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Rat-Faced Media Jews Calling Us “FAR-RIGHT”

Have you noticed? Anti-White media is now ramping up the calling any of us White real conservatives as “FAR-RIGHT.” That’s the clever little word trick they have to imply a targeted White might hold “Neo-Nazi” sympathies. They want the casual person out there to think of White conservatives as being big evil “extremists” who want to goose step around the place “oppressing” always-so-innocent peeps of color. They’ve been up to this labeling trickery for decades. Continue reading

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Here’s Your Typical Jew Creep on Display

Let’s ask Emily Bazelon what kind of diversity she brings. She went to Israel straight out of college, married a Jewish man (so much for her melting pot), gave her kids Jewish names, clerked for a Jewish judge after law school, took an AIPAC-financed junket to Israel to get “background information” on the Palestinian issue, works for a Jewish on-line magazine, and says Palestinians don’t engage in non-violence because its not in their nature. That’s the kind of diversity that Ivy League schools really seem to like their students to bring to their college communities!
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