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The Black Race is Totally OUT-OF-CONTROL

All the blacks and the media are acting like Whites are to blame, of course. It’s always White racism to blame for how blacks behave, have you noticed? God, I should hope so. But it’s just an excuse to riot and rob. Did you notice the very first thing they did on the first night was loot a Walmart? Continue reading

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Absolutely The Planet’s Most Worthless Race

White people: Don’t you think it’s about time to face facts? Blacks simply cannot live in a decent, civilized society no matter what. Our International Jew-stolen tax dollars just keeps going down the crap hole supporting this absolutely worthless, sorry-ass race. And on top of all that, they mob attack us for being White, or target defenseless members of our race for brutal, vicious crime. The traitorous media has never wanted us Whites to figure that one out — for this, the media whores will reap the whirlwind. Continue reading

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