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Collection of original videos I created on the situation facing America and the White race.

Please feel free to download and upload my videos anywhere and everywhere. Links to a MP4 file is provided below each video. Also, remember that embedded Jews at Youtube and elsewhere may delete it and give you an infraction on spurious reasons, or possibly even delete your account (like they did to me several times). If you do upload to a video site, just give me credit and a link back to my home page if you can. Thank you.

NOTE: The address displayed at the end of almost all videos, “incogman.wordpress.com,” is no longer valid since WordPress censored me. Will try to fix.

What’s Up With Trayvon Martin?


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The Nation Wreckers


America used to be a great country to raise a family. What happened? See the beginnings to changing America for the ambition and designs of others.

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Watch this video I created on the Jewish Extremists and Marxists who have pushed for radical, socially corrosive movements in the US and other White Western countries for their own selfish political and racial agendas.

“Western civilization at the present day is passing through a crisis which is essentially different from anything that has been previously experienced. Other societies in the past have changed their social institutions or their religious beliefs under the influence of external forces or the slow development of internal growth. But none, like our own, has ever consciously faced the prospect of a fundamental alteration of the beliefs and institutions on which the whole fabric of social life rests … Civilization is being uprooted from its foundations in nature and tradition and is being reconstituted in a new organisation which is as artificial and mechanical as a modern factory.”

— Christopher Dawson

READ THIS: The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt

Wake Up to the Real Deal.


Want to know why they really make a big deal about the holocaust to this day?

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Watch the video that the Jews don’t want you to. Will have you reevaluate the TV brainwashing completely. Supremacist Zionist Jews have gone out of their way to get this video and my video accounts trashed many times off the Internet.

The censoring Jews definitely don’t want you to see this one, folks!

Israeli snipers have just brutally gunned down two defenseless Palestinian woman protestors. Distant footage of this totally unnecessary Jew evil can be seen in my video above, “Wake Up to the Real Deal.” I would appreciate you taking the six minutes to watch it. Thanks.

911: SHEEP


9/11 showed that we are sheep. Nano Thermite particles proves 9/11 was an inside job.

Are White Americans sheep? Considering the recent physical evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job and where the USA is now going, one would be hard-pressed not to come to this sorry conclusion.

Watch my latest video (above) on the subject, with information on the Nano-thermite or “Super-thermite” evidence discovered in the debris of the World Trade Center destruction. This is from a peer-reviewed study, by nine scientists from various countries and was published in OPEN CHEMICAL PHYSICS Journal. I talked about it here in 9/11: The Smoking Gun? For an essay on the study, by Jim Hoffman, please go here: 9/11 Research: Explosive residues

Also, I tie all this together with the Zionist Power Structure and the obvious direction they are now taking America with Obama, just like the “Shabbos Goy” Bush before him.

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The Original White “Extremists”


In 1776, we went to war with England to gain our sovereignty and the right to control the issue of our own money. It’s been a hidden war to keep those rights and we lost it in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve is neither “Federal” nor a “Reserve,” but the private cash cow of the International Banking cartel of Zionist Jews.

These are the forces that really control our money and where this country is headed. The White race is truly in jeopardy due to the social changes and Global ambitions of these hidden parasites.

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The Eternal Jew in America


The movie “The Eternal Jew,” released by the Nazis in 1940, is banned and illegal to show in many countries today. The above video is my shortened, quicky version where I took some clips from the film and juxtaposed still images from current events. I wanted to keep it brief, no longer than 10 minutes (to fit most video sites). You have my permission and urging to download and upload to any video site. I appreciate any efforts to get the video spread around the Internet. I don’t have enough time to do it all myself. If possible, give me credit and a link back to this blog. It may get deleted soon enough, but some will still see it.

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Some videos may get deleted by embedded ADL Jewish Censors at Youtube (for real), or elsewhere due to Political Correctness by other Jews and spineless White liberals kow-towing the Jew efforts in destroying our race. They often even take down entire servers and hosts just to keep you in the dark!

80 Responses to »My Videos

  1. rocketman says:

    now playing at a disease ridden theatre near you, IN 3D.

    Speaking of 3D, have you ever seen ANDY WARHOL’S, FRANKENSTIEN ?

  2. Rock says:

    I just JewTubed it.
    Holy crap!
    I like the hedge trimmer/decapitator.
    That wes rich..

  3. rocketman says:


  4. jennifer chen says:

    The jews collectively are satan, who knows that the downfall of the human race will be their sin of false pride. Satan in the form of the antichrist AKA the kahzars, tells you you can feel pride for defending the poor downtrodden jews, the poor harmless victims of hate, and if you fall for it, you deserve what you get. Satan AKA the jews have an even better trick than their hollowhoax myth, in order to get you to hate anyone they want you to hate, all they have to do is portray those people as being everything that the jews truly are-they just have to pin all their own sins on others-make them appear ‘satanic’ not as who they truly are. They make you think jews are holy God worshipping and good (what a joke) it worked with Hitler and the Arabs and you fall for it every time because you think by hating the bad enemies of the poor innocent underdog jews, you get the thrill of feeling false pride, when you go out and kill and lose your souls forever in defense of the lying sack of shit satan/jews? You all are just evil and if you fall for their tricks you deserve to burn in hell-ultimately all the jews are after-is the destruction of your souls. The one thing of value you have no clue about-because jews tell you only money worldly status(AKA the sin of inequity) material things have value, in order to get you do things that destroy your souls in your battle to get some worthless material crap. The jews hate you because you still have souls and they will never know God or his love, they are sociopaths-and sociopaths want death more than anything, they can only destroy, so they push destruction as a ‘good thing’ on all of you willing fools-as entertainment, a source of pride, so called justice that is really revenge (another soul destroying sin). Only love can make life better-and there is no love in jews-they are the opposite of God/Christ, who was an Arab not a jew. Jews infiltrate everything that was once good to pose in their fake charade of niceness making themselves look good-then they turn it to shit into something completely evil-science-education-medicine the arts-the Catholic church today and also in times past-everything the jews touch turns to shit. Satan has no power to make life better(Love) the jews know destruction of life is their only power-they want to destroy all life, especially the most valuable things in life, truth and people’s souls. You all are too busy posing in a stupid charade as a savior of the jews(satan) to see any truth-satan has you pegged-false pride will be the downfall of the human race. I am a good person because I don’t hate the jews. Archie Bunker was not a typical white person-he was the most real portrait of what the typical jew is-written by a jew-That is how they fool you. Jews are the most hate filled racist people on earth-they even hate one another-there is no love even in a jewish family and their religion is just like everything else about them-stolen an imitation in order to ‘infiltrate and destroy from within’. Jews have been at war with you since satan first appeared on earth, they more you accept them-and become their little pride filled puppets the more satan is winning to the detriment of all life on earth. Look at history=Life on earth has only flourished and prospered where there were none or you rejected and exiled the evil on this earth, the jews-where there are jews everything turn to shit=war death famine and hell.

  5. GDL says:

    By that post of yours Jennifer it doesn’t appear that you have any desire to hug and kiss a Jew yourself.

    You say exposing the Jew is hate? Thats interesting, Abe Foxman would say the same thing.


  6. W Finnegan (awakenedwoman) says:

    Hey you…reminding you that the url on the end of the nation wrecker vid is wrong. Dont know if you’ve had time to notice thought I’d give you a heads up.

  7. Macaca says:

    Well, that John Hagee pustule is just what the doctor ordered. As a prenatal Republican and subsequently a true Paleoconservative, I watched with horror as these Christian zealot assholes hijacked my party in the 1980’s. These brain-dead, religious automatons turned everything to “social conservatism”. Why don’t the stick their noses up their OWN asses? That’s where the rest of their heads are!

    I will give you all an “acid test” you can try out on the nearest convenient Fundamaentalist Christian moron: Ask them if they are “pro-choice”. THAT alone will trigger 30 minutes of screeching puffery and rectitude, during which you can smoke ’em if you got ’em.

    After the rant winds down, tell them that you are 100% FOR abortions, because 85% (at least) of all abortions are done by (to?) mud-people, Hispanics and other trash-types who would otherwise be filling our prisons to the brim (that is, if and after they are caught destroying someone else’s property or life). More abortions=fewer murderers, rapists,theives, Detroit* denizens and Libtard Dumbocrats. See how that goes down.

    Most Christian crackers would cringe and go bonkers if THAT could be shoved under their ignorant snouts. They seem to think that the aborted fetuses would turn into THEM, if allowed to survive! THEY DON’T HAVE ABORTIONS! So where’s the logic in that. Shows you how fundamentally stupid and ignorant religio-zombies actually are. Tell them that some putrescent RAP group wouldn’t be assaulting them and the air waves, had their parents been allowed to abort them! Next time these “Christards” are stuck in traffic or are forced to wait 35 minutes to check out of their local Walmart, they can thank “pro-lifers” just like themselves.

    I fear that my dear old “Stupid Party” is now just an extension of Glenn Beck’s squalid and dysfunctional little mind. Glenn reads about something on Tuesday, warps it around into some God-crap on Wednesday and then spews it forth on his program(s) Thursday. Perfect.

    If the Republicans persist in using Iowa as their “test-the-water” state, replete, as it is, with brain-dead, “social conservative” deists, then we’re almost assured of an Obama II. Write a nice letter to your doctor, it’s the last you’ll be seeing him. If, by some miracle, a Republican snatches the Oval Orifice from the Porch-Monkey, you can be assured it will be some AIPAC puppet.

    Religious people are weak and weak-minded. They will, however, do enough political damage to side-track the bovine voters away from the real issue(s) of a Kikeified American foreign policy and crytpto-communist domestic agenda. The only hope is if the Tea Party can dump those Christian idiots, bleating to warp the planks of its platform.

    So the NEW dominant “Republicans” are a bunch of religious fanatics. They might as well vote for the Porch-Monkey-in-Chief…..

    I would hope, as a confirmed atheist mesel’, that a good bunch of you have already recognized that religions are a farce and have caused most of the misery and death over the millennia. I am absolutely amazed by how many fools there are out there. “OUR God is the ONLY God” blah, blah, blah, etc. How many religions (and gods) are there? 40? 50? More? Same number of gods, or are there some multi-tasking deities?

    As long as the MAJORITY of Americans are devout deists, things are not going to get better. Try and remember that the Hebes started all this shyte by claiming to be “God’s Chosen People”.

    If you want a key to all human history, from its beginning to whenever, it is entirely and utterly based on the fact that there is a teeny, tiny minority with lots of brains controlling the rest, who are just one colossal, unbathed, malodorous, clamoring gaggle of idiots. Any country which watches “Monster Truck” displays or is addicted to puerile movies because of their “visual effects” is not long for it, you can bet.

    Please rent and view “Idiocracy” at the earliest opportunity. Lovely movie. Will bring tears to your eyes (larfin’ that is). Like all great humor, this “thinking man’s ‘Borat”” (as someone called it)–is based on reality.

    And, speaking of reality, the next “new reality” is the Christian-spoiled Republican Party curling up at Obama’s feet in 2012, rolling over, and begging for mercy.


  8. Macaca says:

    OOOOOOooooooops, a typo—correction: “…why don’t THEY stick their noses……”

    OOOOOOooooooooops 2: an empty asterisk…..I wanted to add:

    *Detroit has a HOCKEY team! SOMEBODY has a great sense of humor up there!

  9. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Atheism is kiketheism.

    Idiocrisy is all kike.

    Take yer own advice asswise.

  10. Macaca says:

    Cannibal Rabbi, every time you post on this site, you subtract from the sum total of human knowledge. You’re not only a Hebe (judging from your site-name and your rabid anti-atheism) you are also rather crippled, cerebrally, judging from the starkly-limited content of what you think pass for witticisms. Why don’t YOU take your simplistic, monosyllabic advice and shove it up YOUR semi-literate ass, buttfuckee?

    There! I feel much better!


  11. Macaca says:

    Wanna purge that big breakfast you shouldn’t have eaten? Watch the AOL video of a tiny toddler who looks bored and sad, suddenly light up when her moronic dad plays some RAP on a tape-deck. This country is foo keen TOAST. Glad I was born in 1945.
    Krikeys, a WHIGGER seedling. Barph!

  12. king diamond says:

    we need to take back america!14/88

  13. morris paul says:

    thank you for your www
    for what it is worth there are some good videos
    http://www.natallsac.com/videos………..by dr.william pierce.
    you might consider aposting every so often of one of his videos.
    they really ought to jump out at visitors/from your http://www…..somehow
    i.e.not to be missed……….just our opinion.
    http://www.jewish faces.com
    http://www.holocaust denial.com/robert mugabe……………………….who owns mugabe?

    youtube/remove gallstones naturally.

    the anual liver/gallstone cleanse…..3 videos
    1 nina…in the pink jumper
    2 jen …..from jentox
    3 martin frischketch………..the real deal.

    your good health.

  14. morris paul says:

    really enjoyed your video of the week…….thank you very much.

  15. JewH8R says:

    Hey, Incog – I see they’ve managed to take down almost ALL these videos.

    Maybe it’s time to look at putting them somewhere else, like TruTube.
    No, that’s not a plug – I have no affiliation with them; just a suggestion, since it’s all too apparent that the hook-nosed parasitic filth have obviously infected damned near the entire world media complex.

    Persevere, my friend. I am seeing positive developments on the battle fronts.
    Many have begun to awaken. And many are already FULLY AWAKE.

    It’s NOTHING like it was five years ago – that I can certainly tell you.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Yeah, I just noticed it last week. Bastards.

      I would put them on trutube, just don’t know how to embed from there to here, if it’s possible.

      Just hadn’t got around to dealing with it yet.

  16. Don in Taiwan says:

    Again, blocking the free flow of information…….. a testimony to their character. A tactic of desperation and weakness. A big black mark against them when seen for what it is. Further confirmation they can only do what they are doing, IF WE COOPERATE!

  17. INCOG MAN says:

    I just fixed the video embeds CENSORED by dirty Jewry and embedded downloads for people to use. Took some effort so I’d appreciate a donation or two.

    • steve says:

      hey incognoman i searched everywhere the video of the dancing israelis i can’t find it anywhere any idea thanks

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