Your America On Jews


This supposedly wise Chinese guy once said long ago: “May you live in interesting times.” Oh, I just love it. Yeah, and I’d like to go back in time to jap-slap the living daylights out of that idiot Chinaman.

I don’t think White people out there realize what’s going down in America and how much our race is getting seriously screwed. In fact, I know it. Incredible, since it’s so obvious today’s PC BS revolves around keeping us Whites stupid to the game plan. Yet it’s so easy to see, if you can just get past the “being Mr. Nice guy” for a bit.

I’m definitely not saying here you got to go all psycho and crap. All I’m trying to do is get you to have a little backbone to speak out on all this to those around you.

At the first of the month, I wanted to write something about D-day, being the 70th anniversary and all. Just didn’t have the time to, since real world responsibilities had to be satisfied. But I did bounce around a lot of thoughts up in my big fat old noggin while going about my day.

A lot of what you do see and hear on TV is indeed true. Lies have to be mixed in with facts to go down the gullet of fools out here who can’t think for themselves. I know I sound conspiratorial a lot, but what you may not understand about the situation, like with D-day and WWII, is a real basic fact of life that serves well to mask the BS plaguing America and what we do for the slime. What’s that?

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Jew Lobby Has Servile Goy Replacements Ready

CANTOR GOY REPLACEMENTS XPRTThought You Had a Choice? Jewish Lobby Has Servile Goyim “Cantor Replacements” Ready


Even though the defeat of Jewish Supremacist Eric Cantor in this week’s primary in Virginia is, according to major Jewish leaders, a “severe blow” to Jewish interests, any thought that Americans would now be given a real choice about his replacement has been destroyed with the revelation that the Jewish lobby has already lined up his replacement.

According to an article in the Israeli-based Times of Israel, Republicans in the US House of Representatives have announced that elections would be held on June 19th to select a replacement for Cantor, who has stepped down as Majority Leader.

The Israeli newspaper—which, for obvious reason that the Jewish lobby runs Washington DC, feels itself well-qualified to comment authoritatively on internal American politics—went on to describe how their coreligionists have already set up fall–back candidates to replace their former point man Cantor:

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Buh Bye, Eric Cantor — Phony Conservative Zio Rat!


In a huge double digit victory during yesterday’s Virginia retardican primary, political newcomer, David Brat, trounces House “majority” rep. Eric Cantor. The Israel-Firster’s campaign outspent Brat by 26 to 1, even spending more on steak house dinners, as the media made note. But all that moolah meant little in the end, thank goodness.


White college professor takes down phony conservative politician and Israel-Firster, Eric Cantor.

Cantor: This is what you get for being a traitor to White people for pushing “immigration reform” (code for allowing illegals to freely stay in the US). Funny, how Jews of all stripes love seeing White demographics in our countries eroded in any way they can, huh?

Yeah, some people did notice last year how you palled around with La Raza congress jerk, Louis Gutierrez, going up to Jew York city for a “three-day immigration tour,” visiting co-tribalist and gun-grabber mayor, Michael Bloomberg, while getting in happy side trips to the “Museum of Jewish Heritage” and something called the “African Burial Ground National Monument” (whatever the PC hell that is).

I just hope your very embarrassing defeat at the hands of a political unknown will serve as a serious warning to your soon-to-be former colleagues in the House over this immigration issue. Real Americans have plainly had it with you two-faced, pandering DC elites!

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Massive New Flooding of Non-Whites into America


The Obama administration is now actively encouraging Mestizo and Central American Indian teens and children, to find a way to make it to the USA, so they can rejoin illegal alien parents who have already broken the law. No, they are NOT just moving around ones already here — by busing tens of thousands from Texas to Arizona (interesting, huh?) — but are actually down there promoting them to come to the US. In fact, Guatemalan TV is even showing ads telling them to try to get here as fast as they can!

Hell, it would not surprise me in the least, that the US government is even physically transporting Mestizos here directly by bus and plane. We already know they have been up to all this with criminal Somalis and Nigerians from Africa — purposefully planting them into areas of the country once predominately White, like Minnesota and Vermont.

They want to get as many non-White Mestizo and Central American Indians up into the US before the traitors in DC vote in a new Amnesty program. It will be more difficult (they presume) to hide further efforts allowing more non-White illegals into America later on. As we speak, House republicans are quietly running a whip count, to see if they can get a vote in on Amnesty before the August recess.

DC traitors are hell-bent on granting Amnesty. Plus, they even want to allow illegal aliens to join the military, so we have more cannon-fodder for upcoming, long-planned Jew wars in the Mideast. Yep, they are seriously trying to find a way of writing this into defense budget legislation, before too many of us start “getting it!”

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Media Ramping Up Las Vegas Walmart Story

Police Shot-Las VegasDid you notice how the media hardly reported on the Las Vegas Walmart shooting when it first happened, going mostly quiet for about 24 hours? That’s because they were waiting until they knew for sure both perps were White and not lefty Marxist, “Antifa” types. Now we’ll see tons of reporting since us regular Whites are fair game — especially so if we appear “anti-government” or “racist.”

MARK POTAK SPLCOh, they were chomping at the bit when they heard witness reports saying the two yelled out “this is the start of the revolution!” But even that could have been blacks, latinos or the moronic “Antifa” types, whom the media completely ignores.

Watch how the media makes sure to point out the two as evil White anti-government haters, “White supremacists,” etc., etc. Gun grabbers will also go into overdrive. That nasally little creep from the SPLC, homo Jew Mark Potok, will be seen all over the TV talking about us “hater” Whites. The stinking punk (right) will love it!

If it was two Black Panthers or La Raza, nothing at all about that would have been said by any of these hypocrites. If the perps identified were black or other special “victim” class (who can never do wrong), the story drops down the rabbit hole. They certainly would not have gone into heart-tugging mode over the two police officers having kids, or what they were against politically. Only “evil Whites” can ever get real media attention.

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DC Commiefornians Introduce Gun Confiscation Bill


By Nick Leghorn

We all saw this one coming. Two weeks after Elliot Roger stabbed three people and shot three more, a trio of legislators from California [Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Louis Capps] have proposed a new federal law called “The Pause for Safety Act” which would allow anyone at any time to seek a “firearms restraining order” against an individual to prevent them from purchasing any new firearms and also confiscate any firearms they may already own. From Barbara Boxer’s website, here are the details we have at the moment:

The new legislation – The Pause for Safety Act – will include the following provisions:

• One, it would help ensure that families and others can go to court and seek a gun violence prevention order to temporarily stop someone close to them who poses a danger to themselves or others from purchasing a firearm.
• Two, it would help ensure that families and others can also seek a gun violence prevention warrant that would allow law enforcement to take temporary possession of firearms that have already been purchased if a court determines that the individual poses a threat to themselves or others.
• Three, it would help ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing gun registries when assessing a tip, warning or request from a concerned family member or other close associate.

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Albert Speer and the ‘Holocaust’


You know how I mentioned in my last post the fact none of Hitler’s lieutenants ever said JACK about any secret “industrial gassing programs” of the Jews? Well, if anyone would have known of such a thing going on, it definitely would have been Albert Speer.

My well-read southern father was fascinated by the brilliant, but often self-serving Speer, and owned a copy of the memoirs mentioned below (I remember talking with him about it). Here, Mark Weber exposes the all-too-typical, blatant lying of the Jews, like Simon Wiesenthal falsely claiming Speer admitted to knowing about the “holocaust.” As Weber rightfully points out, if anyone knew of such a massive industrial genocide program going on (as the crazy Jew Zionists continually brainwash us White people about), it would have been Albert Speer. Yet he specifically said he knew nothing at all.

Now, you might say this is not all that big a deal. But you would be very wrong. If you think it out a bit, you’ll note that much of today’s PC BS is protected by the Jew’s profitable victimhood industry called the “holocaust.” That’s why Jews literally insist everyone swallow whatever any of them say — hook, line and sinker. Just questioning the smallest historical detail, has these insane creeps howling mad! [INCOG]

By Mark Weber – Albert Speer may ultimately be best remembered as the only high German wartime official to be “rehabilitated” during his lifetime and even profit handsomely from his once-powerful position. The one-time Hitler confidant and Reich Armaments Minister escaped the hangman’s noose at Nuremberg by adopting an unusual defense strategy. While maintaining that he personally knew nothing of a Jewish extermination program during the war, he nevertheless declared himself guilty for having worked diligently for a regime he belatedly considered evil.

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History Channel Amps Up The Jew Brainwashing


Haven’t you noticed? Everywhere in the media these days, Globalist, NWO Jewry is obviously amping up the PC indoctrination. From the now very tiresome holocaust schtick, to black hero worship and the usual “white guilt” crap, to pro-immigration of Third Worlders into our lands and even homosexual “marriage” (yep, this is all part of the lefty NWO Agenda). Hell, just scrolling through the TV channel guide, you can pick out what they want Americans to think.

From Memorial Day and on into the following week, the so-called “History” Channel ran and re-ran again a 3 part “docudrama” called “The World Wars.” It was most definitely a multi-million dollar production — filled with extras, extensive real world landscape scenery, wonderfully rendered CGI and tons of accurate period props and uniforms (but they made a lot of stupid technical mistakes, too). Special actors were located, both young and old versions, who looked much like the actual people. They really pulled out all the stops on this one!

All this and the whole thing was the same old, same old. You know, the “accepted” version of high school history they want Americans to think (remember: the victor writes the history). Yet the expensive “docudrama” played fast and loose with even accepted facts.

For example: The show says Neville Chamberlain appointed Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty after Hitler took back the Sudetenland (stolen from Germany in the first place, which they fail to mention). In reality, it wasn’t until September 3, 1939, two days after Hitler invaded Poland (which he did to protect ethnic Germans getting massacred by Polish military thugs and regain German land stolen by the Treaty of Versailles).

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Dyke Jewess Admits Agenda to Destroy Marriage

MASHA GESSEN MAIN ARTHomosexual Jewess Masha Gessen is unable to see why having 5 different parents is impossible and would like everyone to just pretend that it is possible. For the sake of her perversion and her hatred of all that is natural.

From Daily Stormer

Even knowing that there are radicals in all movements, doesn’t  lessen the startling admission recently by lesbian journalist Masha Gessen. On a radio show last year, she actually admits that homosexual activists are lying about their radical political agenda.  She says that they don’t want to access the institution of marriage; they want to radically redefine and eventually eliminate it.

Here is what she said on the radio interview:

“It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. …(F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.

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Jewish Supremacism Has Poisoned Society

HOLLYWOOD'S SATAN BOY FINAL EXPORTElliot Rodger: A Case Study in How Jewish Supremacism has Poisoned Society

From David Duke

The tragic Elliot Rodger shooting which played itself last week in Santa Barbara, California, serves as a case study on how Jewish Supremacism has poisoned society through its pernicious influence in Hollywood, the “entertainment” industry, the mass media, politics and the encouragement of value systems which have degraded morals, standards and norms.


Diane Feinstein

The version of events put out by the Jewish Supremacist controlled media is as follows: Elliot Rodger was a deeply disturbed young man, angry and frustrated at his inability to find a girlfriend, who then turned his feelings into hate for women. He then acquired firearms and went on a murderous spree.

This version of the story has now been “followed up” with a call for further restrictions on firearms by California senator Diane Feinstein, amongst others.

This then, the official media version. The reality of this tragedy is however, somewhat different, and a step-by-step analysis of the awful chain of events shows a completely different side to the nightmarish events of the past weekend.

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Hollywood Psycho Boy Deemed Evil White Killer

White Americans foolishly think Jews are merely other European Whites just like them, even though Jews have long considered themselves separate and apart, actually even better than us stupid “goyim.” In fact, keeping us Whites ignorant of Jewry’s destructive racial behavior is THE biggest driving force of today’s BS!

Spree killer psycho boy, Elliot Rodger, who’s father Peter Rodger, is probably an Ashkenazi crypto-Jew and his mother, Li Chin, a Malaysian Chinese, has been specifically described as “White” by the traitorous media in the continuous PC efforts to demonize European White Gentiles — while still vigorously suppressing the spectacular failings of the most insane, most destructive social engineering effort of all history called “diversity.”

Now you might be new to my site and screaming how “racist” you think I am. But you had better find a way of turning that off for a moment to better understand about what is truly going on. Why? Because the most hateful racists of all time are effing things up in absolutely huge ways that will seriously impact your life, your children’s lives and the country of America (already has, actually).

Just think about how they brainwash us White people about blacks in the media constantly, even though the sub-Saharan Negroid race has never been capable of living crime-free within a civilized society of any sort. Basically, most blacks SUCK, big time. Sure, maybe not all of them, but certainly the majority are fully worthless (who eventually bring down those few halfway decent blacks, sooner or later).

And it’s not just White people they want to paint as evil, mind you, but the fact White Americans can own firearms. They hate that most of all because it scares them that we might get sick and tired of all the BS, racially organize among ourselves without their control and maybe even come gunning for them.

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WTFU White American Soldiers and Veterans!


On this Memorial day, 2014: Stop a minute and think things out.

You can easily see what they have been doing to America and the White race: Mass immigration of Third Worlders into our lands (not just America); shipping our jobs overseas; forcing us to accept homosexuality and a multitude of other forms of sick immorality; trashing us White people as the baddies or idiots in the media all the time; attacking members of our race with “PC” and “racism” accusations, brainwashing our youth and women to breed ourselves away.

On top of all this, the fancy suit-wearing, Israel-Firster hypocrites in the US government and corporate media, are playing Globalist, NWO chess games that you military people have to deal with in the end. Know what I’m saying here?

It’s now time for us White people to come together and put a stop to the TOTAL BS!


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Hollywood Psycho Boy Goes Gunning for Blondes

Elliot_Rodger__Psycho_boy“I will slaughter every stuck up, blonde slut I see inside there … You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one, the true alpha male”


His daddy was a rich Jew movie director from Britain and his mother was apparently Asian, technically making him only half Jewish. (INCOG)

– Santa Barbara spree killer Elliot Rodger before slaughtering six people.

From Council of Conservative Citizens

The suspect is a twenty two year old Jewish college student from a wealthy family. He drove a BMW during the murder spree. His father is a Hollywood big shot and was assistant director of the Hunger Games.

Now that it has come out that he was targeting blonde women, the media will be unlikely to give it the same sensationalistic coverage as FBI wind-up toy Glenn Miller

Two of the killer’s Youtube videos:

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Eleven Million Hits on INCOG MAN


Let me take care of a couple of small matters before I talk more about this important milestone.

One, I turned back on commenting without moderation for those I’ve OK’d before. I turned it off a few weeks ago when I lost my temper because of someone I trusted giving me hell unjustly. I probably overreacted a bit, but didn’t think I deserved the BS. I had just looked over my donation totals for the last couple of months and when I came back on here, saw so-and-so’s comment. I felt seriously screwed (but a huge thanks to those who do help support my writings with a few dinaros).

Sometimes I get extremely frustrated that people out there think I can control what other White people think or if they say something in the comments they might not agree with — or those I can only assume are White. Hell, if I could, I’d do a whole hell of lot more with such “powers” than dealing with this stupid website crap.

Two, the 11 million number can’t be really accurate. I lost about 800,000 or so, when some devious JDL Jews got WordPress to take my blog site down in 2010. Yes, I did write down my final number, but because of certain software issues (involving PC censorship, I might add), I had problems with my hit numbers for quite some time after. A couple of similar things happened later on due to hacking attacks (I can’t really go into details); so there’s probably a plus and minus range of about 500,000 in there somewhere.

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Philly.Com Deletes Pro-White Comments on Hit Piece


Typical! The newspaper website creeps run a hit piece article blatantly attacking this one local White guy for his modest efforts to organize fellow Whites, by quoting big money Jew race-hustling operations like the SPLC and the ADL to say he’s a big “hater” boy. When reader’s comments on the article clearly showed how much support the guy had, deleted them all (including mine). Yet sure as hell kept the article up and all the anti-White liberal comments calling the guy “trailer trash,” etc.


Amber Long, 26, was shot dead in front of her own mother, on the streets of Philadelphia just this past January.

And this is from an area of the country chock full of criminal black thugs running amok, shooting and stabbing each other on the street, right along with the occasional White person who happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

In Philadelphia, back in January, a beautiful young White girl named Amber Long (right), was killed when she held on to her brand new purse just a little too tightly, making the hoody-wearing black callously fire a bullet into her chest at point blank range. All of this happened right in front of the girl’s mother (who they robbed too); Amber collapsed at her feet, gasping out her last bloody breaths for the few moments before she died.

So yeah, I’m furious as hell because I wrote several blistering comments (all totally legal and clean) at in support of the White guy that were completely trashed. Like I said, they did the same thing to a substantial number of other commentators who have had enough. Comments by liberals and hidden Jews went untouched. These creeps used the same old tired, anti-White PC “MEMES” in the attempt to counter the rapidly growing onslaught of awakening, angry Whites, who have had it with this never-ending PC crapola.

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Disgusting Tranny Jews Celebrated

CONCHITA WURST JEW FAGGOT XPRTThe bearded transsexual pervert “Conchita Wurst” was awarded the top prize in a European Union TV show last week — the stinking Globalist Jews now think they can freely rub our faces in disgusting, sick crap like this!

Just as I and probably a lot of other people rightfully suspected, the winner of a European televised song contest is really a Jew named Tom Neuwrith. “IT” calls itself “Conchita Wurst,” which is thought to be a play on the words “pussy-saugage.” Leave it to a stinking GD Jew to get in a few obscene laughs when they can!

Like I always say here: These Jews are sick, SICK puppies. You know it, I know it. Little wonder our White lands are now going totally stinko.

Another big Jew tranny boy “Dana International” won the Eurovision song contest in 1998 (photo below). IT’s real name was Yashon Cohen and IT was born into the elitist “Kohanim” Jews. These are the supposedly high priests of the Jerusalem temple, but in fact are really descended from the KHAZAR upper classes, who were given special Israelite names when the empire converted to Judaism way back in 740AD. Now Cohen creeps are everywhere (even South American countries) and because of the ridiculous priestly crap, think of themselves as oh-so-great.

The Jews in control of the West are now forcing homosexuality all across our lands. Look how they are “backdoor” (no pun intended) installing gay marriage state by state through the traitorous Federal judges. They knew they couldn’t win by the ballot box since most regular people think fags are gross as hell and voted every time against it.

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The Best Debaters in America?


Folks: Did you see this BS? I was going to run something else today, but this is just too un-frickin’-believable not to report on instead. Even in this day and age of black “empowerment,” it was completely idiotic. A really stupid black team from Towson university “won” the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) national championship, turning the militant black freaks into some kind of heroes.

All they said was nonsensical jibberish — the usual Whitey-be-bad and nigger this and nigger that. They didn’t even touch the debate’s subject matter (the “War Powers Act”) — as far as can be figured out by anyone with real brains listening to their jive-ass, black rap crap (video below the “continue reading” button).

Seems our colleges and universities have now gone completely insane with this “peeps of color” business!

Now the video below might get taken out any time soon (if they do, let me know). Apparently, the liberal faggot who put up the full recording of the “championship debate” doesn’t like any of us racist Whiteys picking a few sample clips from his stuff. So watch now. You will not believe it, I promise you.

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The True Nature of the Black Race

BLACK CRIMINAL ON TVThe following are a few recent stories* picked at random from one short section of New Nation News. These kinds of things happen everywhere blacks live, every minute of every GD day. What don’t YOU get about this race?

OderraHolmesBaton Rouge police on Wednesday arrested a 34-year-old man accused in the aggravated rape of a 6-year-old girl. Police booked Oderra Holmes, 1912 America St., Baton Rouge, into Parish Prison on a count of aggravated rape. The victim reported to police that Holmes told her to go into the bathroom late Tuesday where he walked in with his pants down and forced her to perform oral sex, the affidavit of probable cause says.

Waco-gang-rapists1-3Six men were arrested Thursday for the alleged rape of a girl under the age of 16. Police said the girl was brought into Providence Hospital on April 23 after she had been sexually assaulted. Officers learned that she had skipped school earlier in the day and left with several people she knew. The suspects allegedly took her to a North Waco home, where they and several others raped her. Devoric Javon Evans, 20; Lamont Tray Davis, 19; Daytron Derrell Smith, 18; and Dejuan Oshea Degrate, 18,  each were Waco-gang-rapists4-6charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child. Douglas Demond Canada, 19, was charged with three counts of sexual assault of a child, and Cory Darnell Hall, 18, was charged with one count of sexual assault of a child.

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Excellent Video “Destination Pompeii”



Thanks “Summerled,” for alerting me to this most excellent video by the tireless and indefatigable White patriot, Scott Roberts.

I especially liked the spinning typography (@1:14 in), using single words that quickly tell viewers just how these subversive, satanic creeps have been trashing our race’s brains and values (they are doing this everywhere in our lands). This is crucially important for people out there to get, and accounts for a lot of the “why things” are now so effed up. Go HERE for video’s embed code and to download for digital distribution (thanks, Trutube TV).* Spread it far and wide!


Click “continue” to watch and read an incisive comment made here from a reader named “Ruth House,” that sums up the situation EXACTLY. Leave your own thoughts and how YOU are going to get other White people to watch the above video and WTFU!

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The Wrong Stuff: JFK Wanted Negro Astronaut



Chuck Yeager, the man with the “Right Stuff,” thought Dwight “couldn’t hack it,” even after the Negro was assigned special help. PC police later hounded Yeager over his decision not to advance the AA hire.

From Stuff That Black People Don’t Like

Had John F. Kennedy not been assassinated, one of the first men to walk on the moon might have been a negro astronaut deliberately picked by his administration to be part of the astronaut training programing because he was a black man.

His name was Ed Dwight.

Sure, he had logged flight time and had an aeronautical engineering degree, but Capt. Ed Dwight’s primary skill-set was being one of the few qualified black men the Kennedy Administration could quickly promote into NASA astronaut candidate program.

His name was Ed Dwight.

His black skin qualified him for immediate promotion into the merit-based astronaut-training program that had been exclusively the hunting of White men who had earned their way there.

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Happy Cinco De Fag-O PUTOS!

Sooner or later, we’re going to kick your illegal brown asses out, Mestizos!

And all your anchor babies and stupid dogs, too. Nah, we’ll let the cute little Chihuahuas stay — to remember you by. This has NOTHING to do with decent, law-abiding Caucasian Whites of Spanish descent. Two different things, entirely (not what the nation-wrecking, hypocrite Jews have led this country to believe).*

*I call these filthy Jews hypocrites, for damn good reasons. They see no problem declaring Israel a “Jewish state” and deport what they call “infiltrators” (usually war refugees from Darfur and Eritrea) from sacred Israel; while back here, Jews work hard to flood WHITE countries with Third Worlders to destroy our race’s demographics and political power. The immoral, anti-Christian, Globalist, Zionist Jews are the real problem — everywhere.

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Absolutely The Planet’s Most Worthless Race

GANGSTA GRANNY EXPRTThese three were arrested this week for the 2013 murder of a 67 year-old White man in an apartment laundry room, apparently just for grins. The ugly old sheboon in the middle is the grandmother of the other two, who locals now call “Gangsta Granny.” As usual, not a word was breathed nationally. Another old black woman (83 years-old!) was recently arrested for jewelry store theft. Both of them are hardly the only ones. It’s effin’ nuts with this criminal race!

dorothy gudger murder

Dorothy L. Gudger, 70, was raped, strangled and suffocated to death by the black handyman above. You might find this one mug shot in the purposefully scant local coverage, but all you can barely find of her is one little grainy photo — sad, since the elderly woman was well beloved and generous to children and community groups in Delaware.

This past Wednesday night, PBS had on a new “Frontline” documentary called “Prison Nation.” They opened on a poor black neighborhood in Kentucky called “Beecher Terrace,” where the state spends 15 million dollars every year jailing criminal blacks just from this one small area alone. No wonder we’re going broke.

The documentary followed around a few blacks from this one particular neighborhood, from old convicts going back and forth to jail all their sorry lives, to hopped-up truculent teen girls who love getting attention by causing trouble every minute of every GD day. Funny thing: They didn’t film any young male gangbangers for some reason — almost certainly because the producers, cameramen and sound geeks didn’t relish the idea of getting shot up in a driveby.

White people: Don’t you think it’s about time to face facts? Blacks simply cannot live in a decent, civilized society no matter what. Our International Jew-stolen tax dollars just keeps going down the crap hole supporting this absolutely worthless, sorry-ass race. And on top of all that, they mob attack us for being White, or target defenseless members of our race for brutal, vicious crime. The traitorous media has never wanted us Whites to figure that one out — and for this, the media whores will reap the whirlwind.

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