Michigan Teen Girl: Victim of Race War on Whites

PAIGE STALKER MURDERED ARTThis 16 year-old White girl was drilled through the head by a black with an assault rifle, wearing camo and body armor — just try to imagine the national media uproar if a White guy dressed like that shot dead a young black girl? Haven’t you realized the lying hypocrite media is protecting this murderous race by now? [INCOG]

From Council of Conservative Citizens

Paige Stalker lived in Grosse Pointe, a 92% white suburb of Detroit. On December 22nd, Stalker and four other teenagers were sitting in their car on the side of the road in Detroit. They were three block from the border of Grosse Pointe. While Grosse Pointe is a vibrant community, right over the border lies a dangerous wasteland if abandoned houses and crime. The media has previously reported that they were smoking marijuana. Stalker’s family denies this claim.

A black male with camo fatigues, body armor, and an assault style rifle ran up to their car and started spraying it with bullets. Between 25 and 30 bullets were fired.

Ask yourself this question: If a white male wearing fatigues and body armor went on a spree shooting, killing a teenage black girl, would the media take notice? It would be the single biggest news story in the nation. A hundred media personnel would still be camped out on the border of Detroit and Grosse Pointe right now.

Instead it is a “hush crime.” Local media and Detroit PD insult our intelligence calling it “a robbery gone bad.” The term “robbery gone bad” is used as a euphemism for when a black person kills a white person for the fun of it.

If the races were reversed, race would dominate the headlines. Instead, virtually every single media report censors the race of the murderous, at-large killer. Political Correctness is deemed more important than public safety.

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Just More Usual Hollywood HEBE-BRO BS!


There’s been a lot of hullabaloo lately about some Hollywood Jew movie called “The Interview” where two “funny men,” Seth Rogen and James Franco, are contracted out by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea — the famously backward client state of China (who tries to hack America all over the place).

Jew hijinks on "Naked and Afraid."

Jew buds on “Naked and Afraid” — another part to a big cross-marketing campaign for Hollywood’s Kim Jong-un assassination movie, “The Interview.” No telling what nasty movies and shekel BS these Jews will lay on America these days!

Hahaha, what a hilarious premise for a movie! Not that I’m a big North Korean commie lover or anything, but what if they or the Rooskies did a movie about whacking POC (president of color) Obammy, or maybe even brave little Israel’s Bibi boy Netanhayu? The media hypocrites would be raising all sorts of bloody hell!

Apparently, the lovely Jews think they can do whatever the ef they want nowadays.

Now these two “actors” or “comedians” or whatever the flock you call them, are indeed both stinking Jew boys. Oh, everybody pretty much can get that Seth Rogen is Jewish (with a name like that?). They are even starting to joke a little about it on air, but you can still notice they harbor trepidations about mentioning the Jew word to the idiot general mass population, least too many of us Goyim start putting two-and-two together.

A week or so ago, Jew media people oddly slipped in out-of-the-blue, a stupid 15 minute spoof of “Naked and Afraid” on cable TV’s Discovery Channel — a reality show where various so-called “survival experts” spend three weeks nude in the wilds of Third World nations (yet have all sorts of support people nearby in case of real trouble). Sometimes I watch the show — mostly because of naked chick butts, I must admit — but also to try to catch behind-the-scenes reality show tricks these days. Plus, I’m into survival things as you can imagine — me being an evil White patriot type guy, of course.

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Have a Merry and WHITE Christmas!


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Merry Christmas to all my readers in the far-flung reaches of the Internet (except for the HasbaRATS, of course).

Say this to everyone: “Merry Christmas, DUMP ISRAEL” — friends, family or anybody you meet on the street!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Sorry, I haven’t been around lately. Been extra busy with CHRISTmas holiday stuff, you understand.

However, I did manage to find a little time to revamp my pages “White Victims” and “MORE WHITE VICTIMS” up under my crazy-looking masthead. Basically, I added short details to the killings of Whites by the brutal black bastards — like what I’ve done on my MUDSHARKS page. I think it’s more impactful that way. Plus, I weeded out a few unnecessary Jews (who I have little sympathy for) and mudshark victims (they have their own section, along with associated White people who suffered because of choices made by the Jew media-brainwashed idiots). Understand the distinction?

For whatever reasons, all these pages get continual, steady hits from around the Internet. You can see them listed a lot over in my “Most Traffic” thingy on the left. Copy and/or link to these locations, just in case of additions, corrections and updates.

And a special thanks to those who support my work and a merry CHRISTmas to all my WHITE brothers and sisters!

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Sicko Zio Establishment ATTACKING Family Values

DYKE JEWESS GESSEN ON TVMasha Gessen, quoted by the Zio-media as an “expert” on Putin….

American Zio Media and ZioGov Vicious Attack on Family Values

By David Duke

Anyone who doubted that the American government, media and “culture” has not been completely colonized and taken over by Jewish Supremacists and their sick ideological worldview, need look no further than the case of Masha Gessen.

This Russian Jewess is that nation’s most famous, self-declared lesbian who also demands complete destruction of traditional marriage.

While homosexual and lesbian Jews are not uncommon (Jewish Supremacists have, as this website has pointed out before, been at the forefront of promoting homosexuality—except in Israel, where homosexual marriage is outlawed), what makes Gessen special is that she has been feted by the American State Department as a “honored” person, is promoted endlessly by the Zio-media, and was even employed by the American government in its anti-Russian “Radio Liberty” radio station in Prague.

Gessen is far more than just another lesbian Jewess. She is certainly one of the leading exponents of the destruction of traditional family values and is an openly-declared enemy of the very institution of marriage.

For example, in June 2012, she appeared as a guest on Australia’s ABC radio service “Life Matters” program, in which she declared:

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Did Blacks Burn Alive Jessica Chambers?

JESSICA CHAMBERS DUPED 2These horrible crimes are now happening to our race at an ever-increasing rate, thanks to the filthy Jew media jacking up the blacks and promoting race-mixing among the “goyim.” If they do nab blacks for this crime, don’t expect big time national news networks, or even that phony “conservative” FOX news (what a sorry joke) to cover the trial like they do for just about any White crime (even ones in other countries). Had enough of the HUGE crap sandwich being fed White people? You will.

WHEN RURAL MISSISSIPPI volunteer firemen responded to a burning car report last Saturday night, they saw a horrifying sight: A figure stumbling towards them out of the darkness, engulfed in flames from head to toe. What they found was a 19 year-old teenaged girl — not only still alive but conscious (imagine her pain). Only the soles of the poor girl’s feet were later reported unburned.


This disgusting photo is said to show Jessica kissing a 31 year-old Negro police questioned for several days. The naïve girl looks back at the camera like she subconsciously knows something is not right — sure wasn’t for her soon enough. Don’t expect to see the media to put this shot on the screen, if they even report one GD thing to begin with!

Jessica Chambers is said to have tried to croak out the name or names of her killers to firefighters before she was airlifted to a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, where she died shortly upon arrival in the burn unit. Her killer(s) may have tried to knock her out, since they found a big gash on the top of her head. But they don’t really know.

Get this: After her and the car were doused with a flammable liquid (probably a can of barbecue lighter fluid); the brutal bastards also squirted it down her throat and up her nostrils before lighting her up. Imagine that. Stop and consider just how sadistic that was to do to a human being. Or even plan on doing such a thing in advance. Like I’ve said often before: These blacks really are total demonic bastards.

Locals in the area suspected it was a black boyfriend she tried to leave recently because he was abusive towards her (not surprising for blacks). Since several people also reported seeing two black males in her car before all this happened, it’s entirely possible the boyfriend brought along a fellow homie to help him out with the evil deed. Uncaring blacks see no problem teaming up together to inflict pain and suffering on any creature or person — black or White. They are just a sick, totally vile race, plain and simple.

WHITE PEOPLE: Because of slick Jew media brainwashing over years and years, you just don’t understand what evil these blacks are capable of. Read on for even more horrible black-on-White “hush” crimes recently.

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Your Country on JEWS — Any Questions?


Look, I know you don’t want to be a big hater boy — I understand all that. Hell, I had a hard time with the stuff for many, many years, even though I was reading and seeing tons of past and present evidence of what the Jew have been up to in the White countries of the West — not just America, either.


All sorts of wacked libtards and Marxist Morons are out there — ever since subversive Jewry brainwashed so many White people into supporting our own political castration and racial suicide. Little wonder America is now rapidly going broke and batcrap insane.

All this Michael Brown and Ferguson BS, followed on the heels by Eric Garner — that minor criminal, but insanely huge Godzilla black, who died from a supposed choke-hold (I can’t breathe!) — all these manufactured uproars about ever-so-innocent blacks being “victimized” by so-called “racist” White cops are simply the latest incarnations of the “Collective Guilt” campaign against the White race.

International, Globalist Jewry has ceaselessly worked to brainwash White people into feeling responsible for all sorts of crap, even things we had ZERO to do with; while at the same time, completely ignoring all the crimes against our people, or the great things our race has ever done in the world (especially any of us “evil” White guys). This anti-White BS is now increasing to a fevered pitch, in case you noticed.

From the earliest days when America foolishly let the Jewish SOBs immigrate here from Eastern Europe and Czarist Russia, all of their plans hinged on the fact they would one day control the mass media from top to bottom. In the meantime, they would foster and finance a wide variety of ways to render our race silent and sibilant — making grown men and women fearful of speaking out to those around them without being called “White supremacist, racist, hater” and plethora of other slander terms the creeps dreamed up. This effort has always been the driving force behind “PC” (politically correct). There can be no doubt, anymore.

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Zio Media Screws White People Left — AND RIGHT

BOSNIAN MURDER VICTIM AND WIFEAfter the BS in Ferguson, this Bosnian newlywed was beaten to death by a gang of blacks simply because he was White. They killed him using HAMMERS. That’s his new wife beside him — she had to witness her husband’s brutal murder. Whites are getting attacked all over because of this Michael Brown BS (along with the usual criminal behavior of worthless blacks). So how come they don’t report on such things like they do with blacks? It’s because they want to keep us WHITES STUPID, while continually jacking up blacks and libtards. Haven’t you figured that one out by now? [INCOG]

“Conservative” FOX News censors and downplays murder of Zemir Begic.

From Council of Conservative Citizens


Last week, a twelve year-old White boy, Keith Passmore, was shot in the head and killed by a black man, right before leaving a birthday party for a black classmate. No witnesses came forward and none of the blacks at the party have cooperated with police. They don’t care. Of course, the local media censored the race of the wanted perp — they barely reported the crime in the first place.

Saturday night/Sunday morning black teenagers screaming “kill the white people” attacked at least three whites. Zemir Begic had his face smashed in with two different hammers, killing him. FOX News is actually reporting that Begic’s wife was present during the murder, which would make her victim number four.

Three blacks have been arrested aged 15, 16, and 17. Police are looking for more suspects.

Yet, FOX News censors the race of the perpetrators, only calling them “teens.” However, FOX News writers felt the need to remind us at the top of the article that Mike Brown is “a black man.”

Then FOX News tells us FIVE TIMES that the killing was not racially motivated. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary! Despite the fact the perps were screaming “kill the white people.”

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Control of America Gives Israel Top F-35 Fighter Jet


From David Duke

F-35 Lightning II fighter jet (2)

The crazed Zionist Jews need this ASAP to launch a surprise attack on Iran with US-supplied “dial-a-yield” bunker buster nukes. (INCOG)

In yet another remarkable display of Jewish Supremacist chutzpah, Israel has just concluded the purchase of $2.75 billion worth of F35 jet fighters from America—the second such purchase in recent times—funded from the total US taxpayer-funded “aid” to Israel which has now topped $3.1 billion (and is set to increase). a report in The New Observer has pointed out.

The incredible swindle—where the US government uses vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to give to the Jews-only state, which then uses that money to buy more highly sophisticated weapons to bomb and murder its enemies—is only possible because of the firm grip over the American government exercised by the Jewish lobby.

News of the “deal” was, of course, completely suppressed in the Jewish Supremacist mass media which is directed at non-Jews. In fact, the only way anyone would even hear about the “deal” would be if they read the Jewish media directed at Jews—because in those publications, they can barely contain themselves with glee over this latest maneuver.

For example, in the Israeli business news magazine, Globes, the “deal” was announced as “Israel to buy 2nd F-35 squadron” and went on to tell its readers that:

Despite the diplomatic tension with the US, Israel will purchase a second squadron of F-35 stealth warplanes, and will also complete its purchase of its first squadron, after having originally bought 19 of the planes.

Just to remind its (Jewish) readers of where the money was coming from, Globes proudly added:

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Dyke Jewess Blames Ferguson on White Privilege

SALLY KOHN BLAMES WHITES PRIVILEGEWhy is this ungodly thing in my country? I just want to go one week without hearing this parasitic doublespeak. Just one.

By Marcus Cicero, Daily Stormer

The Washington Post, staying true to its theme of allowing fully-Marxist refuse in the opinion section, recently featured a piece written by a disgusting Communist Jewess, in which she denounces “White Privilege” as the primary cause for the Negro uprisings in and around Ferguson, Missouri.

Sally Kohn, a die-hard subversive and lesbian abomination, claims in her work, which reads like the rantings of a split-personality schizophrenic, that the Blacks were only expressing their persecuted “humanity” by burning police cars and looting liquor stores, and that their race’s intense propensity for crime of all flavors needs to be overlooked by endangered White folks.

Kohn then demands a solution be found for her confused perceptions of “prejudice,” with overtones indicating her barely-suppressed desire for all straight men and women of European descent to be harshly brutalized, and possibly exterminated in the near to mid-term future.

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NOTHING Will Ever Satisfy The Spoiled Black Race

AL SHARPTON AND ANTHONY GRAYAngry Negrotude once again descends upon America. “Reverend” Al Sharpton, sometime anchor on MSNBC (when his race hucksterism work allows) and Anthony Gray (one of several attorneys glommed on to the Brown family for buckage); ranting yesterday on live TV “news” about the Ferguson Grand Jury’s decision. Sharpton owes about 4.7 million in back taxes yet drives a Rolls Royce Phantom — the planet’s most expensive production automobile. These kind of slimeballs and PC apparatchiks now richly thrive in today’s Jewed America.

Face facts, White people: Nothing will ever satisfy the black race. NOT A GD THING. Well, maybe them totally ruling the roost and owning us Whites outright as slaves, perhaps.

Now I watched the news conference the night before last when district attorney Robert McCulloch, read a long statement outlining the absolutely huge efforts they made to present all the evidence to the Grand Jury. The man was totally fair-minded, logical and articulated the case for the decision persuasively. You could readily see that. That is, of course, if you have any brains.

Yet the very next day (even after all the burning and looting), blacks were everywhere in the liberal media vehemently attacking the guy. Why? Because he’s White, that’s why. Same thing with the governor. This clearly demonstrates what huge racists blacks are. You can see the media and blacks tip-toeing around that fact all the time. Plus, media mavens were pissed because McCulloch gave them a hard time for using the case to fill the “24 hour news cycle.” He was absolutely right, too.

Just stop and think for a moment: The two cases they made a big stink about, Trayvon Martin and this ridiculous Michael Brown bull crap, clearly shows the idiocy of blacks. Neither so-called “victim of racism” deserved the time of day. In fact, both gangsta boys were criminals and we can be reasonably certain they would have eventually committed even more crimes, probably against another homie (93% of all murders of blacks are committed by other blacks, with most of the rest by criminal Mestizos).

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Grand Jury Says Wilson Acted Within Reason




Inside contacts have now informed me the Ferguson Grand Jury will NOT issue a “true bill” or indictment of White police officer, Darren Wilson, for any crime. Wilson was deemed to have acted within reason in saving his life from the 6′ 4″ 300 lb. Michael Brown, Jr. Evidence showed the officer had no choice but to put down the out-of-control gangsta gorilla, who tried to disarm the officer in his squad SUV (resulting in Brown receiving his first gunshot wound) and then charging back at him with clear violent intent.

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The Day They Murdered America


Look, I can’t get in too deep right now on all the ignored or covered-up evidence, obfuscations and “red herrings” in the almost mandated government/media version of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. However, they will be a few necessary parts of the equation to touch on. What I really want to talk about is the shock to America’s brains fifty years ago on that horrible day and what’s been going down ever since.

America was completely traumatized over our young president getting murdered so suddenly. Kennedy was full of promise and his beautiful family had captivated the nation. Not only was JFK handsome and rugged, he had boatloads of charm, wit and intelligence. Plus, he seemed genuinely patriotic for a politician.

His assassination was a GD crying shame. He may well have been the last worth-a-crap president America had. If it was indeed just Oswald — as they continually tell us — or if others had a hand like I suspect, I pray each and everyone of the bastards roasts upon the fiery coals of hell for eternity while getting buggered by the freakiest-looking of demons.

I actually remember the day of the assassination, however hazily. I was in my first grade classroom, when my family lived in a clean, safe, White bedroom community of Washington, DC (my dad worked downtown).

Now I don’t remember all that much, just that I was in this big bright sunlit classroom that had one of those trapezoid angled loudspeakers, the kind made from shellacked yellow pine, up on the wall above the teacher’s head. Sometime after 2 pm that Friday afternoon, it suddenly sprang to life, announcing the President had been shot and we would all be going home a little early that day. I recall no usual outbursts of kiddie glee.

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HNIC Obama Issues Illegal Orders on Illegals


Another Act of War upon White America, unemployed or not!

Everybody knew he was going to do this, right? Tonight his Negro Highness, Obama, went on prime time TV to give the American audience a heart-tugging speech on why he himself needs to act unilaterally on the immigration “issue.”


Rich, rip-off Jews like Zuckerberg might call themselves “atheist,” but are still part of Team Jew, busy socially engineering America to death. The arrogant creeps think Jews are here to “fix the world.”

His Mulatto Majesty will start issuing memos or executive orders as early as tommorrow (exactly what is unclear), giving de facto amnesty to millions of illegal Mestizos. This will allow them to stay here free as a bird and work without fear of deportation. The White-hating, lefty mulatto who claims he’s black — probably himself illegal and maybe even homo to boot — just screwed decent White America another new bunghole.

Funny how Obama first talked about his “justifications” for doing this, with a video posted yesterday on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. So apropos. Subversive Jews like Zuckerberg (right, wearing his little Jew beanie hat), have been behind racially and morally destroying America for over 50 years.

What more do you need to understand that the White race has long been under attack by these Marxist Hebrews? I know I keep going on and on about that like a broken record, but you White people had better get the deal because it’s all too real what’s going down.

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Blatant Mass Media Bias Over Jew Victims

RON DERMER ON CNNI watched Wolf Blitzer’s “SITUATION ROOM” report on this yesterday and took the above screen shot. Wolf (AIPAC Jew) was talking to a senior producer named Elise Labott (who definitely looks Jewish), laying down the Jew victimization thing hard — showing the bloody aftermath in the synagogue, zooming in on a Jew “holy” book covered in blood (the poor innocent Jew worshippers!). Then Wolf brought on the nervy Israeli ambassador, Ron Dermer (above), to tell the audience “we’re all in this together America!” The whole segment was stuffed to the gills with Zionist propaganda. Please go to end for more. [INCOG]

From David Duke:

Anyone who had any doubts about the ability of Jewish Supremacists to control the discourse in the mass media directed at Gentiles will have had the scales fall from their eyes over the coverage given the recent attack in Jerusalem.

Every decent person condemns this violence in Jerusalem. But you must ask yourself why is murder of Jews in Jerusalem by two extremists universally condemned while the Jewish State kills thousands, including men, women and children in Gaza, and leaders such as Obama and Kerry do not condemn Israel. Why are the pictures of the attack in Jerusalem on the front pages of newspapers around the world and the lead story in countless broadcasts? Why was the murder of the four little Palestinian children in Gaza not given the same kind of coverage?

Why was the murder of these kids by massive Israeli terrorism not condemned by world leaders. Why was the before and after pictures of Mosques and the people inside them blown to hell by Israeli bombs not condemned by the Zio Media?

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Ferguson Afreakin Mobs Target White Areas

APE MOBS AT VIRGINIA BEACH‘Loot… and rob them, not your own’

From: Stuff Black People Don’t Like

In a city where the suggestion of using drones to fight crime isn’t as outlandish as it seems (when police are forced to go undercover as pizza delivery drivers because of crimes against those employed  in this field, you know something is heinously wrong), the continued fear of Negrogeddon erupting in the St. Louis metropolitan area has sane individuals wishing such measures had already been put in place.

Drones could help police immediately formulate plans to deal with those rioting by providing real-time aerial footage of the “Justice for Michael Brown” lynch mob as they march for… something.

More importantly, these drones could provide continuous feeds of video to document any rioter/looter/arsonist participating in violence and trying to seek refuge in one of the many churches that has sided with the black insurrection in St. Louis. [Churches offer safe spaces, clergy train in ‘de-escalation’, St. Louis American, 11-13-14]:

Churches throughout the St. Louis region will offer “safe spaces” following the grand jury’s decision on whether to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

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The Brutal Black Race Must be Dealt with Severely

NIKKI FRANCO MURDERNew Jersey native, Nicole “Nikki” Franco, 19, woke up to find a 15 year-old black burglar in her Florida apartment bedroom. After he stabbed her multiple times with a knife he stole from her own kitchen, he callously watched the poor girl die as she called 911 for help. Since DNA evidence linked him to the crime, he may have raped her, too. This is from the latest photo montage I recently did of White victims of the brutal black race. More sad montages can be seen on my masthead page, WHITE VICTIMS.”

I keep asking myself: What don’t you White people get?


Last week, Lahla Petersen, a five year-old little girl, was shot dead while sitting in her grandfather’s lap as black gang-bangers plastered her home with bullets. Imagine the uproar if the races were reversed?

Blacks are the ones who are the murderous, violent, criminal bastards victimizing us White people. It’s so obvious nowadays, even though the media does everything they can to keep this from common knowledge among our race. What’s worse is the media treats them like the heroes and forever-victims of “racist” Whites; even though it’s the other way around. Indeed, blacks are a scourge upon our or any nation — no doubt at all.

Am I furious about all this BS? You’re GD right I am.

The only reason why all this is now getting out is because of the Internet. This is one big reason why the mainstream media constantly ridicules the Internet — they want us Whites to blow it all off as “conspiracy nonsense” and not pay attention to what’s in front of our noses (on a lot of topics, most especially when it comes to Jews and Israel).

Now the blacks are threatening to riot should that decent White cop in Ferguson, Missouri, not get charged by the grand jury (expected by many since evidence clearly shows gangsta boy, Michael Brown, got what was coming to him).* Blacks don’t care anything about the truth and they certainly don’t care the least about any White person. That’s why these bastards are the ones who are the real racists.

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Message to White Vets on Veteran’s Day


Just think about it here: While you patriotic White guys faithfully served this nation in the military, the richly-paid hypocrite creeps back here in America now feel free to spit in our faces. No matter what us White people have done for America and even the world — they don’t give one flying rat’s ass!

The brainwashing media bastards have turned our women into materialistic sluts, our sons into liberal faggots and our daughters into angry little whores; all the while they demonize any White person for the least un-PC comment we might dare make. At the same time, innocent White people are constantly getting smacked around and brutally murdered by the thrill-seeking, White-hating and crime-prone black race — who are always portrayed as GD heroes in the media!

All the while they jack us into never-ending wars fighting for the NWO and Zionist Israel. Even after all we do, they still feel free to openly trash our race and Christianity!

And guess what? It’s just going to get worse and worse for the White Gentile race. You know all this is going on, don’t you?

Had a GD ’nuff of this total crap, White guys?

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Zio Slaves Win Big Over Zio Lapdogs


From David Duke

The Republican Party victory at the US mid-term elections has significantly strengthened the hand of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Likud Party, and Zio-fanatic hardliners, over that of the “leftist Zionist” Israeli Labor Party fanatics—a shift from extremist Zionists to even more extremists Zionists controlling Congress.

As predicted by the well-known Jewish Supremacist commentator and “expert in American-Israeli affairs,” retired ambassador Yoram Ettinger, in the Israel National News service on election day (“Bipartisan Support, But Israel’s Likely Rooting for Republicans”), a Republican party sweep is in the Israeli right wing’s interests.

After the results became known, Ettinger’s prediction was confirmed and expanded upon in the Israeli National News Service by Jewish Supremacist professor Eytan Gilboa, another “expert on American-Israeli relations,” at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Ramat Gan, Israel.

According to professor Gilboa (“What Do US Election Results Mean for US-Israel Relations?”) the Republican win means that “three major issues Israel is concerned about,” will be significantly impacted by this change in US legislative control.

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Norway Jew Honcho Says Country TOO WHITE

Ervin-KohnErvin Kohn – President of The Jewish Community in Oslo and the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism.

Oh man, this is all-so-typical of these sorry GD Nation Wreckers!

I first saw this over on Daily Stormer and then Council of Conservative Citizens posted the video (below). Jews hate CofCC, even though they nicely try hard not to come down on Jews too much. But simply reporting the least of anything on what these Jews are up to gets Jew organizations like the ADL and SPLC screaming mad about evil haters — us White people had better not dare say a word!

Actually, it took me a little time to watch the video where the guy says it. Sometimes, I can’t bare to watch things like this because it makes me want to go totally haywire.

And of course he doesn’t come out and say it in so many words. These tricky-dicks know how to couch their subversions in multicult lingo that basically says as much. Notice how he’s got himself a foolish young liberal girl next to him to back up his BS. They so like having “Shabbos goys” alongside to camouflage their efforts at killing our race. Also note how he talks about increasing “anti-Semitism” — which would be entirely natural considering what these creeps have been up to.

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Jew Hypocrites DEMAND America Take in Planet


From David Duke

The never-ending hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacism, double standards and its “divide and conquer” strategy is on full display once again as a result of a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report which has roundly condemned Israel for expelling asylum seekers—while at the same time, Israel-supporting Jewish organizations in America and Europe continue to demand that even more asylum seekers be let into Europe and the US.

The Human Rights Watch report, titled “Make Their Lives Miserable” (available on the HRW website here) says that Israeli authorities coerced almost 7,000 Eritrean and Sudanese to return to their homes, where they face serious threats to life.

As of August 2014 . . . the authorities’ unlawful coercion policy is gradually achieving Israel’s interior minister’s aim of ‘encouraging the illegals to leave,” the HRW report reads.

“By the end of June 2014, at least 6,400 Sudanese and at least 367 Eritreans had officially left Israel for their home countries, while Israel had only recognized two Eritreans, and no Sudanese, as refugees.

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