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The Jewish War on White People Heats Up

White people: This is Jew media in action and FOX news is just like all the rest. Bring on a conservative (because he’s black it’s cool) and a crypto Jew liberal on a “news” show hosted by a cutesy goy blond babe, just to tell Americans what’s up. One thing these lying hypocrites won’t get into: Blacks can freely say whatever they like anywhere and get clear away with it. The minute any of us real White people do, they get the shaft publicly and lose their livelihoods.

White people: You got to realize that Jewry has been in a “stealth” war against us Christian Whites ever since we let these thieving bastards into this country. From the 19th Century on, the Jew has been steadily enriching their race and quietly destroying White people’s sanity and sense of racial self determination. Continue reading

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Steven Miller: Slippery Dick IRS Jew Blows Testimony

I say it’s high time for America to grab these arrogant, overpaid creeps by the scruff of the GD neck and tighty whities, wedgie the living hell out of their bony asses, frog march them right out of office and into a jail cell at the point of a bayonet! Continue reading

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Obama Getting Serious Flack or Just More JEW BS?

Earlier tonight, Obongo “accepted” the resignation of Steven Miller, acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, who almost certainly is a Jew (it’s a 50/50 with the name “Miller,” but look at his mug on right). Treasury Secretary Jack Lew (big orthodox Jew) is said to have forced him out. I bet Lew asked him to fall down on his sword for the team — watch as Miller lands himself high paid cushy job at Goldman Sachs! Continue reading

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The Uncensored Gordon Kahl Story

TAX DAY: It’s all a giant rip-off! Continue reading

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