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To help defray whatever expenses involved with my site, I’ve set up a secure Paypal account where you can make a small donation (whatever you can afford). Don’t worry if you can’t — just as long as you are Pro-White, you’re cool with me already.

If you can afford $5 or $10, I’d appreciate it. If you blow it off, thanks a lot, pal.

Click on the Paypal button below and put a little something on your Paypal account or credit card. I never get any personal information — I just want the dough for coffee and cigarettes.

If you would like to put in some artwork over on the left to give exposure to your own site, you can do up some artwork and I’ll put it in here. Just make a comment down below with your contact info and I’ll put it into the moderation que so only you and I see it (unless you change your IP address). Always go to this page here to make comments pertaining to your donation.

Put in a LINK to your final JPEG or GIF file art (exact size if possible). You go to Paypal to make your donation. Look for the “purpose” field there and put what it’s for. Come back in a day or so to see it.

Don’t forget to paste in your website address into your comment down below so I can also include it with the artwork (visitors will click on it and bounce directly to your site).

ALL ARTWORK WILL HAVE ACTIVE LINKS FOR FREE! That’s really not a big deal, even though some sites act like it is. Let me know if your site’s address changes.

I’m thinking just a couple of dollars a month for 6 months, with a one time donation (you make the Paypal transaction above). Sizes and suggested rates follow. Use the “purpose” field so I know it’s for your artwork. You can donate more at the end of 6 months to continue.

Once I have the artwork and verified your Paypal transaction (a day or two), I’ll put it in and then schedule it to run automatically for 6 months from that day. The artwork position is first come, first served.

Reach 100,000 plus pairs of eyes every month:

Large size: 225 pixels wide by 350 pixels deep (deep vertical): $25 for 6 months.

Medium size: 225 pixels wide by 250 pixels deep (verticle rectangle): $20 for 6 months.

Small size: 225 pixels wide by 225 pixels deep (square): $15 for 6 months.

List size: 225 pixels wide by 100 pixels deep (horizontal rectangle): $10 for 6 months.

If needed, I will resize any art to fit these dimensions (I’ll give you leeway on vertical depth), but it’s best if you do it yourself to make sure it looks OK (pay attention to readable font sizes). I can create pretty good looking original art if you’re willing to pony up a little more for my time.

I promise to only spend the money on this site, ammunition, coffee, cigarettes, maybe some beer and donations to other Pro-White groups. If you enjoy my site, please take a minute to contribute a little something, something.

* My old blog at WordPress was taken down for scurrilous reasons by sneaky Jews. Right now, this site is separate from WP (although I use their PD software), is on protected servers and guarded by pro-White people, but I cannot guarantee the Feds or the Jews won’t find a way to censor me.

Get seen on the most pro-White, UN PC, truth site on the net!

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157 Responses to »Donations to INCOG MAN

  1. None of my business, really. Why do you have images of GIs beaming and looking ordinary, when they helped with mass murders around the world?
    I wouldn’t mind a like to my site http://www.big-lies.org

  2. Matt says:

    My Russian wife ran across this on a Russian site. Translation; Chinese gooks eating unborn babies. It’s absolutely shocking, it makes you see what horrible and detestable people these gooks are.

    Warning of graphic images. The bigger ones, close to birth, they get up to 2,000 yens for. ($291)


  3. Matt says:


    Thanks for letting me post the truth on your site, which almost all other sites refuse to publish.

    I’ll be making a donation today.

  4. Sent some artwork and a donation.

  5. I didn’t get a chance to send the artwork through in the donation.

    Can you do this .gif

    and link it to my site


  6. Incog says:

    regret unable to donate (as deserving of you). Located in racist shithole South Africa. Capable and jobless because i’m white.
    No need to publish. Am an incog woman whose eyes are open. The dots have connected.
    Thanks for your work

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Sorry to hear it.

      Here is something to cheer you up.

      More than one of the third of all humankind drink 3 times a day.

      However, there’s no amount of liquor, wine or beer that is safe for your overall health, according to a new analysis. Thus, get out of shit hole, sooner or later, it will be waked, if not by my generation, the generation of my son. We definitely need more white people here in America.

  7. Gene says:

    I tried to post a comment relative to the subject today and it would not accept it. I only had one link to a story about Negroes killing.

  8. Arctic Circle says:

    Congratulations Everyone with the Independence of New Caledonia!

    I believe that white people should learn from the Very Smart New Caledonians who got independence from French.

    Even the damned fucking niggers from far away Caledonia got enough smarts to Vote for their absolutely unnecessary independence.

    What about us, capable of only hating each other and digestion, can we get the Independence from Jews, Rich, Private Interests, Colored, Niggers, Property Owners, and Investors with the Rose cheeks? Yes.

  9. Arctic Circle says:

    Here is the new mugshot of this fucking disgusting animal the BigFart, the spit: the image that just appeared in the search engine fucking nigh mare.

    I would personally feed All those who bought a ticket for any kind sport event in the past 30 years to the ICU hill-billies.


  10. Arctic Circle says:

    Public attitudes about spending during and before the mid 1980s differed dramatically one decade later within the same population, due to the sustained prosperity within the final four years of the millennium.

    Those same attitudes today differ vastly from just a few years earlier due to our sustained recession everybody is permeated with fear, insecurity, and scarcity.

    That is somewhere around that time, sine 1980s the fucking rich-jewish scam has become the fucking jet-jewish-scam. That is the time when the virus of privatization, started in GB, spread around as a fire of criminality, exploitation, and conspicuous consumption.

    I say smash, if its legal, I say, crash if its legal!

    And if it is not legal, then don’t. Stop, think, vote, and make it Legal, you white modafukaaaas!

  11. Johnny says:

    Do you have a bitcoin account that I can donate to?

    • Charles Stinnett says:

      Johnny –

      I have a friend who pushed Bitcoin, and I told him the thought of having to have some type of electronic device to access and use it turned me off. I’d always have to have wi-fi and, at least, an I-phone functional to use it – much less find a seller willing to take it in exchange. The convenience is inconvenient. Furthermore, whomever has reign over cyberspace can monitor all your purchases (think about “gun control”…).
      The caveat I encounter is being unable to slip a wrench-dollar bill in an envelope and sending a donation to worthy causes, because I WILL NOT send a credit card number via Internet. I have had costly experiences doing that. I certainly understand the reluctance to publish a postal address, but I believe that anyone looking for “donations” should at least have a Post Office Box.
      I suspect that a thousand readers each sending just $5/month, in an envelope, would help more than hurt!

  12. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Incogman (“Phillip Marlowe”??) –

    My friend, above, brought up a good point about donations (he was on my I-Pad, and we were having coffee at my kitchen table). Why can’t you simply get a Post Office Box so we can send you cash? Many folks don’t like having their bank card transactions leaving any sort of paper trail to any surveillance, and I believe a $10 bill or $5 bill from a 100,000 readers would buy you coffee and cigarettes!
    I post in pen names, because I am well-known in my own sphere. I am in Virginia, and have been involved in federal litigation for quite some time. I am influential in the Republican Party, and DO understand your reluctance to reveal your name or whereabouts. However, there are many ways of keeping your name concealed with a P. O. Box, the simplest of which is telling the postmaster the “names” of persons expecting mail from that box. I’ve done it.

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