Hidden FBI Tapes Reveal MLK was a HUGE Dirtbag

Claim: Martin Luther King Jr. Watched and Laughed as His Pastor Friend Raped a Parishioner


I don’t know how anyone could be surprised by any revelations about Martin Luther King Jr. We know that he was a plagiarist, and I think that is pretty much the worst thing that anyone can ever be. He was also a communist, which is pretty bad. And he pretended to be a Christian while having nonstop affairs and doing drug-fueled orgies with white hookers.

So I mean. Does anyone have a hard time believing he laughed while one of his parishioners was raped in front of him by a fellow pastor?

Daily Mail:

Secret FBI tapes that accuse Martin Luther King Jr of having extramarital affairs with ’40 to 45 women’ and even claim he ‘looked on and laughed’ as a pastor friend raped a parishioner exist, an author has claimed. 

The civil rights hero was also heard allegedly joking he was the founder of the ‘International Association for the Advancement of P***y-Eaters’ on an agency recording that was obtained by bugging his room, according to the sensational claims made by biographer David Garrow – a Pullitzer prize-winning author and biographer of MLK.

Writing in British magazine Standpoint, Garrow says that the shocking files could lead to a ‘painful historical reckoning’ for the man who is celebrated across the world for his campaign against racial injustice.

Along with many US civil rights figures, King was subject to an FBI campaign of surveillance ordered by Director J Edgar Hoover in an effort to undermine his power amid fears he could have links to the Communist Party.

The FBI surveillance tapes detailing his indiscretions are being held in a vault at the U.S. National Archives and are not due for release until 2027.

But David Garrow, a biographer of King who won a Pulitzer Prize for his 1987 book Bearing the Cross about the Baptist minister, has unearthed the FBI summaries of the various incidents.

In an article to be published in Standpoint, Garrow tells how the FBI planted transmitters in two lamps in hotel rooms booked by King in January 1964, according to The Sunday Times.

The recording from the Willard Hotel near the White House shows how King was accompanied his friend Logan Kearse, the pastor of Baltimore’s Cornerstone Baptist church who died in 1991, along with several female parishioners of his church.

In King’s hotel room, the files claim they then ‘discussed which women among the parishioners would be suitable for natural and unnatural sex acts’.

The FBI document says: ‘When one of the women protested that she did not approve, the Baptist minister immediately and forcefully raped her’ as King watched.

He is alleged to have ‘looked on, laugh and offered advice’ during the encounter. 

FBI agents were in the room next door but did not intervene.

The following day, King and a dozen others allegedly participated in a ‘sex orgy’ engaging in ‘acts of degeneracy and depravity’.

When one woman showed reluctance, King was allegedly heard saying that performing the act ‘would help your soul’.

Senior FBI officials later sent King a copy of the incriminating tape and called him an ‘evil abnormal beast’ and his sexual exploits would be ‘on record for all time’.

The letter also suggested he should commit suicide before his wrongs were revealed to the world.

King’s philandering has long been suspected, however Garrow, who spent several months digging through the archive material, said he had no idea of the scale or the ugliness of it and his apparent indifference to rape until he saw the files.

He said: ‘It poses so fundamental a challenge to his historical stature as to require the most complete and extensive historical review possible.’

Among the revelations is a claim by a prostitute who said she was involved in a threesome with King, which she described as the worst orgy she had ever experienced.




It was really not a great idea to make this guy the hero of the left. He has been sainted and they’ve dealt with the plagiarism by simply saying “we don’t care.” His doctorate was never revoked, making him I believe the only person in all of American history to have been caught plagiarizing a dissertation and be allowed to keep his doctorate.

They said the same thing about the affairs – they just don’t matter. And of course they didn’t care about the communism, because they like communism.

But raping women and claiming that it helps them get closer to God – that’s a hard thing to make jive with liberal sainthood. Of course, they can just claim this author is lying – but I assume they all know he isn’t, and they are just going to have to deal with it in 2027 when the documents are released.

But I suppose their thinking is that by 2027, the USA will be so completely destroyed that no one will be thinking about anything like that.

Could be, could be.

INCOG NOTES: AG Bobby Kennedy brought the FBI tapes over to his brother, JFK, in the White House to listen to. JFK later played them for his socialite wife, Jackie, shocking the poor woman. She told friends “that man is terrible.” Of course, her husband was no choir boy, himself. He had cheap affairs with Hollywood bimbos like Marilyn Monroe, but no street prostitutes or taking part in a rape. Billy Bob Clinton METOOED a few broads, though, maybe even some underage chicks aboard billionaire Jew pedo Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” along with his good buddy, Alan Dershowitz — big Zionist Israel-Firster and “legal expert” once on FOX news all the time (like Hannity). Funny how “the Dersh” has curiously gone missing from TV recently.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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64 Responses to Hidden FBI Tapes Reveal MLK was a HUGE Dirtbag

  1. Daniel says:


    • Allen Black says:

      Its more upside down then many realize, brother.

      Niggers have lower stress then whites.
      They have a lower suicide level then whites.
      They get better opportunities due to affirmative action, then whites…
      They constantly force themselves into white spaces.
      Whites do their best to flee black spaces.

      Things are really backwards, just as the word of God said the age of the beast would be.

      Isaiah 29:16 You turn things upside down, as if the potter were thought to be like the clay!

      • Daniel says:


        You forgot ( About the niggers )

        they rape us constantly,
        they assault, beat, rob our elderly constantly
        they murder/kill us constantly
        they home invade us constantly
        they are covetous over our property ( Breaking ten commandment ) then steal constantly
        they VEX and complan and point fingers vconstantly
        they blame the white man over their crimes, ugliness, and low IQ.
        they carjack us constantly.


  2. Arctic Circle says:

    Angela Merkel warns against rising anti-white sentiment in Europe and U.S.

    What can be done about it?

  3. Arctic Circle says:

    We should be working tirelessly to advertise incogman.net. No blog, no chat, no website that permits comments should be left untouched, the name incogman.net must be visible everywhere.

    The Judeo-Niggerian forces of evil have numerous main stream media places to spew their lies. While many of us, poor white people have no place to speak the truth. That is the reason we assembled around the last white fortress – incogman.net.

    But there are many more. Maybe millions more of the white people who think white and are in black pain, but do not know where to go to speak the truth. This people are suffering alone. We can help.

    I am asking every one today to spread the word grassroots. Or just print the website name and then spread the flyers in public places. Public must be well informed and given a chance to speak the truth with us, here, at incogman.net. This much we can do legally.

    Good luck white friends and make every flyer count!

    • Allen Black says:

      Been doing just that, brother. Yes, we should get this website around to as many people as possible! I have been spreading it on Jewtube comments a lot, but I get shadowbanned a lot as well, so we need MORE people sharing links to this sight. As many as we can.

      Stay strong, and God bless!

  4. Arctic Circle says:

    In every branch of state, local, and federal government the same phrase is repeated again and again by some strange looking dark people: The reign of the middle-aged white man is over! Louder and louder their bloodthirsty whispers each day!

    The aggressive mutants are working tirelessly to destroy America, to destroy Whitness, to destroy the Christianity and Truth.

    God may save us and America.

  5. This is the first time that I’ve seen this particular photo of Koon. The resemblance to Emmitt Till is fooking REMARKABLE, right down to the hunched shoulders.

  6. Cobraman says:

    So in 2027 we can start removing MLK statues and rename roadways named MLK? Let’s put January 01, 2027 on our calendars to remind ourselves of this!!!

  7. Nationalist says:

    Even if MLK was everything liberals make him out to be one good Black man wouldn’t make up for Negro behavior which is harmful to Whites. King couldn’t get other Black people to do anything positive but he did manage to brainwash large numbers of Whites into thinking Blacks were okay despite massive crime and other numerous problems with this failed race. It’s all hype and public relations with Negros while they continue to drain our finances and kill off our people. I wish more Whites would get it, we gain nothing from liberal politics.

  8. Stevie says:

    Where would these blacks be without the white world? They would be throwing spears at wild game, dancing around a fire with giant plates in their lips and bones through their gorilla nostrils. Bringing the blacks over here was the absolute worst thing to do. Empirical data along with hundreds of years of observation reveals these blacks do not belong in alien societies. The contributions of the blacks in our society has been rapes, murders, theft, financial drain on our resources, and their debased culture.

    I hate the fact that he was named after the great white Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther who wrote the most excellent book “On the Jew’s and Their Lies.” Nowadays you can hardly find people who know who that great reformer was, and instead when the name is mentioned they think of this coon MLK. It’s not surprising in the least to discover MLK’s debauchery, as the crime statistics already reveal these niggers to be rapists by nature.

    The world is backwards and upside down. They have to hide these things in FBI files, but we already know. It is a CRIME against humanity for jews to shove these niggers in our faces everyday and I’m sick and tired of it. I really appreciate your website Incogman. This is one of the few places on earth where I don’t feel alienated. This is one of the few places where one can discover those things the jews have hidden from us and the history books. MLK was a piece of crap in my book.

  9. Red Pill says:

    Space Spook Presents
    Racey Cross


  10. J.R. says:

    MLK wasn’t a true born again Christian… he was a liberal minded Black Liberation theology preacher.. probably with a demonic spirit that enabled him to speak to the truth but not for the truth and around the truth with such guile that it deceived the masses…

    Anyone who uses the clerical title of “Reverend” doesn’t have God’s real interests in mind… it’s actually sacrilege to use that name, because the Bible says “holy and reverend is GOD’S name”…

    King jr never said he believed in the biblical virgin birth and the divinity and bodily resurrection of Christ…

    Leftist jews were behind him all the way to his “Moses on Sinai mountain-top speech” from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, just as they were with Robespierre all the way to the man-made mountain on Champ de Mars to celebrate the cult of the Supreme Being after instigating the French Revolution..

    “he [MLK] preached a form of Christianity that was reworked to apply to physical freedom of the slaves. The central theme of his Christianity was not Jesus Christ, the son of God coming to earth, it was the deliverance of the Israel from their slavery in Egypt. In his famous “mountaintop” speech, when he was listing the seminal events of history, he mentioned the Exodus, not Christ’s death and resurrection…”


    MLK effectively preached a new liberal ‘cult of the Supreme Being’… i.e., the liberal black man as the new ‘supreme being’, in what was once decent White Christian America…

    “The Cult of the Supreme Being was a form of deism established in France by Maximilien Robespierre during the French Revolution. It was intended to become the state religion of the new French Republic and a replacement for Roman Catholicism and its rival, the Cult of Reason…

    “To inaugurate the new state religion, Robespierre declared that 20 Prairial Year II (8 June 1794) would be the first day of national celebration of the Supreme Being, and future republican holidays were to be held every tenth day—the days of rest (décadi) in the new French Republican Calendar… [c.f., the jews set up MLK Day in America for similar reasons]…

    “Every locality was mandated to hold a commemorative event, but the event in Paris was designed on a massive scale. The festival was organized by the artist Jacques-Louis David and took place around a man-made mountain on the Champ de Mars. Robespierre assumed full leadership of the event, forcefully—and, to many, ostentatiously—declaring the truth and “social utility” of his new religion…


    Compare that with this…

    “Delivered to over 250,000 civil rights supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., the MLK speech was a defining moment of the civil rights movement and among the most iconic speeches in American history…”

    • Allen Black says:

      Your absolutely correct, JR. He was a scumbag. A while back, Alternative Hypothesis did a documentary exposing both MLK, and the lies used to guilt white people concerning the truth about negro’s and their so-called oppression claims. But because of Algorythms hiding such videos, it never got the attention it should have, and that’s sad because I think it would wake up a lot of people to the lies concerning the treatment of blacks in America.

      Here it is. I highly recommend it, as it has ALOT of talking points that should be brought up to crush not only their whining about being oppressed, but also crushes their claims to have a right to white spaces.


      Unfortunately, the guy who produced it is an atheist, and was formerly Christian, so I don’t agree with everything he says, but in THIS instance, I think his take-down of negro claims of oppression, and the “Sainting” of a typical dindu asking for gibs and bitchin bout whitey while demanding access to white spaces, was done brilliantly and is a must watch!

  11. Arctic Cirlce says:

    There are many people who do not wish us well… They are dirty MLKs, curly-haired rabbis, white-nigger-lovers, corrupt policy makers, jewish bankers, foreign military, etc. The worst among them are the people who benefit from those on this list. They are the rich people. The bad rich people are behind the intoxicating policy of diversity superimposed on white families in Europe and U.S. Bad bad bad rich people …. I wish they would drop dead. But they wont. They will successfully continue pressing their deadly judeo-niggerization of whites till we drop all drop dead.

    It was never that bad: you merely open up your mouth specking positively about German experience earned in the WWII and you are gone from the school, job. It is now even more dangerous to positively discuss National Socialism than Marxism. You choose your battle.

    What options are available to the people who disagree with how niggersation is executed in America? Straaaaaaaaange shite …

  12. Matt says:

    It’s all really simple, if people would just follow what God said.

    God will say something one time, and Satan will continually repeat a lie enough times, until the simple not only believe the lie but, but defend it.

    Satan comes along and says, “did God really say that”? People in their humanistic thinking, somehow out reason God’s word with the help of Satan, and then live in a world of hurt, caused by their not following God’s order.

    God decreed the black man is to be the “lowest of slaves”, yet (((Satan))) will tell you, you’re an evil racist, filed with hate if you follow God’s order. Satan will tell you to love yourself and your own opinion above God’s decrees, when the bible tells us to love God above everything. If you love God, you keep his commands or decrees.

    The Jew’s desire is that all white people would interbreed with the cursed, and take the curse of the black man upon their linage, and voluntarily become the lowest of slave.

    For those who need continuous repetition to support their beliefs, won’t find it in God’s word.

    Genesis 9:24,

    “Cursed be Canaan!
    The lowest of slaves
    will he be to his brothers.”

    • Allen Black says:

      WELL SAID MATT!!! (And Daniel as well)!

      Here is a verse that describes the negro, as the beasts of the field…

      2 Peter 2:12-14
      But these brute beasts speak evil of things they understand not.They are like unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like animals they too will perish in their own corruptions. 13They will be paid back with harm for the harm they have done. Their idea of pleasure is to riot, even in in the daylight. They are blots and blemishes on the land, sporting themselves with their own deceiving’s, while they feast with you. 14With eyes full of adultery, they never stop sinning; they seduce the unstable;In heart they have exercised with covetous practices. they are experts in greed and worshippers of wealth- they are an accursed brood!

      If anyone doubts that this is referring to the negro as the violent beasts of the field with 2 hands, I can break it down like this in case any of you need help waking up a fellow Christian to the TRUTH of the beast of the field. And did you know they even have different oral bacteria then other races? They are a pre Adamic animal left over from Lucifers’ rule of the earth, before he fell from grace. In fact, they may have more to do with Lucifers’ fall then we know of…Anyways, this will take a bit to lay out for you guys, I hope you find it insightful and even useful in the future…God bless you all, brothers and sisters of light.

      1) Speak evil of the things they understand not.
      Have you ever heard the self proclaimed “Black Israelites” screeching on street corners? There is literally a video on YouTube (Mr. Metakors video “We wuz Kangz”) where a group of black he-bro-Israelnots are screaming at white and Asian women that Christ is coming to hold them down while they brutally rape them…Yes, I had to rewind and make sure I heard that right…Top THAT off with the ones in churches from here to South Africa, Australia and beyond, where niggers are spitting on women and even having sex with children to cure aids, in the name of their “Christianity”.

      2) Like animals, they DO perish in corruption of their own making. Between butchering each other for a 10 dollar rock, to starving to death, niggers were just about to go extinct when compassionate whites, misguided by the lies of the infiltrated Church (Judea Christian. Judaism is the eternal enemy of true Christianity. So seeing those names together should have been a red flag!) stepped in and saved them from their own famines and diseases. Jews didn’t want to see such an effective weapon as these pre-Adamic peoples left over from Satan’s governorship, die out.

      3) Riot in the daytime.
      ALL races do riot, its true…But note the way that is worded. “They take PLEASURE” in rioting, even in the daytime. When whites, or Asians, or any other race riots, its ALWAYS in anger, and it is never about stealing. Ever seen a black riot? I have. And they are grinning ear to ear as they bust windows and grab TVs, attacking whatever, stealing whatever, raping whatever, all while cackling with glee. This isn’t bias, its fact that anyone can look up in any black riot video.

      4) Blots and Blemishes.
      Just drive through ANY nigger infested town. They are ALL blots and blemishes.

      5) Sporting themselves with their own deceiving’s while they feast with you.
      If your ever convincing someone of this, THIS ONE is a huge prophetic give away that the nigger ARE the beast of the field. In old terminology, “Feast with you” is a phrase that can mean someone enjoys the fruits of your wealth and community. Niggers DO sport themselves with their own deceiving’s (They claim they built civilization and the pyramids, they claim they are oppressed when they are not, even in the past slavery was BETTER then the life they had in Africa. They are like spoiled children, making up lies to blame others for their own decadent and degenerate natural state of being).

      6) Eyes full of adultery
      NO ONE is as over sexualized as the negro. They are lust made flesh.

      10) Cannot cease from sin
      Look at the crime stats…EVEN when they are wealthy and well off, its a time bomb before one of them hacks up his wife, or shoots up a homey.

      11) In heart they have covetous practices.
      Negros even in the Jim Crow era lived like KINGS compared to the rest of the world, but it wasn’t good enough, because they weren’t doing as good as whites, and so they, with the help of the jew, forced themselves into white spaces. You don’t force yourself to go TOO your oppressors, you flee AWAY from oppressors. The civil rights movement had NOTHING to do with freedom, it was simply one free group, forcing itself onto another free group that they coveted. Ask a nigger ANY controversial question and they will IMMEDIATELY compare to the white man, EVEN in Africa where the laughable African air force say they will one day fly like the white man…They do this because their whole outlook is based on covetous nature. They covet white success…They covet white attractiveness compared to their own…They covet white women, hell they even covet white peoples HAIR.

      12) Experts in greed, worshippers of wealth
      Niggers wear dollar signs and take selfies waving around their jewish made green paper God. Need anyone say more to show that this IS speaking of the negro?

      The bible says any man or woman who LIES with a beast, then that person, and the beast, should be killed. This isn’t talking about regular animals (As there aren’t a bunch of white people running around screwing animals except for half jew freaks). God says kill the person AND the beast. Why punish a beast that was a helpless victim? Because this wasn’t a warning of beastiality…It was a warning of lying with niggers!!! Its a death sentence, and may be a spiritual death sentence from the tone of it!

      You can tell by the wording, that this is a beast that KNOWS right from wrong.,..It could only mean the negro!

      Leviticus 20:15
      And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. 16 And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

      I pray some of you found these notes insightful and useful (or future useful in warning more of our people).

      God bless and protect you ALL!

      • Red Pill says:

        The United States of America and Great Britain are God’s Israel. To say “Americans are Israel” doesn’t mean Americans are Jewish. It’s a Christian nation, made up of the descendants of Jacob-Israel, who are part of the 10 lost “forgotten” tribes of Israel.

        Matt. 21:43 Therefore say I unto you, The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof (the “10 lost tribes” – the “House of Israel”).


      • Allen Black says:

        Yep, you got that 110% right, Red Pill. Remember this write up I did I spread around when I can?

        It is no secret, that Jews and the Ruling elite, as well as most minorities, HATE, and I mean really hate to the point of Genocide, white people.

        Sorry its so long, but once people know THIS everything that has and will happen will come into focus

        Only whites Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic, and kindred people have fulfilled all promises and prophecies regarding the 10 Lost tribes of Israel.

        their is even a prophecy of a genocide agenda implemented through replacement and race mixing (See the flood of the dragon prophecy starting in Rev. 12)

        1) Israel was to become a great nation and a company of great nations.(Genesis 12:2; 18:18, 17:4; 35:11; 48:19) This one couldn’t be any more obvious. White Europeans fulfilled the promise given that after 2534 years from Assyrian captivity in 758 BC, the nation of God would be born in a day (1776 adds up to the year!) which was the Christian nation of America. This is one of few prophecies which one can calculate to a precise date. Blacks have never produced a single great nation much less a company of nations. And the Jewish “State of Israel” was only possible with the support of white nations. Who is blessing whom, here? In fact, Jews have actually fulfilled the legacy of Cain in being vagabonds and wanderers (Gen 4:12)

        2) Israel to keep the gates and ports of enemies ( Genesis 22:17,Joshua 21:43-45:) This is something ALL white nations have done for 100s of years, and that is to set up military bases and embassies among enemies and potential enemies to keep them in check, whereas this is not done in return to the same degree.

        3) Israel were to be seafarers, explorers, and colonizers (Genesis 28:14; 49:13; Numbers 24:7; Deuteronomy 33:19; Judges 5:17; Psalms 2:8; 89:25) Talk about willful denial and willful ignorance. This is one of the historical events they curse at whites for having done, and make no secret that they think European colonialism and exploration was, in thier eyes, evil. Yet its one of the primary prophecies concerning the lost tribes. Then the Jews or blacks will claim to be these lost tribes in the same breath.

        4) Israel were to be a blessing to all families (nations) of the earth (Genesis 12:3; 18:18; 28:14; Isaiah 27:6) Make a list of contributions to the world in inovation, inventions, ect. Then, by race, go without thier contributions for a single week. When you get to white Europeans, and have to give up everything from refrigeration to electricity, cars to computers, you will get this one. And thats not even touching on the many roads, hospitals, foriegn aide (which wouldnt even be a thing if not for whites) and so forth whites have contributed to third world nations. If we are going to be honest, one must admit that the white race has done more for other races, then any three races combined. EVEN going so far, as to admit others into our ethnic nations and allowed them votes, authority positions, and even passed laws AGAINST our own peoples interests to help lift up others. Whites participated the least of all races in slavery, and were for a while the first and only ones to fight for its abolishment.

        5) Israel were to amass wealth and success as Farmers (Genesis 27:28; Deuteronomy 28:11; Deuteronomy 33:13, 14, 28) This is especially true of American and Canadian white farmers. Blacks were only farmers by force for a time, as the starving masses in Africa can attest to. Jews have always been known through history as bankers and merchants. Its also worth mentioning that the word for whites in Africa is “Boer” which means farmer.

        6) Israel was to be God’s witness and carry the word of God to all the world (Isaiah 43:10-12, 21; 59:21; Matthew 28:19-20).For hundreds of years it was white Europeans who spread Gods word across the Earth, mostly through Bible societies, which printed the word in 100s of languages. And all early missionary work, and even now 95% of missionary work to other countries has been carried forth by the white race.

        7) Israel was to be God’s “battle-axe” and an undefeatable military power (Numbers 24:8; Jeremiah 51:20-23; Isaiah 54:15-17; Micah 5:8-9). You always hear about how the evil white man conquered this or that. When this is straight from Israelite prophecy that Gods people would be the ones who conquered the heathen and dominated the earth. In Genesis 1:28 God stated that his people would subdue and conquer the heathen. Also, it was whites who stopped Attilla the Hun when no one else could, white Crusaders who stopped the evil spread of Islam, and most other such wars were won by Gods battle ax.

        8) The descendants of Israel were to be multiplied exceedingly (Genesis 13:16; 15:5; 17:2; 22:17; 24:60; 26:4; 28:14; 32:12). This promise most assuredly excludes the “Jews” as being God’s Chosen People. While the Black race with 1.3 billion people, the Chinese with nearly two billion, and White race with 900 million are all great in number, the Jews at only 18 million are not. When this promise was repeated in the 8th century B.C. (Hosea 1:10) the nation of Israel was already very nearly 18 million. Either God has failed in His promise or today’s preachers are liars regarding the Jews. Also, the fossil record shows OTHER races have been around AT LEAST 100,000 years, but whites are a very new race at only 7000 BC or so, so to be up in population with the OTHER older races, fulfills this like no other race could.

        9) Israel to be the first among the nations. (Gen. 27:29; 28:13; Jer. 31:7.) The way blacks complain that white nations (or “white supremacy”) rules the world, or that America is the leading nation, as was Britian previously, makes this one a bit ironic and kind of funny when you think about it…

        10) Israel’s new home country to be north-west of the country they were driven from (Israel). Isa. 49:12; Jer. 3:18.) Europe is what you find North west of Israel.

        11) Israel to colonize the desolate place of the earth. (Isa. 35:1; 43:19, 20; 49:8; 54:3; 58:11, 12.) Nobody would have ever thought to build great civilizations in places like Alaska, Norway, Siberia, Australia and other “desolate” places that are now part of modern civilization.

        12) Israel was to be blind to its identity and be called by a new name and not known as Israel (Isaiah 62:2; 65:15; Hosea 1:9-10; Romans 11:25). God stated he would put his name on Israel (Numbers 6:27) And through the Messiah would be known as “Christians”(Acts 11:26). God also says his children are called by his name, which could only mean Christians. Very revealing, when you know that for 2000 years ONLY WHITE NATIONS were called Christiandom by the world, and this only changed in the last 100 years or so due to Zionist church influence.

        Song of Solomon 5: 10
        My beloved is white and ruddy, chief of 10,000

        Lamentations 4:7
        Her Nazarites were purer then snow, and WHITER then milk, they were more ruddy in body then ruby’s, and their polishings (shares a translated word for “eyes”) were of sapphire.

        Rev. 1:14-15 (Describing Christ as John saw him)
        His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow… and his eyes were as flames of fire. And his feet were as fine brass, as if burnt in a furnace.

        1) It says head AND hair, not hair on head.
        2) Why would a man in his 30s be described as having “white” hair? There was no such word as BLONDE yet.
        3) Eyes of fire= Blue eyes. Not only is the color of flame blue, but flame has been used often to describe blue eyed people (smoldering blue eyes, for example)
        4) People think that “feet like brass” means he was brown or coppery, but NOTE what it says! When fine brass is burnt in a furnace it becomes white hot. When it cools it remains white with a golden hint to it.
        5) White like wool, as white as snow. This is clearly trying to emphasis color by giving dual examples. Its poetic context, not descriptive of texture.

        White people didn’t “steal” the bible from the sub-Saharin Africans, nor did we adopt it from jews, who were constantly kicked out of Europe and were vagabonds and wanderers until the slave trade made them wealthy and powerful. Whites embraced Christianity FIRST because it was OUR religion.

        “Christ is our King, and Christianity is our race which you knew once as Israel”- Justin Martyr, 100-160 AD, from Paragraphs of Trypho chapter 135.

        So if the jews are not who they say they are, then who are they? Do THEY know?

        Of course they do.

        “EDOM IS MODERN JEWRY.” The Jewish Ency. 1925 Ed., Vol. 5, Pg. 41.

        God bless.

        (ALSO this is off topic a bit but I wanted to share it here, in case Incog wanted to investigate/cover it in an article. Basically, documents have gotten out that show that barely any UK Jews serve in the armies of Europe, they nearly ALL fly to Israel to serve for terms in the IDF.


        If people deny their first loyalty is to Israel and NOT to Europe and America, no matter WHERE they live, that seals the deal on that debate!

  13. Allen Black says:

    In fact, before I was a regular visitor to this site, I was searching around for a worthwhile Christian white advocacy site to proof read, edit (for grammar ect) and publish that write up so that more whites would see it, but unfortunately the few I found were all nearly impossible to reach out and donate to, and I don’t blame them for all the anti-white jackasses running around. So I just put it in comment sections wherever and whenever I can….God must love challenging and testing his servants, because he hasn’t made it easy to share information I was blessed to be given as a revelation lol…

  14. Cowboy says:

    Ziotrash Jew Traitor David Hogg the DHS Crisis Actwhore Buffoon is in Iowa Putting on his Traveling Freak Show To Push the ZioJews Gun Confiscation Agenda! & This Lying Piece of $hitis atleast 29 years old!


    This little Ashkenazi Jew ZioScum David Hogg has already been (played) High Schooler atleaat 3 times: Redondo Shores, CA, & before that Pelzer, SC & The Parkland FL.

    David G. Hogg
    AGE: 29
    Pelzer, SCAnderson, SCWilliamston, SC
    Mark Hogg Caleb Hogg Karen Hogg Shawn Hogg

    Same Jew Same Nose!!! I found this right after the shooting. A few years ago he was apparently running meth & Coke into South Carolina from Miami! This little devils keep multiple identities & variations of identities & get “Get out of jail free cards” for their criminal zioscams for serving the zionist treason PsyOps!


  15. Arctic Circle says:

    Both, the black color of immigration and mach higher colored birth rates the United States gets niggerized. The emigration used to be mainly white, now it is exclusively black latino. The reproductive rates is negative for whites in the U.S. and EU, and Russia. They are accelerating-positive for black latinos.

    The U.S. population is becoming more and more diverse ethically, linguistically, religiously, and culturally. And who needs this shit? The perfectly white rich boys who harbor jews, who in turn favor Latin niggers. The 2020 Census found that more than 50% of U.S. population is black, with Latinos outnumbering blacks. The much suppressed latent conflict caused by the ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity threatens to spark a civil war. The abnormal hordes of well-fed police paid by the whites are there to suppress their righteous anger to prevent open social disobedience.

    Changes are a part of the life. Sadly, the change of American life stile and demography of its population takes undesirable direction. This change toward darkening America is not welcomed. Most white people in europe and america do not want it. There is no benefit from siding with niggers and jews!

    What is the realistic solution, and effective cure from niggerism?

    • Arctic Circle says:

      The niggerism must be stopped. The righteous white anger accumulated over 50 years of forced abuse must be channeled toward to the Total Organized Racial Hygiene operations all around the region. Those operations may be peaceful but decisive all together.

      • Allen Black says:

        I think the fall of their so-called civil rights leader from grace could help ALOT if handled properly. The question should be raised (Which we already KNOW the answer to) who hid these facts and propped up King despite these facts, and why….Which could lead the WHOLE NATION of our people to re-evaluate everything that has come about in the last 60 years, whos agenda has been at work, and who has been the enemy of not only the US, but of every white nation in the west.

        Spoiler for the normies…Its the Jew. Its ALWAYS been the Jew.

        Identifying that there IS an enemy that has been actively working to destroy the white race from the inside is, after all, the knowledge that woke US up is it not? Some people may be more shallow, or hard headed, or aloof, or whatever, so it will take different levels of shock to wake different kinds of whites up to the fact that war was declared on the white race nearly a century now.

        Its a war we didn’t start, but with God on our side, and with our people having this revelation en-mass, its a war we sure as hell WILL finish. After all, the beast and the whore (The Jew and their Zio-Christians) are made naked and desolate (exposed) and then burned with fire (destroyed) by the 10 horns on the beast…The bible specifically says these 10 horns are 10 kingdoms who have no king, and reluctantly give their power and authority over to the beast for 1 hr (Generation) but in secret have always hated the beast and the whore. The king they are without of course is Christ, and these 10 kingdoms, are the 10 lost tribes of Gods people once called Israel, but had been renamed by God to “Christian” after losing their identity and name as a punishment long ago.

        SO I know its only a matter of time before our people rise up and conquer the beast and the whore. I don’t know WHEN it will happen, or HOW it will happen, only that it will…And signs of this awakening are already EVERYWHERE, even though I had written up the same thing back before barely ANYONE recognized the Jew as the subversive evil that they are…Now, you see and hear people EVERYWHERE that know the Jew are the enemy of the white Christian race.

        Its exciting that prophecy is playing out so precisely right before our eyes!

        God bless!

      • Allen Black says:

        In case your wondering what part of the bible I am referring to, I was so anxious I forgot to include it…So here is that prophecy I speak of 🙂

        17 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
        2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
        3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
        4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
        5 And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.
        6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
        7 And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.
        8 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
        9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
        10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
        11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.
        12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
        13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.
        14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.
        15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
        16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
        17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

  16. Daniel says:




    • Daniel says:



      • Daniel says:


        Another correction.

        Pull up a Statue of Liberty picture and you will see she ( but could be qualified as transgender because she resembles a man’s face and body>>>>> has SEVEN HORNS/SPIKES protruding through the head. The wisdom and or the parable God is showing/speaking of the seven mountains and or ” SEVEN HILLS NEW YORK ACROSS FROM STATUE OF LIBERTY IT SITS ON. Also, the seven horns representing the last seven presidents/and or kings>>>> ONE OF THOSE WILL BE THE GOING INTO PERDITION JUST AS IT READS. THE FALSE MESSIAH/SATAN/THE SERPENT/THE BEAST/BEAST OF THE FIELD/ 666.

        Thanks, I just had to clarify this. IT IS A PARABLE FOR GODS ELECT PEOPLES TO UNCOVER YOU KNOW

    • Matt says:


      You keep trying to beat a square peg into a round hole, and then tell everyone how great it fits.

      • Daniel says:


        America is MYSTERY BABYLON…… We’ve been through this already. John is describing AMERICA AND VIEWING THE STATUE OF LIBERTY IN REVELATION.

        So explain your line to me, sounds like you are at odds with who is John describing and who is mystery Babylon

      • Daniel says:



      • Red Pill says:

        you say a lot that i can not endorse, but i don’t give a hoot.
        want to know why ?????
        because it does not change the bible story.

        Matt says he is from the Japhethic line,
        the same line as the Khazars
        ”the Ashkenazis are descended from JAPHETH through his son Gomer, NOT from Shem/Sem, from whom all Semites originate.

        now that bothers me
        because in a round about way he is claiming to be a jew.
        Matt, tell me that ain’t true and you made a mistake.

      • Matt says:

        Ok Daniel,

        Then explain Rev 18:24,

        “In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

        The bible tells us the Jews killed the prophets, over 2,000 years ago.

        How then, did America Kill the prophets, over 2,000 years ago, when America didn’t exist until 243 years ago?

      • Matt says:

        RP, that’s funny, me claiming to be a Jew. I got a laugh out of that. Thanks.

      • Daniel says:


        Explain the MUDSHARK PAGE or this link


        Or the tens of thousands slain white Christians in South Africa

        There is enough Israelite deaths AND B L O O D here to more than enough to explain that America is THE MYSTERY BABYLON

      • Daniel says:


        BTW a ” PROPHET ” is anyone who God speaks to and that person reveals the message to others.

        Many, I mean MANY PREACHERS, AND PROPHETS have been murdered by jews and niggers throughout history in AMERICA THE MYSTERY BABYLON FORNICATOR.

      • Allen Black says:

        My stance on who the whore of Babylon is, is a solid stance.

        The Whore of Babylon, are the Christian Zionists who follow the Jew.

        1) Whenever God uses the term for a woman as a metaphor, its ALWAYS in regard to his people. Most scholars understand this is the meaning of “Bride of Christ”…Its Gods symbolic way of referring to the fact that he is married to his people.

        2) Christ told us a time would come when his people would have a “falling away” from him, and the church. I believe this to be the change from Christianity to Judea Christianity, as one is the anti-thesis of another.

        3) By following the doctrine of the Jew, rather then of our God, Christ, our people literally sell themselves. Many are going to church RIGHT NOW, and listening to sermons about “prosperity doctrine”…When you try to tell them the truth about the Jew, they defend the false church NOT out of faith to God, but out of fear that their lives and careers might be shaken up. People are too comfortable where they are, which is why the Federal Reserve hasn’t been torn down brick for brick. Isaiah 52:2 Litterally says Israel would be “sold for nothing” (debt slavery) and redeemed without money (work of the cross). The truth isn’t THAT hard to realize, for our people to be so hopelessly immersed in the lie that the eternal enemy of Israel, Edom, is Israel…

        4) The whore has the blood of the saints on her hands, and in her cups. America and Britain are run by Zionist Christian whores, whom for the sake of Jewish lies, attacked the “saints” (Germany…And Germany is the house of Judah in reality. They use the same herald of a Lion and always have. The swastika came about from Hitler and was a sun symbol/sign for good luck….But before that and along side it Germanies herald was ALWAYS a lion. the sign of the 1st ruling house of Israel. Germany had adopted strict Christian customs and traditions just before it was pummeled by their own kinsmen of Europe and America. Both were then drunk off the blood of the saints, while giving rise and power to Jews through the Belafour (sic) agreement. The term “saint” can mean sinless, but ONLY CHRIST was without sin through all of mankind….THATS why God had to come redeem us himself, because no man has, or will be born on this earth whos best deeds are dirty rags in Gods eyes! So the term “saint” is referring to its second meaning…”Those who are falsely accused”. The whole basis for attacting Germany, and then the narrative after they were defeated, were ALL lies and false accusations…

        This verse then….
        Revelation 13:7
        And it was given to him to make war with the saints , and to overcome them: and then power was given him over all kindreds, and languages, and nations

        It straight up telling us this…

        Revelation 13:7
        And it was given to him (Anti-Christ/Jewry) to make war with the saints (Germany, the tribe of the Lion herald of Judah), and to overcome them: and then power was given him(Anti-Christ, Jewry) over all kindreds, and languages, and nations.

        (The western white nations are all kindred with the German peoples).

        5) Why did our own turn into whores for the followers of the Babylonian Talmud? Because God put it in their hearts to do so, so that prophecy would be fulfilled. Many of them will revert back to God and be saved before its over. This is a part of Gods plan, and I sort of understand why, but that is also a long explainer. Pray for wisdom, and think on it and it will come to you. Some of them are doomed as well. It really is up to God, but remember, God makes people into left wing queers as well, for the bible tells us God gives them over to evil when he doesn’t like their heart (romans 1:28) so that they WONT seek salvation!

        6) The whore and the beast are red, and purple….
        The red symbolizes communism/Marxism/Judaism. Purple is the color of nobility and high priesthood of catholic faith which is a counterfeit anti-Christ church as well and teaches idolatry with mary-worship, ect…. the whore wears these colors, symbolizing the unholy alliance between them.

        7) Why is it called “Whore of Babylon”?
        Because the Jew are Babylon. They are the descendants of Egypt, then Babylon, and before THAT they were known as Idumea, Hittites, and the Huns. They still use their Babylonian faith, which is mixed with some Hebrew they learned when they were conquered and converted (instead of destroyed as God commanded) and that is what the Talmud really is. A hybrid of this would be the worship of the sun God Horus, ALSO in their history which is why they are constantly using Egyptian, Babylonian, and sun God symbolism in Hollywood and elsewhere. That is the mystery of who is Babylon. Its the Jew.

        8) Are they the same people that enslaved Israel?

        Yes. In fact, the ONLY PEOPLE that could have passed for them and vice versa, is the white race. Jews and whites are NOT the same race though. In fact, you have to get a DNA test to marry a Jew in Israel or gain citizenship. White Europeans need not apply, but the two races look very similar in many cases, which was how Moses was passed off as a Jew. In fact, Moses is an uncommon name for an Israelite. Most are named as European names are now…David, Paul, Joseph, even his brother Aaron are all names common to white Europeans. Moses is a Jew name, but was given as part of the disguise by the Pharoahs daughter or his mother. He blended in, the way Jew can blend in with whites to the untrained eye.

        9) You mean there is a way to tell Jews from whites just looking?

        Yep. Their skull is shaped a certain way, much different then a white European skull. Look up a skull or lifelike statue of a Hittite, and study the cranium proportions…It becomes very easy to spot them once you know what your looking for. Many Jews also know this, which is how they keep the goy out of their clubs.

        10) So if the whore of Babylon are Christian Zionists, who betrayed God to serve the Jew by choice or deception, what is the beast?

        The beast is the system of Judaism. It is the world they have crafted on the ashes of what was once the greatest free Christian nations in the world. The federal reserve is the glue that financially chains every man woman and child in these formerly Christian nations.

        11) But America isn’t in the bible, is it? After all, the bible was written long before America was discovered, right? Wrong. America is VERY important in the bible, and it is not only in there, but there is a prophecy that calculates to the exact month of July and year 1776, as the year Gods people would be given a nation, that would be punished and plundered, and invaded by heathens, but would NEVER pass to another people, and would stand until the end. That nation, called New Jerusalem, is America.


        How do you know all this?

        Believe me, I wonder that myself. I had a very profound experience, that shook me awake. I truly believe my wisdom is gifted from God, though I don’t understand why because I am probably the least worthwhile person to have such knowledge as was granted, and I STILL don’t know what to do with it, which is why I prowl around online, thinking that perhaps it was supposed to go into better hands then mine, but I also have faith that God knows what he is doing, even if I don’t.

        And remember these verses, which I showed elsewhere. The bible isn’t a past story…Its playing out past, present, and future. Its happening in real time. This prophecy could not be more direct about the current mass immigration, being done to destroy Gods people (white people whom accept Christ) where the whore sits (Christian Zionists are Still IN these nations they themselves are helping to flood with heathens).

        Revelation 12:15
        And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

        Revelation 17:15
        And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

        Judea Christians are deceived, and the deceivers trick them into thinking all the bible already happened, to create agnostic views of the world…Or they tell you ridiculous things like everyone being raptured before tribulation….God didn’t spare the prophets when the Jew murdered them, he didn’t spare the saints who were martyred for his name, and he didn’t spare himself on the cross…Do people REALLY think todays Christians will be spared the coming tribulation?

        Anyways, that’s my stance on the topic of the whore of Babylon and who she is, and what the mystery is about her…If your faith is strong in Christ, yet you believe something different, that’s ok too. God gives us the wisdom he wants us to have, for various purposes. The MAIN thing, is the gospel of Christ, and love and devotion to him above ALL ELSE, and the rest works itself out eventually. But if you pray for wisdom, you will mostly likely gain the understanding you need, to truly understand the bible.

        Some last notes, that the bible teaches us when the Jew lies have been stripped and other odds and ends…

        1) Israels flags and banners are described in detail in scripture. For example, Judah’s banner is the Lion, Mannesah is the fig leaves and Arrows (American whites) Ephraim is the Unicorn (Britain) and so forth. If your in America and your white, no matter WHAT your past heritage is your now of the tribe of Mannessah. Its the youngest of the tribes. The Union Jack is from symbolism where Abraham blessed his sons with crossed arms. Same with the confederate flag.


        2)”Out of many, one” was the founding fathers speaking of the birth of the tribe of Mannesah by gathering them from the other 11 lost tribes around the world. The Jew co-opted it for no other reason then to cover up this fact.

        3) Its well known that the first thing said when the mayflower landed was “On this day, a great and ancient prophecy is fulfilled.” They KNEW who they were. In fact, Christians knew they were the lost children of light off and on until around the time Lincoln was shot, and the Jew ran a campaign that brainwashed many young people, by infiltrating schools and churches. At first, they didn’t hide that whites were Israel, but instead admitted it BUT claimed THEY were the ruling house of Judah, and that Germans were barbarian huns (switched roles with who the Jew really were!) when archeology can trace Germans back to the Teutonic knights, and further back to when they were known as Scythia. The book of Scythia was removed from the bible for this reason.

        I pray you find this knowledge insightful. It is as it was revealed to me, unworthy as I am…

        God bless you all, and keep you strong and safe.

      • Allen Black says:

        One last thing….

        The Jew book called the Talmud, warps the prophecy of the serpent (anti-Christ) using mass migration to destroy Gods people, and they twist it as if its a GOOD thing to wipe out the white races through race mixing….Here is a Jew scumbag Rabbi boasting that they are only doing this because its commanded in their Talmud to do so….And whats REALLY messed up, is that these Jew KNOW they are the sons of Cain, and they know they are lying for evil purposes…


        PROOF that the Jew liars KNOW they are the sons of Lucifer through Cain…


      • Matt says:


        I read what you wrote.

        I believe you’re scripturally correct about 1 thing. What the waters are.

      • Daniel says:



        Verdict= The Statue of Liberty REPRESENTS AMERICA AND HER AMERICAN PEOPLES. So in virtue you are actually referring to our peoples turning away and our own leader’s jews in power/control put in by blinded by THEIR OWN TRUE IDENTITY BELIEVING HOLOHOAX, CHOSEN ONES, AND NEED A jew to GET TO HEAVEN BS… confessed yet confused Christians>>>>mainly the Generation of baby boomers and their previously Generation of brainwashed ones. Furthermore the purple and scarlet represent the red white and blue. Purple in the Bible is at one point ( can’t remember the book of the Bible, but know its there for sure) referred to as BLUE also! CHRISTIANS HAD IT MADE IN THE SHADE CHRIST-GODS MANY BLESSINGS OF INVENTIONS, BUILDING THE GREATEST EMPIRE KNOWN TO MAN AND ON EARTH AND WERE IN CHARGE OF THE NATION DURING THE NEGRO BEASTS OF THE FIELD ADAMS SERVENT TIMES. But the satanic jews convinced yesteryear(((( enlightened)))) Christians that niggers were just the same as whites and can be even better and even help the UNITED STATES >>>what a crock of dog dung believed, EMBARASSING ACTUALLY.

        MATT, don’t get it. IDK about JR on this

      • Matt says:


        Purple is the color of a royal robe. Control, power.

        The great prostitute was clothed in purple.

        Now you’re trying to say blue is purple, and you still don’t think you’re beating a square pegs into round holes.

      • Daniel says:


        You’re so smart….view these links on colous of the Bible.


        Matt, I want you to take notice of above link the may scriptures that Gods closeness with blue and purple and how Christ-God ALWAYS MENTIONS BLUE ALONG WITH PURPLE BECAUSE THEY ASSOCIATE TOGETHER. Back then they had a hard time describing the colour Blue.


        Matt, read the entire passage up until the ending, please.


        WISDOM MATT! Ask, and you shall recieve. Bless

      • Matt says:


        I read your links, and there’s nothing about the color blue being the color purple.

        Maybe, get a bigger hammer and beat harder.

      • Daniel says:


        Still not a believer aey> The STATUE OF LIBERTY BLEEDS HER COLORS, RED AND BLUE MAKE PURPLE. She sheds the blood of the Prophets and the saints….her robe would then be a purplish/blue, and scarlet red.

        Read this link, maybe you can pound your own sand with your own hammer.



        Verdict= John sees the red and blue ( representing usa ) mixing from the faded Christianity in this country where most people are Liberals against Christ-GODS COMMANDS. That mixer is purple. STATUE OF LIBERTY IS THE WHORE FORNICATOR REPRESENTING AMERICAN PEOPLES

      • Daniel says:


        I’m sorry dear Matt. That is a mispelled link above. my bad , but here is the link you should learn from.


      • Allen Black says:

        The only thing scriptually correct is the waters?

        Ok, I will break it down by scripture to show that this isn’t just off the top of my head theory, but rooted in scriptural facts….

        1) God always uses a woman or girl as a metaphor for his people-
        Here is an entire article I found covering this, as there are too many examples to list them all from the bible easily (they are in the article so it saves me a lot of work)


        2) Christ said a time of falling away would come.

        Thes. 2:3
        Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come the falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

        Who falls away, and gives rise to the son of perdition? Of course this could only be referring to a fall of the Christian nations into sin. The son of Perdition already existed since HIS fall before the Garden, which is why Adam was put here to replace him to begin with.

        3) Its like your defending the Judea Christian churches of today, and that would explain why you were dismissive to what I wrote. But they are NOT houses of Christs gospel any more, but rather agents of the Jewish agenda. This isn’t even debatable.


        There may be a few sincere hole-on-the-wall churches scattered around the country teaching the old and pure gospel, but far to often the leaders of even these sell out to the Judea Christian hierarchy for state funding or other such bribes. For example, how many churches identity the Jew as Edom? How many correctly state that Christ came ONLY for Isreal? One has to teach the WHOLE truth of the bible, or none at all. Half measures to please men with political correctness instead of pleasing God by staying true to his word, is luke warm.

        4) I used the metaphor of blood on the whores hands from a point of personal understanding. But to be accurate, she DRINKS the blood of the saints and is drunk off of it. This not only implies she has their blood on her hands, BUT that she has profited off of it to the point of addiction. There is no closer comparison one can make, then the War for profit Military industrial complex, which got drunk off the blood of the saints in GERMANY! There are NO “sinless” saints. Christ was the only sinless being to have walked this earth. A “Saint” also shares the definition of the falsely accused, followers of God, ect. The Christian peoples of Germany were brutalized by the birth of the Military industrial complex, which got so drunk off the wealth and power in its aftermath, that war has been constant ever since!

        So you see, I am of a skeptical mind by nature, so when things were revealed, I questioned the revelation myself and did research. I don’t play with the word of God. It is something I care deeply about, and wouldn’t dishonor that by just throwing around half cocked theories.

        God bless

      • Daniel says:



        IMMEDIATELY after DESCRIBING THE LADY LIBERTY John then goes on to explain everything AMERICA is today. He does an excellent job of describing a great EMPIRE VERY STRONG AND RICH>>>yet very sinful and disgraceful in her ABOMINATIONS//OBAM-NATION THROUGH jew corruption and brainwashing and making trouble for Christians…THEY ARE LIBERAL BRATS. It jumps from lady Liberty where she sits, how she looks, what she wears, and her ABOMINATIONS//OBAMA-NATION and then her mighty wrath and heavy blow by Christ-God by destroying MYSTERY BABYLON A CITY/NATION IN ONE HOUR BY FIRE AND SMOKE! The rapture would have already happened>>>the nasty inhabitants go down with AMERICA. AS WITH THE FALSE MESSIAH.


      • Daniel says:


        Here is the blood of the saints, which happens to be the satanic jews number one silent but deadly white people Adamic race of breeding out the white race slowly but cunningly and patiently. Lastly however since they know time is short many hoaxes and nigger jew commanded attacks on whites have been exploding. Not saying Germany doesn’t play its part but the blood is in AMERICA TURNED BABYLON…NO WAY AROUND THIS.



      • Matt says:


        I was only commenting on scriptural accuracy. Not the say your non scriptural observations were wrong or right.

        You’re right about the women, the church.

        You’re right that there has been a falling away.

        Zio-Christian are sickened sheep, in need of help, and God’s guidance. Judaism is Satan, and has no place in God’s house. A Jew can receive Jesus, but they must realize Judaism has zero value, and loose it.

        Most churches have been deceived, and invited Satan in. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t brother and sisters in those churches.

        When Peter told Jesus he didn’t have to go to the cross, Jesus rebuked Satan.

        Mark 8:33,

        Turning and looking at his disciples, Jesus rebuked Peter and said, “Get behind Me, Satan! For you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”

        The great prostitute is fabulously wealthy and is drunk with the blood of the saint.

        The industrial military complex is the Jews. The Jews are the real murderers in Germany, and responsible for the 65 million killed in WWII. (((They’re))) responsible for the murder of 66 million in Russia, and countless tens of millions or even hundreds of millions from the time of Christ.

        The deceived Zio-Christians are not this great prostitute, who is super wealthy. The vast majority are dirt poor and control nothing.

        Who is super wealthy, and who are the world merchants are the Jews. They control the central bank in almost every country in the world. The Rothschilds count their money in the hundreds of trillions.

        The Catholic Church is nothing more than an organization that they’ve corrupted, and now use to spread this corruption. Blaming the Catholic church, is just an example of the Jews throwing you off their tracks. In fact, the first one to tell me the Catholic church was the prostitute, was a Jew, back in the 70’s.

      • Matt says:


        Sometimes we want to believe in something so bad, we start grasping at straws, and seeing things that aren’t there.

        It’s a good thing you’re not a Judge, you’d be hanging an innocent man.

      • Daniel says:


        Who do you claim is Mystery Babylon according to Revelation ch 17, ch 18. We’d like to know. We know you think its not America, then who?

      • Matt says:


        The Jews are.

        Let me explain why.

        In Revelations 17:5 it says, the name written on her forehead a mystery.


        Verse in verse 6, she’s drunk with the blood of the saints.

        The Jew killed the prophets, Jesus, and have been persecuting Christian since the time of Christ.

        Rev 17:15-16,

        “Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.

        The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.”

        Read Ezekiel 23, and 16. The Jews are called the prostitute and meet with the same fate, as the great prostitute.

        Rev. 17:18, “The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.”

        The Jews are dictating world policy, not only to America, but all white countries in the world.

        Rev. 18:1-20 Her excessive luxuries.

        Rev 17:4 “The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.”

        This prostitute Babylon, is excessive wealthy, with great luxury.
        The Jews control the money supply, that they issue at will, and commerce in all white countries, and they also control the courts. If you don’t kiss the ring, it can all be taken with the stroke of judges pen.

        Rev 18:23,

        “Your merchants were the world’s important people.
        By your magic spell all the nations were led astray.”

        Look at the head of almost every corporation in the world, you’ll find a Jew, and placed there by the Jew Rothschilds or their agents.

        Jews are also big into witchcraft, and casting spells.

        Rev 18:24,
        In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

        Jesus called the Jews murderers, and liars.

        America is a dumb stooge, carrying out the Jew’s will, and people often mistake her for the Jew behind the curtain, pulling the strings.

        The Jews will be destroyed, and will judge by God for the millions and millions they’ve murdered.

        What a man sows, that shall he reap.

  17. luke2236 says:

    MarchinLootin Koons depravity is well known. Furthermore, he was a known communist, a jew puppet and denied Christ! sorta hard to be ‘reverend’ with that resume…
    These things are why all the ‘records’ were sealed ; (((they))) hoped that in the time allowed, the propagandising and white genocide would be so complete that it wouldnt matter if the goy ever found the truth about their poster boy. Things havent gone quite as well or as quickly as they hoped tho…some of us still care.
    See the booklet “MLK – his dream / our nightmare” and others like it for more info if interested.

  18. INCOG MAN says:

    Funny how Alan Dershowitz shows up on FOX the very next day after I ran this post.

  19. S O G says:

    fartin looter klown ..fuckin liquor king ..lol..
    took me longer to see his evil agenda undr the cloud of jew smoke …thn to se the jew agenda …
    nigger pastors and preists are as bad as the jews who hide in catholcism as infiltrators as far as perverse acts and atrocities committed //
    the clerics in unburned cities who king had entreated for visits for more white hookers and fire and destruction after king had burned down half of america asked hiim to please stay out of their cities in the future ….good he was shot but they shouldhave taken out jacksonand the the other monkey abernathy …
    as well ………..
    white women were mentally pressured to join nigger freedom groops and niggers guilt tripped alot of foolish white women into getting fucked by a black beast …
    king had been looking for a new angle on getting power and wealth and influence etc ..the reverand shit was at the end of its usefulness as a cover ..he was banking on using his crowds of violent commnist trained chimps to create leverage over any social situation to scare the govt into paying him to back off ….worked out real well for him right lol..
    that bs with the pending shutdown of the garbage companies who employed mainly niggers that king was meddling with had far reaching connotations or such ..
    the nigger garbage collectors were for that time and era were on a high pay scale cvompared to other workers …if they had gotten a raise after a protracted costly strike then every else in the state would have gone to the wall for a raise and mass strikes etc .and king was goingto make this his flagship entry into the world of extortion on a grand ape level …
    and we know he wasnt killed by the guy they framed for it …james earl ray ..nahh ..
    the last protest march the disgusting nigger king led was into a white neighborhood area where he and his worthless nigger cohorts were met with hell no not in our neighborhood -groups of whites who defended their turf and families and businesses with brick and rock throwing practice ….king was upset …sheeeyit dimm whide devils are shuewer meean n sheeyit ….being a stupid nigger who ated white people im glad they blasted him…shot his cock sucking neck out …..they should have shot him in his nuts first ….lol..
    kind of getting tired of jim stones protecting of muslims and now mlk …think maybe stone can go fuck himself for a while …

  20. Allen Black says:


    I could be off, brother. Ill be the first to admit I am not perfect, and I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for sharing those parables. It really helps…I share what I believe things to be, but different things can be seen at different angles by Gods children through his will, depending on what knowledge he imparts to us through prayer, and what we collectively see through experience. All I can do, is share what I believe with my brothers and sisters, and let them do with it what they will, as I in turn learn from those around me alongside the word of God….Its all any of us can do, really. While the gospel is immovable, prophecy is a whole other monster, as its never really powerful until hindsight. I truly believe the war on the saints refers to the war Jewry declared on white nations with the beginnings of the world wars. There is just too much information that coincides with the prophecies of this. Just as I believe America is the New Jer USA lem, but it is under siege right now by the house of Edom.

    Watch this sermon, brother. It REALLY answers a lot of questions.


    God bless, and keep sharing!

  21. FRIEND OF GOD says:

    @ Article, by Daily Stormer

    [ martin luther negroe affiliated with communist jews ? ]

    The following link indicates that martin luther negroe was affiliated with over 60 Communist groups (Congressional Record May 29, 1968 pg. E4785)

    LINK: https://kkk.bz/2017/01/15/martin-luther-king-is-no-hero/


    Thanks for posting this comment


    The Article …

    On Jan. 31, 1977 Coretta Scott King obtained a federal court order sealing 845 pages of FBI records about her husband for 50 years “because its release would destroy his reputation!” Many people contend that there is important information within this sealed file that should be made available to the public. The court says the file is of little importance, yet others claim that if that is indeed true, why withhold the information from the public.

    The order to “bug” King was made by then U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy on Oct. 10, 1963. Before the files were finally sealed – some of the information was leaked and corroborated by associates of King. These statements are included in Congressional Records, which are available to the public. What we do know about King is so shocking that it is hard to believe there is actually more – but the files remain closed – even to the media.

    King was affiliated with over 60 Communist groups (Congressional Record May 29, 1968 pg. E4785)

    The Washington Observer Newsletter reported that “When the FBI agents had King under surveillance, they observed him meet a well-identified Soviet espionage agent at the Kennedy Airport in New York. They also secured evidence that King was receiving large sums of money from a well-known American Communist agent who gives King instructions that he implicitly obeys.” (Congressional Record April 11, 1968 pg. E3005)

    When the government raided the Southern Conference Educational Fund (labeled by the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee as “a communist transmission belt for the South.”) a check was found made out to Martin Luther King, Jr.– it was endorsed for cashing – the signatures on the check are those of James Dombrowski and Benjamin Smith (registered agent of Fidel Castro), both were identified Communist agents and the check is noted to be for “New York Expenses” The check was dated March 7, 1963

    The Tennessean newspaper printed a photo of King on Labor Day weekend 1957 seated next to Abner Berry, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and writer for the Communist paper The Daily Worker, Aubrey Williams, Communist Party organizer and Myles Horton, director of the Communist Highlander Folk School located in Mt. Eagle, Tennessee. Rosa Parks was also a student of the Communist training school.

  22. FRIEND OF GOD says:

    martin luther nigger, did not have a dream “to go back to liberia africa” ???

    (liberia: started for emancipated slaves; speaks english; does not allow non-negroes to vote; gets to directly tax usa citizens (foreign aid / usdebtclock.org) )


    another comment …

    “[ jews lobbied for uncivil rights act of 1964 ? ]”
    LINK: http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=159329;title=APFN;pagemark=120

    that will also link to other comments …
    [ martin luther negroe affiliated with communist jews ? ]
    [ negroe nelson mandela affiliated with communist jews ? ]
    [ Lincoln to slaves: go somewhere else ]
    [ negroes too stupid to go back to africa ]
    [ MLW and ROB, airport codes liberia ]
    [ 2019, $42,840,000 “foreign aid” to liberia negroes ]
    [ 2019, $510,470,000 “foreign aid” to south africa negroes ]


    Thanks for posting This Message


    • Arctic Circle says:

      The domestic home grown American niggers are reluctant to go back to Africa because they all harboring that idea of inter tribal killings. They believe that they will be killed by the other niggers. But this is a total nonsense. Niggers must be offered to go back home.

      • FRIEND OF GOD says:

        @ Comment, by Arctic Circle

        yes, the niggers still in the usa, and not deported back to africa, may be worried about going back to africa, however, it may be possible that many niggers in the usa have not been told about “liberia africa”; apparently, liberia africa even has roads presumably paid for by the usa dollar (direct foreign tax on usa citizens deceptively called foreign aid);

        it is also possible that the niggers in the usa feel out of place amongs the White Colonists, and feel lonesome to return to africa where the other negroes are at.

        perhaps a documentary needs to be done to show the usa niggers what life is really like in liberia africa.

        although, when the stupid White Colonists finally get around to putting it to a NATIONAL VOTE, about deporting all of the stupid baboon nigger monkies back to their natural habitat in (liberia) africa, it really doesn’t matter what opinion the stupid jiving nigger monkies have about said Nationally Approved deportation, does it ?


        Thanks for posting This Message


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