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The True History of Africa: A Fable for Europe

It was as though the White man was capable only of living in the moment and the lessons of life had still not taught him to manage and conserve resources. The White man had, like a pet, come to assume that the black man would always be there to feed him; clothe him; house him and take care of him when he was sick. Continue reading

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The Cave of The Sheep

Excerpt from Plato’s “The Republic,” Book VII. Plato was an important Greek philosopher, mathematician and student of Socrates during the Classical Ages, born about 428 years before Christ. There used to be a time — not so long ago in America — where the study of such White men was part and parcel to any respectable education. Continue reading

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A Lemming’s Tale, Interrupted

“The crowd appeared guided or controlled by unknown people with loud electronic bullhorns off to the distant sides, above and behind us. As we went along, we were prodded and cajoled with syrupy pleadings, needling commentaries of this or that and, far too often, explosive exhortations, angry slanders and accusations.

The apparent purpose of the bullhorn messages was for us to mix ourselves together into a babbling, chaotic and diverse mass, one that could never know who we even were, let alone think or talk about what was to happen to us down the road.

It all seemed expressly intent to confuse and divide any like-minded groups, making it impossible for any of us to ever form coherent strategies to deal with our plight or to set our own direction.”


Includes a NorseWolf video, with commentary by the great Dr. William Pierce. Continue reading

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It’s a Wonderful Race

A Christmas Story: What if the Evil White man and his European Civilization never existed? Read this look at history that turns the lies of the Politically Correct universities and schools completely on it’s head. If you’re a White person — especially if you consider yourself “liberal” — then you have to read this! Continue reading

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The Story of Joseph the Jew

Here’s a portion of what George Lincoln Rockwell had to say in his book “White Power!”                                   In the Old Testament, we can read the story of a typical Jewish operation in any nation they invade. Jews almost always come … Continue reading

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What Was Once Your Home

Don’t let these young, smarmy Jewish faces fool you for a minute: Should you say one thing against illegal immigration or even about the evils of the State of Israel; these faces would quickly twist into real hatred — cursing you for being a “xenophobe,” “nativist” and, … Continue reading

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