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The Trump Slays The Putzes Super Tuesday!

Donald Trump, cleaned up big time in today’s “super Tuesday” primaries, winning at least 8 or 9 out of the 12 states so far. Marco Rubio has won ZILCH. Ted Cruz did win his home state of Texas, but Trump was not too far behind. In fact, Trump nicely congratulated Cruz for his victory. Looks like FAGio will be biting the dust soon — unless some tricky-dick backroom business is done in the attempt to derail Trump at the convention or even before, actually. Continue reading

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Traitor DC Jew Tools Pushing Amnesty for All Illegals

Once they pass the law giving these illegals amnesty, everything will return to business as usual on the subject and more non-Whites will invade America until this country looks exactly like a third world nation. Hell, it already is looking like that in so many places. Continue reading

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