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10 Responses to Archives

  1. silvernickel says:

    Great Page Incogman!

    You are PRO-lific

  2. t bone says:

    Very good, Incog.

    Just a suggestion (if it could be done):

    Can you seperate the posts in groups, by year?

    Not on every single one, but something like:





    I hope that makes sense.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I might not be able to. I’m using a function inside my main software and I’m limited to what I can do. I can get other add-on software, but it’s kind of tricky stuff and prone to not working with upgrades(you see what happened on the last one).

  3. Hoff says:

    Congrats everybody: Incogman net just turned TEN million hits. Thank you incogman for job well done 😀

  4. Karen says:

    You’re really good. I often come here, information, entertainment and nostalgia. Today being gloomy and frigid, looks like arctic tundra outside, reread one of my favourites, “Can’t Stand the New Ager Man” cheered me up.

  5. ben yaminprot says:

    To see the growing number of “anti-semitic” groups is something like “so good to be true”. But not many people know about the jews and their best friend the “Shia” ( Iran is the centre of Shia). Shia religion was created by a former jew called himself Abdullah Al-Saba’. He was a jew but then converted to Islam. But then he created a new religion (not a sect coz the shia teachings are against the very basic of Islamic teaching) call SHIA. Shia claims that this new religion is islam. They pretend to be anti-jew but they were given power and money by the american jews in eg: Afghanistan(Hamid Karzai-a shia), Iraq (Nuri Al-Maliki-also a shia) and Syria (Bashar Al-Assad-also a shia allawite)…These shias are so hate Sunni Muslims (sunni-just to differ from shia)-the 90% of Muslims in the world…

    FYI, if USA attack Iran, it is just to hinder the vicious shia from gaining nuclear facilities..Full operation attack on Iran wont be launch..Why? Coz the jews want to use them as the butchers of the 90% Muslims of the world….

  6. ben yaminprot says:

    When the possibility of NATO attacking Syria (for using Chemical Bomb) were significant, the freedom fighters in Syria were being alert and retreated to take cover from the NATO. These freedom fighters (the mujahideen) have many experience in many cases, the jew-controlled-NATO had been used to bomb mujahideens instead of Shia..Attacking shia or shiites was just a trick…

    You all must ask yourself why in the world the jews are so,so hate Islam? The most and real enemy of the jew is Islam? Nowadays, the mass killings of Muslims are all conducted by the jews behind curtain..Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Myanmar, Southern Thailand, Southern Phillipines…just name it…all the victims are Muslims – sunni muslim..(Shia not included due to their good backdoor cooperation…)..

  7. benyaminprot says:

    I found no bias issue in ur website. Congratulations and solute 4 the nobel works. There are also many good “anti semitic fellows i really respect eg: Scott Roberts of theforbiddentruth, Mike Delany of, late Dr. William Pierce, Brother Nathael of realjewnews and many more.. all talking the same TRUTH..

    In Islamic prophecy, the coming big War (world War 3 0r “Armageddon”), Muslims and Christians will stand sholder to shoulder against the false mesiah Dajjal (anti-christ) where Isa (Jesus Christ) Peace Be upon Him will kill The False Mesiah….

    Thank you all comrades!!!

  8. Don in Taiwan says:

    For a look at life in occupied Palestine check out: “5 broken cameras ” a documentary filmed by Palestinians in the West Bank. They way these people are dehumanized by the jew is nauseating . Keep up the good work, expose these treacherous hypocrites and scourge of humanity. Together we ARE making a difference. Thank you incogman for all of your diligence maintaining this website.

  9. Tom says:

    Ben Yaminprot: I hate to burst your bubble, but the leaders of the Sunni, Saudi House of Saud, are Jewish as well as Muslim. This is possible when a Muslim male marries a Jewish female. Perfectly “legal” for the Kosher crowd. (The offspring of s shiksa or goy female is not recognized and considered “mamzer” or bastard.) The Saudis act in accord with their co-religionists. Al Sisi of Egypt is another child of a Jewish mother and Muslim father. Much of modern Spain and France was controlled by Muslims at one time thanks to the treacherous good graces of local Jews who, so to speak, opened the gates for them. Sound familiar?

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