to Christ-ian and his will and reasoning for being on earth. She surely never called him Christ or God we know that

        VERDICT=As a US Marine I often hear people call me a “soldier” or just plain troop. In article after article, T.V Documentary after another I keep hearing soldiers when IT IS ACTUALLY THE US MARINES they are filming, or talking about, or even talking directly to one. Trust me on this, NO CURRENT, PAST, DEAD MARINE WANTS TO BE CALLED NO OTHER THAN HIS TITLE>>>For he has special duties and assignments and was made differently than any military personnel. Christ from Nazareth hearing the referencing him as jew had no bearing on him as a TRUE US MARINE MAN would correct them or even throw an apple at the T.V set. Christ was/is much more than a US MARINE about the title she addressed him because of the whole point of the reason why Christ was there in the first place was to ask the woman for water. THERE IS A PARABLE HERE TO UNLOCK.

        In the very next verse ( jews and atheist, and fence-sitters ALWAYS like to read one scripture line to prove a worthless point without following up on the verses above, or below, or the subject of the Bible story in question.

        John 9: 10 ” Jesus answered and said unto her if thou knewest the gift of God, and WHO IT IS THAT SAITH TO THEE, “GIVE ME A DRINK OF WATER”; thou wouldest have asked him, and he would have given thee living water.”

        In this Parable, Christ is saying in his own way that he is/was that he the CHRIST-GOD walking of the earth. He tells her that if she knew and SEEKS him as a CHRIST THE SAVIOUR MESSIAH ( NOT a a man jew) at that moment if she needed water she would have asked the ChristGod for water and believed in him the following verses 11,12,13 , 14, 15,16, 17, 18, 19″ verse-13…Jesus said unto her, whosoever drinketh the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst, but the water I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. VERSE 15….. The woman saith to him,( SIR not jew man ) give me THIS WATER ( you are talking about ) that I thirst NOT, neither come hither to draw. Verse 19…… The woman saith unto him ( Christ) SIR, I perceive that thou art a prophet( not a jew she thought ).

        So you see, the woman naming Christ a jew knowing his follower’s disciples IN CHRIST were jews has not one bearing on Jesus as being labelled jew other than he was making a PARABLE account with this woman. No other than my friend calling me a hero soldier who fought for victory. The humbleness is there, yet he just got the title wrong…….no harm done, but the feelings in his heart and mine never changed.

        CHRIST WAS/IS NOT A jew….not mentioned nowhere in the Bible. But it does say his from NAZARETH, AND AS A PROPHET, TEACHER, MANY TIMES

      • Allen Black says:

        You serve in the Marines? God bless you for your service brother. I was enlisted a long time ago, 82nd div. Stationed in Panama from 1990-92. Nice to know your a fellow soldier. Though knowing what I know now, it rips my heart out to know what our brothers and sisters have REALLY been dying for.

      • Red Pill says:

        Jesus of course was not an Esau-Edomite, and in fact NOT EVEN a Judean, but rather a Galalean. At the time of Jesus there were three population areas that together made up the ‘house of Israel: Judea, Galilee, and Perea. The Kingdom of Edom [Idumea] was immediately south of Judea. Galilee was north of Judea, and Perea was to the east of Judea. But the Romans at times would paint the word Judea with a wide brush to include the entire house of Israel. So when the Bible states that Jesus was the king of the Judeans, it really means king of the Israelites. Again, the Jews were Esau Edomites, a mutually exlusive group from the Isrealites. Israelites of course were descendants of Esau’s brother Jacob, who was renamed to Israel.

      • Allen Black says:

        Correct, brother.

        Glad to see another brother on here who is awake. Galalean people are where the root word “Gaelic” is taken from. Whats more, Christ spoke to the jew and told them that THIERS was a race of serpents and vipers. The bible says he could not walk in Judea for the Jew sought to kill him…

        If people would read the bible WITHOUT the lens of the Jew, they would have noticed a discrepancy. Jesus spoke to, and of other Israelites with Kindness and love, and spoke nothing but harsh about and too the Jew. The Israelites were OVERJOYED that their savior had come, and followed him…The Jew constantly confronted him and tried, and eventually did kill him…Israelites, INCLUDING the ancient house of Judah, and the Jews are NOT, and never HAVE been the same thing….The only thing they can point to deceive people, is that “King of the Jew” was nailed to his coffin, but this was a MOCKERY, as in “How dare this Goy claim to be our King” He was NO JEW. Every ancient record, letter, biblical source, ect. describes him has blonde and blue eyed. Jews are Asiatic, and only gain these features when they mix with Caucasians. And even then, their offspring go right back to Jew features.

        God bless, brothers.

  31. Allen Black says:

    Hey guys, check out the engineer with the ladder….PRICELESS!

    • Daniel says:


      I Served in the US ARMY on active duty as a/////13 B/ 11 B Infantry at Ft Sill OK from 1984-1987. I was with the 75th Brigade, 1/7th Battalion, Charlie Battery, second Platoon, second squad.

      I later DID JOIN the US. MARINES in 1989- 1993 as an open contract. I had to score higher on the ASVAB indoctrination and enter on an open contract. I accepted. I WANTED TO BE A MARINE EVEN IF THEY ASSIGNED ME TO INFANTRY OR KP AS MY MO.. I lucked out and got assigned to a fighter and training centre for f-18’S, HARRIERS, and other fighter units as an Aircraft refueler and DE-fueler. I was with the 3rd Marine Airwing, 373 Marine wing support Squadron at El’ Toro CA for four years. I was a lifer before the Persian Gulf war drained me. A year into my enlistment who would have known a major war would have come up. But anyways I was sent to the Gulf war as an AIRCRAFT refueler.

      Ensued other career paths after my enlistment and then a long waited a while and joined up with a Local National Guard Unit in 2009 and they were deployable to Kabul Afganistan as part of the Obama initiated 30,000 US Troop Serge /push into Afganistan.

      Did one tour in Afganistan came back home and left the National Guards and Military Forever. I’m current disabled Veteran. Married, two older kids but still can walk, talk and have all my limbs…..And I m a TRUE AWAOKE SERVENT OF CHRIST-GOD.

      And you are WELCOME for your appreciation…..was proud to serve my fellow man and Country founded on Christianity.

  32. Daniel says:

    Correction on tow great links must be viewed and passed to white people and fast

    Correct links are as follows;
    http://www.roytaylorminisries.com/am00074.htm THE REAL HARDCORE TRUTH NOW DAYS END TIMES EVENTS…….Must view and pass
    http://www.newnation.org/NNN-Black-on-White.html >> These niggers are on their mission from their father/leader to kill, maim, and destruct the Adamic white people’s lives, religion, they hate us because they know we are the descendants of Christ-God

    • Allen Black says:


      Thanks for the links, brother. I also wrote an article and donated it to Pastor Dewey. I took my time on his sight, and I am sure he is legit. Thanks for pointing me to him, and these links. Your a blessing to our people.

      God bless, brother.

  33. Daniel says:

    Another correction sorry>>>this is the most important site. Here it is for real this time I keep spelling the wrong link. BUT THIS ONE VALID.
    http://www.roytalorministries.com/am00074.htm >>>> Great reference to end times and whats about to go down@!

    • Allen Black says:

      I want to give JR the benefit of the doubt and assume he is just misled, and not maliciously being misleading. But when people try to boast themselves by pointing to their education, while insulting fellow white people as “Banjo playing hillbillies” the Jewdar starts beeping. As that is something a Jew would say, and not a brother nationalist.

      I know what I know, and I am sorry if that conflicts with what you know, but neither did I insult. I don’t insult my people, they are going through enough. If you have aggression to dispense with, there are plenty of negro forums where you can express your anger, such as snapchat or one of the many “Black Hebrew” websites. But when you attack your own, then I have to assume they are NOT your own.

      Also, you know nothing about me, nor my background, or educational status. These things to me are irrelevant anyways, as the truth is the truth if it comes from a pauper or a king… And I have met many an intellectual in my life, and of them the best of them didn’t need to boast their degrees, nor put down on others and call them “Hillbillies” to achieve some sort of arrogant validation. That’s something a Jew would do, as Red Pill so wisely pointed out.

      I hope my first assumption is correct, and that your only misguided.

      God bless.

  34. werewolf says:

    Where is the video of the Mohamedan running along tbe Notre Dame wall after the fires were set? Has Youtube, Google etc. censored it? I do still have it on facebook.

  35. S O G says:

    mahammedian, jedean, liberal protestant ,liberal jewish catholic preist …
    christ means other than “his” name …you dont know his name …who needs a name when you are the son of god ..or god ..still god ..worrying about where he came from and other stuff doesnt get you there ….
    since incog site has thurned to christian identity blog forum lets give it a holler ..
    i think the son was not half god but 100% god in the flesh …so where he was from or what town he came from who cares ..
    it is odd that nazareth is the only ancient town they cannot find any evidence of ..
    theories are not facts ..there are many theories who the original israelites were ..i couldnt fuxcking care less …it isnt helpful or relevant today …arguing endlessly over tid bits of doctrine like old haggard kikes argued about the idiosincrasies of true hebrew and what was what ….the hebrew they speak today is a yiffifeid version …means they user the yiddisch alphabet to build structure into the language ..it isnt true hebrew ….true hebre has been extinct for since 800 bc ..
    remember they spoke aramaic in new testament jerusalem …
    one of the ancient dialects of irish gaeliic was ancient hebrew ….phonecians spake hebrew also …which ones …i think it was joe and bob and catthy and chatty …all good ol souls …
    if the hmmm correction ..the shitkikery of france burned the hunchback cheurch down and just dont want anyone to know the did it …incog sez a dozen moer churches are smoking ruins now to ….\
    bolshevik kikes jews burnt and demolished 20,000 churches in the jewssr aka ussr ..
    wickepedia says no jews were ever bolsheviks ….i shat you not ..
    rememembre the asshole lunatic kikes burnt down the christian church of the nativity in israel a few yaars ago …
    alan yu forgot the chinese chink kikes….kikes wendt there way to china whe it was a savage nation of yelow toothed morons 2000 years ago …they have owned and operated china for millenias …the chins kikes look just like chinks …go figure …toss a little mongol and neanderthal and niggeroik in there and you got you a real jew ..official and legitamate …just kidding ..
    its why they chose mau ste toongue or just plain chairman mao…
    he was considered (seriously) to be a cultural chinese jew ..a jew …they chise his ass opver the other chin tyrant wussisfuckinname chiang kai check …is that chiness for give me the check please …hell mao name prbably means could you pay the check for me ….mao a jew …sheeeeeeyit …
    chiang boy was a brutal asshole anyway as well ..he brutalized the population of formosa whos people hated the fucking chinese ..formosa is now taiwon ..and they have had their struggles with the chinese mainland to say the least …
    chinks just call the jews most likely master but its more they just call them the old people …the jews running china now look white …and mao did genocide hundreds of millions of chins ….very jewish behaviour …
    why do i give a fuck about notre dame …look what the kike rats did to germany ww1 and ww2 and russia 1918 on …america spain italy france …communism has been on the move ..latvia romania baltic ireland scotland …divisions based on religion in ireland cathos and prots …bosnia crats and serbs are brothrs with racial dna monlithic racial profiles ….same fuckin people just divided by religion ..in theat game it was the shit stain albanians who are infamous for criminal insanity who are moslty largely a muslim group …or race …wtf ever ..
    the fucking shitstain muzzzzlimmz burn shit all the time in france and else whaere …think iots time that a bounty was put on all muslim heads hmm except for maybe some of ther more beutiful women …oh my goodness did i say that …
    i feel that musloons and jews are the same fucking mixed excrement mongrels who are just divided by religion or maybe we are supposed to believe they are divided …
    in vietNam they ahve a religion called cowdai or some such ..it is a combination of many different doctrinal systems from around the world ….like bits and pieces of theis and that religion …india suffered thousands of genocidal murders by criminally insane muslims ..by the way crimiannly insane /muslim is an oxyMoron …they sufferd the murders of tens of thaosnads of hindus and bhudd smokers and boodists by muslim hoardes roaming around doin the mohhammed religion of machine gun peace …a kinder gentler machine gun hand …may be they even used suppressors silencers when they murdered people so they wouldnt scare people …kinda a self defeating action ..ok oh well ….so this happened fr years all prior to 1953 ….which is when instead of exterminating the mozzzees the indian govt. partitioned a state for them and called it pakistan …..yes people pakistains are eastern indian filthy muslim trash …
    more religious extremism and genocides caused by religions …
    the hutus and tutsi’s in ape-frica were just slaughtered by madelaine albrights mercanary ad hoc joint nigger operation of useless niggers from other african shitholes with un pronounceble names ….hutus and tutsi got along well aqnd were christian …this was more like a communist jew genocide against te jungle morlox ..
    only 670,000 dead …
    i really dont give a fuck about africa one way or the other …once upon a time 1.5 million white slaves were brought to north africa for purposes of slave trade and slave labor ….im thinking prior to 1000 ad …it was shortly after these years that the muslims with the help of north african muslims wiped out 5 million berber and white christians rond 11-12 hundred ad ….then as we know the scum bags scurried acrosss europe and killed 9 million whites and christians ….but liberals call it a religion of peace …the resaon they give vlad tepesh draculya such a hard time in the kike revision history books and make derogatory movies based on him and vampires is cus he impaled one day in romania around 35,000 muslims …..thats where they frive a long stake up yer ass and out your mouth ..lol …he save romania from the jews satanic foot soldiers ….i like vlad ..i feel that he has been unfairly maligned and defamed …his decendants should sue what ever jews are responsible and seek reparations …its the jewish way …ok ,im donr for now …lol …life seems to be a joke lately and the punchline is becoming ever so much clearer …
    learn about proton mail …it auto encrypts between 2 people who each have it ..
    you can go even more craxzy …get pgp 4win or suite for apple and exchenge publik kees …you write a mesage then encrypt it using the recipients publik key the you cut and paste the shit into te ptoton compose email area for mesaages ….the it is sent dbl encrypted …
    te person on the other end uses his keys to unencrypt ..
    word of wisdom …use a lot of jibbersh words in between real words …use other spellings and exagerated phonetical spelling or hell use ebonix and no one will be able to figure what why or how thet shit means anything …lol..
    RSA blocks …nsa cant decipher pgp especially dbl crypted and the uise of abfuscating spellings and blocks of jibberish ….fun shit right …nsa was building the data hub facility to monitor all life on earth in a facility in utah but it kept having problems with fires and shit …good ..our govt is not our govt ..this a conquered nation ..the united states isnt a country because a country has no states in side of it …..each state in america should secceede immediately ….washington dc is a place that should not exist in a free country …they want the guns ..idiots like booker and the nasty slut harris ..that black hole picture is probably an ass hot on a fax machiune of harrises skanky asshole ….
    all these politicians do and i mean all they do everyday is figure how to ignore the constitution and the bill of rights ….rights …they need to be taught what rights mean ..how much money do these assholes earn and then tney get a pension for life of way over 100,000 $$$ such a deeeeeeeal per year for life …what a bunch of shit …there should not be any pensions off the political service …these assholes are all rich already .

  36. Matt says:

    NTS said he thinks the Jews did Notre Dame.

    The Jews did 911, but I don’t believe they directly did Notre Dame.

    The kikes are behind the black and brown invasion of all white lands, and they’re being brought here for the sole purpose of carrying out the Jew’s plan of destroying white people, and Christian society.

    Don’t be deceived, it’s biological warfare, and the Muslims are doing what the Jews brought them here to do. As time goes by, Muslim numbers will increase, and the dark ages will come over all white lands. They’ll grab your guns, and they’ll outlaw any speech in your defense, with harsh punishment, until you’re left an enslaved crumbled heap, of a once great and noble people.

    And it’ll all be done by deception and support from our own deceived people.
    At a time when there should be a call to arms, to halt the invasion, and turn the course, to issue an edict of expulsion for the Jews, our streets, and halls of congress are silent. While the wolves are leading the blind, shepardless sheep to the slaughter.
    Our people witlessly follow and support this great Prostitute, who will be drunk with their blood.

    Proverbs 7:22-23,

    22 he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter,
    like a deer stepping into a noose

    23 till an arrow pierces his liver,
    like a bird darting into a snare,
    little knowing it will cost him his life.

  37. Joe Btfsplk says:


    Cover: Stone medallion depicting the purported martyrdom of
    Simonino di Trento, Palazzo Salvatori, Trent.
    Inscription on the medallion: “In the interior recesses of this building,
    where a synagogue once stood, but where a shrine has now been built,
    the blessed martyr Little Simon of Trent was killed with horrible
    tortures, in the dead of night, by the Jews, at the age of twenty-nine
    months, on the 10th of April 1475 of our era.”


    The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder

    by Ariel Toaff

    Translated by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti.
    Published by Lucchese-Gianetti Editori LLC.

    2016 revised edition.
    (c) 2007 by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti.
    Formal abandonment of copyright: December 24, 2014.
    Revised. Please use this version.
    Last revision: August 1, 2016.
    Annuls and replaces all previous versions.


    The following translation was performed free of charge to protest an
    injustice: the destruction by the ADL of Ariel Toaff’s Blood Passover
    on Jewish ritual murder. The author is the son of the Chief Rabbi of
    Rome, and a professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval History at
    Bar-Ilan University in Israel, just outside Tel Aviv.
    Dr. Toaff is uniquely qualified to write this book, being thoroughly
    familiar with the derivative literature in English, French, German and
    Italian, as well as the original documentary sources in Latin, Medieval
    Italian, Hebrew and Yiddish. This is not something he worked on in
    secret. On the contrary, he worked on it openly with his university
    students and colleagues in Israel for several years; one of his students
    was even going to publish a paper on the subject. The author is
    extremely careful about what he says, and his conclusions must be
    taken seriously. It reads like a detective story.
    If it had been published in Israel, in Hebrew, no one would have
    cared. There are large bodies of literature in Hebrew that Jews do not
    wish Gentiles to know about. But Dr. Toaff’s announcement of its
    publication in Italy, in Italian, raised a worldwide firestorm of fury.
    Under unbearable pressure, the book was withdrawn from publication.

    Come in out of the darkness, and strike a blow for the light.


  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    April 19th is just a bad day in history. I warned you all about April in general the jews are going to do something to fuck with Christians. Burn down Waco. sink a ship who knows but it WILL be something. Just so happens this year april 19th falls on good Friday again. Hitler born hitler dies .. look deeper into it my wife goes to church every day this week. I love you woman please don’t leave this house I say in my head the jews are trying to kill you. But I will not infringe on her right to her Catholic devotion religion either. I truly do believe in Jesus Christ and holy divinity and it was a God that created the universe not some jews telling me about a big bang and black donut holes lost in space stuff which either side can either prove nor disprove. , At my age I will find out soon enough but for now I choose to believe in God and not some big ass bang quantom theory.

  39. Daniel says:

    http://www.deweytucker.com …go to his videos……..AMAZING BGUY

  40. Red Pill says:

    The Shot Heard ‘Round the World: Lessons for today from Lexington and Concord

  41. S O G says:

    theory aint proof …when you face with severraL THEories fo you say best one out of 3 ..
    too many people on here claming aBSOLUTE fucking nowledgew of shit thT IS absolutely irrellevant to the charter of this site …
    i dont read allen black
    or jr
    or daniel
    or w2hoever else leaves fuckinh 5o gigs of over educated pompous opinioanted theorem.
    the truth of history buried in history ..
    lost to antiquity and ignominy ..
    the alledged worthless so called kingdom of isreal was a shit eating vassal and venal parasitic nation of not far removed from neanderthsalic morons …
    there was technically alledgedly 14 tribes when you get donr with the 2 that were fired and the 2 that replaced them …big fucking deal …i can count ..
    yes france like britanistan is showing all the symptoms and side effects of being a conquered zio zog and nog and wog suopremecy ..
    white english people are doomed to die or pick up any thing and start exterminating any thing on te oppressor list ..
    political correctness for who ..twisted hypocritical double standardized thinking …
    whites are always wrong in this narrative ..
    just hopped over from newnation.org …..
    the niggers are really becoming impossible to predict as they randomly just approach the nearest white and open fire but thats ok cus its allowed under political correct marxist narrative …defending your self even well especcially in britain is against the law …if you defend your home and family from a woerthless shitstain nigger home invader you can be prosecuted and there has been those cases ….
    wtf happened to the archives here ….very strange indeed

  42. Alvinville says:

    This is the first I’ve heard that 12 other churches were set on fire. This is one reason why I read this blog. I won’t get the complete story from other sources.

  43. This is a watermark event that will stick in the minds of Western people for the rest of their lives to one degree or another, as will the reactions by “the Pope,” “the News,” and the “Muslim community.” When a Syrian boy “drowns” or a Mexican criminal “family” gets separated it’s supposed to be a calamity for which we should realign all our civilizational prerogatives but when one of our iconic cultural and civilizational treasures gets burned up, they treat it’s near the bottom of the list of all concerns. This one’s going to fester. This one’s going to burn. It will only be resolved by violent justice that’s going to ignite as fast as the fire at Notre Dame.

  44. cole nidre says:

    yeah, the kikes did it, same with the other church fires and desecrations
    in france. one of the most chosen tricks of the blood ritualers is to
    smear excrement on the property of their victims. done it for
    millenia in palestine. they’re now banned in many hotels in brazil
    and india for the same reason. BRIC’s and christ the redeemer

    let’s not forget a belated happy birthday to the chancellor. he
    had the most contemptible perps figured to a tee.

    the only “intelligence” kikes have they stole from aryan genes,
    (check out their bullshit bible). they put that to bad use due to
    their 126 inbred defective genes. they’re no damn good.
    it’s a scientific fact.

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