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Who’s Going To Win Tuesday?

Open thread for comments on the election Tuesday. Who we should vote for, who you think will win, or even if it’s worth anything at all. Personally, I can’t stomach either one, since both are such Israel ass kissers. Oh, I know the Globalist Jews can’t allow anything else, at least not openly in this country. Continue reading

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Jews Going Haywire Over Sarah Palin!

It looks like John McCain’s choice for Vice President sure has gotten some serious Jewage stirred up! When he selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his choice for a running mate (shrewd choice, by the way), he opened up a caca storm of paranoid, regular Jews, hypocritical liberals and exposed, once again, the media’s blatant, lefty bias. … Continue reading

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The ObamaNation Show Must Go On!

In a “Made-for-TV” moment (literally), Hillary Clinton calls for a stop in the roll call to nominate Barack Obama as the Democratic party’s nominee. The newly “great” blind Negro NY governor David Paterson is on the right, while behind Clinton, pro-immigration and gun-control Senator Charles Schumer gets all … Continue reading

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John McCain’s Rothschild Connection

Yarmulke-wearing U.S. presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain wipes a tear away as Sen. Joe Lieberman looks on after visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, Israel. McCain was also the recipient of a recent posh fundraising dinner affair in … Continue reading

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