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Figuring Out The Big Scam Against Whites II

The Jew is getting away with all this crap, simply because they can. Yep, there’s nothing out there to expose their lying BS. They can’t allow White people to say anything and for other Whites to hear those things unfiltered by Jew word-twisting and editing. Say JACK about the subversive, Marxist Jews, Zionist Israel or the violent day-to-day criminality of the homies, and everyone is programmed to scream bloody murder about racism and anti-Semitism.

They got the game fully-rigged to keep America snowed and us Whites cowed.
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A Lemming’s Tale, Interrupted

“The crowd appeared guided or controlled by unknown people with loud electronic bullhorns off to the distant sides, above and behind us. As we went along, we were prodded and cajoled with syrupy pleadings, needling commentaries of this or that and, far too often, explosive exhortations, angry slanders and accusations.

The apparent purpose of the bullhorn messages was for us to mix ourselves together into a babbling, chaotic and diverse mass, one that could never know who we even were, let alone think or talk about what was to happen to us down the road.

It all seemed expressly intent to confuse and divide any like-minded groups, making it impossible for any of us to ever form coherent strategies to deal with our plight or to set our own direction.”


Includes a NorseWolf video, with commentary by the great Dr. William Pierce. Continue reading

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