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Decent Canadian Guy Faces Trial by Zio Jew Forces

This man has been unjustly persecuted by Zionist, Jewish forces for saying the truth about how they are screwing Palestinians and corrupting Canada across the board. The censoring creeps work hard to silence the least exposure of their on-going “agendas.” And this guy is nowhere near as mean as I am, too! Check out what he’s got to say at his site and drop him a dime if you can afford it. Continue reading

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Petition on behalf of Arthur Topham

Arthur Topham is being hounded by people who want to stifle free speech in Canada, by calling it ‘Hate Speech’. You don’t have to be a member of MENSA to guess who are the people behind this; they are the same international group who bankrupted Fredrick Töben, in Australia, for his views on the so-called Holocaust and the libels being propagated about Germans. They’ve done much the same to the British historian, David Irving and the French historian, Robert Faurisson; all honourable men whose only crime was to try and tell the truth.

SIGN THE PETITION! Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Behind Internet Hate Laws?

ADL wants to re-define internet free speech as “homegrown terrorism.” An effort to do this was H.R.1955, designed to set up a federal commission to “eradicate” the “cyber-terrorism” which this bill alleges “streams” from the internet. This primarily alludes to anti-Zionist alternative internet talk radio. The federal commission it mandates, if approved by Congress and the President, will construe politically incorrect speech on the internet as words that hurt, i.e., “verbal violence.” H.R. 1955 says this speech incites extremists to “radicalization,” i.e., acts of violence. Ultimately, as in Canada, such expression, in order to be prosecuted, need only be thought “likely” to cause intimidation of members of federally protected groups. Continue reading

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The Zionist War on Freedom of Speech

David Duke: This is one of the most important videos I have ever completed. It concerns Zionist crimes against human rights, not just in Palestine but around the Western World. There are hundreds of men and women in prison right now in a number of European and other nations who are in jail for simply exercising their basic human rights of free speech and conscience.

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