Backstabbing Jews Out to Stop The Donald



When Trump had the temerity to tweet a graphic about black crime, lefty Jews went livid; yet the mainstream media blacked out the potentially juicy, anti-Trump story — simply not wanting this one particular subject matter talked about too freely among the braindead public.*

From The New Observer

Even though he is fanatically pro-Israel, Donald Trump’s opposition to illegal immigration has turned the entire Republican Party’s Jewish lobby against him, an article in the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper has revealed.

The article, titled “Donald Trump’s Rise Sparks Widespread Angst among Jewish Republicans,” reports on a meeting of the “Republican Jewish Committee” (RJC), which it described as the party’s “big donors and high-powered operatives.”

It says that a poll was taken in the room to “make sure they had someone supporting each potential Republican nominee”—in effect saying they were making sure that each of the Republican party nominees were sufficiently in line with their Jewish agenda, and that their money would be spread evenly so that no matter who won, one of “their people” would always be the winner.

As the article continued:

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What’s All This About ISIS Oil, Media Brainiacs?


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Over the last couple of weeks or so, I’ve been watching the non-stop BS on TV about this terrorist attack in Paris and frankly, I’m noticing the Zionist race brainwashing of White people is getting way, way too obvious and out-of-control. THEY insist we accept the mass immigration into our lands with non-Whites, whom they call “refugees” — no matter where they come from, who they are and why. Terrorists? They really don’t give a damn if they are or not, just as long as the White genocide program continues unabated.

White folks, they play on our emotions and our good graces all the time. Like when Obongo said we need to let in the “refugees” because of our noble “tradition of compassion” and “American core values.” They know exactly what buttons to push in us decent White people — like that little drowned Syrian boy who they broadcast a photograph of him dead on the beach in Lesbos, Greece (where the term “lesbian” comes from), after his parent’s boat sunk. They ran that photo all over the national dinner time news hour expressly to elicit our sympathies for the flood of more Muslims to come. It was clear what they were up to.*

The SOBs have been jerking our chains for decades now. Don’t you see? Notice how they always have to have some sort of “boogieman” to work us up and fill our little heads. It might even be a relatively piddly threat, a “let it happen on purpose” terrorist event or maybe even a full-blown, orchestrated false-flag — but whatever it is, they can easily blow it all up to scare us into going along with their various Geopolitical agendas and social cross agendas (seemingly non-related issues are often used to reinforce something else “PC”  in your head). These mass population manipulation techniques and global chess games are really so last century.

Let me tell you about this one “little” thing a smart TV Jew “expert” himself briefly mentioned on CNN the other day that should make you think BIG TIME about the huge head job the media is doing to Americans. Yet the TV anchor person totally ignored the implications. It’s so short and sweet, you’ll understand immediately the BS without anyone having the least excuse to call you a “conspiracy nut” or whatever MEME they now have out there designed to keep your mouth shut.

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Happy Thanksgiving From THE INCOG MAN!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING JEW 2INCOG HOLIDAY TIP: Always cut the head off before putting in the oven!

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Amanda Blackburn’s Killers SO BUSTED



By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Amanda Blackburn’s killers busted — FINALLY. Three “Dindu Obama Sons” were arrested last night and over the past week (on unrelated charges, like parole violations, so typical of the race); with one 18 year-old black punk, Larry Jo Taylor, fingered as the shooter. Turns out, the animal also raped the poor woman (they probably had to wait for DNA testing of what he left you know where). The black trio behind the crime cutely called themselves “The Kill Gang” and committed various acts of criminal mayhem all over town. Tell me: Is this race NOT completely out-of-control and off the rails?

The Blackburns had a baby son, Weston.

Amanda and her baby son, Weston. Doesn’t this photo just piss you the hell off?

Amanda’s pastor husband came home to find his young wife barely still alive — shot three times (in her left arm, upper back and back of head to finish her off). She was also beaten and raped (termed a “sexual assault”). Maybe that’s why they first tried to keep the story on the down low as much as possible — so us Whites stay asleep and stupid to the continuing racial destruction of our lands by the subversive NWO Jews. The demonic bastards have been behind all this black militancy and PC crap from very beginning!

Even though the media did run surveillance shots — the ones where you can’t see much of anything — you can bet they also had ATM surveillance shots, when the black killer and/or his two criminal homies used her bank cards — after they got her pin number by torturing her in some sick way, or threatening to shoot her child right in front of her.

Just try to tell me they didn’t have a photo — no matter how grainy — that showed a ugly black greedily licking his big fat bootlips waiting for the machine to dispense his ill-gotten dinaros?

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The Day They Murdered America


By Phillip Marlowe (originally first published on the Internet 2 years ago)

On November 22, 1963, America and much of the world was completely traumatized when our young president was assassinated suddenly in Dallas, Texas. President John F. Kennedy was full of promise and his beautiful family had captivated the nation. Not only was JFK handsome and rugged, he had boatloads of charm, wit and intelligence. Plus, he seemed genuinely patriotic for a politician and even fought in combat during WWII.

His assassination was a GD crying shame. He may well have been the last worth-a-crap president America had. If it was indeed just Oswald — as they continually tell us — or if others had a hand like I truly suspect, I pray each and everyone of the bastards roasts upon the fiery coals of hell for eternity while getting buggered by the freakiest-looking of demons.

I actually remember the day of the assassination, however hazily. I was in my first grade classroom, when my family lived in a clean, safe, White bedroom community of Washington, DC (dad worked downtown as a cog in the government bureaucracy).

Now I don’t remember all that much, just that I was in this big bright sunlit classroom that had one of those trapezoid angled loudspeakers, the kind made from shellacked yellow pine, up on the wall high above the teacher’s head. Sometime after 2 pm that Friday afternoon, it suddenly sprang to life, announcing the President had been shot and we would all be going home a little early that day. I recall no usual outbursts of kiddie glee.

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Blacks Murder Whites Yet Only Black Lives Matter

TANYA CHAMBERLAIN MAINBlack children ambushed and stabbed 43-year-old Tanya Chamberlain all about the face, neck, chest and hands (probably defensive wounds) as she vacuumed out her car and then took her bloody dead body for a joyride.

White Missouri woman horrifically murdered by black 8th graders, but only black lives matter

From David Duke’s website

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — All month we have been hearing about the protests at the University of Missouri by black students outraged that allegations of students had been called the N-word by passers-by in a pickup truck and that the school administration had not taken adequate measures to address the allegations. Backed by support from the national media, the BlackLivesMatters movement has caused the resignation of the university’s president and two other top officials.

Also in Missouri this month there was another incident that has not been nearly as high a priority of the Zio media. This horrific murder of a white woman by two black eighth graders has been reported widely, but has not captured the outrage of the Zio media the N-word does. And of course, although this case may be particularly grim, violent crime by blacks against whites has been many times as prevalent as vice versa, despite the well publicized recent incidents involving the police.

But don’t expect anyone to ask BlackLivesMatters or their supporters in the media and political establishment whether Tanya Chamberlain’s life mattered. We can tell from their silence that clearly they do not think so.

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Muslims or Middlemen: A Guide For White People


By George Papailias

Upon watching the footage of “With Open Gates” a documentary film showing the planned extermination of native Europeans. I was inspired to write this article. Over 2 million people have seen this video and there has been a reaction of shock to it, since those who are not Nationalists are watching it. Just days later, TV images of terrorist attacks in the center of Paris appeared on our screens. Some watched with despair and hopelessness, others anger, others confusion. We as the nationalists can use this as an opportunity, and that is what this article is all about.

This article will talk about ways to fight what is happening, and a subject that is often overlooked by many among us.  That subject is who are the middlemen? When I refer to “middlemen” I am referring to what many would call the “European traitor” or the “Leftist”, however I will also go further to explain that these traitors can take many forms other than the more traditional enemies of Nationalism.

The threat to Nationalists has 3 main categories, the Zionists (Jews), the European Traitors (“Middlemen”) and Illegal Immigrants (Muslims). Among these 3, there is a chain of command, Zionists at the top, the traitors, and then the Illegal Immigrants. What they are doing to our people can be compared to contract murder in organized crime. The Zionist is the boss ordering the hit, the Muslims are the gun, and the “middlemen” are the paid killers pulling the triggers of these guns.

In Nationalist circles on the internet, the most common subject is the criminal behavior of the immigrants, followed by the more complex subject of international Zionism and media control. The focus on those in the middle is one of the least exposed, and in light of recent events, increasing exposure of the who, what, where, when and why of these people is extremely important.

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Spoiled Blacks Cry Over Losing Media Coverage

AH BEEZ BLACK Mr. Angry Black Man in the center is one Jonathan Butler, a spoiled black brat who supposedly went on a “hunger strike” until the PC-pussified White University of Missouri school president resigned (replaced by a black, natch). Butler’s daddy is a railroad executive vice president who made almost 7 million in 2014 alone (I bet affirmative action has a lot to do with it). Can you believe the amount of black BS going on in America these days? Are you not sick and tired of these stinking GD black brats complaining every minute of the day? (INCOG)



Nothing is ever good enough for these Blacks. Now they are complaining about losing the media spotlight because some deranged Moslem assholes killed hundreds of people in Paris.

Let’s just ship these whining pieces of outdated farm equipment back to Africa. The amount of time wasted dealing with their “hurt feelings” is insane.

From Breitbart:

Campus activists in America showed their true faces during an international tragedy last night: they are the selfish, spoiled children we always knew they were.

Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters responded to the murder of scores of people in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists by complaining about losing the spotlight and saying their “struggles” were being “erased.” Their struggles, remember, consist of a poop swastika of unknown provenance and unsubstantiated claims of racially-charged remarks somewhere near Missouri’s campus.

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Muslim Terrorists Go Haywire in Not-So-Gay Paris


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

In Paris, France, yesterday, a bunch of Muzzie terrorists organized a big attack against multiple targets, resulting in at least 130 dead. Not only did the Muzzies run wild with AK-47’s across the city, but used grenades and suicide bombs to kill dozens of innocent people, gathered for a football game (called soccer by us yanks) and totally shot up a Southern California band rock concert, killing over 80. Muzzies opened fire on an outdoor café in a drive-by style attack. Those poor SOBs sitting at tables on the sidewalk, eating Cambodian food (how wonderfully diverse) and drinking vino didn’t have a chance — by the time they realized something bad was happening, a 7.62×39 mm AK bullet smashed into their confused faces.*

Look, I mostly try to cut the Muzzies some slack at my site, simply because of the evil Zionist transgressions in the Mideast. Not only to the Palestinians, either, but all over the region, as the evil Jews conspire to get one set of Muzzies torqued about another, so they can set the stage for their “Greater Israel” regional hegemony agenda. They’ve been at this for decades. Zionist Israel has totally flocked up the area — right along with much of the world because of it.

That being said, I truly believe that the White countries of the West are no places for the desert-dwelling Hajis and goat eyeball-eating Sandniggers. The only reason they are over her in OUR LANDS, is because of the Marxist Jews trying to destroy White political demographics so we can’t go all Nazi on their asses once again. Stupid White liberals in the government and media have helped these efforts immensely (you should see the insane multicult brainwashing they pump out on TV to the masses).

It’s tragically ironic that in the weeks before this horrifying attack, lefty European politicians were seriously saying there was more danger from “White supremacist” Neo Nazi terrorists than any Muslim refugees. Can you believe that? As Jamal Ooga-Booga might say down in the hood: “SHEEEEEIT! Yo mus be trippin’ man.”

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Filthy Apes DID Kill Young Pastor’s Pregnant Wife

AMANDA BLACKBURN MURDER IN INDIANAPOLISWatch how fast the story drops down the rabbit hole after they now know the perp was black.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Can you believe the daily horrors now being waged against the White race by these brutal black bastards? It just gets worse and worse and worse for Whites in America.

The Blackburns had a baby son, Weston.

The Blackburn’s baby son was home when his mother was shot.

Davey Blackburn, a young pastor in Indianapolis, Indiana (now a hot bed of violent black criminality), came home Tuesday to find his young wife, Amanda Grace, with a bullet in her head — yet still breathing. Just try to imagine the scene. The woman was kept on life support at the hospital, but didn’t have a chance. Her organs were soon donated (just like something Whites do).

She was the mother of a one year-old toddler, Weston, and 12 weeks pregnant with the couple’s second child. They think she might have been trying to protect her son when she was shot. But they probably don’t really know.

It appears at least one (he may have had a running mate) criminal black drove into the neighborhood to rob homes — occupied or not. Violent blacks commit home invasions in Indianapolis all the time (see one story below “continue reading”). Sure, we don’t know exactly what transpired after he or they broke into the Blackburn’s home or what made them “put a cap into the Whitey bitch,” but you can rightly guess the poor woman was scared out of her wits. They might have raped her, made her do something sick at the point of a gun (what traitorous PC media euphemistically calls a “sexual assault”), threatened to kill her one year-old son if she didn’t hand over money and valuables fast enough, or maybe even all of the above.

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Video: The Collective Suicide of European Nations

JEWS EFFORTS TO RACIALLY DESTROY WHITE NATIONSClick continue to watch a MUST SEE video. The filthy, lousy Jews really have been in a guerilla war against us White people — no doubt at all.

Will not last long on Youtube — immediately watch, download and disseminate to all Whites. Get them to come here — anything you can do to help spread the word on what these subversive bastards are doing to our race!

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Think About All This on Veteran’s Day

MESSAGE TO WHITE VETERANS XPRTThe NWO bastards are freely destroying the America of our Forefathers, while spitting in our faces and laughing all the way to the bank. Had enough? You will.


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Israel Hitting US for 5 Billion in Defense Spending


From David Duke’s site:

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — Did you wonder why so many Jews from PM Netanyahu on down cried “existential threat” regarding the Iran deal, which if anything was very unfair to Iran and tramples their internationally sanctioned right to develop nuclear power? The whole thing was a set up — a way for Jewish extremists to have their bagel and eat it too. They forced Iran to dismantle its nuclear fuel processing infrastructure, and now they can also whine that the scary Iranian threat warrants a massive increase in U.S. military aid to Israel. It is worth keeping in mind that the three or five billions in formal military aid is just the tip of the whineberg. For instance, when Rabbi Dov Zakheim was Defense Department Comptroller in 2004 he revealed that $2.3 trillion could not be accounted for. No doubt a good share of this wound up in Israeli accounts. So now the Israelis and their supporters in the Jewish lobby are handing over their shopping list to American taxpayers.

They say that America owes their number one best ally ever billions of extra shekels because of the dangerous deal Obama cut with Iran. That’s easy for Jew to say!

US officials: Israel requesting $5 billion in annual defense aid

Congressional sources say Jerusalem’s ‘shopping list’ to top $50 billion over decade; negotiations in preliminary stages.

Israel is asking the United States for $5 billion in annual defense aid for a decade, beginning in 2017, US congressional sources told Reuters on Wednesday. The request — a total of $50 billion — is a significant increase from Israel’s current aid package, which stands at close to $3 billion per year. The sources estimated that the White House and Israel would ultimately agree on a sum between $4 billion and $5 billion.

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Jewish Fear and Loathing of The Donald


“…they see Trump as potentially leading to a fascist counter-revolution that would spell the end of the project …. of creating a multi-cultural, non-White America…”

By Kevin MacDonald

There is some anxiety among Jews about Donald Trump’s candidacy. In fathoming why this might be, one could perhaps start by asking how Trump departs from the ideal presidential candidate. For Jews, the ideal candidate is (1) predictably and fanatically pro-Israel; (2) predictably liberal/left on social issues, particularly anything related to immigration and multiculturalism; and (3) in need of big campaign money contingent on satisfying (1) and (2). There can be little doubt that Jeb Bush, who was the early favorite of Sheldon Adelson and the Republican Jewish Coalition, filled the bill quite well. But Bush now seems to be fading, with Adelson leaning toward Marco Rubio — he of the Gang of Eight immigration amnesty/surge bill and saying all the right things about Israel and the Middle East.

Trump would seem to be acceptable on Israel given his statement that “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.” On the other  hand, he does not come across as an ideal neocon candidate, having stated that he would not have invaded Iraq (a triumph of  Israel, the neocons, and the Israel Lobby), opposes using US force for “nation-building” (another favorite neocon policy and one of the rationales for the Iraq invasion), and for his recent statements on Syria— that Putin’s support for Assad makes more sense than the US policy (“we don’t even know who we’re backing“).

And of course, Trump has long-term business connection with Jews, Jews have highly visible positions in his campaign, and his daughter has converted to Judaism. But despite all that, there have been several examples where well-connected, high-profile Jews have expressed anxiety about Trump precisely because of their Jewish identity, and it seems to me that the common denominator here is nothing less than that they see Trump as undermining elite consensus on immigration and the moral imperative of the end of White America. Or to put it less delicately, they see Trump as potentially leading to a fascist counter-revolution that would spell the end of the project, very much promoted by the Jewish community, of creating a multi-cultural, non-White America completely cut off from its pre-1965 moorings.

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US Media Silent on Candidate Slut Walk in Israel

US POLITICIANS ARE ISRAEL SLUTS“Why are we not hearing about how candidates for the highest office in the United States are campaigning for support in Israel?”

From Renegade Broadcasting

Last month it was reported that US presidential candidates are headed to Jerusalem, Israel to present their foreign policy positions, discuss Israel-US relations (Israel comes 1st), talk tough on terrorism and wars in the Middle East, and basically promise to be Israel’s bestest friend in the whole wide world… forever! We were not told who will be in attendance, but I imagine all of the top contenders wouldn’t miss an opportunity to kiss jew ass, including Mr. Trump, who supports Israel 1,000%.

Each US presidential candidate will have a one hour segment at the forum, presenting their own ideas and solutions to questions put to them by a select group of media leaders.

The US Presidential Candidates’ Forum is part of the International Leaders Summit. Co-founder and president of the summit, Joel Anand Samy, said:

During the 20th century, America’s strategic leadership in foreign, security and trade policy affirmed our common civilization based on the rule of law — protecting life, liberty and private property [LOL!]. At the Jerusalem Leaders Summit’s forum featuring US presidential candidates, America’s next president will be able to address the challenges, threats and opportunities of the 21st century.

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Dirty Jews Working to Racially Destroy WHITE LANDS

The Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project

By Benjamin Garland @Renegade Broadcasting

Jew Sharon Pardo rubbing his hands together during a meeting.

A grinning Sharon Pardo rubs his shekel-grubbing hands together during a meeting, probably after just hearing a report on Europe taking in more non-White immigrants. Jew supremacists like this ugly little creep, have long felt free as a bird conspiring among each other to trash the racial makeup of White countries — just look at that nervy Jew bastard! (INCOG)

I’ve recently come across an interesting document (found here) which details a conference that took place in Israel on May 7, 2013, called the “Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project.”

It is comprised of transcripts of the talks given by the various Jews and European representatives who were at the conference, which was sponsored by Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and is well worth a read.

Dr. Sharon Pardo [right], in his “welcoming remarks,” begins the conference with a deluge of sickening praise for the Jews as “Europe’s Chosen People” and the “essence of Europeaness.”

An example of a reason given for this praise is that “the Jews in the twentieth century were the principal cosmopolitan, integrating element in central Europe: They were its intellectual cement, a condensed version of its spirit, creators of its spiritual unity,” but mostly it is predicated on the fact that they are and have been the main promoters and instigators of the ‘multiculturalizing’ of Europe – i.e. the forced integration and destruction of the identity, culture, and traditions of the indigenous White Europeans, who are now, thanks to this multiculturalism, likely to be replaced by an Islamic caliphate that will, in all probability, be defined by crime-ridden slums, terrorism, mass rape and brutal, long term internecine warfare.

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Evil INCOG Infiltrates Big Trump Political Rally

CELL PHONE SHOTPhoto taken by your’s truly.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Went to see “The Donald” at his rally held at the battleship USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia, this past Saturday — Halloween afternoon. Got there pretty early and found myself in front of the podium, only about 20 feet or so away from where he was to speak. It was a full 2 hours before his scheduled appearance.

They had this big funky Negro boogie band, all dressed up in orange sequined jump suits, fro wigs and 70’s platform shoes back behind me about 50 yards away on a stage next to the media platform (for all the TV reporters and cameras on tripods). The WWII era battleship was docked right behind the podium, where I gathered Trump would end up. During the long wait, I kept myself mentally occupied by pleasantly visualizing all the cannons and anti-aircraft guns going off like crazy, blowing the crap out of Jap kamikaze planes and the beach at Haifa, Israel.

Only a few blacks were in attendance. One in 300 by the looks of it. I liked that, being a big racist hater boy as you well know — yet I’m sure today’s PC-screwed (so screwed they can’t even talk about it) Republicans would have preferred more “color” in the audience. But it wasn’t just old White people in the crowd, either. Plenty of young, attractive Whites were in abundance, including some real hotties. A good-looking blond babe was right behind me with a handsome White guy. It’s easy to see why butt ugly Jews and black monkeys so hate our race. Pure, stinking jealousy, no doubt at all!

Waiting in line before getting in, the person I came with entertained folks with some great snide jokes about Hillary. He’s a big joker type like me, too. As we came up on the final security checkpoint, this faggoty-looking White guy and a stone silent, expressionless chink chick were standing there holding pro-immigration signs. The White libtard said something about Trump being another Hitler as I was going by. I yelled practically right in his face “it’s always about Hitler with you people!” Those nearby roared with approval.

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America’s Real Monsters — Any Time of the Year

THE REAL MONSTERS IN AMERICAForget about Frankensteins, Werewolves or Vampires — the murderous black race are the real-life monsters! The tears tattoo underneath the left eye means the black gangsta is bragging about killing two people.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

For every upcoming holiday I think about maybe doing up a humorous photoshop image for my visitors to have a chuckle or two when they come to my site (I’m such a nice guy). But for this year’s Halloween, I am in no mood for laughs. I’ve pretty much had it with  black behavior anymore and decided to just explain the facts of life (and death) for us Whites in America today. Some foolish Whites coming here for the first time might be too brainwashed and say I’m only lying because I’m a racist. Total BS!

Unfortunately, it is all too true: We do indeed have real-life, murderous monsters freely roaming across our lands, both day and night. There’s probably quite a few near most coming here right now and if such black demons can get away with it, many would happily shoot you, stab you, or even burn you alive for whatever little happens to be in your wallet, your “sailphone,” or just because you were born an “evil” White person — another “slave holder descendent.” To them, because of your white skin, it’s time for payback — regardless of your real ancestry (practically all Whites have ZERO slavery ancestry). All of which should tell you blacks are the real hateful “racists.”

Look at reality, White people (and everyone else, actually). You could die tomorrow from being randomly and brutally murdered by criminal blacks than dying from any phony, tired movie monster character, or the ridiculous, biologically impossible “reanimated dead” zombies bull crap. Or even the relatively rare White killer, for that matter. Whites need to understand that blacks are completely off the rails when it comes to violent behavior. You know this is a fact deep down inside, once you mentally free yourself from the media anti-White race brainwashing you’re exposed to 24/7.

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Only White When They Want Us To Think So


By Matt Parrot @Traditionalist Youth Network

Rabbi Gil Steinlauf

Rabbi Gil Steinlauf

Rabbi Gil Steinlauf is leading an important development in American race relations, the steady drift of Jews away from publicly identifying as “White.” The history of Judaism and Whiteness in America is a complicated one, and Steinlauf’s hackneyed historiography is far from the full story. In the Old South, the (largely Southern European and Western European) Jews were firmly on the White side of the racial binary, and Southern Jews even played a generally supportive role in the Civil War.

As Ashkenazi Jews trickled, dribbled, then flooded into the Mid-Atlantic cities from Eastern Europe, the relationship between Whiteness and Jewishness that exists today began to take shape, one in which they publicly identify with the host population when it suits them (and when it suits their attacks on the host population), while privately identifying as “other.” For historical reasons, White Americans struggle to distinguish between racial and ethnic identity. The overwhelming majority of racially White immigrants and settlers assimilated, making it so that one’s color was generally synonymous with one’s ethnic identity and loyalty.

For well over a century, Jews have enjoyed a unique double-standard relationship where we consider them within our circle of civic altruism and yet they don’t merely exclude us from their own circle of altruism, they consider us enemies to be vanquished. The small, isolated, and historically curious pockets of settler-stock Jewish Americans who were limited exception to this trend were handily defeated by the wealthy and powerful New York Jews during the Leo Frank affair, the historical moment when Jews decided in an organized manner that they would not assimilate, would not integrate, and would not view White Americans as allies, partners, or brothers.

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Big NeoCON Zio Jew Pushes Marco Rubio




This guy is an ambitious little punk, banking on his Hispanic name and whatever sucking up to Jews he can manage. (INCOG)

Rubio: The guy is an ambitious little punk, banking on his Hispanic name (the peeps of color BS) and whatever sucking up to rich Jews he can manage. A Jew-financed Third Party run will split the Republicans and virtually assure a DemoCRAP win. (INCOG)

The subversive Jew Bill Kristol is now pushing Marco Rubio [right] for President. Not a surprise considering Rubio is being backed by big Jewish financiers. It seems as if Rubio is being looked at as the last hope for the Jewish establishment to thwart Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

What’s amazing is that Kristol has said that he’d support a third party if Trump wins the nomination. Quite incredible considering all the attention that was paid to Trump pledging support for the eventual Republican nominee.

Seriously though, why is this weasel warmongering Jew still in America? Isn’t their enough blood on his hands with all the war propaganda he’s spread over the decades? The fact that he is against Trump is reason enough to support Trump. It is hard to believe that anyone still takes this lying Jew seriously. Someone really needs to wipe that retarded smug grin off his face.

From Washington Examiner:

The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol predicted Thursday that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina will eventually lead the Republican ticket, and that Donald Trump would fade.

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How Could Anyone Vote for this Bush Bozo?


Over the last week or so, the media went on and on about Donald Trump ruffling a few feathers when he said George W. Bush (Dubya) failed to protect the US before 9/11. About the only one really pissed off was his kid brother, Jeb — or as he calls himself “Jeb!” with the cutely appended exclamation point and the dropped last name — which tells you he doesn’t want family name association, since the masses might start getting suspicious about the real deal with America’s sycophant political class.

Brother Dubya did indeed ignore intelligence reports of something big coming down the pike when he was briefed by National Security advisor Condolezza Rice and the CIA in August of 2001. Hell, he was briefed back in May of 2001 that a serious threat was coming from Al Qaeda. This is all a matter of public record and part of the official narrative, so I hardly sympathize with Jeb(!).

Also, since I am indeed a big 9/11 “truther,” I think it’s kind of a moot point. I believe Dubya — at the very least — pulled a FDR stunt on America; meaning he and backroom conspirators wanted something bad to happen and so let it happen on purpose (but he may have been kept totally out of the loop). Roosevelt purposefully irked the Japs and did whatever else he could to grease the skids so they would bomb Pearl Harbor. ROOSKI-velt needed the excuse to get isolationist, Depression-weary America into war with Hitler; FDR’s buds — the International Jew banking clique — wanted us to kill Der Fuerher and his White German followers. Jewry couldn’t allow any country as strong as Germany to expose the Jews — especially the big Central Banking debt scam and the upcoming next stage in the Zionist Israel project.

Mr. Exclamation Point Bush got himself a bit twerked over his big brother getting exposed by Trump. Like BFD. And he thinks us “conservatives” need to be, too. After-all, Dubya did go into Afghanistan to roust the evil Terrorists who hate America only because we wear blue jeans and like swimming with drunk, bow-legged women at the beach (they know me all too well) and never, ever anything to do with what the holocausted Hebrews do to the Palestinians in Israel — our favorite little buddy in the Mideast.*

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Decent Canadian Guy Faces Trial by Zio Jew Forces

ARTHUR TOPHAM TRIALThis man has been unjustly persecuted by Zionist, Jewish forces just for saying the truth about how they are screwing Palestinians and corrupting Canada across the board — the censoring creeps work hard to silence the least exposure of their on-going “agendas.” And this guy is nowhere near as mean as I am, too!

GO TO HIS SITE HERE: RADICAL PRESS. Drop him a dime, if you got it.

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Jew Official: “There Is No Native Swedish Culture”

Ingrid Lomfors Jew Anti-Swede

Official Working for the Swedish Government: “There Is No Native Swedish Culture”


Ingrid Lomfors: Lefty, subversive Jew rats like her, feel free as a bird turning our lands into racial pigstys -- we got the same kind of Jew creeps hard at work here in the US and other White nations! (INCOG)

Ingrid Lomfors: Lefty, subversive Jew rats like her, feel free as a bird turning our lands into racial pigstys — we got the same kind of Jew creeps hard at work here in the US and other White nations! (INCOG)

This brave woman, who is just such a counter-culture rebel is trying to convince Swedes – yet again – that there isn’t such a thing such as a “native Swedish culture.”

This courageous woman, Ingrid Lomfors, who just happens to be Jewish, has not only been educated in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University. She’s also been trained at the Hebrew college in Boston. She is the general secretary at the Jewish Synagogue/Jewish Community in Stockholm, Sweden.

Currently she is the head of the “Forum for living history” in Sweden.

Well today right here dear reader is where you’ll see a true history enthusiast share their knowledge and wisdom with you.

In a recent talk, given on October 12, 2015 to some of the establishment in the Swedish government, she gave the following three solid points:

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Scientists Experiment with Brainwashing Magnets

Total-Recall-Arnold-SchwarzeneggerYou just know the creeps would love to see the day…


Now scientists think they can use technology to make White people not believe in God and be less resistant to a foreign invasion. Only sick individuals would develop such things. How many Jews were involved in this? That’d be a good question to ask.

From Express:

A bizarre experiment claims to be able to make Christians no longer believe in God and make Britons open their arms to migrants in experiments some may find a threat to their values.

Scientists looked at how the brain resolves abstract ideological problems.

Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), researchers safely shut down certain groups of neurones in the brains of volunteers.

TMS, which is used to treat depression, involves placing a large electromagnetic coil against the scalp which creates electric currents that stimulate nerve cells in the region of the brain involved in mood control.

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DemoCRAPS Promise To Continue Gravy Train


Typical! I watched the CNN democrat party debate last night and these creeps are every bit as bad as the Retardicans when it comes to the real situation going on in America.

WhenPigsFlyAbout the only change-up with dems, is that they target fooled White liberals (the “Mr. Nice Guy” idiots) and the supposed “minority” classes, who have been sucking on this country’s giant, now withered tits from day-one. And all these phony politicians sure do love kissing up to the blacks, Latinos (Whites of Spanish descent or illegal Mestizos who shouldn’t even be in the equation), faggots and lesbos, don’t they?

So maybe they talked about Wall Street ripping us all off. Like BFD. How about saying something about the Federal Reserve? Yeah, and all these liars in both parties are going to do something about it — WHEN GD PIGS FLY.

The only thing the Zionist lapdogs are going to do is once again stick it to us hardworking regular guys and gals. DemoCRAPS are well-known for talking a big game to the “proletariat,” but then turning around and raising taxes, expanding big government and giving away even more taxpayer money to the worthless homies sitting on their fat black asses in the ghettoes, or the GD JEWISH state of Israel, so they can kill more Palis and make Muslims go haywire — pumping up the “War on Terror” merry-go-around.

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Liberal Becomes Outraged After Waking Up

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE JEWFOUND ON THE SITE “BIG LIES”: A comment (November, 2012) from the Occidental Observer. (Mary Thomas may not be his/her actual name; I don’t know). She talks of the USA, but it could be any once-white country: France, Britain, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Australia …


“White Americans fought their German brothers during the world wars, and then GAVE the Jews a country of their own, and to thank us they give us the genocide of the white race. The evil I’m talking about here, the betrayal of the good will of decent whites here in America who NEVER MEANT ANY HARM WHATSOEVER TO THE JEWS—the evil is beyond my imagination.

As we head into the cannibal’s pot, you can BET that we’re going to take the Jews down with us. Trust me, when whites figure out what has happened, there is going to be hell to pay. The irony is that we loved and admired the Jews.

I can’t imagine that ANY of our major problems could have gained any traction whatsoever if not for Jewish influence. Abortion, feminism, porn, affirmative action, massive immigration—you can rattle off the things that are tearing us down and behind each and every one of those issues you will find malevolent Jewish interests. But it takes a bit of intelligence and research to be able to put it together in your mind.

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Did Zio Traitors Cede Major US Cities to the NWO?

THE NEW AMERICA XPRTClearly, the White-hating commie Jews have long been working towards a future where scenes like this becomes a common occurrence. Note how each day now comes more and more news of Zionist geopolitical gambits, mass Third World immigration into our White lands; all the while rampant Globalism continues destroying the Middle Class. Or simply the never-ending Jewish/liberal social engineering — turning us all into sick, immoral, PC-gibbering slave morons. The backstabbing bastards have truly been in a guerilla war with the White race! (INCOG)

From Renegade Tribune

Lorretta Lynch INSETAt the end of September US Attorney General Loretta Lynch [right] officially launched the Strong Cities Network with the United Nations. This program gives police powers and administrative oversight of cities to global government.

The US cities that are currently participating in this international program, which will assuredly expand, are New York City, Atlanta, Denver, and Minneapolis. For more about this program, you can visit the official site.

The official press release from the Department of Justice came out on September 28th:

Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism

Cities are vital partners in international efforts to build social cohesion and resilience to violent extremism.  Local communities and authorities are the most credible and persuasive voices to challenge violent extremism in all of its forms and manifestations in their local contexts.  While many cities and local authorities are developing innovative responses to address this challenge, no systematic efforts are in place to share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to inspire local action on a global scale.  

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Commie Jewish Left Destroying White Germany

Stasi Roots of the German-Jewish “Anti-Racist” Left and Its Program of Destroying Ethnic Germany

By Francis Carr Begbie @Occidental Observer

ANETTA KAHANE INSETFor professional German “anti-racist” Anetta Kahane, last week was a very good week. For one of her many organisations is slated to lead the campaign to shut down opposition to the immigrant invasion on Facebook.

This clampdown on Facebook free speech is now one of the German government’s highest priorities following a meeting between between Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerburg, and means that henceforth all criticism of the immigrant invasion will be severely curtailed. Such a vast initiative will need an army of loyal and trusted functionaries, and who better but Ms Kahane and her Network Against Nazis (“Netz gegen Nazis”) to show they mean business? Just to make sure ordinary Germans get the message the government have charged the leader of the dissident PEGIDA movement for anti-immigrant comments he made on Facebook.

In the lucrative anti-racism sector, Anetta Kahane is without doubt a shrewd and far-seeing operator. She recognised earlier than most that there were huge amounts of money to be had by re-packaging ordinary people’s concerns about immigration into “Neo-Nazi” scares, and she worked hard to ramp up this industry and turn it into the money-making machine that it is today.

Like so many Jewish leaders in Europe these days, Kahane is quite brazen in expressing her wish for the destruction of White Europe. “You have to really change the policy of immigration inside Europe. This is very important; you have to change the educational system and the self-understanding of the states. They are not only white anymore or only Swedish or only Portuguese or only German. They are multicultural places in the world.”

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George Will: CUCKservative Pundit For Big Jewry

GEORGE WILL AND CHARLES KRAUTHAMMERColumnist George Will has always been a big lackey for the Jew NWO — a phony conservative put on screen alongside his baseball bud (like the two are so American!), the Israel-Firster propagandist and pro illegal amnesty Jew, Charles KRAUThammer (FOX’s Bret Baier 6:00PM EST). This is why I’ve always said here on my site that FOX news is just a very clever false front operation, created by Globalist Jewry to allay suspicion and placate conservative White Americans into thinking we have real democratic choices — while our race gets seriously s-s-scr… Jewed! (INCOG)

George Will: Enforcing Immigration Law is Ethnic Cleansing

By James Kilpatrick @VDARE

George Will is the quintessential pundit of the Beltway Right. He has a reputation as a “deep thinker,” but he doesn’t have anything important to say. His most famous writings aren’t about politics, but about baseball. And he’s second only to Thomas Friedman (another “respected” journalist) in his mastery of the perfectly incoherent phrase.

For example, Will has called Donald Trump a “one-man Todd Akin.” Wasn’t Todd Akin a one-man Todd Akin, you cretinous goober?

Will, who famously derided Reagan supporters as “Kamikaze conservatives” in a 1974 column, has decided the greatest moral threat to the Republic is Donald Trump’s “Police State.”

He writes:

Trump, however, has made something novel discussible: He proposes turning America into a police state in order to facilitate ethnic cleansing.

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Half Breed Freak Did The Oregon Shootings


Man, you could really tell the media were licking their chops when they heard one of the witnesses say it was a White male they saw doing the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon! Turns out the guy was a half breed mulatto (often called a High Yellar) — a type well-known for going off their rocker!

Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, shot 17, killing 9, in a single classroom where his victims were sitting ducks. Sounds like he hated Christians, too, asking his victims what religion they were before putting a round into them. Plus, he appears to have written in a blog post that he was impressed with all the media notoriety over Vester Flanagan — the ugly mulatto-looking faggot who shot the three Whites on live local Roanoke, Virginia TV back in August.

Thankfully, cops put the Oregon freak down, saving taxpayer dollars down the road. Now the media is going to describe him as a “Neo Nazi” simply because he once bought a Nazi hat online years ago and called himself “conservative” (means JACK). Harper-Mercer was no “Neo Nazi” but a Neo Nutcase.

You just can’t be a half breed Nazi. That’s simply ridiculous. Sure, maybe he wanted to be one, but couldn’t and so his puny brain shorted out at the futility. Nazis do represent a kind of tough, no-nonsense coolness, thanks in no small part to Jew holohoax propaganda over the years. Hell, even pervert S&M Jews get off on wearing Nazi uniforms and stuff!

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