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Zuckerberg Tells GOP to Embrace Race Invasion

Zuckerberg says the Retardicans are doomed unless they suck-up to the Third World invaders.

Basically, the filthy GD Jew is now gleeful us Whites have enough political power to stop Big Jewry. Continue reading

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Jew ‘Cyber-Warriors’ Behind Duke’s Youtube Censorship

Demand that YouTube reverse its censorship and reinstate Duke! There is no time to lose. Send this email (or your own thoughts) to YouTube (press@youtube.com) telling them: “I deplore YouTube’s censorship of David Duke and others like him, in response to Israeli-directed pressure groups. Freedom of speech should extend to those we disagree with, as long as their opinions are not libelous or advocate violence. I demand that YouTube reverse its censorship and reinstate Duke. I also demand that Google resist pressure to demonize as “anti-semitic” videos and content critical of Israeli injustices.”
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