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PC is Driving White America INSANE

This past week, the hypocrite Jewish-controlled US media went into another tiresome circus over Phil Robertson, one of those bearded guys on the A&E show “Duck Dynasty,” saying what he thought about the homos and black civil rights. The supposed “controversy” brought out the same vitriolic White-haters as when southern TV cook, Paula Deen admitted using the “N-word” about 30 years ago.

America: Haven’t you had the least sneaking suspicion by now, that a third party is at work in today’s America? Maybe, just maybe, there’s something else going on here besides all the Lefty versus Righty crap? And certain people out there who wants you, the American general public, the silent majority, the unwashed masses, the hoi-polloi proletariat, to subscribe to one side or the other? Continue reading

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Tim Wise Calls Jesus a Symbol of Genocide

Stinking Jew spews his White-hating line of bull once again on CNN (video). Continue reading

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