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3 Responses to JEW SNIPER ATTACK

  1. Don in Taiwan says:

    Look how the Jew treats the Palestinian , stealing their land abusing and killing them, all the while crying the Holocaust, the holocaust…… Makes me sick to my stomach! Glory to Adolph Hitler !

  2. ben yamin says:

    It’s been a normal everyday tragedy for muslims around the world- Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Southern Phillipines, Southern Thailand, Palestine, Uighur of China, Somalia, CAR Africa, Gr0zny, Chechen, MH370, MH 17 and many more just name it. Many unreported. Nothing’s last forever coz the truth will always find its way to the surface.
    Bashar the alawit shia of Syria, Nouri Al-Maliki the shia of Iraq and Hamid Karzai the shia of Afghanistan are killing Muslims sunni in their govern soil. The shias have always been on the same side with the jews. Ironically, they claim themselves to be the real muslim. They never shoot muslims withour torture…Torture is a must in their attack. In Islam, if the enemies are to be killed during a war, torture is heavily forbidden. It’s hard to take actual evidence of mujahideens torturing their enemies. If they do, no one will accept their jihad movement. And u will never hear mujahideens do adultery or raping women of their captured enemy even at war. If they are to do suicide bombing, that would be their sincere sacrifice to Islam to reduce casualties of their comrades during an attack to break the enemies’ stronghold. Lost one soul to save many. It is the last things to be done. A suicide bombing story is actually a love story of brotherhood among mujahideens around the world. What do u expect from an old and obsolute rifles to fight the sophiscated-state-of-art war arsenals of the mujahideens’ enemies?

  3. robbie walsh says:

    The Jewish community are sick evil entity’s you only have to see the open prison that is gasa and the daily treatment of the Palestinian people. The biggest terrorists in the middle East

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