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The Real Background To The “Jewish Conspiracy”

This is the true deep, deep background of all the BS going on today. “PC” has always been a social taboo device, along with carefully planted “MEMES” — all expressly designed to keep White people silent and too afraid to speak out, while these stinking Jews gradually dispossess us of our very own lands, turn our race into a spat-upon minority and create the “New World Order.” No doubt about it. Continue reading

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One Video The Jews Don’t Want You To See!

The video is simply far too strong and well done to allow White Americans to see, with highly professional graphics and visual editing by someone who calls himself “ARES” — major kudos to whomever he or she is! A former nuclear physics professor who figured out the real deal, Dr. William Pierce (who died in 2002), reads one of his hard-hitting articles, and ARES uses the recording as narration for his brilliant video work. Continue reading

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One Afternoon in the Life of INCOG MAN


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A Lemming’s Tale, Interrupted

“The crowd appeared guided or controlled by unknown people with loud electronic bullhorns off to the distant sides, above and behind us. As we went along, we were prodded and cajoled with syrupy pleadings, needling commentaries of this or that and, far too often, explosive exhortations, angry slanders and accusations.

The apparent purpose of the bullhorn messages was for us to mix ourselves together into a babbling, chaotic and diverse mass, one that could never know who we even were, let alone think or talk about what was to happen to us down the road.

It all seemed expressly intent to confuse and divide any like-minded groups, making it impossible for any of us to ever form coherent strategies to deal with our plight or to set our own direction.”


Includes a NorseWolf video, with commentary by the great Dr. William Pierce. Continue reading

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Should I “Hate” The Jew or Just The Negro?

Who says we got to decide?

I write this piece to illustrate the “real deal” going on. It’s now obvious that us Whites have been targeted for racial destruction. Step out of the box for just a few minutes to read what I got to say on the matter. Also, could someone please go tell Mr. RAMZPAUL at his site, or Youtube, that I wrote something on him? Let’s all see if he’s got the guts to address all of us openly on INCOG MAN. Continue reading

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Media Hypocrites Lusting To Disarm White America

Michael Moore is not the only one getting rich, by being a liberal at the expense of the White race and America. Why do such people get so much play, while any and all pro-Whites get treated like the devil incarnate? Continue reading

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We All Know Whats Going On Here

I don’t need to read long convoluted theories of secret societies pulling the strings. I can just list out what the media feeds us on a daily basis to see exactly the manipulations and brainwashing being done to our country. Continue reading

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I Should Have Awoken Ages Ago

Haven’t you wondered why the BS in America just keeps getting worse and worse? There’s been many points in my life when the answer stared me smack cold dab in the face. Yet, even the INCOG MAN could not fully believe what his own two eyes and ears told him for quite some time. Continue reading

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