PC is Driving White America INSANE


This past week, the hypocrite Jewish-controlled US media went into another ridiculous circus act over Phil Robertson, one of those bearded guys on the A&E show “Duck Dynasty,” for saying what he thought about the homos and black civil rights. The supposed “controversy” brought out the same vitriolic White-haters as when southern TV cook, Paula Deen admitted once using the “N-word” about a million years ago.

Frankly, I don’t watch “Duck Dynasty,” since I really think this kind of crap is JEWISH MEDIA PROFITEERING and a form of ELITIST VOYEURISM – where urban, White-hating city creeps get off laughing about rural White America. Hell, many Hollywood movie scripts revolve around the same thing.

And sure, the White Duck brothers are sucking on the big tit, too.

Me not watching “Duck Dynasty” might surprise a few people out here in the “real world,” considering how much I like hunting and fishing, as well as NASCAR, guns, camouflage, moonshine (when I can get it), etc. etc. I once actually lived near where one of these redneck reality shows was videotaped (filmed is definitely not the right word). The whole show, BTW, was a big bunch of malarkey, but that story will have to wait.

This past Friday night, Chris Matthews on MSNBC was talking about all this Duck Dynasty BS and had the unbelievable nerve to say he didn’t know what “PC” or “politically correct” even meant, or where the term came from – acting like it didn’t really exist and was simply made up by all us “far-right extremist hater types.” What a disingenuous lying pig. God, I can’t stand that SOB!

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Hypocrite Jew Media Ignores Israel’s Illegals

“American Jews know too well the impact of restrictive immigration policies, and we have seen how the immigration issue can become a flashpoint for xenophobia,” says the bottom paragraph from the “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.” What TOTAL JEW BULLCRAP! [INCOG]

Illegal Immigrants in Israel and America: A Tale of Jewish Supremacist Hypocrisy

From: David Duke

While Jewish Supremacists in America continue to push as hard as they can for ever-increased immigration and the legalization of those who have flouted US immigration laws, in Israel they continue to arrest and detain scores of Africans who have broken the law in that country.

This hypocritical disparity in Jewish Supremacist tactics has been highlighted once again with the mass arrest of a over 150 African asylum seekers who deserted from a concentration camp prison in the Negev desert, south Israel.

The Africans managed to reach Jerusalem to take part in a protest at their continued detention and Israel’s refusal to even consider granting them asylum.

The protest was however short-lived, as Israeli police and immigration authorities arrested them all and put them on buses back to prison.

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Tim Wise Calls Jesus a Symbol of Genocide

WISE REDStinking White-hating Jew spews his line of bull once again on CNN (video below).

From Council of Conservative Citizens

1324693904824Once again, CNN featured the extremist Tim Wise, who last year called on his followers to murder members of the TEA Party. Tim Wise, who is Jewish, says that Jesus Christ is a symbol of “White supremacy” and “genocide.” Wise stated “The image of a White Jesus has been used to justify enslavement, conquest, colonialism, the genocide of indigenous peoples. There are literally millions of human beings whose lives have been snuffed out by people who conquered under the banner of a White god.”

See collection of Tim Wise Tweets

Tim Wise is an extreme left-wing Cultural Marxist. Despite living in a ritzy all White neighborhood in Nashville, one of America’s whitest metro areas, he constantly spews venom at White people. On November 5th, 2012, he has even publicly called on his followers to murder members of the Florida TEA Party. Despite his public call for murder, CNN continues to put him on the air. Tim Wise writes books saying that White people make too much money and should share with black people. Wise, who has made a fortune with this schtick, is substantially wealthier than most Americans of any race. Apparently, sharing your money with black people is only for the little guys!

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Jew Menorahs A-OK — Christian Crosses NOT!


From David Duke

If you want to know who really rules America, just read this story. A memorial to American Korean War Veterans that has stood for decades on top of Mt. Soledad near San Diego has been ordered removed by a federal judge.


It had to go because the memorial to American dead simply included a Christian cross.

That’s right. The federal court ruled that having a Christian cross as part of an American war memorial that has stood for decades, violated the principle of “separation of church and state.”

A Christian cross as part of American war memorial must be forbidden, but in thousands of localities across America at this moment, Jewish Menorahs stand with the protection of USA federal court protection. Above is a picture of the Menorah that is erected every year in front of the White House.

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Reflections on Crazy Niggahs an’ Sheet


For INCOG Readers, by Carlos Whitlock Porter

ME: I’m sure all modern languages have about the same number of words, but in less modern cultures there are a lot of loan words from English. There are no easy languages, at least if they have a written culture.

I read about a nigger, an African, who saw an English missionary, with an English dictionary, or whatever, and he said, “What, don’t you know all the words in your language?” “No,” says the missionary. “I do,” says the nigger. See? It wasn’t a written language, so he thought he knew all the words!

The English invent words for these people that they never had. For example, niggers have no word for “promise” or “obligation.” To them, the word promise, invented by the English, means simply “to bind the arms and legs.” That’s why they don’t understand why they should come to work on time or at all, just because they promised. They figure, unless you’ve got me tied up, I don’t have to do it.

HIM: That’s really funny. Niggers are s-o-o-o-o-o… stupid.

ME: Another funny story. Niggers cannot imagine contingency, that something “might” happen. Try to sell him insurance if he’s an employee, he’ll say he doesn’t need it. “Yes, but if you have an accident it pays for the accident.” “But I haven’t had an accident.”

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The White-hating Nelson Mendela Lovefest Goes On


OK AMERICA, THIS Nelson Mandela BS has gone far enough. I am so sick and tired of this crap, I am about ready to friggin’ explode! Why don’t we just pay the GD Chinese a boatload of our taxpayer dollars to build a commie heroic-style statue of “Mandiba,”“Mandicka” — or whatever the flock they call him – and put the thing up in Washington, DC, next to the one of sacred MLK and be done with it?

If Mendela was an Arab muzzie or Palestinian, they would have had Seal Team 6 “double-tap” the guy right in the forehead  — even if he was an old man. Say what, Nazi boy? Yep, Nelson Mandela easily fit the bill for what we call a “terrorist” 24/7 these days. The militant wing of the African National Congress (ANC) under his command killed plenty of innocent people — White, blacks and “colored” (what they call people with Paki or Indian heritage) – by a wide variety of violent ways.

What kills me is that for all intents and purposes, Israel is a racist Apartheid state right the flock now and you don’t hear the media screaming bloody murder about that, do you? There’s plenty of Palestinians rotting away in Zionist Gulags, while Israel and the media openly proclaims Israel as a JEWISH state.

And “Godly” little Israel often murders any who could present problems in the future. They might blow them to bits with a US-supplied Hellfire missile fired from a helicopter, or dispatch MOSSAD hit squads to take care of matters with “extreme prejudice,” just like they did to some Palestinian guy in his Dubai hotel room three years ago. The Zionists (or their agents) blow up people in Lebanon with car bombs all the time, turning dozens, maybe hundreds, of innocent pedestrians into mince meat (they only really care when other Jews get killed, but sometimes not even then).

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The brown drawing used in my photoshop art above was taken from a campaign ad in a Jew labor newspaper from the thirties. The artist inadvertently captured ROOSKY-velt’s sneaky Jew side – I simply added the commie flag and Star of Satan pin on his lapel to make it all even more realistic.

Continued from Roosevelt Wanted The Japs to Attack Pearl Harbor

FDR was not only a traitor to America for allowing Japan to freely attack us on December 7, 1941 and a big time socialist liberal, but was also Jewish. Oh, yes he was. He even admitted it to a few reporters and his genealogy confirms it (below). He may not have been a practicing Jew and almost always kept quiet about it, but he was indeed Jewish. Great grandfather Isaac Roosevelt founded the Bank of New York and FDR’s maternal grandfather, Warren Delano II made his fortune working for the Sassoon drug running empire — the British Jew oligarchy behind the Opium Wars in China. The Sassoons were also closely associated with the Rothschilds.

“President Roosevelt knows well enough that his ancestors were Jewish. I heard Theodore Roosevelt [his distant cousin] state twice that his ancestors were Jewish. Once was to me when I asked him about it after he had made a pleasing euphemistic statement in a speech to a Jewish gathering.”

– Chase Osborn, former governor of Michigan

FDR was born into the International, Globalist Banking class and Zionist cabal some disingenuously call for “PC” reasons, the “Illuminati” — the real hidden hand that owns the Federal Reserve in America, the Bank of England and your White butt.

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Mendela Dies Peacefully — But Not These SA Whites

WHITES MURDERED IN SA MONTAGE 3Whites Brutally Murdered in South Africa – JUST IN 2013:

• John Commins (71) Cape Town – Stabbed to death. • Jannie du Plessis (58) Villiers – Stabbed and tortured. • Rudolf van Heerden (79) Belfast – Beaten and suffocated. • Elna van Heerden (76) Belfast – Beaten and suffocated. • Ernst van Rooyen (77) Parys – Beaten to death. • Annatjie van Rooyen (75) Parys – Beaten and suffocated. • Pieter Kellerman (85) Johannesburg – Beaten to death. • Desmond Botha (59) Muldersdrift – Shot dead. • Andries Becker (29) Muldersdrift – Shot dead. • Eddie Fouche (30) Kemptonpark – Shot dead. • Shaun Lipshitz (30) Johannesburg – Shot dead. • Gordon Bazzard (75) Bloemfontein – Stabbed to death. • Manfred Schmidt (42) Kemptonpark – Shot dead. • Matty Smith, Gordons Bay • Chad Harris, Estcourt – Shot dead. • Fiona Finnis (57) Centurion – Shot dead. • Lorraine Shepheard (76) Port Elizabeth – Stabbed to death. • Hettie Phillips (55) Cradock – Gang-raped and tortured to death. February 2013: (12) • Dawnsy Mieny (47) Cape Town – Pushed down a quarry. • Robbie Malan (39) Port Elizabeth – Shot dead. • Carmen van der Westhuizen (38) Welkom – Raped and tortured. • Gordon Adam (70) Bethuli – Hacked to death. • Lorraine Adam (70) Bethuli – Hacked to death. • Derek Cornelius (75) Roodepoort – Stabbed to death. • Zarco Bulajic (58) Brits – Skull crushed and shot dead. • Carel Ferreira (25) Brakpan – Shot dead. • Laurens de Wet (20) Bloemfontein – Shot dead. • David Barclay (66) Wolmaransstad – Shot dead. • Bertus Continue reading

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Jew Judge Lets Obama’s Illegal Uncle Stay in US

WHITE MOTHER CILE PRECETAJ DEPORTED 2As Obama spent some time this past Thanksgiving by meeting with illegals on a phony “hunger strike,” his administration ordered a White mother, Cile Precetaj (above), deported from the United States. Entering America in 2000 as a refugee from Muslim White slavers targeting young women for prostitution at her Albanian village; Precetaj married an American citizen and eventually had three beautiful White children (the white-haters probably can’t stand that part more than anything).

District Judge Edward Korman

This smirking specimen of a Nation Wrecker, Federal Judge Edward Korman, abruptly ordered the FDA to make the Abortion pill sold over the counter back in April, 2013, allowing young teens to freely buy it.

Meanwhile this week, U.S. Immigration Judge Leonard I. Shapiro in Boston (no photo found on the Internet – probably because he looks so Jewy), ruled in favor of an illegal alien from Kenya, Onyango “Omar” Obama (upper right). Omar is the uncle to the commie mulatto creep still stinking up the White House. The Jew judge told him after issuing the ruling: “Welcome to America.” So funny, Jew.

Obama says he never knew his uncle, which is utter BS, since Obama stayed with him for three weeks at some point during his time at Harvard (maybe after a homo lover spat). Omar is his father’s brother — a coal-black, drunken whoremonger, who knocked up Obama’s lefty mother in Hawaii — making the foolish teenager chase him halfway across the planet, before pooping out his mulatto holiness in a Kenyan hospital because the airline would not let her board a plane in her advanced stage of pregnancy.

Obama's Aunt ZeituniLike Stanley Ann Dunham’s babby daddy, Omar came here on a student visa in 1963, and probably soon grunted to himself: “America is a hell of a lot nicer than that stinking crap hole I came from – I’ll just make myself comfortable here while mooching off silly White people for the rest of my life.” Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango (left), slipped into America in 2000 for free health care, and was granted permanent legal residency in 2010, by the exact same Boston Jewish judge. She lives in public housing and gets healthy disability checks, even though the freeloader never put one dime into the system her whole filthy life.

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The Heroic T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia)


By Anonymous

T. E. Lawrence was born in North Wales on 15 August 1888. He was the illegitimate son of Sir Thomas Chapman, an Anglo-Irish baronet. His mother was Scottish. He became a legend in his own time as Lawrence of Arabia — a brilliant active life which ended in a motorcycle “accident” when he was only 46.

Many famous people attended his funeral: statesmen, writers, politicians. Winston Churchill wept and called him “one of the greatest beings of our time.” Lawrence is buried in a simple grave at Moreton in Dorset, which together with his cottage at Clouds Hill nearby has become a shrine to his admirers and all people dedicated to the ideals of British and Arab nationalism.

When told of the tragic death of T. E. Lawrence, Sheikh Hamoudi of Aleppo exclaimed in his grief: “It is as if I had lost a son. Tell them in England what I say. Of manhood, the man; in freedom free; a mind without equal; I can see no flaw in him.”

Lawrence was indeed a very great man, a great thinker and a great military leader and strategist. He planned, organized and led a national rebellion of the Arab peoples and gave them the first opportunity in 400 years to become an important Middle Eastern power. But for Zionism he would have succeeded in his plan. Unfortunately his work was betrayed by Anglo-French and Zionist interests over which neither he nor the liberated Arabs were powerful enough to prevail. As Lawrence himself put it, the opponents of Arab nationalism had bigger guns, that was all.

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Jew BS Now So Thick You Can Walk On It


Mark Zuckerberg, the super squirrelly Jew boy who screwed over both Goy and Jew alike to become the billionaire owner of Facebook, is now making a big deal about “immigration reform” by repeating the tiresome media mantra “the system is broke.” Uh, the system is not broke – just the part about following the law and kicking out the illegals! Rich punk Jews like Zuckerberg don’t give one GD hoot about us regular White people and never have.

Subversive Jewry and fooled Goyim multicult libtards, are bound and determined to turn our lands into crime-ridden, stinking Third World cesspools. The more these trouble-making Pied Pipers get away with, the less America will be for us White people. Don’t you get what these creeps are up to? YET?

Last week, Zuckerberg imported a bunch of illegals to his headquarters for a “‘Dreamers’ Hackathon” for immigration “reform.” WTF didn’t immigration agents simply raid the place and cart off all the poor downtroddens? Or the FBI for that matter, since they were supposedly “hacking.” But Feds don’t really care all that much about hackers unless, of course, it’s banker and government sites. Us little people are fair effin’ game to all sorts of scam artists and computer hackers across the globe (I get attacked practically daily).

Zuckerberg’s multicult slumber party wasn’t really hacking – they had to have a cute name to sound “edgy and hip.” It was “perception molding” via technology on the Internet, something like what ISRAEL-FIRSTER Hasbara operations do all the time to protect the PR image of Zionist Israel. Last Sunday, ABC did a big Zuckerberg suck-up piece on “This Week with George Stephanopolis.” The glassy-eyed punk (he must get some killer ganja) was interviewed by a Goy PC-boy, David Wright, who made sure to say “UNDOCUMENTED immigrants” while tossing the billionaire softball questions so he could Jew spew about illegals being the “civil rights issue of our time.” They so love those heady days of the ’60′s, don’t they?

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Happy Thanksgiving from THE INCOG MAN!


Looks like the filthy creeps are now trying to Jew-up this American holiday, too!

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Americans Don’t Know What They’re Dealing With!

During one year alone (1932-33), at least 7 million White Gentile Russians, Slavs and Germans (immigrants to Ukraine from the days of Catherine the Great), were murdered by the purposeful starvation of entire regions by Jewish-led Communists (who called it “liquidation”). You might think all this would be an interesting topic for a “History” Channel documentary, eh? But the real power structure controlling America doesn’t want such things becoming too common knowledge among the “proletariat.” Does that register one iota with you people?

I was writing this email to someone over the “JOO BUSINESS” recently, and wanted to say the following to him because he’s sensitive about things because he personally knows a few “good Jews.” Well, I’ll just let him read it here – it’s his issue on how he deals with it.*

This statement is kind of difficult for White people to accept, most certainly because of the media ignoring it and various other clever suppressions over the years, but also because of the constant multicult brainwashing of us White people in the media over the holocaust, the evil Nazis, slavery, etc., etc. Basically, “they” don’t want us White people to realize and internalize this one highly pertinent true fact. OK, so here goes:



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John F. Kennedy: In Memorium

JFK IN MEMORIUMScheduled for automatic publication on the world-wide Internet at the exact moment JFK was struck down in Dealey Plaza (12:30PM CST/1:30PM EST) on November 22, 1963. Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the President’s assassination.


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The Day America Was Murdered


Look, I can’t get in too deep right now on all the ignored or covered-up evidence, obfuscations and “red herrings” in the almost mandated government/media version of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. However, they will be a few necessary parts of the equation to touch on. What I really want to talk about is the shock to America’s brains fifty years ago on that horrible day and what’s been going down ever since.

America was completely traumatized over our young president getting murdered so suddenly. Kennedy was full of promise and his beautiful family had captivated the nation. Not only was JFK handsome and rugged, he had boatloads of charm, wit and intelligence. Plus, he seemed genuinely patriotic for a politician.

His assassination was a GD crying shame. He may well have been the last worth-a-crap president America had. If it was indeed just Oswald – as they continually tell us – or if others had a hand like I suspect, I pray each and everyone of the bastards roasts upon the fiery coals of hell for eternity while getting buggered by the freakiest-looking of demons.

I actually remember the day of the assassination, however hazily. I was in my first grade classroom, when my family lived in a clean, safe, White bedroom community of Washington, DC (my dad worked downtown).

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Commie Jewry Clamors For Spying On EU Citizens


From David Duke

Moshe Kantor meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, PM of Israel -- where Moshe's real loyalty lies.

Moshe Kantor meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, PM of Israel — where Moshe’s true loyalty lies. (INCOG)

In a move described by a leading civil rights group as a “dark day for European democracy,” Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress (ECJ) and former president of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, have called on the European Union to establish national surveillance units to monitor citizens of all 27 EU member states suspected of “intolerance.”

According to an article in The New Observer, the two EJC leaders made the call at a “European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation” (ECTR) submission to the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE).

These “special administrative units,” the report says, “should preferably operate within the Ministry of Justice.”

“There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant,” it states, especially “as far as freedom of expression is concerned.”

European Dignity Watch (EDW), a civil rights watchdog group based in Brussels, has warned that this directive “aims to impose governmental control over the social and economic behavior of citizens in the widest possible sense.”

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Happy Birthday GYRENES!


Happy 238th, Jar Heads!

Time to turn a few efwads into pogey bait, if you know what I mean.


Goodnight, Chesty, wherever you are.
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In What Friggin’ Countries Can We Feel Safe?

Margaret Molland Sunden Norway Killing
This past Monday, 19 year-old Norwegian Margaret Molland Sanden was stabbed to death on a bus, along with a couple in their fifties (probably White, too) by an illegal alien Sudanese. All because he was getting his dirty, stinking black ass deported the next day. Now he gets to stay in Norway — living a mostly comfortable life in a Western prison. Just what the hell is going on?

When a frequent commentator from Scandinavia named “Hoff” came here and reported on the above crime, I really wasn’t paying too much attention. I’ve been fairly busy with “real world” stuff and all the other BS the lousy, stinking Nation Wreckers are now doing to America.

Just look at these two idiot punk-ass libtards.

Just look at these two idiot punk-ass libtards!

Hoff left a link to some article about two liberal creeps in Norway, who said Whites there deserved being victimized (right). The words in the caption for the photo (translated by Bing): NO SYMPATHY with RANS WAVE VICTIMS: NRK-celebrity Elin Gjuvsland and Arild Ruhlin Opheim have written a feature article in Dagbladet where they believe that the rans victims in recent months deserve to be beaten and robbed because Norway leads a ‘inhumane refugee policy.’

Now look at the girl above again. Did this beautiful young White girl deserve to get gutted out like a fish by some stinking, proto-humanoid Sudanese just because he was angry about having to leave? Does Norway need to look like violent GD Africa? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THESE PEOPLE’S BRAINS?

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Rep. Rohrabacher: California is the model for the rest of America if Amnesty passes

The cascade of economic troubles in California can be traced back to the 1986 amnesty. Politically, the Republican Party of California lost 50% of its legislative members. Rohrabacher says “it took about 10 years for the full impact to be felt,” but in the end it transformed California into a one-party, socialist state.

by Taylor Rose

Dana Rohrabacher

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

“If we have amnesty, the breakdown that has happened in California will be the model of what happens to the whole country,” said Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, in an exclusive interview with SFPPR News & Analysis.

Should Congress grant amnesty, Rohrabacher, who represents Southern California’s 48th congressional district, projects that America will move in a more collectivist direction that will “erase our individualist and free enterprise system,” making the “nation much more Leftist and socialist.”

At the heart of the matter, Congressman Rohrabacher believes “the Left is very interested in changing our society and changing the fundamentals of our society,” where it “sees illegal immigration and ‘immigration reform’ as a means to transform our nation.” Barack Obama’s own words spoken on October 30, 2008 at a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri come to mind, and they are instructive. The would-be president proclaimed, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Taken together, Obamacare and amnesty for illegal immigrants, indeed, would do just that and our Founders would find America unrecognizable.

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Satanic Jewry is WHORING AMERICA

JEW MEDIA WHORING AMERICA exprtThey laughingly called it “twerking” in the traitorous media, but it was really just pretend doggie-style sex. Believe me, the media people behind the scenes knew in advance what this now celebrated cheap slut, Miley Cyrus, had in store.

Miley Cyrus, the once sweet and innocent Disney child-star, Hanna Montana, has now become a full-on media whore, like so many the Jew media has elevated to stardom over the decades. At a recent music awards show, Cyrus did a rude little dance (above) in front of millions on primetime TV, certainly including many young teen girls. While a few may have feigned shock over it, most people nowadays really don’t give a rat’s ass simply because they know they can’t do JACK anyhow. And those of you reading here know this to be true.

1920's Weimar Germany

1920′s Weimar Germany was chock-full of financial scams, runaway inflation, communist upheaval, sexual deviance of all kinds and murder. Modern-day Jewry fondly reminisces to this day about all the “good times” before Adolf Hitler.

Sure, you might not be some uptight, prudish kind of person, but you certainly don’t want to see your children turned into clapped-up, drugged-out, suicidal porn stars in California – or get sliced and diced by some future psycho boy (of whatever race), who’s brain was broken at an early age by an insanely violent movie directed by a sick little Jew like Eli Roth; produced and released to theaters by greedy profit Jews, like the über-Jewy Weinstein brothers.

Hell, that’s exactly what’s going down, my friend! So don’t be sitting there acting all high and mighty about what that “evil racist guy on the internet” has to say. At least take a few minutes to hear me out, for crying out loud.

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Happy Halloween from THE INCOG MAN!

Beware The ZioFreaks and HasbaRATS, Kiddies!

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