Cowardly Black Shoots Up White Christmas Party

mich white family sufferShooting victim’s mother to killer: ‘Do you know how I spent my Christmas? I got to bury my son’

Deontay Black-Wickliffe INSET

Deontay DeMarco Black-Wickliffe. These heartless animals kill each other all the time. What makes you think they won’t kill your White ass if they get the chance? (INCOG)

From Council of Conservative Citizens

This was a story we reported on last year. A group of black males saw a Christmas party going on in a Muskegon County home. They tried to enter the party uninvited. When they refused entry, one of the uninvited black males attacked a party goer in the front yard. The the victim of this initial attack was apparently able to fight off his attacker.

The group of uninvited black males ran to their car. Then one of them, Deontay DeMarco Black-Wickliffe, took out a gun and began shooting at random white people from the car. One person died and three were injured. Racial hatred was undoubtedly a key motive in the shooting.

If the races had been reversed, this trial would have been major national news story. CNN, MSNBC, ABC National News, and many others would have been camped out in front of the courthouse.

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Is a Black Monster Stalking White Women in Virginia?


The last time people saw the popular and beloved 18 year-old British University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, she was totally drunk on her ass. Evidently, the girl spent a wee bit too much time in a local Irish pub (something I’ve been guilty doing too, I might add) before heading off to another party.

Now the poor girl has been missing for over a week. Surveillance video recorded a White guy following her and that was more than enough for national media to pick up on the story. You can really see how they jump all over any crime story when the perp is a known White guy. Hell, we’ve been put through the media’s White crime circuses for decades now, or haven’t you noticed, for crying out loud?

Unfortunately for the traitorous media, the White guy came forward to police to tell them he was only trying to help the girl and they cleared him entirely. Now that police have released a description of a real “person of interest” and since that description happens to include the word “black,” expect the story to disappear from the national news just as fast as Hannah did (the local media will still cover it to a degree).

Another good-looking and probably buzzed White UVA student in Charlottesville met death at the hands of an unknown black male five years ago. Morgan Harrington was attending a Metallica concert in October, 2009, when she was locked out of the John Paul Jones arena after going to the bathroom and security would not let her back in because of some stupid policy. Three months later, they found what was left of her body in a farmer’s field. She had been raped (they can find evidence internally).

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ISIS Bull Now So Deep We Need Waders

ABC SUNDAY SEPT 14 2014ABC’s “This Week” had Martha Raddatz talking to a couple of Zio Jews about ISIS, this past Sunday (September 14). Note the BS poll they put on the screen, saying what THEY want us to think WE THINK. Get the trickery?

Can you believe how they keep going on and on and on AND ON, about ISIS in the Jew media? It’s like every five minutes they push the paranoia about these Muzzies and WTF his Obamaness will finally do about it. Hint, hint, Obama: Better send over some Goyim cannon fodder ASAP or they won’t stop making you look like an oreo pussy boy!

Oh yeah, last week they took a break now and again, to talk about a black NFL football player who cold-cocked his black girlfriend and dragged her knocked-out body from an elevator someplace. Funny, how they immediately turned the whole thing around to make that WHITE NFL commissioner look like the bad guy, huh? Just because he “didn’t act fast enough” to dump another evil violent male in the face of “justified anger at female oppression.”

All kinds of PC suck-up idiots were screaming bloody murder on TV about it, when these violent apes constantly beat and also murder White women and no one ever dares say JACK then because of PC. If that was a White woman in the elevator, the story would not have seen the light of day. Hell, the guy would be back in the lineup.

Ever wonder why the government calls them “ISIL” versus the press continuously saying ISIS. Could it be that the real name they use means “IN THE LEVANT” and “LEVANT” is a bit too dangerous because sacred ISRAEL now occupies what was used to be called the Levant? Don’t want to be pissing off the big bosses who sign the paychecks!

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The Cultural Marxists’ Evil War on White Families


By Benjamin Garland, Daily Stormer


Karl Marx. This Jew and his atheist Shabbos goy pal, Friedrich Engels, inspired untold human misery since early in the last century. Don’t you wonder why you never see JACK about all this in the US media? (INCOG)

The revolutionary aim of the political ideology of communism, as laid out in the Communist Manifesto by the Jew Karl Marx, is to have the peasants, or working class, violently overthrow the governments of their respective nations. The manifesto, which demonized the entire middle class as exploiters—everyone from a doctor or a dentist, to a rich capitalist, down to the small business owner—concluded with the battle cry: Workers of the world, Unite!

The promise given to the impressionable peasants,—the “proletariat”—whom the Communists’ evil propaganda was directed at, was that they would live in a “worker’s paradise” after dismantling their “oppressors,” i.e., the middle class, or “bourgeiosie.” Of course, the true aim was for the Communist leaders—mostly Jews—to insert themselves into dictatorial power after the natural leadership had been forcibly overthrown by violent hordes of envious, hate-filled mobs.

Spreaders of the communist ideology believed that revolutions of this nature would take place all across Europe as people lost faith in their governments during the first World War. Much to their dismay, aside from in Russia, these revolutions did not take place, and the war caused the common people to instead become more patriotic and loyal to their countries’ leaders.

The Communists, who saw their victory as inevitable one way or the other, were undeterred by this setback. They went back to the drawing board to reformulate their revolutionary strategy and it was decided that in the West, for their revolution to take place, they would first have to weaken the foundations of civilization, which they recognized as a stronghold in the way of their agenda. The new strategy, known as Cultural Marxism, combined Marx’s theories with those of another Jew, Sigmund Freud, and was to use anti-Western propaganda to attack and tear down all traditions, sexual morality and Christianity and to deliberately break apart the nuclear family.

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The Zionists Will Always Work to Cover-up 9/11


This Thursday marks the 13th anniversary of 9/11 — now the real “day of infamy” for America. On this date not so long ago, this country was totally stabbed in the back by a historically devious, self-absorbed and vindictive race — a race who have obviously never, ever cared one lousy bit about any other human being on this planet, regardless of how the arrogant punks describe themselves constantly.

Haven’t you noticed, by now, how the so-called “free media” always tells the story like the government wants you to believe? Haven’t you noticed how absolutely no one involved in the government on 9/11 ever got fired, while some were even promoted? And how about other certain “accepted” things in history, that are always carefully protected and any contrary evidence vigorously censored, like the Federal Reserve and the Holocaust from 70 years ago? Hmmm. Methinks a pattern is emerging here.

The Jew’s fingerprints are all over 9/11. If it was a common murder scene, the luminol would be lighting up like a GD christmas tree. Everywhere you turn in the narrative you see smiling, smirking Jews, even in the clean-up efforts and pay-offs to victim families afterwards (to keep any possible inconvenient evidence out of the courts and public exposure).

Let us not mince words any longer: The bloody Zionists (which includes plenty of corrupted Gentiles, sorry to say) are responsible for 9/11. Every single one of the no-good mothers involved in this astoundingly huge crime against this nation and even the world, needs to get dragged bodily out of their big cushy offices at the point of the bayonet and video camera. I don’t care who the ef they are!

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Gangsta Killa Slays Elderly KC Whites with Shotgun


HOT-WIRING THE old Jag was the easy part — just couldn’t work the tricky shift and clutch pedal to keep it in reverse, let alone drive the muthafuggah away. He knew he had to get out of there fast, so it was better to switch over to the gold SUV, even though he really wanted that cherry sports car to tool around in for a couple of hours.

The 69 year-old woman heard the commotion from inside her home, but had no idea of what it could be. When she went out the garage door, she could see something odd going on at her neighbor’s house next door. That’s when she saw a strange black man climbing out of the vintage Jaguar George Taylor owned, and striding her way.

It dawned on her that maybe she should just call the police. But before she could turn around and go back into the house to get to her phone, she saw the savage-looking black raising something up he had down next to his leg.

Susan Choucroun probably had no idea what hit her. The thin, elderly woman took the 12 gauge shotgun blast right to the chest. More than likely, it was double aught buck — nine round lead balls, each about a third of an inch in diameter; the 12,000 PSI force of the magnum shot shell at such close range slammed her straight down into the hard cement of the driveway. If not already, she would be dead in moments as the bright red, freshly oxygenated and frothy blood from her lungs rhythmically welled up into the pastel blouse she put on to meet her husband for lunch.

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Joan Rivers: Jew Media Hypocrisy on Display


From David Duke

The Jewish Supremacist media’s coverage of the illness of Jewish “comedian” Joan Rivers—which consists exclusively of praise and celebrity endorsements, while ignoring her hate-filled and pro-murder comments about Palestinians—serves as yet another classic textbook case of hypocrisy and racist Jewish tribalism.

Rivers, 81, who is, as this article was written, in a medically induced coma after stopping breathing during throat surgery, has long been a media darling and has been widely promoted by the Jewish Supremacist controlled press for four decades, despite her “humor” most often consisting of vulgarities and insults.

The reason for her endless promotion is, of course, the fact that she actually is Jewish, and was born with the name Joan Alexandra Molinsky, the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants.

It was therefore no surprise to informed observers when Molinsky spewed typical Jewish racist supremacist hate and venom against the Palestinians at the height of the most recent Israeli attack on the civilians of Gaza.

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Not-So-Happy Labor Day for White Americans


While you work and slave, day-in, day-out (if your job hasn’t gone overseas due to international Jew globalism); the black race seems to have all the time in the world to be out protesting, demonstrating and running their big fat mouths over whatever imagined race slight de jour.

It’s now become blisteringly obvious that nothing America can ever do will satisfy these sorry-ass, worthless brats. Just think about that two-week, non-stop black and media BS fest in Ferguson, Missouri over Michael Brown — a monster-sized, criminal Gangsta wannabee we’re all supposed to think was so sweet and innocent.

Just imagine all the hundreds of billions involved with supporting the black race on a yearly basis. Welfare, food stamps, EBT cards, free Obama phones, Section 8 Housing allowances so they can live near you, earned income tax credits for popping out more chimplets with different men all the time, social security payments for phony injured on the job claims, lawsuit awards for just about any frivolous, bogus damages they can get some shyster lawyer to file, or the legions of race extortionists who get rich threatening companies.

And all that still doesn’t include the yearly expenses of the police, hospital emergency rooms, the court and jail systems! Next to defense department military expenditures — us fighting never-ending Zionist Jew wars for the NWO empire — the government supporting or dealing with the black race in whatever form, is the next biggest part of the federal budget. Probably more so. A government now clearly and so obviously out to screw over the White race for these spoiled rotten black brats.

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Media Hides Race in Mob Attack of White Guy


CBS Atlanta depicts fake white perpetrators in West Point black-on-white hate crime mob attack

From Council of Conservative Citizens

CBS Atlanta is trying to run interference and confuse the public about the near fatal racially motivated mob attack in West Point, MS.

To read more about the attack, click here.

U.S. Customs And Border Protection Secures Tex-Mex Border From Land, Air and Sea

All the attackers were black. CBS Atlanta is perpetrating a hoax. They used this stock photo to depict the attackers as being black and white.

CBS Atlanta used a stock picture to falsely depict the racially motivated black on white mob attack as being perpetrated by a racially mixed group. In the bottom half of the article CBS Atlanta quotes from the police press release saying all the attackers are black. However, they know that 90% of readers will not get that far. They know that most readers will only read their headline “Miss. Police: Beating Of Marine ‘Does Not Appear To Be A Hate Crime,’” look at the picture, and read the first few lines.

CBS Atlanta is intentionally leading the readers to assume that it is not a racially motivated hate crime and to believe the attackers were black and white! This is tantamount to an outright hoax!

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Sometimes Even Groids Do The Right Thing


Oh God, I love it: Stupid lefty White multicults at black riots getting whooped on by the blacks. Nothing could be sweeter! I believe the Germans have a word for it. Schaden…freud…frand… something of the sort. The Brits call it “hoisted on their own petard” — whatever the flock a “petard” might be.

Anyway, some libtard named Stephen Schmidt (click link to see his stupid tweets) got his face smashed in by blacks at the Ferguson riots and his precious phone stolen. Later, he tweeted the usual multicult BS to explain it away and then called his mother a vicious racist (she must have used the “N-word” when he sobbed out his story to her). Not a word was said about the true nature of the ape race, as usual. Logic and casuality has no place in the mushy, moronic libtard brain.

A couple of White “Antifa” multicults were put in the hospital by wilding apes back during the 2001 Cincinnati riots. They stupidly believed the looting-fixated blacks would welcome them with open arms and were just like them — i.e. they didn’t “see color.” What a laugh. Of course they do. To the White-hating black race, you’re just a guilty as all the rest of us evil White slavers, Jim Crowers, Klansman, etc., etc.

Not only all that, blacks think such YIDiots are PC-crazed White weaklings, primed for victimhood, just asking for it. For once, I agree with the bruthas.

Several people were shot during the Ferguson riots last week. I didn’t see anything on who the victims were (note how the lamestream media didn’t seem to care much). But I bet my bottom dollar a lot of them were idiot White multicults and wannabee revolutionaries. Sure, some could have been Groid foes using the tumult to get easy payback for a long ago slight, or eliminate a rival to the sexual favors of a neighborhood ape female in heat. No problemo when mac daddy gubmint also pays chimplet expenses down the road!

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Pervert “Artist” Plans Sex with New Fag Every Day

Mischa Badasyan Pervert ArtistThis creature, a violation of Natural Law if there ever was one, openly admits that the homosexual lifestyle is one of degenerate sexual hedonism.

From: Daily Stormer


The pervert’s profile. Pretty damn Jewy, would you not say? Just look at this filthy little faggot rat! (INCOG)

The world under Jew-inspired Cultural Marxism continues to provide moments of absolute shock, with a 26 year old faggot “activist” declaring his intention to have sex with a different person each day for an entire year.

Mischa Badasyan, unfortunately a resident of Berlin, claims to be an Armenian of Russian descent, although some sources, including TruTube, have called him out for being a Jew. The behavior this freak is engaged in, topped off by astounding hubris and voyeurism, also tends to support the existence of parasitic DNA.

Such a decision comes with the admission that the homosexual lifestyle is replete with this kind of flagrant filth, a fact that is covered up by our nation-wrecking enemies with a determination bordering on the insane.

Mischa Badasyan is a 26-year-old performance artist and activist whose next project is turning heads. He has a plan to have sex with someone different, every day, for a year.

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Will a “Robbery Gone Bad” One Day Kill You?


No, I’ve never been robbed at gunpoint, thank God. But I did see two black-on-black shooting murders fairly close by and a friend of mine once had a gun put to the back of his head by blacks and forced into the walk-in freezer of the restaurant where he was the manager. He said it scared the living daylights out of him and thought he was a goner.*

You know how when blacks kill us White people, the local media reports on the crime as little as possible and almost always describe it as a “robbery gone bad”? Like it somehow makes it so understandable, especially since they want you to think blacks are economically “oppressed” by all us Evil Whiteys? They know that’s the “party line” us Whites had better believe, or it’s us who are the baddies.

These nervy bastards want everyone to think all us Whites are born “privileged,” and want to hold back the poor widdle blacks and milk their labors, while us life-on-a-silver-platter, plantation Whites lay about, holding fancy cotillons and cocktail parties, drinking from delicate crystal champagne glasses and eating finger foods served up by the noble black help. You see this BS in Hollywood movies all the GD time.

And note how they repeat the latest PC mantra on “racism” constantly these days: “We’ve come a long way, BUT we still have a ways to go.” In other words, this “Whiteys be bad” and PC BS is never, ever going to let up. N-E-V-E-R. Get that one straight.

But let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

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The Evidence Mounts Brown Asked For It


Oh boy, this whole thing keeps getting crazier by the minute. Today, the Missouri governor, Jay Nixon (a complete PC suck-up by his TV appearances), called out the state’s National Guard to Ferguson. I guess that super hero black state cop the media was going on and on about, Ron Johnson, just could not put a stop to fellow blacks rioting and looting. Not surprising, when you consider the race.

And the media is quite obviously jacking up the Negroes to go crazy. They may even be trying to gin up a race war in America. You reading here today, should be ready.

All kinds of evidence is now coming out that Brown had it coming — in spades, if I may be so bold as to say. Here’s what happened:

A decorated and competant White cop named Darren Wilson, was patrolling the area after getting a call about a strong-arm robbery at a nearby convenience store. Within minutes, he came upon the two (Michael Brown and his lying homie, Dorian Johnson), slowly walking down the middle of the street like they owned the place. Wilson called out to them (maybe over the car’s loudspeakers) to move off to the sidewalk. That’s when Wilson noticed possible stolen goods in Brown’s possession — the $50 box of Swisher Sweets, a cheap cigarillo blacks so love.

The cop now has himself a potential criminal perpetrator. He calls out to them to slowly approach his police cruiser. That’s when they “bum rush” him. That old slang term means they instantly ran at him without any notice. One or both, smashes into the police SUV’s door right as he was getting out, pinning Wilson between the car’s body and the door. The perps crazily punch the cop about the face and head. Wilson goes for his service weapon as the gangstas try to get to it first.

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The Michael Brown Crap Fest Continues

BIG APE LOOTERTake a good look at this big fat gorilla looter, taking his sweet time. That scary thing is about the size of Michael Brown, too. Note his pants down around his ass, exposing his filthy underwear — somehow these animals think that’s cool. It would be funny, except the big street ape would happily shoot you dead for your wallet — no matter how little it contained in today’s Jewed USA.

This afternoon, the governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon and his black front face to satisfy the mobs, Ron Johnson, took to the podium to announce a midnight curfew in Ferguson. Midnight — BFD. The whole announcement/news conference quickly dissolved into a ridiculous shouting match from militant spoiled blacks who apparently were allowed in the audience. These supposed “people” have absolutely zero respect and can’t seem to bring themselves to behave any-GD-where.

The black bastards are bound and determined to hang that White cop no matter what. A White cop who may well have had to resort to deadly force to stop the hulking 6′ 4″, 300 pound Brown (a lot like that big monster in the photo above) and his skinny punk homie from stealing his firearm and possibly shooting him dead. Blacks don’t care about his side of the story (since he’s White they won’t believe him anyway). Blacks only want blind vengeance.

Tell me something: If this was a White kid do you think for one minute any of these hypocrites would give a rat’s ass? Like, hell no. Happens all the time — just two days after this Brown shooting a black cop shot dead an unarmed White guy in Utah. And the reason why black males are always so “profiled” is simply because so many of them commit crime.

Now we know Michael Brown himself had committed a crime (albeit a relatively small crime as far as blacks go) just before the shooting. As we see on the surveillance video, the big Gangsta boy used his enormous size to roughly push aside and intimidate the shop clerk and walk on out with his stolen cigarillos. He wasn’t about to let anyone stop him — especially any honky White cop who could keep “the budding young scholar” from going to college and having some campus fun, if arrested.

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Michael Brown Was Suspect in Robbery


Now comes word that “oppressed black” Michael Brown, Jr. was a suspect in a strong-armed convenience store robbery of a $50 box of Swisher Sweets cigarillos (blacks love these cheap pieces of crap — especially when freshly stolen). Video clearly show the hulking, 6′ 4″ 300 pound monster boy roughing up a little store keeper (above) and threatening him so he could get away without paying (see entire video below).

Only minutes later, the White cop came upon the two in the middle of the street and saw Brown with the box of cigarillos. Even though the blatantly pro-black media tried to say otherwise, the cop was responding to a call (the police chief said this from the start) and probably saw a description of the big gorilla on his vehicle computer, or heard it on the radio. Looks like it was all simply a matter of two black criminals violently resisting well-justified arrest by a White cop — who blacks think are cool to hate.

Now subversive media Jews and militant talking heads are all over the TV, saying it might not be him — or if it was, the cop is still guilty. They are only going on what Brown’s criminal cohort said (the hands-up crap), even though the punk never said anything about a robbery in the first place. You just can’t win with these spoiled black brats!

Note how the blacks demonstrating in Ferguson are all happy about this one black state cop, Ron Johnson, they brought in to take over. You see them smiling away, hugging and pumping his hand like crazy. This shows just how racist blacks truly are. Only us Whites are to be attacked for having the least racial loyalty.

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Ever So Oppressed Blacks Turn Town To Hell


Ever since Saturday, the sorry-ass Negroes of Ferguson, Missouri (outside of St. Louis) have been rioting, burning and looting every night. This typical black behavior started over some big, six foot four ape kid named Michael Brown and his street homie attacking a White police officer in his squad SUV and getting his stinking black ass shot dead, as he almost certainly fully deserved (what probably happened below the “continue” button).

BLACK TWEETSOver the days, outsider blacks from all over rushed to the scene so they, too, can take part in the hijinks. Not only that, they’ve been tweeting and writing in social media that blacks should take their act into White neighborhoods and destroy them, instead of where the so-oppressed blacks live (right).

Think about it here for a minute: Is that not racist, GD it? Funny how the media has not reported a word, even your so-called “conservative” FOX news. But if any Whites threaten any blacks in such a way as revenge for when the sorry bastards kill us White people for being White (happens all the time, these days); you would hear the media screaming bloody murder on all the channels about us evil racists!

Hell, the Ferguson police have refused to release the cop’s name for the poor guy and his family’s safety, even though the media has acted like that’s such a bad thing (makes absolutely no difference). For damn good reason, the police are serious about trying to protect him from these violent blacks, who would see no problem putting a cap into the guy and his entire family just for street cred. Tell you anything about the sheer PC hypocrisy now going on in America?

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Scarface Jews Attack Penelope Cruz

JOAN RIVERS ATTACKS PENELOPE CRUZ XPRT 2Crass, rich old Jewess, with way too many face-lifts and moolah, attacks the apparently decent and brave Spanish Caucasian actress for standing up for the Palestinians in Gaza. Now, beautiful Penelope Cruz will get screwed over by these immoral and vengeful Zionist creeps every chance they get. [INCOG]

From David Duke

Dead Palestinian child pulled from the rubble of her home. These hypocrite Jews don't care one lick about anyone but other Jews. Never have. (INCOG)

Wounded Palestinian child wails in Gaza. The filthy, hypocrite Jews don’t care one lick about anyone but other Jews. Never have. (INCOG)

The naked Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy which rules Hollywood has once again been shown to world with the double-standard treatment meted out by movie industry bosses and the media to actresses Penelope Cruz and Joan Rivers over their respective comments on the Gaza Holocaust.

Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem were one of many who signed an open letter speaking against “the genocide perpetrated by the Israeli occupation army” in Gaza—a completely accurate reflection of the facts.

The letter accused Israel of “advancing on Palestinian territories instead of withdrawing to the 1967 borders. “Gaza is living through horror… while the international community does nothing,” it read.  The Spanish letter was signed by 100 leading figures in the film industry, including director Pedro Almodovar.

Rivers, when asked about the Gaza Holocaust, told a TV interviewer that she did not feel bad because civilian victims “deserve to be dead”, that the ones killed had “very low IQs.”

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Could INCOG MAN really be a Secret Jew?


I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but the answer to that question — unfortunately — is a… YES. That’s the trouble with a lot of this BS. No, I’m not a Jew — yet for me to say that it’s a complete impossibility would be a big fat lie. Say what?

Yep, these Jews sure do love the mind-flock, alright, as in screwing with goyim heads in whatever form or function. Indeed, it can be a thrill to some of the creeps. Most of the rest simply believe they are so good and smart (being Chosen, of course); making them obsessed with social engineering the country to death. That’s why you have so many Jews in anti-White PC lefty and Marxist operations.

The few “conservative” Jews are basically embedded Zionist agents of the Jew supremacist state of Israel. This sort lends racial camouflage to the left-winger Jews, yet often these so-called conservative Jews also quietly support lefty issues that advance the Jewish race, like globalism and immigration of non-Whites into our lands. Beyond anything else, they all come together to attack anyone who dares say JACK about precious Jewry.

Plus, in addition to some of your little Jews getting off on messing with White folk’s heads for sheer giggles, you also have NWO deep state, “PSYOPS” and black disinfo operations going on out there on a whole host of subjects — from the JFK assassination to 9/11 to school shootings to maybe even things like UFOs and Bigfoot. Who the hell knows?

Makes things hard to tell what’s up and what’s down. But that’s the point to such disinfo programs in the first place. Capiche?

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Israeli Genocide of the Palestinians

Youtube link for commenting: CLICK HERE
From David Duke


Watch this latest video documentary by Dr. David Duke on the Israeli Genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza. This incredible film will show you what the Zio-controlled media in the West deliberately hides from its viewers: the wholesale destruction, murder and Crimes against Humanity committed by Israel.

Share it, make copies and distribute it far and wide.

Dr. David Duke, former member of the House of Representatives and PhD in History proves Israeli crimes of Genocide in Gaza by the Jewish state of Israel.

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Just Another Two White Humans Murdered


Houston, we got ourselves a problem. A big problem. It’s now quite obvious we have a murderous, brutal race living in America, who freely kill each other and us Whites at the drop of a hat. Regardless of Obama, liberal BS and egalitarian hopes, etc., this kind of thing is now happening at an ever-increasing rate in today’s “diverse” America. Why? It’s simple: The black race are truly scum, that’s why. Always have been, actually.


Sharman Odom, smirking for the cameras after being taken into custody. Whites in America have long been at the risk of death at the hands of these brutal feral savages.

Brendan Tevlin was only 19, a model student and avid surfer, well-beloved by his friends and family, when he was shot to death at a traffic light in West Orange, New Jersey at the end of June. They shot at him ten times, hitting the poor kid with eight bullets and then drove off with his bloody body still in the car, just so they could rob him at their leisure at another location.

In North Carolina on the 28th of June, the beautiful and popular Maggie Daniels, named the state’s Teacher of the Year for 2011, was found brutally beaten, raped and strangled to death in her new apartment. The place showed signs of a violent struggle — where she put up a valiant fight — or the black animal simply beat the living daylights out of her before doing his thing.

A feral black savage was finally arrested last week (right). He was living in the same complex and probably had his eyes on her from the start. Most likely, he broke into her new pad while she was out shopping and then waited for her to arrive home so he could get himself “a little trim.” Perhaps, she spurned the noble black man on the street earlier in the day, and he decided the insolent White girl needed a lesson in humility?

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Oh Great, Now It’s Ebola Immigration


Lately, they’ve been reporting a lot on the two White “selfless rainbow world” medical workers in Africa who came down with Ebola and are being brought back to the US, so Western civilization medical technology can more effectively treat the White do-gooders. Funny how we never see any black volunteers going over there to help out, huh?

Always, it’s us White people — the most evil race in history — risking our very lives, spending boatloads of taxpayer dollars, IMF and United Nation funding (the US poneys up the most by far) and never-ending appeals to the public — even little kids breaking open piggy banks — all because we’ve been brainwashed to be the world’s Mr. Nice Guy by the same PC crap that has turned our brains to mush and our country to look more and more like those other places every day.

The media and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) kindly informs us they will have the two medical workers completely quarantined, with absolutely no chance of Ebola getting out. But as usual, there’s a few things they are not saying in the mainstream media — so we don’t go all panicky and maybe spark “hateful” thoughts about all our needy “brothers and sisters” in “wonderfully diverse” Africa.

Actually, over 150 health care workers over there have come down with Ebola, even those wearing clunky biohazard suits. Over 2000 natives have been infected and more than 1000 have died in the countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and Liberia (where White Abolitionists and Lincoln wanted to send the slaves). If you get Ebola, there is no vaccine, or cure, and an extremely good chance you’ll die horribly — blood issuing forth from your mouth, ears, nostrils and anus, as your organs turn to blood pudding.

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The True Nature of The Beast

MARCIA TRIMBLE 1975Also back in 1975, nine-year old Girl Scout Marcia Trimble was raped and murdered by a White-hating black animal in Nashville, Tennessee. Only in 2007 did police finally have enough evidence to charge the killer by DNA matching and his bragging about once killing “four blue-eyed bitches” (story and photo below “continue reading” button).

Kelsey Grammer, popular movie and TV actor, was in the news this past week when Freddie Lee Glenn, the black killer of his beloved kid sister, came up for a parole hearing. Grammer said he forgave him, but still didn’t want to see him released from prison. Hell, I’d have told him I wished to see his worthless Negro hide hung by the GD neck until dead (he was sentenced to death, but later changed to life by idiot do-gooders).*

Karen Grammer was only 18 in the summer of 1975 when she got off work from a Red Lobster restaurant and was sitting on the curb outside, waiting for her boyfriend to finish his shift inside. Glenn, along with two of his homies, had just tried robbing the place but got nothing. On the way out, they abducted the young waitress at gunpoint, so they could show a little something for the effort. Back at the gang’s apartment hideout, they smacked around and gang-raped the girl for hours; then put a hood over her head and drove her to a trailer park, telling her they were going to free her.

Sadly, her life in this world was not to be. With a military M-16 bayonet, Glenn pushed young Karen down to her knees, stabbed her in the back and hand (possibly a defensive wound), then slashed her neck wide open. They left her to die right there in the street.

Bleeding profusely, the poor girl somehow managed to run to a nearby home that had a back porch light on. It wouldn’t have made a difference however, since the homeowners were out for the night. When they came home, they found her bled-out corpse twisted up beneath the door. Police later photographed her bloody handprints just inches away from the doorbell, as she struggled in vain to reach it.

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NWO Zionist Agents Push Jew BS All Over TV

Here’s FOX’s afternoon designated blonde shiksa, Gretchen Carlson, talking on the split screen with Simon Marks, some Jewish globalist media guy with a British accent, on how “evil Vladimir Putin is restarting the Cold War.” What? Don’t they have enough American Jew talking heads these days, or are they just spreading things out so we don’t get too wise to how many of the arrogant creeps are already on TV?


Wolf Blitzer used to write Zionist propaganda at AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) — the biggest, richest lobby in DC corrupting our politicians. Now he feeds America Zionist and PC crap daily on CNN.

You don’t have to listen to me or so many others these days, about all the Jewish BS going down today. You can actually see it “real time” on TV.

I can’t believe how many of these arrogant Jew creeps they put on TV news anymore and the Jewish propaganda and brainwashing all through-out TV, even entertainment shows. The diversity and NWO crap is so ridiculously obvious these days.

If it wasn’t for the Jewish control of our media, America would be screaming for sanctions on Israel. Instead, we pump billions of our tax dollars and military hardware into that country every year. Hell, we actually have a billion dollar cache of military supplies stationed over there, just in case the precious Zionists need it.

You know how FOX news is supposedly the “conservative” channel, so you expect them to be absolutely huge Israel ass kissers, right? Then why is it your supposedly libtard channels also push Zionist NWO crap? If you pay close attention, you’ll notice how they always end up spouting the company line — how America needs to be allied with poor widdle, always besieged Israel — our bestest buddies and “only democracy in the Mideast.”

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Crazed Zio Jews Excited About Slaying Palestinians

Does the depravity of these soulless ghouls know no limits?


The deliberate targeting of the UNRWA school where Palestinians, mostly women and children who had been told to evacuate their former residence were hiding, is another major war crime committed by the sadistic butcher Netanyahu, but will anyone hold this sick SOB to account?

NO, he will go on doing what he loves doing; butchering women and children in Palestine.

And the JEW BUTCHERS will keep slaughtering Palestinians like sheep, then blaming the victims for being so rude and trying to stop a 155 mm artillery shell by hiding in a location that the sadistic JEW BUTCHERS told their victims to hide.

Then lie about the massacre afterwards.

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The Traitors Only Care About Israel

AMERICAN TRAITOR JEWS IN ST PADDY'S DAY PARADEDowntown Tel Aviv, Israel? Like HELL NO. This was the last St. Paddy’s day parade in New York city — AMERICA. Effin’ traitor bastards. [INCOG]

Jewish Supremacist Single Loyalty—From Pennsylvania to Paris

From David Duke

In the wake of the tit-for-tat murders in Israel the past few weeks, two new instances of how Jewish Supremacists around the globe in fact only have one loyalty—to each other and Israel—have emerged in media sources directed specifically for Jewish consumption.

Both instances are articles in the Israeli-based Times of Israel. The first is a report, written by Jewish teacher from New York. It describes in detail how Jewish Supremacist “holiday camps in Pennsylvania,” and the second concerns a report on increasing Jewish emigration from France to Israel.

Both are valuable in that the provide insight into how Jewish Supremacists view their own position with regard to the Goyish countries in which they live, and the article about French Jews clearly demonstrates Israel’s racially-based immigration policies.

The first article, titled “The blurred lines of Diaspora mourning” appeared in the Times of Israel on July 2, 2014. Written by a teacher of the Talmud from SAR High School in Riverdale, NY, identified as Shira Hecht-Koller, the article clearly demonstrates that the Jews who attend these “summer retreats” openly declare their loyalty to Israel.

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The Whole World is Going Effin’ Nuts


Imagine for a moment you’re in the warm, steel cocoon of a modern jet airliner, cruising at 33,000 feet over Mother Earth, when BLAM! Suddenly, a giant explosion out of nowhere spills you out into the freezing cold blue sky among whirling aircraft debris, luggage and screaming fellow passengers.

With the terminal velocity of falling people at around 124 miles per hour, this would give you (if still conscious after the initial unknown explosion) about 3 minutes of sheer, unspeakable terror before you smashed into the hard ground, instantly breaking every bone in your body, turning your organs into tapioca and killing your ass dead.

Whoever it was that pushed the button firing that surface-to-air missile killing 298 innocent people aboard Malaysian Flight MH17, was one cold-hearted SOB, should they have known it was a civilian airliner before launch. Hate to break it to you, but there are some seriously effed-up people out there in the world, who would indeed do crap like this.

Sure, it might have been a huge mistake by some idiot pro-Russian Ukrainian, fighting against what was in reality a Global Zionist NWO Coup D’Etat of their country just a few months ago. But keep in mind we only know what they deem to tell us on the telly. NWO forces could have been behind it from the start and were ready to go with manufactured evidence to lay the blame on who they want the idiot public to demonize. Which is Russia’s Vladimir Putin, obviously enough.

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MUST WATCH: Zionist Terror in Gaza

Youtube link: CLICK HERE

Zionist Terror in Gaza: Free Palestine and Free the World — New Dr. Duke Video

dukespecial8-300x285From David Duke’s site:

Watch the new video by Dr. David Duke on the Zionist terror onslaught in Gaza. It has been titled “Zionist Terror in Gaza: Free Palestine and Free the World.”

In this most powerful exposé yet on Zionist crimes in Palestine, Dr. David Duke exposes the horrific Zionist terror in Gaza and proves how Zionist influenced media around the world lies to us!

Not only must we free Palestine, we must free the West and the whole world from Zionist Globalist tyranny!

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What’s Really Behind The BS At The Border

JEWS BEHIND ILLEGAL INVASION XPRTYou’ve heard about the illegals now flooding the USA these days, but you need to understand the real motives behind all this from the very start. Please take a minute to read an anonymous, emailed letter sent out several years ago.

SEVERAL OF YOUR leaders, such as Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul, are speaking out loudly and forcefully against the illegal immigration which is destroying the country. But there is a problem. Despite the forceful language being employed, the real issue is being ducked.

The issue is not illegal immigration. The issue is race. Yes, let us use the horrid word. The issue is whether or not these United States shall remain a white country.

Were every illegal immigrant given a green card tomorrow, the fundamental issue would remain: White America or La Raza America? There is an uncanny similarity between the language of the preservation of slavery one hundred fifty years ago and the language of immigration restriction today.

The South tried to hide the preservation of slavery behind universal language of “states rights.” Whites today try to hide the preservation of white civilization behind universal language of illegal immigration. It is time to stop hiding.

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Israeli Zio Crazies Ready To “Mow The Grass”


As we speak, Israel has lined up hundreds of armored tanks, armored personnel carriers, armored helicopters and even GD armored bulldozers, all ready and eager to careen wildly across the battered Gazan landscape, blowing up mosques, flattening homes and schools; as IDF “soldiers” happily machine gun whatever poor sap Palis spotted running for cover among the broken concrete and twisted rebar. Non-Jew Arabs who have little more than AK-47s and maybe a few crude IEDs to get some payback.

BIBI NETANYAHU SILOThe freakin’ Zio psychos sure do love a little Goyim killing!

Thursday, Obama supposedly called Netanyahu to talk him out of making the attack. Yeah, like I bet old Bibi boy — just as Jew-whacked as all the rest — cared one little bit what his Obongoness might have said. Bibi knows nothing short of revolution can ever stop the US State department from pumping billions more of US taxpayer’s money into Israel’s swollen interest-accrueing accounts. Far too many of the devious vampires have long controlled America’s brains and purse-strings.

Of course, you’ve read about the three Israeli teens murdered in the West Bank, now being used as an excuse for this latest “mowing the grass” (what Israeli Jews blithely call slaughtering Gazans). With no real evidence, they accused HAMAS, when Zio false flaggers could easily have done it. Crazed “settlers” (Jew land stealers) immediately abducted the first Palestinian kid they could get their filthy paws on and literally burned the poor SOB alive, while Israeli police were busy beating the living piss out of Pali protesters. Hell, for years, Pali kids have often been murdered by “settler” Jews, Israeli police and military and we never heard one damn thing about it in the mainstream media.

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White-hating Jews Push Soccer on America


Peter Beinart’s Jewish Triumphalism: Jettisoning the White Working Class

By Kevin MacDonald


Peter Beinart

Peter Beinart has a Jewish triumphalist article in The Atlantic riffing off an article by Ann Coulter deploring soccer (“Ann Coulter Is Right to Fear the World Cup“). He reads Ann Coulter to be basically saying “Soccer’s alleged collectivism, effeminacy and elitism are simply markers of its foreignness. The core problem with embracing soccer is that in so doing, America would become more like the rest of the world.”

American enthusiasm for soccer becomes a marker of all that is good for Beinart and all that is bad for Coulter:

Which is why Coulter should be very afraid. Because America is embracing soccer. America’s World Cup game against Portugal attracted almost 25 million television viewers in the U.S., eight million more than watched the highest rated World Cup game in 2010, and far more than the average viewership for last year’s World Series or this year’s NBA finals. NBC now broadcasts English soccer. And America’s own league, Major League Soccer, draws as many fans to its stadiums as do the NHL and NBA.

Beinart traces anti-soccer attitudes to anti-immigration sentiment a century ago, “an era when mass immigration was spawning Coulter-like fears that America was losing its special character. … Old-stock Americans … were elevating baseball, football, and basketball into symbols of America’s distinct identity. Immigrants realized that embracing those sports offered a way to claim that identity for themselves. Clinging to soccer, by contrast, was a declaration that you would not melt.”

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