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ADL’S Foxman Rejects Gary Oldman “Apology”

You can’t please these people. No matter what. Like I say here at my site all the time, “they’re going to call you a hater — so you may as well go all out.” Basically, I’m saying let’s dispense with all the tricky intellectual subtleties and talk straight up — loudly. You already know INCOG MAN has had quite enough of the BS! Continue reading

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Ukraine “Anti-Semitic” Flyers — JEW JOB?

Now comes word that the hacker operation “Anonymous” released intercepted emails showing the US branch of the Jewish Anti-defamation League (ADL) was really behind it. They actually sent several different versions of “Jew registration” flyers in their agents in the Ukraine (who are supposed to be “Neo-Nazis” ha ha). This means the whole thing was a black “psyops” program or even false flag orchestrated by the Zionists NWO. The story should be front page everywhere (if we had a real free press). Continue reading

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The Story of Israel’s “Prisoner X”

Time and time again, apologists for the Jewish Supremacists have claimed that there is “not truth” to the allegation that Jews have a dual loyalty (to the nation of their birth and Israel), with the arch Jewish Supremacist Abe Foxman from the ADL dismissing this as a “canard.”

However, time and time again, individual Jews and major Jewish organizations have confirmed their single loyalty—to Israel above all else.
Continue reading

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Mocking Comic is Spawn of Masonic Jew B’nai B’rith

Gerald Baron Cohen was President of the B’nai B’rith first lodge of England. He also served as a director of the university subversion branch of B’nai B’rith, Hillel (note that one of his companies is listed as “Ali G Limited.” “Ali G” is one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters). Continue reading

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Helen Thomas is RIGHT ON TARGET!

THE BIG MOUTH and censorous Jews have now gone completely meshugge (yiddish for crazy) over former White House journalist Helen Thomas and are screaming like hysterical banshees to get the woman’s countless awards over the decades taken away. Just stop and think: Thomas, once a darling of the liberal left (even Jews), but because of an off-hand comment she made to an attention-hungry and satanic-looking rabbi, who ambushed her with a hidden video camera, ZioFreaks everywhere have been gunning for the old gal. They transparently use her age (90, for crying out loud), comparing her to the Wicked Witch of the West. That’s the only thing these lousy, traitorous Israel-Firsters can come up with? Pathetic. Real America says: Stick it to those hypocrite Jews and Shabbos Goys, Helen! Continue reading

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Head ADL Jew Wets Pants Over Sadistic Movie

Abe Foxman on “Inglourious Basterds.” Continue reading

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Take Your “Judeo” Bull and Shove It!

The Founding Fathers must now be rolling in their graves. Continue reading

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ADL Expands Pro-Gay Education For Teachers

By Rev. Ted Pike The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is massively expanding its pro-homosexual “World of Difference” educational outreach to public school teachers in America. “World of Difference” has already instructed more than 375,000 U.S. public school teachers, impacting … Continue reading

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Global Zionist Hypocrites To Eject “Infiltrators”

These big-mouthed American Zionists are NOT demonstrating against Israel: Oh no, they’re screaming bloody murder about Americans fighting illegal immigration. But they’ll support the Zionist State of Israel no matter what they do — even when they eject Black African refugees from Israel. These same big-mouths call for … Continue reading

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