The Jew Media Octopus:

(TV Broadcast/Film Ownership and Management)

FULL JEW: Both parents or just mother Jewish. HALF JEW: Father Jewish, mother non-Jewish, or what they call a “shiksa.” CRYPTO JEW: Evidence of Jewish heritage purposefully hidden at some point in the past; usually the last name was changed to something more “anglo” sounding. Some Jews below may qualify, but only noted when it’s known they or their family did this; same thing with being a homo. SHABBOS GOY: Politely termed a “philoSemite,” but really a traitorous, non-Jewish Gentile willing to work for Jewish, Zionist interests and/or multicult brainwashing to earn a fat paycheck. None of these types will say JACK, publicly and usually privately too, or risk losing fancy careers and even social standing. This is due to “PC,” a diabolical mind-set promoted by Globalist Jewry over the decades to keep Whites from seeing the real power structure pulling the strings.

NOTE: “EX” means Executive, like in “Executive Vice President.” “Former” means they once held that position.

Note: The Jews at the CW Network (right) have been making concerted, noticiable efforts to brainwash and push “diversity” down the throats of rural Whites, like at NASCAR races and the all-too-obvious multicult and “diversity” programming. Jew Mark Pedowitz just took over prez position from Dawn Ostroff, another Jew.

On-Screen talent

Most Americans haven’t a clue, but the majority of those you you see on TV today and think are White are really Ashkenazi, or Khazar Jews (having a non-Jewish sounding name and White looks is always big career boost for Jew “journalists”). In fact, true European White Gentiles are really just mere “tokens,” or window dressing, since upper management Jews try to avoid having too many obvious Jews in the bigger, more visible anchor spots where the deal might get spotted.

Also, pay attention to how the Jews skip from one network job to the next, without the least problem, even after they’ve done something to tarnish their repution, like Jeff Zucker’s Leno/Conan PR debacle at NBC and Judith Miller’s conviction over Iraq WMD disinfo work for Zionist intel ops (she’s on FOX for Islamophobia duties during the day). Another good example is Katie Couric, who jumps all over the place, failed miserably in ratings as anchor on CBS, then strolls on over to ABC. This is because Jew upper management will always go that extra mile for a fellow Jew, whenever possible.

Notice, too, media Jewry practices blatent career nepotism all the time. If your daddy worked in media, that puts you in the front of the line anywhere. Same thing can happen with really useful SHABBOS GOYS, like the inexperienced Chelsea Clinton getting a big reporter gig over at NBC; both her parents are major NWO whores and multicult icons, plus Chelsea is also married into the Jewish financial elites.

CNBC (business channel) onscreen Jews talking to the sheep before they are shorn. Someone else wise to the deal did the above graphic.


These are the people they bring on to tell all us hoi polloi what and how to think. The show’s anchor may be a goy (cute blonde shiksas are popular), but those he/she talks to on-screen will be Jews and/or “people of color” (for the multicult angle). Usually, what you’ll see is a liberal White goy talking to a supposedly “expert” Jew and a black who can at least speak understandably without using ebonics (enough right there for a fat paycheck).

Now I have the network name at the bottom where you are most likely to see these Jew pundits, but oftentimes you will see them elsewhere, too. One good example is Aaron David Miller, usually seen on the “conservative” FOX, but sometimes on “liberal” ABC when they are pushing Israel’s line of Mideast bull. Richard Haas of the CFR is another quiet Jew agent brought in to do similar Zionist/Globalist PR tasks.

The nasally and obnoxious Mark Potok (right), a known homo Jew of the SPLC (Jew intel and anti-White control organization), is a favorite go-to guy when the media Jews want to attack pro-Whites on-air, or even slander plain anti-illegal immigrant and American patriots as “White supremacists.” If you pay attention, you’ll see that doesn’t matter one bit to the media when it comes to policing and keeping Whites guilty about race. That’s the big scam Jews have going on.

Pam Geller (right) has website dedicated to fighting “evil Muslim terrorists.” This alone seems to be enough for Jew media to put her on TV in front of millions as an “expert.” Geller’s operations (including speaking engagements) must certainly be funded and provided complex anti-Muslim articles by covert Zionist psyop people (no way party gal Geller could write all the things she supposedly does). This is to manipulate American citizens (especially patriotic Christian Zionists), so America supports Israel with tens of billions yearly. These Jews are tricky bastards across the board — especially when it comes to scamming money and supporting Israel.

 JEW PUNDITS IV JULY 2013A lot of these Jews work as writers/editors in print and online sites, brought in to make color commentary on various BS the Jews are pushing. Note how you’ll see them on different networks all the time — that’s because they are all playing for the same team — the Jew team.

A few notable Shabbos Goys and/or married into the mob.

Being married to a Jew is a big career boost for media types. Jews feel more comfortable that you’re not a secret Nazi who might expose just how many of them are really in the media. All these people — on-screen talent, management, producers, writers, etc. — understand if one negative word is ever uttered about Jew control, the State of Israel or even 9/11 truth, the person will immediately get fired. They’ll be forced to find employment in anything other than media since the “old boy’s network” has actually been “the Jew’s network” all along. This is well understood in the media ranks, even if they won’t admit to your face.

Make clear note on how these Shabbos Goys never touch on subjects like Israel spying on America. Even the so-called conservative flag wavers. That should tell you something.

More will be added.


Look it over, America: Our heads are now totally under control by the Globalist, Zionist Jews. It’s estimated that 96% of the Western world’s media is owned outright by the Jews. They are literally everywhere, in staggering proportions, as opposed to their supposedly fewer numbers in the general population.†

It’s little wonder why so much is being kept from the rest of us (including the absolutely horrible things the Jewish State of Israel does to the Palestinians and Lebanese).

This is why White people are getting screwed, Christianity slimed, our morality going to hell in a handbasket, the nation’s economy raped, Globalism promoted, why our politics are so messed up, evil false flags like 9/11 covered up and why we get in all these ridiculous entangling wars and rebellions in the Mideast (costing us lives and trillions).

This is why things SUCK more and more by the day. Whether or not it’s purposeful (indeed it is — Globalist Jewry is obviously using us to create the NWO), but one thing for sure, these insular and subversive people are now destroying the America of our Forefathers. No doubt at all.

NOTE: It’s simply NOT possible to be complete or always up to date (I’m only one guy here — not a super computer). It’s infinitely more extensive than I’m capable of handling. And it goes back to the very beginnings of mass media in America.

Also, it’s not in perfect order and certainly many “crypto-Jews” are missed (some cryptos, homos and shabbos goys are noted when known).* Those listed here only scratches the surface of Jew media domination — lower management, radio and print are barely touched (many of the on-screen “Pundits” are also writers/editors in print). Additional photo blocks and updates will be done as time goes on. Go to the end for more info.

Please leave any additions or corrections in comment section below!

These are not minor, incidental positions, either. Research it, talk to people in the business (those who will talk) and you’ll see.

* You can never go by names when it comes to Jews. Many have changed them, either by themselves or from their families in the past. Some may be Jewish on their mother’s side (making them technically fully Jewish — like Bill Maher). Many are not religious in the least, but that’s not important, only that they protect and advance International Jewry and/or the Zionist NWO — no matter what it does to America.

†Although it’s said that Jews are only 2.5% of the US population, this number is certainly wrong. They are at least 3% and very possibly upwards of 10%. The real numbers have long been purposely manipulated by Jewry ever since they got here, trying to keep us “goyim” from getting too worried. And remember, it’s not really a numbers thing, it’s a mental control thing going on (the country’s mind set is molded to protect Jews).

From WHO CONTROLS AMERICA: Of the forty-eight (48) senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies, forty (40) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. This means that Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies by a factor of 41.5 times, or 4,150 percent. This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.

Many thanks to WHO CONTROLS AMERICA; go there for updated list and links to who, what, where. See just how Jew-controlled Hollywood and the media is in America!



 Don’t you ever wonder why they make such a big deal about certain things on TV?

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69 Responses to »JEW MEDIA

  1. X-15 says:

    You have CNN’s Dana Bash listed as a “crypto” Jew, Wikipedia outright calls her a “Jewish-American” with her real name as “Dana Ruth Schwartz”.

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, I know that NOW. But they didn’t used to.

    She changed her name when she got out of college looking to get into media. In doing so, I consider her as a “crypto.” Her little buddy, Jessica Yellin, is not listed as a Jew in KIKEpedia, but her daddy was a big time LA real estate mogul Jew. Try finding that out. As such, she’s a GD crypto, too.

  3. INCOG MAN says:

    OK, I updated the image and took out crypto from Dana Bash since it appears to be her ex husband’s (a Jew) last name.

    She’s still a creepy Jew.

  4. skinnylegsandall says:

    I don’t know how you feel about Eric Hufschmid.I know don’t list him in your links.Still he has some interesting Neanderthal pages of various “leaders” with very similar physical characteristics.Fascinating stuff.
    Next,media at work,the Memphis three,jews one and all.Jessie Misskelley, Jr. was 17 years old, Jason Baldwin was 16 years old, and Damien Echols was 18 years old.Nichols was on death row.They walked out of jail with a no-low contendetre? ple this fall.How, first a movie summer 2010,Wynona Ryder,jew,the eddie vedder jew and Natilie Maimes Dixie chick,not jew but married an Iranian named Pasdar,an actor no less,no doubt a jew in my mind,to control Miss Maimes.Misskell is slightly retarded.Going back in my memory Echols mother is said to be adopted as well as her mother.Something weird going on here.Echols I’m sure is queer although he married some woman from inside the prison.The retarded one went home from prison in his fathers van.Echols and Baldwin got right in Vedders suv and drove off.I’m pretty sure what went on was some of jew covenant to drink the blood of the little boys.Some other the jews came I believe too.One more thing Echols had a friend named Jacobi, why always just say his friend? There are ZERO pictures of Jacobi, I researched him his blood is almost identical to Echols,one Nucleotides different in fact.He had role in this.I’m not sure how though.

  5. 30.06 says:

    Hey Incog , don’t even try to list the Jews in Hollywood or the Porno industry , you haven’t enough bandwidth to even get started on that Kosher cesspool .

    What do we get from all these Jews ?

    Lies , distortions and Filth . Well I guess that goes to reason , after all , that’s all these Jews have within themselves . They prove it to us everyday , with no let up .

  6. Dear incog man, find this site on the internet =The mind bending power of the masters of the media Nick Griffin Balder.org

    It is a very useful adjunct to your expose above.

  7. Flanders says:

    We might get a “taste” of how jew media actually “works” to keep as much of the jew sleaze under the rug – as we all know is, at so many times, possible. This is from an Australian forum telling about how the jews responded to the Oprah broadcast on May 1, 1989, which brought up jewish ritual murders on a show which was titled “Mexican Satanic Cult Murders,” and during one segment of the show Oprah presented a woman under the pseudonym of “Rachel”.

    “Within hours she was on the phone to her good friend Abraham Lincoln Marovitz, a federal judge whose contacts extended into every segment of society. He agreed to help, and for the next week Judge Marovitz and Mrs. Brady worked on Oprah’s behalf to assemble a group of representatives from the region’s Jewish community to meet at Harriet Brady’s condominium to try to quell the raging controversy.

    Oprah arrived at the meeting on May 9, 1989, with Debar DiMaio and two Jewish members of her senior staff, Jeffrey Jacobs and Ellen Rakieten. They sat down with Michael Kotzin, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Metropolitan Chicago;

    Jonathan Levine, midwest director of the American Jewish Committee; Barry Morrison, director of the Greater Chicago/Wisconsin Regional Office of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith; Rabbi Herman Schaalman, president of the Chicago Board of Rabbis; Maynard Wishner, resident of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago; Judge Marovitz; and Mrs. Brady.

    Oprah was sufficiently contrite and vowed never again to broadcast a show on devil worship. She agreed to reach out to B’nai B’rith, which fights anti-Semitism and racism, whenever her show focused on those subjects, and she promised to exercise better judgment in selecting her guests.

    The two sides came together over the next three days to work out two statements to be delivered to the press, which had been covering the story nearly every day. Oprah and her executive producer said,

    “We recognize that The Oprah Winfrey Show on May 1 could have contributed to the perpetuation and historical misconceptions and canards about Jews, and we regret any harm may have been done.

    We are aware of community and group sensibilities and will make every effort to ensure that our program will reflect that concern.” [This, and more, is from the later section at the link].


    Being involved with jewish media should be the most dangerous “job” in America. The slimeball jewish media is the center around which all jewish treasons and crimes are enabled. Without the jewish media, people would have to resort to learning truth.

  8. Oh dear says:

    Oh dear.

    Is this a true representation or is it a selection of Jews? What about the non-Jews in the media.

  9. t bone says:

    oh dear

    (here we go again-back to teaching ABC’s)

    Media non-jews (aka shabbos goyim) are what jews consider useful idiots. Jews get far greater entitlement than non-jews so when these shabbos goyim suck hard enough, the jews throw them a bone to make them feel all gooey inside.

    Shabbos goyim will never really be jewish so they never become as entitled, plus they are used as leverage later down the road for things like blackmail.

    Over time ,shabbos goyim will clearly be recognized as traitors (bargaining chips, or better yet,tokens)

    Media non-jews have a biased, pro-jewish agenda. They vouch for jews while the masses see it as credibilty.
    The devil uses many machinations to dupe the masses into his ideology.

    One must understand the ‘jewish collective’ and how it operates. Splitting hairs to try to balance out the dispersement of malfeasance will ultimately give the jewish collective a slap on the wrist, all the while the shabbos goy absorbs the guilt and blame.


  10. bargain bob says:

    Too bad these aren’t “wanted dead or alive posters”. Soon to be we hope!

  11. 30.06 says:

    If they decide to go this route , the JEW MEDIA will push it as fact , with a certainty .

  12. 30.06 says:

    These guys are competing for the title of HASBARATS Inc .
    What a load of Shit !

  13. 30.06 says:

    Try again ;
    Filthy Stinking Lying Conniving Swindling HASBARATS !

  14. Vexed. says:

    The Jewish Corrupters – Dr. William Pierce.

  15. Vexed. says:

    Einstein, Freud, and Other Jews – Dr. William Pierce.

  16. macaca says:

    I am forever astounded by the breath-taking ignorance of the Amurricun Sheeple on this very topic (Jews running the Show). I have given up trying to even bring it up in polite robotic society.

    If you delve into the source of the problem, it may well be that Jews, having demonstrably-higher IQs, have been able to lord it over the goyim, simply because they can argue, cite, and speak circles around the average dolt out there. It is appropriate to perhaps mention that the median IQ among white Americans seems to be (according to Kevin MacDonald on Occidental Observor) around 103.5. Among American blacks, it’s a pitiable 86. Among Jews taking the test as an ethnic closed sample, it is close to 112. At BEST, the Jews are just under 10 IQ points better off than us Whites.

    Add to that, the inventors of Communism, State socialism and Freudianism have been on a tear for the better part of a century-and-a-half. Without this site, most of us would, by design and concerted effort, be kept in the dark about this ethno-war. If you really go back through history, Jews, being self-isolating, endogamic racists, have seen rather easy pickings amongst goys, who, for millenia, groveled at the feet of any number of false gods and earthly leaders. As deomographics build toward a Malthusian climax, it can only get worse. The old “socio-economic” PYRAMID, is really IQ-based—-look at the number of slobbering, simpering fatties watching day-time TV.

    As I have said here before, good luck, Rush (and others) with your prediction: “Americans are slowly waking up….”. Maybe, but even wide-awake, they are bringing a cognitive butterknife to a gunfight. Another perspective is to look at the Americans’ federal, constitutional republic as an experiment, elevating individualism, self-reliance and the written word (in this case a plan of government) over the cult of the individual leader. Now, take a look at that type of government in the eons-long march of human folly. Athens, Republican Rome, America and a few pretenders are all short punctuations in an endless litany of sheeple kow-towing to those they deem intellectually or morally superior to themselves.

    The Jews may be villified, even victimized, in a world-wide pogrom-like “reckoning”, but I wouldn’t count on anything other than the goyim finding another “great-man” leader. Look at the Porch-Monkey-in-Chief, he’s a paradigmatic example. The total “SOROSian Candidate”, making nice with AIPAC puppeteers and other Zionist fronts, and essentially molding America into the Jews’ dream—a SOCIALIST society in wh/ only THEY (who run it) can shield their wealth and property from the Orwellian, ever-grasping state. Good luck to us all……….

  17. heroay says:

    “…it may well be that Jews, having demonstrably-higher IQs,…”

    (Intelligence Quotient) which in itself is a fabrication, a concoction, according to ‘someone’s rules’, is NOT demonstrably factual amongst these animals.

    Plagiarists-thieves of others discoveries, developments, and inventions (like Saint Einstein, the ‘epitome’ of ‘yew-daic’ ‘intelligence’) ; and obtuse, cynical liars of their own treachery and disinformation; all backed up with inexhaustible supply of worthless paper ‘money’ to buy, subvert, bribe, blackmail, persecute, execute, distort, conform, brainwash, hide, divert, obfuscate any and all information, sources, or individuals opposed or exposing their criminal, racist, rapacious, vandalic nature, does NOT make them by any means “intelligent”; only sagacious, cunning, relentless… well, ‘smart’ beasts of the field. With 6 thousand years of expertise in the ‘trade’.

    In-telligence comes from within, from in-grained PAST experiences, even and especially, from the SUB-conscious… not from reading books or listening to kosher academi-macacus. And Intelligence is accompanied always by “Critical Thinking”, the mostly innate ability to resolve not only mental, but mechanical problems or conflicts. Totally LACKING in these animals.

    That’s WHY they need two-bit, traitorous GOY sheeple under their feet, and all around them; not same breed of ‘genius’ IQ-70 Neanderthals. Without goys, they STARVE and DIE.

    That’s WHY they are natural plagiarists-predators. And what they can’t get themselves, they ‘buy’ with printed toilet paper, or, a rented death squad assigned to their victim; them too coward to do the execution themselves… Unless, they are shooting from a distance at sitting school girls, or stone carrying little boys, somewhere in Palestine…

    If they were intelligent, they would KNOW that as they have sown, so shall they REAP. As has happened all along to these creeps (or their cousins) since 584 BC, to just about a decade ago. Except NEXT time, may be the LAST. Their secrecy is no longer available to them; X-posed on the Internet on all their crimes, their future is most unpleasant, but necessary for Earth to BREATH again. No more kosher DUNG!

    As for the “jew” IQ-70 level, due mainly to inbreeding (because of ugliness and greed), recommend you read Fathers Manifesto “IQ and Jews” (“Are Jews Intelligent?”), MOST enlightening investigation of human “IQ” in general, with special emphasis on these creatures from Hell.

    After all, Ashkenazis (“jew” tag invented in 13th C. AD, never before) not for nothing are the only sub-species in the world with 21 genetic-DNA DISORDERS (some ‘chosenites’! Karma IS a bitch!), which make THEM hate-filled, envious beasts of US…. the beautiful, intelligent, resourceful, gorgeous, indomitable, GENTLE, Gentiles…. 🙂 Get it?

  18. Peter Paid the Piper says:


    Thanks for list of Jewish and “related” (lives with, crypto) ownership of big US media!

    But you don’t have to have them owning a media for it to be totally politically correct, even in an area where most are conservative Christian whites! Some of us decided it would be useful to steer a local rural-based radio station into carrying some OTHER news stories. Such as: the young white lady brutally murdered in St. Louis (not near us). Plus some real FOLK MUSIC (not just Nashville mainstream) with protest singers like the white lady “Saga” in Sweden who sings about the destruction of her people. (Not to mention more traditional “bluegrass” style including very Christian lyrics. The station already calls itself “country music” in style.)

    We suggested we do radio dramas. Write new stuff. Get local folks into this art form for little money. Also historical explorations… like how the Federal Reserve really works, and how it greatly empowers banks (fractional reserve banking) versus persons, and so banks largeyl dictate what venture will fly (and get funding).

    We each had differnt topics and sent emails to the station hub, a moderate sized radio network, owned by white Christians from what we know. We got replies thanking us for feedback. They’ll get back. Weeks pass. No further reply. No change in programs.

    I was speaking to a guy at local college with a radio-TV-film program. He had worked on that station and other stuff. He said they must watch advertisers. Corporations all want to OFFEND NOBODY, but just get folks to listen to their messages. White folks simply are not offended by being subtly but consistenly “silenced” on racial, financial, and political issues like alien immigration. There simply is NO KLANthat will protest in front of a studio if they feel offended or ignored. There are humanist and non-white racial groups that will do so! (And of course there are Jewish groups, and their fronts. A topic we never discussed.)

    Oh, and it seems radio is very competetive, overwhelmingly dominated by networks, and they are volatile properties. Almost any are “for sale” is the right buyer appears. And the larger networks are certainly politically correct, often Jew owned. So you do not want to have “toxic” programs in your herd. A station is like a property in the old game MONOPOLY, and to many owners they are just a means to make a buck… and maybe pat yousrself on the back for introducing some “great shows” – but always, always re-sellable ones. Even the “right wing” talk show host must know his taboos.

    So, how can we break this cycle? I guess the best way would be for someone able to buy a station (in a good white market) to to buy a station and run it differently. Seek the more independent (pro-white minded) enterpreneurs to advertise, rather than large corporate sponsors which have totally PC guidelines.

    Comments are sought. Come on, there has to be a way to break this cycle!!
    Break it in a few places, stretching around US, maybe also Canada, then even UK, Australia, South Africa (!), even links to anglophones in white parts of Brasil, etc.
    Build local news desks to present the OTHER news and some of our own genuine culture now fading, or failing to be created (cause other genres dominate now). Our folks in diverse arts (drama, music, comedy/satire, historical presenters, etc.) need to be drawn in. And just turn off the crap on mainstream TV and Hollyweird films!

  19. Phil says:

    “If you delve into the source of the problem, it may well be that Jews, having demonstrably-higher IQs”

    Really? Then why is the average IQ in the criminal state of Zion only 94?* Jews on average do have a higher verbal allowing them to think on their ‘feet’ better than the average non-Jew. A poster in another forum once called it: “bullshit IQ”. Also, it’s important to note and never forget that Jews have intermarried with us “goyim” and have inherited White gentiles’ genes.

    If Jews are so ‘bright’ then why are 95% or more of everything that’s ever been discovered, created, invented in history worth having in this world, etc., etc., etc. the result of White man’s creative genius? Hmmm? Where’s are Jewish Isaac Newtons, Thomas Edisons, Nikola Teslas, Henry Fords, Wright Bros, etc., etc., etc. ?

    What great civilization(s) have these international parasites, userers and nationwrecking ratz ever created? Hmmm? I can give you examples of all great civilizations these Jewish supremacists have undermined, subverted and eventually wrecked with ours being the latest in that list.

    In short, don’t give too much relevance to that supposed or real ‘higher’ Jewish IQ just look around you for the (White) answer to higher intelligence.


  20. Phil says:

    One more thing:

    Incogman, thanks for taking the time to put together this list, ugly faces and all! In the past, reading this page would have had an opposite effect. I’m past the anger, disbelief, outrage and demoralization point and have dedicated my life in whatever way I can to expose, refute and inform others about these Jewish supremacist ratz to the best of my talent and ability.


  21. Patrick says:

    Incog Man… You are without a doubt a real American Patriot… I have fallen upon your site for the first time this evening… You are a God send…. I have been saying this for years and have had 2 divorces and my children disowning me over my views of this world scum… so be it as long as the truth prevails… you are amazing and your work is beyond what a normal person can deal with…. you have nerve and guts beyond the best of men…..I want to give thanks to you for what you are doing and will without a doubt be on your site for as long as it exists…. By the way the guy who claims these hebe scum have higher intelligence than the most of us is out to lunch… They fall # 43 in a study of just over 80 worldwide with the Koreans at # 1 with an average IQ of 104 then the Japs at 102 then the Chinese at 100 then on down the line of course with the evil demons at 43. It is a fact that trickery, deception, and overall evil portrays itself as ” more intelligent ” but it is not…. absolutely not…it is just ” evil ” and that evil is cunning like a hungry rat always ready to bite… Please keep up the good work… I will donate some funds to you once we get back to work… Thank you for your absoulte patriotism from a 9 year and 4 war combat veteran…

  22. gman says:

    Damnit Ingog, are you trying to make a point here…??? LOL!! I guess those Satan’s whelps jews really do run the media!! Excellent collection of photos there, well done! I feel like I just looked through Satan’s own family photo album. In reality, I just did look through Satan’s family photo album!! Wake up folks!! The devil’s children have taken over the world and one can only wonder as to what their next step will be. Here is a hint: The complete extermination of the white race! As a firm believer in Yahweh, I trust the outcome will be favorable to the white race but it will be ugly, that’s for sure! Keep your powder dry white brethren!!!

  23. Gyula says:

    I think America and Canada of course, both deserve to be “taken down” by “the choosen people”.
    The way they let the world sink into the jew world order cries out for justice.

  24. rollsthepaul says:

    I was sad to find yet another tentacle of complete evil on our Earth. It is now obvious to me that Zionism = Satanism. I don’t say this lightly and gain nothing uplifting from this investigation. It is also very clear that our world is not salvageable because it is controlled by the elite, who are evil to the core. They will be removed but it will cost the lives of most humans. It won’t be long to wait.




  25. MegaRightman says:

    Now We realize that Hitler was right all the time.

  26. Park McGraw says:

    Every Jew and Muslim, as FOLLOWERS OF A PHYSICALLY NON TRANSCENDENTAL RELIGION is a potential national security threat and or traitor to every country of the world, outside of those lands sacred to fellow Muslims and or Jews.

    Per the Torah and Koran, the duty of every Jew and Muslim, to place their holly lands in higher priority relative to the exterior sovereign lands in which they reside. In so doing, placing the needs and national security priorities of the USA second, second place being the first place loser.

    That should it be Washington D.C., Mecca, or Jerusalem to be destroyed, the Jews and Muslims by RELIGIOUS DEFAULT, selecting Washington DC. Such conflagration, as an American patriot, I will never concede to, those in the USA wishing otherwise meeting the definition of TRAITOR.

    The attitudes held by Jews, and their naively dangerous supporters being core to the many motivations and forces in the USA behind the undisciplined, abomination of a nation called Israel. The modern state of Israel being the product of misplaced and propagandized US, British and UN guilt post WWII, neither of the two countries, France, Italy, and Spain included, not wishing to absorb the population of outcast European Jews.

    Never in my life having met a “Patriotic Jew”, such collection of words being an oxymoron. All of which also holds true for many Muslims.


    That the truth is, BEING ANTI-SEMITIC IS VERY MUCH THE SAME AS BEING A VERY GOOD PATRIOTIC AMERICAN, and EXPECTED ACT as written, understood by any careful reader of the US Constitution. For a Semitic person is loyal first to lands and customs outside of the USA, Judaism being a product of a non physically transcendental religion. Conflicted loyalties being the essences to Henry the VIII of England argument with Rome and the Holly Roman Church. Not the shallow nonsense about the King’s wives and divorce.

    The people of this country too despicably weak, in the back and mind, in addition to being obscured with misplaced guilt, to have an intellectually honest discussion about Jews in the USA.

    Jews intentionally manipulating employment laws to permit an obscene imbalance of Jews hired in Government, Financial, Legal, Media, Education, and Medical professions (controlling sectors of a nation) to avoid the obvious appearance of blatant discrimination AGAINST non conflicted patriots, translating to an adversarial demographics in the USA of a usurping nature.

    Jews having a historically nasty habit of expecting to be entitled to live where they want, all the while express conflicted loyalties at best, followed by the errant and insulting expectation that all host nations except Jews “as is”. WRONG.

    The unified effort exerted by vulgar conflicted Jews, most all of which sitting on the fence called “non commitment” leading from the 1960’s conflicted Ashkenazi Jews (in the USA for having worn out their 800 year welcome in Europe) holding two passports in the USA. To this day, Jews in the USA, incapable of calling themselves simply as American.

    In addition, Jews in this country, not being fully committed to the USA, I suspect is why so few Jews as a relative percentage serve in the US military. Instead sitting on the sidelines to impose their collective will against the USA. Much all of characteristics holding true for conflicted Muslims.

    Most Jews in the USA, willfully self absorbed and much like scoundrels and economic gypsies, at best a fair weather friend with questionable loyalties to the USA, choosing to be false stakeholders of this nation, thus should leave.

    Jews, much like Muslims, Sheiks, Buddhist, Hindus, and some Roman Catholics, … driven by intellectual dishonestly and obsessive compulsive insecurity wishing to freeze cultural development in the USA that is contrary to their non American desires, remaining narrow in their understanding of the world and human evolution as a whole, the essences being, more cultures and races (sub species) have gone extinct then are in existence today.

    Now being the time for the true Patriots of this nation to reclaim our nation from those least deserving to be called Americans.

    Park McGraw
    Experimental Physicist
    Ex US Navy, NASA Fellow
    Patriot of the United States of America

  27. Ryan Reed says:

    I am a jew and I find this offensive.

  28. Park McGraw says:

    To the INCOGMAN (Odd Birth Name)

    You should not have restricted my reply to Ryan Reed from appearing.

    Doing so make you just as bad as the JEWs, acting out excuses for bad behavior.

    Not exposing your ID makes you just as cowardly as the JEWs and filthy, intellectually dishonest politicians.

    Park McGraw

  29. t bone says:


    I am not a jew and I find you, a gefilte-reeking jew, offensive.


    We are not jews and we find ALL jewbags offensive.


    Get lost, talmud thumper.

    (Effin’ yarmulke-wearin’ pedos)

  30. Steve says:

    You need to add Glenn Beck as a SHABBOS GOY since he is so pro-Israel and Jews.



  31. Steve says:

    Incog Man-thank you for your tireless work to expose the truth. This is by far the BEST site out there showing what Jew works for or runs what media outlet-you even include their pictures. Again, a big thank you for all your hard work exposing the truth to the masses. Keep up the great work!

  32. Nixos Nalos says:

    Max Goldstein, a Jewish terrorist, in 1920 placed a bomb in Dealul Spirii (Bucharest) killing three Romanian ministers. He was aided by other three jewish terrorists.
    From Wiki:
    “On 8 December 1920, Goldstein, together with Gelber Moscovici, Leon Lichtblau, and Saul Ozias, organized another politically motivated bombing. Their improvised explosive device, made from an unexploded German 76 mm artillery shell from World War I, and placed in front of the Romanian Senate, killed Minister of Justice Dimitrie Greceanu and two senators (Demetriu Radu and Spirea Gheorghiu), and wounded the president of the Senate, Constantin Coand?.[1] It was alleged that their group did not act alone, and that it would have had among its accomplices Alexandru Constantinescu, a leader of the extreme-left group of the Socialist Party, which in 1921 split and formed the Romanian Communist Party (under the provisional name of Socialist-Communist Party)”

  33. Tim says:

    Holy crap! This who damn media is ran by Jews. I mean there are about 200 pics of different Jews running every organization. I didn’t realize how Jews run everything lock, stock, and barrel. You almost have to take an 8 hour day just to look at all the various pics, because there are so many Jews involved! And you didn’t even include Jewish actors. I guess that’s a different project in itself. That would add about 900 additional pics. Then if you included pics of the Jews running Wall Street, various banks, and the government-you’d have about 50,000 pics! Funny how 3% of the world’s population controls the other 97%.

  34. Irish says:

    I, a simple lad, have collected almost enough proof to show that, without doubt, 9/11 was a Mossad false flag event. It is how the Mossad does business. No one would or can believe it, but it must eventually come out. You and your resources would seem to be much better equipped to gather the information and expose this lie. I hope that you will. The American people are entitled to know this, and put a stop to the irrational hatred of Islam and Muslims for something they did not do.

    However, can you think of a better way for Israel to assure an ongoing US military presence in the Middle East? Of course not. And therein lies the motive. To cause us to protect Israel above our own self-interests. For instance, a twelve-year war looking for a man who died years ago of renal failure. Then, strangely, the Seal Team 6 that is said to have assassinated bin Ladin were killed in a helicopter crash. How convenient. No one left to tell the truth.

    Bin Ladin did not instigate 9/11. It would have been insane since he had family living in America at the time. He may have been radical, but he was not insane. But, if he had caused 9/11, he would have done the same act in several different US cities at the same time, and this would have brought America to its knees — his purported reason for 9/11. He had the money and the people to do it, and it’s what any good tactician would have done., yet there are no facts, none, that show he was responsible for this. Mossad did it under false flag to point to their enemy, and I’m guessing that they didn’t have the stomach for more than one city.

    A fact check (FBI stats) from 1985 will show that there were more terrorist attacks (number of acts) by Jewish groups than by any other group in the US. Puerto Ricans came in a close second, and Muslims are far below that. The problem in the fear-laden American mind is the horrific destruction of 9/11, so it far outweighs any other terror act. Of course, drone strikes on civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan don’t matter because Americans can’t see them. Out of sight, out of mind.

    I’m not an apologist for Islam, but America should get its facts straight. Muslims are suffering terrible injustices and a blackened name for something they had no part of. Being Irish, along side the British, I can easily empathize with them.

  35. Holly says:

    Well well, well, my IQ is 160, I’am Scottish, Irish and Welsh, so there! LOL.
    There is NO jew in me, in fact I look like a blonde Aryian

  36. Holly says:

    I too emphasize with you Muslims. I have heard they did not want a Rothchild bank in their midst. I am sorry for our countries apathy. I know my fellow Scots, Irish and British are being taken down, along with the innocent Palistinians. If it were in my power, I would arm myself, bomb Israel and castrate EVERY jewwish person in the world. As Jesus says they are the synogouge? of satan. I do not know how to spell that crap! In the barbarian times they would have been annihilated.

  37. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Holly I was a little confused by your first comment. It sounded like someone had accused you of being a jew. I checked the comments and I didn’t see any negative remarks about you. Please continue to make comments here. Too many people make a comment and then do a disappearing act. The more people that make comments on this site, the more impact it will have on the many people that visit from around the world. If you really do have a high IQ it is all the more important for you to make comments on a regular basis.

  38. Holly says:

    Hi Frank
    I’ve been with the site for about a year. I read every thing here and become enraged! In the last life I must have been Conan the barbarian because I can not stand the sitting here, and watching this crap spin around me. No one called me a jew, that’s not my cross to bear. Thank God! 🙂

  39. Ralf says:

    This is outrageous! All these Jews controlling the media. They control the masses by controlling the TV and silver screen. Now I know why the media never reports on any of the thousands of black-on-white crimes out there and, instead, only run for weeks or months on end those rare white-on-black crimes (like George Zimmerman). F’g Jews. Hitler was right all along.

  40. ben yamin says:

    Islam will be an ally of Christians against the jews. That was told by Prophet Mohammad. The truth will be revealed by the re-appearance of Isa(Christ) peace be upon Him. After that, Isa(Christ) peace be upon Him will kill Dajjal (the anti-Christ). That is the belief of Muslims around the world. Islam also protecting the mother of Isa (Christ) peace be upon Him called Mariam or Mary by declaring that Isa (Christ) peace be upon Him were born without a father. Mariam(Mary) was a virgin and free from the sins of adultery put upon her pureness…

  41. ben yamin says:

    Communism of Russia/China and Shiism of Iran will be the enemy of Muslims and Christians on the coming great world war 3 or armageddon. “By way of deceptions thou shalt wage war” against the genitles. Russia, China and Iran may look like against the jews. But in reality, these god-disbeliever nations are under the hook of the jews thus became the back-door -good- friends of Israel.
    Back to Iran, if the jews plan to control the whole world but on the other hand the Iran plans to dominate all the Islamic country. Iran was in war with Iraq in the 80’s, but why in the hell the jews in America/world has never been “touch” Iran till this moment but rather keep on playing the pretext of war against Iran?. Ironically, Iraq the nation they supported during the Iraq-Iran war has became the victim of war against terrorism declared by the Puppet BUSH. It shows that the jews have already “smell the rat” that Shia/Shiites of Iran can be utilised to kill Muslims as these shia/shiites did to Iraqi muslims(Sunni muslims) in Iraq. This can make the jews’ job easy in killing Muslims(sunni). Sunni Muslims are THE LARGEST 95% :5% compared to shia but they always extravagating the number as if they were the majority.
    Shiites or Shia religion was created by a former jew called himself Abdullah Ibn Saba. He was converted to Islam and created a new sect called Shia or Shiite and became the religion of Iran and Lebanon. Iran has been “barking” to Israhell for so long but even a bullet has never been released to IsraHell. Instead, the jews can live a peaceful life in Iran. This kind of deception is very clear to Muslims. We muslims are fully aware of the shia/shiits obligation faith called “taqqiyyah”. If a shia doesn’t practice “taqqiyyah”, he or she cannot be considered as a shia. Taqqiyyah means deception to be played on NON-SHIA. This is very clear that the origin of shia was taken from the jews – Deception. You can read more about this. Do investigations and readings about this facts..
    Time is ticking and running out. If Americans rise and fight for freedom against the jews this would be the most dominant catalist for all human in the world to rise against the tyrrants jews. . The world is waiting!

    The jews are our misfortune!

  42. Yates says:

    I don’t really care about shia or sunni. None of your death cults concern me in the least. How about you and your various death cults fuck off back home and kill each other.
    I hope you understand my sentiments, I really don’t care about taqqiyyih, not my problem.
    Just keep out of White homelands.

  43. Yates says:

    Mr. Yamin, one more thing. This is a pro-White site. Maybe you got lost on your way here, but none the less, you have somehow arrived.
    Let me be the first to welcome you and bid you a hasty farewell and fuck off.
    Take your muslim bullshit and stick it right up your ass.

  44. ben yamin says:

    Mr. Yate, It is wise to seek friends as the wise man said the enemy of your enemy is indeed a friend. Maybe the jews through their medias have already totally damage your sanity with garbage of propaganda and bullshit. I myself were against/hate the Americans and Europeans due to the media lies. But finally realized that they were roadrailed to attack muslims by the jews who works behind curtain. Maybe I got lost on my way, but im quite sure that im on the right track in fighting against the jews, even in a minor way..

  45. ben yamin says:

    Mr. Yate, If all Christians think the way you think, then maybe no Christians here in my hometown. U r really a by-product of Israhell..

  46. me says:

    I note Melissa Gilbert is listed. Is she the same Melissa Gilbert who was in the Little House in the Prairie Tv series? From wiki:

    Gilbert was born in Los Angeles, California to a newly engaged couple, David Darlington and Kathy Wood, and was put up for adoption immediately after birth.[2] She was adopted one day later by actor and comedian Paul Gilbert (born Ed MacMahon, he changed his name to Paul Gilbert to get a Screen Actors Guild card)[3] and his wife, dancer and actress Barbara Crane, the daughter of The Honeymooners creator Harry Crane. The couple later adopted a son, Jonathan, who co-starred on Little House on the Prairie. Gilbert’s parents divorced when she was 8 years old. Her mother, Barbara, then married Harold Abeles, and together they had biological daughter Sara Rebecca Abeles (the actress known professionally as Sara Gilbert), born on January 29, 1975. On February 13, 1976, Paul Gilbert suffered a fatal stroke at the age of 57. Barbara and Harold Abeles’ marriage later ended in divorce.[4] Gilbert was raised in her adoptive mother’s Jewish religion, but did not have any formal religious education or conversion ceremony.[5]

  47. Raymond says:

    One of the most cancerous phenomenon of the current political climate is “political correctness”. I’m not white but I made a remark that I feel more comfortable in a white neighborhood like the one I grew up in and I got verbally attacked. Attacked for speaking the truth, my truth. That’s a microcosm of what’s wrong politically you can’t say what’s on your mind. I see the world MUCH more differently in the last 5 years.

  48. It’s very sneaky how Jews can come across looking white to fool the world. When they play white characters, they are purposely degrading the white race, making us look like dumb, white idiots. Just watch their sick comedies on TV. Most people have no clue what a Jew is. And they don’t want you to know. Their commercials and TV shows are so utterly degrading. Sick bastards. And they know exactly what they are doing.

  49. Jews have higher IQs in a criminal way, not in a good, common sense way. They are always plotting in the most sneaky way, so yes, in that sense, they have higher IQs. They know how to manipulate. This comes natural for them, after all, satan is a Jew.

  50. INCOG MAN says:


    Thanks for waking up and stopping by here. You may not want to comment on a “picture” by clicking on it and writing in the comment field below it. Just scroll to the end of the article and look for the comment field.

    But your welcome to say what you want. Click “home” button to see the latest article. Yep, I’m INCOG MAN.

  51. protocolsRtrue says:

    So the nigger axes the werner von braun really you can make rockets that can land in a certain area? Von braun says yes we use gyroscopes and they work. Nigger axes if gyroscopes work like ebt cards do? Kind of. Nigger is amazed can they read my email and free texting too? Yes nigger we sent another person to the moon. But we made sure we sent a nigger monkey first.

  52. David Duck says:

    Wow after seeing that list above it is clear that the Jews control the media, which is why i think i don’t watch TV that much anymore. Besides all they show now that i notice are nigger shows which are of no interest to me. So one would think that would be a good thing, you know, to not have to watch the shows where the whites are the fools and the niggers are smart. This they want us to believe, Which i cant believe anyway when the black race has an average IQ of 70 points..lol….but now to top it off i was forced to hear about all this race shit when i was just trying to get a cup of coffee at my local Starbucks…CEO Howard Schultz announced the initiative Monday, asking the company’s baristas to write “Race Together” on coffee cups as an invitation to talk about race with customers…..fucking Jews just love to start trouble don’t they?…Story Link http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/starbucks-race-campaign-draws-widespread-mockery-article-1.2153372

  53. Tom says:

    “Geraldo Rivera” not a Jew…or at least a Crypto? Check your data. Having a Jewish mother makes one a full-blood Jew in their reckoning.

  54. Matt says:

    The Jews are an admixture of races. They are Kenites, Canaanites and Edomites. Their race begins with Cain: the first recorded murderer. His children then intermarried with Canaan (Ham’s son by incest) and continued the seed line. These beings were called Canaanites. Esau, not caring for his birthright, took two of these wives and were a grief mind to Issac and Rebekah: his parents. Esau’s children were called the Edomites. This bloodline of people are now known as Jews. The Lord Jesus Christ makes it very clear who they are in John chapter 8: ‘You are of your father the devil.’ In 1 John chapter 3 verse 12, Cain is confirmed as being of the ‘wicked one’. The wicked one is the devil (Matthew chapter 13). That is why in the book of Genesis that Cain is not listed in Adam’s genealogy, because he is not his son. Some fully admit they are not the descendants of the ancient Israelites (the white, Christian nations). Here is a quote from the Jewish Almanac from October of 1980: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

  55. Arch Stanton says:

    “…it may well be that Jews, having demonstrably-higher IQs,…”

    Actually Jews score higher on their verbal scores than whites, otherwise they are pretty much in line with white IQ scores. What does this mean? Jews run their mouth a full mean deviation point beyond whites. This explains their domination of law and media, THEY CAN RUN THEIR MOUTHS.

    But how many actual scientific and technical contributions to humanity can be traced to Jewish scientific minds? Make a list and then compare to to white contributions.

    You will find the Jews in contrast to whites, contribute almost nothing of consequence to the scientific and technical advancement of mankind, they simply take the results and then run their mouths to twist their lies into how Jews are the true benefactors of mankind.

    What Jews truly excel at are theft, extortion/blackmail, murder, mayhem and most of all – lying.

  56. Tom says:

    Jews make few, if any, original contributions to science I can tell you from personal experience. Their skill like in “expropriating” ideas and using legal trickery to steal technology from the goyim (most of you.) I can also tell you from experience in journalism that the situation is the same. The main advantage they have is operating like a hyena pack with jews giving each other “quid pro quos”. (The Talmud says jews should give each other awards so they will be aware of each others’ value. And they do that as well judging from the many awards and who gets them.)

    By the way, Arch, the Confederate treasure is in the grave next to you!

  57. Arch Stanton says:

    Yes, if only people would look for it!

  58. ANDRZEJ BORYGA says:


  59. ANDRZEJ BORYGA says:


  60. Larry Silverstein's thermite guy says:

    Good work mentioning Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Before becoming Jew-wise, their lines of bullshit always seemed to me too simplistic and incomplete. Both of them endlessly jabber and complain about liberals, especially the liberal media and academia. But what neither has ever done is connect the dots linking all these media pukes together or utter the obvious word, Jews. If they had, neither would be a multi-millionaire or their names household words.

    In short, both these “conservatives” are chickenshit cowards who mislead their fellow countrymen for Jewish money. Both cheered on the invasion of Iraq, both jumped on the 9/11 official story, and both wailed ineffectually as their beloved GOP cucks sold us out just like Limbaugh and Hannity have been doing for years.

  61. Reader says:

    Suppliers of the warm bodies:

    Communications departments, marcomm departments, j-schools, media studies, media production.

  62. fuld 105 says:

    kikes basic philosophy is that the evilest evil “wins.” this includes thieving

    (obviously), murdering (incorporated–hymie weiss) and other “good,” a

    mitzvah, to get others to do their killing for them. heavy lifting in bush

    lexicon. they’ll take care of the mass-for profit-media lying.

  63. James MacIntyre says:


    This bloke was arrested in Scotland for making this video. You Yanks at least have freedom of speech and the press.

  64. Bailey says:

    Hey James,

    Looks like nazi dogs are “trending”.


    And cats are in on too, dogs and cats have found a common bond.

  65. dick fuld says:

    anybody who watches bolshevist tv land, flick low brow so-called
    entertainment is a useless idiot.

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