Hillary Promises More Israel Whoring Than Obama


“The politician who betrays his country as a whole by pandering to a minority group because it appears to hold the balance of power is of all creatures the most pitiful.”

— Carleton Putnam

From Daily Stormer

As The Donald tears across America, kicking ass and taking names, swearing to take vengeance on Mexico, Hillary is concerned with something much more financially beneficial: bowing down and praising the filthy Christ-killing Jews.

Jerusalem Post:

A closed meeting between Hillary Clinton and a group of Jewish donors ended with “vagueness” and “wording maneuvers,” according to a report published Friday by Politico.

According to the report, Clinton, a leading democratic presidential candidate, told donors that as president she would be “better for Israel than Obama.

Over 20 prominent Jewish donors were present at Clinton’s Manhattan meeting last weekend.

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Spread Hilarious Banned Video Far and Wide!



This video produced by the people over at Renegade Broadcasting has been quickly banned on JewTube and other various video sharing sites. The video is a spoof of an anti-White Saturday Night Live piece that made fun of the on-going White genocide agenda. It cleverly exposes Jewish control of major institutions and makes the Jews look incredibly stupid.

For whatever reason, the Jewish vermin have greatly disliked this video. Guess they didn’t approve of the footage in the video exposing Jew rabbis as disgusting baby penis sucking parasites. Or perhaps they didn’t like the idea pushed that Jews will shortly lose all the power that they’ve gained.

PISS ON ISRAELThe bottom line is that we need to spread this video as far and wide as possible. Please upload multiple copies on JewTube and other video sharing sites. Link it everywhere you can. It will make the Jews cry 60 trillion more tears on top of the 60 trillion tears they’ve already cried upon discovering this video’s existence.


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Time For A New American Revolution!

It’s Long Past Time We Teach The Stinking Spoiled Brats a Little Respect!

Are you not sick and tired of the non-stop Negro BS every minute? You can’t turn on the TV for a lousy GD five minutes before we have to listen to this out-of-control race yapping away over something bad a “racist” White did to one of their criminal street gangstas — “dindus” who never, ever do anything wrong (“he be good boy” they stupidly insist).

Then right away during the commercial break, we see them beaming — all happy and crap in nice, new, clean clothes — comfortably living over here instead of filthy Africa or Haiti. Plus, the backstabbing Jews in the media always make them out as the good guys and heroes in movies and TV — never, ever the murderous criminals and worthless economic parasites like most of them are in real life.

Here’s the deal, my friend: Nothing will ever please the truly spoiled and rotten black brats. The point to all the politically correct BS and latest ginned-up black victim tempest-in-a-teapot is to keep the White race intimidated and distracted while they destroy our morality, our political demographics and continue the gradual, silent genocide of us in our own lands. Up to now, the bastards have gotten away with it, too, because the White race has really been too nice for its own good.

You think I’m just being a big “hater” guy for no good reason? One who might run off and hurt some poor widdle innocent Afro Americans who never do anything bad? And it’s only us White people who can ever be racist, right? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GD COFFEE. Blacks brutally murder White people all the time (click “continue reading” for a few). Racist black mobs even attack us on the street just because of us being White. The Jew media works hard not to report on all this — they want the regular White person to stay stupid and asleep — instead of getting all up in their faces with pitchforks and stuff.

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Not Just a War Against White People

Phillipine de Rothschild with horned BaphometThe now dead, Baroness Phillipine de Rothschild, is seen here wearing what appears a horned Baphomet necklace at a social event in France. She was photographed wearing the same odd clunky piece (like in this wine magazine) and other satanic-looking ones on a number of occasions. The war-mongering Zionist State of Israel is quietly known to have been a long-running project of her insanely wealthy (considered the richest on the planet) Rothschild family ever since the 19th century. [INCOG]

Great comment from “allovertheplace” @AMERICAN ALLIANCE

The writing on the wall is so clear. The murderous and totalitarian liberals aren’t seeking “multiculturalism” or “tolerance.” They are demanding things exactly how they want them and their outlook clearly harbors no tolerance for traditional America.

Think about it: there is no possible way for their vision and our vision to coexist whatsoever. The wicked liberals know this, and frankly have known it. They just cloak it in altruistic rhetoric and portray their victories as social evolution; so those opposed are reactionaries to what ”should” happen.

Lost in the blitzkrieg of jew media hype is the simple fact that this is perverse degeneracy. The attacks on our heritage never cease and never will. We are the only ones who will stop them. The promotion of perversity is, of course, a ruse by the wicked. It isn’t about justice for the ‘oppressed’ for the sake of justice itself, love, or equality, but a direct assault at decency and the natural order by the sons and daughters of Satan in the name of good. They are taking territory in the spiritual realm, a prelude to the temporal.

Our heritage was good. We inherited a country that was progressively more moral the farther back from the present one considers. It was also more safe, sane, and secure. The oppression they complain about white heterosexual males meting on minority groups like faggots, mexicans and niggers hardly existed in all reality in the way it is portrayed. We forget, and they encourage this, that in prior times this country was our country and only our country.

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Jews All Happy and Crap Over Fag Marriage


From Daily Stormer


Homosexual Jew, Evan Wolfson of the “Freedom to Marry” operation, was trotted out today all over Sunday Jew TV talk shows to happily gloat, along with the usual Shabbos Goy liberals and phony, say nothing, conservatives. (INCOG)

If it were not for the Jews, we would still be living in the Middle Ages. Except we would have all of this technology and totally advanced systems. But what good would it be if we didn’t have mass immigration, black and women’s rights and gay marriage?

Jerusalem Post:

How often do you get the opportunity to pack “109 years,” #LoveWins and the colors of the rainbow into 140 characters?

That’s how the American Jewish Committee celebrated the Supreme Court ruling Friday extending marriage rights to gays throughout the United States.

“For 109 years AJC has stood for liberty and human rights,” its tweet said. “Today is a happy day for that proud tradition #LoveWins.” It was punctuated with a heart emoticon splashed rainbow colors.

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Homo Marriage Now Law Across The “States”


The Nation Wreckers have gone giddy beyond belief! Yesterday, the Supreme court of the US (SCOTUS) illegally rewrote or upheld the language of ObamaCare — even claiming the word “STATES” in the constitution to mean the Federal government. We have now become a JEW MEDIA-controlled country with even less State’s Rights.

With today’s big gay victory in the Supreme Court, ABC national news excitedly broke into the daily Jew talk show BS with fancy type graphics and a live report by the usual punk-ass Shabbos Goy liberal. They proudly trumpeted the hash tag “LOVEWINS.” To these creeps, the entire week has really turned out something special (including the Negro victimhood celebrations in Charleston).

Today’s SCOTUS ruling means sickos can now get married in all 50 states. The feds have made it illegal for State governments to stop it. The status of married heteros must be extended to the homos — effectively elevating gays to the same as decent White couples. Next up in the Jew hit parade: Threesome marriage, pedophilia and child buggery — hell, maybe even bestiality. They’ll go along with just about any bizarre combination the most insane pervert gets off on.

Make note that gay “marriage” has never been successful in any vote or referendum in any state — ever (the Sodomites totally lost Prop 8 in California). So the bastards took the “backdoor” approach (how appropriate), by using liberal judges put in place by both traitorous republicans and democrats (they really do belong to the same party). Meanwhile, the media SOBs have constantly reported phony, lying polls saying everyone has all of a sudden changed their minds (they drum that lie into the viewer’s head every chance they get). That’s how they do it — screw us over by outright lying, blithely ignoring the US Constitution, or just doing whatever the hell they want. They don’t care one bit what regular America thinks. Never have.

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Just Try Taking It Away You Sorry Bastards


As the latest Afro “American” victimhood palooza continues to flood America’s airwaves 24/7 once again, the lying Zio anti-White mainstream media is propagandizing hard to take down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state grounds and to remove it from sales or any license plates that some states like Virginia allow. The social engineering creeps are bound and determined to strip away the least vestige of White pride they can dig up or make up.

True story: Years ago I knew this really cute blond girl who worked as a secretary at this company I was doing work for. Mid-twenties, very pretty and, alas, married (like I had a chance, haha). We were buds, probably because she knew I was a fellow Confederate sympathizer and always decent to her.

At the time, they were trying to get the Confederate flag taken down in South Carolina (they removed it from the main state capitol flag pole and put it in the war memorial area nearby). One weekend, her and her lucky White husband were going down there to take part in the planned protest against taking it down. I couldn’t make it and still feel bad about that.

That weekend, I watched the national news (probably ABC) about the pro-Confederate flag protest and later saw the photos she took of the event. The news portrayed the whole thing as poorly attended; the edited shots in the TV report showed only small knots of people, like in alleyways, perhaps as they were going back to their cars. Close-in shots of participants were always of the homeliest, most “redneck” ones they could find. You could clearly tell that was who they were looking for. No overhead or “big area shots,” either.

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About That Murder in Charleston…


By Benjamin Garland, DAILY STORMER

Many of you reading this right now are probably wondering why I made such a sloppy typo in the title of this article.

Surely I meant to say murders, instead of murder, right?

What, are you a racist?

Or maybe you just haven’t heard about the particular murder that I have in mind.

Or maybe that’s because this particular murder victim was a White person?

Or maybe you have just forgotten about this particular White murder victim?

I’m talking, of course, about the innocent 5-year-old White girl Allison Griffor, who was brutally slaughtered in cold blood – just as we here at Daily Stormer reported approximately 2 weeks ago – “allegedly” by four particular Black people:

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“Get That White!” The Nightmare Has Begun


‘Get that White!’: A Gaze into a Coming Nightmare of Non-Prosecution of Hate Crimes Against Whites

By Andrew Joyce, Occidental Observer

It started off like any average ‘First Friday’ in Florence, Alabama. It ended with a glimpse into the racial nightmare that awaits the European peoples in the coming racial apocalypse. Earlier this month, the Dawes family participated in the familiar civic event before starting to make their way home as evening descended. A group of Blacks, numbering between 20 and 30, chose this moment to set upon them with fists and weapons. Fourteen year old Brandon was the first to be singled out. He was struck violently from behind with a closed fist. When dad Kevin realized what was happening, he quickly moved to defend his son, positioning himself between Brandon and the attacker. At this point the whole frenzied mob moved in to screams of ‘Get that White!’ The feral crowd only dispersed to the sounds of police sirens, but by then the family’s car windshield had been destroyed, and Kevin had several Taser burns and broken facial bones.

The government and police response in the aftermath of the incident tells us all we need to know about our growing need to organize and educate for adequate racial self-defense. Pressed by the media on whether the incident would be treated as a ‘hate crime,’ Police Chief Ron Tyler has been hesitant in the extreme, stating only that the attack was being looked at “from all possible angles.” There is only one angle from which this incident can be viewed – the angle of ceaseless racial conflict. Unfortunately we happen to live in an age of duplicity on a mass scale. There is no racial conflict, we are told, only very bad ‘racists.’ The race traitors and Jews that fill the minds of our youth with the bile of ‘Whiteness Studies’ are so very careful to remind us that while race is a ‘social construct,’ only ‘Whites’ can be racist. Whites are ‘trained’ oppressors, who dominate and exploit simply by existing. We are the personification of ‘hate,’ and we can therefore never expect equal application of ‘hate crime’ laws. They are, in fact, ‘White crime’ laws –designed specifically for our people to be held on a leash. They are the rope that forces us to engage in the racial struggle for existence with one hand tied behind our back.

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White Minority No Biggie Says Smart Jew


Jew Explains That Coming White Minority Doesn’t Matter Because Non-Whites “Look White to Me”


Even while it is an obvious and admitted fact that all White nations are being purposefully multiculturalized to the end of making them racial melting pots, a New York Times op-ed writer named Richard Alba, in a piece pretentiously entitled “The Myth of the White Minority,” has taken it on himself to explain that this isn’t actually happening and those who think it is are paranoid racists who can’t understand math (that’s “maths” for the the fag-smoking stick-shifters out there).

Alba is – you’re not going to believe this one – a Jew. Alba is a sociologist Jew who has written for the Jews about the plight of Jews assimilating into American culture.

It’s great that we have these Jews, so much smarter than us, to explain to us our faults as White people.

In 2012, the Census Bureau announced that nonwhite births exceeded white births for the first time. In 2013, it noted that more whites were dying than were being born. In March, it projected that non-Hispanic whites would be a minority by 2044.

But the forecast of an imminent white minority, which some take as a given, is wrong. We will seem like a majority-white society for much longer than is believed.

“Seem like”? Does that mean that it will be real in our minds?

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Greedy Disney Jew Replaces American Workers

BOB IGER GLOBALIST JEW XPRTI guess I should say they care about our tax dollars going to Israel every year and our boys continually fighting wars for the NWO so Israel will be the safe — while creeps like him support Third Worlders coming over here to take American jobs. But that’s a little too much Jew crap to put into one photoshop artwork. [INCOG]

Top Disney Jew Bob Iger took home 46 million last year as he replaces White American workers with foreigners

From: Daily Slave

$46 million for the Jew CEO of Bob Iger in just one year alone. With that type of salary you’d think he’d be happy and do everything he can for his employees. Nope, instead he decides to fire them and force them to train their foreign replacements. It doesn’t get much more Jewish than that.

The bottom line is that Disney is an evil Jewish run entity that has been completely subverted and Jewed. People should boycott Disney until they rid their enterprise of all the Jew profiteers running it.

From EPI:

There was a lot to celebrate in the Magic Kingdom this year. The Disney Corporation had its most profitable year ever, with profits of $7.5 billion—up 22 percent from the previous year. Disney’s stock price is up approximately 150 percent over the past three years. These kinds of results have paid off handsomely for its CEO Bob Iger, who took home $46 million in compensation last year.

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Smelly Turd Worlders Invade Europe By The Boat Load


Over the past week, Israeli dual citizen-controlled ABC (Stanley Gold of Shamrock Holdings) “World News Tonight with David Muir” has been doing manipulative, anti-White lying reports left and right. It’s getting so obvious us White people are royally getting the shaft that it boggles the mind how much sheer gall the media now has these days — in addition to making INCOG MAN completely bat crap furious.


Here’s the pool party “promoter” posing for a bathroom selfie while acting all ghetto tough. This stupid little black bitch needs to get parachute deported right into the Congo jungle immediately — no questions asked, do not pass go.

First, they kept on showing that video of the screaming Negress in a bikini (right) getting arrested down in McKinney, Texas. Slick nice guy anchorman, David Muir, solemnly warns the viewing audience that it might be too painful to watch — like the squirming brat suffered so terribly from an Evil Racist White cop forcefully trying to hold her down, so he could handcuff her. And OMG, the racist cop also drew his weapon and came close to brutally gunning down nearby innocent peeps of color!

What they forget to tell you is that the pool party was a separate, totally private affair, signed up long in advance and limited to only local homeowners and 20 guests. The uninvited black mob had absolutely no business there in the first place. Once again, another ginned-up, total “narrative” hoax, foisted in the media to torque-up White-hating homies across the country.

Seems little miss Afro bikini twat was hosting a loud, typically obnoxious, foul-mouthed, degraded hip-hop music party in a neighborhood park next door and had the Negro nerve to also advertise it as a pool party (the gangsta wannabee labels herself a “promoter” ha ha). A mob of Afro primates from all over, probably high on “purple drank,” rushed on in, hopped fences and pushed around a couple of poor security guards. Plus, they physically assaulted a White family of females out in the parking lot, threw beer bottles at cars, ran around screaming anti-White profanities, all the while jumping up and down like the crazy ape race they truly are.

I am like so sick of this stinking GD race!

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Depleted EBT Card Foils Black Terror Plot


New Black Panther Members Plotted to Blow Up Ferguson Police Station But Ran Out of Cash on EBT Card


Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 22, and Olajuwon Davis, 22 were indicted on charges by federal agents. KMOV reported:

Two St. Louis men were indicted Thursday after being arrested by federal agents in November.

Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 22, and Olajuwon Davis,22 were indicted on charges involving the conspiracy to maliciously damage and destroy a building, vehicle and other property with explosives and the illegal purchase of firearms from a Cabela’s store.

The indictment stated that Baldwin stated that he wanted multiple bombs to use against people, buildings, vehicles and property.

Davis and Baldwin allegedly viewed a recording of the detonation of an explosive or bomb shortly after Baldwin’s statement.

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Zio NWO Credit Agencies Finally Get Competition

George Soros is Fucked

Russia and China: Watch Out Moody’s, Here We Come!

By F. William Engdahl

Over the past approximate quarter century of so-called economic globalization, Wall Street’s ability to be the home of the only dominant “global” rating agencies to bestow ratings on the credit-worthiness of the world has been one of the most effective weapons of financial warfare in the Wall Street arsenal. They rate nations as well as private corporations. Now an answer to the Moody’s-Standard & Poors-Fitch US rating monopoly is coming. Not from the EU, where it is long overdue. It is coming from Russia and China, as so many bold and challenging initiatives of late.

Today, despite repeated financial crises where the New York Big Three credit rating agencies either failed or acted with clear political bias to rate, a virtual global monopoly is held by Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings. The ‘Big Three’ as they are called, issued 98% of all credit ratings in the United States and roughly 95% worldwide. That’s influence, brother.

The system that the most important banks of Wall Street developed after 1944 to make New York the world financial center and the dollar its reserve currency had several well-conceived facets to it. After 1945 it was the fact that the US Federal Reserve held some 70% of the world’s monetary gold so that the dollar was then “as good as gold.” The nations of defeated Europe scrambled to get every possible dollar to buy American machinery and goods for postwar reconstruction. The Marshall Plan was explicitly drafted to use US taxpayer dollars to extend loans to the recovering European economies, almost $12 billion in the period 1948-1951 that was used to buy essential goods like US wheat and Rockefeller American oil and to buy US machine tools, back when America was world leader in machine tools, to reconstruct factories and housing.

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Whites Are Clearly Getting Screwed Over

LESLIE LONG COLD CASE XPRTWay back in 1978, Leslie Long, a young White mother of three, was abducted at gunpoint from her late night job at a Palmdale, California, gas station by two black gang members, driven out into the desert, beaten and gang-raped. When the two were through having fun with the poor woman, they shot her multiple times to death and left her dead in the dust. For 37 years, the two escaped justice until computerized DNA searches finally broke the case. Media like LA Times put up her photo, but somehow forgot to publish any photos of the perps (they can easily get mug shots at the very least). Police press statements describe the two as black. Media people have done dirty tricks like this on us White people for ages so we don’t associate ugly, criminal black faces with horrible crimes against our race.*

The other day I got this wacked search string from someone on the Internet bringing them to my site:

“white people need to stop killing black people just for spite”


Jewish-owned media like Time magazine are constantly jacking up the homies, while keeping White people in the dark about blacks brutally victimizing our race. Are you not sick of the crap by now?

My White ass! Whoever typed that one out, has to be either a total blithering idiot, or one wacked militant black. Hell, maybe even both.

In view of the reality in America of what is called “hush crimes,” just think about that one for a minute. Here’s someone who apparently believes that all us evil White people are out here killing innocent blacks left and right when the exact opposite is true. This hypocrisy kind of pisses you the hell off, doesn’t it?

Surely, you White folks out there have now come to the eminently logical conclusion, or at the very least getting suspicious about it, that the black race is becoming unglued and more criminally violent by the day. Plus, Whites have been kept completely in the dark about the true violent nature of this race.

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The Nation Wrecking Race Afflicting White Lands


Lots of times I see people on the Internet talking about the “ZIONISTS,” then someone comes on and types in “Zionist JEWS,” accidentally or not. Practically immediately someone comes on (probably a Jew Hasbara agent assigned to monitoring and screwing around with the site) vehemently replying: “All Jews are NOT Zionists!”

Sure, that maybe true to a small degree. But I sure as hell have never seen the hypocrites making one tiny bit of fine distinction between the White people of Germany and the Nazis when we bombed the country back to the Stone Age during WWII. Nor do I see them making any distinctions to this very day — while they blissfully reminisce about destroying Germany during documentaries they always have on TV, like the “History” Channel and NatGeo (the unsaid reason is because the German people elected and so loved Hitler, they deserved to die horribly).

People, people, this is all part of the JEWISH brainwashing BS about “racism” and all us “EVIL WHITES being prejudiced for no reason.” We’re all equal, skin color means nothing and blacks are just like us. You know, your standard, never-ending PC crapola. Yeah, and all of us saw what a wonderful success we’re having with this in Baltimore only a few weeks ago. Friggin’ GD BS!

Allow this hateful, but still somewhat lovable Goy Toy, to make a few observations:

First off, you have your relatively few, supposedly “conservative” Zionist Jews who don’t support liberal causes (or at least not too openly). Yet this Jewish minority usually never says much at all about their liberal or more radical Marxist brethren — not wishing to call attention to the pervasive Jewishness of liberalism. Often this type were themselves professed liberals, but now claim to have “seen the light.” Even so, they seem only interested in fighting Muslims and supporting sacred Mother Israel, for some reason. You can see them on TV constantly, acting all bent out of shape over the latest stupid news out of the Mideast, always at work jacking up us Americans to kill ragheads.

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Memorial Day 2015 — Think About It!


On Memorial Day, 2015: Stop and think things out.

You can easily see what they have been doing to America and the White race: Mass immigration of Third Worlders into our lands (and not just America, either) to destroy our race’s political demographics; shipping our jobs and manufacturing overseas; forcing us to accept homosexuality, transgenderism and other sick forms of family-destroying immorality; freely trashing White people as the baddies or idiots in the media all the time; constantly attacking members of our race with “PC” and “racism” accusations; brainwashing our youth and women to join the pink team or breed ourselves away with other races. Hell, just turn on the TV and you can see all these WHITE GENOCIDE efforts in real time. It’s now obvious what they have been up to.

The backstabbers are banking on YOU not having the guts to speak out.

On top of all this, the fancy suit-wearing Israel-Firsters in the US government and Globalist-owned media, are constantly playing NWO chess games supporting Zionist Israel’s Mideast Agenda — that you White guys in the military always have to deal with in the end. Who’s really running this country? Know what I’m saying here, slim?

It’s now time for us Whites to come together and put a stop to the lousy punks USING US!


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Blacks Murdered Wealthy DC White Family


Last Thursday, a story came out on national TV news about a 2 million dollar mansion in the heart of DC that went up in flames, with no sign of the rich occupants. It made the news, mostly because the home was fairly close to where VP Joe Biden lived. Possibly a crime committed by merciless mobsters, or maybe it was even a Muslim terrorist cell from Iran, active in our nation’s capital? Besides White perps ID’d, that would have got the anti-White, Zionist tool, media creeps way up in a tizzy!

But I knew it from the start it had all the earmarks of a black crime — home invasion, White family brutally bludgeoned and stabbed to death, crime scene set on fire and expensive car stolen and torched. The moment I heard about the crime and saw the grainy, impossible to make out surveillance photos, I said to myself, I bet a black or more likely, several blacks did it. I was even going to write up a story in advance (something else came up). Now watch the story soon disappear from the airwaves.

I was watching FOX news yesterday and the cutesy anchor brought on this black former DC detective they keep on call to talk about crime (more PC BS). Rod Wheeler had on this ridiculous black suit and red tie like he was so urban street cool. Believe it or not, the fool detective speculated on-air that the perps must have been of “LATIN DESCENT” who did it, since latinos always love using knives to kill with. Right. And blacks don’t stab and bludgeon people to death all the time?

Daron Dylon Wint (above) was ID’d by his DNA left on the crust of a Dominos pizza he ordered delivered to the front door (he left the money sitting there so no one had to come to the door). The black thug was probably too busy torturing the dad or his loved ones in front of him. A DNA match means Wint was busted once before and in their system to begin with. Cops are looking for Wint and believe others were also involved. I’ll go out on a limb here and predict his criminal cohorts will be Negro, too. That’s not exactly a big stretch when it comes to these murderous, sadistic bastards.

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Jews Continue Pressure for Internet Censorship


By Andrew Joyce @The Occidental Observer

Back in March TOO came under sustained cyber-attack from the enemies of our people. This vital resource for truth was brought to a stand-still by a large number of bogus service requests, with Kevin MacDonald noting that one IP address in Israel “attempted to access the site 13,125 times within the span of three days.” Our mission of enlightenment and liberation is deeply loathed by those intent on bringing our race to its knees. The Occidental Observer is a truly unique site, and we can be sure that the commentary and research it continues to present is giving our enemies sleepless nights. I’m certain that TOO, and other sites sharing our goals and worldview, have a special place in the hateful hearts of the alien elite. They won’t stop until they have found a way to silence us. But cyber-attack is just one prong in this assault on truth and our right to self-determination. Another major frontline in the assault on our mission is the international legislative effort to permanently shut us down.

A few days ago the fifth biennial meeting of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism convened in Israel. Run by the Israeli government, mainly its many-tentacled Foreign Ministry, the Global Forum makes a priority of fighting ‘cyber hate.’ A few days ago it issued statements recommending steps for international governments and major websites to radically restrict material critical of Jews and Israel. The Forum has also very cleverly presented the issue of restricting internet freedom as a moral imperative — our enemies are obviously playing to our weakness. A statement issued by the Forum on Thursday night read:

Given the pervasive, expansive and transnational nature of the internet and the viral nature of hate materials, counter-speech alone is not a sufficient response to cyber hate. The right to free expression does not require or obligate the internet industry to disseminate hate materials. They too are moral actors, free to pursue internet commerce in line with ethics, social responsibility, and a mutually agreed code of conduct.

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The Zionist’s Plan for the Middle East


Israel’s real agenda for the Mideast

This article was published on Global Research April 29, 2013.

Global Research Editor’s Note:

Israel's Bibi Netanyahu feels free as a bird addressing our assembled politicians today without the least approval from the president.

The following document pertaining to the formation of “Greater Israel” constitutes the cornerstone of powerful Zionist factions within the current Netanyahu government (which has recently been re-elected), the Likud party, as well as within the Israeli military and intelligence establishment. The election was fought by Netanyahu on a political platform which denies Palestinian statehood.

According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.” According to Rabbi Fischmann, “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

When viewed in the current context, the war on Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing war on Syria, not to mention the process of regime change in Egypt, must be understood in relation to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East. The latter consists in weakening and eventually fracturing neighboring Arab states as part of an Israeli expansionist project.

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The Bonfire of Jewish Vanities


Haven’t you noticed all the ridiculous crap now going on TV these days? Please tell me you have. How about all this “PC” business getting worse and worse by the day? And how America and other White countries in Europe and Australia are becoming flooded with the flotsam and jetsam races of the planet, right along with totally nasty, filthy as hell stuff in the media? Why is all this being done to us White people?

Who gave these filthy, holier-than-thou hypocrite creeps the rights to trash our lands and our brains from the inside out? Well, nobody — from top to bottom, Jews feel free as a bird. After-all: They are the “CHOSEN ONES” don’t you know?

Ever since the goodly land of America foolishly allowed these rats to immigrate here from Europe and Russia back in the 19th century, Anarchy, Marxism and all sorts of other “isms” soon followed. Indeed, ever since it’s been one form of social upheaval and wars, right after another, especially in the last fifty years. Meanwhile, their already rich international forces set the stage for financial ownership of the entire country, by tricking our elected government into granting non-elected, shadowy people the power of the purse (the Federal Reserve) and taxing all us working stiffs into paying the interest (the federal income tax). For a century, we have slaved for them four months out of every year — if you even have a job, thanks to today’s Globalism (the rootless cosmopolitans have been behind all that, too).

Everything you see going down today is the culmination of decades of brainwashing us Whites of the Western world with “PC” and NWO Globalist crap. The Jew media and all the other financial and political Jew power in our lands, first created social taboos to keep White people intimidated from saying a thing while they gradually worked towards a day when Jewry owned the planet. This Jewish “Zeitgiest,” has methodically undermined our societies, bilked racial frictions, weakened our morality, the family unit and our racial cohesion and demographics (which was always the real target).

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HELLSTORM: What They Don’t Want You To Know

The Biggest Cover-Up In History

This documentary tells the tale that the victors still do not want you to know.

Learn the terrible truth about the rape, torture, slavery, and mass murder inflicted upon the German people by the Allied victors of World Word II. This is the biggest cover-up in world history.


Subtitles and translations coming soon.
Buy The Book: http://www.amazon.com/Hellstorm-Death…
Website: http://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/
Quotations & Sources: http://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/q…

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Why Are So Many Blacks In America’s Prisons?


Answer: Because blacks are one totally wacked, out-of-control criminal race, who deserve to pay for their crimes. Always have been. Just think about reality for a change, instead of the BS they want you to think.

Last week, presidential contender and Globalist agent, Hillary Clinton, said we have to end “mass incarceration” (meaning of black males). Shillery is taking easy political advantage of the liberal news cycle about Baltimore and all the media ginned-up anger of blacks these days. The statement is clearly ludicrous.

Do you see any mass concentration camps holding “innocent” blacks? No, each black now in prison or jail is in there for a law-breaking decision he or she made, usually one made at the spur of the moment. They committed a crime, with the police and district attorney having good cause to put them before a judge and sometimes even a jury (if they don’t cop a plea). They are many levels to the criminal justice system preventing arbitrary arrests on the basis of race or anything else. Plus, blacks are usually idiot criminals, leaving easy to track evidence at the crime scene, along with other greedy blacks turning them in for Crime Stopper money, no matter how little.

Indeed, police have often been described as the “thin blue line.” Imagine for a moment cops disappearing entirely for whatever reason. What race do you think would go completely ape and start killing, raping and robbing everywhere, all at once? The blacks, of course. You know it, I know it, the liberals know it — even blacks themselves know it.

Oh, sure, Mestizos, El Salvadoran MS-13 and Columbian drug gangs, etc., etc., would too. And yes, they would even be some criminal Whites going haywire. But crazy blacks across the board — all ages and sexes — would immediately turn America into a living nightmare for everyone, even their own race. Just imagine all the murder, rape, robbing, torture, burning people alive, looting and arson so loved by this psycho race — the entire GD country would turn overnight into a scene straight out of Dante’s inferno!

You think that’s BS? Study the race.

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Zionist Neo-CON JOBS Jerking America’s Chains



This is a world in which America dominates the world and the Jews dominate America.

The term “Fifth Column” came into popular use in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. It means a group of guerrillas, activists, and intellectuals who work to undermine a nation from within. Its activities can be out in the open, or they can be secret.

Today, in the neoconservative political movement represents a “Fifth Column” for the forces of collectivism or neo-Communism.

Its intellectuals and activists promote themselves as conservatives who oppose the liberals, but their political philosophy has nothing to do with true American conservatism, which has always stood for a limited constitutional government and free enterprise. These traditional American values are anathema to today’s neoconservatives.

The neoconservatives, as we all know, are either overwhelmingly Jewish or shabbos goyim: non-Jewish camp followers of international Jewry who are on the Jewish payroll. They all have one thing in common: a fanatical allegiance to the state of Israel and to the neoliberal values of the Frankfurt School, itself a predominantly Jewish movement that took root in Germany in the 1920s and was then exported wholesale to America.

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Whites Blamed for Baltimore Meltdown



There’s not a lot left to say about what happened in Baltimore. Today charges were leveled at the officers, who will now face a trial by media and public opinion. Good luck. They’re putting out the fires, the negro will soon return to its default setting of sullen hostility. Suffice it to say, the obvious lessons will be ignored. No one who wants to keep their job is going to look at this African America mess and argue that the negro has no place in a White civilization and the time has come to remove them. Instead we’ll get the same lies, the same cultural marxist drivel we hear every time the savages that walk among us display the content of their character. It’s the fault of “races” Whites. Just ask Baltimore’s affirmative action “leadership.”

Twice in recent weeks, Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts has made a startling statement to national audiences: Baltimore is still dealing with 1950s- and 1960s-era racism.

Here’s your reward for a half-century of spending, special programs, groveling, giving up rights, being targeted by racially motivated crime and pathetic negro appeasement. A fortune down the drain, who knows how many ruined White lives and this is the big pay-off. “Dis bee fiddies races.”

It’s time for deportation.

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The Most Uncivilized Race on the Planet



Welfare single mother of 6, smacking and filthily cursing her hoodie-wearing boy for joining in the fun. The traitorous pro-black media turned her into a big time hero, showing the clip every hour, on the hour. So why would ONE INSTANCE make any GD difference?

Face Facts, White people: You can’t please the black race AT ALL. Nothing us Whites have done nor will we EVER DO, can please this spoiled rotten, crime-prone race. Because when you get down to brass tacks, blacks are simply wacked in the head. Always have been.

On the very day they swear in a black woman, Loretta Lynch, as the new Attorney General of the United States — actually replacing a black (Eric Holder) — the blacks go rioting and looting in Baltimore, Maryland. Hell, the mayor, chief of police and many members through out the police ranks and city government bureaucracy are black. WTF more do these “people” want? Everything?

It’s not the fault of White people. We’ve have indeed done everything to include blacks across the board — short of giving it all to them carte blanch (what a lot of them want). Many of your big hero roles in movies and TV are black, like they can do no wrong. Commercials are filled with them. Plenty of TV reporters and anchor people are black (they love pairing up black guys with White chicks) and every career path gives special consideration to “people of color,” even to the detriment of us White people. Our race has totally been the “Mr. Nice Guys” about the situation now for decades. News flash, White people: It’s not working.

The problem you got is that blacks are just plain unsuitable to live in a White civilization. But you won’t have your typical White libtards contemplate the possibility. Oh no. They have way too much invested in their imaginative universe of diversity embedded in their brains since birth. For them, the “narrative” must be adhered to no matter what, or they might have to admit they’ve been wrong from the get-go.

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Black Baltimore Apes Now Chimping-out Like Crazy


Once again the violent, criminal and animalistic black race shows it’s true colors. Right at this very moment, they are attacking police in the streets of Baltimore. A black racist crime gang called the “Black Guerilla Family” (a violent criminal Maryland gang who claim leadership of the rest), plus the usual Crips and the Bloods have all openly issued threats to shoot White cops dead at will.

All afternoon, blacks have been throwing bottles, rocks and bricks at the cops. They have already trashed several police vehicles. It’s practically a war zone. Believe me: It’s only a matter of time before they start shooting, looting and burning later tonight — maybe by the time I put this up on the Internet!

This all started over a black criminal punk named Freddie Gray, arrested in Baltimore a week or two ago, who got his spine broken and died. No real idea what happened, quite probably he chimped out inside a police van while it was moving and got stomped on by cops who just plain had enough of his black BS. Now the apes are aping out royally.

Over the weekend, the black mayor byatch ordered cops to keep from inhibiting any demonstrations and actually said to give them space to destroy things. She basically sanctioned your typical black behavior to break out. Indeed, criminal blacks on the streets immediately took full GD advantage, attacking any nearby random Whites and busting up businesses like restaurants and bars (quote below).

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Welcome to the NEXT FRONTIER in Civil Rights!

BRUCE JENNER MAINZionist Jew-controlled ABC News and blond Shiksa, Diane Sawyer, made an obscenely huge media blitz last week over an interview with one time olympic hero and reality TV show star, Bruce Jenner. They made it out like he was such a nice, lovable guy who just simply wanted “to live as a woman.” I watched most of the interview and let me tell you: The guy is a FREAK!

Yep, the Nation-Wreckers now believe they have homosexual rights all sewn up, so it’s time to segue way over to transgenderism, or what used to be called filthy drag queen FAGGOTRY in your face. Oh, I know the tranny business has nothing to do with sexual orientation (they made that point again and again in the Jenner interview). Yeah, right. And I got a rusting, single design fault, ready-to-collapse, bridge to sell you.

This tranny stuff is so intertwined with gay bizarroness, it’s not funny. Sure, you might have a few cross-dressing men who like wearing frilly skirts and have sex with women, or women who like looking like lumberjacks, but also like having sex with men (don’t try to picture it in your head — it’s pretty gross). All that is relatively rare in the “community.” Yet it’s still exactly as you don’t want to imagine.*

All this crap makes you wonder how these sick freaks keep it all STRAIGHT — ha, ha, get it?

Look, I’m not trying to say we got to hunt homos in the streets, or anything. OK, so maybe we chase a few dressed up ones through the woods for laughs and make a reality show out of it? LOL. No, all I’m saying is that decent moral behavior, the family unit of one dad and one mom needs to be, has to be the law of the land. Call me crazy.

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Thank God For Making Me A White Guy!


“Without a doubt, White people outshine every other race on the planet. Always have. Call me racist, call me another Hitler, call me a Klansman — I don’t give a flying flock — we are GD FRIGGIN’ GREAT!”

I REMEMBER THAT fine early fall day just like it was yesterday. My fly fishing pal and I were at one of the better trout rivers in my state, when we finally worked our way up to this one very beautiful, wide pool sitting beneath a verdant green cow pasture in the bright sunshine. We could just make out the pod of sleek brown trout silently finning in the middle current like a fleet of tiny submarines — here and there one would quickly surface to noisily suck down a struggling late summer insect drifting by on the sparkling, sunlit waters. A real-life vision of Elysium lay before us.

Since it was my turn to take first crack, my buddy stayed up in the pasture to bird dog a little for me, or maybe to just laughingly narrate my angling mistakes to any nearby moo cow. Sure enough, my first two casts were pretty lame. But it didn’t seem to spook the fish much and on my third cast, I somehow managed a long, perfectly rolling arc, with the monofilament leader curving to the right like a major league pitcher’s best spitball — dropping my very own artfully tied grasshopper imitation just far enough upstream to realistically drift down into the trout’s kill zone.

Whammo! A huge brown smashed into it, greedy for what it thought was a big fat tasty bug. I lifted up my rod to gently set the hook and the four, maybe five pound fish danced and surged wildly across the pool. But I lost him after a thrilling half minute or so, when my gossamer thin two pound tippet gave way (which I should have changed out earlier). For whatever reasons, I always seem to remember every single big fishing battle I lost like this one, instead of those all-too-few times when I do manage to land or boat a nice fish (usually released back into the water). But I guess that’s how we get better at things — we learn from our mistakes.

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