»Jew SPEW Vids

Khazar, Ashkenazi Jews are big-mouthed, immoral people and totally self-centered hypocrites. Spiteful, up the ying-yang. Most of them are all for “Diversity,” NWO/Globalization, non-White Immigration into the White countries of the West (but never, ever in sacred Israel, of course) and having us FIGHT THEIR GD WARS for precious Israel (which they stole because they think God promised them the place).

They’ll do anything to confuse, divide and destroy the one race that most presents a real threat to them: The White Race. If you think about it, you’ll see this has always been the case.

Say one little thing about absolutely anything they, or that lousy evil country Israel ever does and they’ll scream “anti-Semite,” “Nazi,” “hater,” like the paranoid nutcases they are. Because of the Politically Correct muzzle installed on us by them, they fully expect you to keep your mouth shut no matter what they say or do.

They don’t give a damn what you think — they could care less — they’re the “Chosen Ones,” remember?

What’s worse, is that they’re not even the Israelites of the Bible. Say what? Yep, even that, too, is a lie. Go HERE and read up on the real facts of the matter. They sure as hell won’t tell you!

Just watch this hard to find video of the disgusting dyke Jewess, Sandra Bernhard, as she Jew-Spews on Sarah Palin. Read more here

No thumbnail but works fine. See it here and nowhere else!

Folks, this is typical Jew hate for White people. Figure it out — nothing but utter arrogance and hatred for the White Goyim non-stop out of their big fat mouths, 24/7!

Evidently, Dyke Bernhard, or ADL Jews, purposefully went and had all the videos of this removed wherever they could. But I did manage to find the above video at an obscure site, and captured it right before it was deleted. It looks like it was originally created as an on-line Internet ad, specifically directed at Jew elites infesting the Washington, DC area.


Jew rabbi Nachum Shiffren mistakenly tells the truth. LOL

Continually deleted from Youtube:




Feeling the hate in Jerusalem.

Liberal “anti-Zionist” Jews interview partying Israelis and so-called “American” Jew traitors visiting sacred Israel while on vacation (they love visiting their true motherland and often even serve in their army). Listen to what they have to say about Obama and Negroes. And we support these truly obnoxious people with our hard-earned tax dollars? Hell, Israel wouldn’t survive one damn year without brainwashed America paying them billions. In fact, Israel literally gets most of America’s foreign financial support.

Catch the drunk guy at the end who says he had a grandmother lost at Auschwitz — all Jews are trained from birth on how to put out that line of bull.

This video is titled “the wife of Victor Vancier” (original name of the Jewish Defense League’s head, Christian hater, Chaim Ben Pesach). I don’t know if she is or not, but she’s definitely one totally crazed, obscene JDL Jewess (note the Star of Satan around her neck). She sure scares the bejeesus out of me!

Totally obnoxious Jewish Defense League freaks causing a ruckus over something stupid on a city street. Word has it, that the funky red-haired big mouth with the bull horn is the “Mad Jewess” herself; who frequently comes here and makes the most inane comments, cursing everybody under the sun. What a total Jew byatch!

Just listen to the pornography hero, the Jew Al Goldstein (SCREW magazine), tell us what he thinks. Not only is the sick pig extremely disgusting (don’t watch if you’re sensitive to the foulest of language), but he’s obviously one arrogant Jew up the ying-yang. Note the other big porno Jews he talks about.

Sarah Silverman: I’m F–king Matt Damon. Like we care, you Jew skank?

Bob Saget’s (oh yeah, he’s a Jew) rendition of the purposefully sickening, Jew Aristocrat “joke.” They find this routine funny (it gets old, fast), but it really shows just how insanely perverted and scatalogical Jews are. Don’t watch if you can’t handle the absolute foulest language. You kiddies better not, either.

Dead Goyim. See a pair of sickingly arrogant Jews spout off about the funeral for a little old White woman (supposedly a friend, too). Jews are extremely disrespectful of anyone not Jewish (especially White Christians), but the lousy GD bastards have the nerve to scream bloody murder should anyone else dare say JACK about them. That’s how self-absorbed Jews are.

The Chief Rabbi of Arad and his followers screaming and harrassing some Israeli Christian women. These wackos are hopped-up “meshugge” (crazy) to the extreme about Christianity and Jesus. Note how these people do NOT look like the ancestry of people from this area, but Eastern European (they are the Khazar race who converted many generations ago). This is how those “meek” orthodox Jews really behave when Jews have control, like in Israel. Sorry SOBs.

Some crazy Jew rabbi telling his congregation that Jews are the greatest, smartest and most moral, kindly, etc. etc. race on the planet. These people literally tell themselves all the time that God gave only them the mandate to lead the rest of us goyim — Jews are so completely off the richter scale in the arrogance department that it’s breathtaking in scope. Note where he says they are only 15 million of them on the planet. They’ve been saying that line of bull for the last 100 years, even after they supposedly lost 6 million in the “holocaust” crap they go on and on about. These people lie so constantly and so big that White people just can’t get their heads around it. This is the actual, real-life “The Big Lie” that Herr Hitler was talking about, not what the Jews have always claimed as the Big Lie — the lying Jews have turned even this quote around on it’s head!


OK, so the censoring Jews took the last video out. Can’t be letting the Goyim get wise. But check out the above video from some crazy-haired, smug little Jewess creep telling us the entire Jewish race are the real Jesus (and even reflections of God himself). Can you believe the sheer arrogance? According to her, we have to come to the Jews for holy guidence and if not, all us Goy will end-up in the FEMA camps! Talk about some unbelievably stuck-up people.

Disgusting French Jew and his very own daughter sing in bed about the joys of incest. You would not believe the filthy Jew’s impact on morality in Europe — trust me.

Rahm Emanuel — a love song. Don’t watch this one on a full stomach!

My New Haircut — Jewish Edition. This flabby little putz thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Listen to what he has to say about the “shiksas.” These are truly arrogant and obscene people, not at all like they want you to think.

DELETED for some reason.

Jew York. Bratty, self-centered Jewess does the Jew rap! These people actually believe they are so funny and “hip?” Please. Just think about how they constantly scam America and manipulate us into wars — always killing non-Jews — not only Muslims, but Christians, too. These people could care less about anything besides their own arrogant Jewness and material possesions, while living comfortably in the West.


Deleted by Jewish Censors at Youtube. Can’t be letting the Goyim get the real deal.

The midget Jew, Robert Reich, Obamas economic advisor doesn’t want recovery jobs from Obama’s “stimulus” program to go to “White Male Construction Workers.” The proven corrupt Negro politician, Charlie Rangel, smirkingly tells Reich the Middle class won’t bother to do or say anything, since they are too busy trying to work for a living. Unbelievable!

Jews are disgusting, arrogant trouble-makers destroying the USA!


Some videos may get deleted by embedded ADL Jew Censors at Youtube (for real), or elsewhere due to Political Correctness by other Jews and spineless White liberals.

88 Responses to »Jew SPEW Vids

  1. Anonymous says:

    Their days are numbered. They are so disgustingly foul. Thanks for this great site Incogman. It’s the best and most informative site for those that need to know these rodents are no friend to the white person or to America. They are nothing but a curse upon the world and all humanity.

  2. American says:

    Just checked out a couple more videos from this list. Besides comparing quotes from both sides of the fence, like Ben Franklin vs. Israel Cohen, videos on the internet are an excellent way to share.


  3. themadjewess says:

    The skinny one screaming at my GOOD sister is INCOGMAN- the little JEW lol

  4. Incipiat says:

    Bahahaha – the obamalism vid was great, funny to the last second.

  5. Xenophon says:

    There’s a video you’re missing which is at Youtube. Well, anyway, here it is.

    Don’t camera, no camera.

    This definitely qualifies as spew.

  6. Comeuppance says:

    Fuck, I cant watch TV these days anymore like I used to. Damn Jews taking over the TV now. Every there is, is full of Jews. I love the real Christians. They’re neutral, and can make jokes just as funny and are clean. All Jewish films, shows, episodes consists of swearing and all have unrated editions (Porn). We Christians are clean, it’s not our fault that bacteria hugged us and made us filthy.

  7. Comeuppance says:

    Want to know how to differentiate a Jew from the rest:

    First of all see their name. If their first name ends with man, berg, wolff, son, gen, stein, berger, heimer, or starts with J then you know. And also see their face (Pure white, Black eye, Blue eye and Green eye sometimes) But they’re all hidden.

    Second of all, comedies come from Jews; and they all have this uncut/unrated shit on it. So many to name; but here’s a few; so you can notice where Jews live: Family Guy, Simpsons, King of the Hill, South Park, Two and Half men, Seinfeld, Harold and Kumar, American Pie, Superbad, Pineapple Express, Evan Almighty, 40 Year Old Virgin.

  8. Michael N. Marcus says:

    The ignorance of “Comeuppance”is surpassed only by her/his stupidity.

    Andrew Jackson, Lyndon Johnson and Peter Jenkins have last names beginning with J, but are not Jews.

    Very few names end with “wolff” or “gen.” Polly Bergen converted to Judaism, but she used the name before she converted. She was born Nellie Paulina Burgin, and a Southern Baptist.

    Lots of people with “man,” “berg” and “son” names, like Honor Blackman, George Miller Sternberg and Woodrow Wilson, were or are not Jews.

    The crap about eye color is just crap, but it’s true that many Jews make funny TV shows and movies. Is that bad?

    Also, to make life even more difficult for you paranoids, many Jewish people have names that don’t sound Jewish. Watch out for Lewis, Evans, Black, White, Silver, Diamond, Gold, O’Brasky and Lee.

    And Walter Cronkite and Bruce Springsteen are not Jewish.

    And lots of Black, White and Latino Christians have “Jewish” first names like Moses, Sarah, Becky, Jake, Miriam, Deborah, Isaiah and Israel.

  9. Michael N. Marcus says:

    I forgot.

    Despite their Jewish first names, neither Abraham Lincoln nor Isaac Hayes were Jewish.

  10. American says:

    “Also, to make life even more difficult for you paranoids, many Jewish people have names that don’t sound Jewish.”- Mikey Marcus

    Keep telling yourself nobody knows you’re a JEW. Very few times in my life have I discovered later that somebody was NOT a JEW when I intially thought they were. Of course the name changes are meant to confuse, that’s why JEWS do this all the time, in order to blend in with the host people.

    JEWS stand out like a sore thumb. One other way to distinguish JEWS from Goyim is their occupation. If a man is working in ANY physical capacity, he is not a JEW. If he’s a lawyer, accountant, white collar criminal, or involved in porn, and named Silver, he’s a JEW. Anything occupation involving pushing paper, or government contracts, combined with a liver-lipped, fish-eyed appearance (ex. Geithner or Shalom Bernanke), and we’ve got a JEW on our hands. Like in Germany, when 70% of Judges were JEWS before the wheels came off, anybody involved in the legal system (attorneys and judges), and especially in population centers is most likely a JEW.

    So much for your cover, Mikey. 🙂

  11. Michael N. Marcus says:

    Like most bigots, your lack of knowledge and lack of logic are overwhelming, but not surprising.

    I’m not telling myself — or anyone else — that nobody knows I’m a Jew. I’ve never denied it and have no reason to hide or disguise my ethnicity.

    Your claim that “If a man is working in ANY physical capacity, he is not a JEW” simply shows your ample ignorance and prejudice.

    While many Jews work with their brains more than with their hands, I know of Jewish carpenters, painters, electricians, auto mechanics, farmers, basketball players, boxers and wrestlers.

    Your comment, “If he’s a lawyer, accountant, white collar criminal, or involved in porn, and named Silver, he’s a JEW” is just plain stupid and meaningless.

    There’s a good chance that a teacher or an actor named Silver are Jewish, too. But so what?

    Silver is a very common Jewish name, just as O’Reilly, Jones, Santiago and Costello are common Christian names.

    Only one Attorney General of the United States was put in prison. John Mitchell was a lawyer AND a white collar criminal — and he was not Jewish. Neither are most lawyers, accountants, criminals or porn stars.

    As for name changing to blend in, Caryn Johnson changed her last name to Goldberg, and she’s not Jewish.

    Your statement that Jews change their names “all the time” is naive and demonstrably false.

    Many people of various backgrounds change their names when they immigrate. The father of the famous non-Jewish criminal Spiro Agnew changed the family from Anagnostopoulos when he came to the U.S.

    Many people in show business change their names to seem more glamorous, powerful or ethnically neutral. John Wayne was born Marion Morrison. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Mortenson. Neither was Jewish. Tony Curtis and Adam Sandler are both Jewish. Curtis changed his name. Sandler didn’t.

    And BTW I’m not Mikey, and I work with my brain and my hands.

    Why are you hiding behind the “American” label. Are you afraid to use your real name?

  12. American says:

    In fact, if finding a JEW was important to somebody, they might just open the yellow pages and look under “Attorneys”. Everybody knows what JEWS do for work, so it’s ok for you to share your occupation, instead of being so elusive, with “I work with my brain and my hands”.

    I hide my name because if I don’t, filthy JEW-rats will try and put me in prison like they do with other non-jews that don’t believe your holocaust bullshit.

  13. Michael N. Marcus says:

    You really are pathetic. You don’t belong in prison. You belong in a mental hospital.

    Can you name a few dozen people who were imprisoned for not believing that the holocaust happened? Can you name even one? Which “filthy Jew-rats” put them in prison?

    Why do you capitalize all the letters in Jew?

    Why do you think the holocaust was bullshit?

    Have you ever heard of some of the famous non-Jewish attorneys, like Spiro Agnew who resigned from the Vice Presidency after being charged with extortion, tax fraud, bribery, and conspiracy?

    Or how about famous non-Jewish U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell who was sent to jail for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury?

    Or famous non-Jewish attorney and U.S. president Bill Clinton who was impeached for perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power?

    Or the non-Jewish attorneys who served in Congress and cheated on their wives?

    I’m not being elusive about my occupation, but it’s not relevant to this discussion. I’m not an attorney. I own a couple of businesses, and I’m a writer. I can also do an oil change and build a computer or a house.

    What’s your occupation? Or are you on disability for mental defects?

  14. American says:

    You stupid ass. Naming 2 non-jews in the last 50 years that were criminals doesn’t help your case when several JEWS are exposed every week, and for the most heinous crimes.

    I forgot to mention “merchant” to my list of JEW “occupations”, and owning businesses does NOT constitute working with your hands, bubelah. Neither does typing your thoughts on the computer.

    LMAO!!! I can do an oil change. Man, bragging about that is about as weak as it gets!

    JEWS are running out of manpower if they put you on the case. They can’t stop the momentum, and it’s got nothing to do with this site or the thousands others springing up. Go to a JEW site and whine to them, because nobody here is gonna buy anything you say, Gypsy.

  15. American says:

    And Bill Clinton was a JEW sympathizer/shabbaz goi, so cross him off your extensive list.

    You’re not gonna get me to start defending Goyim, either. The issue here is JEWS and their abuse of non-jews.

  16. Michael N. Marcus says:

    I’ve given you far more attention than you’re worth. I sincerely hope that you get some intensive psychotherapy before you kill someone.

    You are clearly unable to recognize truth or logic, or to engage in a coherent conversation. You also don’t read very well. And you seem to be a paranoid and delusional psycopath.

    With the proper medical care, some day you may be able to withdraw your head from your ass and see the light. Maybe you’ll even be able to get a job.

    Now please put the computer back in your toy box, and get back into your crib before the nurse catches you.

    • incogman says:

      You are slightly more clever than most of the Jews that visit here. But only slightly.

    • Mikhelin de siderio says:

      Marcus, Are you a Jew? Did you see everything in our country is destroyed by YOU? We cant climb higher life becuz of YOU here. We need YOU the JEWS out of here. We blamed our grandfathers who went oversea to fight with Germans, Grandfathers told us the Jews fault in WWII. They were sorry for fighting in Germans, becuz They found out what happened of TODAY. Jew’s brain had not inventing a Nuclear Bomb, You the Jew stole from Germans, Hitler were correct about you in the oven, becuz Hitler didn’t trust filthy sneaky Jews. Holocaust drama is in your Bank Account. We The People don’t want to hear or donate your fake Holocaust drama everywhere. We taught our children about you the Jew. You the Jew did ignore to Bible, that’s why the oven was created for you in 1940s. Next will be 5th Reich becuz of you still not listening to Jew Bible again!!!! We don’t believe your bible (anyhow Bible is for your Human Manual Behavior, NOT for us. We don’t need it). Obviously, You the Jew have nothing to say against our unbeatable words. We remember Hitler, Not you the Jew.

  17. Northstar says:

    The time has come for action peaceful action.We must amass our numbers in a coordinated march all the way across America.On the way we distribute quotes from the Talmud backed up by an authentic pre1900 Bablonian Talmud.The truth lies in their own words in other words lets make Christians awake to the truth.I believe that just as we are all angered by this filthy agenda that we have taken the time to at least read the quotes then as we spread their doctrines of hate our brothers and sisters across America will awaken as they once did in Germany.We can write in these blogs till we die of old age or till the Fema trains come for us.We can sit and bitch or we can take our truths of these filthy zionist to our brethren.As one I am nothing all of us in a march Coast to Coast as one will bring the kind of results we need.Attention of the right kind so that it is plain that this is not a Hate march but a bringing to light of day the thing they work day and night to hide. This country will listen to us if I say if we do not come off as a bunch of HATERS.If we do this right an America alerted and AWAKE will rise up peacefully to demand that JEWISH powers be nullified.I can not think of a better way short of VIOLENCE. And that would be our undoing at least consider this course of ACTION. Without action we might as well just shut up and get what we deserve for NOT taking ACTION.I am not a great organizer but if we all pull together WE can defeat our commen enemy the ZIONIST JEWS.Consider what all of us together with our own GOD given talents working together in a NATIONAL movement could do.This is our opportunity to DRIVE THEM OUT once and for all.Please consider INCOGMAN you could make a huge difference .Anyway just complaining wont do anything at all but ACTION will.GOD will NOT bless us WITHOUT REAL PEACEFUL ACTION. Is anyone out there READY TO PUT ON THEIR BOOTS FOR OUR COUNTRY FOR OUR FREEDOM,,,,,

  18. Gman says:

    Incogman, here is another excellent Youtube video with a jewish politician admitting that they use “anti-semitism” and the “holocaust” as a trick to shut down critism of jews both here in the USA and in Europe! This stupid jewess probably got an earful from her fellow kikenvermin after this made public what we already know to be the truth. Love your website!! Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUGVPBO9_cA


  19. Awakened Irishman says:

    I love your site Incogman! I have been a lurker on your site for a while.

    My awakening regarding the jew happened last year, along with many other people i know. I see with absolute clarity the creature the jew is, satanic spawn of the devil! They have been pushing their NWO agenda so quickly that they slipped up many times over the last 2 years and have exposed themselves completely.

    The World is waking up to your crimes jews and we are very pissed off with you!

    • incogman says:

      Thanks, Irishman. I understand the NWO Jews are trying to flood beautiful Ireland with Nigerian Negroes. One day soon, God willing, we’ll be putting those screaming Africans back onto boats for a one way trip whence they came. If they’re lucky!

  20. Anonymous says:


    To repeat the words you wrote in a previous article, We’ll see how big those black niggers and Jew niggers mouths are when we come looking for them!

  21. White Master says:


    That was me, lost power in a thunderstorm….Forgot to put my name back in.

  22. White Master says:

    Michael N. Marcus,

    Your bullshit isn’t going to fly…There is no use trying to apologize for your Jewish slime. It is way too late.

    You work with your brain and hands…So you jerkoff while thinking up ways to shit on Gentiles???

  23. White Master says:

    For the Jews, naughty negroes, and hell, anyone else who is an idiot!

    Don’t worry, all of the madness will be over soon. We Whites don’t want to hold non-Whites back forever. We want to set you free.

    The negroes that are left can return to the motherland in all their tribal glory. Without “da ebil Whitey” holding them down, they can demonstrate the greatness that so many braindeads are SO convinved they possess.

    Mexicans can return to Mexico and continue advancing that great “piss in the same water that you drink from civilization”. BTW Mexicanos thanks for taking a break from your great civilization building, to come build us Whites one.

    The Jews will be returned back to the hell worlds. There you will have worlds filled with evil and disgust. Right at home you all shall be. That is heaven to you sickos isn’t it?? Don’t you see it, everyone wins. No more worries about Whitey, we are going to let you all go your own way.

    No more worries about Incog Man and his bros. We Whites are going to take care of everything as usual….IN DUE TIME!

  24. Julian Lee says:

    The authorized version of my song “Jew Talk” is here:

    I did indeed have that one deleted from YouTube because a fellow made it without my authorization from my original, despite the notice in the original video, and I did not approve of his production and some of the images he used. (Including the one shown in the still above.) This is a much better version:


    This is my longer “Liszt” version, and ends with a contemplative section about the need for Whites to regenerate themselves and stick together.

    Lyrics are at: http://www.RebWest.com/jewtalk

  25. kerdasi amaq says:

    Halle Berry is a real turn-off, that’s one thing I’ve noticed about magazines; they print pictures of really uninteresting, unattractive, girls that I wouldn’t look twice at. maybe it’s a legacy of Auschwitz; the jews dig the musselmann look.

  26. Akira says:

    Dis heah be th’ Revrin Fahkaahn playin’ on his Jew-Fiddle:

  27. Julian Lee says:

    Incog Man:

    Thanks for updating my song/video. I had no idea it was here and just discovered your site/blog. I must say, it’s tremendous. Of all the informational sites I’ve seen on the JP, it’s one of the best designed, most well-written, interesting, and lively. Keep it up!

    Julian Lee

  28. Julian Lee says:

    Great! This site has balls, incogman. Here’s another song and video I created, “The Exiles.” It’s a bit about their “spew,” and how it has finally caused us White Europeans to become minorities and exiles in our own hard-won, hard-made countries. It’s also about the need to morally and spiritually regenerate ourselves, and how that will be a big part of fighting their manipulation, control, and grotesquely overgrown power:

    [b]The Exiles[/b]


    It uses the Garden-of-Eden story as a metaphor for our dispossession, while also trying to illuminate the fact that the story is a teaching about the way uncontrolled lust and the breakdown of morality causes us to lose our “gardens.” I believe the Jews are both an agent gaining from, and deliberately expediting, that breakdown. There is a great deal of evidence that this is true and a conscious intent of many influential Jews over time. The song is thus “Adam” singing as a Gentile, with some lyrics referring to these so-called “chosen people” and their manipulation and degradation of Gentiles. The song is intended as one more inoculation against the “Jew spew” all our children are now swimming in, which gives them a distorted and negative racial and cultural self-image. It has to stop!

    Are there good Jews? Yes. But it’s what they’re doing as a COLLECTIVE that’s at issue. What a great thing to be a racial Collective! Gives you a lot of power to benefit yourselves! We once had that, too. The good Jews need to speak up about the bad ones and their message, and be well-wishers, too, of White European racial and national survival.

  29. incogman says:

    Thanks, Julian. Great vid and song. Time to join together to put a stop to these slime!

  30. Julian says:

    We just made and uploaded this new Vid on the PsyOps and propaganda they’re always foisting on us regarding White identity. Maybe it’s suitable for the “Jew Spew” section. It’s about the “First European” psy-op:


    Please watch and comment, ideally from from here rather than the ebmed above, so the view gets counted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew4FZS7G56Q

  31. Julian says:

    Oops. Didn’t think the url would produce an a second embed. Please delete one of those for me, IncogMan.

    • incogman says:

      I did Julian. I’m with you on what you wanted to do. I also found some of the still shots used. These anti-White people do anything to downgrade White people — even recreate the past to line-up with modern PC politics. It’s unbelievable anymore! Did you see that White woman smiling away looking at that monkey head? White people! Time to fight back HARD!

  32. GDL/White Master says:

    Thanks for the video Julian,

    The Jew dreams of White people degenerating and worshipping dark races. For a communist plan to unfold the masses have to be turned into savages that have no intelligence and their primary motivations are fear and survival. Our White race is far advanced beyond this low level. That is why our race has created so much greatness in this world. The Jew thus works to dumb down our race with brainwashing propaganda. Lies abound with the presence of a Jew.

    White guilt is absolutely nauseating, I am sick and tired of White people administering to non-Whites while ignoring their own people.

  33. Julian says:

    Yes, more and more are waking up and fighting back. I mean, I myself used to be a totally brainwashed propaganda-bot. I was even a member of the Baha’i Faith in my 20’s, for crying out loud. But the brainwashing wore off. It always does. All you have to do is get away from the television set and have freedom of the press, and your intelligence and observational powers kick in.

    You do great writing, GDL/WM, along with IncogMan.

    Yes, it was absurd seeing the beautiful English girl seemingly charmed by such a face, or by the thought that it was an ancestor. You think, “WTF is wrong with you, lass”? I showed King Henry the 7th right after, to show the difference in bone structure in her own people, as if to say, “Have you know love of your own?”

    But maybe she was trying to be most gracious or pleasant in a role she had to play, along with just a bit of propaganda-fomented dementia. (We can visualize it that way.) We could also say, “Well, there’s the noble, giving heart of the White European woman, trying to love all, a bit misdirected and confused by the current Reich.” Or maybe she was just an anthropology freak or was trying to be gracious and enthusiastic to the old man. One has to consider positive possibilities at all time.

    It’s all just JewSpew, as IncogMan says. The more we call it out, the more all the Gentiles will be able to recognize it everywhere.

  34. Octo says:

    Astute song selection. Very tastefully done, which is what I would expect from you, Julian.

    I think you’re right to focus on visual media. This is the post-literate age we’re in, if not the post-cognitive.

  35. gcmiller says:

    The interesting thing about Jewish names is that they completely saturate American life. It seems that every newspaper, TV show has an underlying theme of Jewish or Judao-Christian morality.
    Almost every TV show is about Joshua, Jeremy and Nathan, Sarah etc etc. The saturation is in print media, in politics also.
    Arn’t we old enough to know that we are a captive audience to an encompassing moral point of view? There is also the issue of a culture, American culture, Jewish culture occupying such a point of view when it, at the same time, subscribes to the idea that money is so central, so encompassing. Money is the fitness of all things. Can you dispense some of your wisdom regarding the money?

  36. Steel Heart 10K says:

    Hey Brother long time no talk. Great Website. Plz contact me asap. Need to talk to you. D.

  37. czarina says:

    “Judeo-Christianity” is an oxymoron invented by them to dumb down the Chrisitans. They all change their names in their host countries to blend in, they are crypto-jews. Nobody who considers them self to be a citizen of a “free” country should ever use the term “politically correct”. That term was coined by Chairman Mao of the COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHINA. It means to tow the party line and stay with the program. It is mind control and behaviour control for the stupid goyim who live in “demon cracies”, which are tyranny of the majority governmetns run by elite bankers and their talmud religion. They have done a very good job of dumbing down the gentiles in English speaking countries.

  38. winnie says:

    Jews— those who have undergone special tribulations as to receive the attention of the almighty


    —- a mulitudinous bird that lives in the nests of other birds, who come from outside of a community and seek it’s full offering of wealth

    – politicans and their parties who proffer unilateral political agendas as a cover for raising capital.( Politicans who agitate in politics to raise money. )

    — Someone who has more money who comes to the rescue ( and views it as a sign of high development.)

    – camp followers of human aggression who appear on the trail of human suffering to make money. When the government is pro-military, they are bullish in the stock market. When it is anti-military, they are bearish with a portion of the world’s wealth being involved in stock manipulations. Those who live in a country engaged in the active military aggression of the age while possessing no ties to that country.

    – those who exploit commitment, which is exploitable for the simple reason that it is bogged down which leaves the door open for those who are unscrupulous

    – those who appear to be broadly sympathetic to liberal causes with a political outlook that is mutable, chameleon-like or those who seek to ride band wagons without regard to any troublesome practicalities of politics- liberal causes that seek to co-opt conservative causes.

    – those who are generational exploiters, born one generation after tightly knit communities have exhausted themselves through toil, hardship or war .

    – lords of the bougeoise, middle class

    – masters of undeveloped peoples, i.e. those who go to the torrid death zones to make money off of aborigines.

    The belief system:

    e) a belief system that emphasizes the utility of money

    f) of a monetary system that is encompassing where every portion, material or otherwise down to the minutest quantities is marketed and sold as a commodity

    a) grifter, money grubber , gold digger

    b) someone determined by money and thus view it as an aggressive means and source of status.

    d) those for whom money has moral connotations.

    A monetary system:

    k) a scientific system that develops potent fiscal weapons with the same determination of physicists building bombs.

    l) A fable that has become a readily accepted and ingrained fact of life that proports the efficacy of money

    A historically corrupt trading system :

    1) focused on the momentary needs of trade for the purpose of exploiting the middle class

    2) Major corporations who raise enough capital to support small countries on the basis of having only a few contacts on either side of a poltical or economic divide.

    My belief is that the historivcal Jews are extinct. The modern Jews are something else. They are a franchise that have become a family of corporations. Wherever they go, the Jews assume the forms of those with whom they dwell, always replenishing their ranks from the rank and file with whomever is available, which is no small source of discord. They also seem to be the instigators of the utopian propaganda of every age. Whoever is pliable can have their 5 minutes of fame from a Jewish controlled media. Wherever they go, the plebes find new fortune although the whole situation quickly deteriorates into a debacle over money.


    Lawyers who deem the acceptance of legal aide by plaintiffs as assent. (Someone who takes you for a portion of your worth and then offers legal aide as a legal proof that any dubious transactions have occurred are legal tender.)

    — Those who take a plea of no contest as assent.

    –Someone who has an office girl in Hong Kong and a business manager in Des Moines and proports to run a major corporation.

  39. American born says:

    Im watching tv and watching my nation dissolve. obama is about to ruin America..

  40. gtrman says:

    Got this off Cannibals post. Ive never seen so many of ’em in one place before. Whats the collective? A swarm? A swindle?

  41. Lynda says:

    More Jew Talk on http://roguejew.wordpress.com

    “Axe Cleans Your Balls” . Yes Goyishe Kopfs, check out the Jewess infomercial. The Axe Detailer cleans those balls – fuzzy balls, dirty balls, old balls, hard balls etc. The Black guy throws the whole bag at the Jewesses. And they are on the job.

    More importantly, watch the goyim yuk it up.

  42. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Whats the collective? A swarm? A swindle?

    A reek.

    Main Entry: reek
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: strong odor
    Synonyms: effluvium, fetor, mephitis, smell, stench, stink
    Notes: redolent (an adjective) is customarily used of pleasant odors while reek (a verb) is used of odors that are sensorily unpleasing; redolent, ’emitting a strong odor or smell,’ comes from Latin olere ’emit a smell’
    Main Entry: reek
    Part of Speech: verb
    Definition: smell of; be characterized by
    Synonyms: be permeated by, be redolent of, emit, fume, give off odor, have an odor, smell, smoke, steam, stench, stink

    As in ” Jawohl Herr Obersturmführer, we captured two hundred enemy personnel, and a reek of kikes!”

  43. Lynda says:

    That Video, GTRman, Simchas Torah. It is a rejoicing (simchas means rejoicing) over the nations of the goyim they have subjugated to their g_d.

    It is the exultation of an army victorious whether you know the language or not.

  44. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I saw the same “exultation”, at a sewer pipe outlet, down at the coast one time as a kid, on Holiday.

    We never went back to that resort. Though i imagine the “exultant”, still make their way there regularly!

  45. Lynda says:

    Ha Ha. From the sewer to the sea? The Simchas Torah in GTRman’s Vid will be coming soon to a political theatre near you.

    BTW, the Mischpuka is the collective. So how would you English that? I fear it won’t be the puka.

  46. GTRman says:

    high-price manhattan apartments are full of cockroaches. Didnt believe it till I saw it with my own eyes.

  47. Flanders says:

    Someone may find the jew spew from the linked article in this posting to be interesting. I know that I didn’t.


    “The ascendancy of the Jews of New York can be viewed as a Hollywood-style triumph, but it can also be read as the tragedy of a group of brilliant outsiders who remade a city in their own image, only to cut themselves off from the roots of their tribal genius, ensuring that the future will belong to the children of the new outsiders—Koreans, Indians, Russians, and Chinese.”


  48. Jimbo says:

    Whadda crocka chickenshit bullshit.

  49. Hoff says:

    One TV programme on British TV a short time ago was devoted to the subject of “anti-semitism”, which was presented as being on the increase throughout Europe, including Britain. Various spokesmen, some Jewish and some non-Jewish, appeared on the programme to give their views. After the programme had proceded a little while, it became quite clear that the only differences between the participants lay in their attitudes as to how “anti-semitism” should be treated. Some maintained that it should be rigorously suppressed by the introduction of tighter laws against it; others said that this practice would play into the hands of the “anti-semites” by making them martyrs and that, however much “anti-semitism” was to be deplored, suppressing it by law was not the way to fight it. One member of the discussion panel launched into a lengthy analysis of the mental state of “anti-semites”, implying them to be suffering from a certain kind of insanity.

    What was entirely absent from the discussion was any contribution offering an explanation of the viewpoint of the so-called “antisemites”. Of course, “anti-semitism” itself is a misleading term deliberately adopted by our media-controllers so as to suggest that those thus labelled want to ill-treat Jews, even kill them, for no reason than that they are Jews, whereas the vast majority of people described as “anti-semites” simply oppose what they see as excessive Jewish power. Whether or not they are correct in their assessment of this power is beside the point; if “democracy” is to be more than just an empty phrase, they should be allowed to state their case in public then have that case seriously examined and debated. This, however, is the very last thing our media-controllers want. Therefore, when any programme discussing anti-semitism (i.e. criticism of Jewish power) is broadcast on TV or radio, “anti-semites” (i.e. critics of Jewish power) are deliberately excluded, so that the “discussion” is not really a discussion at all, merely an imitation of one.

    Another factor must be borne in mind when the source of media control is being assessed. The communists in the heyday of their power were known to say: “Give us just a third ot the places on any committee and we will guarantee to control that committee.”


    When ever you hear or read Communist or Liberal, read JEW.

  50. Hoff says:

    Behind the scenes, Jews are well represented among the Governors of the BBC, who include former President of the S. G. Warburg merchant bank Sir David Scholey, Sir Kenneth Bloomfield and Janet Cohen. Holders of important BBC managerial posts include Sarah Frank, Chief Executive of BBC Worldwide Americas; Controller of Publicity and Public Relations, Keith Samuel, and David Aaronovitch, who is Managing Editor of the BBC’s weekly programmes. Anne Sloman is Deputy Head of BBC News Programmes; Ruth Caleb is the Head of Drama, and Louis Marks has been Producer of Drama since 1976. Another key figure in terms of the BBC’s relationship with the rest of the world, Commercial Director at BBC Worldwide TV Tony Kay, is responsible for deals with American networks such as NBC. International Director of US cable operator TCI, Adam Singer – son of former BBC Director-General Aubrey Singer – has also been responsible for a number of big deals between the BBC and TCI’s British subsidiary Flextech.

    Head of BBC Comedy Entertainment is Jon Plowman. He is responsible for ‘alternative comedian’ Ben Elton’s Thin Blue Line. Presumably Elton got the same helping hand onto the show-business ladder as Barry Cryer, Lloyd Grossman, Ester Ranzen, Dennis Norden and Felicity Kendall.

    Jews in prominent positions in BBC regional TV include Rod Natkiel, Head of Network TV at BBC Midlands and East, and Roy Saatchi, Head of Local Programmes at BBC North.

    The host of lower level functionaries who implement the wishes of the media masters in such stations also includes a vastly disproportionate number of Jews, such as Geoffrey Goodman, who broadcasts on BBC Current Affairs and LBC/IRN, and BBC TV’s legal correspondent Joshua Rosenberg. Naomi Goldman is not only a Producer on Newsnight but is also a member of the Jewish Socialist Group. Another militant Zionist in the BBC is writer and broadcaster Lisa Jardine. With people like these determining the direction, content amd tone of BBC output, it can be seen that its consistently anti-British and pro-minority stance is no accident.

    A bizarre feature in the Evening Standard early in January 1995 describes Tony Kaye as “one of Britain’s, and America’s, leading directors of television adverts and a man whose eye-catchingly unorthodox style has made him a legend in his business.” The story arose from a classified advertisement which Kaye had placed in the Cars for Sale section of the paper two days before Christmas. The full text of the advert read: “JEWISH CAR FOR SALE. Four telephones and one fax machine. £1.3 Million. Ring Tony Kaye on 0101-310-720-3613.” He also placed the advert in the Sunday Times, but within a few days was shocked to be on the receiving end of a “deluge” of abusive and threatening telephone calls from Jews who thought it was anti-Semitic. “There were some horrible messages on my answering machine,” including death threats, he told the Standard. As a matter of fact he did have a nearly new Lincoln executive-series limousine for sale at the price mentioned, and it did come complete with four ‘phone lines and a fax, and its American registration plate did read “Jewish” because, as Mr. Kaye was at pains to point out, he is Jewish “and very proud of it.”

    From link above.


    Nearly 30 million prisoners passed through the Soviet Union’s labor camps in their more than 60 years of operation.


    This review is from: Gulag: A History (Paperback)
    A reviewer has to acknowledge Anne’s political and personal affiliations. She is married to the foreign minister of Poland (as of this time) and currently being criticized for her part in protesting the arrest of Roman Polanski.

    All jew-“media” was over the top hailing this book by the jew Anne Applebaum. Why? Because she went out of here way to NOT mention the jews who was in total control of the Soviet state.


    At times one thinks he is reading about Germans rather than Soviets; or a comparative study of German and Soviet concentration camps. Applebaum keeps comparing Germans with the Soviets, i.e. Soviets could be bad but not as terrible as Germans.

    Applebaum indicates she does not seek to correlate the gulags with aspects of the Hebrew Holocaust; however, she brings Germans into her dissertation on numerous occasions. I will mention the obvious reason for this further along.

    Odd, too, that all in the way of history in U.S. secondary education is not Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago” but Anne Applebaum’s “Gulag,” a work that attempts to show how evil are Russians but failing to mention that Bolshevism and operators of the Soviet Gulags were predominantly Jewish.

    For some mysterious reason, Applebaum also whitewashes certain Soviet criminals while glorifying selective elements.

    It seems Applebaum is spending a great deal of effort to denounce Nobel author and historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a person long imprisoned in the gulags. One wonders if Anne ever spoke with him.

    Applebaum also wants readers to realize what kind of a man is Vladimir Putin; as though Putin is the new shadow of evil.

    Applebaum deserves credit for the professional way the work was put together; yet, I would not consider the book’s content as being scholarly in any sense of the word.

    It is also astounding that this book found its way so quickly into libraries and schools of higher education around the world, an obvious propaganda mechanism in the toolbox of Marxist communist apologists — again, mostly Jewish — who desire to obscure their massive crimes against humanity. The Hebrew Holocaust is a trifling event once compared to the 66 million ethnic Orthodox Russians and Ukranians murdered by the Marxist communists; and therein lies the reason for Applebaum’s considerable effort to produce this work.


    “For some mysterious reason, Applebaum also whitewashes certain Soviet criminals while glorifying selective elements.” Well, well well … Let me take a guess what they all have in common. They are jews?


    My only beef with the book is the handful of negative statements Applebaum makes about two of the most famous Gulag memoirists, Varlam Shalamov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Of Shalamov, author of (the semi-autobiographical) Kolyma Tales, she writes stuff like: (p 203)

    “Technically, Shalamov was wrong” (about his criticism of the prisoner delousing procedure) The jews gassed their prisoners? This needs to be investigated.

    and that he was (p 206) “ever-obsessive on the issue of underwear.” Additionally, of his contention that most prison escape attempts were endeavored by “newcomers” she claims he did so (p 390) “with characteristic gloom.” She treats Solzhenitsyn even worse, claiming because he chose to refer to communists as “Goodthinkers” in The Gulag Archipelago that he did so (p 304) “not very charitably;” and of his positive words about camp marriages, she says he (p 317) “momentarily drops the cynicism.” Furthermore, although she initially states just the fact about AS signing up to become an informant (p 367):

    “He signed a pledge, promising to report news of any escapes to the authorities, and chose a conspiratorial pseudonym: Vetrov,” of which he was admittedly ashamed but “By his own account, Solzhenitsyn never did actually report on anything.”

    Later, she (uncharitably?) writes that he (p 521):

    “served as an informer before seeing the light”

    implying that he actually informed.

    Lastly, (and most uncharitably) she implies that he was nothing more than another Gulag memoirist, though a lucky one


    According to Applebaum, almost 30 million Soviet citizens were arrested between 1930 and 1953 and sentenced to suffer in the GULAGs. Almost 3 million were executed. Many more were beaten to death or died from starvation, overwork, exposure, suicide and sickness.


    The problem comes from the fact that indeed, instead of taking an objective view of the GULag system the author has a need to compare it to the Nazi system. Making comparisons here and there which really do not help but in fact muddle the issue. She will time and again go out of her way in the narrative to show how these camps differed from Nazi concentration camps.

    Now, my biggest problem with the book is the fact that before I started it I had read an anthology about women who were in the GULag camps. The anthology included various extracts from their memoirs. At two points in Applebaum’s book I ran across first a question on behalf of one of these authors which should have been rather a statement and eventually found an incorrect paraphrasing which was used in the wrong context from the same anthology.

    To go over every endnote would take too much time so I am simply pointing out that something here isn’t right.

    These changes are not simple and alter the entire meaning of what is being said which is why I feel a need to mention it. Since this book was fresh in my mind I easily recalled these instances and went back to check them finding out that indeed something was wrong when Applebaum transfered them to her own work.

    Another mistake made is when talking about General Vlasov she comments that his army was made up of Red Army deserts who supported Hitler. This is not true, these men were not deserters but rather POWs who choose to join Vlasov for a variety of reasons. Some did in fact hate Communism and the Soviet system while plenty of others simply wanted to be fed and survive for as long as possible. This is, again, simply word of caution.



    The fundamental problem with this book is the author herself. To start with, Anne Applebaum is not even a historian. Instead she is a hack journalist of the right-wing liberal tendency cheerleading the imperialist policies of America while writing slanderous pieces on Russia because its president is not a lapdog of the west in the vein of his predecessor. One such example is provided by the “Washington Post” where Applebaum contributed a diatribe titled “Skip St. Petersburg, Mr. Bush”. She demonstrates a lack of respect for Russia and uses the G8 meeting to slander Putin and attack his policies.


    Feb 21, 2009

    Following up on yesterdays post “Is Israel Controlling the Internet” today we will learn about Israel’s Government and the IDF attempting to censor and control the internet, face book, you tube and many other social networks, blogs, message boards and news organisations. Today I will be discussing these groups who work online for Israel and the IDF (Israeli Army).


  51. Hoff says:

    . Will historians of this period remember that, throughout the struggles which led to the establishment of the Soviet Republic, Russia suffered-in addition to war and armed revolution-from two cholera epidemics, from a famine unequaled since the Thirty Years War, from typhus, malaria, typhoid, dysentery, tuberculosis, and syphilis to an ex tent unimaginable except to those who were helpless spectators? Tarassewitch estimated (statistics of accuracy were impossible) that be tween 1917 and 1923 there were 30,000,000 cases of typhus with 3.000.000 deaths in European Russia alone.[23]

    Mandatory read.


  52. Hoff says:

    @ lncogman: One post by me ended up in Spamblinka.

  53. jews give me PMS! says:

    These posts are great and I only realized a year ago what “jewniversity” is. At the time I attended, I thought it was university, a place of higher learning and expanding my horizons. It takes quite a bit of time to deprogram oneself from the jewish brainwashing/indoctrination system.

  54. jews give me PMS! says:

    What does a jew vampire really look like? Does garlic work?


  55. Flanders says:

    You are proceeding very nicely with the proper education, jews give me PMS!.

    That is a good link you left on Soros that I had not seen before. Thanks. If garlic worked we would all have it on our front doors, but what works is what you are doing. Studying and communicating with others in order to expose these vampires to others in order to allow them to see past the media and to the light of day. Keep up your good work.

  56. jews give me PMS! says:

    Nathanael Kapner really exposes it all.


    This is back in 2000. I heard nothing in the news about this then and still don’t now. I think this is Hell on earth.

  57. jews give me PMS! says:

    There is a facebook group called Americans against Kosovo Independence and one for Canadians as well.

  58. Mr. Smith says:

    Great work Incogman.

    Years ago many people thought I had lost my mind because I dared to speak the truth, they having been so conditioned to never hear criticism of the self-chosen.

    Today, I do not have enough time and resource for all the people who seek my counsel. People are really waking up now and they want to hear the ugly truth.

    I look back over my life and recall so many strange creepy doctors, lawyers and counselors who seemed covertly hateful and even fearful of me. Now I know they could recognize in me what I did not see myself until my middle age.

    The destruction of family, morality, democracy, freedom, security and even our happiness really is an orchestrated plan. They want the whole world under their thumb and they don’t care how badly they damage it in the process.

    We don’t need to organize, we only need to keep open our lines of communication and make an effort to awaken our family and friends.


    PS. Thanks for the video Mr. Lee

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, Mr. Smith.

      Yes indeed, some Jews do seem to pick up on the fact you see right thru them. I believe it’s got something to do with an innate sense of right versus wrong.

  59. Octo says:

    I thought this was the best place to post this, since in the above vid Rangel tells his Jew coconspirator, essentially, “You needn’t worry about abusing and disenfranchising Whites…we’re the people, who are run by YOUR people, who do just that…”

    I wonder what the greatest living shabbos nigger did to warrant this spanking from his masters?

    Rangel found guilty of violating 11 House rules


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