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The Violent Ugly Race That Hates White People

Have you noticed how the littlest “wrong” thing a White might say becomes big time news fodder? Like the owner of Papa John’s pizza recently saying the “N-WORD” in a conference call (which really wasn’t anything other than him saying the word in a rhetorical fashion). Well, they have to publicly attack any White who might purposefully or accidentally buck the PC muzzle keeping us silent. Then they gleefully report on how so-and-so apologized profusely and swore never to do it again. Continue reading

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Crazed Negro Stabs British Teen Beauty Dead

Yesterday, the “worrying man” viciously stabbed the poor girl, probably cutting open a major artery, or even her throat, because she quickly bled out and died in a pool of her own blood on the floor of the bus, while other passengers frantically tried to save her. Police later caught a 22 year-old black fitting the description. Continue reading

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