50th Anniversary of White America Landing on the Moon

By Racist Whitey boy, Phillip Marlowe

The cramped cockpit area of the lunar lander (LEM) filled with alarms “1202 error, 1202 error” meaning the onboard computer was crashing due to a flood of data. Finally, the “1201 error” sounded out — meaning a complete shutdown of the main computer. The onboard electronics had barely any computational power — far less than even a cellphone — probably even less than a two dollar kiddy toy today.

The two White astronauts standing at the helm (there wasn’t any pilot seats), Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin, had a choice: Abort by firing the main ascent engines to regain orbit or take the bull by the horns. They had less than a minute before they went into a free-fall, very possibly crashing down on the moon, marooning the two for the short amount of time it would take for them to run out of oxygen and electrical power. If this had happened, right now the two today would be frozen corpses, their faces and and limbs twisted up, slowly floating around close to the floor inside the LEM.

But we all now know what happened. Armstrong brilliantly took manual control of the craft. Ahead of him was a large crater and boulders the size of Volkswagen cars. He had to deftly handle the joystick to get them over that to something better to land down on.

The famous words “Houston: Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed” were heard over the squawk box back at Mission Control. Armstrong had handled it perfectly, setting down the lander with mere seconds to go. Armstrong was one cool customer. Having him at the controls paid off big time for NASA. He already had survived one fiery crash on Earth piloting an unwieldy training version of the LEM by ejecting when the craft went haywire. That ejection seat could easily have driven him head first into the ground.

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TOTAL LIE: “Diversity is Our Greatest Strength!”

Ranting by Phillip Marlowe

Recently I read somewhere many Japanese in Japan don’t even bother closing their garage doors at night. Can you imagine? Well, we all know why. Japan is populated virtually by all Japanese and they are generally law-abiding people just like us Whites.

America used to be like that. Freckle-faced boys went out riding stingray bicycles or skateboards all over the place with little worry other than skinned kneecaps from trying to pull off rad maneuvers to impress the girls. Mothers in colorful print cotton dresses or Capri pants gathered in front yards for coffee in the cool of the evening, while kids ran around collecting firefly’s in mason jars. Men drank cold brewskies and shucked oysters or peanuts in the garage while arguing over the best fishing lures or latest baseball score.

America was wonderful not so long ago. Peaceful, safe and decent. I remember America like this. The America us Whites created with our genius, tough fighting ability and organization skills — not theirs.

Hell, our special White genius and work ethic put us on the moon. Just think about that with the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing this week. It wasn’t any other race that did it, but us White Americans; regardless of lying PC propaganda out of Hollywood with ridiculous movies like “Hidden Figures.” Those few black women were a mere handful out of hundreds of White women who did math computations for NASA, since computers did not exist like we have today. Notice how they came up with a totally bogus ending where the hero black chick saves the day. That never happened. They now feel quite free to rewrite history since if you say anything, they scream “RACIST!”

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Are Satanic Forces Now Running Amok in America?

Folks, we now have possessed and violent media-stoked psychos running loose in our lands. All kind of races, even half-breeds like crazy Hollywood brat (Elliot Rodger) who brutally stabbed his three roommates dead, then went on a big murder spree at a nearby college town — hunting blond White chicks simply because he couldn’t get laid.

By Phillip Marlowe

While working in sales many moons ago, I had the opportunity to meet this one company’s owner. Noticing a reproduction oil painting behind his desk, I remarked on the obscure subject matter. He seemed happily surprised that I knew what it was about, since almost all of his visitors were clueless. It was of the twelve tribes of Israel camped out in the desert during the night. The center tent was for the Levite priesthood and the Tabernacle. I reeled off names of a few of the other tribes, since I was fairly well-read about the Bible for such a back-slapping, happy-go-lucky sales guy. I got the big contract, of course.

On a later visit, another salesman was in the outer office when I struck up a friendly conversation. I can’t remember how we got around to it, but he told me those rubber troll dolls popular with kids at the time — the ones with the wildly colored long hair, Fred Flintstone outfit and funky smiling faces — were real life devil objects. He was dead serious, too. I later laughed about it among friends, thinking the guy was nuts. Nowadays, I’m not so sure.

You may have seen in the last couple of decades or so a growing plethora of magicians on the streets, TV shows and richly-paid Vegas-style venues, doing all kinds of crazy magic acts. Like levitating to insane heights and doing things seemingly impossible physically. They routinely create objects out of thin air and put their hands through real glass with no breakage. When people carefully look at the objects used and analyze the videos, there is no way it’s sleight of hand. One very possible answer is that they are indeed getting help from unseen, demonic forces at their beck and call. Sounds crazy, huh?

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Dirtbag Jew Pedo Jeffrey Epstein SO BUSTED

Poor Billy Bob Clinton must be sweating bullets right about now!


Epstein was popped Saturday night at Teterboro airport by the Feds. This is an older mug shot of the perv.

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter issued a strange statement on Twitter following the arrest of Jew Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges, saying that “some of our faves” will likely be implicated in the case.

I don’t think anyone knows who exactly she is referring to.

But everyone is saying it’s going to be HUGE if it ever gets dropped.

I guess Bill Clinton would be one of the “faves.” He flew with Epstein 26 times.

He once flew on Epstein’s jet with Kevin Spacey.

But I assume there are many, many more, as it appears to me that Epstein’s job was to get various politicians and other powerful people on video having sex with underage girls so that Jews could blackmail them.

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The Collapse of the Jewnited States of America

From Renegade Tribune

The jews have long worked towards the destruction of the White race through the promotion of every sort sickening of vice and perversion that their diseased minds could concoct. They are spiteful, arrogant, and predatory conmen who have no compunction about using their forked tongues and insane rabbinical chicanery to convince the unwary to trade away their futures for a moment of instant gratification. We see the same disingenuous, self-serving strategy from “g*d’s special favorites” in their shrill demands for ever-increasing diversity. This, of course, is a euphemism for extinguishing the White race by flooding our homelands with aliens and destroying our unique genetic inheritance through miscegenation.

Our public discourse has been reduced to empty, blatantly false slogans repeated by an intentionally ill-educated populace. We are forced to stomach the nauseating lie of “equality” and relentlessly scolded by jews that we Whites are no different from goblinoid Mestizos or homo erectus throwbacks who cannot even fathom the requirements of a civilized society (and through their genetically determined dysfunction, cause civilized societies to cease functioning). At the same time, our thoroughly Judaized society requires us to engage in doublethink and recognize that, despite all the supposed “equality,” the jews are “chosen” and especially intelligent. We are forced to have “acceptance” for depravity and deviancy, for alien invaders who repeatedly and willfully violate our laws and sovereignty, but not for White solidarity or healthy White communities. We are told to “Make America Great Again” by fighting wars in the Middle East and paying tens of billions of dollars each year for the aggrandizement of Israel, while doing less than nothing to stop the endless hordes of bowel-movement brown sub-humanity from inundating our once-White country. And perhaps the tritest slogan of all, which has become the oath of office for all Weimerican government officials who serve only jewish interests, “Diversity is our greatest strength.”

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Evil Whites and Rooskies For Tulsi Gabbard!

Evil White Nationalists, Cowardly Peaceniks and America-hating Russian Computer Bots dispatched by Putin’s hackers are… AT IT AGAIN.

By Roy Batty

Have you ever even heard of anyone having a problem with Tulsi Gabbard?

Like, IRL have you ever brought her up and had a normiecon or a generic shitlib tell you that she’s unironically a Russian agent or that she can’t be taken seriously because she spoke up for Assad? What is this bizarre reality that the kikes have cooked up where we’re supposed to believe that the vast majority of the country is against Tulsi’s candidacy because she’s a threat to our precious liberal democracy?

This propaganda is so crude, it’s simply insulting.

Daily Beast:

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination is being underwritten by some of the nation’s leading Russophiles.

Donors to her campaign in the first quarter of the year included: Stephen F. Cohen, a Russian studies professor at New York University and prominent Kremlin sympathizer; Sharon Tennison, a vocal Putin supporter who nonetheless found herself detained by Russian authorities in 2016; and an employee of the Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT, who appears to have donated under the alias “Goofy Grapes.”

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Happy Fourth of July White Americans!


Let’s see if they can make something of themselves without living off our backs for a change. I won’t hold my breath.

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When Will God Do Something About All This Sick BS?

Video of a drag queen library “pride” event showed some tranny psycho dropping down to all fours and growling like “IT” was possessed by demons. The audience included young children — if you can believe parents actually brought them to something like this. A couple of babies could be heard crying in the background, while liberal faggot lovers clapped in approval. Can you believe the sick crap going on these days?

By Phillip Marlowe

How many times have you argued with someone when you suddenly realize what he/she is driving at, is the same thing you are? You figure out is the person is merely looking to be noticed and to do that wants to debate you on some relatively minor insignificant aspect to the problem. They are going in the same direction as you but first want you to acknowledge their own brilliance first. It’s an ego thing endemic to the human race.

Sales people understand this dynamic perfectly. Using it to their advantage is one of their biggest keys to success.

Hey, I got news for you: Everyone, including scientists really don’t know jack. In fact, 70% of the Universe in toto completely eludes them. They think it might be something they call “Dark energy” or “Dark matter” but the two may be one and the same. This is the thing that their entire math narrative of the “Big Bang” rests upon. All the average numbers of suns in all the average number of galaxies and all the average weights of star material, plus planets and gas-guzzler cars make up only so much physical matter in the theory. The completely unknown “Dark” stuff is the thing that makes what they think happened work. Yep, they are as clueless as you.

Sure, they think this “Dark matter” stuff might, just might, be the Higgs Boson or “God particle.” But they can’t detect it in any way and don’t really know. The only thing they got to go on is one single point on a graph that shows something created in a collider with energy descriptors that match the theory. And that only lasts for a millionth of a second and is not always repeatable. They really don’t know WTF it is and may never really know.

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Massive Pedo Dirtbag Ring Uncovered by Italian Police

Painting by Biljana Durdjevic, known as a favorite artist of Tony Podesta — big rich DC democrat power broker, brother of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and former DNC chairman. Just what kind of sick, twisted dirtbag crap is going on here, for chrissakes? (INCOG)

From Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin @Daily Stormer

The establishment parties in most Western countries appear to all be infiltrated by the Deep Pedo State. When you think about how cucked and destructive most institutions in the West have become, consider that everything from the police to the politicians is chock-full to the brim with sadistic power-hungry homosexuals and that no one can do anything about it anymore.

In fact, the media doesn’t even like to report on it anymore.

A huge pedo ring bust involving a major left-wing Italian party is not international or even national news. I had to run this story through the translator because no one even bothered to report on it in English.


Eighteen people, including the PD mayor of Bibbiano (Reggio Emilia) Andrea Carletti, politicians, doctors, social workers, freelancers, psychologists and psychotherapists from a non-profit organization in Turin have been reached by precautionary measures by the Reggio Emilia police officers. The survey ‘Angels and Demons’ sees in the center the network of social services of the Val D’Enza, accused of having written false reports to remove children from families and place them in foster care paid by friends and acquaintances. According to investigators, there are also two confirmed cases of rape.

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Crazy Jews Now Blaming Us for Driving Them Insane

From Daily Stormer

Jews claim they are literally being driven insane because the goyim refuse to take their persecution fantasies seriously. The alternative hypothesis – that they were insane to begin with and their sense of being persecuted has no basis in factual reality – doesn’t seem to have been given much consideration at the Jewish Chronicle.

Mental health experts have warned of the impact racism is having on the Jewish community, as the JC reveals today how campaigners dedicated to fighting growing antisemitism in the Labour Party have suffered as a result.

A series of case studies shows the effects on those at the forefront of tackling antisemitism.

Dr Shubulade Smith, clinical director for the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said the issue was more widespread even than among those directly involved with fighting antisemitism: “It hurts me to the core to think about what has happened to the Jewish community. It is terrible and it is appalling.”

What has happened to them? Well, the Jews demand the suppression of someone’s speech. Usually, this is done immediately. But – just sometimes – it takes a little bit longer than the Jews would like. This drives the Jews insane. “Why can’t the stupid goyim see that any goy talking back must be suppressed instantly?!?

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Israeli Intel People Now Filling US Big Tech Positions

These devious backstabbers are tightening the screws on us White people all across the board. They know we’re fast waking up. Now they are working hard to silence free speech that might threaten their control over our lands before they fully turn us Whites into a morally-trashed and spat-upon minority. WTF UP WHITE PEOPLE! (INCOG)

From Daily Stormer

It’s been noted that many Big Tech execs are now of the brown-skinned persuasion. They come from countries and cultures with no tradition of free speech and no respect for it.

This is disturbing as we head into a future – if we’re not already in it – in which political battles will largely take place online.

But it gets worse.

Big Tech is now recruiting its execs directly from Israeli military intelligence.

In 2012, Jew billionaire Paul Singer started an outfit called “Start-Up Nation Central” (SUNC) whose goal was to strip America of tech jobs and relocate them to Israel, supposedly to help it combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

SUNC also promotes connections between the Israeli military’s Unit 8200 and American Big Tech. The Unit 8200 specializes in communications espionage.

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Spoiled Criminal Blacks Demand Slavery Reparations

By Andrew Anglin

I could do the whole bit about how American blacks are the wealthiest and most privileged blacks on earth, specifically because they were brought over as slaves.

I could do the thing about how the welfare they’ve sucked out of the white taxpayer is so much more than the wealth they produced working as slaves.

I could note that every single one of the endless black-on-white violent crimes that happens in this country every day is payback for slavery.

I could point out that even if you gave every black in America a million dollars in cash tomorrow, it would all be blown on drugs and parties and gold chains and rims in a matter of weeks, and blacks would be left in the exact same position they were in before receiving the money.

But it’s so dumb. I just don’t even want to engage this sort of thing.

It’s so ridiculous that responding to it makes me feel like I am ridiculous.

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Was General Patton Wacked by the US Government?

From UNZ Review

During the long Cold War many Russians grew sufficiently disenchanted with the lies and omissions of their own news outlets that they turned to Western radio for a glimpse of the truth.

The growth of the Internet has now provided Americans with a similar opportunity to click on a foreign website and discover the important stories that have somehow escaped the attention of their own leading journalists. Ironically, much of such “alternative media” coverage actually appears in the leading British newspapers, eminently respectable and published in our closest historic ally.

For example, three or four years ago I noticed a link on a prominent libertarian website suggesting that George S. Patton, one of America’s most renowned World War II military commanders, had been murdered by order of the U.S. government. Not being someone much drawn to conspiracy-mongering, the lurid claim seemed totally outlandish, but I decided to click my mouse and harmlessly examine a bit of Internet fringe-lunacy. However, the source turned out to be a lengthy article in Britain’s Sunday Telegraph, one of the world’s leading newspapers, describing a newly published book based on a decade of detailed research and interviews undertaken by an experienced American military affairs writer.

The book and the article had appeared in 2008 and I had never heard a word about the story in any of my major American newspapers. The description seemed sufficiently factual and detailed that I consulted a couple of prominent academics I know, with backgrounds in history and political science. They had also never encountered the theory, being just as surprised as I was by the material and by the fact that such remarkable revelations had never received any attention in our own country, home of the freest and most scandal-mongering media in the world.

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Backstabber Jews Leaving After Ruining South Africa


Jews were heavily involved in the movement to bring an end to white rule in South Africa.

But don’t take the Daily Stormer’s word for it. Hear it from the Jews themselves.

Tablet Mag:

In 1963, after South African police arrested six Jews and seven blacks in a raid on an African National Congress hideout in the Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia—a sweep that eventually landed Nelson Mandela in prison for more than 25 years—a white nationalist newspaper asked whether Jews were unhappy in South Africa. The community’s Board of Deputies responded unequivocally that the opposite was true, promising that South Africa’s Jews were loyal and patriotic. “No part of the community can or should be asked to accept responsibility” for the actions of a few, the board insisted in its official reply.

In time, of course, Mandela became a hero, and the actions of those few became a point of pride for South African Jews. Beginning with his years at Johannesburg’s more or less integrated University of the Witwatersrand—aka “Wits”—and later as an apprentice to a Jewish law firm, Nelson Mandela had a political life that was profoundly intertwined with those of Jewish activists who, to varying degrees, found in their Jewish identity the imperative to object to a system that, while almost completely welcoming to them, treated blacks in a way that many of these children of European refugees found discomfitingly familiar.

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Nasty Crap Now Getting Promoted All Over America

Believe it or not, this is a 11 year-old boy, who’s mother is all for him being a little tranny faggot. She even lets him dance for money in gay clubs. What he’s wearing here on ABC’s “Good Morning America” show is actually pretty tame compared to other bizarre get-ups of the kiddie freak. ABC suits certainly made the decision to tone it down a bit.*

Did you know it’s homo month?

By Phillip Marlowe

If you’ve read here for awhile, you probably know that I think there’s plenty of Global Pedophile rings running loose. Some people stupidly believe this is all nonsense “conspiracy theory” horse manure. Most of these “normies” are fairly clueless about such filthy things to begin with, and simply can’t imagine it. I, on the other hand, have seen a few things in my time, let me tell you.

I fully believe pedophilia has been used by the Globalists to staff positions of power. I also believe there’s been a long-running Pedo ring in Hollywood and that many people out there know it. There’s also subsets based around specific sexual perversions. Whether that DNC-associated pizza place (Comet Ping Pong) in DC is real or not, I couldn’t tell you for sure, but more than likely that particular one or something else is there. In fact, there’s been many big Pedo rings busted over the years, of which the national media reports nothing — to keep us White regular people from getting too suspicious and angry.

Folks, you don’t need me to tell you this kind of thing is totally sick. Taking advantage of innocent little kids to get your rocks off has to be one of the most evil things going. Sure, a few might be man-on-little girl (as if that’s OK), but the majority are nasty, sick sodomites who dig little hairless boys. I’m just telling you, man.

I remember years ago a girlfriend of mine taking me to this gay dance club (she loved disco dancing). It was one of those “bottle clubs” where you join for a nominal fee and bring your own bottle of liquor that they put your name on and store behind the bar. You simply paid the bartender for the soda to make your COCKtail. At the time, this was a tricky way of getting around ABC laws when it pertained to immorality, of which this place had in spades. Homos so love flaunting their sickness in public, especially when they get all tanked up on alcohol or drugs.

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The OJ Simpson Case 25 Years Later

The Day They Got One Over Whitey

Today, it will be 25 years since OJ Simpson nearly decapitated his mudshark whore ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and crazily stabbed dead the Jew waiter, Ron Goldman. Only in the last ten years or so has the media felt free enough to portray the crime as one OJ really did commit and got away with — even though Whites who knew the evidence back then already fully believed OJ did it.

Once big Globalist brainwasher media Jew Barbara Walters interviewed Kim Goldman, the media has freely portrayed OJ as guilty.

Not long ago, big time Jew media brainwasher and Council of Foreign Relations honcho, Barbara Walters, did all kinds of heart-tugging, tearful, heavily promoted TV interviews with fellow Jews, Fred and Kim Goldman (above). But if the male victim was just a regular old non-Jewish White guy that OJ sliced and diced to death that night on Gretna Green, none of these filthy backstabbing Jew hypocrites would care less.

When Judge Lance Ito had his court officer read the jury’s decision in the OJ murder case on October 3rd, 1995, America was hanging on every word. The acquittal verdict needs to be seen as THE watershed moment exposing how blacks are really like and how much “PC” screws over us White people.

The total BS that day fully exposed the ridiculous militancy of these psycho blacks, right along with their violent behavior — no matter how much us fair-minded Whites have bent over backwards and all the opportunities this country has given the black race to succeed in a civilized society.

This multicult experiment has clearly failed miserably. But it’s not us White people’s fault AT ALL. Blacks are simply undeserving of us decent White people’s constant efforts to please the spoiled rotten criminal brats.

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Sell-out George Will Wants America Turned to Crap

I can’t stand this stinking sell-out one damn bit. He used to wear a bow tie all the time like he was so intellectual, but still FUN! Not anymore. Someone must have told him he looked like a little jerk. Above is him on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell show — another sorry pencil neck bastard sell-out. You also now see him on ABC and CNN since he fills the “conservative role” for braindead viewers. Jew media stacks the decks against America and us White people. [INCOG]


George Will was the guy back in the 1990s. The key conservative intellectual. He was the Nick Fuentes to Rush Limbaugh’s Andrew Anglin.

Now, most people probably don’t have any idea who the fuck this asshole is, because now that the internet exists, there is at least something of a meritocracy, and the television and print media can’t just shove worthless pricks down your throat.

But he’s still alive, apparently. He appeared on The Hill TV this week to demand that White America be drowned in a never-ending flood of disease-ridden brown sludge.

He said:

I believe immigration is an inherently entrepreneurial act. It’s people uprooting themselves, taking a risk for themselves and their families. I think a country where the baby boomers are retiring, where we have an aging workforce, where we have seven million unfilled jobs at the moment, and we have people clamoring to get into our country and get to workI’m for as much immigration as the economy can take and the economy needs immigration just as much as the immigrants need the American economy.

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History Changed by One Old Antennae

On June 8, 1967 Israel attacked a US vessel in international waters in an obvious attempt to sink her and kill all aboard. They did it on purpose. The backstabbers killed 34, wounding another 174. Radio intercepts prove they knew it was American.

By Phillip Marlowe

I’m going to jot all this down in the middle of the night without doing too much research — just going by what I remember reading. I don’t really get paid for any of this, anyhoo. Also, something along these lines could easily happen today with Iran. Israel really wants us to take down that country. We’ve already done Iraq and Syria, although they really wanted to see Assad gone. Egypt and Jordan are paid off by our tax dollars.

If you don’t think the lousy Israelis would pull a fast one on us, then you’re blithering idiot. They did it to us before (probably several times). The most famous one that we know about was a US intelligence ship sailing just outside the war zone in international waters during the Israel-Egypt 1967 war.

When the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, they did strafing and rocketing runs on the ship’s superstructure and even dropped napalm across the bridge, destroying the ship’s main radio antennae — keeping them from sending out maydays. Of course, many US sailors were turned into bloody hamburger during all of this. I fully believe to this day, the plan of attack was to destroy the ship’s communications right off the bat.

One of the still alive sailors remembered they had an old whip antennae stowed away someplace that was broken in a minor way. They quickly retrieved and jury-rigged it, allowing them to get out the maydays to the US 6th fleet elsewhere in the Med.

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YouTube Mass Purging ALL “Wrong Think” Channels


Donald Kushner has shown that he has no interest in protecting the First Amendment or any of the other Amendments (where the fuck are my bump stocks?), and so the censorship Jews are just going absolutely nuts.

Despite the fact that these same kikes openly admit that they are causing violence with these policies.

This shutdown just keeps getting more and more radical, to the point where it is hard to even process.


Minutes after announcing a new policy clamping down on “hateful” and “supremacist” videos, YouTube got to work banning, demonetizing, or otherwise hiding videos from conservatives, journalists, and even black metal musicians.

The Google subsidiary updated its “hateful content” policies on Wednesday, announcing the clampdown in a blog post. The company said that from now on it will be “specifically prohibiting videos alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination, segregation or exclusion.” Other videos that don’t strictly violate the site’s rules – including those promoting phony science or conspiracy theories – will be subject to demonetization, and other measures to restrict their viewership.

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History Channel Unleashes Total PC BS for D-Day

By Phillip Marlowe

Did you see that show “D-Day: The Untold Stories” on the History Channel earlier tonight? Unbelievable re-write of History to push wall-to-wall PC propaganda. Jewish media is clearly on a roll to brainwash America with PC BS. It’s non-stop these days.

Did you know it was blacks and Jews who really won the battle? I say Jews plural but the documentary only had one old jug-eared Jew from the Bronx named Baumgartner whom they’ve used left and right for just about every WWII documentary for the last 20 years. They must have this old geezer on a monthly retainer. But few Jews ever really served as front-line troops. There used to be a website showing Jew casualties of WWII, but it was so pathetic someone had them take it down. You could literally scroll down the list in about 30 seconds or so. Say about 400-500 names out of 419,000 American dead from the entire war — both fronts. You do the math.

Then they jacked up the black quartermaster units everywhere, like they were in the heaviest fighting. My ass. Few viewers are going to know such units came ashore much later in the fight, long after German defenses were neutralized. The old black dudes interviewed sounded like your typical Mad Dog 20-20 black street drunks. They had them crying on camera talking in Ebonics about seeing American dead loaded aboard trucks like they were so traumatized. What a sorry laugh.

Get this straight: It was us White Christian men who were the ones who fought and died on that day. The little White town of Bedford, Virginia, lost more men than any other town in America. 19 Bedford Boys died that day. with another 2 during the campaign. All White guys. Iwo Jima was even worse casualty-wise per capita then D-Day and every one of those Marines were White or Hispanic Whites. I doubt there were many Jews and I know there wasn’t any Negroes fighting in the Corp.

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Israel Has Full Access to American’s Private Info


It’s fair enough for the NSA to run a global spy network and then feed Israel information so they can carry out targeted assassinations. And to give them all of the private data collected on all American citizens through their massive illegal spy network.

Because, after all: the Holocaust.


Frustrated by a legal ban on sharing intelligence with Israeli operatives conducting targeted assassinations against Hezbollah, the NSA crafted a loophole giving them total access even to US citizens’ data, leaked documents show.

The Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU), the NSA’s counterpart in Tel Aviv, convinced the Americans to circumvent the legal prohibition on providing surveillance data for targeted assassinations during Israel’s 2006 war with Lebanon, according to the newest revelation from the archives obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden.


I wonder why the NSA would be frustrated that they’re not allowed to give assassination dox info to Israel?

Is the NSA run by Jews, I wonder?

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You Need To Watch This Video NOW

By Phillip Marlowe

Thankfully, Whites are now waking up in droves. Please watch the video below the “continue reading” button before the Jews get it removed. It is way too powerful and persuasive for them to leave up and have more Goyim see. They will remove it outright or cripple it in some way — you watch. I’ve downloaded it so I can embed elsewhere. Also, it’s not just about Leo Frank, either. Watch to the end.

Only by enough of us knowing these things will we stand a chance of putting a stop to these brainwashing creeps. We have to get a mass awakening so each of us individually will not make too much difference should we get censored. You already know I’ve been working hard to awaken Whites in America, even though I get blocked on a fairly regular basis.

I’ve got plenty on Leo Frank here on my site (do a search). The little Jew bastard really did rape and murder poor little Mary Phagan (right) in 1913. He tried to pin it on the homies but it was so obvious he did it, he was fairly convicted by a jury, including Jews. The dirty punk did it, alright. Fortunately, good White men strung his skinny ass up on August 17, 1915 when the Jews tried to pull a fast one.

For decades, Jews everywhere have worked hard to portray this long ago crime as a giant case of “anti-Semitism” — even going so far as erect fancy bronze plaques and memorials around Atlanta attacking us White people as so evil. And they know they can get away with it all, too, because if you say one damn word different, they’ll scream “NAZI!” You see, that’s the trick these creeps have done to America’s head. The whole “PC” business has been meant to intimidate Whites into silence on many, many things. Even sick, bizarre tranny stuff and abortion is meant to stifle White reproduction in the long run.

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Hidden FBI Tapes Reveal MLK was a HUGE Dirtbag

Claim: Martin Luther King Jr. Watched and Laughed as His Pastor Friend Raped a Parishioner


I don’t know how anyone could be surprised by any revelations about Martin Luther King Jr. We know that he was a plagiarist, and I think that is pretty much the worst thing that anyone can ever be. He was also a communist, which is pretty bad. And he pretended to be a Christian while having nonstop affairs and doing drug-fueled orgies with white hookers.

So I mean. Does anyone have a hard time believing he laughed while one of his parishioners was raped in front of him by a fellow pastor?

Daily Mail:

Secret FBI tapes that accuse Martin Luther King Jr of having extramarital affairs with ’40 to 45 women’ and even claim he ‘looked on and laughed’ as a pastor friend raped a parishioner exist, an author has claimed. 

The civil rights hero was also heard allegedly joking he was the founder of the ‘International Association for the Advancement of P***y-Eaters’ on an agency recording that was obtained by bugging his room, according to the sensational claims made by biographer David Garrow – a Pullitzer prize-winning author and biographer of MLK.

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Satanic Skankface Madonna in Anti-Christ Israel

By Phillip Marlowe

Oh man, it’s all now coming out into the open everywhere. No doubt about it: Satan is running amok on the planet. And getting more in your face by the day.

Did you hear about Madonna’s performance at the 2019 “Eurovision” in Israel? Click on “continue reading” to see it for yourself. These creeps are not even hiding it any longer. People, people, we are now facing the “End Times” sure as I’m sitting here.

Our lands are being invaded by hordes of violent, criminal Third Worlders. Insane liberals are going mad in the streets over idiot causes. Living babies are horribly murdered with acid right up to the moment of birth. White people are freely trashed racially in the media. People are shooting each other in schools, workplaces and churches. Murderous blacks kill each other and us Whites all the time. Muzzies are burning down Christian churches, running people over and stabbing them in the streets. Little girls are getting knocked-up by mother’s boyfriends. Crazy naked sluts proudly march around our cities. Pedos are everywhere, even the Boy Scouts and pizza parlors. Legalized bestiality seems right around the corner. Injecting children with hormones to turn them tranny is A-OK. Faggotry is now out in the open and celebrated. Sodomites can get “married.” One is even running for president. Drug addiction, homelessness and public defecation are everywhere. Extreme weather patterns, tornadoes, flooding and out-of-control fires. Wars and rumors of wars.

Hey, I’m no big theologian dude, but it’s getting so obvious that even a regular guy like me can see it. Methinks something very big and scary is right around the corner. Hunker down, sports fans, the caca is about to hit the fan!

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Wake Up This Memorial Day White Guys!

This is what the NWO globalist rats are doing to America, Veterans!

Don’t you think it’s now time to fight for the America of your Forefathers and not some stupid BS going on in a Foreign Land?

Tell me I’m some kind of crazy?

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Roosevelt Conspired To Start WWII in Europe


Establishment historians claim that U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt never wanted war and made every reasonable effort to prevent war. This article will show that contrary to what establishment historians claim, Franklin Roosevelt and his administration wanted war and made every effort to instigate World War II in Europe.


The Germans seized a mass of documents from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs when they invaded Warsaw in late September 1939. The documents were seized when a German SS brigade led by Freiherr von Kuensberg captured the center of Warsaw ahead of the regular German army. Von Kuensberg’s men took control of the Polish Foreign Ministry just as Ministry officials were in the process of burning incriminating documents. These documents clearly establish Roosevelt’s crucial role in planning and instigating World War II. They also reveal the forces behind President Roosevelt that pushed for war.[1]Weber, Mark, “President Roosevelt’s Campaign to Incite War in Europe: The Secret Polish Documents,” The Journal of Historical Review, Vol. 4, No. 2 , Summer 1983, pp. 136-137, 140.

Some of the secret Polish documents were first published in the United States as The German White Paper. Probably the most-revealing document in the collection is a secret report dated January 12, 1939 by Jerzy Potocki, the Polish ambassador to the United States. This report discusses the domestic situation in the United States. I quote (a translation of) Ambassador Potocki’s report in full:

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What They Did to Nazi Germany was Simply Horrible

In a painting by a German artist of the time, innocent civilians and war refugees get turned to toast in Dresden by the allied firestorm bombing in February, 1945 when the war was pretty much over. About 130,000 people died horribly for absolutely no reason. Up to a million German civilians might have died by bombing during WWII yet the Globalist rats behind the war still wanted to drop the nuke on the Germans — just the scientists couldn’t finish it in time. The Nips certainly got it.

By Phillip Marlowe

I remember seeing a photo in a history book showing the dead corpses of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbel’s children outside Hitler’s Berlin bunkers. The poor little kids were dressed nicely and their skin was white as snow. The parent’s twisted, partially burned corpses lay next to them, carefully arranged for the photogs. Supposedly, they were poisoned by the Goebbels as the dirty raping commies closed in.

The photo was terrible. I thought deeply about the whole matter for quite some time. Since history books never used to show such things, I wondered why this was so important for the book editors to run. Then it struck me: The dirty bastards were gloating. This was something people somewhere were happy to show readers, including HS students. As a warning, no doubt. Lately, they’ve been running on TV (seems like every other day) WWII documentaries where they show black and white photos and film of German civilians who committed suicide in the closing days of the war. Even computer colorizing the blood like in a Speilberg movie. For real.

James Baker, Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and Secretary of State under H. W. Bush, once said something very revealing:

“We painted Hitler as a monster, a devil. And that’s why we couldn’t move away from that portrayal after the war. We had mobilized the masses against the devil incarnate. And so we were forced to continue in this satanic scenario after the war. We could not possibly made our people clear (to them) that the war was actually only a preventive economic measure.”

— German magazine Der Spiegal interview, 1992

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Black US Support Units Raped Like Crazy in WWII

Regardless of all the modern day diversity brainwashing like the phony Tuskegee “Red Tails” black fighter pilot tall tales,* few blacks actually took part in any real WWII combat. Mostly they loaded deuce and a half trucks in the “Red Ball express.” A few did man artillery battalions closely commanded by White officers because it was too dangerous to let them do any targeting. (INCOG)

“Liberation” brought a horde of negro rapists to France


Freedom isn’t free. For France, the price of liberation was paid by its women as a horde of raping negroes was unleashed upon the land, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Here is what we know for certain. Between 14 June 1944 and 19 June 1945, the American army judged 68 case of ordinary rape involving 75 victims, 3 (4 %) of whom were refugees…. In total, 139 soldiers were present on the scenes of the crimes – 117 (84 %) of them were black and 22 (16 %) were white. The army judged 116 of these soldiers, 94 (81 %) black and 22 (19 %) white. The prosecution used some of the soldiers who were not sentenced as witnesses against the accused. One of the most important revelations concerned the military identity of the rapists.

…To our surprise, the archives of the American military justice system reveal that the great majority of soldiers sentenced for rape in France were not front-line combatants but members of logistical support units, i.e. soldiers responsible for providing the front-line soldiers with ammunition, food, fuel and spare parts.

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Crazy Zio Goy John Bolton Planning Big War for Israel

John Bolton is determined to drag America into a war with Iran because he is more concerned about the interests of Israel than the interests of America. He is a very bad person.

Deranged Zionist John Bolton Reportedly Participates in Unusual Meeting with the CIA on Iran


John Bolton is like a real life character from the 1960s Stanley Kubrick movie Dr. Strangelove. Everything about this guy is bad news. We’re dealing with someone whose only goal in life is to do endless war for Jews. He alone could literally be responsible for pushing the United States into a simultaneous three-front war against Venezuela, Iran and North Korea. That’s not hyperbole either.

There are now reports coming out that Bolton participated in what is being described as an unusual meeting with the CIA on Iran.

The Hill:

White House national security adviser John Bolton last week participated in a meeting at CIA headquarters to discuss Iran with the Trump administration’s top intelligence, diplomatic and military officials, NBC News reported Thursday.

The meeting was rare in that national security meetings are usually held in the White House Situation Room, and senior White House officials and Cabinet members don’t typically attend meetings at the CIA.

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Could Globalist Jewry Really Control The FBI?

I wrote this back in 2017. But I still think it has some things people need to know, regardless of whether or not you like Trump. Hell, if anyone has any real dirt on Trump, it’s the Jews, not Putin. He certainly knows well not to flock with the Jews. And I’m not talking about the usual lefty types, either. This would explain a whole hellava lot.

By Phillip Marlowe

This question needs to be seriously asked since “Deep Staters” in DC are apparently getting away with conspiring against Trump before and after the election, while Hillary still lives richly and untroubled after all that has been uncovered about her in the last couple of years. AG Jeff Sessions has done virtually nothing, as the American public is continuously subjected to anti-Trump/Russian collusion BS night after night. Everyone is sick of it. Even the so-called FBI failures over Nikolas Cruz and the resulting shootings at that Parkland Florida high school should make one suspicious.

My father himself once met J. Edger Hoover. Can’t exactly go into details, but he did. I remember asking him as a teenager if he believed the rumors about the Mob having photos of Hoover dressed in drag. Of course, the whole business of faggotry and tranny type stuff grossed both of us the hell out, but he couldn’t dismiss the possibility since a lot of people back then knew Hoover had a right hand man, Clyde Tolson, who never left his side and the two even vacationed together. Also, Hoover never married nor had any liaisons with broads that we know about to this day.

Dad and I both used to read quite a bit about Mob history. I remember driving around Manhattan and surrounding NYC boroughs, spotting various locales famous in the world of crime, like Sparks Steakhouse where crime boss Paul Castellano and his driver Tommy Billati got rubbed out by “Teflon Don” Gotti’s boys in 1985. One lazy Sunday, a long-ago NY girlfriend even drove me by where Castellano lived on Staten island. And sure, my dad and I both knew that Jews were heavily involved in criminal Mob rackets, like Meyer Lansky — who died peacefully in his own bed after hiding out in Israel while setting the stage for an engineered acquittal in a Mob trial back in the states.

But the idea of Jews controlling the Feds is truly the stuff of nightmares.

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Donald Trump is an Agent of a Foreign Government

Donald Trump Should be Prosecuted for Failing to Register as an Agent of a Foreign Government


US President Donald Trump has proved himself not to be an agent of the American people, but an agent of Israel.

With his administration’s decision to send an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, the latest of his escalations in the Middle East, it is only appropriate that he be required to register as an agent of a foreign government.

It is the law that in order to work in the US on behalf of a foreign government, you need to register as such. Recently, there were two high-profile cases where people have been sent to prison for failure to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, namely, those of Paul Manafort and Maria Butina.

As we are all too well aware, Donald Trump has done nothing for America.

  • Trump has not built a wall.
  • We have more immigrants coming in than at any time in American history.
  • We experienced a record number of opioid deaths in 2018 and the drugs still flow freely.
  • Trump is attempting to force the US into multiple wars that are of no benefit to us.
  • Trump banned bump stocks.
  • Trump is allowing all of his supporters (many of them now former supporters) to be banned from the internet.
  • Trump is allowing his supporters to be arrested and imprisoned for supporting him.
  • Trump is escalating tensions with Russia for no reason.
  • Trump has not pulled out of NATO.
  • Trump’s replacement of NAFTA is the same thing as NAFTA.

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