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Trumpsters Now Hate Closet FOX Fag Shepard Smith

Fox’s afternoon “anchor” and once big closet homo, Shepard Smith, is now under fire for attacking Trump. He told Fox’s inherited legacy news Jew, Chris Wallace, Trump is full of lies. Trump backers have become incensed to have this kind of crap on the one network news that was at least is a bit better than the sh*t-house crazy rats over at MSNBC and CNN. Smith is also a blithering excitable punk — who screws up onscreen all the time. Continue reading

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Homo Marriage Now Law Across The “States”

There used to be a time when I didn’t really care one way or another about “gays.” Not anymore. I am sickened and mortified by what I once thought of as my country being trashed left and right by the morally destructive, filthy Jews. Before our eyes, they are turning the America of our forefathers into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Continue reading

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Welcome to the NEXT FRONTIER in Civil Rights!

This tranny stuff is so intertwined with gay bizarroness, it’s not funny. Sure, you might have a few cross-dressing men who like wearing frilly skirts and have sex with women, or women who like looking like lumberjacks, but also like having sex with men (don’t try to picture it in you head — it’s pretty gross). Yet all that is relatively rare in that “community.” It’s exactly as you don’t want to imagine. Continue reading

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Brooklyn Prosecutors Refuse to ID Sick Jew Molesters

These friggin’ Jews get away with GD murder anymore. Hell, anyone not Jewish gets convicted pedophilia, his face gets plastered everywhere. But the precious Hasidic Jews of at least Brooklyn will now get a pass should they get a little hankering for young stuff. Jews are working towards the day all of their crimes are covered-up from the Goyim. Continue reading

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Disgusting Dykes in Boston’s "Gay Pride" Parades

Tough bull dykes were on-hand to mete out “discipline,” or just to chew tobacco as they scope-out any new talent. These homo lezbos freely marched around in public, blatantly displaying the foulest signs and disgusting behavior. Photos are from the MassResistance! website — decent people fighting back against this kind of immorality … Continue reading

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What Was Once Your Home

Don’t let these young, smarmy Jewish faces fool you for a minute: Should you say one thing against illegal immigration or even about the evils of the State of Israel; these faces would quickly twist into real hatred — cursing you for being a “xenophobe,” “nativist” and, … Continue reading

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